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S AT (J 11 i)A Y, JIT LV 31, 18G0.
Cash Sv'tem. Our experience in
the newspaper business thoroughly
convincs.1 u that the credit system won't
pay that promises wont keep a newspa
per in riiti-rin orler. Wo have, there
fire, aIapte l the ca-h system payment
in a'lvanco. Yolimie One of the Itr.ois
TE3 will etse with the issue of "Septem
ber 4 th, 1SGIV when nil subscriptions on
whieh alvanee payments have not been
t'.i:i.te. will be discontinued. Wc would
be sorrv to la-e a slujr'.o subscriber from
our li-it because of the ad;r!ni of this
ru'e. bat justice to our elf deluand.s it.
11 the paper is worth the price asked
S3 it is just :.3 convenient to pay it nt
the cummer-cement as at the elusc of the
.volume: ii' it 'is nut worth tha subscrip
tion pri'-e, don't take it there's no com
pnlsiiiii iu the We hope to retain
all our !d sauscrihers. :;n l to obtain
many new ones for Volume Two. As
our subscription list enlarges, so wi'l the
fize and interest cf the paper increase.
This is our sav for the future.
PtioEXix Insurance Co We do
not ?unrose that it is necssnrv for us to
write anything nrg!T.r the value or ne
cessity, in a business point of view, of
proHrty-liMor insuring their property
auain.-t loss by fire.' Kvery man of com
mon business capacity is convinced cf
the advantaire ncermnir f'rmn the procur
ing a lire policy in a first class company.
Convinced of this, we only pen this arti
cle for the purpose of direct1. ns; the atten
tion of our readers to one of the very
best aj:l roost prompt of fha companies
that are now oua.ued in taking fire risks
Ploftiix. of Hartford, , As this enmpi
riy, thro-iih itsajcenf, IleijLert 1.
reted with the tuff jr. -rs :-.t iho late Si'e in
"Vjrvalli.. m it rcaeratly transacts its bus-
. i!!0s every wheie ever ready and prompt
with its customers. Mr. Win. Fiiedner,
- of Cor a'dis, received the -amount' of his
jwihcy the second day af;er the Sre, in
gc.ll cub). That's the w;sy to transact
business to our mind, and we can rec
onuud in j-nd faith an institution that
toes the mark in that fashion, you bet.
See card of Mr. Fliedner in another
place. ,'
Lost. A little phi, some five or sis
years of sge daughter of ?J.r. Kirken
dall, livlpir out on Oak cv-.-k, was sent
o't an erruad across lots to a neighbors,
on Saturday afternoon, tho 24th. The
t hild not returning that night, tho fol
lowing morning a messenger was sent for
her. The person senr, v.pon arriving at
the neighbors (Mr. Faulkner's), was iu"
f rmed that the little girl had started
home on Sat unlay evening. The alarm
was given, :nid parties commenced scour
ing the country in every direction for the
1 st child. About eleven o'clock "on
Sunday, Mr. Humphrey found tho little
wanderer, about three-quarters of a mile
from its home, in Markhara's piasture,
sound, asleep, with the little bundle, which
was the object of her errand, under her
Lead in lieu of a pillow. "The angels had
guarded the little one during the long
hours of the night, and shielded her from
all harm. '
An Upset. A party of ladies and
geutlemcn from this city were returning
iu a two horse hack from Corvailis on
last Sunday night. About ten o'clock,
and wlicn they were descending the little
hill half mire beyond Rainwater's, nhe
hack was overturned by too quick a turn
on the hill, and the whole party were
thrown to the ground, when the hack,
by some unaccountable means, assumed
its usual ppsish, and with the team, at a
pretty rapid pace, pr ceeded on its way
to Pierce's Jerry at this city. Mr. Pierce
heard the noise .made by the vehicle be
fore reaching the ferry, and attempted to
head-off the team, not dreaming, however,
that there was no one in the hack.
However, "Rowdy" and his mate were
too fLst for Mr. 1'., and when he arrived
at his ferry, the team and vehicle were
safely on board iu good shape; and Mr.
P. did not discover until half way across
tho river, that the vehicle was empty 1
That team will do to bet on. One or
two of the parties thrown out of the ve
hicle were slightly' bruised ; besides, the
scare and the general uncomfortablcncss
of the affair, balau ce of tho party were
The Nr.w Crop. Several thousand
bushels of tho new wheat prop have . been
received during the week. Messrs.
Reach & Monteith had received 3,000,
and J. II. Foster & Co. 2,500 bushels of
the new crop up to Thursday of the
piesent week. We intend, hereafter,
gjviug a weekly report of the amounts of
i:rain received by the millers and ware
houses ot this city during the season.
Vrhe reports from all parts of .Linn county
are to the effect that winter wheat- is
yielding as we'd if not better than last
season, while late sown spring wheat is a
partial failure. One farmer realized
2,500 bushels of wheat from ground that
iic expected to yield but 1,500. The
yield is generally in excess of the antici
pations formed. It is thought that the
total crop of Linn county will be at least
one third larger than that of last year.
So far we have heard of uo outs, new
crop, being offered.
Velocipede. II. F. Lawrence, Esq.,
of California, contemplates opening a ve
locipede school in this eity about the lOtli
of September, when those who are desir
ous can learn to ride the iancmi!e."
Several of the County Fairs in this State,
as well as the State Fair, have offered
premiums for the best velocipedist,
ranging from S25 to 650, and we suppose
the managers of our County Fair will not
be behind in liberality. l
Kxciting. One of our citizens and
a noble red man of the forest, had a set
to on First street, a few days since, which
afforded amusement for the boys for a
i few minutes. We believe it was nip and
tuck between the parties, but it has been
reportt-d to us that "tuck" would have
come itvfirst best, if parties had not in
terfered and stopped "the fight.
Farmers, Read. A card with this
heading appears in our columns this
morning, which will be of interest to
those having grain to store. With a pros
peet of good prices for grain, and a de
crease in price of storage, fanners should
be in the best of spirits. Read S. S.
Markham & Son's card.
Cash -Solicited on subscriptions.
ALBAN-r, July 24, 1309.
Wheat, white, -3 bushel 50
Oats. $ bu.-hel S5
Potatoes, r bui-tu-L. (ijjUQ
Onions. (H bushel 1 25
riour, T& barrel $4 505 00
Itutter, W tb.
Kfi-fjs, if dozen
Chickens. tHX dozen
lV;n lies, dried, p! lb..
S :ip, -fc lb
Sa!, Anelos, 4 lb
Syrup, jxji 1 1 ! n
Tea, Young Jlysou ' lb
li!gk. - "
Suar, crtifLed, f tb
Islan.l. "
r..fieo. th : :
Candles, lb
Hue. Chin. J ft
Saieratus, lb ..t
liied iuuim, tb
1 tried apples. fi tb
Dried eiirr:t-. f lb
liiiron, hiima. "fY lb
sides", "
". shoulder, 'T H
Tjiird. i'l pan:', 'j.-' It)
i"H!l:. lb
Devms' Kr"seiic oil. ali.-ii..,
Turpentine, fX trillion oil, b.iited, 'j1 iilloi:
Whito ', "f ke
Fowdrr, rifle, Jt)
Toom'eo, j. tt ........ .. ........ .
Nails, cm, 'j lb....
Ooniostie, on'.vn. yrd
liiekory, ftii-j.'d. f J trd
Uod ticking, jcr y.ird
I!!u ilr'dlinr ( yard
Flannels, :ird
Pr'-iOy, f.i t color, "f yard
Poik, tb
Mutton, tb.,
-Uee'", on toot , "jf tb
,.. $2 S03 uu
" 5 '
"'U 12J1 2 1
i o
1 oo
75fS'.l 00
li-(,t, IS
1 ' : 1 "
- I flit
Or n.
Oo li
. S (')(Vy 1 2."'
7501,1 t'l!
. $1 Ul'l 50
7 r?? H
2iifti 3r
.. 50(.jj75
. 4i(rt)5
Arm Sawed Off. An old gentle
inan named Warren, on Thursday last,
while engaged running a wood saw at
his son-in-law's, Martin Lupcr, Esq., met
with a terrible accident by which he lost
li 'a left arm. The accident- happened
in this wise : Mr. Warren was passing
near the circular saw, which was in
rapid motion, when the wind blew his
coat-tail against : it ; the coat caught
against the saw aud Mr. Warren was
drawn upon it, the saw striking his left
arm just below the elbow, tearing and
" lacerating the arm for several inches
longitudina'ly. Dr. Steeley, assisted by
Drs. Alexander and Hill, amputated the
arm between the elbow and shoulder, and
it is thought, with care and attention, the
. old gentleman will recover. Mr. War
ren is sixty-six. years of ago.
m '
Faijeweli; Sermon. Rev. II. C.
Jenkins, who has been occupying ; the
pulpit of the M. E. church in this city
very acceptably duriDg the past year, will
deliver his farewell sermon in that church
io-morrow, at the usual morning hour.
After the delivery of tho discourse, tho
Ordinance of baptism will be adminis
tered. ' , . . . ...
Personal. Herbert Bird, Esq., the
' getlemanly adjuster of claims against the
Phoeoix Insurance Cpmpany, called on ua
the first of the week. Mr. Bird talks of
remaining here some weeks, "
Smoky. We have been enjoying (?),
during the past week, a taste of similar
weather to that . of last September and
October in this vicinage; known as the
"smoky period." ,Itisvery disagreeable,
and most trying to the eagle eyes.
Watery. A young man, a few days
since, in attempting to swim the Willam
ette at this point, eame within an ace of
drowning. A boat from the shore
reached him in time. Be careful, boys,
don't attempt too much.
Navigation. -The Willamette is so
low at the present writing, that boats
have great difficulty in navigating it at
all. Very little freight is passing either
up or dojwn in consequence.
Weather. The latter part of the
week has been cool and cloudy. Rain
indications abound, but the rain don't
come worth a cent. '
Medical. Dr. Whitcomb, a physi
cian of some note, of the Nerth Western
Medical Infirmary, visited our city on
Tuesday and Wednesday last.
Harvesting Is going on briskly, and
from the reports made Ui us by farmers,
the yield promises to be much larger than
at first anticipated.
New Building. Mr. ltubajt is
building a fine two-story dwelling on cor
ner of First and Baker streets.
VIA. Accounts and TCote of J. UAHROWS
A CO.. must bo settled within four weeks,
aa J. P.arrows intends to leave for the Eastern
States soon after that tiio.
A good Piano and Household Furniture for
a Albany. July 15th, 1869-15
I3 T. E. iffE:V,
AI.UAN V, : : . - : OREUOX.
u the IT. Land Office at Oregon
Cit- To tieorire W. Cooksov : 1 oil are hen
iiv notified that John Morsran ha filed in this
oilire his nl'cati'iu, supjior.ed by the testimony
of two w it n. to i-how that you h ivo Abandon
ed the N. W. i of s. V. i of See. lif. T. 12 . R.
; W., claimed by yon as a pre-emption risrht :
and you are further notified that unless you up
pear within thirty d:iys from service hereof, and
establish yourelaitn t said land, that said proof
of your abandonment will be taken as truj, aud
your claim bo adjudged forfeited.
OWKX WADK. Re-rifter.
11 KXRY WARREN, Receiver.
Julv 16, lSfi9-4w4fi
Notice I
United states Internal Revenue Col
lector's Office. District of Oregon. Notice is
hereby given that the Annual list of Taxes for
ISOi), a!s monthly li.sts tor months of April and
May, Jt59. asseosed in the county of Marion, has
been placed in my hands for collection. All par
ties are hereby notified that I will be
At Albany, from July 19th t 21th ;
Corvallis, Reutou county, 26th tt- the 29th,
inclusive ;
Dallas. Polk county, .".1st to 4th of August,
inclusive ;
liafayetto, Yamhill county, August Cth to 10th
Oe ;-jn City. ClacUamas county, August 12ih
to 10th inclusive, I ,
to receiv.; aud receipt for taxes assessed on said
list, to wit : f-'peeial Taxes, (licenses) income
taxes, taxes ou Carriages, VWt lies and tiold and
Silver I'late. f payment is mde at the
time and place aboe specified, collection will bo
iu it Je by distraint und sale of pronertr. "
Dcpuy Collector, District of Olegon.
Dared, Albany, July 9iu, l.-i('J-4."tf
A New Gold IVIctaL
Gold ITIctai Watches !
0. E. COLLiS & CO.,
C2U Washington street, t?au Francisco,
Surpass anything yet made in tha way of an im
i'ation tiold Watch. They wear well and keep
good time.
The Ladies' Watches c st $S, $10 and $15 each;
the Gentleuiens' cost $15 and 20 each.
Chains, from to $t3 each.
Sas Francisco, "Afay 12, 18G9.
This is to certify that ! have carried one of the
small size tiold Metal Watches which I got of O.
K. Collins & Co., and liud that it rues as well,
aud keeps as good titnu as any watch I ever car
ried, and I can therefore recommend them. I
am engaged ou .Sacramento steamer Chrvsopolis.
fom engineer on the San Jose Railroad ; I
have been carayinsr one of C. E. Collins Js Co.'g
Watches for about one year, and I can safely say
it is the reiy best watch for titn?, tbet I have ever
Engineer on the San Jose Railroad.
Toaso, May 20, 1869.
Jer. O. E. Collin fc Co. 1 wish to know
on what terms you will send five or six watches
to one address. Several of the men in this ma
chine shop are highly delighted at the watch I
got of you ; I am very much pleased with it ; it
gives satisfaction. Hoping to hear from you
soon, I remain yours, R. B. PAfTOX,
' Clerk, Toano, C. P. R. R.
For List of Prices and description of- Goods,
send directly to us. : Can be sent by express, to
be paid lor on delivery.
629 Washington street, San Francisco.
P. S. Where six Watches of the above are
ordered at one time, we will send one extra, free
of all charge. , We also dsul in the finest Gold
and Silver Watches, watchmaker's and jeweler's
tools and materials, at the very lowest possible
Tho new Gold Metal Watches now being intro
duced by C. E. Collins A Co., of San Fraucisco,
seem to be just the thing for those desiring a
cheap and at the same time good-looking time
keeper. One of the young lady compositors in
our otfioe has one of the cheapest kind advertised
S3 which runs well, keeps good time, looks
well, and seems to fulfill all the requirements of a
bih-priced watch. , The chain sent with this
watcu is of exquisite design and high finish. Beo
their advertisement in another column. Alpine
Miner. '
Watches. We have received one of the new
Gold Metal Watches from C. E. Collins A Co., of
San Francisco. It is neatly finished, hunting
case, keeps good time and is, without doutt, the
best watch for toe price that can be purchased in
San Francisco. La Porte Union.
What Next? Cheaper than silver loeking
and wearing like gold neither pl&tad or galvan
ized -are the new Gold Metal Watches we saw
last week at our friend Collins'. . If we bad not a
gold watch which we have to pay each year $2
to "Uncle Sam" for the privilege of wearing we
certainly would have a Gold JUetal Watch.
Spectator. jy45tf .
f y noted old Opthalmio Doetor, S. C.
r. OOl.DKX his h-id experience in treating
the various discuses to which tile eye and tar are
subject, aud feels confident of giving entire satis
faction to those who may place themselves under
his fare.
Albany, April 10, 1809-31y
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods !
Lowest CaIi Hates.
On 1'irst street, first dno west of John Connor's
brick, and opposite R. C. Hill A Son's
drug store,
May 15, 1SB9 3G
Lost or Stolen.
itr hi rt rc a w v. irwriiiT-v wTvirri
a not to purchase any of the following (totes
of hand, executed to Samuel Wilson, at a salo
near Rrownsrille, Linn county, Oregon, on the
21st day of October, 186$, signed and secured as
follows : -
rnive:r-Ai,i. streties.
T. P. Hinwiddie John Wilson.
Win. C. Baird J. H. Wilson.
J. if. Wilson M'm. C. Baird.
Ely Davis T. P. Dinwiddle.
T. 1 . r oster , j -
Win. Wigle !
L. Hash rook
Jijjm-s Kcnicy T. P. Uinwiddie.
Robert Crawford
as said notes of hand hiive been lost by, or stolen
from, the undersigned, and he will proceed toeol
leet the amounts of the said several notes when
A liberal reward will bo paid to th person re
turnin-r any ooo or all of sai l notes to the under
signed ut lirowtisville, Oregon.
Brownsville, April 30. lS09-:l5t4
Oil the Kins of Pain. jn5-39tf
of the best patterns !
" Tin, MSieet iron and
Copper vV aro 2
and the usual assortment of Furnishing Goods to
be obtained in a
jTSr" Jiepairit neattf nnd prtmiptfy exf-uted, "TS
Z-if on -ona.e term.
"Short reckbnings. make long friends."
Front street Albany.
Next door to Mansfield A Co. J
House, Sign & Carriage Painter,
Faperhanging', Glazing-, Kalsom'ine, &c.
&4 Country orders punctually attended to.
First street, next door to Tweedale A Co.'s.
May 8, 18C9-3tf i :
Washing1 Clothes Without Labor.
Automatic Clotlics-Waslicr
B O I X. E 12, T
Does this without any wear and tear, and does the
. work in from
Twenty to Thirty lainatcs!
and will fit any stove or range. They are used
extensively in the East, and the following will
show how they are regarded :
Prom tho Toledo Commercial, April 22d, 1869 :
'Tlie Automatic Clothes-Washer." The new
method of washing clothes without labor as done
by the "Automatic Clothes Washer and Boiler,"
is attracting, as might naturally be supposed, a
good deal of attention. " This remarkable machine
coutinues to show to astonished visitors, whose
numbers are daily increasing, how simply and
easily a large days washing can bo effectually ac
complished in comparatively short time by this
laborsaving invention. I
From tha Cleveland Plnindealer, March 12th,
1SIJ9 : "The Automatic Clothes Washer. Noth
ing in the way of a patent has for a long time
awakened such a general interest, as the above
named invention. Washing without labor by the
mere force of beat, is a step so important and new
that it naturally excites a great deal of inquiry.
Tho genuino merit, the cheapness and simplicity,
must make it an article of universal use.and those
Reeking an investment cannot do better than to
look into it. : .
For sale by
May 8, '63-3m35 First street, Albany.
Oil the King of Pain. ju5-39tf
E2sss3 Want o c3L I
Twenty-five Cents Per Dozen
Paid for fresh Eggs, for tho next thirty days,
TVo. 1 Butter
In good demand, at the CASH STORE, at
Twenty-fiVe Cents Per Pound.
Albany, May 1st, I8ti9-3t
More than 1,000,000 Persons
Bear testimony to the Wonderful Curative
Effects of
3 7
a s
f - k
f 1&
7 .ZL
5 o
AT T., ..f w ,,1 C-Mn Ilia niitttra
. Herbs and Roots of Caulornia, are
The Great Blood Purifier.
For Inflammatory and Chronic Rheumatism and
Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bilious, 'Re
mittent and Intermittent Fevers, diseases of the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, theso Bit
ters have been most successful. Such diseases
are caused by vitiated blood, which is gener
ally produced by derangement of ths Digestive
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever yon find
its impurities bursting through the skin in Pim
ples, Eruptions, or Sores ;cleanS3 it when you
find it obstructed and s.uggish in the veins;
cleanse it when it is fonl, and your feelings will
tell you when. Keep the blood healthy, aud all
will be well. .
Sold by all Dmggists and Dealers.
Corner Pine and Sansome streets. San Francisco,
Cal. aud Sacramento, Cab, and 34 Piatt
aprl7-6! street, N. Y. 32m
Willamette' Valley and Cascade
Arc of Daily Occurrence t
Wagon Road.
1 00
To DescUuttes River :
Four Ilorso or Mule team..
a ............... ,..
One " " " ,
Ox teams, three yoke
For every additional yoke....,.......
Looje horses, per head
" cattle, per head
" eljcep or hogs
Teams returning empty, half price.
Pack animals loa led.
' ' unloaded ......
Horse and rider
To Fish I-ake :
Four horse or mule team, each way- 2 00
Two " " " 1 J)0
One " " " I 00
Pack animals, loaded 50
" unloaded -25
Horse and rider 75
Ox team, three yoke 2 00
To Upper Soda Spring :
Fonr hosa or mule team, out and back...... 2 50
Two -' " " " " 2 00
One ' " 1 00
Horse and rider, 50
Loose animals, " ...... - 25
Ox teams tho same as horse teams.
W. W. PAnnisn. . pres.
March 20, 18CJ-28
Blanhattan Life Insurance Co.,
Assetts $6,000,000
Aunual Income - 2,500,000
Surplus over Liabilities
Any other Company doing- Easiness
Advantages to Insurers.
Snt"llf-xt Ilalio 6 mortality.
Expense .leu than any Cash Company.
Liberal modes of Payment of Premiums.
Insurers receive the Largest Bonus ever
given. ,'
All kinds of "on-Forfeiting Life and
Endowment Policies Issued.
Policies Incorit-estible.
All Endoicment Policies and the Non
Forfeiting ; Life Policies, Ifon-Forfeitable
after one Payment.
The following sre examples of the operations
of the last dividend: Policies issued in 1865,
only four years ago :
Agwat Amount Premium Added tu Total Am't
Issue. Insured. Paid. Policy. Policy.
40 $10,000 $1,280 $!,573 $13,572
35 8,000 1,022 2,343 10,848
. 30 7.500 780 2,703 10,208
25 7,000 571 2.505 9.505
This is an entirely new plan, giving Insurers
the largest return ever made by any Company in
the same period. - -
The Company give credit when desired, of from
33 to 50 per cent, of premiums.
An illustration of the advantages of the credit
system as practiced by this Company, is the case
of H. C. Cue, of Tonkcts, who insured his life in
this Company for $5,000, in February, 1857, pay
ing the whole premium in cash, $113 ; at the end
of the first year it was impossible for him to raise
the amount of the premium then duo, in cash, and
he came to the office prepared to surrender the
policy. Being told that be conld give his note
for the premium, he did so. , His death occurred
in less than seven months. His family are now
in the enjoyment of- the amount insured. Had
he insured in an "all cash" Company, they would
have been left unprovided for.
. This is, in itself, a complete refutation of the
absurd statement of '-all cash" Companies, that
it is injurious for the insurer to have the power to
give a- note under any circumstances.
C. P. KERRY Gen. Agent.
A. J. GROSS Special Agnt '. msSmS '
El. II. MACilLL, .iWaifaserV
Cash Assets, $1,519,338 08.
Amosttt Cishursed for Fire losses,
Sterling Indemnity Equifablo Adjurtments
Al oiler a to Rarles.-
PUicies issutjd and :
E. V. KUSSBLL, Kesldent AffClit, .
Albany Oregon
June 12-3m40 '. . . , - '
Over IOjOOO Persons
rgESTI'i to tho wonderful cures of
1J i. -T. "W", Murray'
Kalsam for tho Liter and Blo'od, Nature's own
remedy. One of the celebrated physicians of
Portland says he is cured of the Lung and Liver
complaint, and says he owes his file to I
Dr. Murray's l.unjj and Liver Balsam
Read what he says :
ToBTLAien, May 21, 1SC9.
I have tried Dr. J.' W. Alurray's Lung and!
Liver Ralsam. I used it in my family with tb
best of success. I was sick for some months and
iiaed every remedy. I called in eeveral physi'
ciuns, but they did me no good. I exhausted -every
remedy known to the medical professiunv
and received no benefit. This Lung and Liver"
liaisarn cured me, and I do not hesitate to recom
mend it to the public as a good aud safe remedy
to the public aud my fri -nds. It is good, and
those who knowme, os many do in tliis iStato, as
I have lived in many parts of it, know that I
would not recommend them to use a thing that
had no,merit, because I am opposed to quack
remedies. O. W. LR0W M. JD.
, . General Agents : "
SMITH & IMVIS, Portland, Oregon.
HODtiE & CALEK, " " -
June 5, '69-39if
Farmers Can Ride and Ploir,
t Hf crnue oxs of the
Manufactured and sold for the very low pries of
THE simplicity and practicability of this new
Plow commends it favorably to the special
notice of every farmer. It possesses m decided
superiority over all other plows now in use. Th
wheels are four feet in diameter, aud rnn on tho
mi plowed land. Its entire construction is in no
way complicated. The plow is managed in every
manner wfth ease, aud requires only two levers
to be used iu ranking any alteration. The supe
riority of the '-Gay" Plow will be clearly showi
by the following certificate :
We, the undersigned, citizens of Linn county,
Oregon, having purchased and us ,d upon our
farms the "Gay" Plow, hereby certify that th
same has given us t-ntiresati.-laction. Its facility
for adju-ling to suit the depth of furrow without
moviog from the seat, is Kiinp'.o aud easy. - Ws
like the plow for its draught, because the same is
brought to bear directly upon the plow-beam in
stead of the carriage ; aUotecautie it is strong
and durable, all except tho wood-work being con
structed of wrought iron no ea tings are nsed.
The wheels running upon tho solid land is an ad
vantage over other gang pbwa, in strikinc .off
land aud iu plowiug, not having to make the nec
essary changes in the machinery, and the seat is
always lovel, not thr wing tho driver forward or
sideways as iu other plows, lletter work and
more of it can be accomplished by the use of this
Plow than by band.
We take pleasure in recommending the "Gat"
Plow to our brother farmers, aa one having no
superior in Oregon. ?
J. ft. REKO. W. P. ESHOM,
May 20th, 18(53.,
The "Gat" Plow is manufactured by H.
Goubling, Portland Machine Shop.
All orders will be promptly attended to by ad
dressing, -
v CP. gav, r : j-
Portland, Oregon!-
Albany Agents.
J. BARROWS A CO., Agentr "
for Linn & Benton counties.-
JOHN BRIGGS, Agent " i
for Linn t Benton counties.-
May 22, 69-37
Ag-ents Wanted $10 a 2ay.
Two SIO Maps for 4.
Patent Revolving Double Map$
Two continents, America and Europe, and
America with the United States portion
on an immense scale.
THESE great Maps, now just completed, 84x
02 inches large, show every place of import
ance, all Railroads to date, and the latest altera
tions iu the various European States. Theso'
MaM ar reilml in nrprv .lwwl 1 e . .
iniuiiv 111
the land they occupy the space of one Map, and!
"j 4jcuo oi me reverses, minor side can be
thrown front, and any part brought level to th
eve. Count v riirhts and lrra : . .
good Agents. - J . ; , ,
, Apply for Circulars, Terms, and send money
for and see sampla Maps first, if not sold taken
back on demand. - - J. T. LLOYD",
May 22-1 m 23 Cortland street, N; Y.
executor's Notice
mjOTICE is hereby given that ths unde'rsfgied
a,. i. cuvor oi rue es
tate of Hiram Maoey, deceased, by ftie Conntv
Conrt of L,nn county, Oregon : That all claims
aeamst said est&ta mmt j . .. ms
j - , . " r'nwu 10 ine on
dersigned, at their residence in Linn eonnty.dolr
verihed, wthln tlx months from tho date hereof
- V. V. MACI5Y,
rows it, Flixs, Attys. - , . ? Ksscntors,
Linn County, Oregon, May;7r 1S0-35w4.