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. v . .. i! Ha-.: sii i ift ! i.l,,IB ""n''
Cora rceal per sack $ 30
5 lb bnciet lard 80
io lb bucket hard 1 50
50 lb sack half ground salt ... 30
100 lb sack half ground salt. . 55
5 gal coal oil in balk 75
Wall nuts per lb 15
7 bars Three Heart soap for.. 25
.'. : n R.;tr, of Halreua, wai
" vi : r ti the cvucty sat t-aturday. j
Frr i, of Laurel. anJ j
hi t Ha Hicjt tew hrue, '
r ."urat acu caliei 00 the
revgiou wk.
Hr.rj Psfi-rxart. of belcw Rood
BivJ, - np Friday, lit h
h--n ic.i:ioed for wTeral week-,
bat i cow cn tbe mead.
Mr Tbo. Cortne'l. wboee Ut j ---'
&Ti?in! cwsi the biE TiWr'
r'.ac, of town, iu out It
!t of the week.
It Haser, th tiaot powder tuo
of Ftu'Jip, J. I-. Fowe, of dm'
MorUnda e. were in town Satur
day, getting t'ilj for the picnic at
tieiretia Mjrcay.
Is " ' ' "
i . ;,:. :
Tt .t.o
!. r t. ; .
i':.- S
- ; r !
d ,i Iv
:t !-d i
. ,, , I . i .-.,,. I . ' 1 !
K f t...i. h.. I t-
, . i t i .'' -
vt :. i- ' ; "!
th r;
$500 ACRES pUticd into tracts of to jo acrw each,
with completed road to each tract.' 40 minutes out on
tbe Focnh Street Railway, 5 trains each war per div.
Land lay beautiful?, toil very fertile and is' especial!
adapted to fruit, nuts aad vegetables. 700 homesite
ken, of as average size of 5 acres, inwrea wonderful
community development Now aellicg in soch tracts as
yom desire, at from
$10O to $200 per Acre
10 per ceat. dowJaiCaace to suit purchaser
Can aad arrange to go without expense to yon. to ei
amiae this property, and determine for roarself as to
Shaw-Fear Company
245 1-2 Starh St Portland. Oregon
Are You Wanting' a Home?
If you are looking for a home, either a
farm, or a residence in town, call on the
Webfoot Realty Company
If you have a farm to sell, or city proper
ty to put on the market, list it with us.
We buy and sell Timber Lands. Also
make a Specialty of Business Chances.
Independent Phone, 193
Steel Ladders
are the things
Sold at one-third ot the
cost of other Ladders
t 1 Made of the best of steel
2 Indestructible by weather
or fire
3 Do not collect ice or snow
-Will not collect moss
the roof
5 Always ready for use
6 Can be folded into a small
7 Can be adjusted to any
shape of roof
Price list sent on application
Manufactured by
McParland & Donnelly
Buxton, Oregon.
Ernest Haw, of Sheridan, where
he is engaged In the drug buiinees,
has been vieiting hit father, Ulrich
Haae, for a few daje. Within a
few dare he expect, to etart east
for an extended trip, and will visit
m iowb, iinicago ana JNew York.
! ?0;LH V' GateB "turned the
last of the week from a trip into the
John Day country. While there he
1 u flared a Bunatrnk wh,u u.-
1 "mvu icik 1J1LU
in a Terv unsiitifufnr
condition. Mr. (AtKatKinVi.
inn' Mtit niiTl i 1
. . -v .inner, DIB
j health.
O J Bru"tr, lat of Michigan,
ar di who r cntly houjht the ('.rant
Landras p'ace, near the Knew'
m:SL was over frooi S. uih Tuala
. tin, Saturday.
c uomcid, wbo toogbt the
Jaho Ivrtrwn u'ace. cear Witch
iH-I'I. a fw minth airi r.1 wh
waoui:cal!y a contractor at S'
Jobt5, was up to the city FiiJaj.
J. J. Krebe, of Farmingtcm, mji
that hi acre of grape will produce
fioly this nawn, but that ttbr
fruit on hie place doeen't amount
t muca.
Loas. roiiett and lamUT arf
campicg rjr Buxton, for the
S'jnimer. Mr. Folttt is th pio-
; nw ecgiceer on the P. R. dt N
John Boge, of FarmiDgton. and
woo tin ren a memMr of the Ar
gu fimi!y for lo. thm twehe
year?, wai np to the city Friday,
accotnptnw py bis wite.
J W. VanderTelden, of Rot,
ahere he condueU a atore, wae io
Morula? eTeoing. J W eaye the
new Catholic church at Roy hat ite
new bell ewung in the eteeple.
Thoe. Simme, who bought -the
marcnintrj iwbert Bros. Kancb,
near Farmicgton. and at a bargain,
was in town Fridav. Thie ia one
of the beet ranchee in the county
Mr. Minnie (l.-abel, wife of Chae.
Irabl. a former Hillahnrn raiiant
viitA,t arilh (Via fmilU. nf VI" v'
; Smith acd A. W. Walker, of South
, 1 ua.atin, cuodav.
W. Rernard. of near I.anral. anil
bo for years was one of the beet
arueani in me country in tne boot
ana shoe manufacturing business
was in tne city f nday.
C H. Willouehbv. who anant hi
life until a year or so ago down in
tee heedriiie section, and who now
live dut 00 Route 1. was in th
city Friday.
Robt. Simpson, of Buxton, wa
down Monday, and says the town
is full of men going and coming
from work on the big Sweeney con
tract. Lawrence C Brown, whoee par
ents were among the early pioneers,
and whi has pnnt hi life in h
S mth TuiUtin sectiOj, was over
Mr and Mrs. J. W Msrehall are
in the citv. eneets at the J W.
Sewell home. Mrs. Marshall was
formerly a Miss Frazier, of La
Grande, and is a niece of Mrs
Ja. II. Pewell, who is handling
the Ed. Lyons place, formerly the
Wm. Jackson place, is having the
barn moved over to the electric
line for a warehouse, and D B.
R'aoner is doing the work.
Don t forget to buy vour fire
works of John Dennis. Ha has
lot of the beet, and he is making
prices ro that you will have to buy
if you are in the market. Bee his
window display.
j M. M. Mead, on the Frank Im
i brie place, sent in a binah of rhr
nes the other dav. and tha r-tnl
j branch bearirg was two feet long
only and contained 2.50 cherries
j Thie is going some, evtn in a cherry
! E. E Lvtle. nreaidflnt of th P
1 R. A N Railway Cnmnirt. maaart
j t J t a"""1"- va
tbrouzh the citv MonH
on over to Tillamook, taking the
it -a. ' . "
woamer etatre on the w inn
j River route.
i Samuel Gowan, who has made
I his home in North Hillsboro for a
number of years, has sold his place
to an adjoiniog neighbor, Wm.
Fauil, and Gowan will go to Cali
fornia for a time.
You will mt have to wait for
your Fourth of July shave if you
go to C. W. Nelson's Second Street
shop. Only four ohair shop in the
county. Quick service and first
class workmen.
M. C. Hewitt, the hoasemoyer,
has the Mrs. Anderson residence
on its foundation, moved fifty feet
back toward Main, and has also
moved the Pelton building The
Oregon Electric can now get busy
with its new depat building and
S J. Raffoty, of Portland, and
who has been out to tbe Mountain
dale ranch, where he lived since
1857 until a few years ago, went
into the city Monday. He expects
to come out after the Foutb and
then go over to Tillamook for the
bot season.
Claude and Roy Greear went np
to the Sumit, Benton County ranob,
belonging to J. M Greear, Monday,
with a bunch of cows for dairy
purposes. This will make 25 head
in milk. The product goes to the
ucrvallis creamery, and Mr. Greear
I n . it rt
of twins tn th .' rs of Jim
n-t th- d.fe of !!'.' !-i-t r
thrrvof W.i.f. on ihc -:! J.
li '5.
And oi u'm' r.o!
fait to so i-iw.r aliJ 4U
fUlDt. t'-o ! 41Uti5
mont ac.iinst jou is tr i
ronii!attit. t!s ThM
ou an 1 h of
! ... 1.1 Vi ' ' 1 '
, ,., J Vi , . i l.Hi.
, , ,. .-. r ...... . t...
tf :-r ! .- I- ' "I ... ! ''
;.. I !' '
11 . 4 . ( ..! '
!,:-! ;.. Ui .oh. I
. r 111. .. . . M- ''or
, ; ,w . V I I . I. .: !- 11
of A-JU!.!
r ! , o:r.
i ! ! t a k 11 u
lr mil lor m -t!
K . , .-'itft!, of
;in ok sr.l of Ro
fffint la .1;. ! to -o : . to
lU-ti )!:.::.; at '.hi
ll!o.k To of nj
dttioti to the toan 1 1;
horo. tr-son.
Hith on tbo '. 1:".
satj cHv of Hi".-'
.ion nxi
'or"ht torn, r of
1:1 li-;;: ; !u. A.I
1 now of till!"
! ..'.i!; .! .: thoili r
of v.:.! ).;. k It)
ot.i H'j r..-
thoncv at f. t to ot'Ctor Im of
M'.d bSivk. tbrtiit north on the orntct
tm of s.ii.1 !lok To us'., t.i-t to
north iino of wu.t t.iook. th. m- .-t on
th north of msJ tK k ( ! to
th o of !;:.;:!:
That th passi:;!! tw il ri-.i to tw
th nor in f.1 !t!ii'l of mI.I
;rowrty. That th till ot mi.1 p!.tt !
Iw OUItt a.l(U"t th llrfrU.Ull!
That th drfrti.latst- U- rijinm-U to r
cut a ilorxl for v.. I rat prujw rt to
Blalntiffs. thin on t -.r fatlnr to
do 10 aithm tn iUy aftr rn.!itton
of the dtvnv hrla. that wnl .i.x rr
shall Umi !i and for . -mvam-r
throf. and for th '- and diiiniro
ttifuts of this sun. and for una uihrr
and further ordrr as m.iv aj irar to th
Court to tw tsjnitaln
Th summons Is rvd tmou vim hv
publication hy ordrr of th llnrmratrl '
V. (ioodlt). Jlldc of th 1 Vuiitj
Court of th of Onom, for
Washington Coutitv. h.iid ordrr Im-iujc
mad and il.itrd on th- tMh day o
Jun. loS, hith ordi r rulrs that
you apiwar and ..:;. r on or l for
th Irtirsi inn nf si frunt thr
date Of th first imMiraiiou throf, to
wit: (In or ln'for th ,.(h das of At;s-
Ut. lst9. K It TONiit'K.
Attortirv for I'lamnfT
Exrcutor'a Nonet
iKivU h bn duly appoint.! and h.ii-
nuw dt ornrr 01 in 1 ouuiT r oun rl
lh tiuit Will and Ttwtatnent of Ahali K.
Kir. decajHt, and baa duly tjiialiti.! an
N'.IW ll.rf..r .11 .,,i.m I........
ciaitus aumn-it aid tat ar hrhy noli
tied and rtviuir.! to nn-oit tha utii
toicrther with projr vouchr tliprofur.
to the undrr)id at Ui law ottut it
nagiey iiare tn in Miut tuiltiiir in
on or tiefora u inoutha from U11 dat
DaWd thia 17th dar of Jun, A. P.
imtv r i.'ii ii'
KxAMltiirr,r f i. 'a.f Will .iwt
01 Aivan r.. m, uawnl.
Barley ,t Har, AtU)ruy for KxcuUr.
1 !l Hi N -n ..(!! '.!. of Ui,n, .ll
ar hTf I r rja.t U appf au-l a.a4
Ui iv. .anil tiil axa.nal .hi hi h
f i !.!..! al a.i.t . liiw lf. ,l tf
M i., .lav. lh I ail of July, !''. hi. b
I.. 111. lf II, an r ki aftr tti dat of
lh t rt l ot IrrmJ t tt.
I't'tllt in l! a rlitu!,! ,,lt and II
v.'ii U.l I. . i j ar and luir lh
;;aii.tid i ;i v lo il-.a I ut l.-e r
l.tif ' p.'av. d t,.i i" i!' .iii.laiin. t. ml;
t.r a dfx rr ,.f t'.p fmirt .)!.. iv.og tha
u.a? f .-i.u. I It. ri.-f..ri a.ol l.. r
It.-;j p.ajntif! a.ul dt-ndatii,l.
a tuitiirr f ... m pUinliti llw fu
lur ,rr an.l 1 uuly . id minor rhil
drn nan:,! liirrriu, ,r f .".t.r month
a: a .' v n I s rnlr til .loilara Allt.f
nnt t.H. an.l f.vr mi 11 ...Htir a,t further
rfirf U,p I .'OH rt.ay driil Willi
. J ai..l J ...1:
I I... Sni 1 !"...!. s pui'Uiird 1-jr ,.fdr of
th .,rl, r J I. t alllphrlt, Jl..!r. ..f ;
th fsitil..l t'.'urt, and aa'.l tldr :
duir m I an.l alrl on t.a llft Uay nl '
.! I
laiot Rrai f.iblt.Hatlon, May Jt. IAW I
Pal of iat pub i. alien July I, i
J. A Mtoa'-fi.ltfa
Atl-rury f..r flaiulii!
AJr.i n itrator NotK
Petition (or Liquor License
iNftTnru rnttiuYv
In the matter ot in appiivaimn .,f II c
iiaar an.l j. i k.H,r..r t.,r i .......... ..
aril Spirituous. Vinu ami Wail l.iuuor.
in li-s.H quai.liUra tiuin n Kailon. in 1 rwH I'rei'lm-t, aahlii;tun Coun
ty, Orvgun.
To Ihe Hurmraik- Cntiritv Court nf thr
suite or rr aaliltiKtonruuMy
lii unilriiuini itih.,,...,. ).... .1 ....
rra or Ciilr t.,..k l......,.-, u-
vouni. irri-con, ana conalltuting a ina
jnrny ni me h-kui vulrrs or aital l'r.:. 111. I
m - ... .ia..,. ,is w. wa.u I U-
cincl. and havitiK actually r-aitlti in itl
l'n-cinct Ihlity Ua mum duitriy pr. , J.
Inir th (bilM i,t tm., ,...).,... .t. .1 . .
of the niui( of the aanir, wnui.l rvaiH-rt-
tu.17 ri.vt.'ii unu jiray, inai a II. rli tn
aril apiruuoua. vinuua anu malt ll.U..ra. In
' wia 1 tin mail t.ftM vt 1. .11 if.
Crrrk i'rolnt, Waahliucton Cnuntv 1 ir
Ifun. tir trt!inl..l iilul l I ... II .' ......
and J. M. Kot..r for 11 pi inl of on ;.,(.
!. E. WtflHlllKllOUSC J XI Ilaml.i.'n
..rlr WIlHiin
f-laartt lluiehf.a
C. J.
Wm. liusae
f. M. Hat'inan
Itot.l. H. llarpr
li. V. .M.-Hnbeit
A. I. llarpr
J V. Il. ilr
llt.nrv l.tnuun
John Tlmmerman
J. K. Jiayden
V. Miyr .
Otto l'riulapp
'" J. Clark
W. K. l'arkln
'A. l'arkln
N. Hottman
K. l'arkln
F. 1'illzlapp
J lldhm
A)l-n Mnrrinnnl.l
F. W. 1'rlbnow
Otto Kahler
W. J. f'amona
Jaa. Churchill
K. I). Wllaon
I), tfnn.lrv
!). 8. I'ayne
I.. C. Trltea
William t.
W. IS. Hc-holfleld
A. H. MrCoy
B. H. ll.iCoy
J . T I m m c r m a n If
Hum J. Hrrilth '
Alonzo ClfiNMhnw
(. L. r'laiJHhaw
J. M Lilly
uc-o. 11. Uarrett
( Wpillwra
F. FulUrri.url
Wm. Ix ila
Urn Multland
C. H. Han
J. H. i:atnmn
K K. Joints
H. K. I'orrrnan
Oatar Hmiih
Joe "I rurln l
11. lirimnnhr
NIc l'ntrwurxr
O. Htorhnw
Oro. l llllrr
J'.hn 'l'ft.p
F. M. Whlti!
Jnm-ph ('aruplrf.
ll.'iiry Ovrri
JlPiiry evrt. Jr.
T. It. J.ihnninn
H. II. l'urkln
N. 1: Lilly
If. O. AnK.,
f.'harlta Woell
John McCanii
MoMa II. Md'ay
Jl. J. Htnr.'y
J. K. Wim-II
Thnmaa drove
J. I. A.lkina
W. R LoualKriont
J. T. LotinlKnoiit
C. A. Wllann
J. H. Hhutt
A. W. Wilson
Haniual Clnpshaw
II. C. Hmllli
J. L. I'marhlcd
H. K.
J. M. Ilayd. n
NOTIf'tt 114 lllOb'i.v tnw ...1.....
.,i-,.t 11 im in
unddKixnw will nn Hatiirdnv. the lulh
llftV Iltl.p Kill.. n ..... n...l...... ...
I. , n I'll 11 lllllH A. JV1. or
Kihl rlay, prcaent the fnrfKnliiK pciltlun to
thfi County Court of thu Htat of Orrniiri
for WuahltiKton County, and at. mi I.I tm
and placfl will aak that a llccna ,p Inaiif.i
... .....'i njlHirilLN ll .
aplrltuoua. vlnnua and rnult llnunra In
i.uii-a rwK I'rln-t. Waahlriiftnn
ty, Orrnon. In Ihhk niiiintltlra than nn
iratlnn. tttr n r.nrl.wl .J - -
date of thn laauancA of hik-Ii llncna.
imu-u tnia nth day nf .lurio, VMi'j
II, C. KAKKIt and
t 1 o . Appllrnnt,
Tsnelr: V & Tlnrn. Allnrniii.. I... ... ,,
N.n la hrr'ht ltd ti, that h ur.drr
in. haa two. by IhaCuuiily tVurt ul
lh Mat. if Mri;on W .hiiitim Coun
ty. tluU ai (-,ii.l,..l Ad:iiiniL.r of 1 .
:i of lo,-. a J. rann... dwd.
and bat du y ,iiaiil,. aa u. li.
Now thrt-l a!l hailnj
rllln acaliiat ald tal ari lihr r
Hlllfrl to T-il th Mitia Ui li Un.ln I
lii.l i Ui !a oltire ol lu,'.rr Hara, ;
m lli!il.n, U!T-.,..i. ..f ai m otft, ..f '
"Kliwt.y Yn.ittjt, haiuhtr uf riaiiaimra!
HuilduiK, r..riUn.l. tr-g..n, auh r..p
r von.'hi-r. m ittiiii mi in. ,,,;!, from lb!
dat tivnaif.
Palr.l a:id liral putiitli. Jnt.a lo tun
ioil..Mt Vt't N.
A hn.n.lrt,.r .( th mint uf lirlwri
J. Kami , 1 Tr ).
Advniniatratoe'i Noiite
Noli, ia hrrrl.y gitril that I ha wn !
apinint. a-liiiinuiriUir of th !ata i.( i
I'lulp Mi. II, dm,-M, t.y hf tut,i;
Court .f th Mala ,.f l)rvgn f.r YVattii '
l.n County All iwram. hating rio.nn '
ajfaitnl th ui rata- ar hrty r,iuud 1
In prwiil thrin. duly vrrtttrd. Vi ma, at !
tb ortl.w of T. li. 1 iinriitiin. aiu.riir i
iaa. M.i.krv Ituinlini, l'..rt'aiid. nrr n
mi it kdin th ipiiti.,u ,,f tit moult,,
tr.iiu tli - I rat, hrfw.f, aUuli
tint puiihratnm u on Jun In law
i. M11 1. 1..
IX Till. Clli. TIT
HT ATI" v . in:.;
N I'' 'I! WASH
.on iiatiir,!
-ohaima i, i-!!viii, 1 ' I , t , 1 1 jt,
Chart tiuttalhiii, iffrn.i.,t
To C,arli IiikuKoii, Ha. ai,
In th nam nf th Hta'r of 11,.,,, . y
aia hrLy r.n,rrd i., apar an.
ar th CimpialTit l,l , ,.,,
th al..v,.ullt c,nirli ran... ur
Iwlona iird day nf July, , ,,.,,
aftor Thur.uv, J, pi ,
.lainrd. rr. fr il, i,r., pul.ln-.s,,,,, f
this i.iilii-, ,1 jf T . hlmi
and ainiirr piainlitt will apply f.,r ih
rlil praywl f.,r in hr iinpi.iint to aif
for a .Irrro diwol.mK t .,u f
riiimn now i;,tln l-tar.-,, .,.,
riam, pUmtirr Hn. .p,4t ,, fl
aurli olhr an.l rurih.r n lirl a. t th,
nnirt ar-iu mrm j,ti
in. iiiiun.,1,. 1, piii,ii,li I, ,
....... j. nmry Iiikkih, i,i,(-b
Loillity rtiiirt. i,, ,! ri,irrw
ci.VPh KK IIAKlii.N
,,,, , , Atmrnrv r CUint,
.lit UiainUtr oft oniu.ri,
I'lirlliiiid, OrK.iii
of tha
oil th
I OU Til K
Best Fire Insuranca
AND l'ROMpr SKTTl.h:
MKur ui' i.ossks ski:
Agent Londou & Lanca
shire Fire Insurance Co.
OClce with Kdmonil Cornelius, Mj
j nn, i none, jyv
Pacific States phone 354 IlliXsriOKO
Sealed Bidi for Wood
Sealed bids will la- received until Jv
.'iTv , 'l ,live,'" w""l follow.. .'1'
"""yar.i, in llillsD.iro, l-
tween thia ,lte and Seplenilier 1: v,
corda fir m 1. ...,i t , . . '
red or v Inu, r h . 1 ' ."c
Nm.fl .1 '"""r"-
c ri-i linen lor
furinance of contract. 1
iiiiisDoro, (Jre., June 3, 1909,
,2"s John Maaters.
NOTtrm ru iri.'iMi.nvf .i,j .... . ..
. "".."..I ..iv r.i, 1 nrit i nr
Jin.lrHlKnid cxni nf th hint Will and
C. .', .7 "o"'4"' iniKihoy, (l..(.Hiif..l I
has illwi In thn County Court nf th Hint,; 1
nf foi- vo., mi, 1,
final aeeount In Ih mntt. r of aiil.l (ftr,p ,
and aaid court haa llxod Monday, the mx j
J ... m..., 11 1 fit- en II ly (.oui-t I
room in II ul.,...,. r . ' . ..l
ii 11, ni icin o r ink
A. M. of aaid .lay, na lh Urn nnr i,.i,. !
for hMrlna ohjortlona tn aaid T
Z J,r,tanU f"r 11,0 m,i" ""'Unnuint nf Mllij '
Uated thla June 12, 1000.
Ewcuto. nf Ih I jit Will n"d T aiiiiricnt '
Haglny & Hur(J, Altorn-.-ya fr Kxecutor.
For sale: Full Wooded Brown
eghorn rooptpra. iliia u.i.l
. - 1 juin nau;n,
Fr.vaannile ..... - I,iTO.ut..;i umear cmo ni u cents per cockerel
nays he has fine pasture all Sum- Herman Miller, Grant Holcomh
Try a Del oval
If you are thinking 0f lmyinK a
cream soparator why nt buy the
1 W.- are the ,tu f, t the
We KuaranUe thia machine to la
the easier.! cleaned, the cloai-at of
rt. miner, the loK0Bt- i ve-.t . ,,
Ihe Dest Separator
In the market. We w.H iHce the
Uf Uval Iu n compel!, contest
wi ll any other c.ean, fepara or
and let the Il. Uval apeak for it
Btlf Mr Customer, it will pay
you lo investigate the tminv Btiix-r-ior
points found only ' in the
Mays & Conover
Argusand Oregon! an, $2,25
IN TMH C!k Cir Ct'l KT 'r' TIIK
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ik- C W!r. llndanl atn
50 lb. K best Dairy Slt
IOO 1!. K StocK holt
50 lh. l StocK Salt
lritim I n Sr ailuki,. I
prr cent, hut wr lmVr pl-lJ1
oiaPrUr.25c. 5c. 40c, 7qc
Hill&boro, Ore.
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A new assortneut t( Wtttliful
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and we have a Urge assort
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Yours for a Q Deal aKsiys
F D Kerr
Tht? Vitonitr. Turf llor-t -nrto
A racialist 011 horse htH itig. Hf.
Ih.ujhI, quarter-tracks, nail pricks,
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of the feet guaranteed tin oh
PecK's old ttand. Third St., HilUbofe
Occur to You?
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State BANK1
Summer Rates East
During the Season 1909
VIA Till?
Southern Pacific Co.
To Omaha and Return - - $60.65
To Kansas City " - $60.65
Jo St Louis and Return - $68.5
, Io Chicago and Return - 1&73.15
'! to other principalis,, , Ule K Mle w ad W
0 - , , l-'urraHniliniily Low 1'area ,
On S.U Jun. 2, 3, July 2. 3, Aurfu.l H. '
To Denver and Return - - $55.65
On SaU May 17, July 1. Aurf. H.
10 days from 1. of sale, final return ?i
pr vileoe, ,,! " C" me ""7 tve fenturea iu the J m
Koutinir ni. Ii c l"Un8 point enroiite, .i,n
vn sri:t:ronotedp u,rouKh uiifornu 1,8,1 "
y dj Houtl er, i' ,'ir P ."g ?' re,"V''"'"' ''' ticket, will r J
Wm. McMurray, Gen'l. Pass. At.. ?oM