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    rrnE srxDAT oregoxtax. Portland, January 2. 1921
Delegates Will Assemble at La Grande February 4, 5 and 6 and at Corvallis on 11th, 12th and 13th of Same Month.
THE annual conventions of the
Oregon Chriatian EDdeavor un
ion will be bld this year at La
Grande, Or., on February 4, i and t.
and at Corvallis, Or., on February IX,
13 and 1. It ha been the custom in the Lord Jesus Christ at East Twen
recent year to ho'd two conventions, ' ty-nlnth and Stark streets will held
. . . ... . , ,h. statu services at 10:30 A. M. today. Sun-
one m " .
and the other In the Willamette val-
ley. This permits the attendance, of
a larger number of delegates, and has
been found more satisfactory than a
ingle convention.
The 40th anniversary of Christian
v i -tli K nm m Amnra TmI with
SifCCtl V VS. WJit . .-
suitable ceremonies at both conven
tions. This movement had Its birth
In a little Congregational church in
Willlston. Mass.. Feoruary S. 1881, and j " "K meeting will De neio inurs-
is now a world-wide organization, ltsiay
founder. Kev. Francis L.- Clark, has .
been president of the United society The Church of Divine Truth will
since 1886, and Is still a very active hold services in room 412, Central
The theme of the convention will be
Fellowship." and the principal speak
ers will be: E. P. Gates of Boston,
Mass., Paul Brown, of Los Angeles.
Cal., and George L. Clark of Pendle
ton, Or. These men have been prom
inently identified with Christian En
deavor work for many years, and a
strong convention Is assured under
their leadership. Miss Faye Stein
metz. president of the Oregon union,
has charge of arrangement and will
be heard at the conventions also.
Reports from Corvallis give prom
ise of a most enthusiastic convention
there. The Oregon Agricultural col
lege is co-operating with the commit
tee in every possible way. The La
Grande committee is determined to
how the delegates a royal welcome,
and also guarantees a successful con
vention. Uood progress is maue
In both places
Rev. H. S. Shangle Leader.
The Christian education movement
of the Methodlat Episcopal Church,
South, is headed in the northwest by
Rev. H. S. Shangle, president of Co
lumbia college, at Milton. Or. Dr.
Shangle served during the centenary
as missionary secretary, and has now
beep appointed executive secretary of
the Christian education movement for
the four northwestern states, Oregon.
Washington. Idaho and Montana. He
will represent the movement in every
pastoral charge In these four states
In the next few months.
Associated with him In the work
re: Rev. E. J. Harper, Corvallis, Or.;
Mrs. J. S. Avey, Spokane, Wash.; Mrs.
P. D. Hartman. Stevensville. Mont.;
Rev. C. A. Kexroad, Milton. Or.; Rev.
Coy R. Sims. Spokane. Wash, and
Mrs. H. S. Shangle, Milton, Or. These
are the speakers at large for the
movement, and others will be appoint
ed later.
A chairman for the minute men In
each pastoral charge has been ap
pointed, also a chairman for each dis
trict, and a chairman for the confer
ence as a whole. Judge V. P. Moses,
Corvallis. Or., is conference chairman;
Professor W. C. Howard, dean of Co
lumbia college, is executive head of
the alumni association of the col
lege, and Miss Gladys Duthie Troy.
Idaho. Is alumni secretary. The month
of January will be the prayer month,
February the live service month and
March Christian stewardship month.
Rryrf FundjGrows.
Colonel Wlltiam N. Haskell, former
ly allied high commissioner to Ar
menia, and director of relief activities
In the Caucasus, in an appeal for the
thousands of Armenian orphans being
cared for In near east relief orphan
agea said:
"American aid unquestionably has
aved hundreds of thousands of lives
In the near cast. I may conservative
ly say that the Armenian people, as
a nation, would have ceased to exist
If American food, supplies, clothing
and medicines had not been provided
during the past two years. The pres
ent problem In the near east, from a
relief standpoint, is one of saving hu
man lives.
"I am glad to have had the priv
ilege of doing my bit in relieving the
distress in one section of the near
east, namely Transcaucasia, and espe
cially In Russian Armenia, where,
upon my departure, I left an enthu
iiastic group of near east relief work
ers to carry on the activities in
The first Christian Sunday school
Of Portland has led the state for two
years In tne saving oi uvea m i"
near east. There is every indication
that they may do the same this year.
Their offering now amounts to
Another offering was given by the
Portland Realization league. 843.80. A
newsboy gave all his wages for one
week to help swell this contribution.
Beaverton Congregational church sent
8129.36; East Side Baptist church.
Portland. J300; Albany United Presby-.
terkin church. $83.29; seventh grade.
Chemawa Indian school, 815; Walter
vllle union. J64.75; McMinnville Meth
odist church. J211; and Lincoln Metho
dist church of Portland, $129.53.
Christian Scientists Will
Preach on God.
Trutlmony RricardlnK; Hrnllnica to
Be Made Vednedny Mshl.
THE SUBJECT of the lesson-sermon
Christian Science churches
today Is "God." Regular services will
be held In the- Christian Science
churches this morning at 11 and in all
the churches tonight at 8. except in
Fifth and Seventh churches. Regular
meetings will be held Wednesday
night in all the churches at 8 o'clock.
These meetings will include testi
monies of Christian Science healing.
Free public reading rooms are
maintained at 1133 Northwestern
Bank building, and at 268 Burnside
street. Sunday school is held for
pupils to the age of 20 In all churches
at 9:45 and 11 o'clock, except In Third
and Fifth churches, where sessions
convene at 9:$0 and 11 o'clock.
The churches are as follows: First
church. Nineteenth and Everett
streets: Second church. East S'xth
street and Holladay avenue; Third
church. East Twelfth and Salmdn
streets; Fourth church, Vancouver
avenue and Emerson street: Fifth
church. Sixty-second avenue and Forty-second
street, southeast; Sixth
church, Pythian temple. 3S8 Yamhill
street; Seventh church. 403 Smith
avenue, St. Johns.
Evangelist L K. Dickson, will
speak In Women of Woodcraft hall,
corner Tenth and Taylor streets, to
night oti the subject. "Balancing
Protestantism on a Knife Edge; the
More jtodern Healing of the 'Deadly
Wound.' " The public are invited to
these special Sunday night services.
Professor I. C. Colcord will direct the
music, which will Include a public
song service preceding the lecture,
rfnd also a male quartet composed
of Messrs Colcord, first tenor; Dick
son, second tenor; Randall, first bass;
Magnusun, second bass.
First Church of Psychic Science,
Eleventh snd Alder streets, will hold
services at 8 o'clock tonight, led by
W. W. Aber, pastor.
The topic of discourse at, the re
cently Incorporated Independent B'bie
Spiritualistic society and church, for
today, is "Ancient and -Modern .vies-
sages from Spiritual Realms," by ths .
pastor. Hev. Mrs. Ida M. Schorl. Mid- i
week meetings Tuesday and TBurs- I
day. at 7 o'clock at 441 East Twelth
street, corner of Sherman.
Christians gathered to the name of
j day school will meet at 12:15 o'clock.
. ' ., . . , ....
A gospel meeting will be held at 7:45
o'clock this evening in the Oregon
Book and Tract depot. 266 H Alder
street. The regular prayer meeting
Will be Tuesday at 8 P. M.
At the new church. 816 East Clay
street. Rev. T. M. Minard. pastor, will '
1- T V oi x.ngiana will
conduct services ' t
. on the subject. "I
today at 11 A. M.
Divine Healing." a
bu'ldlng, conducted. by Nettle Taylor
iv,v,ii, muay at 11 .A. SS vl O 1 . m.,
J. M. Paige will speak.
At the First Spiritual church. East
Seventh and Hassalo streets, today,
there will be an election of officers
at 3 P. M. All members requested to
be present. The evening services will
be at 8 . o'clock. With the address
by C. W. Shaw, followed with mes
sages. The mid-week message serv
ices will be held Wednesday evening,
at 8 o'clock. The public is Invited.
"When do We Live," by Rex Bar-
neit. will be the subject at Theo
sophical hall, J01 Central building.
The new programmes for the quarter
are ready for distribution.
ABERDEEN, Wash..' Jan. 1. (Spe
cial.) The fund for the construction
of the new Swedish Mission church is
growing rapidly, according to Rev.
John J. Huleen. This is- the fifth
church building enterprise for Mr.
Huleen. The present church Is crowd
ed to capacity and the new building
is a real need.
ABERDEEN, Wash.. Jan. 1. (Spe
cial.) Lumber is being hauled for the
new Swedish ,misslon church to be
erected at the corner of Market aad
H streets.
The Psychical Research center will
meet In the assembly room of the
Portland hotel at 7:45 P. M. A lec
ture and demonstrations will be given
by Robert Schmus.
Minister From Southland
Wijl Occupy Pulpit.
Dr. Dodd of Shreveport, La., Will
Preach at White Temple.
T THE First Baptist church
(White temple), Rev. M. E.
Dodd, D. D., pastor of First Baptist
church of Shreveport, La., will con
duct the services. In the morning at
11 o'clock he will preach on ht topic,
"Cherish tne Wonderful Word," and
at the close of the morning service
he will administer the Lord's supper.
The evening service begins at 7:45, at
which time Dr. Dodd will speak on
"The Spirit-Filled Life." The tem
ple quartet will furnish appropriate
music at both services.
At 3 P. M. there will be a Baptist
union mass meeting In the White
temple, with Frederick W. Farr of
Los Angeles, Cal., as speaker. His
subject will be "The Relation of Creed
to Character and Conduct."
During the coming week a Baptist
union conference on Christian funda
, . ,,, . : . r " 7 . .... .
mentals will be held at the White
t,e?nP'e:eeSSr,Onl,atJ1?,::!0 " !
3:30 and 8 P. M.. daily, except Sat
urday. Speakers are Rev. M. E. Dodd,
D. D.. Pastor First Baptist church,
Shreveport, La.; Rev. Frederick W.
Farr. D. D., pastor Calvary Baptst
church, Los Angeles, Cal.. and' Rev
W. B. Hinson. pastor East Side Bap
tist church, Portland. The general
public is invited.
In the East Side Baptist church,
East Twentieth and Salmon streets,
believers' baptism will be adminis
tered at the morning service at 11
o clock, and at the close of the serv
ice the ordinance of the Lord's sup
per will be observed, at which time
all new members will be welcomed
into the church by the pastor, Dr.
W. B. Hinson. A large attendance is
Dr. Hinson will preach this morn
ing from the subject, "A New Trail."
and tonight his topic will be "A Good
Resolve." A consecration meeting
will be held by the Baptist Young
People's union, which meets at 6:30
P. M.
A gracious "watch night service was
held in this church on New Year's
eve. Dr. Hinson having charge of the
last hour of the old year.
The Pathfinders' club has arranged
to have the musicale. which was to
have been given December 17, Friday
night, January 14.
Beginning today. Rev. R. E. Close
will deliver a series of Sunday eve
ning addresses to young folk at the
Third Baptist church. The general
theme will be "The Safest and Hap
piest Paths."
The subjects are as follows: To
day. "A Right Start"; January 9.
"What You Are in the Dark"; Jan
uary 16. "That Chum of Yours"; Jan
uary 23. "The Slippery Way"; Jan
uary 30, "Choosing a Life-Partner";
February 6. "The Flower of Youth
and the Sun of Righteousness."
This morning Rev. Mr. Close will
deliver a New Year's message, which
will be followed by the observance' of
the Lord's supper. The evening wor
ship will open with a baptismal serv
ice. United Brethren to Hear
New Year's Sermons.
Pulpit Topics In Four Churches
Are Interesting- Themes.
THE theme for Dr. Byron J. Clark's
sermon this morning at the First
United Brethren church, Fifteenth
and East Morrison streets. Is "A Liv
ing Sacrifice." This will be a com?-
munion service. Professor Moore
and his chorus choir will add interest
to the service. The evening subject
for Dr. Clark Is "Ideals and Activi
ties." Rev. Ira Hawley. pastor of the Sec
ond United Brethren church. Twenty
seventh and Sumner streets, an
nounces for his morning subject,'"One
Beast to Be Feared; Not Four." In
the evening he will preach on the
following theme: "He Is Called the
Lion of the Tribe of Juda."
A communion service will be held
at the Third United Brethren church.
Sixty-seventh street and Thirty-second
avenue Southeast, this morning,
when the pastor. Rev. E. O. Shepherd,
will preach on "The Chariot of God's
Word." His subject for the evening
Is. "Seeking the Will of God."
"Reaching Forward" is the subject
for discussion by Rev. Leila I.uckey.
'pastor of the Fourth United Brethren
church. Tremont station, this morn
ing. The subject for the evening will
be "Perseverance In Christian Work." j
;m&e h MK ssssKM- Will Whl l ll
in . dfcaa jgg. -mam .'ww - f wwhhi sm bk
Prominent Baptists to speak at conference on Christian fundamentals! Left to riht Dr. M. E. Dodd. Dr. W.
B. Hlnson and Rev. Henry White.
Dr. Dodd. pastor of the First Baptist church of Shreveport, La., and Dr. Hlnson. pastor of the East Side
Baptist church, will be two of the principal speakers at the conference on Christian fundamentals to be held
at the White Temple January 2-9. , . .
Rev. Mr. White will preach his first sermon today as the new pastor of Mlllard-avenue Presbyterian church.
He succeeds Rev. John H. Gardner. "The new pastor comes to Portland from Clyde, N. T., and has a record of
17 years' service as a missionary and teacher In Slam.
Life of Jesus Christ to Be
Sermon Subject.
Paator of Presbyterian Church to
Give Series of Lectares.
I terian church. Twelfth and Alder
streets, Rev. Harold Leonard Bowman,
D. D., will preach this morning the
first of a series of two sermons deal
ing with the qualities of the life of
Jesus Christ. The first one of this
series will be? on "The Humanity of
Jesus Christ," and the second, which
will be given on January, will be on
The Divinity of Jesus Christ." These
sermons will not be theological In
nature, but simple and practical and
helpful for men and women in every
day life.
The special music for the morning
service today will be a tenor solo,
"The Holy City,'' sung by John D.
Treharne. At the night c-rvice Dr.
Bowman will preach on "Christianity,
an Aladdin's Lamp." taking his text
from the sermon on the mount, "Ask
and it shall be given you."
The Sunday school of the First
Presbyterian church will meet at
noon, and a cordial Invitation is given
to all to join this school. .There are
carefully graded departments for all
ages oT children and young people,
and also a number of Bible classes
for adults and older young people.
A new course of study will be en
t.i.i-i,- in nf th, (IP.
partments and classes. The offering
taken last Sunday by the Sunday
school for near east relief amounted
to about $877. The nursery estab- service will proceed the communion
lished by this church is growing In service. There will also be reception
popularity. This Is provided during j to new members into fellowship with
the morning service for those what church at this service. The vested
wish to leave their children whileat- Choir will sing. The pastor will
tending church. The nursery Is in jPeak on the subject "Why Should a
charge of a registered nurse, and haS!l
many facilities for the care and en
tertainment of the children.
At Central Presbyterian church,
East Thirteenth and East Pine streets,
communion service will be held this
morning, and also the reception of
new memoers. nr. iugeni win pre:
the topic beinK A Mo"tlo for the ,
Year." ' At night the topic will
new members. Dr. Nugent will preach.
"is Lire worm Living.- mere win Rev w K Brinkmann, will go to
be two selections by the chorus, dl- Vancouver. Wash., where he will as
reeted by Mr. Belcher, at the morn- I sjst in ,he installation service of th,
lng service. Rev. Luther B. Deck as pastor of the
Monday night the officers and St Pauis English Lutheran church
teachers of the Sunday school will there.
meet. Dinner will be served at 6:30 . The St. James' church council will
o'clock. A business meeting will be I hold its regular monthly business
held at 7, when reports for the year ' meeting at the parsonage Monday
will be made and plans tor the new , evening.
year outlined. At 8 o'clock a Bible The Pastors' Aid society of , the
study session will be held under the j church will meet with Mrs. W. E.
leadership of Mrs. L. P. Hewitt. The Brinkmann, z87 West Park, Thursday
large chorus at Central church is pre
paring to give the cantata, "Son of
the Highest," by Berge. next Sunday
night. Rev. Donald W. M. MacCluer's top
ics for today at Rose City Park Pres
byterian church will be: Morning, "A
Man to Keep," and night, "The Con-1 and Sunday school at 9:45 A. M. Dls
venlent Season." The first week of j trict league matters will be consld
the new year will be observed as a ered at a special meeting of the young
"week of prayer." The nature of the people January 4.
services will be largely in the form
of a personal workers' class.' The gen
eral topic will be "How to'Win," under
which will be considered the follow
ing related subjects: "The Intellec
tual Doubter," "The Person Facing
Problems of Conduct." "Persons Seek
ing Reality," and "The Person Fight
ing Besetting Sin."
New Year services will be observed
at the Mizpah Presbyterian church to
day. The pastor. Rev. D. A. Thompson,
will preach both morning and night.
The morning theme at 11 o'clock will
be "The Law of Increase." or "Seed
Thoughts for the New Year." The
night theme at 7:45 will be- "The
First Page in the New Book."
The week of prayer will be observed
at the Mizpah church beginning- on
Monday night and will be continued
on each night through the week. Com
munionservice will be held on Jan
uary 9 at the hour of the morning
At Vernon Presbyterian church.
East Nineteenth and Wygant streets,
the regular services will be held to
day both morning and night, by Rev.
J. C. Mergler. pastor. The week of
prayer will be observed by cottage
prayer meetings each night during
this week.
At the Millard avenue Presbyterian
church this morning at 11 o'clock, the
Rev Henry White, recently of Clyde,
N. Y., will preach the Initial sermon
of his pastorate with the Millard Ave
nue congregation. His subject will
be "The Pre-eminence of Jesus Christ."
At 7:80 P. M. ho will speak on
"Christian Steadfastness." Mr. White
is a returned missionary from Siam.
Unity Presbyterian church will ob
serve the coming week of prayer with
cottage prayer meetings and services
at the church. In the morning serv
ices today there will be a reception of
new members and Communion services.
Rev. S. W. Seemann, pastor, will speak
on "Our 1921 Year Text" at services
Rev. Levi Johnson will be the
speaker at the Men's Resort meeting
today at 4 P. M. The music will be
directed by Ella Hoberg Tripp. The
Men's Resort orchestra will furnish
special music for this occasion. At
7:30 P. M. Rev. Mr. Johnson will con
tinue his Bible lectures. On Wednes
day night at 8 o'clock the young people
of San Grael society of First Presly-
tenan cnurcn in noiu tneir mommy
. . .
Rev. L K. Grimes, pastor of Kenll-
worth Presbyterian church, will take
as his subject tonight "The Man Who
Wili Win Out In the New Tear." At
services this morning communion will
be held and new members received.
The Sunday school will .meet at 9:45
o'clock this morning.
Westminster Presbyterian will be
gin the new year with two sermons
by Its pastor, E. H. Pence, which will
deal with the thought of the season
In the morning, "The Permanent and
the Fleeting in Time" and in the eve
ning, 'Forks in the Road Ahead
There will be appropriate music for
both services.
Last Sunday's Bible school pro
gramme was a marked success and
showed those, of the congregation
who remained for the exercises the
real size of the school. Tliey little
realized what it means to house and
properly conduct a school numbering
700. but when compared with a day
school of that size the problem is un
derstood. Never before has there
been the enthusiastic support as now
manifest and if the plan of new facil
ities can be carried a great year is
The men's club IS planning inter
esting meetings for each Sunday at
12:10 o'clock. Dr. Pence will speak
Sunday on "The History of the Bible"
I. e., "How We Got Our Bible."
St. James' to Administer
Holy Communion.
Service of Worship to Be Omitted
in Pastor's Absence.
HE holy communion will be ad-
ministered at 11 o'clock this
morning at the St. James English
j Lutheran church. The preparatory
- ""n rariaite oi me ioras sup
The Sunday school will hold its
regular session at 9:50 in the chapel.
Miss Celeste Albin is superintendent.
The Stj, James' Young People'6
Luther lewgue will hold its evening
devotional meeting at 6:45 in the
chapel, to which all young folks are
The service of worship will be
at 2 P. M.
At Grace Lutheran church. East
Broadway and Twenty-fourth street,
C. H. Bernhard, pastor, speaks this
morning. Service at 11 o'clock, theme,
"A New Year Sign In the Prophet
Jonas." Evening services are at 7:30
Three services will be held Sunday
at St. Paul's Lutheran church. East
Twelfth and Clinton streets. Rev. A.
Krause, pastor. The subject for the
morning sermon (German) at 10:30
will be: Three Pictures Which the
Sunday's Gospel Places Before Our
Eyes," and the topic for the 7:30 P.
M. sermon (English) is: "Looking
With Cheerfulness to the New Year."
The choirs sing both morning and
evening. Devotional service and Bible
study 5 P. M. All are invited.
Trinity Lutheran church. Rev. J. A.
Rinebach, pastor, will worship at its
new location, Rodney avenue and Ivy
street, at 10:15 o'clock In German, and
at 7:30 o'clock in English. In the
afternoon at 2 o'clock the annual
business meeting will be held.
Unitarians Plan an Active
Church Year for 1921.
Musicale and Social Hour Are Big
Feature for Today.
THE Church of Our Father (Uni
tarian) in the bulletin for Jan
uary, just Issued? has a full pro
gramme for the month and especially
for the first week. Besides the usual
appointments, the items of outstand
ing interest are the musicale and
social hour at 4:30 o'clock this after
noon and the annual supper and busi
ness meeting Tuesday evening, Jan
uary 11, at 6:30 o'clock.
For the musicale the choir of the
church has prepared an elaborate
programme. The occasion will be
entirely informal, with tea served by
the Women's alliance and the Young
People's fraternity. The choir, be
sides the organist, Ralph W. Hoyt,
consists of Mitylene Fraker Stltes.
Mrs H Hacke. J. Ross Fargo and
Walter Hardwick.
Next Wednesday aternoon at 3
o'clock W'lllard A. Eliot will give an
illustrated lecture on birds under the
auspices of the -Women's alliance, to
which the public Is invited.
The regular morning service today
will be a New Year's service with an
appropriate sermon, "Whether We
Live or Die," by the pastor. Rev.
William G. Eliot Jrt At the young
people's meeting in the evening the
subject will be "Early Forms of Wor
ship." Professor G. R. Schlauch of Mc
Minnville college will occupy the pul
pit of the University Park Baptist
church this morning; the subject will
be. "The Influence of the Holy Scrip
ture." He will also speak in tne eve
nlng. the subject beins, "Redeeming
the Time.
Bond House President to
Be Topic of Sermon.
Dr. McElveen to Speak on Culpa
bility of Self-Called Financier.
HE Culpability of the Self-
Called Financier. Who Made an
Ex -Convict the President of a Bond
House," is to be the topic of Dr. Mc
Elveen's sermon prelude at the First
Congregational church tonight. For
seven minutes he will talk on the
ethics of selling bonds, and on the
morality of playing the role of
friendly financier for thousands of
small Investors. The Congregational
minister is going to institute a new
kind of Sunday evening service very
soon. It is to be called A wuestlon
Service." The people are sending him
all manner of questions; questions on
economics and politics, as well
morals and religion. He will spend
the 30 minutes that he usually de
votes to his sermon to answering
these queries.
Tonight his sermon-lecture topic is,
"A Happy New Year's Wish." At the
morning service he will welcome
group of new members and speak on
' Beginnings;"
The new Sunday school superlnten
dent will 'enjoy his initial service to
day. He is Arthur E. Larimer, who
for nine years was the efficient su
perintendent of the very large Sun
day school at the Central Congrega
tional church of Hawaii at Honolulu.
Mr. Larimer Is the new executive sec-
cretary of the Portland Y. M. C. A.
He is an expert Sunday-school man.
While he has not yet stated his plans,
it is understood that he will organize
a church school of the First church
on a departmental basis. Mrs. C. H.
Farrington Is superintendent of the
kindergarten. Miss Ruth Harding Is
superintendent of the Primary depart
ment, Mr. Alva Patton. the associate
superintendent, is superintendent of
the intermediate department. Other
departments are being organzed.
There are three very flourishing and
rapidly growing young people's
classes. These will form the nu
cleus of a large . work among the
young people. Mr. Larimer is on the
lookout for a professional educator
who will give all his time to being
the director of religious instruction
at the First church. The church will
major in educational and social work
among boys and girls and young peo
ple during 1921.
Thursday evening Dr. W. T. Mc
Elveen begins a series of four lec
tures on "The Teachings of Jesus."
He has recently made a brand new
study of the gospels in the light of
the economic, social and religious
revolution through which we are
passing. He gave a series of lectures
on this topic at the training school
that was held at the First Methodist
church during the autumn. The
course that he will give in his own
church will introduce an immense
amount of material that he had not
time to give to the class of teachers
he was training. Each week ah out
line of the thoughts to be presented
will be chalked upon an immense
blackboard and if the interest de
mands, multigraph copies of his notes
will be distributed. Some years ago
Dr. McElveen taught a class of about
900 that assembled every Saturday
afternoon in the large auditorium of
Tremont temple. Dr. McElveen has
also taught large teacher training
classes In Providence. R. I., and
Salem, Mass. All teachers are wel
come to this course of study. '
Miss Phyllis Wolfe, a soprano so
loist well- known in musical circles
of Portland, is the most recent addi
tion to the great quartet and chorus
that Is being built up at the First
church. Ernest Crosby, a rising tenor,
is to take the place of Mr. Erwin,
who has been compelled to resign on
account of illness. A vprv nnnnlarJ
organ recitals- by Miss Lthel Lynn
Ross prior to every one of the church
services. Miss Nina Dressel. who has
been 'convalescing because of an op
eration, wILf return to her place as
contralto soloist today. The chorus is
now 35 voices strong. It Is well or
ganized and -will hold Its first so
ciable Friday evening in the church
parlors. The Portland Oratorio so
ciety is making Its headquarters In
the spacious rooms of the church,
where its rehearsals are held every
Tuesday night. -
This evening at 6:30 the Senior
Christian Endeavor society will hold
A "welcome home" meeting to greet
members of the society who have
been away to college. Gertrude Lan
ning, student at Pacific university,
will lead the meeting. Robert Mott
is to be the leader of the Intermediate
Christian Endeavor that meets In an
other room at the same hour. The
Junior Christian Endeavor Is now 40
strong and holds a miniature church
service while the big church service
Is going on upstairs.
The 26th anniversary of the occu
pancy of the spacious church build
ing on Park and Madison is to be
celebrated Sunday morning, January
23. Friday noon the new officers of
the Womenls association meet to
make plans for the work of the com
ing year.
The themes to be discussed at the
Sunnyside Coagregatlonal church to
day will be particularly appropriate
to the opening of a new year. At 11
o'clock Dr. J. J. Staub will speak on
"A Challenge to Our Faith." The
Lord's supper will be celebrated and
new members will be received Into
fellowship at this service.
The subject in the evening will be
""Who Will Be Your Leader for
1921?" Special selections will be ren
dered by the chorus choir. The pub
lic is cordially invited to at' end.
New Year services are to be con-
j,i.tBj tnriav at th. ttfo-hi.M rn
s;regational church. In th morning
there will be holy communion and
sermon by Rev. Edward Constant on
"Counting Life's Steps." In. the evening-
there will be a New Year song
service and an address on "Whither
Goest ThouT"
The Waverly Heights Congregi-
tional church begins the new year's
services with a communion service at
11 A. M
The subject on which the
pastor will speak Is "Divine Guidance
for the Coming Year." The church
has been the recipient of a large oil
painting from the brush of the Ore
gon artls Mrs. Eliza R. Barchus and
will have it unveiled at the Sunday
evening service.
Dr. Stansfield to Preach
New Year's Sermon.
Ten Days' Special Meeting; Will Be
Inaugurated Tonig-at.
AT THE First Methodist church.
Twelfth and Taylor streets, to
day the opening of the new year will
be a great event. In the morning the
pastor. Dr. Stansfield. will give the
New Year's sermon on "The Best Be
fore," followed by ths New Year cove
nant service.
In the evening there will be the
opening service of a ten days' special
meeting January 2 to 9, Inclusive
"the week of prayer" meetings. Bishop
Shepard will preach Monday and
Thursday evenings. The following is
the programme:
Sunday. 10:30 A.' M. New Year! ier
mon and covenant; sacrament. 7:45 P. M.
Decision service!)- Epworlh league and
Monday. 7:43 P. M. Sermon by Bishop
W. O. Shepard.
Tuesday. 7:43 P. M. Men of the church.
'service: speakers: three of the brethren;
choir, male voices.
Wednesday, 7:13 P. M. Women of the
church, service; two of the elect women:
choir, women's voices.
Thursday, 7:45 P. M. Sermon by Bishop
W. O. 8hepard.
Friday, 7:43 P. M. Children ana youtns
special; children's choir. The pastor. Rev.
F. M. Jasper and E. T. Oruwell.
Sunday. 10:30 A. M. Sermon by the
pastor. 7:43 P. M. Men of the church,
service; Dr. Cantril, Dr. Pruddin. Dr.
Kelly, G. F. Johnson and F. W. Gates.
The Sunday school at 12:15 o'clock
today will complete its fjhristmas
offering of .last week for the starving
children of the war lands. A total of
81214 was received last Sunday and
additional sums to be paid in today
will bring the great relief gift up to
$1320 the largest offering for relief
work the Sunday school ever had.
To the Epworth league, which
meets at 6:30 P. M all young folk
are cordially invited.
Rev. W S. Gordon, pastor of the
Sellwood Methodist church, will speak
at 11 o'clock this morning on "sus
Calming the Storm" and will point
out the pathway of peace for these
turbulent times. Professor F. C.
Streyffler will conduct the music.
In the evening at 7:30 o'clock Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Suffield of Seattle.
Wash., will begin a series of union
revival meetings. Mrs. Suffield Is an
accomplished musician and Mr. Suf
field also sings. The participating
churches will be the Presbyterian,
Baptist, Nazarene and Methodist, with
other denominations co-operating un
officially. -
The Sunday school will meet at
9:45 A. M. and the Epworth league
at 6:30 P.M.
The Rose City Park Methodist Epis
copal church observed Christmas on
December 26, the pastor preaching
an appropriate sermon in the morn
ing, and In' the evening a series of
tableaux representing various phases
of the nativity of Jesus was put on
by the Sunday school, assisted by the
choir and some of the older members
of the church.
A collection was taken at the eve
ning service for Armenian relief.
which netted $200. The day proved
good one and all seemed pleased
and profited by the services.
At Epworth Methodist church,
Twenty-sixth and Savier streets. Rev.
Frank L. Moore will speak at 11 A. M.
on "Weighed but Not Wanting" and
at 7:30 P. M. on "Vantage Ground for I
Bright Outlook."
The Women's Foreign Missionary
society of Rose City Park Methodist
church will hold a meeting tomorrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of
Mrs. G. H. Pierce, 645 East Ninth
street North.
'Old Foes in New Masks" will be
the topic of the morning sermon to
day at Clinton Kelly Memorial Meth
odist Episcopal church. There will be
no sermon at the evening service.
Rev. E. Sutton Mace will preach
the sermon at 7:30 o'clock this eve
ning at Westmoreland Methodist
Episcopal church. The Sunday school
session will begin at 10 A. M. and
children's church at 11 A. M.
At the First Norwegian-Danish
Methodist Episcopal church, corner
of Eighteenth and Hoyt streets, Rev.T
C. August Peterson, the pastor, will
preach at 11 A. M. today on the sub
ject, "Jesus, the Same Yesterday, To
day and Forever." At 7:4o f. M. tne
text will be "Thou Shadl Call His
Jesus." The Epworth league
has open house from 5:45 to 7:4Q P. M.
Sermon topics at the Lincoln Meth
odist church, corner East Lincoln and
Fifty-second streets, today will be at
11 A. M.. "It Is Finished." and at 7:30
P. M., "Look to Yourselves." Rev. W.
X. Byars, the pastor, will speak at
both services.
"A Kej-note Message for the New
Year" will be given by the pastor.
Rev. J. H. Irvine, at the morning
service at Woodlawn Methodist Epis
copal church. "Be Sure Your Sin Will
Find You Out." a warning to young
people, will be the evening message.
The Irvine quartet, composed of the
pastor and three sons, assisted in the
Christmas song feast last Sunday
The New Year" to Be the
Topic at St. Stephen's.
Church School Institute to Meet
Tuesday at St. David's.
NEW YEAR'S services will be held
at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral
today. Dean Hicks will preach at
both services, taking as his subject,
"The New Year."
The young people's society will hold
their regular meeting Sunday evening
at 6:30 o'clock in the parish house at
the corner of Thirteenth and Clay
streets. Theodore E. Dittebrandt will
preside, and Stephen Claghorn will be
the principal speaker. The society
will be the guests of the young peo
ple's society of St. Michael and All
Angels on Thursday, January 6. The
final arrangements for this affair
will be made at regular meeting on
There will be a corporate com
munion of St. Stephen's chapter of
the brotherhood of St. Andrews at
7:45 A. M. today, to which all com
municants are invited; brotherhood
members who have failed to co
municate during the Christmas sea-1
son are urged to do so oa this oc-1 new campus, we expect to have our
casion. ' self-help department so organized as
The regular monthly meeting of the 1 to provide remunerative employment
officers and' teachers of the St. j for at least 100 students. Trustees
Stephen's church school will be held have already authorized their self
In the dean's study Friday, January help committee to lay out gardens.
7, at 8 P. M. This will be anlm- I berry culture and a green house,
portant meeting, and all officers and "Training for church lead-rnin if
teachers are urged to be present. one of the elective courses being fea-
tured here It offers no: oniy In-
Ph ft.., - nf 'io fhiirch . ... i , . ... .
. . ,' . wlI, b. held
Tuesday at St. David's parish house,
East Twelfth and Morrison streets,
at 8 P. M. The Rev. C. H L. Chandler
of Oregon City will give the first !
lecture on "The American Prayer !
Book" and Miss Millard of the public
library will Indicate methods of sue- ,
cess in "Telling Religious Stories."
Th institute will meet weekly 'until ,
the beginning of Lent.
At Kem Park Christian church, i
Forty-sixth avenue and Sixty-ninth
street, at ll A. at., win De neia tne
regular merger service, and Dr. J. F
Ghormley will take for his theme:
"Pressing Toward the Mark for the
Prize." Evangelistic services will be
held at 7:30 P. M. Appropriate musi
cal programmes will be given at both
services, ay the chorus choir.
Dr. E. C. Hickman, who has been
associate pastor of Centenary-Wilbur
Methodist Episcopal church since the
two congregations were merged, will
preach his farewell sermon tonight at
7:30 o'clock. He has been elected
president of the Kimball School of
Theology at Salem and will leave
with his family this week to take up
his new duties.
Bishop Walter A. Sellew will con
duct a revival meeting at Central
Free Methodist church. East Fifty
fifth and East Flanders streets, be
ginning today.
Albany College to Double
Its Resources.
Dr. A. M. Williams Coca East to
Confer With Presbyterian Gen
eral Board of Education.
Jn. 1. (S
COLLEGE, Albany. Or..
Special.) Dr. A. M.
Williams, president of Albany college,
left this week for the east in interest
of the campaign to double the assets
and resources of tne Presbyterian
college of the state during the next
five years. He will spend a day In
St. Paul conferring with the trust
company that has invested for the
college the "850,000 left by the late
James J. Hill. The trustees report
annually to this company concerning
their investment of the $200,000 se
cured to meet the' condition of Mr.
President Williams will visit sev
eral eastern colleges In study of build
ing plans and the post-war reorgani
zation authorized by the trustees. H
will go as far as NTew York where
final agreements will be effected with
the general board of education,
which board has offered Albany col
lege $70,000 on condition that the
college gets subscriptions tor $280,
000 by March 31, 1923.
Asked for a statement at the end
of his first year as president of the
college, Dr. Williams said:
, "The progress of Albany college
this year is due to two facts: First,
the promise of the Presbyterian gen
eral board of education to include Al
bany in the list of colleges to which
it will distribute $2,000,000 In the
year 1923, and second, the practically
solid line-up of the Presbyterian min
isters and leading laymen for re
suming the programme for the col
lege's expansion which was post
poned by the war.
"The first of the above facts Is
due largely to the activity in the east
of Dr. Edgar P. Hill, formerly of
Portland, who now heads the educa
tional work of the Presbyterian
church. Dr. Hill came out to the
Oregon synod two years ago and told
the leaders that the trustees of Al
bany college should proceed to elect
a president to succeed Dr. H. M.
Crooks who had left Oregon during
the war: that they should double the
current expense budget of the col
lege; and that a period of expansion
should be arranged, including the
erection of new buildings and a sub
stantial additon to the endowment
tf the college. The first two steps
have been taken by the trustees, co
operating with the synod of Oregon
and the general board of education.
The third step is now being planned,
a campaign for $300,000 to meet the
offer of tjie eastern board to give
us $70,000.
"The trustees have in mind, as soon
as money can be secured, the erec
tion of three new buildings on the
campus recently purchased south
west of the city. These buildings
are, it is expected, all to be made
memorials to the pioneers who set
tled the state and who laid founda
tions of our worthiest Institutions.
The names of the hails to be built
will, it is thought, appeal to the best
historic sentiment of the pioneers
and their descendants.
"An interesting possibility In the
prospect for United Presbyterian co
operation at Albany college. Leaders
of tha denomination have, from the
earliest days, been loyal to Albany
college. As a matter of fact, as
recently discovered by C. H. Stewart,
postmaster at Albany and historian
for the United Presbyterians on the
coast, Albany college Is the direct
successor of old Union academy,
erected on the banks of the Calapooia
river near Brownsville early In the
fifties. 'Union' was suggested by the
fact that its trustees were principally
associate Presbyterians and associate
Reformed Presbyterians, the two
psalm singing bodies that came to
gether a few years later to form the
United Presbyterian church of North
America and whose missionaries here
in Oregon formed the union before
the union, the first U. P. presbytery
in existence. This fist union took
place in Linn county and contained
an equal number from the two
hitherto separated bodies. Union
academy failed. Theh came Rev. H. H.
Spalding, famous as the missionary
to the Nez Perces. and who escaping
from the Whitman massacre came to
Linn county and founded the Pres
byterian church at Brownsville. Dr.
E. P. Geary, who was sent to Oregon
I by President Buchanan as Indian
j commission and by the Presbyterian
i church to found a college in the
northwest, and Rev. W. J. Montelth
who settled Albany. These three
j -Presbyterians and two United Pres
byterians Dr. S. G. Irvine and Rev.
Wilson Blain were among those
whose labors culminated In 1866 In
the organization of Albany college.
Seven of the nine original trustees
were United Presbyterians, though
the cbllege was placed under the
control of the general assembly of
the Presbyterian church in the U.
S. A."
Commenting on new features of ,
Albany college's expansion, Presi-
dent Williams said:
"Albany college will continue to
be a full fledged cultural college,
but will increasingly add vocational
courses as we may be able. We be
lieve that technical education should
usually follow a full cultural course;
but for those whose preparation must
be crowded into four years, courses
are being arranged for two and three
years and that will articulate with
work being done in schools of engi
neering, agriculture, domestic science,
journalism, etc.
"Before we are ready to occupy the
i lti , Z
! religious leadership In the churches
I of Albany and nearby communities."
Church Responds to Plea
for Hungry Ones.
First Christian t'onarraatloa Con
tributes SI45U for Relief.
i THE Christmas offering for Euro
pean and near east relief made
last Sunday evening by the Sunday
school of the First Christian church
amounted to $1450. The pageant.
"Love's Conquest." by 40 Loyal
Daughters under the direction of Mrs.
C. N. Kigglns, was witnessed by an
audience that taxed the capacity of
the auditorium. Tne pageant proved
to be one of the most impressive ex
ercises ever presented In the church.
This morning at 11 o'clock the pas
tor. Rev. Harold H. Griffls. will lead
his congregation in a meditation for
the new year, having for his special
theme "A Confession and a Dedica
tion." In keeping with the occasion
Miss Beatrice Palmer will render the
contralto selection. "He Leadeth Me"
(Wolc'ott). The evening worship at
7:4o will include a praise service by
the church quartet, followed by a
discourse by the pastor on "The Re
ligious Value of Dally Life."
No Packages in Oregon City Office
on Chrislnias.
OREGON CITY, Or., Jan. 1. (Spe
cial.) With the holidays nearing
Close, rosimasier toone says
greatest amount of business that has.
been done during any holiday season
since he has been in office was for
the year of 1920. Mr. Cooke and his
efficient" corps of helpers have
worked diligently, without extra as
sistance, in delivering the holiday
mail. Christmas night-there was not
a Christmas package in'the postoffice
undelivered, except a few that ar
rived in the afternoon. They were
delivered Monday morning.
A number of the postal carriers
were well remembered by ome of the
big-hearted patrons, one receiving a
handsome gold pencil on his route
for the excellent service he had given.
This was Ralph Niles. and the gift
was frgrn the Oregon City hospital
nurses. Cake, candies, nuts and
handkerchiefs were among the gifts
appreciated by tiie mail carriers.
Three Sets of Four Generations
Kuch Gather ut Dajlon.
DAYTON, Or.. Jan. 1. (Special.)
A reunion of the Chapman, 'Horde,
Snyder, Baxter, Sams. Melllnger,
Spangle, Seitter, Pine, Berry, Hole,
Martin, Hogle and McDonald families,
all related, was held In Artisan hall
Christmas day. There were three sets
of four generations each. The total
number present was is and the feast
was headed by Mr. .and Mrs. Henry
Chapman of this. place.
Mr. Chapman Is SI years old. while
the youngest person was a daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Kay Baxter, 1
year old.
The entertainment consisted of a
large Christmas tree, from which
many gifts for all were harvested and
a sumptuous dinner.
Irish Girls Claim as High as 500
for Malicious Injury.
DUBLIN. The young women who in
several Irish districts have had their
hair cut off by Sinn Feiners for as
sociating with the police and soldiers
have, in most cases, lodged claims for
compensation for malicious injury.
The price they place on the lost hair
varies from 1300 to 500.
So far none of the girls who have
been similary punished by the police.
In retaliation for the acts of their
Sinn Fein relatives, have lodged any
Belgian Industry Restored.
BRUSSELS. Jan. 1. The pre-war
coal output of Belgium was exceeded
by the Belgian miners during tne
month of October. The net extraction
for the month totaled 1.1156.580 tons.
Y. M. C. A.
Hear the Answer Sunday After
noon Y.M.C.A.,3.30P.M.
General Secretary.
Coene and Hear This Matter
Fairly and Squarely Presented.
Oregon Book &
Tract Depot
Now Located at 266 't Alder St.
Bibles, Tracts and Christian
Literature on Sale
Every Sunday night at 7:45 P. M.
Week nights by announcement.
Phone Aut. 520-45.