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    SEPTEMBER 3, 191?.
Portland with his string of ponies, as
well as the mounts of the cottagers.
Long walks daily, for the purpose of
reducing; also are included in the pro
gramme, and many svelte figures are
showing the result of much determina
tion and strength of character. As one
attractive young1 matron remarked
recently: 'It's maddening to start out
for a brisk walk to reduce and have
everyone you know go by in motor cars
and Insist upon picking you up."
A number of Gearhart folk are al
ready in their Portlani homes, prepar
-ing for school days, as a number of the
girls and boys are to go afar for their
education. '
The Y. W. C. A. camp has proved a
delightful, restful abode this year to
hundreds of tired girls, some of whom
for the first time in their lives
glimpsed the Pacific Ocean and tasted
the Joys of many of the beach gaieties.
The camp, under the direction of Miss
Whealdon for the first half of the sea
son and Miss Grondahl for the latter
half, has been most successful and de
lightful. They have been brimful, all
season and the girls, refreshed for
their 'Winter's duties, were loath to
return to their homes. The camp will
close within a few days.
Miss Nadine Caswell, who is going
East to a finishing school soon, re
turned to her home Sunday night in
company with her grandfather, John
Iviernan, who was a week-end guest
at the R. B. Caswell cottage. Mr. Cas
well also spent the week-end and sev
eral days of this week with his family,
assisting in closing the cottage. They
returned Wednesday to Portland.
Mrs. James A. - Dougherty returned
to her father's cottage here after an
extended tour of Yellowstone Park
with her sister, Mrs. Charles "Whitley,
of Salt Lake City.
Miss Irene Daly spent the week-end
as the guest of Mrs. Joseph E. Wiley
at the Graham Glass cottage, return
ing Tuesday to town. Captain George
Mitchell Brazer, U. S. R.. was the guest
of Lieutenant Graham Glass, U. S. R-.
for several days last week. They left
Sunday night for Portland and are now
in Camp at American Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mackay were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grelle
over the week-end.
James D. Honeyman spent a. few
days last week with his family here
in their cottage.
Dr. James C. Zan returned Sunday
to town, after a delightful vacation of
three weeks here in his cottage. Mrs.
Zan and children left Wednesday for
their home.
Mrs. Solomon Hlrsch, her con, San
ford Hirsch. and daughter. Miss Cle
mentine, left yesterday for Portland.
The Misses Ella and Mai Hirsch will
return today to town.
Miss Jean Morrison Is the guest of
Misses Winnifred and Elizabeth Hu
ber and will return with the family
next week.
August Berg also enjoyed a brief
visit from his business duties this week
at the Huber cottage.
Miss Virginia Menefee arrived early
this week to visit the Misses Huber
for several days.
Mr. and- Mrs. C. C. Colt will return
today to Portland, after a month spent
In the Holt cottage on the ocean front.
Their nephew and niece, Leonard
and Katharine Colt, of Mount Vernon,
N'. Y., left Wednesday for Portland and
will sail today for San Francisco en route
to their home. They have been here
for a fortnight and have been very
popular among the younger set.
Mason Ehrman visited Mr. and Mrs.
Ludwig Hirsch over the week-end.
Mrs. M. Goodman and daughter. Miss
T. Rose Goodman, were guests this
week of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goodman.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sharp are now
domiciled for a few weeks in the Fisher
cottage, which has been the Summer
abode of .Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Mc-,
Cord and family.
Mr. and Mrs., Harry Nicolat and chil
dren are established for the. month of
September in the Leiter cottage on
Ocean avenue. r
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cronan were
guests for several days of Mr. and Mrs.
James P. Cooke.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Belieu and family
are late arrivals who plan to pas3 the
month in a cottage here.
Mrs. D. W. L. MacGregor and little
daughter, Anita, returned Monday
morning to Portland. Little Anita suf
fered an injury to her foot, her horse
stepping on it during a ride Sunday.
They are again domiciled in their cot
tage for a few weeks more.
Dr. E. J. Labbe, who spent his vaca
tion with his family in their cottage,
returned to Portland Sunday.
Russell Hubbard was a week-end
visitor in Gearhart with his family in
the Caswell cottage on Cottage avenue.
C. H. Davis, Jr., joined his family
over the week-end and participated in
ueveral games of golf during his so
journ. Miss Charlotte Breyman, who spent a
fortnight as the guest cf Miss Nadine
Caswell, returned last week to town.
Miss Catherine Overbeck is a guest
of Miss Eileen Cooke for a few weeks.
Miss Eleanor Beckwith entertained
with a charming informal dinner party
previous to going back to Portland. Her
little guests were: Eleanor Ditten
lioefer, of St. Paul; Flora Jane Mene
fee, Suzanne Caswell, Jane Talbot, Mar
garet Cook and Joan Channing.
Miss Suzanne Caswell entertained re
cently with two delightful parties, one
a hayride at low tide on the beach, the
party driving for miles along the hard
sands and ending in a bonfire and sup
per. Later the children danced in the
Caswell cottage on Ocean avenue.
Another affair, with Suzanne Caswell
as hostess, was a dinner, over which
she presided last week. Her guests
were: Ambrose Cronin, Jr.; Jack
Dougherty, .Ronald Honeyman, Ben
Lombard, John Channing James Van
Schuyver, James Farrell, Dorothy and
Lillian Mitchell, Margaret Cook, Bertha
Goodman, Mary and Joan Channing.
H. E. Belieu entertained a number of
friends with a motor trip and picnic to
Cannon Beach. Mr. Belieu's guests
were H. R. Hollingsworth, Leonard Pel-'
ler, Fred Dresser, M. McCauley, J. M.
Waller, C. C. Brennen.
Master James Van Schuyver is now
In California, where he will re-enter
the military school which he attended
last year.
Mrs. Edward Failing will return in a
few days to Portland. She has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Latta,
for several weeks.
Mrs. . Ralph Hoyt and daughter,
, Louise, are house guests of the former's
sister-in-law, Mrs. Walter M- Cook.
Week's Sport at Popular Oregon
Beacli Found in Many Ways.
NEWPORT, Or., Sept. 1. (Special.)
Whila - Interior parts of Oregon are
sweltering in the August heat and
smoke-laden atmosphere, sojourners at
this pleasant seaside resort are en
joying cooling breezes from the Pa
cific. The past week furnished some
of the finest weather of the Summer.
Despite the approaching close of the
season, throngs of visitors continue to
soek the refreshing rest of a vacation
at Newport and Nye Beach.
For those who enjoy the tonic effect's
of surf bathing this beach has many
joys to offer. Digging for rock oys
ters, automobile rides to the Indian
reservation at Siletz or down to South
Beach to Waldport and Yachats, hikes
to the lighthouse on Yaquina Head or
to the Big Trees of towering spruce,
are a few of the means to while away
a. week at this beach.
Among the interesting sights are
flocks of seagulls, fishing for small
sardines, a school of which has been
offshore for the past two weeks. Th
presence of these little fish has also
been responsible -fbr the casting up on
the beach of a great number of bake
fish, which in their pursuit of the lit
tle fish have ventured too close to
shore and been washed up by the
Yaquina Bay, off the town of New
port, is dotted with small boats every
day during the flooding tide as one of
the largest schools of tomcod in the
memory of the oldest fisherman here
now is running Catches of 100 to 150
or even 200 tomcod on one rising tide
are not uncommon.
Mr. and Mis. J. O. Ferris, of Portland,
are listed among the week's arrivals
at Nye Beach.
Miss Anne Dawson, or Albany, who
has been passing the Summer at New
port, left for her home the middle of
the week.
Miss Kathleen Stuart, of Coburg. ar
rived Monday for a few days' visit at
this point.
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Johnson and son,
of Eugene, arrived at the Abbey last
week-end for a few days sojourn.
Miss Myrtle Johnson, of Portland, ar
rived at the Damon. Monday, for a few
days vacation.
Miss Mabel Robertson, or Salem, who
has been the guest of Miss Elizabeth
Lord, at Seal Rocks, for two weeks, re
turned home Tuesday.
Professor and Mrs. Herbert Cromblo
Howe and family, of Eugene, who have
been passing the Summer at their
ranch at Seal Rocks, will return home
early in September. Professor 'Howe
is head of the department of English
literature at the University of Oregon.
Miss Ethel Tooze, who has been en
joying the Summer at Newport, will
leave the beach for Portland early this
Mrs. A. V. Thompson and little
daughter Avanelle, of Cottage Grove,
are occupying a Sea Crest cottage for a
Mrs,. E. Rudling and daughter Alice,
of Salem, who have been at Tent City
for a week, left Nye Beach, for their
home Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bennet, of Kerry,
were guests at the Abbey the first of
the week.
Mrs. Paul Cooper, of North Yakima,
Wash., has been visiting In Newport
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jevons, of Wake
field. Kan., are among the week's ar
rivals at the Copeland.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Horner, of Salem,
are enjoying a short vacation at this
' Mr. and Mrs. W. Vanduzen. of Port
land, are in Newport for a brief outing.
Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Gilbert, of Salem,
are enjoying a week's stay at Agate
Beach Inn.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Baker, who
have been at Seal Rocks for the Sum
mer, near Newport, returned to their
home in Salem Saturday.
Miss Anna Larcen, of Portland, Is en
joying a fortnight's vacation at this
Mrs. Edith Plank and daughter, and
Mrs. Finley Whitney, of Dallas, are oc
cupying the Beals cottage for a weeks
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Fmtzer, of Fort
land, are passing a week at the new
Cliff House.
Clyde McMillan and Melvln L. Ray, of
Independence, are passing their vaca
tion at Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McPherson and
amongthe guests of the week at the
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Woodcock, of
Corvallis. arrived In Newport last Sat
urday for a few days' vacation at this
Miss Aline Thompson, society editor
of the Salem Capital Journal, is the
house guest of Mrs. Asahel Bush at her
charming Agate Beach home. Little
Frank Nichols, of Portland. Is en
joying his vacation at Newport at the
Air. ana jurs. j. racy nuais, i
motored to Newport the first of the
week and are encottaged at Nye Beach
for a week's sojourn.
Mrs. Lee Martin, of Portland, is pass
ing a two weeks' vacation at this
beach. .
Ausby K. Bishop, of Portland, 'ar
rived recently and Is staying at the
new Cliff House for a few days.
Miss Virginia Wechter. of the office
staff of State Engineer Lewis, of Sal
em, led a hike to the Yaquina Head
lighthouse on Wednesday. That is, the
party went out on the point on which
the lighthouse is situated but did not
enter the lighthouse station, which has
been closed to visitors since .the out
break or the war. .-.
. Mrs. N. A. Morgan, of Corvallis, Is
among the many Benton County visit
ors now sojourning at this resort.
Mrs. L. V. Hoyt and family, of Sal
em, are at Sea Crest for a week's so
journ. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Sears and family,
of Cottage Grove, are at Tent City this
week for a few days' visit.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Delk and family.
of Portland, are numbered among the
cottagers to arrive at Nye Beach dur
ing the week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. mcujw and ram
ily, of Couer d'Alene, Idaho, are among
the campers at Whittens this week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Herrick, Jr., of
Salem, are enjoying their outing at
Mr. and . Mrs. L. D. Larkin, of Ore
gon City, are numbered among the sea
Bon's visitors at Nye Beach.
David Beckman. of Portland, arrived
recently for a brief vacation at New
port. A. J. Wurtzberger, of the State Hos
pital at Salem, is enjoying a week's
stay at this resort. .
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Hamlin and fam
ily, of Kansas City, Kan., are among
the Eastern visitors at Newport.
Mrs. R. Citron and daughter Carol,
of Portland, came in Tuesday and are
domiciled at the Damon.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas, of Amity,
and Mr. and Mrs. George Lewellen and
child, of Moro, are at the Clam Shell
cottage for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Fisher, of Port
land, are registered at the' Carter
House this week.
Mrs. J. A- Freeman, of Roseburg,
who has been passing the Summer in
Newport, leaves for her home the first
of the week.
. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Meier, of Sher
wood, arrived recently for a week's
stay at Newport.
Among Portland visitors at New
port during August was the party
composed of Dr. O. C. Wright, Mrs.
Wright and daughter, Esther: Mrs.
John Linklater and daughters. Misses
Florian and Grace, who occupied the
handsome U and I cottage of Mr. Sim
mons. Among their many social diver
sions was a beach bonfire party given
to their friends Saturday evening.
In honor of the birthday of Mrs.
John Straub, wife of Professor Straub,
of the University of Oregon, a sur
prise party was held at the Damon on
Nye Beach, where they are staying,
last Sunday night. -
Mrs. Straub was the recipient of nu
merous remembrances and best wishes
for the future. Those attending were:
Professor and Mrs. Straub, Miss Vir
ginia Wechter and Martha Gueffroy,
of Salem: Miss Maude Hargreaves, of
Salem; Miss Bertha Comings, of Eu
gene; Miss Katherine Jahn, Salem;
Miss Ethel. Tooze; of Roseburg; Mr.
and Mrs. L. H. Gregory, of Portland.
Roswell L. Holman. of Oregon City,
is a guest of the Damon this week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Sanders, of Al
bany, arrived in Newport Wednesday
for a brief visit.
Professor and Mrs. O. F. Stafford
and family, of Eugene, arrived Mon
day night at Nye Beach, after motoring
from the valley. Professor Stafford is
the head of the chemistry department
of the University of Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Linebough, of
Portland, arrived Monday for a visit
in. Newport at the. Abbey,
Mrs. S. P. Kinney ana nephew,' Hes-
ton Hollister. of Portland, are num
bered among the week's arrivals at
this resort.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Keltz, of McCoy,
are recent arrivals.
Mr. and Mrs. William Stewart, of
Eugene, came In Tuesday and are
guests of the Abbey.
Professor and Mrs. J. B. Horner and
daughters. Pearl and Vera, of Corvallis.
who have been summering at Umpqua
lodge, left for their home.
The Misses Myrtle Bates and Clara
Miller, of Portland, are guests of the
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Avery, of Cor
vallis, are enjoying a -visit in Newport.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Robertson and
son. of Condon, are passing a few days
at the Abbey.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Barker, of Port- (
land, arrived during the week for a
brief outing at this resort.
Mrs. W. R. Hinshaw, Velma Good
speed and Claude Graham, of Falls
City, motored to Newport last Satur
day and were guests of the Abbey
while here.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Wiles, of Albany,
were among the week's arrivals.
J. H. Middleton, of Portland, recently
passed a few days in Newport at the
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Hoyal. of Mill
City, are enjoying their vacation at
the Copeland at Newport.
Mrs. J. R. Olgood, of Dallas, arrived
during the week for a week's visit at
Nye Beach.
John Thome, a prominent Rose
burg banker, arrived last week-end to
enjoy a few days' visit with his family;
who are encottaged at Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferris, of Portland,
arrived recently andi are domiciled, at
Nye Beach for a few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Bush, of Port
land, are enjoying their vacation at
Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sperle. of Port
land, are listed among the week's reg
istrations at the Abbey.
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Brown and daugh
ter. Georgie, of Corvallis, motored to
Newport last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hanna, of Mc
Minnville. arrived in Newport recently
and are guests of the Abbey.
Mrs. P. B. Dorias and daughter,
Leona, of Portland, are occupying a
cottage at Tent City for the balance of
the season.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Van Kirk, of
Portland, who have been occupying the
Casa Bonita cottage for a month, de
parted Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Georg Worden, of
Portland, are enjoying a brief stay at
the McAllister cottage at Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Thomas and
Mrs. Tracy Newman, of Amity, are in
a cottage at Sunset for the remainder
of the season.
Mrs. C. L. Hamilton and daughter.
Hrances, who have been summering at
Rose City Lodge for several weeks,
departed for their home Thursday.
Dr. and Mrs. C. U. Snider, of Port
land, who have been at the Rose City
Inn for three weeks, departed Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bishop and son,
Bobby, the Misses Dorothy Ray and
Lillian Hull, of Portland, have opened
a Sea Crest cottage for a week's visit.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Morris, bf Turner,
arrived the first of the week and are
at the McDonald cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Beers, of Salem,
arrived at Red Fern Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Washburne, of
Springfield, motored to Newport last
week and are encottaged at Sea Crest
for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Campbell, Miss
E. G. Campbell and Miss E. L. Camp
bell, of Portland, are among the ar
rivals at Tent City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Whitten, of Port
land, arrived recently and are encot
taged at Nye Beach for a fortnight.
Mrs. John Fleming Wilson, who has
been passing the Summer in Newport,
left for Portland the first of the week.
Mrs. Wilson will remain in Portland
for the Winter.
Mrs. Mary M. " Hale, of Vancouver,
and Miss Marie Healey, of Portland,
are occupying a cottage at Sunnyside
Lodge. .
Mr. and Mrs. William McGrew and
sons, of Portland, are encamped at
Whitten's for the remainder of the sea
son. Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Hardman, of
Estacada. are numbered among the
latest' cottagers at Nye . Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Dorr, of Eugene,
arrived Tuesday for a week's stay at
Nye Beach at the McAllister cottage.
Miss Marian Citron, of Portland, ar
rived Tuesday for a stay at the Damon
on Nye Beach.
Mr. and Mjs. George F. Vick and son,
v S- jPit9 wV-w
Hollis, and Miss Josephine Bross, of
Salem, are at the Sunset cottage..
Mrs. L. S. Mochel and family, of Ger
vais, are occupying Dad's Cabin.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Sihler and two
sons, of Portland, who have been at the
Casteel cottage for six weeks, left
Newport for their home Thursday.
State Senator and Mrs. C. L. Hawley
and three children, Francell, Clarence
and Beatrice, of McCoy, motored to
Newport the first -of the week and are
encottaged at Nye Beach.
Mrs. Hans Nlcklas, of Portland, who
has been ' at Red Fern for a month,
departed Monday for her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Bishop and
two sons, Charles Kay and Robert,
have Joined the Cherry City contingent
at Agate Beach this week and are
uests at the Inn there.
Mrs. Jack Skillern and family, of
Boise, who have been summering at
Agate Beach, departed for their home
Dr. C. F. Cropp, of Independence, ar
rived last week-end and stayed at the
Abbey for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Livesley. of
Salem, who are summering at Agate
Beach, entertained a number of their
friends at a shellfish supper and dance
last Saturday night. Those enjoying
Mr. and Mrs. Livesley's hospitality
were: Mr, and Mrs. John Roberts, Mr.
and Mrs. Asahel Bush, Mr. and Mrs.
Frederic Thielson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Sargent,
all of Salem; Mrs. Gertrude Cameron,
of Boston. Mass.; Miss Catherine Slade.
of Silverton: Melvin Plimpton and
Miss Aline Thompson, of Salem.
Miss Esther Worden, of Portland, ar
rived during the week and is passing a
few days at Nye Beach.
Rev. William Patrick Blake, of Pon
tiac Hills.. N. Y., is at the Abbey.
Miss Bertha Comings, of Eugenei,
was hostess at a 500 party at the
Damon Tuesday night. Prizes were
won by Mrs. Lair Gregory and 'Miss
Ethel Tooze.
Mrs. M. L. Collins, of Portland, is
sojourning in Newport for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McPherson, of
Portland, are enjoying the sea breezes
at Newport this week.
Mr.' and Mrs. Glenn B. Kite, of Port
land, arrived at the -Abbey the last of
the week.
Rockawajr Expects to Entertain Rec
ord September Crowds.
ROCK AWAY, Or.. Sept. 1. (Special.)
Reservations at many of the camp
and cottage headquarters bespeak a
goodly number 01 visitors here for Sep
tember. During this month it is ex
pected a great number of those who
know that ideal conditions usually ex
ist here in the early Fall will come in
for vacations of varying length. Warm
er suYf, due to the changing of. the
currents that brush our shores, is an
item that appeals to many, and from
now on the ocean water will be more
and more popular with the lovers of
Returning to Rockaway this week
were Mrs. Henry Tonsing and daugh
ters, Eleanor and Kathryn. of Oak
Grove, who' are at their Summer cot
tage, Elryn, for all of the month.
William C. Christensen, of. Nehalem.
and Miss Delia Jackson, of lone, were
here during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Brandt. 'of the
Hotel Carlton, Portland, were in by
automobile for "a short sojourn along
Rockaway Bhores recently.
Mrs. -J.. A- Kirks and Harold.-Dell
and Russell Kirks, of Oak Grove, have
taken the Knot Inn camp for a fort
night. Mrs., A. T. Mallatt and party of
friends', of Portland, motored down on
Tuesday and are guests at the Osburn
cottage, in Saltair.
Mrs. A. Doolittl and ' Miss Verna
Doolittle, of Portland, and Miss Jose
phine Costella, of Seattle, are quar
tered in a cozy camp here for two
: Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Morelock and son,
of Portland, are at Twin Rocks.
Rev. W. Lee Gray, of Portland, was
here this week. '
Kenneth Banks and, Lester Moroney,
who were here for the season," returned
pn Thursdays to Portland.
Mrs. J. W. Aspland and daughter,
Dorothy, of Portland, are at Sleepy
Miss Myrtle Wallin and Miss Esther
Munson, of Tillamook, were hero for
a week at Camp Echo.
Among the recent arrivals at the
Edelweiss cottage are the Misses Ten
jieEsee, and. Eva .Weathered, Wigs Anna
w n
Lambeck, F. V. Engledinger. A. C.
Alexander, Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Bu
chanan, of Hillsboro, and J. N Webb,
of Portland, and Miss Ellen Hodson,
of Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Graap and daugh
ter, Daisy, and son, Raymond, motored
to Portland on Tuesday, after a de
lightful month at Camp Suraday. Loirt
A. Cowgill and Mis3 Sue Graap also
returned to Portland this week.
J. V. Roberts and family, of Port
land, are enjoying their vacation at
one of the attractive Krebs cottages.
Misses Elizabeth and Charlotte Mal-
boeuf. of Portland, are guests of Mrs.
McPhearson at the Krebs cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pomranig. Ralph
W. Pomranig and Mrs. W. King and
daughter, Vivian, of Portland, are at
the Squirrel s Inn for a week s rest.
In a party that visited here this week
were Miss Helen Kuehle, Portland: Miss
Olga Anderson. Miss Frances Nelson
and, Wanita Anderson, of Hebo; Miss
Edna Reusser. of Beaverton.
Quartered at the Quiet Hours cot
tage are Mrs. F. L. Kaler. Miss Lucille
Kaler, Mrs. T. Shephro and Mrs. Carl
Rollersler and son, Karl, of Portland.
Mrs. A. A. Mergens and Miss Elsie A.
Mergens, of Portland, are at the Hallu
Adolph Fick, of Portland, has joined
his family at their Bummer cottage,
the Twins, for the remainder of the
J. M. Kelty, who has been spending
the (summer with his daughter. Mrs.
Edith Alderman, at Midway Beach, has
reurned to Portland.
"Miss Dorothy Duniway, of Portland
is here at The Shack, at Midway, as the
guest of Miss Pauline Alderman.
Hector Cioverio, of Portland, was a
recent sojourner here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wagenblast and
sons, Teddy and Maurice, and daughter,
Mabel, of Portland, are quartered in a
cozy camp at Sleepy Hollow.
In a happy party that has estab
lished quarters here at Hilarity Hall
are Kate Schlund. Catherine McPhelin
Eva Markeli, Daisy Newhouse, Mable
Rusk and Eva Hadley, of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Jones, of Port
land, are here for two weeks at the
Newcomb cottage.
Mrss Bessie Lants. of Tillamook, who
has been here for the past month with
her sister, Mrs. Hal E. Hoss, at the
Cub's Inn, has returned to her home.
Walter E. Swartout, of Portland, is
nere tor tne rest or tne season.
Mrs. Edgar Steven s and charming
twins, of Portland, are at Camp Rus
Mrs. E. J. Hammond, of Portland, is
at Midway as a guest of the- Alderman
family and expects to be one of their
party In making the hiking trip over
Neah-kah-nie Mountain to (seaside.
Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Dickens, of Port
land, are guests of the William D,
Shafer family for a week.
Mrs. W. H. Harlow and daughter,
Jane, of Portland, are guests of rela
tives at the Troy cottage for the rest
of the season.
Ruth and Helen Moore, of Salem, are
quartered at the Cherry City camp.
Other Capital City folks to visit here
this week were Mr. and Mrs. O. Chapel,
who motored down for a few days.
Combination of Restful Recreation
and Change of Scenery Helpful.
SALTAIR. Or.. Sept. 1. (Special.)
This delightful little resort still caters
to joyous crowds of vacationists. With
the splendid beach and the convenience
of nearby up-to-date stores, the Salt
air visitor finds a combination of rest
ful recreation and change of scenery
that works wonders with lirej nerves.
The splendid dancing pavilion - here
is drawing patronage from all the re
sorts along the beach. Here meet and
commingle all the genial spirits from
Barview, Elmore and Rockaway and
from as far as Tillamook City.
Quartered in the delightful little Idle
esse cottage are Mr. and Mrs. P. AV.
Blanchard, the latter's mother, Mrs. T.
Connell. and Master Thomas Blanchard,
all of Portland.
Mr.- and Mrs. Albert Abendroth and
Mrs. Abendyoth. Sr., returned this week
to Portland after a delightful two
weeks at the Connell cottage.
J. A. Rlmbach and family, of Port
land, have taken the Jasmine cottage.
G. B. Reed, of Salem, passed a few
days along the Saltair shore.
Arriving from Oregon City during
the week for a brief sojourn here was
Carol A. Ely. a prominent citizen of
the falls city.
Domiciled at the Frank. Field cottage
for a week are Mrs. A. J. Ersted, of
Portland, and her mother, Mrs. C. F.
Mlllington. of T3irard Kan. There for
the last week-end were Mr. Ersted,
Mr. and Mrs. Ferry Smith and Mr. ana
Mrs. L. R. Pendell, of Portland. Mr.
Ersted will be in again before the de
partures for a brief visit.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Neth.. with their
daughter, Frances, are here from Port
land as the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
George Young at Brierly Lodge. Mrs.
Young's mother, Mrs. Viva Meyer, of
Minneapolis, is also a visitor there.
Domiciled at The Netherlands are
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hill, of Portland.
Miss Marion Hawley, of Portland,
who. has been summering at the Haw
leywood in Rockaway. is now quartered
at Saltair for the balance of the sea
son. In a party of school teachers rusti
cating here before their Fall duties
commence are Miss Nell Law and Miss
Helen Rhodes, of Portland,- and Miss
Penelope Gowl. of Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. A. MetzlorT. of Portland,
are at the Saltair for a two weeks' vacation.
H. M. Doud. of Aurora, was a visitor
to loca points during the week.
Esther R. Smith and. Chester Smith.
of Portland, were among' the week's ar
rivals for brief vacations here.
Joel Reynolds, who registers from
Chattanooga. Tenn., is here for a few
Lieutenant Leslie Ross, of Portland.
was here for the last week with his par
ents at the Ross cottage. Miss Genie
Black was also in for the week there.
Lieutenant Ross is now in San .Fran
cisco. T. J. Stark, of St. Johns, N. B., was a
visitor here for a fow days.
Lloyd Edwards, of Tillamook, was a
visitor here by auto. .
Among the recent visitors were Ed
ward Munson and his father, who mo
tored from Tillamook.
Many Vacationist Still Arrive and
Festivities Keep Up.
OCEAN LAKE. Or.. Sept. 1 (Special.)
Ocean Lak is still host to man v vaca
tionists, . and it is expected that the
coming weeks will see many more ar
rivals. Several motorists have arrived
recently and camps are everywhere In
evidence. The bass fiBhing in Clear
Lake and Spring Lake still is holding
good, and many make the trip to the
nearby trout streams. Huge bonfires
at night on the beach mark the place
for happy festivities and not a dull day
goes by.
Miss Bessie Singleton, of Portland, is
at Purdy-Arden for a two weeks' stay
as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.
Purdy, of Salem. Their daughter. Miss
Edna, has returned to her work at Al
bany after two weeks here.
Mrs. E. T. Marchetti, of Spokan. and
Mrs. A. W. Jackson, of Walla Walla,
are at the Kressman cottage. They
visit with their sister, Mrs. A. H. Halle.
who is at the Leipzig cottage with her
family for the season. Mr. Jackson and
Mr. Halle will arrive about the middle
of th month for the return home.
O. L. Comstock and Leland Duel, of
Portland, arrived by auto last Sunday
and established Camp Bevo for a fort
night. The boys brought the early edi
tion of The Sunday Oregonian and mmle
many sales along the beaches into
Rockaway. They left Portland at mid
night Saturday and arrived at Rock
away with their papers about 11 o'clock
Sunday morning, after stopping at Til
lamook and the other beaches.
Mrs. L. P. Sampson and Miss Leonore
Sampson, of Portland, are at the fai
ily cottage here for their annual
month's vacation.
Hector Cioverio. of Portland, was
here for a five days' visit with friends
during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Casey, of
Portland, are at the Perry cottage for
a few weeks.
Mrs. A. Mier and son. of Portland,
have taken one of the Hadley cottages
and will remain for a fortnight's out
ing. Mrs. N. Schollard and son. of Wood
burn, Or., are cosily quartered at the
Leslie cottage for a few moro days.
Mr. and Mrs. William Butler, of Poit
land, are enjoying an outing here.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Casey and
daughter. Miss Mary, of Portland, were
here for four days at the Elliott cot
tage. T. J. Bohna. of Portland, is here for
the rest of the Summer season, with his
daughter, Mrs. J. C. Elliott, at the
Elliott cottage. Mr. Bohna is an ar
dent and proficient horseshoe tosscr
and is easily the local cnampion. He
is a member of a club in Portland fcr
the furthering of the sport.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Caples and chil
dren, Helen and Gail, of Portland, niiro
here during the week for a brief visit
with the Bradley family at tho Fern.
They were en route to Seaside by auto
mobile. Robert Gustafson, of Damascus, Or.,
was hjre for the last weak-end for a
visit with friends at the Elliott cottige.
C. E. Bradley, of Nw York CKy,
arrived during the week at tins Fern
cottage, and will take his family Eust
with him on his return next week. His
father. F. S. Bradley, and wife, of
Banks, are here for a week's visit with
the family. Mrs. Harry Bradley and
children. Earl, Wilbur, Florence and
Elna, of Portland, also are there for
a week. Other house guests with the
n Scenic Packages
Adds greatly to the pleasure of a
vacation trip.
Sent by Parcel Post or Express
anywhere in the United States or
'Satisfaction and Delivery Guar
anteed. The Hazelwood
Confectionery & Restaurant
Washington St. at Tenth,
Portland, Or.
Leave Third and Washington Sts. daily
8 A- M- Saturday. 8 A. M. and 2 P. M.,
for Welches. Tawneys, La Casa Monte
and Rhododendron. Round-trip season
tickets, $6; Government Camp, $S.30.
Climb Mount Hood or visit wonderful
glaciers; all expenses paid, $11 each
when four or more book. Ticket office
and waiting-room at DORSEY B. SMITH
TRAVEL BUREAU. 116 Third St., cor.
Washington. Marshall 1979, or call
Irvington Garage & Auto Co.. East 135,
Autos. Teams and Passengers.
Make the circuit cross Interstate
Bridge, thence to Washougal and Stev
enson via Washington state r o a d
cross the Stevenson-Cascade Locks
Ferry and return to Portland via
Columbia River Highway.
Bradleys until Ihe end of their stay,
are Miss Frances Akers and Miss Bessie
Thrope, of Portland: Miss Nellie Lee,
of Bellingham. and Mrs. W. T. Fletcher
an.l children, Donald and Elizabeth, of
C. A. Swanson and wife, of Portland.
are in one of the Sappington tents on
the ridge for a fortnight's stay.
J-:. T. Albert and wife and Virginia
and Elvln Albert, of Eugene, were at
the Twin Rocks Hotel for a four days'
stay this week.
Lloyd Leslie and wife and Joscpb:
Leslie and Master Joseph Leslie, of
Portland, are ensconced in the Samp
son cottage for a few weeks.
J. Paulson and wife, of Portland, are
at the Twin. Rocks Hotel for a few
In a merry party at the Forest Queen
cottage are Lottie Spinks. Isabella
Crawford, Mae McCann, Mrs. L. D.
Crawford and Marion Crawford, of
manning, ur.; and Jcta May page, Mar
garet McParland. Alfred McPariand and
Alviu Hannan, of Buxton, Or. Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Pease, of Buxton, were
guests there for a few days during tho
Paul Irvine and John Bron. of Sa
lem, were visiting friends here durlng
in week.
Mrs. A. W. Ruhndorff and daughter.
Jessie May, of Portland, are here for a.
week at Rock View Villa, Twin Rocks.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Lancefield and
sons, Robert and Stuart, of McMinn
ville. are at Rock View Villa, for a fort
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Russell, who are
at the Southern cottage for the season.
are entertaining Mrs. C. It. Russell and
Miss Norma Beck, of Portland.
Popular Seaside Resort Justifies
Confidence of Managers.
BAYOCEAN. Or., Sept. 1. (Special.)
With a continuation of the ideal
weather that has blessed Bayocean this
season, the past week has seen many
newcomers to the resort. The manifold
attractions, that combine toward an in
terestlng and rt-stful vacation, have
brought together larger crowds for thia
season than ever before, and Bayocean,
"the playground of the Northwest," has
justified the extensive advertising and
expense of bringing its fame before
the people. S. B. Vincent, manager of
the resort, reports an excellent season
and looks forward to an even increased
patronage with the completion of the
automobile road now under construe-
tion to this place.
The magnificent Natatorium here has! i
drawn many this season, and all the "
hotels and cottages have been com- V
fortably filled for the past month and
a half.
Here for a fortn'jht's stay at the
Island Bungalow at e Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Cook and Don Lois McCook, of Pendle- '
Quartered at the Petrel are Mrs. I,. E.
Cohn. of Pendleton, and Mrs. M. Bagley,
of Portland.
Mrs. M. McKelvey and children, of '
Portland, arrived during the week to
occupy the cozy Hiawatha cottage for
several days.
Mrs. Edward D. Williams, of Fort
land, and Mrs. A. Alkive, of Butte, sre
here at Fungalow City for a week's
Mrs. E. C. Blanchard and children are
quartered at the Lupin for a week.
Mrs. A. M. Gorman and daughter. .
Miss Alice, of Portland, arc here for a J
few weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. .Frank A. Turner and
daughter. Miss Joy Turner, of Salem, r
are at their attractive Summer cottage. -Overlook,
for tho remainder of the sea
son. Mrs. L. A. Tillson, also of the .
Capital City, is their house guest.
Quartered at the delightful Breakers t
Bungalow for a week are Mr. and Mrs.
Bernhard Schmidt and daughter, and .
Mrs. J. M. Younger, of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Croniso and Mrs,
Harry Cronise, of Salem, are at the
Tecumseh cottage for a several days
Here from their home across the con
tinent at New Y'ork are Mrs. E. M. Lay-
field and son. and Mrs. Mabel Inch and '
daughter. They are quartered at the
Mount Angel bungalow (or a week.
Lad of 15 Entertains Vacationists
and Outings Arc Enjoyed.
ELMORE PARK, Or., Sept. 1. (Spe-
cial.) With a continuation of the
splendid beach weather that has pre-
dominated here this season, the Elmore
vacationist has had nothing to desire.
One of the recent affairs at the El- "
more Hotel was the informal event
arranged by Mrs. L. M. Soule, who was '
there for a week with her daughter,
Marie, and son. Gordon. The latter, !
who is an accomplished pianist, gave
several beautiful selections, which were,
much appreciated. The lad, who is but"
15 years of age, has traveled and
studied extensively. On Tuesday night -he
gave a concert at Bay City. . .
Mrs. Paul Dowling, of the Elmora
Hotel, is spending a week in TUla- :
mcok, where tho County Fair is in
Arthur L. Crookhan. of the Telegram
staff. In Portland, is here for a fort-
fConcluded on Pape 11.)
Films Developed Free!
When Prints Are Ordered.
We Pay Return Postage.
Five-Hour Expert Service.
Largest Photo Supply House
in the Northwest.
Woodard, Clarke & Co.
Wood-Lark Bldg, Alder at AV. Park
Planters Hotel
Cor. 2d and FoUom Sts-. San Francisco
Folsom-st. car direct to hotel; any car
and transfer at 2d St. Rates 35c and
50c per day; week. SI. 50 to J3, with
bath. Service equals much higher
priced hotels; 150 all outside rooms.
Best for the money. J. E. Hoyle, Mgr. ,'
The Hotel Elmore AtE3T
European plan, restful beach home. The
most popular moderately priced hotel on '
Oregon Coast. Magnificent ocean views.
Large, comfortable rooms with real beds. "
Wilson, Taft and Roosevelt cottages for
rent. For rates, circulars, etc., address .
THE HOTEL ELMOltE, Rockawar. Or.
Leaves 7 A. M. daily, except Friday. Sun
days 7:U0 A. At. Returning leaves Astoria
2 1. M. Arrives Portland U P. M.
STR. Ll'KLIN leaves 1:13 A. M. daily
except Sunday. Keturning leaves Astoria
7 V. M.
Main HZt Washlnfrtou-St. Dock A 4133.
Hotel Clackamas
On. the Beautiful Clackamas Hirer.