The Hillsboro argus. (Hillsboro, Or.) 1895-current, June 17, 1909, Image 1

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NO. 14
DciiccnJantAof Hcndrik Ilud
nun Ilcat.n 1 1 :i
-.). tfi atued lb. I'afad a4
I Uaw, Ta4
h-bt t!ilUtxro Cerdlnala want up
giol V.rboort.tba dao.ndnia of
Wdrik Hudeon. Tuasdaf aflr
Co4n at Athletic Park and lh
Wry ! tld by a D to 3 wor. Id
or of Manager MoirM nun
ir eri Tha irU wa.hedid by
. I H,l ....I it.,
t, band ai " ",w
. .it ink ..III -- fen.l In
urtixi ei "' '
the finJUnd and bUecbfra nc
1.11, wilb an r.vHow on U
.... i t .t ..
Ight Md W-arnere. o"
J iK.k Id only U in om and
til Inning. baryanling a crop of
rull.r In all oihr inning.. Tb
J, i.ul up g Hl ". )
kiJ bU nut ieru, um
kick William." twi.l-ra "'
iricky f'f thir hnl"t hlltre l.
,h. ninib old"Ho Ck," bn
kla d emulhlng unl'kwl
or .nl out ihrebsg-r and
nl.ld th lhir-1 tally H Wrlinfi
T.ira Wdllam. end I'arroit, .r
h IViliruW. Uudwl out a lbf
igHr rch. duiing lha Raii, lh
roughl lha crowd lo it fl Wil
itu pitched e.cllnnt ball, ami
)vi, (t lb iil"r, wm in K xl
arm. It a. Iln wo'th b l
,nd .how. that the Ivtva, unJr
rgniid baabll. ran do thine .
fht; catcher, did Una
IVilli.m will uiaia "oottn-r" l
gtla inUi tba gam rghl alorg
bit work waa aa ! a w"-n on
ne local around a fur y.are I'arroi,
t fir.l, w. all lo tba good; H ua
n. at oond. waa gilt adg-; lUl
oore waa In tba gams alwaji,
at waa not (ordinal, alwsy.. In
. bl drivaa. Wilkes dajd a
c game at bor.t, but mada er a
ild throw, lulling in Cook at tba
ind of tba gama.
I Eimar Hmlth played third with
it old tinia farm, and did aoit.a
ood flick work. Tom Williama,
gbt (laid, and Ualrhtdar, lfl,
lara in lha running at all Uium.
klthough aacb courted an error.
A. C Hbuie ollkialaj aa nnipira
Cblnd tba catchar, and C W, Nal
n dacidinl on the baare and field
Tba alUndance waa fully up to
ipecutiona. and tba paid admia
ona were 524.
an a en mi R it) A a
UhrUr, 1 f...
4 3 to i o u
JU O O O II 0 o
.40 I on lit)
lrl. c
Vluurr, c f
ftroU, l b
Vilhaiti. T, r L
.41 i o o rot
, i O t I O O 0 o
4 1 I 0 0 7 0 0
4 a 3 o o 7 a i
i I it a a t
mllli, j b
A'iIUmiu, N, p.,
4 o o o o a o
.17 9 l '7 5 3
AN U lilt Nil Sll HI A
rnwn. a t o o o
o u
Brriianl, II, e, 50 1 00
f "I'lx-I. 3 b 30000, t b,... 40000
Vrnaril J' r L 4 o 0 0
Davii It, pilihrr 4 0 0 0 0
i i
9 o
I o o
t t
flnilrl, 40 I OO
lulmiH-r, r f 11 o 10
Cook, Harry, 1 a 2 I o
a I
4 6
35 3 S o
Srore by Inning:
lilUlmn) o o 1 0 I o n c u
Verhoort o o o o a o o 0 1 x
Two banc biu lloiwloii, Smith.
Tlmf p,,,wlt, William.
Strm V mil by William, to; Dnvl, J,
Ixft on !- IlilUlMiro, 6; Yerboort
t'uipiree-Kbuie ami flilaon.
rbf Oregon Klrotrlc run nit ran each
WV Ually. J lie 8:55 a. m. and rS p.
Iratiia out of IlllUlmro coniirct prompl
llilliboro-porllanil timetable follow
F"! oaiciii cara mi i;nln ll.itiiM
pave Mlllaboro Arrive Portlao.l
7 ?J w 8 30 a m
8 00 a ni 10 uu a tu
n 10 am it ,5piU
' S P m 1 y) p m
3 S 5 P 5 00 p ro
leave Portland
m 7 ao p tu
Artivr. llillxhorn
7 00 a m
H 55 a m
,05a m
' 30 p in
4 10 pin ,
5 3o p ni
. 8 05 a tn
.to c.o a tu
.11 30 a 111
..a 35 p 111
5 15 P m
. 6 3
' 35 P ni
Goo. Banti 8r of bevond (lien
COe. was in Mnn,l. .n.l ..t.A.i.
"ght crops up his way;
Dr. Lowe, the waII v
Cn, will be in Hillebnro nexl
Wednesday, June 23 and bv sneoial
giuest, in Cornelius, Friday, June
Newton Womer, of Laurel, was
in J. 1 - . . ' '
jju oaiuraay, arlving about the Uncsl
ilooklng pieoe cf hornellash in the
county, in (he way of a draft ard-
K wVt m If.-
" is a tine, cream 4 year old
nily, and weighs 1000, and has
ken2prlaei at our street fairs.
t . . . i
liuilduig 1!Im k ami have a good
upply on tba jrd. V will hav
a aupply o l.rirk on hni.d bj the
'.'(Hli of JuriB. We will bgio our
run of Urge tiln, K) Inch and over,
aiertit June 1.1. 1'trtiee wti.tiui
Imiw. eiiHi muni ordnr lliem by
ul I, ee wecannot alTDrd tocarrv
hem in etork, ao do not hltme ue
if we have none when you cell for
them laier. We eiprct to have
full eliK-k of emaller tba latter
part of July. We have 3 In.. 4 In
and (ilu.on band alpreeant. Phone,
lore tnu Cine for tile, aa thia
lock may l out any time. We
burn our tile end brick hard, en
wood te no ohjoct wllh u. Don't
rgel that we cerry a bo'kI line of
rough and drrnnl lumUr.and ctn
till any ordinary bill from our
yard alnck, Wa ilao have a, qtuo'
lily of lumber at Htre'a awitcb
that we will ell at a very reeen-1
ma pgnre, m. Uii. 1H. 'Hi. ViO
I il I 1 I ir . I . .
-V.... , ' n T,Df"
miecam ami Uj except u.e 1 i. i
hi i. all good luinlwr and ia all
luck, ao it in very dry. If you
an ueluaWnf thnee diiueneion.
it will pv you to lok it up
ironer V Kuwrll Cu.
Mr. and Mr.
W. ti Hare, of lha law firm of
Ucf A 11 re, departed Monday
on a bu.iuMi inn lo Denver ami
way point Ha eip-ct. lo .lop in
daho on bi. return ttip, and will
make Pendleton, on hi way borne,
and .top over ol the Pythian (irand
odge, lo repreaetlt I boenix 31, of
bia city, lie wiil return home
about the 'i.'tb.
Noxiciiie di.inft'Cta and kill.
the germ. Mixes with water. I
cheap and tffclive 1'ite it now
nd prevent dieae. Pint, 35c;
quart, GOo. 11. C Hartrampf. l 4
to ii vn now unmrieo nur run nl
... u ; , ..." noi ".
M.r.hal Lar-n H.turd.y night lnol,n; Mr. Unh Mari8, Mrs.
arrealed two diaorderliee, who were
fined f3 each by Recorder Hohul
mericb. One of them worked out
hi. lime on the street, while Ihe
other "vamooaed" after the Mar
abal bad placed him at work clean
ing up.
(iood pa.ture for horse., one half
mile ea.t of Hilleboro. (.1. n.
Biindurant, Hillsdale, K 2; or see
J. W. Masters, Uillsboro. 13 tt
It. H. lvibin.on, who has seen 40
year, of development at Farming
Urn, wa. up Monday, andsaya that
tbe dairying proposition i. the
never (d the farmer., theee days,
and that those who .lick to it are
the one. that are making thinga go,
hort crop, to tbe contrary not-
Have the little chickens from in
lici'htion. diarrhea, etc. Conkey's
Cholera Cure In the drinking water
1. guaranteed by II. C. Hartramjf.
Price, 25o and fiOo. Ill
The Grand Commander's Cathe
dral Clans, Oregon Commanderyj
.Soottl.h Kite Maeono, inducted At
torney W. H. Holliaand Postmaster
Wilbur McKldowney into tne class
of Thirty Second Degree Masons,
held at Portland, last week.
Four room house on Washington
Street, on car line between Beoond
and Third, lot 50x100, fur sale.
ICrneet Lyons, 2 miles northwest of
Ullleboro. - 61 tf
John Nyberg, one of the pioneers
In rock road work down in the
Tualatin Bection, was up to the
oounty seat, Monday, 00 business
with ihe oounty court.
Bring your watohes and clocks
to Libby, for prompt ana satniut
repairing Corner Main and Third
streets. 4Dtf
II. M. Basford. who thinks farm
ing in the valley is better than arid
Eastern Oregon, was in town from
his Harris Bridge ranoh, the first
of the week.
For Sale: Good, young cows, all
fresh; will take sheep In trade
Victor Collier, Cornelius, Oregon,
Route 2. 12-0
Ralph Ireland, working In a
Portland box laotory, was out 8un
day, the gueat of his father, Geo.
Fruit jars, caps and rubbers at
Portland prices Frank & Bor
wiok, Heedville, Ore. 12 tf
John Staldcr and Wife, Wed
ded l ifty Yearn
About mu Caret ied Kclttlvta Pre-1
arat at Ctrrtnaay
Mr. and Mra. John Kulder, for 33
vear rnn l,(.nl. f W.n nnn
ui i .1..:. ..
. ....... .j, vnicuiavnj turir goiurn I
wedding at the (Jerinan BaptiHt
Church. Helhany, nine mile, north
ot ,hi,, c,ty, Kunday, May 31.
wver JJ) gueet were oreaenL All
. I
three .on. . were in aiUmU,,,.. ...I
of their 5.1 grandchildren, .7) were
present. Three gre.t grandchild-
I i
ren were a Wo there The wedding
march waa playrd by Mine HrnL
uoeni, a granadaugnter, ana a
1 1 a .
progamme wa. given by tbe mem
bera of lha family, chief of which
waa a paper by Mra. Btalder, re
lating to the .10 years of her wed
ded life. Tba parly enjoyed lunch
eon in lha church dinine-room.
llotb Mr. and Mrs. Stalder were
born in Hwilt-rland. and thev came
to America and .eltled at Bethany
33 years ago. Mr. Sialder ia 80
years old, and bi. bride of 50 years
- -
Their children are: Kmil, Paul
nd Henry. Bethany ; Mi.. Martha,
Lyuia nmer. airs. Anna w etxier,
nr.. nnunia uoeni, anu mra. .-nan-
anna Johnson, all of Portland.
n.i... i,i..:- -t. v... ai I
of bops at Weal Union, says that
the yield promises to be very light
tbi. year, and that some insect is
working on tbe vines.
Tbos. (.been, a lover of tbe Sham
rock, went to Oregon City, Sunday,
to .pend the day with hi. folk., who
are visiting a daughter at that
Lewis Power., for 20 years
resident of near Leixyville, was In
town Monday. His father is now
residing -near Forest Grove, where
. . . . . .!,! . L . 1 I
neoougni auer seiung voe nome
A. C. Winney, of Mason Hill,
was in Monday, and states that the
children's day exercises, Sunday,
at tbe Mason Hill School houee,
were well attended and creditably
n if d. u 11111-.
1.... l . 1 : -.1
Greenville, was in Saturday, the
oue.t of C. R. Bradlev and family,
ooro ooy.auu now i-.ui.i.r uu-m
He was accompanied by his wile
ami children.
. ... . . .
Joseph Adams, well known here
years ago, when in the brick busi-
iipbh, uwd r ...
mnntOR. and was recently convevea
m the State Hospital, by reason of
- v r m
lailma mind. Adams has lived in
Portland for some years, aud owns
a ranch down on Lewis River.
Ferd Hartrampf has the agency
lor the famous McCormick binders
mowers, hay rakes, tedders and al
amue 01 iiu V " "
fail to see h m, If you need farm
lmpiemeniBonnisaina. aibobbus
uie iniernauonat gaeoiine engine,
pumps. Come and see him. 13if
. t . .1 1 1
Wm. Bender, who resided here
ten years ago, and who has been at
saiem, in siaie employ, anu at
T T ! ro"
In town Saturday, He left for Sea
side, Sunday, to put up some build
,Dg8 iii.; v "Za ,T
says Hilleboro looks good to him
For a good . wholesome meal,
home cooking, and oourteous treat-
ment, call on the City Restaurant,
Seoond St., Opposite P R. & N. of-
Hnn. Room. lor transient. 25 and
50 cents. Board and lodging, per
week, $4 50 Mrs. II. Lueoher.
Kred Adam., now working in
Portland, and well known here,
wa. out tiunday, trending the day.
H. II. Iioge, the old time tbreeh-
ermao and rancher of KertuirjgtoD,
waa in town Halurday.
A. E. McCutneey, the eawm ill I
man, waa down from above (jleocoe,
monuey, bdu urou(iiwn iuun;r iji
. J J I 1 . !- 1.. 1 I I
the eeala at the Hhute Park.
Ilecry Hoge, who ha been down
in Ibe numb lUHlalin hw;' ion lor
20 j earn, and who baa 2.1 acrel
cleared out of the trim, waa up
fJ A. I'lietb, the TiKrdvil!e tup-
erviaor of road, wan up Saturday,
urerunz om iiiany couniy eirai
friend locludinir the "Deacon."
Jake Hmitb, who for many year
- " ' , ' T , ' ' "
lnat natumd emiiethat always
"etava out "
K C. Mullov. of Laurel, waa in
H.t....t.. .-,1 .... l.i-in t....
yard look, fine, wilb the exception
J b"u 3, crM. "bich
" " ' u J " mn j hv i v y
have the eulk.
11.. 10011. mio ui iua ipuiar
11 r iv 1 1 t . 1 . I
t , , 1 I
principals of our county echoold.
aa. in tlm la.t of the wek. having
juet uniehed a euc'ce'ful term of
cbool at (ireeuviUe,
.. . ,,f ,, . ,,, ,
wife and Mr.. K. C. uht
wt10 ai 1 oiiiaii'i, t iiiwuay , i mi'
. ti ..1 it- 1 . .l
V.r,,un ........ ,.u.,r, ,uc ...r.-
.a s t ( ,1. 1" , I
' - 1
vciiing, June Ji, rr.) under
U"pira i f Modern ofid men
ioellee orcbentra. 1 ickte. f I.o,
itiCiudirg .upper. A gonl time,
and every bidy invitwl.
, , . . , ,
L. K lirabel, Wfll known here
several years ago, and now in thai
Pnrt an.1 atrcnt pur utr ra aa linA
.... 1
man, waa out wonuay auu eeya
Ibe old Uiwns wondeiful improve-
ment IS a SUrtiriae to Dim.
, , .
Mr. Goodman and wife, formerly
of Adame, Umatilla Cuunty, ar-
rived tbe fir.l of the week, to take n",er water euppir tn 01a waan
nn ,ealden(!e on the Hal Tav ""J?on .tfunty-wbich for that matter,
lor place, a mile weet of town, which
they purchased tbi. Spring.
r .
Four foot fir wood delivered in
any quantity in city. Per cord,
(3.25 and 3 50, as per quality
AI.o nave &)b wood. Luve your
orders now. Leave
t HudelV
real eetate oflice. K
Hill.boro. Hlf
8.m.l vAdin of Oklahoma, ar-
rived Sunday, and went out with
j. a. uaviK. 01 aoovB tnuuuimu 1
a.u tat fw d,v. visit. Host
,0(j vi(,jtor knew each other io
Kansas, 30 years ago, and have not
Let ,'hll lime. Mr.Nading
mty jocMe jn Oregon
Dr. Lowe, the optician, has been
coming to Hilleboro for mor6 than
U rears, lie nas no agente ne
11 I a - 1
d" not go from house to house
Consult h.m a bou your eyes and
glasses at the Hotel! ualatin, June
T v T.n,OKftn mhn ha hAon
here four year., after spending 30
years in drouthy Nebraska and
Kansas, was up from Faraington.
Saturday. He IhinkB Oregon j.
good enough to live in, and-he
save when he dies he wants burial
'where tbe green grows over hie
' . .
C. W. James, of between Hills-
Rnd Corneliuf,( wa8 in Mon
dav. and Btal'S that the onion crop
in his vicinity could be better, if
there was a utile more moisture
Some crops, however, are good. C.
V . says there is a belt about o
miles in dmmater tbat has not haJ
as much rain as the balance of the
n ura ff BfinthWBRt nl
towu, was over Monday, and went
down to look at Ziua Wood's irri-
'. VV,' "TLV . "
gallon piuo. ne eaye no u. w
acres, 80 of which is cultivated, up
on which he can easily throw water,
. . ,,;. ,ka i.,;,.i!n
femi Irri lion u lhe thing-
.hiDk of two or three nice fat juicy
.i :. !
1 trvta narn bhhmmii saiiii uthhii iiuiiisir
,"Kl : ... ;"L 0
,or inB UBl y PluUk"
I w t t n . . l 1 1 a : 1 1
Jonu 1.. wmia, me veierau ujiu
man of luaiatin, and whose mm
J' ' j. ' ,1
has a capacity, strong, ot V!o,uuu
hat thH lumber business is a
du1( Bllhl)Uh there ia greal
deal of houesbuilding down his way.
R tu the A (hftt ft Dei
..,. rha .iwi.iin Rr.VW .t
I J".1 h" " J ...
Co wiU buil(1 a tile faotory
, b , . kUn Rl onoe John Lt
still wears that same good-natured
1 .
to Wl divorce oaseB were filed
this week. Mamie Landess Brand
sues Oliver Brand for a decree, al
desertion. They
W Sept. 12, 1906, and plain
uff aUfl-e8Klhat the husband de
eerted her Jan. 12,1908 Lstiiia
M Gragg asks for divoroement
from A. Z Gragg. They erere wed-
ed July 7, 190o, and Mrs. Gragg
aaka the custody-of the one child.
The property rights in the last
1 case were Bellied out of court.
Herman Ilunteman lias 30
Acre. Wir.l Pmm t.r.
- ... nnvi
Sir Ib.t bl Crept Will Alatat
Dtabla la Yield
Herman Ilunteman, tbe Veteran
peach grower of a mile aouthweet
of thia city, baa thirty acres of fine
frqit, grain tod vegetable land
watered by an Irrigation plant,
pumping water from tbe Tualatin
River with a hi 20 Horae Power
gaeoline angina, and the atream
that he bring, from tba river i. a
u. .u..
unuuj. Ull. uuutcujau J kUB
the irrigation project
double bis crow this
will at least
crops this season, and
lha eitra a t r.ftn m la nnt an mnph
f -
,,, 4k., , .. .
uu. t U a Will UIU1 m UIOU
v,vu "1 ",0 "vor ,UTOTl
punt. Mr. Ilunteman says it is
poly a que.tion of time until bun
drede upon hundreds of acre of
. -u 1 . 1 , '
vrooa win ua irriKaiea iroaj tueee
.,., . ...
".in.Uir, III! nUIIQ Ik IB UUUrO
,,.: , .
r - r r -
I n r 1 icici siiyyij, i win ujeau
thoueandrf of dollars more in pro-
. 1 ... 1 ...... 1 ..... zk ;)
ducimn. He .ays that irrigation
is to le the slogan of the future,
and he only wonders that it has
been delayed so Ions
Ilunteman ba cupplied many fauiilie
wun pcacuei mai oeai inc aouiuero
Oic-oo produci. for manv vear. but h
(bat tbe cold last Spring ruined tbi
eaon crop. Me Will not nave Over a
huahel or two on bia tree.
Wht;n Altoiney g. r, ,urtej
u expend money or an irrigation plant a
var or ao ago be little dreamed tnat be
wculu atart the ball rolling for general
irritation, and it i aaie to tav that witb-
in five year there will be thousand! of
is the richest in production of any coun
ty in the rtorthwest.
Leave for Portland
Foreat Grove Local (1 a. m.
Sheridan Flyer 9:1a a. tn.
porett Grove Local ."...".'." 34 p. ml
CorvatlU Overland 4A9 p. m
Uave. Portland for HilLboro
I rrZ,?"'"
Sheridan Fiver 4:100. m.
Knrt r.m iv.i t nnn m
Fore Grove Local Sop.m.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Harvey, of above
Monntaindale, and whose house
burned, a total loes, June 6, were in
town Monday. They think the fire
I - J L. 1 a V I
was cauoeu oj ruari oaicatoK 00
the roof. The total loss is probably
in the neighborhood of 12500 or
more, and an insurance 10 the
nari0ft will rtnnhlua viva ftham
Grange will doub'leee give them
somewhere near 11200. Mr. Har
"7 l0 , carpenter looie, ana
many valuable books Among the
o ur no u -a .1 oi uicao u i.u... j
reoora wmoo naa oetongea .0 aire.
Harvey s mother. 1 bey are now
living 10 stent, and expect to build
i: u.. ... r..s..u
,u uor
Have Dr. Lowe relieve your
head and eye ache by temoving the
cause with a pair of his correctly
fitting elapses. Consult him at
Hotel Tualatin June 2319 years
a. ueo. uaaeo, wuraiiiK ior ins uu
,.. ti 1. : t .i.. r.
ton Lumber Co, while loading
I luinber the other day, severely in
jured himself, and his brothers,
W illiam and Henry, who were m
nun. swim . u.i.uu, .uuuubt
Ut.l that he ia confined to hi-
u. u.gmusen ana wiie, wno nave
luBt completed some substantia
buildings, at the expense of about
Loiwn .w.:. n.n-
wheeler, below Reedville, were in
the citv Monday.
Camiel Duyck, who farms be-
i . . ... .
tween 30 and 40 acres near Forest
I . . ci a. 1
urove, was in town oaiuruay
I Crops are looking lair in bis sec
tion, he Bays.
P. A Batcheldar has a fine
year filly, gentle, and easy to break
which be will sell. Will make
1300 lb. animal : is a bay. East
Hilleboro, on Oak Street. 14 6
You nd children's eyes are
... ,f i Dr. Lowe's classes.
Kye safe, and prioe safe. Dozens of
1 w .
Hilleboro relerenoes.
Hm.n Cnlller. who owns a fine
bunch of land down at Scholis,
was in town Saturday, accompanied
by his wife.
Going, soing, not quite gone
Poultry men come for free copy
Conkey's 25o Poultry book. K. u
Hartrampf. By mail, 4o.
Wm. Chalmers, of North Plains,
was in Saturday. Mr. Chalmers
farming a big aoreage this year,
'and is getting fine results.
I High Q UALITY Drug Store
When you are sick and in
need of Medicine, you want
not only that which is True
to Name, but also that which
is of the highest quality ob
tainable. Such is the class
of Drugs which we constantly
j endeavor to furnish our cus-
i tomers.
None but Competent reg
istered pharmacists are al
lowed to fill Prescriptions or
sell drugs of any kind in our
The Delta Drug Store, Hillsboro, Ore.
To marie room for other StocK I am mahinrf
a sweeping reduction on the prices of all
lines of Shoes. These are absolutely the
greatest values in Footwear ever offered in
this city. Just read the following prices
For Ladies
$1 75 Reg. now $1 35
2 Oo Reg. now i 65
3 00 Reg. now 2 45
2 50 Reg. now 2 05
3 50 Reg. now 2 65
4 00 Reg. now 2 95
4 50 Reg. now 3 45
$5 00 Reg. now $3 85
200 pairs Baby shoes
75 cts. now .on
Misses & Children
75 ct
shoe for 60 cts
shoe for 75 cts
shoe for 95 cts
shoe for $1 15
shoe for 1 35
shoe for 1 45
shoe for 1 60
shoe for 170
Victor Talking Machines
As a result of numerous calls for the Victor
Talhing Machine, I have decided to put in
a line of this most wonderful and complete of
all musical instruments. These New Style
Victors play with such a true to life sweetness
and mellowness of tone that it is absolutely per
fect. There is nothing else equal to it. , ,
You owe it to yourselves to hear the Victor.
The very next time you pass my store, stop
in, and I will gladly play any Victor music
you want to hear. ..
And J.wvlvr
In men's shoes we
are making the same
quotations, dollar
for dollar, as in
the opposite col
umn. Good, durable
shoes, and in style
and money savers .
in Price 50 to .
e at m 40c
Sale on Boys' and
Youths' Shoes
$150 shoe for $1 20
1 75 shoe for 1 40
i 2 00 shoe for 1 55
2 25 shoe for 1 70
2 50 shoe for 2 05
3 00 shoe for 2 35
. 1