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Oregon to Raise $150,000 for
Armenians and Syrians.
Plans Are Outlined.
Every Dollar Subscribed to This
land Will Re Distributed Cnder
Direction or Reliable Agents.
Workers Are Named.
Tfc first na la ths big humanitarian
drive for Armenian and Syrian relief
L. Lhm; r!u:uBL Mrs. E4sra4 C.
Cj!ia Team I. Vra Char RVaSdlas
arorKar. am. W. H. llifkAV. Mr. I - J
Kwinni, Mra. Everett Am.. Mrs. lsrcl
iioatiau Mrs. u. A. Lrra.o. Mrs. R. r.
I1 Mrs. liearr Ta:. Mr. A. K. Moody,
Vrv Den.1 eVi.lard. ViH kV4rr CuI,
K-as n-s . Mrs. A. C. KcVictu,
a. w. Mcaiirk.a. Liaind Kias
Capreia Team i Mr. C B. llmniH:
Jo.-asr. Mrs. rrmok Xsse. Mrs. Ue.ter
ju..a. Mrs. j. c Eat iih. lira. Kaipb rn
Mnaoo. lira. Gwrif K'at. Mrs. K. H. Me-
e..,eier. Mrs. .ier J. Cook. Mr, r. J.
lobes. Mra. r. W. Camp. Mrs. W. a Hid-
nea. Mtas i'atsry S!eart. Mrs. Willis Dunl
ajr. Mrs. & E. lMwui lira, litwii Tar
Captain Tun (. Mrs. Blaise R Smith:
workers, airs. Feaioa. Mrs. Lraell
Baksr. aliaa Katnerm Be.:. Mrs. Mclwu-
rl. Mrs. Anhar Chance, il.-a. P. p. Itner.
Mrs. rrtdtnra Cookmsa. C N.e Vt'lMitr,
Horace M.4-K .a. Mrs. Charles Smith.
Captain T..ra , Mr. W. C. Alvord: work
er, iirs, John A. Bell. Mrs. C D. Brunn
Mrs. M 1.11am D. Wbeelwricht. Mrs. F. H.
Karsm. Mrs. I. II. Amos, Mrs. W. II. Mar
shal;. Mrs. W. H. Mrs. Klrby.
Mrs. Clarence Carry. Mrs. Frederick A.
Klehl. Mrs. Warran H. Knltr. Mra C. J.
Sml'.n Mrs. M. U. La mood.
Captain Tram 5. Mrs. Ladelc Hlrsch:
workers. Mlas Ssldi Krlendl. Mrs. frrUer
Irk Selier. Mrs. W. C Bristol. Mrs. E. L.
Devereus. Mrs. Stemana Ot'.enheimer. Mrs.
A. E. Usrsnall. Mrs. Max 8. Hlrs-h. Mrs.
Isidore Koehiand. ' Mra Charles K. Berf.
Mrs. June koeentad. Mlas Ellas Obardor-
ter. Mrs. Edaris rVeuoradtar.
Cap-am Team a Mrs A. U. Fish: work
er. Mrs. C C. Colt. Mrs. F. A. rrHmu.
Mrs. Jobs O. Clamson. Mrs. C C. DarkM,
Mra Core Joseph. Mrs. K E. Htney. Mra
Emit StruDlere. M.M E. Padmore. Mlas Jes
sie FarrelL. .Mrs. Andrew Porter.
Captain 7, Mrs. Robert Strong
Judge -Tazwell Is Exonerated
in Grand Jury Report.
tnrntri Dorrultzer and Ditchburn made
these charges against me In Judge
Kavanaugb's court. I went personally
to the grand Jurors and asked them to
conduct a thorough probe of my court.
1 told them that If 1 bad done anything
for which I should be censured I would
gladly step down and out-"
Investigators Find That Jurist and
Conrt Attaches Are Capable, Con.
scieotloos and Enthusiastic
In Their Efforts. .
in J .v.nln at Hotel I srork.r. Mrs. Morris Whitehall. Mrs.
" I rrssk Fey. M
rortland. when tne emecuil commit-
t. Af tha Portland division of the
ra C. II. Da vta. Jr Mrs. E. C
Hhevlin. Mrs. A. D. Noma. Mrs. J. B. BII-
aerbacB. Mrs. H. A. Marsent. Mrs. Eander-
. , r- , l,nl and i OB K"'- ,r Arthur Snerwood. Mrs. Carl
.u... .v-.. - I too ytft. Mrs, wi li.m Isds. Mrs. Georso
Syrian Keuet. ail omcers. tuaimui.
and workers, numberinc about S2i, will
Complete exoneration of an charges
against Juvenile Judge Taswell and at
taches of bis court was given by the
Multnomsh County grand Jury In a spe
cial report submitted yesterday to Pre
siding Judge Ksvanaugh. Tbe Investi
gation was Instigated by Attorneys
John Ditchburn and Paul Dormitzer
following a controversy during the
pendancy of a Juvenile Court action
against George Huffenmlller, aged la.
who was accused of stealing an auto
mobile. "That Judge Taswell and his assist-
Alleged Bootlegger Decides to Stand
Trial Before Circuit Court.
BAKER. Or, Feb. 2. (Special.)
Dave Rombougb. who recently plead
guilty to the charge of bootlegging,
withdrew his plea of guilty and entered
a plea of not guilty, through his at
torney today electing to stand trial at
the coming term of Circuit Court.
Frank Polltta. indicted by the grand
jury on the same charge, yesterday
was arraigned and plead not guilty.
Al Turner, another alleged bootlegger,
pleaded net guilty also and will be
tried at the coming term of court. The
trial of William Hays, charged with
the larceny of sheep, will come up at
this term of court, which opens next
C. R. Gibbs of Portland, With Can
adian Troops, Killed In Action.
OTTAWA. Ont.. Feb. 2. The follow
ing names appear in today's casualty
gather tor a banquet In the grill at I
o'clock. This meeting will be presided j
over bv Wells Gilbert, aeneral 'of the I
drive, and there will be a number of I
addresses of an Illuminating character.!
calculated to arouse interest and an-1
thuaimsm In the drive.
Some of the speakers will 6 rrosa I
out of town and there also will be short I
talks bv native Armenians. The pleas
ure of the evening will be heightened I
bv a somber of selections by Waldo I
lav1s. tc chime player, who won fame I
at the pAnsma-Pacta? Exposition, .ana I
there wilt also be spirited patriotic and I
coDular songs by a male quartet. The)
working Dlan of tbe drive will be ex
plained In detail so that workers will
'be ready to go out Tuesday morning I
fully fort! fled on every phase or mill
big mercy drive. As In past drives, the!
workers will assemble with their cap-I
Ain each morning for Instructions, all I
starts being made from Hotel PortLand.1
headquarters of the committee.
Owaoa-a 4 4a La f I Je,aex
America is asking at thia time for a I
f-ind r as a Winter fund fori
the lurtlr c Armenians and fyrlana I
Already larce sums have been forward
ed and are now in the bands of the I
missionaries who ar dispensing money.
fout and clothiog- Oregon's quota Is I
Slee ps. Of this enm Portland expects I
to raise Si.. Former drlvss nave I
one "over tbe top" with ease, yet I
none ha pul.ated with the heart throbs I
of butchered men. outraged, deraenteo I
women and starving children, as does I
this one. The Intelligent, systematic I w.atwonh. Mrs. Willlsm L. Brewster, Mra
manner In which the preliminary plans I uersid beeb.
4'ataia Tja s. Mr. Thomaa Cerrlrk
Burke, vorker. Mrs. ioeta:d fciT-ocer. Mrs.
Walter Kendall. Mrs. Ward Whit.. Mr.
(Lore. T. .rllnrr. Mrs. Walter aloit. Mrs.
rrank Smltn. M.-a Kelly Reea. Mrs. Waiter
F. Mrs. E. W. Laaail.
Cartels Team s. Mrs. Horn McTialr.: Mrs. Georg. N. -woo4y. Mrs. H.
A. t r. Mra. Selins Rlttesbers. Mrs. Harry
Ca'emaa Mra H. . tlprate. Harry A. Hob
arts. Mrs. it. H. Matters. Mrs. F. H. Mad-
dee. Henese Ju:yn.
Captain Team lo. Mlaa Jn Mamaon:
vorker. Mra. Ado'pb Khrfiom. Mra. lmmm
Mill. MWe J.aa M.rkensie. Mlaa EllaaMth
H.oer. Mum Rutb SHull. Mra. Alan Graea.
Mrs. F. B. Kennedy. Ml Mvriaa CItroa.
i M i ! . i 4 I
Ctl titer-at r- sVaTuOr-ZKeS
ev j4a
Coon&vTi Cn j JDvt's t on.
have been made promise wcli for the
surcese W th. drive.
redrick T. liysksll. who heads the
publicity committee. Is responsible for
the slogan of the drtvew ire-eavtng
week." which has been worked out
thousands of miniature paper l.fe pre'
servers, which will b used ss aviver-
tiaamenta Merchants were aupplled
with stickers of a novel design, which
tbey tied oa all aavelopes In which
their January bills wers sent oat. Doa
ble rows of pennants strikingly let
tered, etreetcar f eaters, a series of
movie 111 ma. buttons and badges are
all to be need In calling tha public's
attention to this great causa. A novel
indicator for the return, emphasising
tbe "save a life' Idea, ts being erected
a the Po. toff ice block.
Speakers Carry J
nerrnaB K. Hall. - chairman of the
speakers' bureau, has already had a
number of speaker, appearing before
men's and women s organisations. lra
G re ham School Children Arrange
for Demonstration Tomorrow.
The students in
Feb. I. CSpeclal.
the Grevhara Public
11 K. M. atmrtrh. for it years a resident I Schools have completed plana for a big
of Turkey, spoke nine limes in Pert-(thrift parade Monday National Thrift
land last wetr and Rev. it. K. Parou-I day If the weather is favorable. The
nagiaa. a native Armenian, was heard
on several orcasiona Mr. Parounagian
is speaking today It. tbe First aietho.
diet Kplscopal Clisrrb at the morning
service and at the iunnysiie Congre
gational C hurch at the evening service.
m al-rcay he sddreesed th- Civic
league snd the clubwomen's luncheon.
Mreet speaking w.U be a feature of the
The terrible condition In Western
Asia is one that words fall to express.
rilled from their home, robbed of
their possessions, wanderers In a deso
late lanl. starving by tens of thou
ascds. their only hope for the barest
necessities of life Is In American char
ity. There now are :.H 0.000 survivors
among the men. women snd children.
ana in saaition evo.eoe orphans without
home, without clothing and without
tooa. une missionary wrote that ah
had food for 7i but that e crowded
about the mission crying for bread,
freventeea rente a day. or li a month,
will keep the body and soul of one of
utess neipiess rerujees together.
Freaidest laSoeweo Drive.
Thl. la one of the three great war
ejrtvee wmrn rreddrnt Wilson has Mr.
sonally Indorsed, the other two being
the Red Croas and the Y. M. C. A. Rvery
eloiUr contributed roes for relief, the
entire overhead expense being borne
oy private individual
parade will start from the school
grounds at 1)1 P. M. and It is ex
pected that there will be fully :o
school children and teachers In line.
with drums, flsgs and banners, carry
ing messages designed to show the im
portance of thrift and the loyalty to tbe
Government of Oresbau s school popu
Many o fthe students now are owners
of thrift stamps and a large sals la the
schools is expected.
Baker Floneer Dies.
BAKER. Or, Feb. S. tSpeclal.
March Howell, an old-time pioneer,
passed away at 10 o'clock Thursday
night at his home In Prairie City. Mr.
Howell had been sick with pneumonia
few daya Seven children survive
himra. two sons, Custer and Jsck; Mr.
J. 1 Tureman. of Prairie: Mra C p.
HalghU of Canyon Citv; Mra W. A.
King, of Butte. Mont: Mra A. L. Dab-
cock, of Halfway, Or, and Mra Bert
Huberts, of Bend. Or.
Faneral of Banks Slan Held.
BANKS. Or. Feb. . (Special.) The
funeral of Georgo William Herb, who
died, at the home of P. J. Vanderxanden
'in Monday, was held at Roy last
The expenae of Wednesday. The Interment was In the
the PortUnd campaign Is being carried Verboort Cemetery The" deceased was
on By three Portland n;rn. Cleveland a Macrabee and a Forrester. Hs leaves
ft. IKxIce. ew Tork banker, has con
tnbuted to the operating ex
penses ot tne .National work of the com
mittee. The distribution of funds and
supplies la in the bands of reliable
Following Is ths couplets orsaaisa-
iwii iw tne onve:
ti-e-ral. sre::s Gilbert: aide. A. Ativan
. ..... siseaaers- eureau. Sherman R
II. I: caalraian ladastnai committee, w. b
rx.pes. sas-r-u peblKltj. Frederick T.
M.n.l sea'e drrtsMa. Jnhm T. Deusa.-t.
apcala Katary riat team. E. l (UniN
' sijua rwMril. Frank
" II". i art t. !Milir, F. A. t -osiead.
l- f. We'aer. A. r. Hoimbee l w. otto.
eraca v r ww j . it s.iearee.
Captain Ton and Board team. K
X U lelir; .rur. J o. hi red. M K.
!. a. J. r... Ile-m.a .a Bor-.
aa.-to" U The:er. Hieaaaa Wnrocaoibe.
N A. rVtedv
Paif Musemah C:tiS team. Jen A
Lee. aj.rkera. . . fitASton. . w. Haaka.
A. M l'?ir-fii.i. A.raa r'nai,. c. fx i...
la. W. D. MunilnstA. C. U. iMNa.
aptala af .No. . J .he F fih:ia.
"'r. JfS'S l'r-ai.o, w. J. Mast. -von.
J -aa D. JIurrN-. rtaak J. Rlnr-taa. Harry
rv.--re, I'-j.,,,. a. il 4. H. U. W. M J.rkeM. r.Ic.r ""Hnson. ,
' i p a rnrrNiTi lluata-ea Mm a tesm.
F lwrd L. I'rii.r ara.ra. w. L. Mc-
-. F. C. Ho., :. June Ft. si. l.Ka.
arra L. Ht rt XM .af. U M. Rai'.r.
L. II- llewirt. It.DT K... ace. Tommy
1-yaa. t. aj.-aia r. ilvvstia.
"P'a-a Af C:ib tm. E. E. fcate:!e.
laJ. F-ed srKri. werkrra. 0,'rc T
1 .v W. B. I'.eo a. Itulua C H'nun, s.
r. l.atfae.r. K. I, Tea. ( W Brdm.
t.en-ral bweoe. F II Wfci:f...d. k:t.r
k(i-f.r. H. 1. Ila-a.. K. II. se.arx. Joba
A. aa.tera. V . .:.! -t:a
Cpta.a lrinst i'.ua Fraak II r-C-l
. s. worker . T. W..mT-r. Freak
r A. n-ws. Bert kirh.Ma, M. M.
I. ma er. W M rs,i, Much M.arv.
Calais T. M. C A team, I. i. Cunntsg.
kaaa sr.ra A. M. la '1. H T Wuham.
II. W. steae. Cs4 .U4.e: .Barc.f
CkPtaiaef Team Xa S. K. t- hmmri:
esrkara Cnt.r CI Marpby. Keball T.-ael
I'ail. U4m4 ailca. Afrd lamswea,
' i.rt fWy. SU.:s CUra. I'ntll lle.bnk.
J.rfe H. Ltrtte. Lald si.rilns. J .m-s
t snl.y. Keta-r L. W. at. Mbanaoa,
L.oard A- Ai1t
acaia e Tsaaa N. M. r w.rsk.
asrk,n. Mra. H.rry F Jlan. M. '.rd
e.a. C E. Fer-e. F. B. Ulnn 1L C
l'atea. w II. Cba-tes. A. Barendrick.
W. B. MrKesaa. R. IL Stewart, kart J.
t.ews, W M. J.fkaee, .
I sa.l mt aaasas B dleaueo. Mra Jstrds
three brothers. F. H, Charles and John,
who live near here.
ants are capable, conscientious snd en
thusiastic in their work and are mak
ing an honest and untiring effort to
alleviate, distress among dependent
children and to reclaim delinquent chil
dren and help them along toward bet
ter cttixenahlp, is the decision of the
jurors, as contained in their special
findinga "That If mistakes are made
they are not mistakes of the heart."
Caart Worthy of Confidence.
"We find that the court procedure In
all Juvenile cases cannot be termed
secret but Is admirably adapted to
shield as much as possible from no
toriety, the name of the Juvenile delin
quent, while at the same time it gives
every opportunity to tbe accused to
present all facts and circumstances in
his favor: that it is not the policy of
the Juvenile Court either to exclude
attorneya or to conceal the records of
cases from the parent, guardian or the
legal representative of the accused.
"We find that ths charges brought
by Messra Ditchburn and Dormitzer
resulted either from an Insufficient In
vestigation of the methods and manner
of procedure of the Juvenile Court, or
from a willful desire to call Into ques
tion the reputation of a conscientious
official and to create dissatisfaction
and distrust toward the Juvenile Court
In the minds of the. public The grand
Jury finds that the Juvenile Court is
worthy of public confidence and trust.
The grand Jury makes public a por
tion of tha testimony of Mra Ida Huf
fenmlller. mother of the boy whose case
started the entire controversy.
Teatlsssay Is Made Fa bile.
"Before I signed that petition I
called Mr. Hitchburn's attention to the
portions which said there had been
secret sessions." Mra Huffenmlller tes
tified, "and that ha was trying to make
s criminal of my boy. I said that those
charges were not right, but he told me
to sign the petition, as it was only a
matter of course."
Mra Sadie Smith, who. it was re
ported, charged that Judge Taswell
had on one occasion called her a liar.
denied to tbe grand Jury tbat she had
ever made such a statement to Attor
neys Ditchburn or Dormitzer. She said
that Judge Tazwell had ordered her to
keep quiet during a hearing and
threatened to exclude her from the
courtroom if she did not remain silent.
"I think myself that sometimes I
talk a good deal," Mra Smith told the
grand Jurora
"1 felt certain from the start that
the grand Jury would return Just such
a report as this," said Judge Tazwell
late yesterday afternoon. "When At-
list: Killed In action C.R. Gibbs.
Portland. Or.; A. H. Lindsay, Los An
geles, CaL
C TL Gibbs was tbe son of Mr. and
Mrs. E. F. Gibbs. living In a house ad
joining their small grocery store at
Powell Valley and East Eighty-second
street. He was S3 years old, was ed
ucated in the South Mount Tabor
School and Joined a Canadian contin
gent without the knowledge of his par
ents, who learned of it after he had
They received letters from him from
France, the last one being received
several days ago. He said he was all
right at the time. He entered the serv
ice two years ago last October.
Proposed Twin Falls Project Ap
proved by Vote of 5S1 to it.
TWIN FALLS. Idaho. Feb. 2. (Spe
cial.) Bonds have been voted here, S51
to 43, for a new municipal waterworks
system costing S37S.0OO. This project
has been under discussion here for
seversl years, but no unusual interest
marked election day and only one-third
of the registered vote was cast. The
bonds cannot be sold until the Govern
ment passes on the necessity for the
City officials declare no difficulty
will be encountered in convincing the
Government of the necessity for the
proposedaew system here.
l0AfZ?:JL. IV-..- ::.: :a
Sonora Supreme
which sells for $1000.
Ten other models at
prices varying; as low as
Don't . Fail to
Hear and
. Test the
Before you decide on the
make instrument for
your home. .
Catalogue Mailed on
Sold on very easy terms
of payment.
The Most lVIarvelous of All Sound Reprodu
cing: Musical Instruments Because
The SONORA received the highest award for
tone quality at the P. P. L Exposition in San Fran
cisco. The SONORA will play any make of disc record
WITHOUT the usual extra attachments.
The SPNORA is equipped with a device which
. will permit a graduation of the volume of tone
without changing the needle.
The SONORA has the longest running spring
motor on the market in certain models this motor
will run 45 minutes with one winding.
The SONORA has an automatic stop, which is
not only simple to operate but is accurate.
The SONORA is different in its cabinet design
from all other makes of talking machines it is a
work of art a thing of beauty something to be
admired pleasing to the eye and so designed
that it may occupy a prominent place in your
We Give a Written Guarantee With Every
You may visit our warerooms and have this
wonderful instrument demonstrated without any
obligation on your part to purchase.
We invite your inspection.
Corner Twelfth and Washington Sts.
Dealers in
and Records
Examination of Drafted Men
Will Be Delayed.
Orchard Spray Factory Started.
SUTHERLIN'. Or., Feb. S. (Special.)
The Sutherlln Spray Manufacturing
Company has been organized to manu
facture sprays Cor orchardlsts here and
elsewhere. The officers are F. J. Nor
ton, president: D. W. Banker, vice
president; 8. W. Duer. secretary and
treasurer. Supplies have been ordered
and a plant will be built at once.
Bridge Undergoing Repairs.
CENTRALIA, Wash, Feb. 2. (Spe
cial.) It will be about three weeks
before the Pacific Highway bridge over
the Cowlitz . River at Toledo will be
opened to traffic. A part of the bridge
was washed out during the recent
floods. A scow is now being used In
tranHportlng freight across the river
while the repair work is progress.
Revised Rules Relating to Physical
Disabilities, Declared to Exempt
From Army Service Few With
Curable Ailments.
.-JI - t . 'am . ra. a-.-..;.,. . ra v ..w - , Li il
IT,Vaicr - : eKi-V .:.-... : 7
y Z,--" ' 'il.t;- J, v.- r-- - -"I
a-JL '--.. (aaf T
1-S V1-' stall
WATT-H IM rt.TROl, TISS KF.ADT rOR TH lit -T T TROOPS As TnET autarch ax battlb or ru..-UEHB.
Beainnina tomorrow, an Interesting series of official British war photographs will be on exhibition on ths
third rioos of tho Ked Cross Superfluity bhop. IS Fifth street. These photographs, numbering about 1400 views
f action at the front, have been sent by the Canadian government to c . ureave. of to: city, xis xien-
fielta K. Failing and Miaa Crocker have in cnarge me nansing 01 tne pnjtograpns, snren win uw snowu n
groups of stout :. changed every two week, until ths Portland publlo has had an opportunity to view ths
e rret re sertea. The group shown tomorrow and ion two weeas louowmg comprises scenes irom tne nniiios ot
Flanders snd Meala road, women ambulance) drivers in performance of ti-.alr work of merer, tanks In notion and
other Interesting phase of 4h war game. An adsntasloa, fa ag 10 cents wtal he oaasi lor viewing ts pictures.
"Please direct local boards to delay
physical examinations of men in class I
nntil necelpt of new pnysicat regula
tions, which are in the mails, to you
under the caption. 'Changes in Selective
Service Regulation'
"(Signed CROWDER."
This telegraphic order received yes
terday from Washington by Captain J.
E. Cullison. head of the draft organ
ization In Oregon, excites a bis roar
of protest from examination board
which have iieen-working at high pres
sure in an effort to complete the test
ing of all class I men by February IS.
as renuired by the selective service
act. The "stop" order even raffled the
Captain's sccustomed equanimity.
Ks Comment ea Order.
"I sent tbe order out at once in tele
grams to the local boards of the state.
he said, "unaccompanied by comment.
for I want the board members to know
where to place the blame for the delay.
If the new rulings went into the mails
at Washington today It will be from
five to seven days before they reach
ma Then, If so lengthy I have to relay
them on by mail, at least Jour to five
days more will be lost.
The draft executive was shown an
Item from an Eastern paper in which
a dispatch sent out from Washington
under date of January 26 stated that
"Radical revision of the regulations
governing physical examination of men
summoned before draft boards for serv
ice has been made by Surgeon-General
"We certainly are at a great disad
vantage way out here." he commented.
Some examining boards of the state'
have already reported to Captain Culli
son that tbey have already completed
physical examinations of sll Class I
men of their division. How any
changed regulations may be mad to
apply to men in those divisions is one
problem that remains unsolved.
Extension t Time Neeeaeary.
On th other hand, many boards,
even though but two or three days' de
lay may be experienced, will be unable
to pass upon their Class I registrants
before the time limit expires. An ex
tension beyond February 15. or tacit
disregard of the limit, offers ths only
solution for such divisions.
Captain Cullison declared he has not
th slightest intimation as to what
changes In examinations or physical
requirements will be brought about I
through the revisions announced.
From other sources, including the I
Washington dispatch of January IS. It
is gleaned that the lid Is being damped
down with a vengeance on disqualifica
tion of men alleged as unfit for any
sort of service. .
"Under th new system," states the
dispatch, "practically the only persons
exempted on physical grounds by local
boards will be imbeciles and victims of
major allmenta Even men with miss
ing fingers and toes, originally re
jected, will be accepted in the second
Other forseasts of what the revised
regulations will be stated: "These for
bid the local boards to exempt any man
as unfit unless he is hopelessly dis
qualified. Thousands disqualified in
tbe first draft had comparatively slight
defects, such as enlarged tonsils, skin
diseases, and flat-foot, and these, it is
said, will be accepted in the second
draft. They will be passed on to dis
trict medical boards, which will reject
only those who cannot be used for
military purposes. Those accepted will
be sent to cantonments where they will
have expert treatment for the cure of
the disabilities."
The orders sent out by Captain Culli
son from the Adjutant-General's office
yesterday stopping physical examina
tions did not reach Multnomah County
boards, their copies being sent through
the mails. As . a result the 11 local
boards proceeded with the tests in
ignorance of orders to the contrary.
Examinations Are Halted.
OL.TMPIA. Wash., Feb. 2. Complying
with instructions received today from
Provost Marshal -General Crowd er. Gov
ernor Lister ordered all Washington
local boards to make no more physical
examinations of Class I registered met
until new regulations are received from
Phone your want ads to The Orego-
nian. Main 7070, A 6095.
To get the very best results take
Dr. Humphreys "Seventy-seven1 at
the first sneeze) or shiver.
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that hang on Grip. All Drug Stores.
The Eyes
if - fs J
A mighty important
factor of the human body
is this all-absorbing: sub
ject and one that is being
given more than usual
attention and study by
The DeKeyser Institute
of Optometry, Second
Floor of the Columbia
Building. Dr. A. P. De
Keyser, president and
chief ' instructor of this
rapidly, growing institu
tion, has the distinction
of having created in a
comparatively short time
. a school that stands alone
in the Northwest. It is the only recognized licensed
school of Optometry enjoying recognition from all
state boards in this territory. Scores of students
have and are now taking advantage of its instruc
tion all classes are conducted under the direct
leadership of Dr. DeKeyser himself graduate of the
University of Ghent, Belgium. Many young people
who are busily engaged in other channels during the
day have, by joining the evening classes, laken ad
vantage of the opportunity to advance themselves
and have become Vision Specialists. Numbered
among the graduates of the school are some of the
most successful specialists of the city. On March
11th a class for beginners will be inaugurated for
Summer instruction, preparatory to entrance in the
September term, affording an excellent opportunity
for those desirious of learning .optometry.
Dr. DeKeyser is also conducting one of the most com
pletely equipped and advantageously operated Vision prac
tices in the city, affording every modern method for the
proper testing of the eyes. Owing to the volume of his prac
tice, Dr. DeKeyser has found it necessary to recommend that
those desiring the utmost and the most careful attention to
their troubles of Vision should arrange for appointment either
by telephone or in person.
The offices of this institution and Dr. DeKeyser's
offices are located on the 2d floor of the Columbia
Bldg Washington and Park Sts. Phone Main 9587.
r( iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiimr.