The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, August 03, 1919, SECTION THREE, Page 4, Image 52

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(Continapd from Palte S.)
blue with a corsaga bouquet of Cecil
Brunner rosea. Miss Isabel Murphy
was maid of honor and C. W. Creel,
brother of the bride, was best man.
After the ceremony a wedding dinner
was served on the lanai of the hotel.
The bride is the daughter of Lorenzo
D. Creel, special supervisor of the
United States Indian service. Mr.
Riker is a graduate of the Colgate uni
versity. New York, and a member of
Beta Theta PI fraternity. They will
make their home in Yeringrton.
'Mrs. A. W. Clark entertained with an
informal luncheon at her home. 900
Northrup street, on Tuesday, compli
menting Mrs. A. L. Blom of Menominee.
Mich., who Is the house guest of her
mother, Mrs. S. Frost of Irvington, for
the summer. Covers were laid for 12.
Mrs. Robert Hyde, who has been the
house guest of her brother-in-law and
sister. Mr. and Mrs. Antoine G. Labbe,
left Monday night for her home in Ta
coma. Mrs. Lee Hawley Hoffman enter
tained with a farewell dinner in her
honor last night at her home on Flan
ders street. Many affairs were given
complimenting the out-of-town visitor
last week. On Thursday Mr. and Mrs.
Lab be were hosts for a motor trip on
the Columbia River highway and an
informal supper party. Mrs. Lee Hoff
man and her daughter. Mrs. Ferdinand
Smith, entertained with an informal
supper at Mrs. Smith's etudio on the
Barnes road Friday night. Mr. and
Mrs. Labbe were hosts at a dancing
party Saturday night at the Portland
Hunt club, to which about 29 guests
were invited to meet Mrs. Hyde, and
Sunday night Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
L. Warren entertained with an Informal
supper party.
Mrs. Andrew C. Smith is at Seaside
for the remainder of the summer sea
son. With her is Mrs. David Rober,
who Is recovering from a serious Ill
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I. Thompson and
da'iorhter Jane and son Edward motored
to Seaside Friday. They will stay two
or three weeks In the . L. Thompson
bjme there.
Mrs. Charles Beebe entertained at
dinner Saturday. July 26, at Log la
Barre. Her guests were Mre. A. Max
well. Mrs. Maxwell Blake, Mrs. W. D.
Wheelwright. Mrs. H. C Cabell. Mrs.
William Washburn and the hosteas.
Dr. and Mrs. John Forest TXrkaAn
entertained with a dinner party on
Wednesday night in honor of Frank
Dickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ross
Dickson, who has recentlv returned
f rm overseas service. The Dicksons'
guests were Mies Harriet Johnson of
Pendleton, Miss Mary Guerin, Miss
Elizabeth Wiggins. Frank Dickson
Donald Tarpley, Henry Judd of Pendle.
ton and Berkeley Snow. A theater
party at the Alcazar followed the din
Mrs. Folger Johnson and her son will
leave for Neah-Kah-Nie the first of the
week for a viit at the beach.
Miss Helen C. Booth of Pittsburg- Is
visiting her uncle and aunt. Dr. and
Mrs. William Wallace Youngson, at
their home, 691 East Sixty-second
street North. Miss Booth is a gradu
ate of Mount Holyoke and has been
teaching history in the high school at
Charleroy. She came west with Dr.
Youngson two weeks ago. He wiM re
turn with her In the falL Miss Booth
has been the inspiration for much in
formal entertaining.
Miss Catherine Therkelsen left Frl
day nif?ht for Seaside to pass a fort
night as the guest of Mrs. Jerry New
man and Mrs. J. A. Veness. Miss Ther
kelsen has been away two years in
San Francisco, where she was active in
war work as a member of the Red
Cross canteen.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Glover (Grace
Pompe) are being felicitated on the
arrival of a son, born July IS. He will
be named Frank Jr.."
Mrs. Folger Johnson entertained with
an Informal tea yesterday, honoring the
XCngar's August
Hughson has been in the navy as an in
structor in the aviation section at Co
lumbia university and the Great Lakes
station and was joined in New York
last year by Mrs. Hughson.
Great clusters of lacy arrowwood
blooms formed the chief decoration in
the rooms at the McMonies home.
Punch was served in a charming nook
on the spacious porch, where colored
lights were prettily combined with
greenery. A feature of the entertain
ment was a vocal selection by Law
rence Woodfin.
Mrs. Frank Busch Jr. and Mrs. S.
McMillen assisted the hostess In serv
ing ices late in the evening. Little
Miss Iris Evelyn Saunders presided
over the punch bowl.
Mrs. L. W. White was hostess at a
ltincheon Thursday, complimenting Mrs.
Lockwood of Pasadena, Cal., who is
visiting Mrs. Samuel P. Lockwood.
Covers were placed for Mrs. F. E. Judd
of Pendleton, Mrs. Jessie Stearns, Mrs.
John Ross Dickson, Mrs. Samuel P.
Lockwood, Mrs. Charles ChamberlaJn,
Mrs. H. W. Dickson of Pendleton and
Mrs. Moule. "
Mrs. L. E, Chandler of Laramie, Wyo,
accompanied by her daughter. Miss
Lois Fitch, and son, Edwin Fitch, has
been a bouse guest of Mrs. Roy Payne
during the past week. Mrs. Chandler
also visited Mrs. Frank Ira White at
the home of her sister, Mrs, J. D. Du
bois, 1814 G street, Vancouver, where
Mrs. White is convalescing from a re
cent illness. Miss Fitch will enter
siotxe. Dame rn September.
Mrs. Edna, A. Bell has as her guest
fbr the- summer her mother, Mrs. E. B.
PlaAk of Sacramento. Mrs. Plank,
who ia 83 years of age. is one of Cali
fornia's earliest pioneers. She made
almost the entire trip across the plains
on the back of a favorite pony.
Miss Dorothy Louise Bliss, who Is
now In Canada with the Chautauqua,
win go to Chicago August 14 to study
music for the summer. She will re
turn October 1, after visiting friends In
SL Louis and Denver.
Misa Marget Healy of Coeur dA1ene,
Ttfaho. who has been visiting Mrs.
Frank S. Healy at Seaview, Wash.,
probably will return tomorrow and will
leave soon for her home. Her cousins,
the Misses Healy, 774 Irving street, are
planning several informal affairs in hex
Kiss Agnes McBride left on Thursday
for Victoria, B. C. to attend the Brit
ish Columbia championship tennis tour-
- nament. She will visit in Vancouver,
B. C, and In Seattle before returning
The Knights of Columbus will hold
their annual outing at Estacada park
on August 10. A special train to con
vey the Knights and their friends will
leave East Water and Morrison streets
at 9:15 A. M. There will be races of
all kinds for men. women and children,
with suitable prizes for the winners,
and dance musio will be provided by
Darby's orchestra.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Martin (Lillian Mc
Kay) are being congratulated on the
arrival of a daughter, born Saturday.
July i. They have named her Shirley
year, having been stationed at Bazoll-
les-sur-Meuse, in France.
Dr. Rosenfelt is a graduate of Stan
ford university and Johns Hopkins
medical school. Miss Goldsmith is. the
only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerson
Goldsmith of Los Angeles and was a
much-feted visitor in Portland for the
past six weeks. The wedding will be
in the early falL
Coming as a surprise to her friends,
is the announcement of the engage
ment of Miss Eva Levin, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Max Levin of this city,
to Bernard J. Endleman of Spokane,
Wash. The date for the wedding has
not been set, but it will be in the early
fall. They will live In Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Denton left last
Sunday for a visit to the eastern states.
They will spend several weeks in New
York city, where Mr. Denton will con
sult musical authorities regarding mat
ters pertaining to the future of the?
symphony orchestra.
Miss Virginia Tevls was hostess at a
delightful tea Tuesday afternoon at her
home, 835 Hancock street. About 35 of
the younger set called during the after
noon. Mrs. Horace W. Tevls (Fannie
Chamberlain) and Miss Dorothy Kerns
poured. Assisting about the rooms were
Miss Jean Ekene and Miss Elizabeth
Miss Margaret E. Dazey of St. Louis
is the house guest of her cousin. Miss
Alvera Harry, for the summer. Miss
Dasey is a recent graduate of Lenox
hail, and will be one of the maids of
honor at the Confederate Veterans' re
union this fall at New Orleans.
A wedding of interest to Portland is
that of Miss June Creel and Oliver
Perry Riker, who were married recently
in Reno, Nev. Miss Creel formerly
lived in Forest Grove and is well
known in Portland. She Is a graduate
of the Oregon Agricultural college and
a member of the Alpha Chi Omega
sorority. Rev. Brewster Adams per
formed the ceremony. The wedding
was held in the Riverside hotel. The
bride wore a traveling suit of dark
Aa engagement of interest is that of
Dr.- Arthur S. Rosenfeld, a physician :
of this city, to Miss Ruth Goldsmith of
Los Angeles. CaL Dr. Rosenfeld is the
son of Mri Sol Rosenfeld. He has been
home from overseas service for about
two months. Abroad he was with base
hospital unit No. 46 for more than a
Desires to Announce That It
Has Secured the Services of
Who Will Give, Beginning Tomorrow
in the Sixth Floor Auditorium, a
Course of Domestic Science
Lecture-Demonstrations Begin at 2:30
and Continue at That Time Daily
A special feature of the course will be a down-to-the-minute
Electrical Kitchen erected, on the stage of the au
ditorium and equipped with every modern device.
The purchasing agent of the home will be able to derive great
practical benefit from this course either by attending' the lecture
demonstrations in person or delegating someone whose immediate
dutites are concerned.
,Admis8ioa is, of course, free.
, . -i
My recently advertised sale of FINE FURS
being now in full swing, I wish to inform you
that my factory is now turning out the latest
creations in Fur Garments of that exquisite
finish that has gained me your generous ap
proval for many seasons.
Being aware of the upward trend of prices in general,
many of my Patrons have availed themselves of the
excellent opportunity of this sale, when thejr secured
Fine Furs at a Discount
of From 10 to 25
The sale will continue during the current month, unless
a change in the condition of the Fur Market shculd
render it prohibitive.
m Hudson Seal, Mole, French Seal, Nutria, Natural
E Muskrat, Mink, Squirrel, Fitch, Foxes and Lynx in all
E leading and favorite shades.
Garments Ranging From $25 to $1000
All Reduced From 10 to 25 Per Cent
sf -
f- -
1 i H J
E Manufacturer and Importer
Southwest Corner of Broadway and Alder
V " v
I- v L
g-uests of the Misses Marshall of Alex
andra Court, Mrs. M. E. Marsh and her
daughter, Mrs. C. V. Fairbanks, of New
The Misses Marshall at Alexandra
Court have as their guests their sister,
Mrs. M. K. Marsh, and her daughter.
Mrs. C V. Fairbanks of New York., who
are being Informally entertained.
Mrs. Grenville Vernon was hostess
at an informal luncheon Thursday to a
number of her friends.
Malor and Mrs. Frederick A. Barker
arrived in Portland the past week, and
will be here for a short time. Major
Barker has Just returned from France.
Mrs. Barker Joined her husband in Van
couver, where she has been visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Barker. Major Barker and Mrs. Barker
will ro soon to Camp Lewis, where the
The Standard Store of the Northwest
Olds, Wortman & King
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Special Factory Demonstration
One-Minute Electric
Washing Machines
Trut Quality' Storr op- Portiahd
All this week a factory representative will be in the
Housewares Department, 3d floor, . to demonstrate the
merits of this wonderful labor-saving machine. We have
sold hundreds of these they have been put to the sever
est tests and proven their worth. We extend a cordial
invitation to you and your friends to attend this demon
stration by an expert from the factory.
The One-Minute Electric Washer not only thor
oughly washes clothes but it does it in less time,
with less labor and at far less expense than any
other method.- Come and see a One-Minute demon
strated. You will be under no obligations to buy.
j "The Machine That Pays for Itself"
Have You a Detroit Jewel in Your Home?
Nationally known and nationally
appreciated in thousands of Amer
ican homes Detroit Jewel stoves and
ranges hold first place for service and
economy. We are indeed fortunate
in securing this agency, and we ex
tend a cordial invitation to our custo
mers and the public in general to visit
this new department and see these
wonderful stoves and ranges.
. Better Baking
Good baking is, without doubt, the
most essential attribute of a satisfac
tory stove or range. Because of a plan
of patented oven construction and
heat distribution, demonstrated by
years of service to be of a high scien
tific standard and wonderfully effi
cient, Detroit Jewel stoves and ranges
are unexcelled bakers. The proof of
this claim is substantiated by thou
sands of satisfied users in every state
in the union.
Detroit Jewel
Stoves and Ranges are made for
gas, wood, coal and combination fuels
and in styles for small apartments or
cottage to the larger sizes no matter
what your needs may be, there is a
Detroit Jewel that will meet with
every requirement. Detroit stoves and
ranges never need to be polished or
blackened just wipe the black ebon
ite and white enamel with a clean
cloth, and it's spick and span!
Housewares Department, Third Floor