The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 11, 1920, Section One, Page 13, Image 13

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One Week's Demonstration 'Hotpoint' Appliances
Begiming tomorrow and continuing until Saturday evening an expert from the Hotpoint factory will demon
strate why these particular electrical appliances should be in every happy home. .
Jewel Shortening 01 .23
Large pails of this popular shortening are priced at $2.40.
this section.
Sugar Peas, certified early June,
fancy, $5.25 case, dozen-cans $2.75.
Walnuts, fancy No. 1 soft shell," 10
pound lots $3.85, pound 40.
California Rice, fancy, 7 lbs. 95.
Tomatoes, Del Monte, fancy solid
pack, No. 2M cans, $4.25 case,
dozen $2.23.
Berry Sugar, one sack to a custo
mer, none sold to dealers, 100-lb.
sack, $23.
Meier & Frank's:
grocery. Ninth Floor.
We commend Hotpoint appliances be
- Hotpoint disc stoves, $9 and $10.25.
cause our customers 1 find them excep
tionally satisfactory. ' ,
Hotpoint Irons. $7.76. , . , .
Hotpoint boudoir sets. $10.
Hotpoint curlinf? irons, J6.2B. - -
Hotpoint heating pads, $8.75 and $10.
Hotpoint imrhersion heaters. $6.25 and.
$8-50.- - . .
Hotpoint lecmte neaiers.
Hotpoint ovens. $22.50.
; Hotpoint radiant grills. 3 heats, $15.
Hotpoint toasters, $7.50.
Hotpoint toast racks. 75c
Hotpoint' percolators and vacuum clean
ers at various prices -
. . Meier & Frank's:
j JElectrc Shop, Basement Balcony.
. rMkkAiKUv'HorTiaciyAlteSAa.
of ; Staple DRAPERIES in Midsummer Sale
Peremptory Disposal of
Dining Room Suites
Table Sets and Separate Pieces
Each Piece Freshly Reduced -
From Its Former Price . . .
Dining-room furniture is taking up too much space in the Furniture Store.
Splendid furniture of its kind, but much of it arrived unexpectedly after we had du
plicated earlier orders. Anyone seeking dining tables, buffets, china closets or. com
plete sets can congratulate himself because he will be able to save large sums of
money on perfectly good examples . of fine furniture making.
This Italian Renaissance Dining Suite .
Was $863, Now $694.75. v
It is veneered with fine walnut "such as the Florentine cabinet makers
used hundreds of years ago. The chairs are faithful reproductions of old Floren
tine models upholstered with tapestry. The enclosed china cupboard is in keeping
with the latest ideas of the best decorators. The buffet is long and inlaid with
marquetry. The table is oblong and has interestingly shaped supports a la Renaissance.
This Set of Table and' Chairs
Was $42230, Now $33750
5 side chairs and 1 arm chair with, high backs, upholstered in soft blue leather,
complete with table 48x60 inches which extends to 6 feet. 1 1 al i a n . Renaissance
style. Largely mahogany. .
This Set of Table and 6 Chairs
Was $377, Now $299.75
Chippendale table in mahogany finish 48x60 inches, extending to 8 feet, finished
with claw and ball feet. The tall chairs are upholstered with blue leather.
.. ; ; v -.- , .- . .- .: 'i ' -
Queen Anne Set
Was $40330, Now $32230 ' '
Mahogany-finished table with beveled edges, 48x60 inches, extending to 8 feet;
1 arm chair and 5 side chairs upholstered in blue leather. .
Mahogany Finished Set ''.'"
Was $350.75, Now $279.50 . : - '
Table 48x60 inches extending to-8 feet, 1 tall-back arm chair and 5 side chairs
with tapestry seats and cane backs. . .
Odd Extension Dining Ta bles, Buffets and
iZhina Cabinets at Great Reductions
Choice of walnut or mahogany finish in each kind. -
nrrwrs :
For One Week Beginning Tomorrow
Factory Demonstration of the
"HOOVER'' Electric
Suction Sweeper
Meier & Frank's: Furniture Store, Eighth Floor.
Seven Days' Free Trial
In Your Own Home
Without Any Obligation to Purchase
More than 10,000 homes
in Portland "are equipped
with the Hoover suction
sweeper. -
Why? ;
Because women are getting
tired of sweeping floors without -cleaning
them working harder
than their neighbors without
results and husbands are sav
ing them such unnecessary labor
by seeing that their wives have
Hoovers. ,
Why the Hoover?
Because the Hoover Suction
Sweeper is different from every
other electric sweeper in that it
cleans thoroughly with less
' effort and actually prolongs
the life of the carpet or rugs.
! Factory representatives this
week at Meier & Frank's will
explain the exclusive patented
features of the Hoover, showing
why , it is the only- electric
sweeper which
Beats as It Sweeps as It Cleans
The air suction lifts the carpet from the floor bringing it into
contact with an electrically driven brush which revolves more than
a thousand times a minute and detaches even the most stubborn
clinging hair, thread and lint.
Telephone or
for free trial or first come and
talk it over with the demon
strator and then if you like
request a free trial. Absolutely
no obligation to purchase.
Your Own
" Hoover Suction Sweepers are
sold on your own terms in
reason. Special demonstrations
,in the Rug Store and in the
Electric Shop.
-Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor and Basement Balcony;
Grass Rugs at Season's
... Lowest . Prices
lowered like this:
' Fine rugs for summer use
because they look cool and
they are cool. .
Capital for porches and
living rooms.
This week prices will be
Meier & Frank's: Rug Store, Seventh Floor,
.6 -foot rugs
7 -foot rugs,:
9 -foot rugs
10-foot rugs
12-foot ,rugs
SI. 39
Factory Demonstration of
"Economy" Jars
Begins Monday
Housewives planning to can ' raspberries, cher
ries, loganberries and other fruit. and berries can
learn just how to do it in the best possible way.
An individual instructor from the Economy Fruit
Jar factory is here for the . special purpose of
helping to solve your problems. . Ask her what
ever you wish to know.
Economy fruit jars are very favorably known and all sizes can
be had here. . . . . ...
Pints, dozen. .... ; .SI. 30
Quarts, dozen . . . SI. 40
- Kerr Fruit Jars .
Pintsf dozen. ; . ... ; .S1.05
Quarts, dozen SI. 15
Vjj-Gallons, dozen. .S1.45
Va-Gallons, dozen.. 1.80
Economy caps, dozen 35 c
.Wide-Mouth Kerr. Jars
Pints, dozen . .... . . $1.30
Quarts, dozen. -SI. 40
i2-Gallons, dozen. -S1.80
Complete assortment of all kinds of wanted fruit jars
and other canning supplies.
Meier & Frank's: Housewares Store, Basement.
. Lot 8990 Yards
Figured Madras
Was 90c, Now 67
Yard wide madras with daintily colored figures
for bedroom curtains.
Lot 9500 Yards
Colored Madras
Was $1.50, Now $1.15
Yard wide velvety looking madras in richly
decorative colors for smart over-draperies. Blue,
rose, green and brown.
This midsummer sale of staple draperies is another vivid example of the helpful
ness of Meier & Frank's. It extends to owners of hotels, boarding houses and private
homes the advantages of prices lower than could be obtained today in the wholesale mar
ket. Everything in the sale is of first quality, fresh and ready to give a hundred per
cent of value, although prices have been greatly reduced. People who buy now will con
gratulate . themselves in the autumn.
12 extra special lots.
Lot 13200 Yards
' Over-Draperies '
Were $2.70 and $3, Now S1.95
Were $3.25, Now S2.15
Diana? Sultana,. Rialto and Aurora cloths which
are popularly known as "sunfasts" but which are .
not . now guaranteed as non-fading from sun.
Made of mercerized cotton. Charming shades of
rose, blue, mulberry, brown, gold, plum, tan and
pink. 50 inches wide.
' Lot 2 1000 Yards
Were 60c to 70c, Now 39c?
Were 85c to $1.10, Now 53
Were $1.25 to $1.50, Now 77
Yard. wide cretonnes for bedrooms and living
rooms. Black and light colored backgrounds
with modern and conventional patterns. Good
variety from which to choose. Useful for over
draperies, slip covers, upholstery,' cushions.
Lot 35080 Yards
Marquisette, Scrim
'. Were 70c, Now 52c
Were 95c, Now 63c
At 52c marquisette and scrim 40 inches wide,
white, cream and ecru.
At 63c marquisette of extra heavy weight in
white, cream and ecru.
They will make attractive curtains which will
. hang well and wear satisfactorily.
. Lot 45000 Yards
Was 85c, Now 54c
48-incl marquisette in white cream and ecru
. Lot 5400 Yards
Was $1.30, Now 95
Yard wide curtaining which looks, like filet net
with small figures. Attractive for ruffled curtains.
Lot 64000 Yards
Was 50c, Now 39
Yard wide curtaining in white, cream and ecru.
Lot 7 423 Yards
Was 70c, Now 53c
Yard wide . ecru colored grenadine with all
over patterns . introducing designs in colors.
Sorry we have not more of it.
. Lot 10 100 Yards
Was 75c, Now 48
Yard wide white, cream and ecru marquisette,
finished with filet lace edges.
Lot 11950 Yards
Was 35c, Now 23
Yard wide silkoline with dainty flower pat
terns for comforter covers and other purposes.
Lot 1240 Pairs
Rep Portieres
Were $7, $8.50, Now S4.99
Good looking figured rep portieres in green and
brown for porch and living room use. 40 pairs
Meier & Frank's: Drapery Store, Seventh Floor.
, " Sole Portland Agents for
Famous Universal Stoves and Ranges
Universal Insulted Pipeless Furnaces
Your Own Terms in Reason
-Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.