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    VOL. 2.
Moke Genius.
NO. 2.
Death hy Prowsixq. The body of
Isaiah Mercier was brought to this city
on last Saturday, from Yaquina Bay
where he had gone from this city-for re
creation and health, and at which place
he lost his life on Thursday, the. 9th
t 7
inst., by drowning. About all the infor
luation we can obtain, alter thorough in
quiry, in relation to the manner in which
his death Vas brouirht alut-ia tkia s It
seem? that Mereier was crossing from the
mainland to the island in a canoe; about
midway between the points, he was seen
to fall from the canoe into the water
some Indians near at the timev rescued
the body, put it into the canoe and bro't
it to the mainland; the canoo was partly
tiUea with water, ana as Alereier was
placed in the canoe face down, it is
thought that if life was not extinct pre
vious to his rescue, he mothered to death
during the time that intervened before
reaching the shore. The deceased was a
blacksmith by trade, about forty years of
age, unmarried, by' nativity a Frenchman
or at least of French descent, had accu
Ululated considerable property, and so far
as we know had no relatives hereabouts,
lie had been unable to labor for months
past from paralysis, or somsthing of the
sort. He. was buried on Sunday in
Albany Cemetery. Peace to his ashes.
For Harney. Messrs. Abe Hackle
man, Jas. Elkins, Jason Wheeler and
John Isqni, having in charge Mr. Jake
Mann, of SaIem,Athe gentleman appoint
ed by Gov. Woods to examine a,nd report
on the condition of the Willamette Val
ley and Cascade Mountain Wagon Iioad,
left this city on Tuesday last on their
way over the road to Lake Harney. On
the favorableness of the report depends
its reception by the Governor. The
party will be absent betweflh three and
four weeks. The only objection wc can
raise to the road is the name it is en
tirely too short. We respectfully sug
gest a re christening, and let it read
"Tho Albany, Lebanon, Seio, Jefferson,
Brownsville, llarrisburg, Salem and Wil
lamette Valley, Santiam River, Soda
Springs, Clear and Fish Lake, Cascade
Mountain, Harney Lake, Pack Train,
Wagon and Drover's Road." This name
once adopted, its fame would reach the
uttermost ends of the earth, and no tour
ist would be considered traveled unless
ha had gone over this road, which is de
cidedly the most delightful mountain
road on the coast. For the above happy
suggestion we are open to receive "stock"
to any amount, only bounded by the lib
crality of the Company. V ;
We were shown, last
Saturday, at the office of Messrs. Russell
& Elkins, in this city, a model of what
the inventor termed a ''Combined Seed
sower ana Liang .now, auu basing our
judgment ou the workings of the model
and its "double-barreled" capacity, so to
speak, we unhesitatingly pronounce it a
"big thing" in the labor saving line-
probably of more utility . than anything
offered the agriculturist for" a long period.
The driver, from bis seat, by means of a
lever, raises or lowers the plows, two in
number, with ease, thus enabling him to
plow, in ground obstructed with stumps
or stones with as much safety as in land
where these obstructions were not to be
met. By a slight pressure of the driver's
foot on the frame to which the plows are
attached, they can be made to plow as
deep as wished. The plows can be de
tached and the seed sower affixed iu five
minutes. The seed sower is so arranged
that by the simple adjustment of a screw
the amount of grain sown per acre can
be increased or diminished. One or
more plows similar to this model were
used during the past season by persons
in this county, and they pronounce it a
first class machine. The price of this
combined machine is 8110 considerably
cheaper than a gang plow and seed sower,
separately, can be obtained for. Mr. II.
will advertise the machine through our
columns soon, giving a more minute de
scription of its workings than we are en
abled to do in this brief article. He
will also have it on exhibition at our
County Fair and at the State Fair. Of
course a patent has been applied for.
Deadheaded. Wc acknowledge the:
receipt, through the attentive and polite
Busy. Our farmers, some of them at
least, who liad not succeeded in getting
their grain in before the storm of Satur
day night, waltzed in early Sunday morn
ing, and have been as busy as bees ever
i J iv l .;. i
weather, to "finish-up." We are dis
posed to to believe-fr om the information
furnished us, that the amount . ofgram
damaged by the rainfall throughout our
county, will not be eo large as at first an
ticipated .
' B.IO THING. Our frieud. Judge Bus-,
sell has met with a big windfall no less
than two hundred thousand dollars. He
hasn't exactly got -his fingers on this
nmount'ef coin of the realm, but he will
"realize" just so sure as the "terminus"
tf the 'N "JEN H R- is located it. the
"centre of his realty at Tacoma, on Puget
Sound and of course no one doubts such
a pos8iBilit.I In any event "Bus." is a
"square" man anCh he deserves -all that
the Jkindest fortune -may shower upon
Jum.,:."? ' ;
fiB Trees. A-party of wood chop
pers, about three miles from this city,
report having foundno' less than seven
bee treesj from'thre of which they have
extracted the honey,-- The honey taken
from. one tree, after being strained, filled
two large wooden buckets.. . ,
Ike. Conk haB been elected First As
sistant Foreman of 'Albany Fire Co. No.
1, vice P. n.1 Farroll, resigned? Ike will
make a good officer,
inent. ry ticket to the Linn pounty Fair,
rrom Mr. Jone3 we learn that prepara
tions are being made by tlje-various par
ties interested in the manufacture of
gang plows, to contest for the premiums
offered by the Association for the plows
doing the best work, and it is predicted
that the "Plowing Match" will be one of
the most interesting features of the occa
sion. The srround is in splendid condi
tion, and all can have a fair showing for
the premiums. Come one. come all.
More V en-ison. Four ot our citi
zens, Alessrs. liiley, Kubart, Ketchum
and Wash. Anderson, returned from an
other successful hunt on Monday even-
They had been out about Lower
Soda, had been absent ten days, and se
cured thirty venison. This makes sixty
three deer slain by this party in the last six
weeks. On this last trip, only three days
of the ten were devoted to hunting. Oh,
no! 'taint-our fellers that know how to
"go for' deer !
What he Tiunks. Judge Kelly, a
member of the Ways and Means Com
mittee of Congress, who visited this coast
a short time since, seems to have ob
tained a clear idea of the future greatness
and prosperity of the PacifiO'Coast. In
a receut conversation-with the editor of
a Philadelphia paper, he is reported, as
raying that in his judgment San Fran
cisco will ere many years cease to be the
chief city of the Pacific slope, and that a
A Quaker Detective, -
v; - BY JUDCiE rARK. ; t
We were five- passengers ; in all ;
city, far outshining her in her palmiest
days, will be built on Puget Souud. I lie
expressed the opinion that Oregon, in? the
time to come, w;n be more densely popu
lated than California, and speaks in the
most glowing terms of the agricultural
and climatic advantages possessed by hei.
In regard to the China question wbieh
so; agitates our Democratic inksliugers at
present, he advances some ideas that do
serve the close attention of all professed
Christians and well-wishers of our com
mon country. Incidentally admitting
that the Chinese may be excluded by
prohibition, yet he advocates their immi
gration among us ; points to their known
frugality, thrift and industry, and urges
that they ; receive ample protection and
justice at our hands. He argues that
their presence here i3 not a matter of
taste with ourselves, yet their advent
among us: he believes to be but the work
ing out of one of the great problems of
God Almighty, which will eventually
result, in christianizing China. Judge
Kelly is undoubtedly a man of keen vis
ion and clear judgment, aud we are led
to believe from the published sentiments
purporting to come from him, that he is
a fitnijfrieod of the Pacific coast, and es-
fcutlly of Oregon, and one who fully
understands our wan:s, and will ever be
Secretary, Mr. A.,C; Jones, of a eoRpli- UeadyJwUh. voice "and influence in her
mont. rv tifikofc t.n tht 1 Ann i.nnntxr Pir i T -t"in.: : - ' ,
Patent Received, Charles F. Gay,
Esq., received sometime since, through
Messrs. Russell & Elkins, letters patent,
securing to him and his heirs the exclu
sive right , to' manufacture the 'Gay
Plow" for. the next seventeen years
H Tom Elliott hated .mathematics? ?The
Professor at West Point once "askedTom
to explain the method of ascertaining the
horissontal parallaxjjf .tho-uri.!. Tom said
he did not know": 'Bufc' said thB-,pro-fessor.
-"suppose you wefe appointed by
the Government to ascertain it, -what
would you do?" Said: Tom, ,'Td ro-
A Genius. A. certain.-. CoL Morton.
S. McAfee, a resident of Illinois, is cer
tainly a genius of thefirst water. - An
exchange in speaking of .hhtt-Bays : .
Ile has lately received a patent for a
self-operating water elevator; , This in
vention is contrived so as to make use of
heat that is created for other purposes
whether natural or artificial for raising,
water for house, ornamental or other pur
poses. The elevator for household uses
is about the size of a"quar?cupy and will
raise at least '30 gallons "per hour from a
well or cistern,-and i by 4he use. ' the
necessary piping wlJead ;the ' water to
any part ef -the house. 'He' js jilao , the
inventor of "a. - self-signting- camaon ap
proved and adopted by the War Depart
ment ; -and also of a curiou4 inetfument
by which distances can- be measured by
simple ocular observation thafcis", a" pro
ficient can tell by that use of 4his appara
tus: the' distance of -an object: by merely
looking "at the object. The latter i also
the cronertT of -the t.War- Department;
but being invented near the close of lhe"
war, was never maae use ox as an aia 10
military oparations.
Probable Causb. An old feud is
said to have existed between the Welch
and Irish' miners, and as the latter had
threatened the former for notbein; more
active trt the latS stHkej i is-thought the
wood partition and lattice in the shaft
was purposely set on fire by some of their
number, causing the jjreat destruction of
life in the Avondale--coal mine (Pcun.)
on the Cth instant.
Decrease. op Governmental . Ex
penses. -A telegram of the 10th states
that the warrant books of the Treasury
Department shows that the expenses of
the Governmgnt for the .fiscal year just
closed,; were 585,000,000, against $1,
070,000,000 tho year before. Consider
able differecee.i . , ; r, -
Killed. One of the robbers of Wells,
Fargo & Cos express in Montana, spoken
of last week, was killed, and another
badly wounded by a arty. in pursuit, a
few days since, r Part of the treasure was
also recovered. t " - ;-
. How tub EcLirsE was Reported
in CHiCAGO.-f-TheibllowiDg is publish
ed as a copy of the instructions recently
given to a- Chicago reporter by the man
aging editor, of his paper : -
Mr. ; In writiug iip" the eclipse
you will please observe the following in
structions : --L ' "
1. Sympathize ' with the movement
half a column. " : - "
2." The pr6bable "benefits resulting to
the gas companies of Chicago give tab
ular statistics half column, i
3. -Its effect on; population. Babies
born under the' influence of ihe eclipse
will be niggers with coronal of white
Go into nigger question from time of Ham
to emancipation proclamation' half col
umn, V ;."- - V ' -
4. Generalsplurge Kmotations."Hues
of earthquake, and eclipse" Shelley.
ju mgut wimnue go Diaet" shake
speare. lhat may be expanded into a
column and a half.- " .:
5. ",GenraLsketch: of; earlv eclioses.
bringing down e thft history. ; of Chica
go. .
b. .-Interview - man in the moon i
make- this- lramcrous-,rin the 'Pickwickian
style-ii-half columns ,'ilti.
- 7 Anecdotes of. ulanefa.'!" Mercnrv.
Venus,. Mars, Jupiter, etc. see , Lemp
rier's Classical Dictionarv. " '
.8. Effects of eclipse on sramblers in
Chicago go into facts.
i). Moral effects.
' . , : r i ) "' ' " '
Secrexae' or WAil---Gen; Shennan I
has been appointed Secretary -of ' War etd
ladies on the -back scat, a middle-aged
gentleman and a Quaker in -the middle,:
and myself on the other in front. ,
The two Indiea.inight have been mother
and daughter aunt and niece governess
and charge, or njight have sustained any
other relationsuip which "made it proper
tor-tiw ladies ttf travel- alone and' unat
tended. -j " - -rt f '
1 he ; imddlea2cu . gentleman, waa
sprishtlv and talkativ. , Ho soon struck
3D -anapquaigtaReje- withTlhjeasdiesl
toward whom in his zeal to do, he rather
more overdid than,' was perfectly agreea
ble, bowing and , smiling aud chatting
over his shoulder in a way ' painfully his time of life, of a "crick"
in his heck. . lie- was evidently a gray
Lothario. , " '
The Qualter wore the uniformof his
sect, and confined his speech, as many a
parliamentarian" would save credit by
doing, to simple "yeas" and "nays." As
for myself, I make, it an invariable rule
of the road ta be merely a lookcron and
listener. . ' ' - .
Toward-evening I was aroused fcom
one of those reveries which ay oung man,
without being ; either a poet or a lover,
sometimes falls into, by the startling and
rather abrupt query of. the talkative
gentleman i - - , . ;'
' Are you armed f" w r
"I am not," I answered, astonished,
no doubt visibly, at the questiou. - . ,
"I am sqrry to hear it," he replied,
"for before, reaching our next stopping
place it will be several hours into the
night, and we must: pass over a portion
of the road on which more than one rob-
bery is reported to have been lately com
mitted', . . '
The ladies turned pale, but the stran
ger dicftiis be"st to ro-assure them.
"Not tbatJE thinkr there is the slightest
danger at- present," he resumed, "only
when one is responsible for the safety of
ladies, you know, .such a thing as a pis
tol within reach would materially add to
one's confidence." t
"Your"1 principles, my friend," ad
dressing the Quaker, "I presume, -are as
much opposed to carrying as using carnal
weapons," ,, . -
. "Yea." was the response.- -
iILayelj.e.rjllain5 murderjdanyvpf 1
theif victims i the elder lady nervously
inquired. - . .. ... ' ;-. : ". j
"Or hava" they contented r themselves
withtyith-rp-jttog.- them ?", added
the younger,; in timorous voice.
"Decidedly the latter," tho amiable
gentleman, hastened to give assurance ;
"and as none-of us are prepared to offer
resistance in- case of . attack, nothing
worse than irobbery can possibly befall
US. . i . .
Theu, after blaming his thoughtless-:
ness in having introduced a disagreeable
subject, thei, gentleman quite excelled
himself in his efforts . to raise the spirits
of - the company, and succeeded so well
by the time night set in, that all had
quite forgotten or only remembered their
fear to laugh, at them. x '?
Our genial companion "fairly talked
himself hoarse- perceiving which, he
took from his pocket a package of newly
invented " Cough candy," and. after
passing it first to the ladies, he "helped
himself to the -balance, and tossed the
paper out of the window. X 3- !
He was in the midst of a high encom
ium on the new nostrum, more than half
the efficacy of" which, he insisted, de
pended on its being taken by suction
when a shrill whistle was heard, and .al
most immediately we stopped, when two
faces, hideously blacsed, presented them
selves, one at each window. v r'. ,.
"Sorry to trouble you," said . the man
on the right, acknowledging, with a bow
two lady-like I screams from the back
seat, but 'business is 'business, and ours
will soen be over if things go smoothly."
v "Of course, gentlemen, you will spare,
as far as consisent ' with your disagreea
ble duty, the jfeelings of these ladies,"
appealed . the polite a passenger in his
blandest manner. - i
,"Oh, certainly.;- they shall be attended
to first, and shall not be - required to
leave their seats, or submit to a search
unless their .conduct renders it neces
"And - now, ladies, con tinned the
robber, the barrel of .his pistol glittering
in the : light of the coach-lamp, be so
good as to pass out your purses, watches,
and such other trinkets as may be acces
sible without too much trouble."
The ladies came down handsomely.
and further molested. ' " ' .
One by one the rest of lis were com
pelled to get out the middle-aged "gen
tleman s 1 turn '.coming nrst. :jtie sub-
mitted with ;a winning: grace, and was
robbed like a very Chesterfield. -
MY own afiair; luce the sum 1 lost, is
scarcely worth mentioning." The Qua
ker's' tarn came. next. He quietly
handed over- his pockeVbook' and watch.
and when asked'Jf he had any other val-
nables, said Nay,"w .
A Quakers word, is gjod even among i
: J thieves ; io, aftet hftsty 'faood night.'?
f the roDber thrust the pistoha his" Docket;
wnu - wim jus iwo companions, one of
wuoui had held the reins of the leaders.
W4 -auout taking ms -aenartnrc.
S'Stop 1" exclaimed, the. Quaker, iii t
tone of command more than of request
"btcp.! what for?" returned the
other.'iri evident surprise, - r-
; 'Por a least - two good - reasons-was;
Xhtr reply omphasizsd witlravBouple of
xerrmgers eoctod and presented; :
, " Help I" shouted the robber. !
.'Stop. T!. -the: .Quaker againvexclaimed,-"And-
if one of thy sinful companions ad
vances a step to thy. cejief. 'the spirit will
urSy-MM w-me- to 4ykW thy AtnniSt6t
The . robber at. the opposite window,'
and the one at the leaders' Leads, thought
it a good time to leave. - ,
- "Uow get in, friend," said the Quaker,
still covering his man, "and r take the
middle soat j but first deliver up thy pis
tol." '
The other hesitated. -
"Thee had better not delay j I feel the
spirit beginning -to move my right;' fore
finger." .
The robber did as he was directed, and
the Quaker took his place by his side,
giving the .new-comer the middle of the
seat. , . . -
The drittr, who was frightened' half
out ot his wits, now set forward at a
rapid rate. ' .Tho lively gentleman eodn
recovered his vivacity, lie was especial
ly facetious on the Quaker s prowess. -You're
a rum Quaker, you are. Why,
you don't quake worth a cent." ::"':" -:
"I'm not a 'Shaking Quaker,' if that's
what thee means."
VOf the - U ickoryor rather of the
'Old Hickory' stripe, I should say," re
torted the lively man ; but the Quaker
re-lapsing into his usualmonosylables, the
conversation flagged,' "
Time sped, and sooner than we expect
ed, the coach stopped where we were to
have supper' and a change of horses. We,
had deferred a redistribution af vour ef
fects till we should reach this place, as
the dim light of ' the coach lamp would
have rendered it difficult before. ; -a
It was now necessary however, that it
should be attended to at once, as our jo
vial companion had previously announced
his intention of leaving us at this point.
He proposed a postponement until after
supper, which he offered to go and order.
' "Nayy". urged the Quaker, with an ap
proach! to uptaesa, and JayLaghis hand
on the other's arm; . "Businesa before
pleasure, and for business there , is no
"Will thee be good enough to search
the prisoner ?" he said to me. still keep
ing his hand in a . friendly wayon the!
passenger s arm. - , - - "
I did so. but not ,one - of the, stolen
articles could be found I ' " "
"He must have gotten rid of them 'in
the coach," the gay gentleman succested.
and immediately offered to go and search.
otop i thundered tna Quaker, tight-
ening his grasp. . - -
The man turned pale, and struggled to
release his arm.. In an instant .one of
the Derringer's was leveled at his Heart.'
"Stir a hand or foot and you are a dead;
ml" - . : fv ,
r A Neav iNDVSTRYriAs nn, evidence-'
of tb f'getlip and i get" propensities of
ourrpeOple,Ltre, hve . ehronicled almost
every week for months: jpaat some new in
vention "in mecKauicso' .new . labor
saving machureomMhtriglouJatcd to
relievo humanity "Irorahard laborThii.
we.Qk,,'bes6!e8; noticing" the application for
a l'nD'iuiprovcd" gaigTplow; and
aoeil wcr.'combraedV'.'we - chronicle the
miD'rtant fact that' Messrg. Mahan &
Il'endersoojof Brownsville; itf this county,"
have succeeded 'in.-.manuiacturiDfi- -an"
tiohal Washing-Compound' a discovery
that will doubtless carry pleasure to many
a household where) heretofore, "washing
day" was dreaded as'vthe "-most dreadful
day of the week..'. It is claimed for this
"Compound," that no washboard is need- ,
ed all that Is. necessary is to let the'
clothes soak over night in. water prepared
with it, "wring out" in the morning, boil
a short time, and after rinsing through
"two waters," they are ready to be-hung
out to dry. Here's a big washing done
up in no time. Tho "Compound? haa
other merits which we have' &di dime to
notice now. - J , "
, "Letteu in the Post Office."
Somebody we know but don't intend to
mention names, vent ' one :J3unday,; not
over eight years ago, in v buggy behind
a pair of horses, on- a little excursion. into
the conntry, to sec. the 'old folks' ' of
course.' He drove" up in" style, got out,
hitched his team, and walked into the.
house, and as ' there - was a room full,:
mostly females, ho -made several pro-
while, before taking his seat and palling
off" his "lavenders ,'; He noticed: that
everybody seemed to be in the most hap
py moodi and yet one by one the females
left the jpoom until hut one lady was" left.
He gotr up to cross the room and inquire
what's up, when a little nrchfff'wKo didn't
care a cent for the proprieties, popped his.
kaiin to .Abejiaflr nnd jfUnl nut, i'Sto-
you, there's a letter in the Post Office .for
you !" If ever a. jinn. wilted f'frilla"
man He soon found it necessary, to .go
out anU scoow his tam got along and
when he r-fajrli outside, and got;
good . loelcXAhe awful "rent?' - In his
welh5"we.wiirsay th? back of his coat, he
exclaimed boywai vrigLT; there
rws loom endii rfor & whofe mail, papers
jand all'. -. He home earlv. - S-.
The Quaker, must have been awfully
excited so completely to forget both, the
language aud the principles of his -'per
suasion. , . i t . . .
- Placing the other pistol in mv hand.
with directions to firo on the first of the
two men. that made a suspicious move
ment, he went to work on Lothario, from
whose pockets, inr less time than it takes
to tell it, he "produoed very item of the
missing property, to the: utter amazoment
of the two ladies, who had begun, in . no
measured. terms, to c remonstrate agamst
tho shameful treatment the gentleman
wa3 receiving. ;t y , , " c"'
. The Quaker, '! need scarcely add, was
no Quaker at;all, but a shrewd detective,
who,had been set on the track -of a band
of desperadoes of whom-our middle-aged
friend who didn't .look near so middle
aged when his wig was off was the
chief.'. The robbery . had - been - adroitly
planned. The leader" pf.'the" gang had
takenVpassago in ' the- eoaeh,?and after
learning, aa he supposed, our defenceless
condition had .'given the " signal to his
companions by throwing out the scrap of
paper already mentioned. After the un
expected capture of the' first robber, it
was attempted to save the bootr bv se
cretly passing it to- the accomplice, still
believed to be nnsuepeoted,4 who counted
on being able o make off with it at the
next stopping place.. - , ...
The result was that bothfor a season,
... . . MW " KJJ T 4 J .".4
j , ,,,, . , ' . ' , l
.Cold Winteb. Ve aotico that the
most of j our exchanges speak' of cold
Winter as almost certain to follow in the
wake of a long dry summer; - r
lNcaEA8rNO.-The rebellion in Kew
Zealand is said ; to':Jbe' incteteirigand
great alann is caused thereby ? -
Still Anotheb. -Chas. H. Wrisht,
chief editor of the Chicago Timei died of
heart disease on tho 10th insfi. '
;H.BCo'XltmsA -eCommis-
hioners appointed foJhat purpose have
V41?J ason;?. --ey Company
J45000u,and'the Puget Sound Comna-
tJISOSOOO.: Tese KdjaniM are' re-,by the eward to release all posses-sictis.andl-ihts
in Oregon and Washing
ton Tcrritofye the United States. - :
"Sad Bereavement. Frotn-tLa Jack
sonville Sentinel we learn: e y "un g
st son of Judge J acobf, ag Lc lontLs,
died in that city ori the 7thn'.S".
Pkaibie Dogs. A recen , letter writ
ten on these curieus little: annimals says
they prefer to live with rataesaakes khd
owls, and that their holes do. not connect
because you can drown them nut. with
water. Parjt of this, at least, is a-mistake.
, The rattlesnake takes forcible
possession of the prairie dog's house, and
no$ being M,t6 expel htm, the poor little
dog is forced to put up with s his' obnox
ious company. The hold is 'deep; dry1
and furnished with warm beds for Winter,
which suits his snakeahip exactly. s Nor
is the snake always grateful,- for it fre
quently happens that afte enjoyin" the
little dog's hospitality for half a year he
will eat up the little fellow - Those, who
have opened prairie dog holis have often
found the' bones of. the dot? eomtletalr
eaten bare by the snake. A The jowl lives r
ou me excrescence ot. the deg, and is
perhaps a convenient. And agreeable oom-
faion: ajtwwerinir the purpose of ' house
keeper. ,-The dog holes' often-. connect
and to amount of water water will , drown
them- out.':, In larce doar - towns it .is -
fair io. presume that' each and .'every r
house connects with one 5 or two oteer . -
houses, -and that the little dog can travel
all over the town by underground paasa-
f;esf liave seen mora than s., thousano
living in one dommunity, and who .could
till of the fetelry By ' night in. that vast
eitV of subterrafleoua houses?" Perhaps
some venerable dog held court as Jcin,
and assembled his people . in specious
nalls Letter from .Cheyenne. "