The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, April 21, 1918, SECTION FOUR, Page 9, Image 61

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Convention Called 'Here for
Next Month to Take Up
Defense Problems.
X.. 3. Simpson, President of Pacific
Coa Defense League, Explains
Important Scope of Big Con
Tentlon Programme In May.
Since its arsatsst activity to data has
keen la tha direction of a comprthm
aiva system of military highways for
the defense) of tha Pacific Coast, the
J'aclflc Coast tfnse Lue which
of lighter construction which will
serve the purposes of rural mall de
livery and light auto truck travel, but
which would never carry tha heavy
traffic of modern motor transportation.
"Such a system of military highways
would hare to be planned as carefully
as the grade of a railroad, with due
regard for grades and curves and other
points which might lessen their ef
fectiveness In any great work of trans
portation. Greater Fe4 Pradaetlaav.
"One of the things that would Im
mediately result from their construc
tion would ha a far greater production
of foodstuff, as thousands of acrea now
given over to browsing cattle or not
producing at all. would become gar
dens as soon as It could be demon
strated that foods produced could be
brought to the market economically.
In our Journey through Central and
Eastern Oregon wa find that the great
need today, aa for years back. Is better
roads, a need which through the possi
bilities of greater food production and
military security gives ample support
to the alma of the Pacific Coast Defense
"The' same situation prevails In oth
er states of the Pacific and the plan
would link well with the development
which California has under way and
which Is projected In Washington."
Cnder Recent Government Ruling,
Factory Is Closed to Public.
DETROIT, iflch, April 10. The Ford
Covey Motor Car Company Is
First to Employ Them.
They Are Paid Same Wages as Their
Men Predecessor and They Earn
It, Declares Manager Critten
den, After Careful Test. '
Score again for women's rights.
Women can vote in Oregon, they can
sit on juries, though they don't have to,
they can run elevators, and now they
can work in garages, and are doing it.
Probably all the automobile concerns
In Portland will come to it soonor or
later as the men are called away to the
Army, but the Covey Motor Car Com
pany Is the first big firm to ernplay
women in its garage.
Three weeks ago last Thursday Mr.
I I . . mm ....... 1 .
The new method of loadlnc automobiles for rail shipment In a tilting nonition. as Illustrated In the photograph.
was Inaugurated by the Oldnmobil manufacturers to conserve freight cars. Three to four can be loaded on a freight
car In thia way. where formerly two automobiles made a load for the freight car.
meets In convention In Portland May 14
and ti, will devote a great portion of
Its programme at that gathering to
the study and discussion of allied prob
lems which must be considered In an
a.lrquato vtem( of defense for the
slates of Washington. Oregon. Cali
fornia. Idaho. Montana, Nevada, Utah.
.Amona and New Mexico. The Portland
Chamber of Commerce Is making tha
The big thought to be driven home
to delegates and the public at large
through this convention is the abso
lute ncetty for a comprehensive sys
tem of defence for the Pacific Coast,
according to L. J. Slmneon. president
of the league, who on a tour of Kat-
rn Oregon recently traveled over
roads which would form part of the
military defensa highway.
. (iavermaseat Asked te Take Part.
"We expect Washington to take A
hand in tbia meeting "said Mr. Mlmp
aon. "TVs have turned the whole pro
gramme over to the IJovernmenfa mil
itary authorities and expect several
speakers who will represent the tpv-
rnment In the discussions.
"We will take up those matters that
would demand Immediate attention In
the event of military activltlea along
the Coast. By that I mean the relation
rf an adequate system of defense to
the production of war necessities and
the handling of a system of defense In
time of hostilities on the Pacific.
"The programme will cover the sys-
tern of military highways to which the
league first gave Its attention, and
marine bases and the general fortlfi
cation of the Paclflo Coast.
"line of the principal discussions will
ISe on the system of proposed National
military highways because wa believe
that this Is the first step towards the
realisation of any of the other plana.
such as the aero patrol, the mobilise
tlon of heavy armament and other proj
ects to give the greatest security,
miliary Highways Seeded.
"We realise today In our work of
Spruce production for the Government.
In the handling of foodstuffs and other
war supplies that a system of military
IVghways is the first requirement, for
without dependable, constant transpor
tation none of the other projects can
f ind 4hctr place.
"it la expected through this meeting
ef education to bring to the attention
cf the public the Importance of the
:Aker-Polndrxter bill, which calls for
an estimate and survey of this pro-
pesed military highway system.
"The Mayors and Governors of every
city and state of the Pacific Coast will
be urged to attend and also to appoint
as many delegates as they can Interest
in the projects. From early returns to
Invitations It Is expected that the con
vention will be well attended.
"1 belteve that once the public real
izes the importance of this work, there
will be strong public sentiment for a
System of military highways. We
know that the greatest work of the
Kuropean war has depended not on
guns, on forts, on battleships and all
the marvels of modern Invention, but
en good roads, roads able to transport
the mobile batteries cf great caliber
which never could have been moved
over roads unable to bear their weight.
"We realise today that batteries of
Such heavy guns w hich could be moved
from point to point are greater Security
than hundreds of forts along the Pa
cific, especially In view of the fact of
the great number of plsces'where land
ings could be effected In the shoreline
ef the C"ast.
Rawd Seatlaaeat Arawaed.
"We have nkade some headway In
ewouslng public sentiment for auch a
vstent cf roads In this rart of the
state." said Mr. Simpson, of his recent
tour of Central Oregon. "We left The
I"lles over what would be part of the
third or food line of defense In tha
proposed military system.
"We found It a road which had just
opened up for the season, in the main
good enough fur ordinary auto travel
but not to be considered In any depend
aula plan for emergency movement of
heavy freight or hundreds of vehicles.
"Through many months of the year
It would be impossible to move the
lightest of vehuilea over stretches of
these roads.
"ttosae of these roads, especially from
Central Oregon back to the Kaatern
prairie section, are soon to be Improved
as Govsrnment post roads, which from
their aante may be Inferred to be roads
Motor Company closed Its doors to all
visitors today.
For a number of years tha huge
Highland plant was tha mecea for all
people coming to Detroit. And due to
this fact It was the privilege of the
Ford organisation to maintain a cour
tesy department. which furnished
guides, who were familiar with all
phases of tha Industry, to anyone and
everyone that dealred to go through
their Immense plant. The records of
the company show tbat people from all
parta of tha world visited the factory.
The officials of the company ex
pressed their regret that it was neces
sary to discontinue this courtesy, but
as it is a rigid rule by the Government,
It la entirely beyond tha powers of the
Ford Motor Company.
When You Tow.
When you are towing another car, or
being towed, take especial care to
warn pedestriana who might fall VP
see tha tow rope and pass between the
ears, says Milestones. If the cars are
stopped In the dark, additional caution
muat be exercised to avoid accident.
The courts have held that the motorist
Is bound to warn pedestrians under
such circumstances.
Gasoline Licenses In Kngland.
Tbs new series of gasoline licenses
used In England will rover a six
montha' supply of fuel. The licenses
are In the form of a book of vouchers,
each voucher entitling the holder to
one gallon of gasoline. Should tha
motorist want 20 gallons ha must de
liver to the rente man ?0 vouchers.
Covey put three young; women to work
In the garage. They were Norma and
Carrie oraey and Annie Anderson
They donned men's Jumpers and over
alls and got busy at once, cleaning au
tomobiles, shifting them on the freight
elevators from one floor to another,
greasing them and doing general ga
rage work.
They not only have been busy ever
since, but they have been busy so ef
fectively that Jack Crittenden, sales
manager for Mr. Covey, who Is in
charge of things while Mr. Covey is
visiting the Cailillao and Dodge facto
ries In Detroit, trying to get more cars,
says their employment is a proved success.
"We pay them the same wages that
we paid men doing the same work.
said Mr. Crittenden. "And they earn
It. They are bright, intelligent, effi
cient, and they take a real interest in
their work.
'About the only concession made to
them because they are women is that
wa do not have them wash cars. That
would be a little too hard, perhaps,
though if men continue to become
scarcer and scarcer. It may even come
to that.
They do the chamois work In clean
ing cars, however, wash windows, wipe
off the dust, see that the cars are
greased and otherwise ready for ser
vice, and do gekieral garage work."
A Word to the Wise Save $552!
The Eight-Cylinder Oldsmobile
After May 1st, $1750
Present Price, Immediate Delivery, $1695 at Portland
Broadway and Couch.
of Oregon.
Phone Broadway 2270
Earns $168 In 26 Days.
In the first 1 days Jordan & Buck
ley cleaned up 1468 with a motortruck
In their express business. They are
located In Salem, N. J. The Maxwell
truck Is used hv this firm.
Famous Motor Vehicle Made by lnter-
natleaal Harveatee Comsaay Give
Good Service Here.
A good many persons do not know
that one of the biggest manufacturers
of farm machinery In the world, th
International Harvester Company of
America, Is also one of the biggest mo
tor truck manufacturers In the world.
The International Harvester Com
pany Is the manufacturer of the famous
International truck, which is handled
in Oregon by the Portland branch of
the company as state distributor. R.
W. Henneman, at Ninth and Couch
streets. In tha local dealer.
The International Harvester Com
pany has a production schedule for In
ternational trucks, and has had for
some time past, which calls for the
completion of one truck every nine
minutes at' Its big factory. But so
great has become the demand for the
International truck that this schedule
is to be speeded up still further so that
one complete truck will be turned out
every seven minutes.
Some of the biggest mercantile com
panies in the East use fleets composed
exclusively of International trucks. L.
E. Dlers, general manager of the Port
land branch of the International Har
vester Company, says one company In
Chicago alone has a fleet of 600 Inter
nationals. The International , truck comes In
four sizes, -ton, 1-ton, 1-ton and
2-ton, and In seven different styles.
The first International In Portland
was bought about two years ago by
the Wilhelm Transfer Company, and it
and another one added later have per
formed such fine service that Mr. Wil
helm is going to add a third Interna
tional to his small fleet
The International truck Is noted for
its sturdiness and its accessibility. It
has an interna! gear drive rear axle.
The custom of handshaking
back to the time of Henry II.
AaenW J-uWAiie
The best connecting link between producer and consumer
is the Bethlehem Motor Truck. The dependable, powerful motor, the
frame super strong, the internal gear drive, the plus quality in every working
or supporting unit has made Bethlehem the choice of hundreds of Motor
Truck buyers who know and demand Motor Truck performance. Put it
up to a Bethlehem Dealer.
H $1295
11 Too
F. W. Vogler, Pres.
Some Dealers' Territory
Still Open.
Northwest Auto
Company, Inc.
Broadway at Couch Street
C M. Menzies, Mgr.
eWsrsVisiiiMi i nssiaai nasi n is nisui ft- il lesi jnrfr n wa wiieia.rtf i tiyd.Ra'iWIII u-.tuflLM
Bone Dry
Every Still Better Willard Bat-'
tery that comes out of the factory is
made and shipped dry. This abso
lute dryness is your guarantee that
the battery has not lived a part of
its life before you buy it.
For every battery begins to age
from the very minute the battery
solution first touches it. But
when you know that the battery
you buy is bone dry Up to the
time you buy it, you can be sure
that you are buying a brand new
Still Better Willard Batteries
cost more but they're worth it, both
because the "Bone Dry" plates are
your assurance of battery newness
and because the Threaded Rubber
Insulation also means increased pro
tection to plates' and prolongs effi
ciency. Ask about the Still Better
Willard the next time you call fof
your regular battery test.
Auto Electric Equipment Co.
Bnrnside at Sixth
f i t I
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