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County Bonds to Limit and
Now Seems Helpless.
trading of Six and On?-Half-MiIe
Stretch to Cost $157,000.
, Latent Resources Large.
Crescent City into Josephine county.
Oregon, and thence over the mountains
to Grants Pass. The $400,000 is intended
for the Grants Pass-Crescent City road,
California end, but there is considerable
sentiment in Crescent City to have
the money put into the development of
the road to the Curry county line,
where more business can be originated.
On the Grants Pass-Crescent City
road, a mountain affair, sharp of surve,
narrow and necessitating constant vigi
lance, the grade is within reason, con
sidering that an elevation of about
3000 feel is attained. The entire J400,
000 of California money can be used to
advantage on it. In Oregon the road
runs in part through a reserve and the
government will soon let & contract
for regrading Hayes hill for a distance
of two miles. J.osephine county, on its
own account, is also improving a- sec
tion of the road, so that there is hope
for the development of the 95 miles be
tween Crescent City and the pass within
a few years. But that doesn't help
Curry county.
Colonel May, Lieutenant Wal
lace, Captain Fisher, Chosen.
GRANTS PASS, Or., July 26. (Spe
teial.) Either the state highway com
mission must spend a big sum of money
to improve the one attenuated road in
Curry county, or it Fhould not spend
a. cent and leave that county to its fate.
Curry county is a poor member of the
family of Oregon counties. Save for
the one road, which connects with Ban-
don, in Coos county. Curry is isolated
mo far as Oregon is concerned. Also it
fs just as isolated as regards California
There is one department store in
Portland which has on its payroll more i
people than there are in all the 149S j
Biuarn miles of Curry county. Merchan- I
disc in this fame department store Is
valued more highly than the total as
sessed valuation of taxable property in
Curry county. Two-thirds of Curry
County is in forest reserve, and while j
this makes the county poverty-stricken!
now. the time will come when Curry'a
untapped tirnber will make it one of the
.Richest counties in Oregon. j
Road Job Costs J24.000 a Mile. !
There is in Curry county one road
. Sob, under the direction of the high
way commission, which covers a
Stretch of 61" miles, and the contracts
calls for ?157,00. When a road-grading-
. Job costs some $24,000 a mile it gives
an idea of the difficulties of construc
tion. To inspect this work and gain a
detailed idea of the road needs of
Curry county, R. A. Booth, highway
commissioner, and State Highway En
pir.cer Nunn have traveled through the
district from end to end. This par
ticular contract is from Hubbard
creek about 1 miles south of Port
Orford to Brush creek. It is consid
ered about the meanest part of the one
jroad through the county.
Curry county's one, lone road skirts
along the coast. Inland there i noth
ing but forests, mountains and wild
grame. It is estimated that 25 per cent
of the wild game of the Pacific coast,
such as bear, cougar and deer, are in
Carry county. Cougar are such raiders
that several sheepmen have quit busi
ness because of the depletion of flocks.
This road begins at the Coos county
line. In the north, and threads its way
eround and over mountains, almost
always within sight of the Pacific
ocean, until it strikes Del Norte county.
In California. Most of tne population
f Curry is in the north and south ends,
and these are thinly settled, so the
paucity of people between the ends
can be imagined.
Coos BuiHlittfC Good Road.
At present Coos county is making a
jrood road to the Curry county line,
for across the line in Curry are some
of the finest dairies in the state, and
the product of the dairies at Langlois,
Icnrnark and Zurawalt are freighted
out to Bandon. Curry county voted a
$ys,000 road bond issue. , which is its
limit. Half of this sum is to be ex
pended north of Rogue river, near
Coibin ridge (Arizona Inn), on a loca
tion to be made by the state highway
. commission, and money from the re
maining half of the bonds will go on
the road between Pistol river and
Brookings, where the road at times
attains an altitude of 2500 feet. The
settlements at Elk creek. Sires and
Euchre creek will be especially bene
fitted by this southern development.
Mr. Booth, after his inspection, ex
pressed himself as favoring improve
ment of the road from the Coos county
line to Cold Beach, but stated that
to develop properly it would require
such a large sum that other ccunties
would probably complain. Three hun
dred thousand dollars is a rough esti
mate for the development.
Curry County erdfd Aid.
It is impossible for Curry county to
Jieip itself. The population is small.
the property available for taxation
Email, and the county has voted its
limit for road bonds. It must have
outside aid. This aid must come from
the state or federal government. No
other county in Oregon would be more
blessed by the Roosevelt highway than
Curry county. Meanwhile, the coast
Jiiuhway on the state road map includes
the county, so, eventually, the state
will have to do more than it has done
for the reliof of Curry county. A mil
lion dollars will be spent for paving
the Pacific highway throigh Marion
county. Two-thirds of that eum would
probably be required to build a stand
ard state road through Curry, and that
jrould provide only for grading.
1 ort Orford cdar, which appears
Tike cheese and cuts as easily, grows
no, where else on earth except in the
rort Orford otiadrangle. This cedar,
eone of w hich was iiped for a I rplane
' St'k'iri "li'Mi of spruce, is cut into lm-
jnensc railroad ties. Some of these
ties eventually are used on roadbeds,
but many of the ties chopped out by:
the settlers are worked up into fur- 1
Tiiture with a good road, these ties
could be trucked out to Bendon, Co
quit le or Myrtle point, but now they
axe. slung in a, cradle and shot down
over a cable which runs from a high
cliff to a rock in the open harbor.
Vessels anchor under the steel thread
and picU. off the cradles of ties. A
port has been organized at Port Or
ford and a $20,000 wharf will be built,
but this only emphasizes the need of a
eui tabic land highway.
t-'lfthlnic Chief Occupation.
At Gold Beach, the only county seat
In the state which is not incorporated
there isn't an incorporated town in
Curry Judge YV. A. Wood conferred
with Commissioner Booth and Engineer
Nunn. Time was when there were 2000
persons at Gold Beach, whose chief oc
cupation was trying to extract gold
from the black sands, but now there
are but a handful of residents, most of
whom make a living fishing for or
against the edderburn company,
which owns all the land on both sides
of the lower reaches of the Rogue river.
This stream is like some women
beautiful, but whose beauty is spoiled
by a bad mouth.
Between Gold Beach and Brookings
the lone road ventures along the edge
of the ocean, with not a foot to spare.
The wonder is that there are not more
accidents. Under the most favorable
conditions it is a 10-miles-an-hour
road, but top speed for safety is five
South of Brookings, a saw to ill town
there is a good road to the California
line. In this section are the only red
woods in Oregon. It is a good road
on to Crescent City. Cal., which is the
southern market for Curry county. Just
r as Bandon, in Coos county, is in the
California May Seek. Business.
The object of Commissioner Booth In
crossing the line was to confer with
California highway representatives. In
the recent road bond election In Cal
Ifornia $400,000 was set aside for road
work north of Crescent City to the
Oregon line. The tourist route la from
Forestry and State Officials Are Cooperating-
in Efforts' to Pre
vent Blazes.
MEDFORD, Or., July 26. (Special.)
As a result of an investigation by an
official of the United States forest
service, W. W. Salsig of the Salsig
Lumber company, operating up Ander
son creek, pleaded guilty to a charge
of operating a donkey engine on forest
land without an adequate spark arrest
er. The fire started by the engine
spread over about 300 acres. Mr.
Salsig was fined $25 and costs today
by Justice Taylor.
A determined effort is being maae oy
the forest service, in co-operation with
state officials, to reduce the number
of fires by . prosecuting all cases of
negligence. During the past five years
in Oregon there have been an average
of 2000 fires each year. Between 65
and 75 pe cent have been avoidable.
Incendii ism has averaged about 50U
for each of the five years, or slightly
more than four daily for the four
months of the fire .season. The care
less camper Is second. The men burn
ing brush and slashing without a per
mit ranks third. About 200,000 acres
within the national forests of the state
were burned over during 1918, while
the loss to private timber interests out
side of the forests was 1,107,743,000.
Clearing of Title to Terrace Property
and Settlement of All Claims
Held Object of Suit.
Foreclosure of a $300,000 mortgage
on the Westover Terrace holdings, val
ued at $800,000, is sought in a suit
filed in the circuit court yesterday by
the Title & Trust company and John
F. Daly against the Westover com
pscny, Lewis-Wiley Hydraulic company
and International Realty Association of
The Westover company, it appears,
issued bonds totaling 300.000 in Oc
tober of 1913. -which were secured by
the Title & Trust company, which re
ceived a trust deed and mortgage to
the property on the heights west of
Portland, dated October 18, 1913. Of
those bonds, it is asserted that $232,000
are still outstanding.
The plaintiffs contend that payments
have not been made on the bonds and
demand interest at 6 per cent from
April, 191S; 2500 as attorneys' fees
and 2500 as trustees' fees.
The action is to clear up the title
to the property and settle all claims,
say the attorneys.
Elimination of Factional Differences
Expected to Resnlt Through
Adoption of Nevr Plan.
SALEM. Or., July 2fi. (Special.)
Colonel John L. May of Portland. Lieu
tenant Paul B. Wallace of Salem and
Captain Ben S. Fisher of Marshfield
will be appointed members of an ar-
ory board to have full charge under
the general staff of the national guard
of the maintenance of all armories
throughout the state, according to an
announcement made by Governor Ol-
cott this afternoon.
Colonel May, when retiring from the
office'of adjutant-general, recommend
ed the creation of such a board and his
suggestion met with the Immediate ap
proval of Conrad Stafrin, present adjutant-general.
The general staff of the
nattnal guard, at its recent monthly
meeting, joined in the recommenda
tions of the two adjutant-generals, as
serting that the nurpose of the board is
to outline and maintain a definite pol
icy regarding the maintenance and use
of armories throughout the state. It
is also proposed that the board shall
superintend the finances of each ar
mory, to the end that each may be made
self-supporting, or as nearly so as pos
sible. The selection of Colonel May. Lieu
tenant Wallace and Captain Fisher by
the governor has the approval of the
adjutant-general's office. Persons close
to the armory situation In Oregon be
lieve the creation of the new board
will not only do away with many fac
tional differences regarding their oper
ation, but will provide means whereby
they can be maintained and Improved
by private revenue rather than at state
Contracting Company Files Articles.
SALEM, Or.. July 25. (Special.)
Articles of Incorporation have been
filed here by the Western Contracting
Company. The incorporators are C. H.
Knowles. Bradley A. Ewers and A. H.
Smith. The capital stock is 5000 and
the purpose of the company is to trans
act a general contracting business.
Headquarters will be established in
Phone your want ads to The Orego
nian. Main 7070. A 6095.
Regular Army Officer W aui d Ji
Under Command.
HONOLULU, T. H., July 26. (Spe
cial.) Major-General Charles G. Mor
ton, U. S. A., commanding" the Ha
waiian department, desires and ie plan
ning a bigger and better natjonal guard
for Hawaii. He is now negotiating
with Washington, r. C, for arrange
ments, which, if perfected, will bring
the militia under his command.
This will solve the problem which
has been one of considerable anxiety
since the Hawaiian territorial legisla
ture practically cut the national guard
off its appropriation bills.
rt wsrea t.: i ' J
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