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cJoseph MacueeN.
Twelve Volnmel Novels and etorles. by
Richard Harding Davis. per set, sold
y subscription only. Charles Scribner'a
tons,. Jitw York City.
With photogravure frontispieces
from drawings by Gibson, Appleton
Clark, Christy. Morgan and others,
these dozen volumes of the "Cross
roads edition" of the late Richard
Harding Davis' novels and stories are
certain to prove of extraordinary in
terest. They appeal especially to all
booklovers who are looking out for
worthy attractions to fill their book
shelves: and as for ordinary readers
those with $12 to spare they are lucky
to have such book treasures where they
can lay hands on them.
It is only a short time since all that
was mortal of "Dick" Davis was placed
in the grave. His memory is kept
green by a host of loyal admirers who
have loved and still love anything that
appears in print bearing Davis' -name
as author. His printed memories have
in them a sturdy Americanism that
This edition of Davis' novels and
t stories have been prepared according
to plans often discussed with him and
issued under conditions which make
it peculiarly commemorative of the
personal and popular affection in which
he was held. His brother and executor
-has given invaluable aid in preparation.
In this edition are brought together
for the first time all that succession
of stories from "Gallagher" of nearly
30 years ago to those of the present
war. that made Davis the knight errant
of American story-writers the one of
whom one of his contemporaries has
said that the young men and women
of his time "lived with a happier
bravery because of him."
Collected in uniform and attractive
shape are also the novels and longer
i stories which in separate issues have
been continual sources of delight and
have found their way onto the stage
and into every form of popular pres
entation. The collection in its com
pleteness thus includes some books that
have been literally tne most popular
of their kind.
The books have been manufactured
with the Intention of making a clear,
beautiful and attractive library edition.
worthy of its definitive and lasting
character. The set has in general the
same distinguished form and appear
ance as the well-known Outward
Edition of Kipling, the Thistle Edition
of Stevenson, the Memorial Edition of
George Meredl'h and the Imperial Edi
tion of Sir Gilbert Parker.
In each of the 12 volumes are P
donal messages from friends who knew
Davis well. Winston Churchill writes
in "The Bar Sinister": "There come to
me now. as I think of him filled with
life, flashes from his writings that
have moved me, and move me inde
scribably still. I Style.' as Holland
remarks, "c'est l'ame.' It was so in Mr.
Davis" case. He had the rare faculty
of stirring by a phrase the imagina
tions of men. of including in a phrase
a picture, an event a cataclysm. Many
causes will miss him. and many irienas
and many admirers, yet his personality
remains wtih us forever, in his work.
Irvin S. Cobb in "Ransom's Folly"
ThA world knew him as one - the
most vivid and versatile and pictur
esque writers that our country has
produced in the last half century, but
his friends knew him as one of the
kindest and gentlest and most honest
and most unselfish of men a real hu
man being, firm in his convictions,
steadfast in his affections, loyal to the
ideals by which he held, but tolerant
always in his estimates of others.
Gouverneur Morris in "The Red Cross
Girl": "Those swiftly flashed ice-clear
pictures (complete in every detail) with
which his tales and romances are so
delightfully and continuously adorned.
. . . An analysis of his works, a
study of that book which the Record
1 .
- J! - l
II ST r S -if " ' s x - i7
themes: 11 A. M.. "The Secret of a Success
ful Life"; 7:45 P. M-, discussion of Presi
dent King's book, "It' All in the Day's
Pilgrim. Shaver street and Missouri ave
nue Rev. W. C Kanuer, minister. :o
A. M., Sunday school: 11 A. M., "Follow
Me" i communion with baptism and recep
tion of members; 3 P. M-, Junior Endeavor:
6:30 P. M., Y. P. S. C. JS. ; 7:30 f. JO... "ioe
Life That Counts."
Laurelvrood. Forty-fifth avenue and sixty-
fifth street Southeast 10 A- M-. Sabbatn
school; 11 A. M-. communion service. Rev.
C. W. Wells officiating: 3:45 P. M.. T. P.
S. C. E. meeting; 6 P. M., President Mjir
Crawford will sneak, subject. A bug-
gested Co-operation with the University of
Portland in the Development of Person
ality" ; vocal and instrumental music will
be furnished by the university.
Ardenwald. Ardenwald station unoay
school. 10:30 A. M. ; Christian Endeavor,
7:30 P. M., superintendent, H. W. Hopkirk.
Flnnlsn Mission. 1U7 toKiamore sirrei
Samuel Nevala, pastor. Toung People's meet-
Ins at ; preacmnff at 7:3U; prayer meeuug
Thursday at 8:15.
Sunnyslde Congregational Church, .ast
Taylor and East Thirty-second streets-
Rev. J J. Staub, D. D., pastor. Services at
11 A. 'm. and 7:45 P. M. ; Sunday school.
9:45 A M. : Junior Christian Endeavor. 3
P. M. ; Senior Christian Endeavor, 6:15 P.
M. Topics of sermons: Morning. -"Thinking
Above That Which Is Written"; evening.
Recognizing and Realizing Clod's Purpose."
Highland. Prescott street, near union ave
nue iRev. Georee Edwin Lewis, pastor. un
day school at 11 A M.. subject, "The Golden
Age"; Sunday night at 8 o'clock, lecture.
'is the world (jetting setter-
First. 131 Twelfth street and Alder R.
T. AI. Mluard, pastor Sunday school, lO A
M.: services. 11 A. M. : Bible study. Tues
day, 2 P. class study, Thursday, 8 P. M.
Ft. Mark's. Twenty-first and Marshall
streets Rev. J. E. H. Simpson, rector. Rev,
John O Matton. associate. Sunday services.
7:30 A M.. holy euchanst; :4o. ftunaay
school: lO-l.V matins: 11. holy eucharlat and
sermon; 7:45, evensong and sermon. Week
days: holy eucharlst dally at l :io a. ja.
Saint David's parish, iast Tweutn ana
Belmont Rev. Thomas Jenkins, rector.
Services at 8, 9:30. 11 and 7:30.
Church of St. Mlchaei and All Angels.
Rrudwn and East Forty-third street North
Sermon, 11; holy communion, first Sunday,
11: third Sunday. 7:BO.
Grace Memorial, waldlar and East Seven
teenth streets North Rev. Oswald W. Tay-
S lor, vlcax. Holy communion. 8, excepting
on first Sunday m ine montn; rnvrami
prayer and sermon, 11; bunaay sanooi. a
o evenina service. -
ah KAintn xwenty-rixtn ana avir
6unday school, 10; morning prayer ana
rynnTi. 11: csleoratran oe tne noiy con'
munion the first Bunaay in me xnontn ax 11
and the third bunaay at o.
ei Paul's. Wooamen kit. oawaia m.
Taylor, vicar. Uuly communion, first oua
day of month, hi evening prayer and ser
mon 4. exceot the first Sunday ox monm
St. John's. Mllwaukle Rev. jonn li. nice.
vicar. 8, holy communion, except on xirsi
Riindkv .if month: iu. uunaay scnooi; 11.
moraine- Drawer: 7:80. evening prayer: holy
communion, first Sunday of month.
Church ot Our bavior, wooastocic. tti
B-nrtv-flrst street and Slxueta avenui
Archdeacon cnanaoere in cnarge.
school 10 A. service and sermon at 11
Sishon Moms Memorial
Samaritan Hospital Holy communion.
a M avenaoca. 7:1ft.
Ki Andrews Hereford street. opposite
rrumiu j, t
In charge. Sunday scnool, av a. as.; service i a w i xt. step in i-uc uusvuwu
and sermon. 11 A, M. I IX making the Filipinos self-gov
F ' " " I tr i
I I. - . :
I , ' ' ? , " - - " 1 - 1 ' t ' " "
p " - 5 1 Vll F?1 : yrrr-T in 5 - ;
s . t. & i a 1 - f - 111 r ' ' "5. ..,.-:-.'
iiru Rev. W A U Breck. vicar. Sun- I ' ""S occu
day school, 10; services and sermon, 11 A If. I polntment of Rafael Palma. a member
Churcn of the Good Shepherd. Graham I .. . t Atlrvw
mwi ti v.nnouver avenues Rev. John Dawson. "l """ -1 ""'H' "
rector. Sunday .school. a:45 A M.; morning I Secretary of the Interior,
service, 11; evening service, i :ov.
St. Stephen'a Pro-Cathedral, Thirteenth
and Clay, the Right Rev. W. T. Sumner.
blshon of Oregon: the Very Rev. E. H. Mc
Collister. dean Services. Sundays, 7 :45 A.
M., 10 A M. (school), 11:20 A. M., ,7:4a
P. M.. saints' days, etc., 7:30 A. M. Public
Bible class. Wednesdays, 8 P. M. ; Brother
hood of St- Andrew, Daughters of the King.
Girls Friendly, etc Any westbound car,
transfer to Thirteenth. Sunnyslde cars, off
at Clay.
their young men to marry with our
young women."
Mr. Flowers stands for "White"
Principles of Constitutional Government, by
Frank 3. Goodnow. 1. Harper oc Broth
ers. New York City, :. T.
"Constitutional government Is the
general form of government which has
been adopted by all peoples whose civ
ilization is of European origin. Con
stitutional government is a govern
ment of laws and not of men.
With this central thought in mind.
we approach in a proper mind to a con
sideration of this common-sense, clear
ing Angel keeps will show one doml- iy-Understood. instructive 'book of
nant characteristic to which even his I 396 pages, written by the president
brilliancy, his clarity of style, his ex- 1 0( the Johns Hopkins University. Lr.
cellent mechanism as a writer are sub- I Goodnow is an international authority
ordinate; and to which, as a man, even
his sense of duty, his powers of affec
tion, of forgiveness, of loving kind
ness are subordinate, too; and that
characteristic is cleanliness."
The titles of these 12 volues are:
"Van Bibher and Others"; "The Exiles
and Other Stories"; "Gallagher and
Other Stories"; "Soldiers of Fortune";
"Captain Macklin"; "Ranson's Polly";
"The White Mice"; "The Scarlet Car";
"The Bar Sinister"; "The Man Who
Could Not Lose"; "The Red Cross Girl":
"The Lost Road," and lots of other
Of all these stories, Ihe best Is a
short one, "The Bar Sinister." a dog
story. It is a human-interest story,
with a real flesh and blood hero one
that is a perfect gentleman. As
Puppy, he is known around the Mon.
treal wharf where he and his mother
(a bla' And tan) make their home, as
Kid. a v-hite bull terrier. ' His father
3s Regent Royal, son of Champion
on this subject. He was invited by
the government of China to visit that
country to draw up a constitution.
Among the chapter titles are the
following: "Constitutional Govern
ment and WrUken "Constitutions";
Federal Government in' the United
States Before the Civil War"; Federal
G vernment in the United States After
th ' "Civil War"; "Federal Government
in inada"; "Federal Government in
Aistralia": "The South .African Ln-
ion": "The American Conception of
Executive Power"; "The European Con
ception of Executive Power"; "Presi
dential Government and Its Compari
son With Cabinet Government ; The
Bi-Cameral System of Legislative Or
ganization and, the Upper House";
"The Bi-Cameral System and Its Ke
lation to Federal Government"; "The
Lower House of the Legislature and
Particularly of the Suffrage and Meth
ods of Representation"; "The Methods
of Voting and Particularly of the
Secret Ballot"; "The Position and Pow-
Regent Monarch, champion bull terrier! ers of the Courts in the Constitutional
of England for four years. Kid was Governments or tngiana ana ine unit
abused by the other dogs for his mon-
rrel blood. One day his mother dls-
jpears, and Kid is adopted by the
Master." who is often drunk.
The Master kicks Kid, and thereby
wins his affection. The Master, while
drunk, arranges a dog fight between
Kid and a heavier dog, and the. latter
beats the pup. Kid is kicked again and
sold to a groom who works for Mr.
Wyndham. a wealthy dog fancier. Kid
Is recognized as an aristocratic aog.
and on being groomed is taken to a
dog show, where In the bull terrier
class he beats and wins the blue ribbon
from his own aristocratic father.
Then afterward Kid sees a dog being
bitten by three big dogs, and Kid res
cues his lost mother.
ed States"; "The Courts in the Consti
tutional Governments of Europe
'The English Conception of Private
Rights"; "The American Conception ol
Private Rights ; "The European con
ception of Private Rights"; "The Local
Institutions of England"; "The Local
Institutions of the United States";
"The Local Institutions of Continental
mont Rev. Thomas Jenkins, rector.
Ices, 8, 11:30 (school;. 11 and 7:80.
The Swedish Free Church, corner of Mis
souri avenue and bumner atreet xl. u.
Rniiin, niuitnr. &undav school. v:4&: preacn-
lng, 11 a. ah-; y'Juiig yV" ".t. - .
preaching, a P. .ft.
G. F. Lleming. Sr.. pastor. Sunday school
a i. a t . ,1.- rv - vv Um.',f at u At) A. u. : uresoniaK service oy me
U,th.n, rh,,l S..r hnnr'a Snne. lPSlor SI iv;w A. .
New York City. '"1 V M
Our author is professor or dramatic Tk,rH t,- w a. Llenkaanmer.
literature in uoiumDia university, anu uiior. Sunday school at 10 A M.; preacn.
is accepted as an eminent ana compe- 1 ing service at 11 a. at; uikuiuosi uua.
font- n T-ii ni' t ir. t-irir 'Thin vnliifihlA find l Saturday at 10 A M.
, , . i. ... . , i i. i .. r v. Tin- I Norwegian Isanlsh, Snmner and East
UCIUL1ILU1 If UK 1 la Wild KJ 1 111'. 1.1-1- 1 I . ,
cut. and therefore th, patient reader ?-'S5uf'5ttalTZ
P. M. ; Sunday school at 10; young peoples
meeting at e:U0; prayer meeting. Wednesday
at 8 o'clock-
Portland Mission n. Shupp, pastor. Car-
Did the whale swallow JonahT A
Connecticut jury has decided that it
did and convicted M. X. Mockus, a De
troit man, of blasphemy under a blue
law of the state dating back to the
days of witchcraft. Mr. Mockus Is a
Lithuanian lecturer and a free thinker,
He delivered a lecture lr watertown
Conn., in which he denied the authen
St. David's parish,. East Twelfth and Bel- tlclty of several Bible stories, notably
that of Jonah. He -was arrested, con
victed and sentenced to spend 10 days
in Jail and to give a bond of 1000 for
good behavior. He appealed the case
and engaged counsel from New York.
J. J. Farrell Is In the thick of the
Iflght over the high cost of milk and
rhutter, which is spreading all over the
United States. . Besides being Dairy
and Food Commissioner of Minnesota,
Mr. Karrell is head of the National
Dairy, Food and Drug Officials and
president of the National CreamerJ
Buttermakers' Association.
e e
Spyridom Lambros was called by
King Constantino to form a new Greek
Cabinet In October. He was & teacher
of history at the University of Athena
when Intrusted with the Premiership,
There Is a sensation in the book
world, due to the suppression of a
diplomatic history of the war written
by Edmund von Mach, formerly of
Harvard. Mr. von Mach says the sup
pression was due to the Influence of
the allies. The publishers say they
found, certain inaccuracies in the work,
Lord Milner is a member of Lloyd
George's Cabinet. He has been Identi
fied with public life in Great Britain
for many years.
had better arm himself with a paper
cutter in advance.
A Book About the Theater" is crit
ical and suggestive in the best sense
of that latter word. It is also con
structive. The illustrations are 33
Some of the chapter heads are: The
Show Business; The Limitations of
the Stage; A Moral From a Toy Thea
ter: Why Five Acts; Dramatic Col
laboration; The Evolution of Scene
Painting; The Book of the Opera; The
Poetry of the Dance; The Ideal of the
Acrobat; The Decline and Fall of Ne
gro-Minstrelsy; The Utility of th
son Heights, Sunday school at lu ana
preaching at 11 A. M. ; West Portland,
Sunday school at 2:30. Y. P. A. at :bv
and preaching ac 7:30 P. M.
Trinity German (Missouri Synod . Will-
lams and Graham avenues J. A. Rlxnbach.
pastor. Services, lO:10, 7:BO; Sunday school.
U:15; New Years service. 10:10 A. zl.
Trinity, East Tenth and Sherman streets
IT. N. Sandifur, pastor. 11 A. M-, "Present-
Day Repentance"; 7:80 P. M., F. J. fenell
will speak on Kpworth League iwork.
Westmoreland. Mllwaukle avenue, near
Fourth avenue Rev. k ti. Sandifur will
speak at 7:30 P. M.
Vancouver-avenue Norwegian and Danish,
corner of Vancouver avenue and Skidmore
street H. P. Nelsen, pastor. Preaching at
11 and S: Y. P. S. devotional meeting at 7
P. M.; Sunday school at :5 A. M.
Daurelwood, Sixty-third street Southeast.
near Foster Road The pastor. C. K. Carlos.
will preach at 11 A. M. on "Things to ininn
About In 1017"; at 7:30 P. M. George V.
MoCluro will speak on "IM rineioom
Lincoln. Fifty-second and Lincoln streets
Rev. B II. Morse, pastor. Sunday scnoot.
10 A preaching at 11 o clock.
Temple of Truth Roclety.Metaphyslcal Li
brary, Broadway and Main streets services
at 8 P. M., speaker. Aitnea niwuuauivr,
"The Light of inspiration."
Ellers Hall Broadway and Alder street
11 A M . sermon topic, "How to oet -iose
to God," by Rev. William R. Reece: Sunday
7:43 P. M. : Sunday school. 10 A. M.: Chris
tian Endeavor, 0:43 P. M.
Mission. 446 Jessup street Sunday serv
ices as usual; Sacbath school, lO: preaching,
11. by Rev. C T. Carpenter; Christian .En
deavor, 7; evening aerrlosj.
Kenton, Lombard and Chatham streets
J. 8. Cole, pastor, 12u West Lombard street,
preaching, 11:15 and 7:30; Bible school. 10;
Christian Endeavor. Senior and Intermediate
e:30? prayer meeting. Thursday evening, a
Ockley Green, Willamette Boulevard and
Gay streets Hubert H. Farnham. pastor.
Sunday school, 10 A. M. : preaching, 11 A
M. and 7:3U P. M. junior u. .., a.
Senior C. E.. 6:30 p. M. ; prayer meeting,
Wednesday evening at 7:45.
lrst. East Sixteenth and Poplar streets
J. A. Gocde, pastor. Sunday school, 9:30
A. at.; preaching. 11 A M. ; K. L. C B.
6:80 p. M. ; preaching. 7:3o P. M.; mid
week prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 P. M.
8t Johns A. B. t-ajton. pastor, will
West Side Norwegian Lutneran. Four- I . , ' and ehildren'a classes at
teenth and Davis streets WUhelm Potter- I 14.iS vr.
First. Twelfth and Alder street
J. H Boyd. D D., pastor;
regular service; 7:0
Most of One's Mind."
i.Anrai Trust Thirteenth and 1 ine lit
Arthur F. Bishop, pastor. 10:3O, children s
crmnn. "T.lshts": regular. "MUStara oeeu
Faith": 7:30. song service, "Just As I Am
10:30 A. M.,
M., "Making the
e I son. nastor. English services, first and third
Variety Show; The Method of Modern I Sundays of each month at 11 A M. and
Magic: The Puppet Play and. The Prob- second and fourth. Sundays at 8 P. M.;
; ri t i I Norwegian services first and third Sundays
lem Ol uiiuunin; iiutioiu. i , ,.r ,h a o t .nd second and
fourth Sundays at 11 A. il. : bunuay scnool
. , I A tul.. T A T at iV A, A. i C"S"-" " - -
Ainu, a - - ' . i .,,w , yr ,hlrl Monday at ft P. M. : Y. p. s.
New York City. I Tue,day ,venlng; English Bible class Friday
Written in letters of fire. deDlctln? .u.nin.,- vpioer service at . ft P. M.. eacn
the anguish of an aroused conscience, Sunday In the hall on the corner of i Uteeutn I christian Endeavor, 6:30; Sunday school at
a ,n Via tha onlilnnnv in i And AlbertA.
bTani verse: o? a German in this conn- I rW'rSK
try. me uerma.ii veuiuaira iuo services. 10:30 A M. and 7:30 P. M. ; Sun
trust with which some people regard dav School. 9:30 AM.
the militarism of Prussia, and the dis- Grace English, Missouri Synod. Mason
t reused hv the nresent war. street and Alblna avenue Rev. E. Probst.
Th. hook is nhle. undeniablv. but Is pastor. Services. 10 :80 A. M. and 7 :0 P,
"i- ' ' - I T . . V.
it genuine? It may be real, and on the
other hand a clever invention of the
opponents of Prussia. What then?
Inside the German Empire, by Herbert
Bayard Swope. 2. The Century Com
pany, New York City,
Bethel Free, Stuben Hall. Ivy street anu
Williams avenue Rev. u. A. staley. min
ister. Preaching at 11 A. M. and 8 P. -u..
knnilAv schooL 10 A Aft.
immanuet ibwhiiuj, miiri.ou m m
Irving etreeta Services. 11 A. M.
12 noon
Calvary Eleventh and Clay streets serr-
i . j ,1 til a -M and 7:30 ii. M. rtev. A. a
Hard will preach in the morning; evening
subject. "Chrl6t aecona --.oming. j
Hope, Seventy-eigntn anu V
S. v. Seemann, minister. jnorning
, . i-rh. i.nuL fftier oi ine n u i .. ,
evening subject. "Realistic Religion"; Sun
day school. 0:45 A. M.; C. E. rvlce. 6:30.
Mount lacor, rmin iuh ,
a d I mt-rt Riv. Ward Macrlenry. oi rcr v-.i
li ; Sunday school. 8:45 A. M. ; Y. P. Society, Or., will preach Sund J'h.1 ChS
Tuel.y. 8 P. M. : Ladi"" Aid. first 1.1 fMS
Sunday Church Services
Wednesday. 2 P. M.; Pipe Organ Society,
t. i- i Vi a flariyiani. In wflp time I fimt Friday. 8 P. JA.
.mis . . 1 r,,k.
Clinton streets A Krause. pastor. Refor
mation festival; Sunday school, t:80 A. M. :
service, 10:30 A M. ; confession and holy
communion, 7:80 P. M. ; Friday and Sat
urday concerts, 7:30 P.
was reviewed in. The Oregonlan of last
evening -theme, "The Challenge oi ine t-u'
H tir.-. :And Park. 11M nasi puutiCT.i.
. n-..... v, u,v c T. Mendel, pastor.
B..n. eohool. 1 A. M. : preaching. 11
A. M. and 7:30 P. M.; prayer
1L-i)n,idnv 7 ' HO P. M. A
vorbes Memorial, oantenoain ana ura-
(Continued From Page 10.)
For the Good of the Party, by Herman Hlne
Brinsmade. $1.25. Sherman, French A
Co., Boston, Mass.
It is safe to say that In every news
paper office where this novel Is re
ceived for review it will be read close
through to the end. The reason is.
htat It is a newspaper story.
"For the Good of the Party" has wit,
heart interest, and liveliness to com
mend it. The hero is Paul Ashton
Boston young man with a slight news
naner experience. He comes to the
Western town of Blackvllle, 12,000
population, with a desire to start a
new paper, tie has sauuu promised mm
by his father. There is one paper in
Blackville already, the Daily Breeze
Racket, a Republican orjean.
The Democrats promise to advance
$5000 if Ashton will start the new
naner. He does so, and names It the
Tilnrkville Star. The widow of the
i. ,,roT. of tV Dnilv Rocket news-I and Willamette boulevard Rev. T. Mathew,
paper. Mrs. Haskin. makes love to Ash- Mass. 8; high mass. 10:30: evening service.
ton. ana ne tans in love wilu aiis. St. Peter-s. rents Rev. p. Buetgen. Mass.
Zenia Huoer, aaugmer or a pouiiuai i B. hlch mass. 10:30: evening service. 7:30.
boss of the town. The hew editor ot I St. -Clements, Smith and Newton streets
the Star gets to know the promises of Rev. c. smitn. Mass o; nigu mass, i:a
politicians, and how vain they are of vning service 7:20 ..
belief. He has to endure much trib
ulation, but bis reward comes.
Mass. 6. 8, 9; high mass. 11 o'clock; even
ing service, 7:80.
Rev. C. J. Olson. . Mass. 6. 7. b, 0; nlgn
mass. 11; e -..ina service. '
iu.d Racrament Maryland avenue and
Blantiena street. Rev. Father F. W. Black,
pastor. iiaaa, SAM.; Hieh Masa at 10:30
A M. ; evening service. 7:80.
The Madeleine, feast l 'weniy-rourtn ana
Siskiyou Rev. G. F. Thompson. Mass, 7:30,
8; hlsh mass, 10:30: evening service. 7:43.
fit. Andrews, xuast .iiitu ana aiuwi.
streets Rev. T. nuernan. Mass, a; niga
mass, iO:3U; evening service, 4 :au.
Ascension. East lamuui ana cast seventy-
sixth Franciscan Fathers. Mass, 8; high
mass, 10 30, evening service. 7:30.
Holy Redeemer, Portland boulevard and
Vancouver avenue Rev. F. H. Miller. Mass,
6. 8; high mass. 10:3U: evening service. 1 :u.
, Holy cross. 7 4 uuwaoin atrwi nuf. w
Raymond. Mass. 8; high mass. 10:80; even
ing service, ' :ou.
xacrea rieart, .aai n-iotruin uuu v.uvm
Rev. G. RobL Mass. 8; high mass, io:3;
evening service, 7:30t
tat Againa. cast rineenin anu utiii 11
Rev. J. Cummftky. Mass, 8; high mass.
lo-:to- eveninir service. 7:80.
St. Joseph (German . iiteentn ana uoucn
streets Kev. B. Durrer. Mass, 8; . nign
mass. 10.30: evening service, 7:80.
St. Clare's, Capitol mil rranciscaa
Fathers, Rev. Father Modeatus. Low mass.
7:30; high mass and benediction, 0:20;
mon at both masses.
St. htanlslsus (Italian). Maryland avenue
fls, pastor. Preaching at 11 A. M., subject,
"The Good of Godliness"; 7:43 P. M., sub
ject, "Does It Pay"? Bible school at 9:45 A
M. : Christian endeavor at 0:00 sr. -ri.
East Side. Ea Twelfth and Taylor R.
H. Sawyer, pastor. Communion and sermon
at" 11 A M., topic.' "The Man Who Knows";
vfnln? Hone service and sermon at 1
tonic "Is Christianity competent ror ita
World-wide Task"? Bible school. 9:00 A
vr - r"iirlAtuiTi Endeavor at o:3U.
Ea,t Side. East Twelfth ana lay lor
tt Sawyer pastor. Communion ana aermon
at 11 A. M.. "Forward to What?": evening - R.rv(. and sermon at 1 :v. tupic,
"The War of Nations-; sinie scuuui a,i r.u,
r-VivMntlan Endeavor at 6:30.
Rodney Avenue. Rodney avenue ana unou
rti Rev. J. Carlos linormiey, pastor.
Preaching, 11 A. M. ana 1:45 f. -m. iiorn-
lng, "The Vision of the Valley of tne Lry
Rnnp"; evenlne. The rew riirin : aunuay
school. 10 A M. ; Christian Endeavor, 6:30
Vernon. East fifteenth street North and
Wvaant atreet Regular services 10:30 and
7. SO. Preaching Dotn morning ana eveaiae.
Wnodlawn. East Seventh and LiDert,
streets W. L. Mllllnger. minister. ijmie
school. 9:45 A. M. : social service. 11 A. M-
Cbrlstlan Endeavor, 6:30 P. M.; preaching
by L. F. Stevens. 7:SO P. M-
First. Everett. ' between Eighteenth and
Nineteenth streets services. 11 and ; bud
1t of lesson sermon, "sacrament Hun
day school, 9:45 and 11; Wednesday evening
meeting at 8.
Bethany Danish.' Union avenue North and ham Rev. William MacLeod 1 minister. 11
Morris atreet Rev. L. p. KJohler. pastor, ociock; prracninn " .
Sunday school and Bible clasa. 10 A M. ;
St. Charles., Thirty-fourth and Killings.
worth Rev. a. Snlderhorn. Mass, 6; high
niMHB. 10:30: evening service. 7:30.
St- Rose's Fifty-third and Alameda
streets Rev. j. M. CFarrell. pastor. Masses.
8 and 10 A. M. : evening devotion. - 7:30.
St. Michael's (Italian), Fourth and Mill-
Jesuit Fathers; M. J. Balestra, S. J., pastor.
Low mass, 8:80; high mass, 10:30; evening
service. 7:30.
St. Philip Nerl. East Sixteenth and Hick
ory Kev. w. J. cartwngnt. Mass. 7:30,
The Japanese Conquest of American Opinion,
by Montavllle Flowers, ueorge ii,
Doran Company, New York City.
Mr. Flowers Is ex-presldent of the
Lyceum Association, and is well-known
as a lecturer. His book is a cleverly
expressed series of arguments for and I high mass, 10:30: evening service. 7:80.
against Japanese naturalization in this , sS.lBJ?tu- 3i??. m!" 'VfV:
country. In the abstract, our author
would deny to Japanese the right of
oitizAnnhin. "because of the sacrifice
they ask us to make with it, to allow
Jesuit Fathers Father William J
rector. Mass. 6:30, 8. 9:15, 10:3O,
service, 7:30.
First, Park and Columbia Harold H. Grlf
services. 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. ; young peo
ple's meeting. Thursday. H P. M.
Our Savior's, East Tenth and Grant
greens Rev. Geo. Henrlksen, pastor. Eng
lish. 10:15; Norwegian, 11:10.
u-.niiurnrth. Thirty-fourth and Gladstone
Unmln, worshiD. 11: evening serv
I .r 7.45. Rev. E. P. Lawrence will
nrh at both services; Sabbath school,
. . 1 - . if
Kennilworth. East Thirty-fourth and G!a'-
. A- naiDn Dioatrew. " - "
s.H.v .ohool. 10 o'clock. lag worship. 7.4j o ciock.
Sunday aohool, 10 o'clock.
Rt. .lmf' English. West Park and Jef
ferson streets. Rev. W. E. Brlnkman, pas
tor. Sunday school, 10 A M-; morning wor-
ihlo. 11: sermon, "xne jreat uommiuion-
Luther League meeting. 7 P. M. ; evening
worship. S: sermon, "The Light et the
T.,ti,r-dav Saints. East Twenty-fifth and
Madison lO o'clock. Sunday school; service
s.t 3.1:45 and evening service at 1 :u.
Rose City Park. Sandy boulevard and East
Fifty-eighth street North. Aaron Allea
Heist pastor. anuni service, xi, vespers.
4:30 o'clock.
Westmoreland. livi jmuwauKie n. w,
Maulden. pastor. Preaching, 11 and 7:30;
Sunday school. 10: Junior League. 8:3a
University Para. isk ana Lombard
streets Kev. J. 'a. addou. u. services,
11 a u.. 7:30 P. M.: Sunday school. 9:45
M.. Epwortn League, o.ov r. aa- x-rayer
meeting, 7:45 o clock rnursaay.
German, itoaney avenue ana eianton
strest T. A Schumann, pastor, feunday
school. 8:45 A AA. : services, ia a sv., ua
B P. M.; Epworth League. 7:16 P. M-
Sunnyside, corner iasc xamniii ana last
German. Twelfth and Clay O.
preach both morning and evening. Sunday
school at 10 A. M. : Christian Endeavor at
ti:30 P. M.
Church of Our Father, Broadway and
Tamhill street Rev. Thomas L. Eliot. I.
D.. minister emtrltus; Rev. William G. Eliot,
Jr., minister. Services at 11 A. M-. Rev.
Andrew Fish; open forum. 7:45 P. M.,
"Should City and County Consolidate?" E
B. MacNaughton; Sunday school and adult
class at 9:45 A M. ; Young People a Fra
ternity and Unity Club at 6:30 P. M. .
Bali at Society. 616 Ellers building Serv
Ices Friday evenings, b o'clock; Sunday. S
P. M. .
Comforter, 186 Firth atreet 'Freedom
From Commandment" at 11 o'clock; even
ing at 8 o'clock In Ellers Hall on the
sut.ject, "Finding Your Place"; speaker, Mlsa
Florence Crawford,
Theosophlcal Society. Central building.
Tenth and Alder streets Lecture. 8 P. M.
(Cbntlnued From First Page.)
o"Ii. 11 A M. ; Epworth League. 6:o P. pea
pies vu'"' -
First Norwegian Danlsn, Hoyt and Eigh
teenth streets Rev. Ellas OJerdlng, pastor.
Preaching at 11 A M. and it 8 P. 11.; Y. p.
Society every Tuesday night. 8:15; prayer
meeting Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
Woodlawn. East Tenth North and High
land streets Rev. W. E. Kloster. pastor.
Sunday school. 10 A M. ; morning service.
H X. M : Epworth League. 7 P. It. ; evening
service. 7:45 P. M.s prayer meeting. Thurs
days, '1 :45 P. M.
St. Johns Leavltt and Rays streets Rev.
J H. Irvine, minister. Morning service at
ii n'l-Jneli: evening worship. 7:80.
Centenary. East Pine and East Ninth
Sunday school at 9:45 A. M. : "A Vision for
Christian Service." by Miss Ida Mae EhaWitt,
of the Portland Industrial Center. 11 A M.;
Epworth League meeunsa i r.
class meeting.
mon, - Sacrament ; bunaay scnool.
Third. East Twelfth and Salmon streets-
Services. 11 and 8; subject of lesson ser
mon. "Sacrament"; Sunday school, 9:45 and
11:00: Wednesday evening meeting at 8.
Fourth, Vancouver avenue and Emerson
street Services. 11 and 8: subject of lesson
sermon. "Sacrament"; Sunday school, 9:43
and 11: Wednesday evening meeting at 8.
Fifth, Myrtle Park Station Services. 11
A. M. ; subject of lesson sermon, "Sacra
ment"; Sunday school, 9:30 and 11; Wednes
-day evening meeting at 8.
Christian Science Society, Holbrook block.
St. Johns Services, Sunday at 11; wednes
day evening meeting at 8; subject of les
son sermon, "Sacrament. .
First Church. Park and Madison street
Luther R. EVyott. minister. 9:50 A. M., Bible
6:80 P. M. ; "What's
school; eO, X. P. S. C. J5.J J0r. Cyott a I Name!" sermon biz the pator. 7:3a p. M.
Hefner, nastor. Services. 10:45
Sunday scnool. 9:30; Y. P. I. 7.
r-v.i.T -Rnval building Rev. Berfha M
Zimmerman, pastor. Sunday, 3 P. M.. leo
h Rev. Mr. "vVertz: readings from
flower, bv Dr. R. Angus- 8 P. M.. lecture
noAABA-es bv Mr. A. R. Wirt.
v.-. Thnucht. Oil Ellers building 2 P.
M.. lecture by A W. Wilson; demonstrations.
Mrs. Lousn.
Temple, southeast corner Sixth and Mont
romery streets Conference, 11 A M., Ly
ceum Christmas exercises. S P.
a v M- bv J. Metcalf.
First. Sixth and Montgomery streets
11 o'clock. Mrs. M. A Congdon;
lecture. 3 P. M., Mrs. M. J. Iownes; lecture, I
8 P. M.. James B. Metcalf.
Church of the Soul Rev. jr. H. Lucas,
pastor. Services In Auditorium Hall, Third
street, between Taylor and Salmon, at 11
A M ; lecture end messages by Mrs. con
Canan Smith: 3 P. M.. mediums' meeting; 8
1 M-. lecture ana mesnses, - (
Church of the Good Tidings. East Twenty-
fourth and Broadway Rev. Frank Theodore
Scott, pastor 11 a. m., vmi ". .
Pictures of the Soul"; 12 M.. Sunday school.
First. East Fifteenth and Morrison streets
P. O. Bonebrake. pastor. Sunday school
at 10 A M. ; preachlns: at 11 A. M. and 8
P. M : Sndeavor at 7 ?. M.
Third. Sixty-seventh street and. Thirty-
second avenue Southeast. Hubert F. White,
pastor. Sunday school. 10 A M. ; preaching.
11 A. M. ; junior 11 1 1 n l mil iiuuc.iui, , a-.
M Senior Christian Endeavor, 6:80 P. M. ;
preaching, 7:30 P. SI. Evangelist F. H. Neff.
of. Salem, will preach both morning and
Alberta. Twenty-seventh ana Alberta
streets Clinton C. Bell, pastor. Public wor
ship. 11 A M. and 7:30 P. M. ; Sunday
school. 10 A. M.: Y. P. 8. C. E.. 6:30: prayer
meeting. Thursday. 8 P. M.
Fourth. Elxcy-nlnth street and Blxty-aee'
ond avenue Southeast. Treraont Btatlott J.
JS. Connor, pastor, fiexxuonsa iL A- Jst aad
It really was a wonderful Improvement;
my eyes looked twice their size."
We were now half around tne links.
so I suggested a rest. Kitty was glad
enough to stop, so, dropping her
driver and asking; If her hat was
straight, she drew a long breath and
went on: "I thought I looked fine until
I got under a bright light. Then you
ought to have heard the shout tnat
went up when the girls saw me. Grace
said 'What in the world save you been
doing to yourself?' I said, 'Oh, noth
ing. Why. does It enowr one saia.
'You look: as if you had been done In
pastels by a blind man,' and went oft
into a roar to tell the others.
I snatched up a glass and saw that
the La Blach I had gotten off Grace's
dressing table was flsh color and I had
put it on so thick I bad made by hair
pink. I fanned and brushed and tore
at it, but that powder just stuck to
every individual hair. Then Janet,
trying to ba consoling, said, 'But real
ly, my dear, your hair is not as bad as
your awful eyes!' She took my eye
brow pencil and showed m I had
picked up the soft indelible pencil she
had been wrltlnsr nnatcards with In
stead of the real thing, and I had got
ten my brows and. lashes an Indelible
This recital of her misfortunes
showed Kitty to be better natured than
I would have supposed under such
straits. "What did you do about it?"
I asked.
" 'Do? What could I do? she asked
me in turn. 'But even this was not the
worst. "Just then Nette came up,
Grace's sister. That girl always Irri
tates me anyway with her little smarty
ways, and the tears positively came to
my eyes when I noticed her shoes
were mates.
' 'So I said "Ton do look pretty nice,
as you seem to know, but you would
look a good deal better if you hadn't
put so much red paint on your lips."
"Of course, she denied it and vowed
she hadn't done a thing to them. Then
what makes them look so cherry-ripe?"
I asked. Quick as a flash, she said. 'O 1
guess it's this lovely French dentifrice
I use. Here, hold your breath and try
it.' It takes a peculiar kind of cussed
ness to hit a fellow when he is down,
but that it what she did to me. She
grabbed a bottle off the stand and like
an idiot I held my breath an Instant
and took a mouthful of ammonia!
"She waa scared when she saw what
she had done. The next minute my
Hps and mouth Inside were on fire, and
I was almost screaming with pain.
Grace came up to me and said that if I
wanted to go home she would get some
one to take me. But I said. 'No, slrree,
I'm going to see this thing7 through if
it's the last act of my life. I'll sit back
in the chaperon'a row with your moth
er, but I'll stay.
"Well, the Colonel loomed up early
In the evening and asked Grace for a
dance the first thing. I watch-id them
sailing around the room and knew
Grace had been thinking up interesting
topics of conversation all day. She is
one of the few people who can dance
and talk, too, and I could imagine just
how entertaining she 1 was for she
talked every minute and never missed a
step. Then he came up ana asked
Kette Jor a dance cvnd wlien they came
back he must have thought I was soma
little sister tucked off there with their
mother, and asked me if I would dance.
It was a glorious waltz and I forgot
myself and said 'Yes.'
"I tried to hobble about on my silver
slipper so my white shoe would not
show, but when I did not hold xny
skirts up everybody stepped on my
dress and it was ao use."
Through all this recital of her mis
fortune I humbly wondered what they
had to do with my friend the Colonel.
"Just imagine my fix," she continued.
"I couldn't dance on account of my
slipper, I couldn't stay under the light
on account of my blue brows and pink
hair and I couldn't mumble a word dis
tinctly on account of my swollen Hps.
At last the Colonel, not noticing what
waa the matter with me. suggested a
turn on the verandah. It was a won
derful night and I was beginning to
think I was glad I had gone, after all.
but it didn't last long. You know I
just love to talk, but my Hps were so
blistered I could scarcely open my
mouth, so I drew myself up In the
shadows and wondered if that night
mare evening aver would end. Tha
Colonel said something about tha
weather and I could only nod my pink
head. Then he said something else and
I raised my blue eyebrows to show him
I had heard, and with that, if you will
believe it, he began to talk himself. -
I did not understand her surprise ac
his doing the talking, but recalled bla
reputation and said nothing.
Well, If you please. he Just went
right on talking. The girls have al
ways said they had to rack their brains
to prevent pauses In the conversation.
but he did the talking tnis time ior
once. He told me-about his career irom
the start, where he had been and what
he had done, all the active service he
had seen and his whole family history,
beginning with his mother's maiden
name, and there I sat in my corner like
a wooden Image not able to say
Now for the first time I was begin- .
nlng to see how the Colonel had gotten
his Idea of Miss Flinders being "so de
lightfully entertaining." It would have
been -jnposslble otherwise. 'ine poor
fellow had been pent up all these years
listening to other people while they en
tertained him. and been mentally sui-
focated by their good intentions.
"However, he tells me he found yon
particularly entertaining from the first
time he met you." I said, hoping to
bring out Just the answer I wanted.
And again -she took my bait.
Kitty laughed. "How could he? she
asked. "He didn't even hear the sound
of my voice. We sat out three dances
and he talked every blessed minute of
the time."
Then I saw It all and didn't blame
him. This poor much-talked-to Colonel
had at last gotten a chance, owing to
this woman's temporary disability, and
had talked a whole hour without inter
ruption and about himself at that, I
did not wonder that he had been fas
cinated by the novelty of this ex
perience, and In his exhilaration had at
tributed the fact of having been so
highly entertained to the presence of
poor stupfd little Kitty Flinders. And
as we sauntered homeward I was fully
satisfied in my own mind as to how It
1 had happened.