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    THE SL'.NDAV OliliGOMAX, l'OlflLAAD, JULY V50," . 1019.
Zeal of Dry Leaders Starts
Sportive Debate.
school, and encouraging student to do
research work.
Ban on TTse of Cider at Home Could
"ot Be Enforced, Declares .For
mer Presiding Officer.
WASHINGTON", July 19. Dry leaders
in the house gave notice today that
they would not permit any other meas
ure t6 obstruct the prohibition enforce
ment bill.
Representative Baer, republican.
North Liakota, who said he would not
raise -his boys in a state where liquor
was sold, declared that agitators who
were, trying to do away with clgarets.
tobacco, pickled peaches and the like, 1
were eoinsf too far.
"Out west," he said, "there is a firm
manufacturing near-beer which prints
on the label of each bottle the warning
not to mix yeast with the contents be
cause that would make it intoxicating.
Pretty soon these agitators will try to
have congress prohibit the sale of
yeast, and then we will have no bread."
Rutins Precipitate I'proar.
After the chair had ruled out ' an
amendment by Representative Fitz
gerald, democrat, of Massachusetts,
which would have permitted a man to
make wine and cider in his own home.
Chairman Volstead tried to close de
bate on tire pending section. An up
roar followed. A dozen members, most
of them on the democratic side, were on
their feet clamoring for recognition.
'If we were to be throttled in this
way. I make the point of no quorum."
shouted Representative Clark, demo
crat, Florida.
An amendment to extend debate 15
minutes was adopted, ,57 to 33. which
showed less than a quorum voting.
Mr. Cannon Warns House.
Former Speaker Cannon, who has
stood with the prohibitionists, warned
the house that it could not enforce a
law which said a man could not make a
barrel og cider at his own home or
drink. It.
The discussion got away from the
bill after Representative Dennison, re
publican, of Illinois, asked whether
every liquid was a beverage.
Representative Gard, democrat, Ohio,
asked Representative Walsh, repub
lican. Massochusetts, if Cape Cod clam
chowder was food or a beverage.
"It would be a beverage in Ohio," the
Cape Cod representative replied. This
was too much for Chkirman Volstead,
' and he had the house shut off debate.
House Bent on Action.
A fisrht to amend the provision wfitch
would require physicians prescribing
whisky to write on the prescription the
patient's ailment, was led by Repre
sentative Treadway, republican , of
Massachusetts. He said it was ap
parent that the house was bent on pass
ing the bill, drastic provisions and all.
but warned that the house was going
too fu.K in requiring that a person's
ailment be placed on record.
The amendment was defeated, 62
to 39.
Bammitt Bros. Contract to Sell 800 0
Pounds at 50 Cents.
Et'GEN'E, Or, July 19. (Special.)
Kiifht thousand pounds of hops, the
1919 crop on the farm of Hammitt
Brothers of Lane county, have been
contracted for by T. A. Livesley & Co.
at 50 cents a jiounil. according to an
nouncement made by Hammitt Brothers
Hammitt Brothers, whose farm is In
the Mohawk valley, hava 18 acres of
hers this year and a normal yield on
this field is IS. 000 pounds. Prospects
are bright for ijarge yield.
It is tfaid iio other Lane county grow
ers have contracted for the sale of
their 1919 hop crop.
Power Company Assures City, It Will
Care for Litigation.
TACOMA, Wash., July 19. (Special.)
Riparian righs on the LakerCush
man power project will be cared for
by George Tilden of tij Skokoralsh
Power company, so that the city of
Tacoma will not become Involved in
litigation should the voters approve a
$300,000 bond issue to buy the power
site in Mason county. Mr. Tilden told
Mayor Riddell today that ail claims
filed by people below the proposed
power site would be cared for by the
Tacoma voters will decide on th.
bond issue August 12. Interest on the
bonds and the principal will be cleared
away from earnings of the municipal
light and: power department.
Terms of Settlement Are Not
Known, Here in Detail.
Reports From International Offi
cers Awaited With Mncb Inter
est by Colonists.
Continued From First Paxe.
Portland Association to Present
Pleasing Number in November.
The directors of the Portland Opera
association. Mrs. Edward L. Thompson,
president, have decided to present the
von iotow operat "Martha." about the
month of November. "Martha" is
known as a light opera, but yet In the
grand opera clasH. It has facility of
expression. pleasing melodies, and
graceful instrumentation.
"Martha" is. wlh "Alessandro Stra
della." the best known of all von Flo
tow's compositions. He was born in
Mecklnburg.. Germany, in 1813 and
died in 18.? at Tarmstadt. Educated in
France and Germany, he was Intendant
at the court theater, in fcschwerin, in
1856. and was elected a member of the
French ins'titute in 1SS4.
Director of Relief tor Leave Europe
When Harvest Abroad Knds.
SEW TORK. July 19. Herbert
Hoover, director-general of relief in
Europe, will return to America as
soon as the harvest abroad is com
pleted, according to an announcement
by the American relief administration
today, telling of the arrival here of
Mrs. Hoover and her youngest son,
Allan, from California, preparatory to
sailing Monday on the Imperator for
Mr. Hoover, it .was said, also would
make arrangements for continuing
abroad the child welfare bureaus of
the administration, which are credited
with having saved the lives of 2,000,000
Marion County Commercial Organi
zations Join Forces.
SALEM, Or.. July 19. (Special.)
Kliminatinf? he tax on fruit juices in
order to remove a barrier which threat
eiiH to menace the development of the
industry will be urged by every com
mercial body an Marion county, accord
ingr to a resolution adopted by the
Marion County Community federation.
Action to repeal the tax will be taken
through Oregon's , representatives in
The Salem Commercial club hits also
taken up the matter of installing uni
form road signs in all parts of Marion
county. T. K. McCroskey, secretary,
has been selected to recommend the
design of sign to be adopted. Three
new communities joined the federation
at the last meeting, includin g Silver
ton. Aumsville and Scott s Mills.
French Military Leader Pleads Pre
paredness for War.
LONDON, July 19. "The next time,
England will be in the same position
as the last time she will not bo ready
and we will have to wait for her," is
a statement made by Marshal Foch of
France, to a correspondent of the Daily
Mail, which prints an' interview with
the commander in chief of the allied
armies today.
The marshal insists that T3reat
Britain should maintain large reserves
of military material, saying:
"That is one of the obvious and In
dispensable precautions V be taken."
Designation of Pershing and March
Lett With President.
WASHINGTON. July 19. Congress
will recreate the permanent rank of
general in the army and leave the
designation of the officers to have that
rank to President Wilson, subject to
senate approval. Chairman Kahn of the
house military committee said today
in discussing the president's recom
mendation that General Pershing and
General March, chief of staff, be given
that permanent rank.
Xo Dissenting Ballots In Bond Issue
Election for Plan.
PUOSSER. "Wash.. July 19. (Special.)
The election calling for the issuance
of $1500 in bonds for the erection of a
school building six miles northwest of
this city in the section better known as
the Grandview pumping plant district,
passed without a dissenting vote. Little
interest was manifested, only 24 votes
being cast.
Work will be started at once so that
the building will be ready for .occu
pancy September I. The school will
serve soiije 34 pupils residing in that
pratnPI vlll f aal a.Ai.nan-tiu u 1
. ...":..." i
In his telegram to the electrical
workers Mr. Donovan advised member
to return to work, with the assurance
that if demands are not granted an
other walkout may be arranged. Some
of the workers expressed the view
that latest developments will be found
a ruse to get strikers back to work
until such time as telephones pass out
of government control, after which the
companies will ba free to take such
action ii theydeem proper. This view
was not general among the men.
The telephone employes, according to
Instructions from San Francisco, are to
return to work under the scale guaran
teeing a minimum of IS per day for men
and tit per week for girls, which scale
became effective June IS, and was an
nounced here the day the operators left
their switchboards. Electrical workers
art not informed as to re-classification
of men, they said yesterday, but
said they were satisfied the reclassifi
cation, would not cause any of their
number to work for less than per
General Confidence Felt.
The fact that the two western" dele
gates to the Washington conference
had been ordered to stop off at Spring
field. III., en route has led to the belief
here that retroactive pay and other de
mands are assured.
That the feeling of the workers Is
prevalent in other quarters is shown
by a letter from W. K. Woodward,
chairman . of the state conciliation
board, to Governor Olcott. expressing
thanks for prompt action taken in re
sponse to appeals made by the board.
It says:'
"Thanks are due you fofyour very
prompt action in the matter of the
telephone strike. The morning paper
brings news of a form of adjustment
which. If true, does not in any way ap
peal to my persona V conception of the
rights of the men and women who are
out. However, resumption of work, even
under unsatisfactory conditions, may
lead to later and better consideration."
Owine to the sudden turn of events.
the mass meeting that was to have been
held in central library hall last night
was postponed Indefinitely.
Force Quits While Talk or Settle,
nient Is Discussed.
BEND. Or.. July 19. (Special.) De
mandiug a minimum wage of $2 a day
for apprentices, with a $4-a-day wage
at the end of two years' training, to
gether with stipulations for a six-day
week, telephone operators at the Bend
exchange left their switchboards at 6
o'clock last night, and service in Bend
was paralyzed all night and today.
The strike was called following the
arrival of Miss Klnora Hlldabrand. or
ganizer from The Dalles. In regard to
reports in Portland papers that the
coast strike, of which the Bend walk
out is a part, is virtually over. Miss
Hildebrand declared that no attention
would bJ paid to any reports other
than those coming from union head
quarters in Portland. Miss Irene Roney,
president of the union, in presenting
the case of the striking operators, said
that they were asking for nothing but
a living wage.
Belllnghain Girls Hesitate.
BELLI NO HAM, Wash.. July 19.
Striking telephone company electricians
and operators here received official no
tice this morning from International
officers at San Francisco to report at
work Monday morning at 8 o'clock.
Telegrams were sent to the interna
tional officers asking for more par
ticulars. No decision . -s been reached
by the local workers as to whether
they will follow the instructions received.
Tacoma ex-Banker Gives Liabilities
of $55,000; Assets of $12,377.
TACOMA, Wash., July 19. (Special.)
W. H. Pringle. former manager of the
Scandinavian-American bank. Tacoma,
filed a voluntary petittion of bank
ruptcy in the federal court here today.
Mfs liabilities are given as $55,000, In
cluding secured claims of $12,230; un
secured claims of $24,550. and accom
modation paper of $18,900.
His total assets are given as $12.
377.21, including real estate, $5700;
household goods. $500; debits due on
open account, $300: stocks and bonds,
$500: insurance policies. $1980. and
property claimed to be exempted,
A. L. Mills and H. L. Corbctt to
Manage Campaign for l unds.
The Harvard endowment fund coi
mittee has appointed for the Oregon
division of her campaign for upwards
of $10,000,000 two joint chairmen to
manage the big fall drive in this sec
tion of the country . They are Abbot
L. Mills and Henry L. Corbett of Port
land. Mr. Mills graduated from Har
vard in 1881 and Mr. Corbett in 1903.
Throughout the country. Harvard's
alumni are being: organized to assist
in the work of raising the fund which
will be used in increasing the salaries
of the teaching and administrative
staffs, in " improving her equipment.
Widen in if the scope of her professional
Legislation on Living Costs Pre
ferred to Inquiries.
WASHINGTON, July 19. Housewives
are rather "fed up" with congressional
investigations of the high cost of liv
ing and would prefer enactment of
remedial legislation. -Miss Jessie Haver,
legislative representative of the Na
tional Consumers' league, wrote today
to Representative Tinkham of Massa
chusetts, who has introduced a bill ap
propriating $:t0,000 for a nation-wide
inquiry into living costs.
Order During Impending- Strike
Must Be Maintained.
ROME. July 19. (By the Associated
PrpK, instructions concerning Dubllc
order must be carried out scrupulously
and with firmness.
The government will not show In
dulgence to transgressors and will hold
weakness as a guilt, says a circular let
ter sent by Premier Nilti to all the pre
fects in the kingdom, concerning the
general strike which has been called
for July 20 and 21.
Ottawa Strike Settled.
OTTAWA, Ont.. July 19. The Ottawa
street-car strike was settled yester
day and the cars will be running on
normnl schedule todsv.
Kpworlli Meeting Closes.
SEATTLE. July 19. The Beventh an
nual Epworth league institute of the
Puget Sound conference will close at
Redondo tomorrow.
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