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Editorial, Society and
Summer Resorts
NO. 31,. '
We Give S. & H. Green Trading Stamps With Purchases Amounting to 10c or More Trading Stamps Will Be Given on All Charge Accounts if Paid in Full by tlie 10th of Each Month.
Take Lunch in Our Tea Room on the 4th Floor All Foods Prepared Under Rigid Sanitary Inspection Service, 11:30 to 2:30 Light Luncheon Served in the Basement From 11 to 2 P. M
Welcome, Visiting
We extend a cordial invitation to out-of-town mer
chants and their friends to visit our store during
Buyers' Week". Those who wish to go through the
building will be provided with personal guides.
Ths Standard Store of the Northwest
Any 3-lb. Can of Coffee
Special at $1.60
Fourth Floor Choice of Dependable, M. J. B., Golden
West or Royal Club brands. Here is a good oppor
tunity tq buy coffee of superior quality at a low price.
Olds, Wortman & King
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Double 8. & H. Trading Stamps Monday
With. Cash Purchases in All Departments, Except Groceries
TOMORROW begins our 68th Anniversary Sale an event of interest to thrifty shoppers, not only in Portland, but throughout the entire state. Coming at a time' when prices on all lines of merchandise are
high and with every indication of still further advances, thoughtful people will need no urging to take advantage of the many special bargains this sale affords. Practically every department of the store has
something unusual to offer particularly the ready-to-wear sections, furniture and housewares. As an additional attraction we will give DOUBLE S. & H. TRADING STAMPS TOMORROW WITH CASH
PURCHASES IN ALL DEPARTMENTS except Groceries. Watch our advertisements from day to day for special offerings and come to the store often new bargains will appear every day during the sale.
Linens and Domestics
Anniversary Sale Specials
Main Floor Housekeepers will save many a dollar by coming to this store for
whatever they may need in the way of Linens, Towels, Sheets, Muslins,
Pillow Cases and other house needs. Double Stamps with cash purchases.
Table Damask 65c a Yard
with scallops and cut corners. Light
weight, launder easily. PQ QC
Alain Floor Mercerized Cotton Ta
ble Damask 60 inches wide and beau
tiful satin finish. Several CP,
patterns. Priced, the yard "t-v
MERCERIZED Cotton (?- r f
Napkins, size 18x18 inches Di-tll
HTJCK TOWELS with hemstitched
ends. These are of good,' large size
and quality. ' Priced special QCT
for this great sale, at only Otlli
NAINSOOKS 36 inches
wide 10-yard pieces; at
Size 72x99 inches. Special
BATH RUGS, size 20x fl-J rA
36 inches in the sale, each D1-0J
BATH RUGS, size 24x rrr
45 inches, priced special Dl.ult3
pink or blue borders. Special vJOV
quality; 10-yard pieces, at 0tl
Special Prices on Sheets, Pillow
Cases and Sheetings
lent quality only 50 dozen in this
special lot. Size 81x99 (J- ?Q
inches. While they last . OX.Ui
PILLOW CASES, size 45x36
inches and good firm quality ma
terial. Linen-finish. Spe- QPI
cially priced Monday, each
yards specially priced for the An
niversary Sale. Width for AQg
single bed. Special, a yard Ol
PILLOW CASING of splendid
quality; 42-inch width. Spe- Ofn
cially priced at, the yard OvIVx
45-inch width, Special, yard
$1.75 Wash Goods 98c Yd.
Dept., Main Floor
Beautiful silk-mixtures Sport Stripe Shan
tungs Jacquard Chiffons Poplins Tussahs
Tosca Brocades Silk Mixed Ginghams and many
other high-class novelties for waists and QQ
dresses. Fabrics worth to $1.75 a yard 'OC
Hawaiiani Cloth 45c Yard
This is a splendid fabric for all sorts of
tub frocks. Water-shed finish. Shown in
all wanted colors. Special, the yard 45
Extra Heavy Outing
Flannels 25 Yard
The Anniversary Sale Brings Great Bargains in
Women's Suits
Second Floor Drastic price-reductions on hundreds of Women's and Misses'
Suits to clear the stocks in shortest possible time. See display, Second Floor.
LOT 1 WOMEN'S SUITS of serge, delhi, and homespun, also a number
of Sport Suits in linene, linen crash and cotton poplins. At- " A QQ
tractive styles. Specially priced for Mondav's sell in c onlv 3irxI0
jersey, velour, serge, homespun and
poplin. Belted, tailored and box
coat styles. Also sport 1- Q OF
models. Priced special 913OD
Dressy Suits a
Second Floor Many of our very
finest suits are included in this of
fering. Paulette, Tricolette, Poplin,
Faille and Satin. Good range colors.
$43.75 Fancy Suits, only $29.17
$47.50 Fancy Suits, only $31.07
$49.50 Fancy Suits, only $33.00
tiful models made up in tricotine,
wool jersey or serge. Many are
embroidered and have C?OQ OCT
fancy vesta. Special, at
Special Prices
$ 59.50
$ 72.50
$ 95.00
$ 98.50
only $39.67
only $48.34
only $63.34
only $65.67
only $73.34
only $90.00
only $93.34
Coats, Capes and Dolmans
At Special Low Prices
CAPES AND SPORT COATS a special lot priced at less than cost of
making. Short and medium length Serge Capes with surplice front or in
coat effects. Capes with scarf collars, and a few Sport Coats CQ fif
with box back. Priced snecial for Mondav's selling, at onlv v)jJM
-LOT 2 Women's Capes of good
quality wool serge military styles
trimmed with braid. Also Draped
Capes of gabardine, and C" O Cf
other materials, Special DJ-0JU
LOT 4 Women's Capes and Dol
mans of finer grades. QOQ QP
Best of materials-rat DV00
LOT 3 Women's Capes and Dol
mans of satin, silk poplin, tricotine
and taffeta silk. Many smart styles.
Also a few Sport Coats. CJ1 Q Qft
Priced special Monday DA00
LOT 5 Beautiful Dressy Wraps,
tricolette, taffeta silk, JJO'7 OC
satin. Priced special, at BOi OD
3 Notable Sales Women's Dresses
Second Floor Women's and Misses'
Dresses a special assortment
greatly reduced in price for the
Anniversary Sale. Straight - line,
blouse and novelty styles some
embroidered, others trimmed with
ruffles, fancy collars and cuffs.
Georgette, flowered Georgette, serge,
wool jersey, taffeta and C?" A QQ
messaline. Priced at wl't.70
Sale of Pongee
THE SILK STORE offers for
the Anniversary Sale 2000 yards
genuine Imported Pongee Silks
at special low prices. Every yard
is from regular stock and is of
dependable quality. Note prices.
Our regular 98c 1m- CXn
ported Pongee the yard
Our regular $1.59 Q- 1 Q
Imported Pongee; yard OXA5
Our regular $1.79 (PI OQ
Imported Pongee; yard 3-L0
Our regular $2.18 Q-f CX
Imported Pongee, yd. 3iD7
Wool Suitings
$2.50 Yard
At the above price we show the
finest line of 42 and 45-Inch Wool
Dress Goods in the city. Don't
buy until you have inspected our
stock. Our prices are 50c to $1.00
per yard under market values to
day. 54-Inch Wool Jersey; all
colors, priced, the yard $4.00
House Brooms, Special 98c
Department Third Floor
Extra special offering Monday in the
Housewares Department. Medium size
Brooms with polished handles, selected
broom corn, extra well sewed. QQ.
While any remain, Monday; special wOC
Aluminum Steamers $2.95
Heavy quality Aluminum Combination
Steamers lower pan may be used for
broiling, upper as strainer, collender or
steamer. Very handy utensil. PQ QC
mil aim hi
Punch Cedar Polish
50c Size 25c
Punch Cedar Oil is unexcelled for
furniture, pianos, autos, floors, mops,
etc Regular 50c size. Spe- OP.
cially priced for Monday, at J
Priced very special in this sale
Aluminum Polish
Special 10c
Brillo Aluminum Cleanser and Pol
isher removes dirt and discoloration
instantly. Gives brilliant fin- 1 A.
ish. Priced special, at only J-V
25-ft. Length Garden Hose at $3.95
Dept., 6a b loor
Black Rubber Garden Hose of excellent quality with
seamless tube; H-inch size. If you need Garden Hose,
oDDortunity to get it at a good saving.
25-foot length with necessary couplings (noz- I0 QC
.1. flvir-iU nrippd Fnerial in this sale, at
Square Willow Office Baskets special, only 90
Cowhide Bags, Special $10
Dept. 3d tloor
Genuine Cowhide Traveling Bags in
18-inch size. Light weight. Black or
brown. Sewed corners; f ff
leather lined. Sale price D-LvfVU
Traveling Bags
Special $5.95
Keratol Traveling Bags with sewed
frame. Cloth lined. Shown in good
shade of brown. 17 and 18- r OPT
inch sizes. Priced special tDJJ
Fabrikoid Suit Cases, Special $10.00
-DUPONT Fabrickoid Gladstone f Matting Suit Cases of good qual-
Cases in 22 and 24-inch sizes. Black
only. These will give service equal
"to any $15.00 leather" Q- f ff
case- Anniversary Sale wlU.UU
ity with straps all around. Just the
thing to take with you to QO AO
beach. 24, 26-inch sizes OAuftO
Double Stamps on Cash Purchases.
Corset Sale
300 Women's Corsets, represent
ing a very special purchase, go on
a very special purchase, go on
sale Monday in the Basement.
R.W. Corsets
Royal Worcester and Miller
makes. High, low and medium
bust. Front and back laced styles.
Some with elastic top and elastic
insets. Pink and white materi
als. AH sizes 19 to 32. Q- ?Q
Basement Store special Ol. U7
Many of the Dresses in this lot
are from lines selling earlier in the
season at much more than above
price. Smart, attractive models for
street or afternoon wear. Novelty
high - waist effects, surplice and
draped styles. Made up in taffeta
6ilk, Georgette crepe and satin.
Good range of colors. J" Q QP
Priced very special, at wlOtJ
Dress Skirts i
Special $5
Second Floor Women's Dress
Skirts of taffeta, mohair and silk
poplin. Smart styles for street and
sport wear. Many have fullness at
waist and are trimmed with sport
pockets, novelty belts and pockets.
Plain colors and novelty QfT ff
plaids. Extra values, at DJUU
Skirts of silk poplin fashioned
with wide crush girdle or yoke style
with sport pockets. Some are em
broidered in neat designs at bot
tom, others are trimmed with but
tons. Black and colors. 1Q
On sale Monday at only D
Dresses of dainty flowered
Georgette, soft taffeta, Georgette
combined with taffeta and crepe de
chine. Charming frocks in many
delightful styles, including straight
line, draped, tunic and belted ef
fects. Many are beaded and em
broidered. Various col- fl?OQ QCC
ors. Priced special, at biOJD
Double S. & H. Green Stamps.
Odd Lines Georgette Waists
Special $7.49
from regular stock. Only one or two of ia kind.
Many novelty styles trimmed with ribbons,
laces, tucks, buttons, etc. Excellent t assort
ment of colors, including flesh. J?'7 ACk
Priced in Anniversary Sale at only
Middy Blouses $1.25
Second Floor Women's and Misses Middy
Blouses of good quality galatea in plain white;
also some that have colored collars and cuffs.
Belted and loose effects. Priced special, $1.25
Boys' 2-Pants Suits $11.85
-Anniversary Sale Special!
THE EXTRA PAIR OF PANTS practically doubles the life of the
suit. This is one of the best suit specials the Boys' Store has yet
offered. Parents who have boys to get ready for school should take
advantage of this sale. Made up in novelty mixtures mostly in dark
colors. Pants are full lined and coats are tailored so that they will
hold their shape. All sizes for boys from 8 to 18 years. I"J "I CC
Specially priced for our Anniversary Sale 2-Pants Suits D J--L0J
All Boys' Straw Hats at y2 Price
$12 White Boots
Special $7
Main Floor Women's White Nubuck Boots in laced
pattern, 8V4 inches high. Plain pointed toe, high cov
ered heel. A beautiful perfect-fitting boot JfT ff
for street wear. Regular $12.00 value; pair ' Uvf
$8 Pumps $4
M.BA CORSETS f .1.2.1
Sizes 23 24
Quantity 1 1
S7..tO CORSETS S3.75 .
Sizes 22 2 J
Quantity 1 2
tO.SIt CORSETS $4.75
Sizes 21 22 23 24 25 26
Quantity. .. 6 -8 12 - 9 8 3
11.00 CORSETS fS.50
Sizes 21 22 23 24
Quantity 12 3 3
14.00 CORSETS S7.00
Sizes ....22
Quantity. 3
Women's White Nubuck Pumps with narrow toe,
imitation wing tip, military heels. Soles and heels
of Vaughn's ivory leather. Regular $8.00 ? A ff
PiinriTis A nnivprcnrv Snip enecial. a Tiair 0VfVr
WOMEN'S White Canvas Pumps and Ox
fords with hand -turned soles. (PO 99
Pon.Ur 5 QS tmtAos thf Tiair DO00
Women's $5.50 White Sea Island Duck Boots, special, the pair $4.0O
Women's $7.50 White Nubuck Shoes with fiber soles, the pair $4.00
Package Goods
At Price '.
Second Floor Cleanup of odd lines
Stamped Package Goods Royal
Society and Artamo makes. Vari
ous articles in wearing apparel and
novelties formerly selling at 25c up
to $3.50 Monday 13 to $1.75.
Art Needle 'Models
At V2 Price
Embroidered Articles used as
models in our Art Needlework Sec
tion. Pillow Tops, Scarfs, Centers,
Children's Dresses, etc. Regular
prices range from $1.00 to $15.00.
Sale prices range from oO up to
JJl.oO Department, Second Floor.
Corsets V2 Price
$ 6.50 Corsets $3.25
$14.00 Corsets $7.00
Second Floor Discontinued models in Gossard Front
laced Corsets great many different styles for prac
tically all types of figures on sale at regular prices.
Sizes and Quantity
25 2S 27 2S 2A 30 31 32 33
254 463232
24 26 28 27 2S 29 30 3t 33
32 5. 321213
27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
6 6 2342331
2 27 23 29 30 31 32 33 34
23 24 25 26 27 2 29 32 34
Anniversary Sale of Furniture and Rugs
Double Trading Stamps With All Cash Purchases
Third Floor People moving into new homes or anyone
having need for furniture will find many splendid
bargains here in high-grade pieces for bedroom, for
kitchen, living room or library. A few specimens:
r$12.50 Odd Dining Chairs, priced special $ tt.25
$15.00 Mahogany Arm Chair, special now $ 7.50
$35.00 Jacobean Oak denim-covered Rocker $17.50
$30.00 Mahogany Rocker, tapestry covered $15.00
$35.00 Mahogany Rocker, tapestry covered $17.50
$80.00 Tapestry Covered Davenport, only $67.50
$50.00 Tapestry Covered Rocker, special at JR39.00
$125.00 Sateen Covered Davenport, special $99.50
- $39.00 Tapestry Covered Chair, priced at
$25.00 Oak Library Table, priced special
$17.75 Jacobean Oak Telephone Stand, at
$45.00 Mahogany Buffet, pleasing design
$26.00 Oak Dining Table, priced special
$42.00 Mahogany Dressing Table, special
$19.00 Fir Dressers, well made, special, at
$22.00 Oak Dressers in pleasing design, at
--$56.50 Chiffo in the beautiful ivory finish
$53.50 Leather Upholstered Davenport at
$64.00 Leather Upholstered Davenport, at
$15.00 Oak Rockers, strong construction, at
3Bi j
$40.00 Leather Seat Rockers at $33.75
$17.00 Oak Rockers, special at $14.50
$17.50 Oak Rockers, special at $15.00
$14.25 Oak Rockers, special at $13.75
$18.00 Oak Rockers, special at $15.90
SPECIAL NOTE We sell furniture on
the easy-payment plan. Ask about this at
the Credit Office, on the Fourth Floor.
All Porch Furniture
At Special Prices
-Oxir entire remaining stock of Porch
Chairs, Rockers, Settees, etc, will now be
closed out at substantial reductions.
. Furniture Department on the Third Floor.
Room Size Rugs
$18.50 Wool Fiber
Rug; size 9x12 ft.
$110 Saxony Rug,
size 9x12 ft.; special
$145 Chenille Rug,
size 9x12 ft.; special
$60 Seamless Ax
minster Rug, 9x12 ft
$75 Royal Wilton
Rug, size 9x12 ft.
$45.00 Royal Wil- QQr? Cft
ton Rug, size 6x9-ft. tJ tJf
$65.00 Royal Wil- CCC
ton Rug, size 8.3x10.6 J5JU. i O
$95.00 Hartford Saxony Rug,
size 8.3x10.6. Special- flJOJ rn
ly priced Monday, at DOi:.Jl
$35.00 Wilton Vel- (gO Kf
vet Rug; 8.3x10.6, at "
$50.00 Axminster QfO QK
Rug, 8.3x10.6; only &fOO