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Colonel Garrigus Would Have
Memorials -on Gettysburg
and Chickamauga.
science Under Three Tsar; Euckln, 1
Can We Still Be Christians ; Letters I
ot a Ministerial Son by a Man of thej
World: Moffett. American Indian on a
New Trail; Dickson, The Kirk and Its
"Mind and Body: How the ftllnd May
Win Mastery" will be the subject of
Dr. LJndley's lecture In Library Hall
on Monday evening. February 13 at 8
o'clock. On Wednesday evening-, Feb
ruary 14, Dr. Llndley will speak on
"Will-Power, With Suggested Exer
cises." Beginning Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary 13,. and continuing through
March 20, Professor Coleman, of Reed
College, will give a course of lectures
on King Lear in room 11 of the Central
Library at 8 o'clock.
Professor Ansel Alphonso Knowlton.
of Reed College, will give an Illustrated
lecture In Library Hall on Thursday
evening, February 15, at 8 o'clock, on
XTnion and Confederate Veterans
Are One on Plan for Recogni
tion of Restoration of Peace
Between Former Foes.
To raise money, -mainly through the
public schools of the country, to build
memorial halls upon the battlefields of
Gettysburg and Chickamauga, the
Gettysburg-Chickamauga Peace Me
morial Halls Association has been or
ganized in Portland. Colonel Lewis C.
Oarrigus is its president, Lynn B.
Coovert, secretary and H. C. Wortman,
It is the Intention of the association
to raise from 15000 to J1000 In this
state to carry on the Nation-wide
campaign for raising the memorial
money, and the first contributor to the
lund is H. C. Wortman who has sub
scribed $100.
In July, 1913, at the great fraternal
union of the Blue and Gray at Gettys
burg, the 12,000 ex-Confederate soldiers
assembled there adopted resolutions
expressing a desire to erect peace me
morials which should stand for Ameri
. can brotherhood. The resolutions were
written by Colonel Garrigus, one of
Oregon's two representatives.
Union Veterans Take Up Idea.
Later Colonel Andrew Cowan, a promi
nent ex-Federal Army officer and presi
dent of the Society of the Army of the
Potomac, strongly advocated the peace
memorial suggestion. An organization
followed called the Gettysburg Peace
Memorial Association, Its membership
containing ex-Federal and ex-Confederate
soldiers In almost equal numbers,
supposed to include the most prominent
Jiving members of each army.
The avowed object of the association
"was to obtain an appropriation from
Congress with which to build the me
morial. A bill for that purpose was
Introduced by Representative Shirley.
of Kentucky, but Congress never acted
upon It.
Colonel Garrigus, one of the vice
presidents of the association, did not
want to see the matter dropped, so he
was instrumental in the formation of
the local organization.
Memorials to Typify Peace.
The Gettysburg-Chlckamauga Peace
Memorial Halls Association contains
representative members of the Sons of
the American Revolution, the Grand
Army of the Republic, the United Con
federate Volunteers, the Women's Re
lief Corps, the Ladles of the Grand
Army of the Republic, the Daughters of
the American Revolution, the Daugh
ters of the Confederacy, the Sons of
United States Veterans, the Sons of
Confederate Veterans, the Spanish War
Veterans, the Loyal Legion, the Boy
Scouts, the Congress or Mothers and
the Parent-Teachers Association.
It Is Intended that the two memorial
halls the association will get subscrip
tions for shall typify peace that exists
between the two sections that were
once at war, and that shall be used for
such patrlotlo assemblies as may find
it convenient to meet there.
It is expected that Colonel Garrigus
will make a tour of the country In the
Interests of the association, but will
visit only those cities to which he Is
Any subscrptlons for the peace me
morial halls may be sent to any of the
f - ' J j
I I IX - Jf 1 1
; u i
Colonel Lewis O. Garrla-ue, la
Caarae of Raisins; Fond Cor
Patriotic Memorial.
"New Ways for Old." This U the first
lecture in a series on "Power."
Mrs. Mable Holmes Parson, of the
University of Oregon, will meet her
class in the Modern Drama on Saturday
evening, February IT. at 7:45 in room H.
Reed College Head Contends That
Both Combatants Always Are
I Worse Off After Strife.
A series of potent facts relating to
National policies of war and peace
were pointed out by Dr. William
Trufant Foster, president of Reed Col
lege, in an address delivered Friday
night before an audience at Turn Hall.
X'ourth and Tamhill streets.
The causes leading to wars In the
past, compared with the results
achieved by the same wars, formed an
essential part of the argument. It being
contended that both combatants are
worse off after settling their differ
ences by force.
"Who won the Russo-Japanese War?"
asked Dr. Foster. "The answer depends
upon what you mean by "win. Two
months after the war was over, the
Japanese people were paying 30 per
cent taxes to pay for the war. This
means thatvthey gave three out of
every ten hours' labor to settle for this
war and to prepare for future wars.
"A nation cannot win financial pres
tige by winning battles. Commercial
y speaking, it is impossible to win in
a war. If Germany should capture
London. Paris and St. Petersburg and
take all of the gold found there, she
would not have enough to pay the cost
of the present war.
"Trade is usually based upon friend
ly relations. But a war destroys
markets. jeopardizes investments,
lowers the value of bonds, kills off
customers and leaves both countries
Report Shows Rapid Growth of Busi
ness In' Third Tear Many Work
ers In Distress Are Aided.
An annual dividend of 6 per eent
was declared at a meeting of the Port
land Remedial Loan Association, held
Friday at the headquarters of the con
cern, 394 Stark street.
The association has lust closed Its
third year and a report made at the
meeting showed that It had made a
rapid growth In volume of business.
Loans made In 1914 were $68,255.69); In
1915. $90,325.04, and In 1916. $97,725.80.
according to the report. The loans In
January, 1917. reached the sum of $10,-
taa.fao, a record In the history of the
The association loans money In
amounts from $5 to $200 to people of
small means, who cannot be accommo
dated at the larger banks, and who
would otherwise be forced to apply to
loan sharks or other agencies. Many
a working man and woman has been
tided over the stress of hard times by
this institution, and many homes have
been Eaved. The rate charged borrow
ers is 2 per cent a month.
The directors at Friday's meeting
decided to declare semi-annual divi
dends of 3 per cent each In future.
The directors of the association are:
J. F. Daly, A. H. Levers, Wilfred P.
Jones, Ira F. Powers, William D.
Wheelwright, Rabbi Jonah B. Wise.
William F. Woodward, Robert H.
Strong, secretary, and Ben Selling,
R. D. Jennings Goes to Spokane.
To provide Its patrons in the Inland
Empire with better service, the South
ern Pacific'will establish a commercial
agency at Spokane. The office will
be opened March 1 and will be In
charge of R. D. Jennings, who was for
merly traveling freight agent under
General Freight Agent H. A. Ulnshaw
at Portland.
Public Blarkef let Grows.
The publlo market on Tamhill street
made a net profit of $244.75 for the
city in January, according to the
monthly report of Marketmaster East
man filed yesterday. Receipts Trora
rental of booths amounted to $486.25,
while operating expense, totaled
Public Library Notes.
t"D ELIGION" as we know it Is not
XV some holy thing apart, let "down
out of heaven, which cannot be touched
with humand hands. It is a human
"Our sciences, philosophies, econom
ics, social and industrial ideals, above
all our moral histoi-y, will be regis
tered In the advance or decline of our
religious consciousness," Is the state
ment of Herbert Alden Youtz In his
book on "The Enlarging' Conception of
In the work entitled "Issues of Life."
Elwood Worcester defined religion in
Its root sense as a word meaning "to
take up" again and agaii. to consider
carefully, to have a reverent regard
The many-sided views of religion and
Its values are presented In varying
colrrs In the following books at the
Public Library, collected In a case near
the door of the circulation department:
Ilobertson, Pagan Corists; Batiffol,
Credibility of the Gospel; Watson, Re
spectable Sins; Horne, Romance of
Preaching; Jewett, Person and King
dom cf Satan; Lloyd, Creed of Half
Japan; Frazer, Golden Bough; Zeublln,
Religion of a Democrat; Carmichael.
Overweights of Joy; Gladdin, Where
Does the Sky Begin?; Crawford, The
Church and the Slum; Soliloquies of St.
AJgustlne; Latimer, Liberty of Con-
A New Home Care That Anyone Can CM
-Without Uiscosnfort or Loan of Time.
We have a New Method that cures Asthma
and we want you to try It at our sxpenss
No matter whether your case la of lonr
standlnc or recent development, whether it
Is present as occasional or chronlo Asthma,
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live, no matter what your ass or occupation,
if you sre troubled with asthma, our method
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We especially want to send It to thos
apparently bopsless cases, where all forms of
Inhalers, douches, opium preparations, fumes,
"patent smokes." etc., have failed. We want
to show everyone st our own expense that
this new method is designed to end all diffi
cult breathing, all wheeling, and all those
terrible paroxysms at once and for all time.
This tree offer la too Important to neglect
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Niagara and Hudson Bts., Buffalo, X. T.
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half dozen specialists. Both legs in terrible con
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This is the late testimony of a prominent
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story in full on request. We have seen so many
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Skidmor Dror Co.
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Look Over Your Farm Then Look Over This!
T " asssssssssssnsssrsrn-sssrMrr"-- s " V at l. -
v'w .?"- 1 tit a bf z-- ' c Si.r
and Your Car Chassis
Gives You Tractor
and Auto Both
b-fM-r' Ksf r'-'f;;;"
3 "Vwiswisill. -,Vs ...' , SI-"
M.i.s.-jU, ,,.
See This Farm Wonder
on Display at 3 63 Oregon
Street. Portland
Just All
A Real Farm
The "UNIVERSAL" converts any Ford or other car
into s clean-cut, practical light tractor. 1500 pounds
of wrought and cast steel traction wheels, gear,
braces and hitch, clamped to your auto chassis. You
plow and haul with, it as easy as you drive your car.
Why Two in One?
If you can't afford an extra auto chassis, then buy
a "UNIVERSAL" and have a perfect tractor and
an auto both. If you can't afford the two, then use
your auto full time and a "UNIVERSAL" full time.
Don't have either one standing; idle in a shed. "Two
in one" means more tractors for the man of mod
est capital.
Plows Six to Eight
Acres a Day
According to soil. Pull3 a four to six-horse load;
pulls two bottom plows six inches deep and has
reserve. It is a wonder for pulling spreaders, har
rows, mowers, drills, binders, trucks, and its light
weight, broad tractor wheel bearing make it an in
comparable equipment for cultivating.
Body Should Be Off
The "UNIVERSAL" is a clean-cut tractor. Body
of car is removed; no need for body with the "UNI
VERSAL." Special seat provided with equipment.
The "UNIVERSAL" is a farm implement, pure
and simple. - '
Economical and
Heavy cast' steel hubs and pinion and gear and
hitching frame; all rolled steel wheel treads and
spokes. Internal gear and all parts easily replaced
at a light cost. Fuel consumption and lubricating
oil a positive minimum. Gasoline IV. to IVi gal
lons per acre, according to soil.
' 1 v i a V; T
IMS git
Interior Factory Universale Ordered for North
west Farmers
Speed for Plowing and Road Work
Plowing1 2 miles an hour, road normal 4 to 5 miles per
hour. Cooling equipment furnished for Ford. Other auto
, engines do not need cooler. .
Strict Tractor Lines
Compare it with any other tractor offering. Investigate.
The "Universal" not only is superior in looks, but it is su
perior in action. It is absolutely the only practical tractor of
its kind in the market, and it is a super-tractor compared
with any other light tractor.
Simplicity and Many Other Points
Nothing new to learn. Not an intricate part in the entire
attachment. Simple as a farm wagon. You don't have to
be a machinist to drive a "Universal" Backs up with im
plement attached. Turns in a short circle. Has a perfect
hitch, that works any" way you want it a bitch the prac
tical farmer will appreciate. '
Read our guarantee of the "Universal."
- Bon
Simple to Attach
and Detach
Remove body of auto and clamp chassis to
"UNIVERSAL" in three hours; put back
chassis to auto body in same time. A' pleas
ure car for Sunday, Tractor for Monday. Or
get back to auto at end of busy farming sea-..
No Holes to Bore
No mechanical - work the "UNIVERSAL"
exactly fits your auto. Simply clamped on.
Mere monkey-wrench work.
No Increased Load
on Engine
Pull is all on high gear. Secret of power is
in reducing the gear, giving high power, less
speed. All strain or pull is on the "UNIVERSAL,"-
which has powerful tubular steel
strain and weight axle.
No Rubber Tires
Left On
Tires are removed from auto. Rubber tires
slip in steering on plowed field. The "Uni
versal" has center flange on front steel trac-
tor rims for steering.
Works in Sand or
The light weight, the 14-inch width of trac
tor driving wheels, make it ideal for all con
ditions. Provision made for weighing down
with ballast for pulling extra heavy loads.
Power Drive
The , "Universal" could be used for power
drive for chores, husking, spraying, etc
See our nearest agent. Write us; we will tell yon his address.
tVTT g - See our nearest agent. Wrie us; we will tell y
OfSlt.rlt. Write for our literature. See the "Universal"
"Tractor Facts"
and other literature
"Tractor Facts" tells "all about the
i "Universal." It should be read by
every man interested in Tractor
equipment. We will be pleased to
send you this folder and other im
portant literature free. Write to
address as follows: Gerlinger
Motor Car Company, Dept. O, Ta
,coma, Wash.
Gerlinger Motor Car Co:
Manufacturers of the Universal Tractor Attachment and
Gersix Trucks
Gerlinger Motor Gar Co,
Distributors for Multnomah County
We may put you at once in touch
with our field representative. He
may be near you. Responsible
firms or individuals wanted to rep
resent the "Universal" in unas-sijnef-
The "Universal" meets a real need
and sells on sight. Large sales in
Oregon and adjoining states in
1917 assured.
Gerlinger Motor Car Company,
Dept. O, Tacoma, Wash.
Compare It The Universal 'Has No Equal!