The Hillsboro argus. (Hillsboro, Or.) 1895-current, July 01, 1909, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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25 per cent, discount
On all sizes of screen doors we will allow a
special discount of 25 per cent. This is your
last chance this season to buy screen doors at
such a sacrifice don't wait, as the stoch will
not last long.
Granite Ware
(Specially Priced)
We are offering some Hg
values in triple coated blue
and white granite ware,
50c 60c 75c values, for
33 cents
The pieces in this lot a'e
fine coffee rots, preserving
a a -
kettles, dishpans, Berlin
sauce pans, pudding pans,
covered buckets, etc.
the New Perfection Oil
Stoves, in one, two and
! three burner styles.
Camping Outfits
Camp stoves, teuts, ham
mocks, etc. We are Head
quarters for everything for
Campers' uses.
Special Special
4 hole camp stove, $2.25
With Pipe
' Japanese porch Shades
Made in natural and green
6 foot, $1 50
7 foot, $1 75
8 foot, $1 95
lO foot, $2 50
Complete with ropes and
The celebrated Century
Line of Refrigerators is
added to our stock, and as a
special inducement to buy
ers we will give away free
200 Pounds of Ice
to each purchaser. If you
contemplate buying, call
and look at our line. We
will explain the advantages
of a good refrigerator over
a cheap ice box. Prices are
$14.50 up
According to the size.
Old H ichory Porch
Furnish vour porch with
Old Hickory and you will
never regret it.
See our window for
There is no'porch furniture
on the market that will af
you as much comfort as a
few pieces of this grand old
furniture. Rockers priced
From $3.50 up.
Call in and see the finest
stock of furniture in the
The House Furnisher.
To make room for other StocK I am mahW
a sweeoin rfdtir-t;-,, .u
lines of Sh
the rrir -f dl
. - - w w u II
toes. TVipsj l l ... i . i
greatest values in Footwear ever offered in
this city. Just read the following prices,
For Ladi
$1 75 Reg. now i 35
2 Oo Reg. now 1 65
3 00 Reg. now 2 45
2 50 Reg. now 2 05
3 50 Reg. now 2 65
4 00 Reg. now 2 95
4 50 Reg. now 3 45
$5 00 Reg. now $3 85
In men's shoes
are making the
quotations, dollar
for dollar, as in
the opposite col
umn. Good, durable
shoes, and in style
and money savers.
tCryr-t, US, tr ATf(f rrma JLwc-
Talk stunt tb tljia' Potohnjan,
aM the centenarian cf the Sailor's
Prscg Harhor; - twan't a clrro :. tf
to the phantom sbtp my sranf:her
0s.1I to M nie aNmt wbt-o I u I
hoy. The oM maa was pretty otl is
M M I am thjw wbon be toij It tu
I me and had sai',J the Stilish cja.'a
' bcq ftrates there vis thicker o
: bumboats about a cewly arrived Amer
ican ship off KaraL And mj gran
, father 'n her. tx with his own two
(eyes ami her wild can'n on hs w!U
jship. He was the fust pirate to p!t
I m aeserts. Hanfiin' Joo't do It
J that's only kil:ln Put III tell you
i Use story aa my i-ran father told It
; "A shlp-my grsn'father didn't know
j ner nan; fact Is, the didn't hate a
I name; some said that, beta' Intended
I r.r a Santera frvm the start, she
sailed without a name well, this
nameless ship sailed from Medfard
with a cargo o' rum and fold and
silver bars. She beaded for a Yvr
Indian port, but got Into the doldrums
ami was so long- without a hreeie that
the water and proTisKma gxt out The
crew was reduced to chewla' the leath
er or inetr twota; but aa far water
, there was none even to be pit from
damp out o' the sail. The weakest
j ik fust, then the stMoger. and to
! n till tbe roost endurln o' the crew
eiTe In and their srerits went i.,f
W hen the last man had perished, there
oem nothln' more fur the doldrums
to do, tbe wind snrune un and th.Mr
saueu away with her crew of dead.
I He wind bein' out o the
the ship ken" on her cour towar.1 ho
West Indies. Then It was that Juan
lastrea. the most oomerHfn!
usat erer sailed the Spanish mala, saw
nvr and rbae! her. It wa an
matter to catch her. thoueh ererr r
- - - - s
was set and ske was a fine sailer, for.
r!t wttnon- a helnwmaa-at l.-axt
imn one bed luff now and then
and hare to wait for her sails to HI!
apaia. When the pirate com nn with
ner toe du5k of night was settln
down, and all the pirate could aeo
was a figure behind tbe wheel, another
leanln- up ajr'ln the taffrail and others
scattered about In different positions
wnerc tney a died
aus.C'J ::hs.!tt.e oktirj t:
ssaa l:ke Aa HouUa. .!ov..t i
to eoe '.lent fviins.
Nick tti.'i.iti.s ts; t:'.: ti
his hit. a4 bat Ut the etto ci
IVt!ie M b.4 f. en;
a'.ocg the ine.
Y.'.tatt Ssi'.h bt.e ; -'
kuta maa ictt! ukii".i; or. otc
If he i!l ciUi m an ;h v.J
illjtoa hand ptr-s a J:: C or tv !u
be able to l-ick lo .;:om.
Catcher rhc?t mis he ! ' i
mbo- Jot Viut ju;ck uio'
ins his niOMi-c ncturvs it t'.r
FilttermM. at iirat. w.U ! O K hr
be gets atvut two jcar niote on h.Ki
aaJ he ts b jiniiinji to hit t! tin on'.. to
HvKmUhi b co mora! iitbt to u il
aiorkey txit oj ns t;Bk jUrt V
lloustoa dtn't dee'.oi otuc 'C'. '
platers out of Canhual it oa t U
his fault.
OM man Tom V:'. nm aal Ko
Moor are gettirj; their batting tr a
pretty well devcioped. am! it ihcv
diavard that "oer an irt " thr t ! cf
them owt that fcocr. T!.c;! tic!.i :j; i
gftung cUubt aUo.
Little Batcheiar is stickinc !'.!.!i8
and base running like a Cot-..u.:u!ic.
Shoctston WilkfS is stickiuc lc
vrtrran and hcn he cues to !-al there
alwat s acmeth:n .t.m K'tA K tis.itY..
on the tuncKi like a Clticigo Nau na'..
Mdnacer Moore savs be is riri t.
batten the crandstand itKf. ami thru t
can nun all it wants to. The ivoctaiioi
is alo (OinK to extend the l ircvbrr hw
and put up ire. When tbc s t ihrou,;!
it will be the nnest neKI in "rtuo.
1 PRf llfyfn7fll
!! II n Mil II 1 71 VB llllll llll II II I III I U
lr 1 1 r r-yri V 1 C A 1 Fat
Martha -
If they were in Hillsboro would be
Looking for Something Nifty and
Nobby for the
Glorious Fourth of July.
Joehua Merrill and Siu Come
lias, both of whom are rjoI horse
men, bate pnrchatJ the Albert
Bunnini liver barn. ral atid rr-
iooal, at Corneliua. and e.
, r
inlo a geceral livsrr and horfal
baioe. The boT uoJerstanc
their buiioe and will make i
euccwi. Mr. Merrill, while
"helpere,M in the form of cru'che
has broke more horse lhan an
other man in the county. Bun
ning is negotialirg for a farm ane
will try the life pastoral for a while.
Mark Butler had
- " . ' s. ot-lii I it km in nnnri M.w k..ab - .
, , , , - nan j a narrow m
puns for defense, drifted un hlil he I k.j :j. ... .
, .. . , , . r I .my Hum uau accuein Saturday
when the wind lulled and. krln' aom .i. . . . .
of hU men to make fast, iumnnl aonapiiDS V Muogef lunubei
aboard hU prixe. The two rLt. JVa- .i,e w" Boioading lumber
bumped and separated. At that mo- ' I l" on th Tillamook
ment a sudden puff o" wind struck em. !lDe ounta tbe car on which But-
The pirate had lower! most of Ms 'er worked, throwing him on dome
sails, and before she could iret m nn timbers Urine alonffgide H a hin
aealn th iMn ritiw.t . w,.., : ...i i c i .l
away from hr Into the thick night, gone two feet further Mark lave he
&Dd thjll' that laaf IK. aIM. l I 1 i i . . . J
vuic rra o WQUia DAT6 1061 ft Dftif Of leffrl.
- n
Drtwcrn the Druj Starrs.
Is Headquarters
200 pairs Baby shoes in Price 50 to
75 cts. now on sale at 40c
75 ct shoe for 60 cts
$1 00 shoe for 75 cts
1 25 shoe for 95 cts
1 50 shoe for SI 1r
1 75 shoe
2 00 shoe
2 25 shoe
2 50 shoe
Sale on Boys' and
Youths' Shoes
$1 50 shoe for $1 20
1 75 shoe for 1 40
2 00 shoe for 1 55
2 25 shoe for l 70
2 50 shoe for 2 05
3 00 shoe for 2 3r
Mies Olive LarwWa A
- n . ' I
mre. ronise, returns thi wetk
from an extended visit with friends
at Brownsville.
Argua and Journal, $2.25.
J. E Price, of nnnh r,t . 1
a fine p.ece of .,nter wbeat b
avs the other empire the
of his 14 years of farming in rw
"The nert seen o" tbe nameless shin
was oy a Britisher. Can'n rtro.
was at the wheel singln' and shoutln
uu lauirain ana tnrowin' h a rmi
about He bad found himself
8HID VLh notilltf but Hum
though she was the richest nH
had erer taken, with the easiest cargo
10 Dispose or, gold and silver bars.
with rum enoueh to kea him rlnmk
ror the rest of his natural life. Wheth
er drinkin' tbe mm helped him to go
maa or a crew of dead men wa
enough to do It, nobody didn't know.
dui ne was mad sure enough stark.
starin mad a-swearln' at his dead
crew Just as though ther was all
and he must bare found plenty of am
munition, for be was pluggin 'em all
me wnue. One o' tbe sailors on the
Britiaber recognized Ca sires, far be
had been taken by the pirate, forced
to walk tbe plank and got picked up.
He told the caD'n. and the can'n tnrnt
away without even speakin' the other
1 he next seen o' fh mi.i.
aa toe britinhers called her. was It sn
ttallan brig. There was more super
stition amonr the Itallana than ts
EnglLshmen, and, seein' a crew o' dead
men commanded by a mad pirate, tbey
an uneit on deck and crossed thoir.
selves. Then the cap'n, who whs the
oniy man among 'em that bad any
sand at all, took the helm and sailed
on another course aa quick as be could
go a doul
"But what I've been a-comtn' to all
along is the time my grandfather seen
the phantom,' for after aome rm
sallin' about, seen by rar'us craft, that's
wnai mey called her. It was one
evenln' on the equator. Mi en'
father was a young feller o nlnetn
an be'd heard o" tbe nameless, as she
was then called, when be 'was six
years old. So, you see, tbe story'
true. Well, the sun was a-attn'
Koin' down into tbe water big enough
10 uite in a dozen craft on tbe horizon.
when suddenly a shlD seemed to com
up near by, as If out o' the ocean, and
wined right between him and the sun.
ub fleck was CaD'n Castres lwtnln'
over the gun'ale shakln' his fist, hi
frj es a-glarin' and horrible sounds pom.
In' OUt Of his throat. Tho rvhnnfnm
must 'a' rattled consid'rable. for nni
lit-r Tlm was to be seen ee'ln th arm
lookln' for ail the world like a grid
iron on a redhot fire.
"The phantom alwavs brontrht tA
lack. Ships gen her In tbe early
raomin , at twilight, after sunset, by
moonlight or in a storm. She was al
ways scoddln', breeze or no breeze,
manned by dead men and stewed by
the mad pirate. And no ship ever
lighted her that didn't either bar a
plague aboard afterward or go ashore
or strike a rock or somepin terrible.
just go to f,"ew Bedford' and
'em about her. They'll tell you of the
women and children of New Bedford
crews bound to be made wlddera and
orphans from shipwreck after 'the
Phantom' waa sighted la a fog off the
shore there."
Good Beginning.
"Your husband must have absolute
"But be won't linten to me when I
tell him so, doctor."
"That's good. He'e atartlng weil."
Cleveland Leader.
A Capitalist.
"He owns a yacht, doesn't her
"Yacht? He owns a revenue cotter."
"But a private citizen can't"
"Can't he? I've seen tho atiAara ha
cllpa coupons with." Cleveland Leader,
The little BOnnf Tho. Willi. ma
batordar evemm accidents!! cm
off the eod of a fioger on tbe hand
oiamtie sod ot Mr. Dw-ksr whf
lives just Southeast of the bucine
section. Dr. Tamieie dreteed the
severed digit, and will save the en
tire finger.
Born, to Wm. Conlty and wife,
of North Hillsboro. June 25, 1909,
twin sons, both of whom are doing
nicely. Mr. Cooler is an nlH
time Wisconsin lumberman, as well
s a carpenter, and the Anrn will
bet be is a Roouevelt admirer.
Principal B V Barnes and M
Case attended the Hiate T.ach.
W meeting at Albany, thin week.
When tbe Areus eets to maWino
aws it ts going to have the att
pay for teachers' transportation to
all cf these meetings so that all can
go B'gost.!
Bud Oti. wi h Eamntt P.m L
baviog all kinds of hird luck h-
now nurfine a blood nniann,!
Soger, caused by infection is a cut.
Brine voor watches and clnko
toLibby, for prompt and skillful
repairing Corner Main and Thir.l
streets. m,i
New lawns, new patterns rcg 13
Men's patent uxblood oxfords. .
Boys " " " . .
Misses tan oxfords, low heel 2'j
Ladies' tan pumps, swell styles
Ladies' white nifty garden ties.,,
Ladies' white waist?, all styles.
Infants' garden ties tan and patent
Ladies' wash shirts 50v up,
....... fni.73
...... 230
to 6,
30c up
Har Little Schema.
There wa a hen
Too old to lay.
The rurmtr men
Ort Iwkwl her way.
Bha saw them at her ulyly wlr,kln
And ao bean to do aom thlnln.
8h knew that h
Could earn no corn
And frkaxoee
MlKht tn adorn.
But boldly she the problem tackled
Hhen others layed h loudly cackled.
Her little scheme
Worked well Indeed.
Her ownera deem
Her worth her red.
About tha yard nhe waxes fatter
And itlU caia the dreaded t,lattsr
-Loulavllle t"orter-JournaL
The Champion Leads Them All.
Everybody Happy.
'TU the holiday aaon.
And that Is the reanou
Keels at peace
With the world f
Or he la jiupposed.
To be so dwpoaed.
ills flag
Of good nature
1 nfurled.
The presents are bought.
The turkey la caught.
The pudding
la ripe
For the pot.
His appetite keen
Appeara on the scene,
Goes to the pot.
His children and wife
The time of their life
Art having
For once
In the year.
His grouch laid away,
Ha Jolna In the play
And chips In
His mite
To the cheer.
For such recompense
Who cares for expenaef
To worry
Is really
A sin.
With provender there,
Enough and to spare.
To Joy
He feels more
Than a twin
While giving a sample
With girth measure ample
Of how
To be happy
Though busted.
Th-rr i, no greater .atUlVt.nn i ,,.), ,, , ,
is 1..U1H very easily an,! that cut, evenly.
Hie Champion .Iraw cut bo.., cut. evenly, Ket, .11 lr ..,
r r ,,;,,,rf, r u u r
j;;:;t::;:f Ur -...
Hi-It liKht ilmft an.l greater cuttini Ix.w.-r the fl,
lev re. to prevent nut op wear when ,Ja,y '
T .er,terharontl,i. tn.rhine ha, a.lj,,.,,,,,,,,, fr ,,.
knife n.l keeping the knife property ,eKi,t,-,l
Urivifg th. ,)nsllinK, ,,,, , ,,,,., ,,y , f
There ate smple 0iliK f.rilitie, ,,i nl) flili ,
the best n,nne, ,0 Kct th. oil to the ' """'
A an ,11 1 u. 1 ' u.
nil rtlf ! I rHKC Illtf fill ri...,..v1
Jurahle, convenient, and sh . r T1' pti(roa
for rakmif all enniliii,..,. ,. " . ' ae is we
the teeth rt-tutn to the Krounl pro , .ftrj!"!V ' M".'"" Mi Itly ..)
wltiilrnw Tl. . 1 .1. r- j nicy nave rt..u...t t..
.nn icavea ine nav neut tl ; . -r-'.iiu
r. V . -""piici tor Ink 111 1,.,
1 . me nay
ThethC." K",,,', 'ke.' cocki.- i VTrT'L"
without effort. lUT wlll,lrows or to bund,
The Myers
Piiuip compactly built,
free waterways and double
liiig, adaption h to arlel pur-
ancU as forcing watrr to
jlillerrnt parts of Imil.lliiK", sptlnk
liiiR lawns ami lire protection.
It is the l,i deep or stiall;w
)ell or cittern pump 011 the uiatk e
. . .... .,,r)r, alln may i
with windmill head and th
wnen desired. Capacity
linn per hour.
I lifted
440 gal-
J. I). Ueurmann and r
Keater Co.. N. D.. am her fn. .
short visit with H. Huotemann
and familv. Ilia wt . 1... .1
- ..w ,0 Rietcr ui
Mrs, HuDtemann. and th h.A
not seen eanh othr for !!2 v.
J5S?UH iftk0U ftrrived Tutu,
day aud U the guent of hi. broths,,
E- They had not ma each
0 hr for 22 yean, ant! the brother'
viit was a eurpriie. The visitor j
a M. K. uiiniHtr. aa 11 aa a f
farmer-and, of cure., he like. 1
what he has eeea of Oregon. ;