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Dfiiin nrr norn
ii. nun
SUIT FOR $2,800,000
Ex-Cz2r Defendant in New
York Action; Russian Prop
erty Is Attached.
BoIbTik Idea of Mufltn tb officers
to ih rinks anff eleetinc nesr. ooif.
Ambassador Franrt Cam Draw Only
IIS Weekly Front Bank I'nlll
rnllrd tliM Recognise
blmr Political Taly.
MT1V TORK. Fb. . Cnder th
las of Nr Tork Slit, no ruler of
a foreign nation ran b ud whll h
remain In pot but thla Immunity
when fci authority U ottr
thrown, accorrtln to a decision today
by Justlc Beneulct. la tha uprni
Court. aalot Nicholas RoniooII. for
mer Empror of Russia.
la a suit acalnst to former Em
peror for IJ. . for breach of con
tract, the Marine Transportation Serv
ice Corporation obtained a writ of
attachment against certain Russian
property found In Idle country.
LOXDOX. Jeb. J. Tha Bolsherlkl
government, acording to tha Petrv
arad rorrenpoadent of tbe Time, baa
adopted another method lo cumpl for
el (a (uvernmenta to recognls It.
Bank fmrndm Held la.
The Bol,belkl are refunlnar to per
mit Brttieb and otber foreign em
is and consulates to draw on
jm deposited In Russian banks until
tha Bo.shevlSl gorernment I allowed
tf hava complete dlr"aj of J.ussia
facets In tha Us us, of England,
WASHINGTON. Keb. 3. Ambasador
Trend and memo re of hie ataff In
J'etrea-rad are aMured of li rubl
aer Mrwa a week, according to Infor
nation which haa reached the flat
Impertinent. The ruble la now valued
t approximately 1 cent.
Treat l Already Heaened.
Tha Ambassador reported to the
Stat Department at the time the
bank were cioeed In I'xtroarad tbe
difficulty he waa bavin In drawing
money placed In ona of tha banks to
hie credit and Ibat he waa attempt
In? to xtabuh a credit at Vladivo
atolc No report of any new order by th
Kolehertk government closing credit
to Ambassador Francis and otber
diplomat at tba local banka ha been
reported, t tha department.
tun .rrE.iL to wilso.n
Kcqarsa. Made tic rk ma a and Oold-
aaaa B heal to Kaaala.
NEW TORK. Feb. 2. Oregory Weln
atetn. BreeiUnt of the Russ;aa Sncie-
tiea. waa authorised by the conven
tion late today to send to President
Wtlaon a telegram protesting against
the inltiM sentence" passed anon
btu lioldmaa. Alexander He r k ma u
and two other Russian cltlaona. and
stating that the convention "demands
their immediate release) and permission
to return to Russia."
The telogram read:
The first convention of Russian cltl-
ens la tha I'ntted States assembled
tteetboven Hall. New Vora. protests
aaaiast tha ualust sentsnc passed on
Russian cinasna. Emm (Soldman. Alex
ander Berkman nnd Keeker and K ra
wer, and demands their Immediate re
aad permission to return to Kus-
Maolc 51iowe ' Foorljr ratronlird,
Evrn In Time of frmvr.
BOSTON". Feb. 2. Judicial notice of
the tact that ' grand opera In Boston
nsver was a f lninria.1 success. evn
when autxldued In peace timei by the
Utr Ifben U." Jordtn. wa taken by the Ckut today in dismissing
claims fr ennuic tiled by Walter M.
Smith, a musician, and Edoardo Fer
rari Kontana. a s'.nscr. asainst the
Uoston opens Company In bankruptcy.
"I am ol the opinion."" tbe referee
held, "that If grand opera could hardly
be a success In peace time even
thouah subsidised It wa rendered Im
possible by tbe existence of n universal
acrid war. and therefor feel that a
public calamity over which tha party
had no control should terminate lu"
Skagit County Ilrgl.t rant. Residing
at Oregon City Surprised.
ORKROV C1TT. Or Feb. I. Spe-
claL Clifford T. BurtU formerly of
Mount Vernon. Wash., a registrant of
tikactt County, wondertn why the lo
cal board of hi home town didn't aend
him his questionnaire, wrote up for one.
Hum waa genuinely surprised to re
ceive word that he had been called to
service last Summer, had failed to re
ceive the notification and had been re
ported In aa a draft evader.
Iturtt appeared before Ir. Mount to
day, waa found to b sound aa a dol
lar, and will leave Tuesday for Ameri
can Lake.
Administration Measure to Be
Reported to Both Houses
During This Week.
Fund of $500,000,000 to Pay Dcfi
denotes and Provide Addition.
Facilities Is Important Feature
of Pending Legislation,
At i Arid ftorkman and Km ma Cold
ran, narrh.-ti. nnrrn1r1 at lb
t piled (Caia aUarnhal' offif br to
dAjr la coroplianrt with a Kdrl Court
order igrtiti hr ytrdjr a a re
sult of tft drctmon of tb tnited Mat-
duprvm Court afftrtrn tha coavit
lion of tt two on a rrtara of mn
plrin to tnt-rfer ith tha oprratiun
f fh awtVrwKTt l TV!'f Uw.
Whn tha to arri.d at tha Federal
build i nr. thr found that t'nited Mtatea
3tt.rahal MrC-rthr bs attendina the
fmeral of Iniiad M-to rVnator
lluch'S In New Jersey and pendtnv bin
fturn they w era ordered confined in
tha Tombs rnon here nnttl Monday,
when they will Mart for oenttent t:trte.
rterttraan's rounacl went befora I'ntted
fttataa Judaa Myer. before whom
t hey war convicted, and onjrcted to
the procedure. de-j,rinc bt client
wera betn porsocuted and ehould re
main at liberty on until Monday
ar ba started at one to serve their
Judce Maver said he bad no rtrht to
InterNre with the MarKhnl's platn. and
denied a mot ion intended to keep lb
defendant out of the Tombs.
A plan to mak" the RitMian co-n!al
ron&rffa, now In ia-tioa here, a prr- '
rianml ui.n of all Kuiana Iiviuk In !
t I'nitcd sttmf. to b- known ae the
Kutan Colon- in America, m til t
submitted to the defecates tomorrow
by th rommittes on resolutions. It
wa announced tontchl by (irenorT
Viastin. who tm uil to b a trutd
friend of Ueia Trotsky. For-
icn Minister.
ivtral iieUcates declared tonisht
that It I virtually certain th plan
ill be adopt-d
It was admitted that the ceneral
movement to conHltdatc th Hueeians
la this country la in th Interest of the
liMh-vik I government at ivtroacrad
and is probobly rarrtrd on with full
k now Idre and a net ton of Korclicn
Mimeter Tro-sky. who is beir.s: duly in
(tirmrrt f what l tklna place her.
L'nof f trUU) it wav at ted toniuht
thai tha prorniine to be put before
th eonr nmrrmw in luHa mas
ttrvs for tha? attmaion of cd !. t ion a I
orportunlti of Kuau rhi Idrn in
tfM l'nitd Slate, the It t Tfaa nf Int
mu rttn from Kut after th war.
aad plan for th civ.l and ori w i .
lrrmml of Hueaiaiia who ofn to th
I nite4 Sta-t to make thrlr hoin-
C1T OK KtM.At lltV OCl'
Important )lotr of Army of IS. 000
Pull-alt IsClsianalrrs AnnoMnml. j
rt.rn. -nr. n. vv. i. Th e-ni-of-
fcl na jtKn r it W rrrt-i
f'-m Mhi that - lolh lcion-
r romrctntl'i bv !olih t:rftlw.
wif thastf ataff. bat ore upt-d th
r. of Koaaciwv 1 2 m ! suth f
M'.htev. in to r.foa of th tntetr
To fat f th PoTl-b Tardo n-r
pmhri of th ernf itnttonal d-mo-rfatk-
party and othr conn ter-revoitt
tirn.rict who hart ba arrrata-l and
bl't aa boetac d-pnd oi tha sur
render of h rU In Uoaru.-hew.
Aout 4S. iN.lisb tro-p in th
T.u4iaa army who hive maintained
taeir unita intaMt In faca of t J tel-
a rranaiiion iwjurwB anl who
fcav a uprr) a datre to return from
I:tto4ia t Is". and bat teen atd by
a iermaa o'i ,--cti'n to the plan. r
sranv haa atwiaiutaly refused to perrrtt
tate repatriation.
Th-M trrtota are etilt command- b
i-ir o-d oXt.var. feat-iaf re.iairj to 9
New York Banker Makr Gift of
$133,000 to l nlTcrsil jr.
NEW TORK. Fab. X. A. Carton Hep
burn. New York banker, haa made a
gift said to amount to USS.voO to tha
Imperial 1'nlversitr of Tokio fur th
foundation and endowment of a chair
In tha study- of th constitution, his
tory and diplomacy of th United
State, according to announcement to
day by th Eaat and West New Bu
reau. Tha money waa presented to tbe unl
rersity. It waa said, through liaron
Shibu.oawa. the Japan financier who
recently Tlssted this country.
Swiss Tape Arrt City Is "A boot
to Be) IC"Mi-oj-cl."
RICHMOND. V, Feb. J. According
to a letter received here from Mrs
Adrlenne Kastello at Geneva, fwltzer
land. newspapera of that city recently
published article saying "Richmond,
Ya-. la about to be destroyed."
h wrote relativca her to ascertain
whether they were well and th city
still Intact. According to air. Kastello
th capital of Virginia waa among th
American cttlea mentioned aa being
doomed to destruction.
Mra. Ilostello gav no detalla.
Paal K. NrtllU k A, I for UtIiis
In A-toria's liar red Zone.
AST,f:iA. Or.. Feb. 2. Special.)
Puul K. NadlU'k. a irerman. who has
ben realdinic within the barrd lone,
was arrratd bv the Federal author!
tta-s today. Ned. Irk produced bis flrat
ctuaennhtp papra. taken out here four
years a so, and two liberty bonus b
bad purchased.
lie a I wo told the offlrs h Is ready
and wllltna to fiaht any country to
protet America. It Is expected that
Ndlt-k will b releaa.-d on condition
that ba mora out of the barred sons.
Tevion Olia-trlned When H-NherlLI
Seise Roumanian Gold.
THE HAGIE, Feb. 2. Tb Vienna
Neue Freie l"rese reports that the
amount dt irold blontttnc to Roumania
hat was siad by the UolAhevlkt was
valued at &u0.i0i fran-s.
The new-paper addi that the authort
a In Vienna and Itcrlln attach (treat
mportance to the confiscation becauee
he Kuumantan stats it old reserve Is
the chie-f sruarsntee for the Roumanian
dbt owed to the central powar.
Clatwp Court luc Order Subjm
lo At(ornc-GcncraI"s Approra.
ASTORIA. Cr Feb. !. fSprclal.)
The County CmSl'hu mul an order
ncressltig the snl.-iry of ea-h deputy In
the Sheriffs, t'ountr lrk i and As
sessors offices by f a month.
Tins, beiore becominv effective, will
be submitted to the ftate Attomey
C.enersl to see if the court has the au
thority l make tbe advance, as under
the state law the salary of a deputy
official Is fixed at 110" a month.
Hood Ritrr Aids HoMrss House.
HOOD RIVER. Or, Feb. I. (Spe
cial.) The counrr drive for a ItOO
quota of th Y. W. C. A. hostess hour
funtl. conducted this week In charge
of Mrs. Truinin I.utler and Mrs. L. s.
Alneaorth. closed tonight with $17
oversubscriptions reported. Canvassing
teams declare that they were met
cvcrwhere uh a hearty Response. It
is expected that the oversubscriptions
a ill be further Increased alien reports
ar-ve from r.mfl'n 1titHi-lt
WASHINGTON. Feb. aThe Admin
istration railroad bill, limiting the
period of Government control of the
railroads and providing for compensa
tion to the stockholders, will be re
ported to both houses of Congress next
week. At tha urgent request -of Di
rector-General AlcAdoo Administration
leader will make every effort to ex
ited 1 1 passage of the measure.
Te Senate Interstate commerce com.
mirtee voted today to report the
measure favorably Monday with
amendments limiting Government con
trol to IS months after the close of the
war and giving the President power
to Initiate -ate subject to appeal to
the Interstate Commerce Commission.
The committee's action was not
unanimous. Senators Cummins and La
Poilette. Republicans, announcing that
they would submit minority reports.
The House committee, by a vote of
15 to g. approved an amendment pro
viding for termination of Government
control two years after peace Is de-
clsrsH rhiirman fllmi lte an-
nounced that his committee would com-I
plete consideration of the measure
Tuesday or Wednesday and that he
would ask unanimous consent for Its
Immediate passage.
Fear Aasradaseata Offered.
Four . amendment to limit the time
of Government control were offered In
the House committee. One by Repre
sentative Kiel) fixed the time at one
year after th war; another by Repre
sentatlve Barclay at three years; i
third by Representative Parker at IS
months, and the fourth by Reprcaent-
atlve Montague at two years.
Chairman Sims vigorously opposed
the two years' limitation as adopted,
declaring that It would affect the val
uation of railway secdritles.
Representative Montague Insisted
that at least two year would b re
quired for the railroad Interests to ad
Just themselves after the war.
Those voting for the two years"
amendment were Montague. Rayburn.
foady. lie wait. Snook, banders. Ksch.
Hamilton. Parker of New Jersey. Par
ker of .New York. Wlnslow. Dillon.
Sweet. Stlaess and Cooper, and those
voting against It were Sims. loremug.
Stephens. Bark ley. Decker and Dale.
t'aaaaeaaatlaa Basis Ktaad.
The Senate committee left unchanged
the original provision in the bill fixing
the rate of compensation on the basis
of the annual railway operating In
come for the thre 'year ending on
'June 39. 1 1 7. and the iiouse commit
tee also la expected to agree to this
provision, which wa suggested by
the President.
Amendments forbidding increased
compensation to roads based on Lheir
earning or surplus accrued during the
period of Government control and put
Into the property were accepted. The
section authorising the President to
purrhas and construct canals waa
amended so aa to permit only of their
The section providing for an appro
priation of to be used as a
revolving fund from which to pay any
deficiencies that may result or to pro
vide for additional facilities wag re
tained by the Senate committee- Tha
fund would provide the Government
with working capital for tha operation
of the roads.
r.srller Ret ar PrwvMed Far.
In providing for the termination of
Government of control 1 month after
the war. the Senate committee further
amended the bill so aa to authorise the
President, if in his opinion necessity
for further control should terminate, to
relinquish supervision over all roads
before that time.
Discretionary power to determine
up to July 1. 11. wnat roads are nec
essary In th Government operation
plan also Is placed in the President, but
sfter that time h could not exclude
from Government control any road
without it consent.
The amendment authorising the pres
ident to initiate ratea permits an ap
peal either by the carrier or shipper to
the Interstate Commerce Commission,
which la to Inveatlgata and determine
their fairness.
This section and the one fixing the
time of Government control were blt-
terlv debated In th committee and.
owing to the wide differences, an ad
justment was effected only after tb
questions had been submitted to a sub
Every Stale Railway Board In Coun
try May Be Put Out of Business.
OMAHA. Feb. S. The Missouri Rail
way Company has Just filed a petition
with tha Nebraska Stat Railway Com
mission, which. If sustained, will put
every state railway commission In the
country out of business.
The petition ask a rehearing of
recent order of the commission fixing
a basis for the distribution of grain
cars, and declares that all powers, rules
and regulations of th State Railway
Commission have been superseded by
order of W. O. McAdoo. director-general
of all railroads. The application
Will be heard next Tuesday.
'Continued From First Psge.).
iudustrles are not spending their earn
ings on real estate. They are putting
them into safety deposit vaults that
portion they do not lose on tbe street
or Invest In liberty bonds. It is said
that there is not a vacant deposit box
to be obtained in all Seattle.
There was in other days the man
with the get-rlch-quick scheme. There
is no chance for him in this boom.
The proletarian is getting rich fast
uouch to suit himself without calling
in assistance.
The place, where dollars once flowed
over the bar and exhilarating refresh
ment was taken In return is no more.
And In this connection, it may be said,
the dance halls and other dens of
vice that aroused the Ire of General
Green and caused the ban on Seattle
for (Camp Lewis soldiers was prob
ably merely a concession to hungry
spirits that could see no other way of
getting in on the worker's prosperity.
These dens were not there particu
larly to catch the dollar of the unwary
soldier. The soldier gets but a dollar
a day; perhaps he allots half to depend
ents and puts $6.50 or so a month Into
war Insurance. Tbe soldier was just
small fry. He had only a dollar or two
to spend.
Real Flh la Shipyard.
The real fish waa tha fellow who was
getting 6 a day up in the shipyards
or in the ship fitting shops. It waa not
the soldiers spending money that
caused Seattle to clean up and make
It possible to lift the ban. It was the
sentiment that cut deep, and Seattle is
proud. Soldiers now get over from
Camp Lewis, a few on Wednesday when
the soldiers have a half day off. and
another few on Saturday afternoon and
Sunday. Leavea from a cantonment
are harder to v obtain than from an
Army post. Hence on sees probably
no more soldiers In Seattle than one
does in Portland.
In the absence of a real estate move
ment, saloons, dives and other drags
upon accumulated savings, the ones in
Seattle who are profiting most from
the unprecedented Industrial activity
are the established merchants, the own
ers of smalt rental residences, proprie
tors of rooming-houses and owners of
safe deposit vaults. It may be a healthy
activit', but It does not seem like a
real boom to one who has seen other
As already Indicated, it has brought
down some troubles on the head of
Seattle. The most pressing, quite likely.
Is the transportation problem. The
20.000 or more workers In the ship
yards pour out at quitting time upon-
First avenue, the sore artery that leads
up town whence other carllnes extend
this way and that into the. residence
Car Service Demoralised.
First avenue is a sort of defile that
cannot adequately take care of the
swarm uf workers. Streetcars run on
an average of better than one and one-
half a minute in the rush hours. Men
sm-arm all over themi They pay fares
if they feel like It: If they don't feel
like It. the company can go somewhere
and sneexe. Probably the company gets
most of the fares In the long run. for
most of the men must transfer uptown,'!
but the Jam of car demoralizes service
throughout the city. Serious, conserva
live citizens assert that the traction
system has broken down.
Vet, with its overload of fares, the
traction company has appealed to the
Public Utilities Commission for tbe
right to Inaugurate a -cent fare, and
the City Council is preparing to combat
the application.
Tbe company's case, as those vho
speak for the company state It, is that
It cannot use all Its equipment because
It cannot get platform men to operate
all its cars. It has other equipment on
the way and haa no prospect of being
able fully to utilize it. It cannot get
platform men. because Its wage scale
Is below the going scale in employ
ments requiring a similar degree of
skill and training. It cannot raise
wages, because a 5 -cent fare does not
yield enough revenue. It cannot pro
vide additional trackage or loops or
other means of handling traffic, be
cause It cannot get the. money, and It
cannot get the money because Its
revenues do not Justify further invest
ments. Maar Solution Offered.
There have been conferences held by
various Interests in which several
forma of relief have been proposed.
One is operation of ferries from the
shipyards to the uptown docks: an
other la an elevated railway system;
Beautifill Snow
and the
JUST as we were congratulating
ourselves that King Winter had
passed us by, lo! he comes and
leaves his card on every doorstep
leaves as well a Northland crispness
in the air that sends us scurrying
along the streets with quickened step
and brighter eye.
If the hitherto mild weather made you
hesitate about buying a new Overcoat, you
need 'wait no longer. You'll find here
overcoats in abundant variety of fabric,
pattern and model overcoats that laugh
at King Winter, even though he send an
icy blast from the very portals of the
Tomorrow, then, men come in
and let me show you the exceptionally
attractive and worthy coats that I
can sell you at
$15 $18 $20 $25
--Overcoats are shown on the third floor.
Let the elevator bring you up.
another is operation of steam trains
on the railroads during rush hours.
Ona might think that there! would be
resort to Jitneys. But jitneys are few1
in Seattle. There is a state law re
quiring' a $2500 bond the same bond
that is required by city ordinance in
Portland. A tew rattletraps are
operating as "free -buses" and thus
avoiding tbe bonding law; a few ethers
seem to have secured bonds.
One would reason that a pronounced
traffic congestion would make it pos
sible for bonded jitneys to operate
profitably. But it has not worked that
way. It may be that there is more
money to be made at other employ
ments. Still, while the traction com
pany is short of men. there are said to
be 1500 laborers waiting for jobs in
the shipyards, and on the other hand,
there are women driving taxicabs and
there ' are women elevator operators
In several office buildings and depart
ment stores.
Whatever may be said of the street
car company's other plaints, the labor
shortage so far as it is concerned,
seems to be actual. Men obtained stay
with the company but a short time.
A period of service on the platform en
titles one to a union card and a card
gives a man a better chance of em
ployment in the shipyards. The com
pany has become a clearing-house for
shipyard workers. Its older employes
spend much of their time drilling new
men. who get off their routes and oth
erwise, out of greenness at the work,
blockade traffic still further. Disci
pline among the company's employes
has deteriorated. Stories are told of
motormen smoking cigarettes while on
duty and of occasional drunkenness
among conductors.
These are but storirs told to me. My
own observation of discipline and effi
ciency is confined to that obtained on
the one streetcar ride Into an unfamil
iar part of the city. The motorroan of
whom I inquird a direction, was par
ticularly courteous and well informed.
He was even so accommodating as to
point out the most sheltered part of
the open platform, for. a cold north
wind was blowing.
Pertinent Unery Raised.
Naturally there Is some speculation
as to why, when the streetcars are so
crowded with passengers; why, when
It is necessary to change the opening
time of places of business so the usual
rush .and the workers' rush, will not
occur at the same hour; why, when so
many nickels are rolling in. the com
pany cannot afford to .pay better wages,
thereby get more men and operate
more equipment.
There is without doubt a boom on in
Seattle, but as already written It is
like no other boom that Seattle ever
heard of.' Those who have the money
are wary, and there are a lot or lnsti
tutions. like the traction company, that
think they should by rights 'get more
of it thsn Is coming their way.
For my part I would not ask any
thing better than a monopoly of snuff
in the present state of affairs in the
city of Seattle.
Wave Engulfs Two Children.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb.. 2. Milton
Apac, 10 years old, and Mario Bisalli,
9. were swept into the ocean today by
a wave as they were fishing7 off a point
known as Land's Gnd. and drowned.
Ernest Apac, Milton's brother. 18 years
old, also was washed
but swam to safety.
off the rocks.
Insurance Certificates Distributed. ,
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. The distribu
tion of Government insurance certifi
cates officially was inaugurated by Sec
retary McAdoo. Sergeant Larry L.
Meadow, of the Engineer Corps, and
First-Class Teoman M. J. Crum, of the
Navy, received their certificates in Mr.
McAdoo's office.
This Year p,an jout
i plantings choose
Varieties for food value and productiveness.
Strive for big returns.
Our standing of over a quarter century as
Northwest Guarantees that
We can
Serve You
to i our
Profit and
"BUCKEYE" Incubators.
Standard Brooder Stoves.
Diamond Poultry Foods.
LEE'S Foods & Remedies.
Special Catalogs
POULTRY supplies
Mailed on Request.
-. i iii r riis. jjMsssasMsM -.wmmmixm?K'mF':iP'&S5m
&f for Cataojfla. sso
A Well-HMwa Aetrvaa Tell Mw t
Darkea l.rr Hair With a Stsspl
llOla) Mlatare.
Joieey Williams, th well-known
Amer'.a-an aitress, mho was recently
playing at the Imperial Theater In St.
louts. !, made the following state
ment about gray hair and how to
darken It:
"AnroM ran prepare a s. mix
ture at home, at very littl cost, that
111 darken gray, traked or faded
hair, and mak It ajfl and glossy. To
a half pint of vaur add 1 ounce of bay
rum. a small box of Barbo Compound
and i cane of glycerine. These In
gredients ran b bought at any drug
tor at very little rot or any drug
gist can put It up for you. Apply to
th hair twice a ek until the desired
sltd i ehtalned. This will mak a
grv-hrr4 person look J year
younger It does not color the scalp.
Is nt aift kr or greasy add do not
rat off. Adv.
IliiiiiitiitiiiiiiiiiiitiiittiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiHiiiiiiuiJiiiiiiiitiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii imiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiniimimiiiiiiiiiimimimii-
1 If you anticipate purchasing a Victrola in the near
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Don't Let Your Truss
Make Operation Necessary
Operation for rupture would hardly ever be heard of if it weren't
for the mischief done by elastic and spring trusses.
OTHER STORES San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Los Angeles, E
E San Diego E
Mighty fw people ver hare to be oper
ated on when firat ruptured.
But wearing makeshift truura year after
year is sooner or later almost sure to make
work for the surgeon.
You know that from your own experience
you know'Vou're worse now than a year
ago probably getting worse all the time.
If you keep on that way, how long will It
be before you'll have to undergo a dangerous
and expensive operation?
Aren't you willing to let us prove by a
sixty-day demonstration -how you can save
yourself from all that?
Especially when you can make this sixty
day test without having to risk a penny?
60 Days' Trial to Prove
How Good It Is
Hero Is something a sjmwited rupture
holder which has saved thoutcinda of peopie
from ever having to be operated.
It has so thoroughly proved itm merits that
we are willing to send it u 60 day' trial.
We'll make it especially for your case
make it to your measure and practically
lend it to you for a test.
If it cannot be made to keep your rupture
from coming out or from bothering you in
any way. then it won't cost you a single
No Leg-Straps No Belts
'Simply write for"" our free book that will
tall you everything you want to know.
It shows how our guaranteed rupture-holder
is made on an absolutely new principle.
How it instantly and automatically protects
you against every strain so .your rupture
can t oossioiy oe rorcea ouu Ana now in
j addition It provides the only way ever dis-
is the real euie of rupture.
The book tells how our guaranteed rupture
holder the famous Cluthe is so beneficial
that physicians in all parts of America now
reueiamad it instead ot advising operation.
How It has completely eured thousands of
people whoie cases seemed almost hopeless.
How it does away with the curse of belts,
leg-straps and springs. How It is perspira
tion -proof and will hold in the bath. How
you can try it sixty days and how little il
costs if you keep it.
This Book Free Is Full of Facta
Never Before Put in Print
This book sums up all we have learned
about rupture during nearly half a century
of experience
Shows just why elastic and spring trusses
are the1 ruptured man's worst enemies.
Exposes the humbug "appliances," "meth
ods," "plasters." locks, etc.
Explains why operation is always danger
ous and why, even if you manage to live
through it, you may have to keep on wearing
a truss.
It shows why sixty days trial is the only
safe way to buy anything for rupture and
how the famous Cluthe Automatic Massaging
Truss is the only thing you can get on such
a long trial because the only thing good
enough to stand such a test.
Don't fail to get this book with a Hat of
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