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21 98 Motor Vehicles Booked in
State Curing July.
Transfers Xumber 1741 Compared
to 1130 in Jnly, 1918 Fees
Aggregate $19,411.
KALE7M. Or.. Aug. 2 (Special.)
"Popularity of the automobile with
Oregonians is illustrated in the in
crease of registrations with the secre
tary of state from year to year. Regis
trations during tne month of July in
eluded 1851 new cars and 345 machines
registered in previous years but not
licensed for the current -year. This
makes a total of 2196 motor vehicles
registered in the state during- July,
1919, as against 1709 cars in July. 1917.
A statement of the transactions of
'the motor vehicle department of the
secretary of state's office for July,
'1319. follows:
1741 Vehicles Transferred.
Motor vehicles, 2196; motorcycles,
350; dealers in motor vehicles, 18;
chauffeurs, 216; transfers of motor ve
hicles and motorcycles. 1741; duplicate
license plate. 184,. and. additional deal
ers' license plates, 24 seta.
From these various transactions fees
for the month aggregated 119,411.
Iuring the month of July, 1918, on the
baste of the same rates, the total fees
collected aggregated $14,547. There
has been received as license fees and
ther fees in connection with the regis
tering and transfer of motor vehicles
and chauffeurs so far during the year
1919, a total of $362,251. During the
fame period in the year 1918. the total
fees aggregated $439,480. so that for
the year 1919 the fees show an increase
over 1918 of more than $122,000.
Eased upon the registrations from
this time on to the end of the year
during previous years, it is not un
likely that the registrations of motor
vehicles for the year 1919 will be 80.000,
tr substantially 17.000 more cars than
tnring the year 1918, when the total
numbered 63.325.
Traffic In TJsed Cars Large.
A feature in connection with the reg
i Sstration of motor vehicles is the large
number of transfers, which undoubt
sdly tends to indicate the traffic in
used cars. luring the month of July,
1918, there were transfers of 1150
motor cars and motorcycles. During
the month of July, 1919, the number of
such transfers was 1741, showing that
the traffic in used cars keeps pace
with the sale of new cars.
From and after August 1 of each
year the license fees for motor vehicle,
motorcycle and chauffeur registrations
are one-half of the regular fee. Dur
ing the months of August and Septem
ber a considerable number of registra
tions are made and licenses issued by
reason of the new models of the vari
ous cars being delivered.
A statement of registration for July,
1919. follows:
No. New . Fees.
Motor vehicle rMistxations.21!6 1S51 I16.::tU
-noiorcycie registrations... 3. Ml Jul
.Dealer registrations IS If,
Chauffeur registrations ... 216 164
Motor vehicles'............ 15 ....
!pTor'ycies to . ..."
Moior vehicle license plates 156 ....
J NU.torcyclo license plates... 16 ....
Iltealers license piatea .... ;
Chauffeurs' badges 7 .... '
Additional dealers' license
plates 24 .... 60
Total fees $19,411
Statement of motor vehicle registrations:
1U1S. 191,
Motor vehicle regis
trations (July). 2196 1709
Motorcycle registra
tions (Ju!y 150 113
liealer registrations
July) 18 2
Chauffeur registra
tions July 216 220
Fees received ...$ 19.411
January 1 to July 31
"Motor vehicle regis
trations 75,044
Motorcycle, registra
tions 3.250
Dealer registrations 5o4
Chauffeur registra
tions 2.603
$ 14.547 $ 9,815
Fees received .. r6'.251 439,4S0 $176,139
January 1 to uecemhpr Jl
JB?otor vehicle regis
trations JiTotorcv cle registra
tions TV-aler registrations
Chauffeur registrations
Fees receive. .. .4B1. 422 H9B.7S7 $146,254
Death Comes While He Administer
Holy Communion; Prelate Found
er of St. Martin's College.
A BERPEKX, Wash., A up. 2. (Spe
While celebrating mass in the
CTatholic church in Montesano yester
day morning anil beinp in the act of
jrivitisr the holy communion, Father
Wolfgang was taken ill and dropped
to the altar floor, dying" in a few mo
ment s.
It is supposed his death was caused
by heart failure, although co-workers
in St. Martin s college, of which he was
prior, state he had never complained
of any affection of the heart.
Father Wolfgang came from St.
Johns, Minn., 30 years aeo and founded
S:. Martin s college at Tracey, an insti
tution for boys. The funeral will take
place at the college and it is understood
his body will be interred in the college
Father Wolfgang was about 58 years
old. He was filling the pastorate of
the church at Montesano and at Elm
during" the absence of Father Madgan
in Eurooe.
Father Wolfganc: was well known to
mrn-bers of St. Mary's church of this
cit. He has celebrated mass in past
years when Father Quian was absent
from the city and a warm friendship
existed between the two.
Lawns of Velvet
Softness Are
Spangled With
Ferns and Flowers
AT this wonderful home we have
built above the river's verdured shore,
the trees, the flowers and growing
things have not been flayed by sum
mer's flaming sword.
SERENE, as beautiful they stand in
their God-given glories, as the day
when springtime's quickening song
brought them upward from an earth
which no unwholesome secret holds.
IT is incomparably the better way
this way which surrounds those in
niche and vault with things of beauty j
the way, too, which gives to the living
a place for undisturbed communion
with their sacred dead.
gyiSmNG HOURS DAM to5pm
Nora E. Christensen : Adam R. Cooke
against Alma A. Cooke: Emily- B. Mc
Keraghan against S. McKeraghan. and
Esther Carpenter against Addison
Farm tiife Appeals to Veteran AVho
Made Way of Crooks Hard for
Many Years in Portland.
After 30 years' service on the Port
land police department. Inspector Frank
Snow retired August 1 on a pension and
will forsake the hazards of criminal
hunting: for the quiet of his fruit ranch
near White Salmon, wasn., wnere ne
plans to move with his family.
n 18-S1 Snow sailed from Liverpool,
England, for Australia on a British
windjammer, stopping at Honolulu,
China. Japan and Mexico on the trip.
In the latter country he nearly lost his
ife from the deadly bite of a scorpion.
Afer wanderinpr on sailing ships he
came to Portland in 1SS9 and started
work as a longshoreman, but this occu
pation did not interest him, and in the
same year he became a member of the
police force here. He wore the uniform
of a patrolman for five years, his beat
being the north end district of the city.
At that time the town was wide open
and crime was rampant in this section.
Snow covered the ground now patroled
Alleged Forger Reported to Have
Consented to Return.
No word, either In confirmation or
denial, was received by District At
torney Evans or Sheriff Hurlburt yes
terday of the outcome of the habeas
corpus proceedings instigated in Fast
land, Tex., by W. H. Crawford, wanted
here for a $5000 forgery, as reported
by The Oregonian yesterday on advices
telegraphed to this newspaper from
press sources at Fastland.
Crawford is authentically reported to
have given up the habeas corpus action
which he started and to have consented
to return to Portland and stand trial
without further trouble, waiving ex
tradition. Deputy Sheriff Rector,
armed with extradition papers from
Oregon, should arrive in Texas tomorrow.
' f v ' i
! I v '
I f - 1 . ' 4
I . L f 1 i
I . - ' I
l - t - i
x 'k ; I
i L 11 A i
Frank Snow who lea-re polic
department after 30 years' err-ice.
His Hearing TVetored.
The invisible antiseptic ear drum In
vented by Mr. A. O. Leonard, which is
in reality a miniature megaphone, fit
ting inside the ear and entirely out of
Fitrht. is restoring the hearing of liter
ally hundreds of people in New York
city. Mr. Leonard invented this remark
able drum to relieve himself of deaf
ness and head noises, and it does this
so successfully that no one could tell
that he is a deaf man. This ear drum is
effective when deafness is caused by
catarrh or by perforated, partially or
wholly destroyed natural drums. A. re
quest for information addressed to A.
O. Leonard, Suite 113. 70 5th Ave., New
York city, will be given a prompt re
ply. Adv.
Phone your want ads to The Orego
lian. Phone Main 7070. A 6095.
by a dozen bluecoats, and was further
handicapped by the lack of a patrol
In 1S94. in recognition of his services
as a patrolman. Snow was promoted to
the inspector's bureau, where he has
been ever since, with the exception of a
few years when he was employed as
special agent by the Oregon-Washing
ton Railroad & Navigation company.
Inspector Snow was first assigned to
work with Inspector Jack .Kerrigan
After running down. a pretentious gang
of boxcar thieves for the railroad and
acting for Meier & Frank as house de
tective. Snow returned to the depart
ment, where he was put back on his old
job, working in conjunction with In
spector Thomas Coleman. Recently
Snow has been working with Inspector
Inspector Snow's specialty has been
the apprehending of safe burglars, hav
ing figured in almost every arrest of
this nature in Portland. He has made
a collection of "safe-crackers " tools,
which is on exhibition in th, curio room
at the police station.
tinier inspector Clark paid a warm
tribute to the veteran detective upon
his retirement, saying that he was one
of the best men the department ever
White Salmon Orchards Loaded.
WHITE SALMON, Wash., Aug. 2.
(Special.) The orchards of the White
Salmon valley promise 258 carloads of
apples, 25 of pears, 5 of peaches and 20
of cherries, apricots and other fruits,
according to the department of horti
culture of the state of Washington.
Apple orchards are heavily laden and
so far their fruit is in clean condition
and well sized.
Multnomah i
Hotel I
K ; Where Home Comforts 1 !
I Abound , ;
'b Portland, Oregon . - ! . j
The Multnomah tr!Te
to maintain & service that
in superior at prices that
are moderate. With GOO
luxuriously furnished
rooms, three ball rooms,
spacious mezzanine floor
and lobby, it combines un
usual facilities for both
home comfort and social
Have yon tried oar
famous $1.25 de luxe dinner
erred in the Oold room T
Eric V. naawr. Pres.
A. B. Campbell. Mgr. .
M :! ;!' ' B
A convenient, enjoyable
I home for the Seattle vis
itor, vocation e x c e p-
Stlon ally convenient to
trans portation and to
!! , wholesale and shopping
districts. Refined social
entertainment evenings:
one of Pacific Coast's
famous cafes.
Service Dodging by Marriage Dls
claimed by Schultz.
"William C. Schultz filed an answer to
the divorce complaint of Nellie Ger
trude Schultz in the circuit court yes
terday, denying that he was pro-German
or that he married to escape in
duction into military service.
Other divorce suits filed yesterday
were as follows: Katherine M. Brum
bach against V. E. Brumbach: Sibyl
Hughes against Thomas E. Hughes:
Hattie A. Shotwell against William W.
Shotwell; William Chrietensen against
Spend your vacation in
stop UATCI
AIIHE II W 1 bki,
On Gearr Street, intt Off Union Scrosxe.
i close to ererything worth while. Good
accommodations from $1.50 up. Breakfast
? 35c and 60c Sundays 75c). XiQnea 60c,
Sinner $1 (Sundays $1.25) . Municipal
car line passes the door. Stewart Motor
Bus meets principal trains and stcameri.
Those Splendid New Cane Suites Are Here
. A Large and Direct Shipment Has Just Arrived at Powers
CANE has increased in popularity
with each year of its use, and has
commended itself as most admir
ably adapted to the living room, es
peciallj, of the modern home. It is par
ticularly fancied by connoisseurs in fur
niture when used in combination with
mahogany, and such pieces have found
their way into some of the most beau
tiful homes in the country. Artistically,
cane suites are "de luxe" in home fur
nishing. We are calling special at
tention to these suites, because they
are as beautiful as any we have ever
displayed on our floors. They consist of
three pieces, a big restful davenport,
with rocker and chair to match. Made
of fine selected mahogany, upholstered
splendidly, fitted with loose cushions
and pillows, they are a delight to the.
ryes of the most critical. Choice of
William and Mary, Queen Anne, or
Adam period.
Priced Very Fairly
Choice of These $34.75
Dining Tables $26.85
Extremely good value is this
five-leg table built of selected
quartered oak, with massive
pilasters and good heavy base.
A table that will give good
service and at the same time
always look well.
For those who prefer the
round table, this is a good
choice, for we can recommend
it as a very well-constructed
piece of furniture. It has a
thick plank top, and a colonial
base, and will present a very
neat appearance in the modest
dining room.
Use 'Your Credit
1 i. E lie
Saves You Miles of
Why is a woman ever content
to walk miles in the doing of
her kitchen work, when this
one cabinet supplies space for
over 400 articles and puts
them all within arms reach?
It is such a foolish waste of
time, strength and energy to
do without a Hoosier cabinet
when its use would revolution
ize your kitchen work. Put
your kitchen on an efficiency
basis with this modern conven
ience. Buy it on almost any
terms you desire.
This Three-Piece Bed Outfit
Reduced in Price to $41.25
III- i im m m - ill
A chill-less, 10 - filler, full-size bed
A guaranteed metal spring
A 45 -pound mattress
If you value a pood night's sleep, here is your chance to insure one, for
this is as comiortaole a bea outrit as you could
possibly desire. The bed is built on plain, substan
tial lines that will make it a fitting1 piece of furni
ture for any bedroom. The spring" is a guaranteed
sapless metal one. and the mattress is made of the
very best felt. A "good value" combination at $41. -a.
Use Your
This $3730
Ivory Period Dresser
A beautiful period style in that most popular
ahdi ' daintiest of finishes, ivony enamel. A
dresser that will give you a world of service, for .
the ivory enamel is easy to clean and always
looks charming in any room.
Use Your Credit on Any
Selection at Powers
The Drudgery of Wash
day Will Fade A way
When You Install a
"Laundry Queen"
Washing Machine
We hunted a lonsr time and investigated
many models before we decided on the
"Laundry Queen" as the very best ma
chine we could get. and one that we
could truthfully advise housewives to
purchase. It is so well made mechanical
ly that it will last for years, and the
special feature that will recommend it to
a woman is that it both washes and
rinses the clothes. You can clean every
thing from bier heavy blankets and wash
rugs to the ligbter things of a woman's
toilet. Come in and see it and you will
be convinced of Its merit.
PA YMENTS at Powers
Powers Announces the Daily
Arrival of
New Rugs
After all, a rug is just about the most impor
tant thing in a room, for if it is shabby and
worn it mars the appearance of the whole room.
We are showing some splendid wearing rugs at
such reasonable prices that you can surely
afford to have what you need.
9x12 Velvet Rugs $39.50
Pay $4 Down, $1 Weekly
A Velvet Rug is very satisfactory for a living room,
for they come in such soft, rich colorings and, while
not too good for a modest apartment, fit in with the
furnishings of a handsome room equally well. These
seamless rugs, in small patterns, come in a choice of
four patterns.
9x12 . - Pay
Si?--345 $1
$5 Downt
It there is a better rug for all-round, long wear
than the Axminster, we don't know of it. and
these rugs are splendid examples. Woven in
small, unobtrusive patterns and quiet colors,
they fit into almost any room and any scheme
of furnishing.
The Best -Makes and Widest Assort
ment of Patterns at Powers
If your kitchen floor looks rubbed and shabby, put down new Inlaid or printed linoleum, and make
a pleasant, homelike place of your workroom. It is good economy, for a linoleum such as we offer here
wears a long time. ...
&41 cv
i ! . ... ' 1 -
This $29.75 Three-Piece Living- - Q Q
Room or Porch Set 3)1
A mighty good et in fumed oak'. Tbree pieces, all of generous size.
A nice looking Library Table, with a ehelf below for books; an Arm
Chair and a big, comfortable Rocker. The chair and rocker have pring
seats covered with Spanish leatherette. Good value for the money.
Priced Separately as Follows:
Table; $735; Rocker, $625; Chair, $5.75
You Are Welcome to
Credit on This
No. 7
Which Consists of
If vou don't know the fine finish, the
excellent cabinet work and splendid
construction of the Bunswick phono
graph, come in and hear it played. Its
especial feature is that it plays all
makes of records with a sweetness of
tone that is unexcelled.
Mill jH
Heat Your New Home the New Way
A-B Pipeless Furnaces
Thinking of putting in a heating system? Investigate the merits of
this one, which heats the whole house adequately from one register.
It is as easy to take care of as a stove, and you will find it very
Just Arrived! Big Ship- C
ment Various Sizes Ten
nessee Red Cedar Chests
Every woman likes a red cedar chest,
whether etae be a girl who wants to hide
her treasures away from the eyes of small
sisters and brothers; a bride who stores in
It her dainty trousseau, or the matron who
would keep her furs from moths. These
chests are real beauties, and their prices
are reasonable.