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Names of Candidates and Titles of Measures Just as They Will Appear at Polls Are Here Given.
Election day next Tuesday, No
vember 1.
Polls open 8 o'clock A. II., close
at 8 o'clock P. M.
Voters otherwise qualified who
have not registered may be
sworn In at the polls In Multno
mah County on affidavit of six
freeholders; outage of Multno
mah County, on affidavit of two
This is the first Presidential
election in Oreg-on at which
women vote. Suffrage was
granted Oregon women at the
Presidential election in 1912.
This is also the first Presiden
tial election at which persons
holding first naturalization pa
pers only may not vote. Only
those who are full citizens, with
final papers, if naturalized, may
Persons who have removed
from precinct in which they
were registered since registra
tion books closed may vote In
new precinct by obtaining cer
tificate of registration from
County Clerk.
Election bulletins will be
flashed by The Oregonian on a
screen at Sixth and Alder streets
Tuesday night, beginning at 6
The Oregonian has also ar
ranged for electric light signals
announcing the election result
to be flashed in residences of
Portland, Oregon City. Salem and
Vancouver, according to & cod
printed elsewhere In this paper.
ON the Multnomah County ballot
this year are names of 122 can
didates, of which 44 are Repub
licans.' That there are so many addi
tional names is due to the faot that
the Democrats, Socialists and Prohibi
tionists have tickets that are almost,
but not quite, complete.
Five candidates on the ballot are not
opposed, having the nominations not
only of their own party, but of at least
One other party, as well.
Walter H. Evans, Republican nom
inee for District Attorney of Multno
mah County, Is also the Democratic and
Progressive nominee.
The same is true of John M. Lewis,
Republican nominee for County Treas
urer. However, in Mr. Lewis' case, this
Is nothing new. He Is a candidate for
his eighth successive term as County
Treasurer. The voters are getting so
tised to voting for Mr. Lewis that it is
rare for anybody to oppose him, even
for the nomination. The Prohibition
ists and Socialists have not named any
body to run against him at this election.
Robert Tucker, Republican nominee
tor Circuit Judge of Department No. 3,
has the Progressive nomination also.
The Democrats have no candidate. t
For Constable of Multnomah District.
M. M. Squires. Republican, has the
Democratic end Progressive nomina
tions to boot. '
B. F. Rollins, Democratic nominee for
Justice of the Peace, Multnomah Dis
trict, is also indorsed by the Repub
licans and Progressives, and has no
Though the present ballot is quite
long, it Is not nearly as long as the
ballot at the Presidential election four
years ago. There are 10 measures on
the ballot this time. In 1912 there were
42 measures to be voted on in Mult
nomah County. There were also more
candidates than there are now.
AT LEAST 23,000.
Nearly Every County of Eastern WMk
ington Is Placed on Safe Side, With
King: nnd Pierce Helping.
SEATTLE. Wash.. Nov. 4. (Special.)
In closing a hard day's campaign in
King County, with a total of' ten
speeches to his credit. Governor Lister
declared tonight that he was certain
of re-election by a majority of at least
Governor Lister believes that one of
the most potent factors which will
bring about his success at the polls is
the record he has made in the past four
years as Governor.
"I believe that there is no question
but that 1 will carry practically every
county in Eastern Washington. I have
assurances that many of my Repub
lican opponents admit this fact. 1
figure that we will come to the moun
tains with at least 10,000 majority. I
received 7000 majority in King County
four years ago, and I think that I will
carry this county again by that mar
gin. "While we will -undoubtedly lose
some Western Washington counties,
they will be lost by a close margin, and
with my home county of Pierce giv
ing me a good majority, I am convinced
that when votes are counted I will he
elected by 25,000."
Increased Activity to Prevent Labor
Troubles Is Suggested.
DES MOINES, la., Nov. 2. By unan
imous vote Kansas City was chosen as
the meeting place of the 1917 National
convention of the Churches of Christ.
The date for the meeting will be de
cided on later.
The committee on resolutions recom
mended Increased activity on the part
of the church to prevent labor trou
bles, pledged the church to do aTI in
its power to bring about closer amica
ble relations between employers and
employes and the ultimate consumer.
It also called attention to the settle
ment of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Com
pany strike by personal intervention of
John D. Rockefeller. Jr.
. ; . . , '
Portland Has 344 Precincts 109 on West Side, and 235 on East Side, In
cluding St. Johns, but Not Linnton, Which Is Grouped With 31 in "Country
VOTES for President of the United
States will be cast in more polling
places in Multnomah County next
Tuesday than in any previous Presi
dential election. There are a total of
875 precincts in this year's list, with
election officials numbering more than
Of the precincts 344 are in the city
of Portland proper, with 109 on the
West Side and 235 on the East Side.
This does not include the precinct of
Linnton, which is still grouped with
the "country" precincts in the num
hering, but does include St. Johns. The
Portland precincts number from 1 to
$99 inclusive, with 1 to 98 on the West
fcide and 99 to 299 on the East Side.
There are SI "country'' precincts,
numbering from 300 to 326V.. There are
43 precincts having "V4" numbers, 11
being on the West Side, 34 on the East
fciide and four outside of Portland.
In all but a few outlying precincts
there are two election boards, one serv
ing in the day and the other at night.
Each is composed of two "Judges and
three clerks. Some f the smaller pre
cincts have only one board of live
The polling places are open next
Tuesday from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. A list
of them follows:
IPrecincts and Location
No. ICarson Garaga, Tburman, between
S2t1 and Kugby.
Xo.2 -Terrace Grocery, S, W. .corner 2Sth
end Thurman.
No. i N. W. corner 23th and TJpshur
No. 4 S. W. corner 25tfi and Thurman.
No. 5-464 24th street North.
No. ti 3.2 North 23U, corner Savler.
No. 7 Gb7 Wilson street, between 2lBt
Und 22d.
No. 8 652 Thurman, between 20th and
21st streets.
No. u 365 North 17th, between Savler
and Thurman.
No. 10 12 Gllsan, between 5th and 6th.
No. 11 S. E. corner 14th and Marshall
No. 12 217 N. 17th, between Marshall and
No. 13 290 N. 21st, between Overton and
petty grove.
No. 14-i-N. W. corner 21st and Northrup.
No. 15HU1 Military Academy, 821 Mat.
No. 1ft Engine house, 24th and Johnson.
No. 17 Col. Tailoring Co., 171 NT. 21st,
between Irving' and Johnson.
No. 18 153 North 23d.
No. 19 Garage, 23d, between Iloyt and
No. 20 Hartford Apts.. N. W. corner N.
lFt and Flanders.
No. 21 Fisher's Garage, 21st, between
Ke.nney and Lovejoy.
No. 22 t8 Glisan, near 21 st street.
No. 23 University of Portland. 17th and
K farney.
No. 24 Portland Van Storage Co., N". W.
corner 15th and Kearney.
No. 25 X. K. corner 18th and Glisan.
X". 25a Basement Wellington Court,
X. W. corner 15th and Everett.
No. 2 Engine house, 511 Glisan.
No. 27-f3 North Broadway.
No. 28 rt-t N. 3d. between Davis ft Everett.
No. 2fl 310 Everett, between 5th and 6th
No. 8o 122 N. loth, between Burnslde and
No. II Garage, 27. N. 10th, between
Burns'il and Couch.
No. 82 Speedwell .Motor Co., S. W. corner
14th and Couch.
No. S3 600. Washington, between 19th and
Ko. 84 54 N. 21st. between Washington
nd Everett.
No. 84 Vi 633. Washington, betweea Trin
ity and 20th.
No. S3 58 Tv". 23d, between Washington
r.'l Kverett.
No. 33 '.-i--707 Davis, between 21at and 22d.
'o. 3 Garage, 220 Cornell Road, head of
No. 8718 12th street, between Burnslde
and tark.
No. illla Ramapo Hotel, 475 Washington.
N""S S3 413 Stark, between 11th and 12th.
No 9 S. W. corner 6th and Pine.
No 40 Engine house. 2d and Oak.
No. 41 S3 5th street, between Oak and
No. 42 544 Washington street.
No. 43 .V7 Alder, between W. Park and
10th street".
No. 44 135 10th street, between Washing
ton and Alder.
No. 4 t1 I511, Morrison street, between
12th and 13th.
No. 45 1!0 Washington, between 14th
and loth.
No. 40 Covey Motor Car Co., S. W. corner
7isr ana wasnington.
Ko, 47 6-1 .fsfferaon street.
No 4B OG Washington street, between
V ins and t. Clair.
lo. 4 Garage. 16th street, between Tarn
Mil and Taylor.
No. 50 171 11th street, between Morrison
and Yamhill.
No. 51- Garage, 188 10th street, between
Yamhill and T.ylor
No. 52Y M. C. A. 6th street, betweea
Yamhill and Ta;'lor.
No. 63 Engine house, 4th and TamhllL
No. 54 2 Bd. between Salmon and
No. 65 Fourth-street entrance, Court-
No. 56 Palgo Motor Co- S.
Clay, between
corner 14th and
56 Palgo Motor Co S. E. corner
uroaaway ana xayior.
No. 67 White Temple Church, S. E. cor
ner 12th and Taylor.
No. 58 209 14th street, between Madison
and Jefferson.
No. 5.'. 211 14th street, between Taylor
and Salmon.
No. 0j Dundee Garage. N- H. corner Xa
tilla and Jefferson streets.
No. 60 4u3 Jefferson street, between
Tenth and Eleventh.
No. 61 T.add School, loth and Jefferson.
No. 62 Fourth-street entiance, City Hall.
No. 63 248 Main, between 2d and 3d
No. U4 233 Clay street.
No. 65 347 First street, between Market
and Mill.
No. 06329 3d street between Market
and Mill.
No. C7 315 4th street, corner Clay.
N'o. OS Corbett (' fit e Rrnailu,. mnA
No. 68 Church basement, 8. W. corner
W. Park and Jefferson streets.
No. 70 312 12tn street, Frank's Garage.
No. luhi 2D5& xlth street, corner Columbia-street
No. 71 4oO Jefferson, between 18 th and
14th streets.
No. 71M Basement, 607
14th and 16th streets.
No. 72 Basement, N. E,
Montgomery streets.
No. 73. Store, 652 Jefferson street. S E.
coi ner
No. 74 5 Market street.
No. 75 Engine house, Lomudalt and
No. 76 372 X. E. corner 11th and Mont
gomery streets.
No. 76 Store. 430 Harrison street, be
tween 11th and 12th.
No. 77 Store. N. W. corner 6th and Hall
No. 78 Garage. 429 6th. between Hall and
College streets.
No. 71) Engine house. 4th and Mont
gomery. No. 79 Ms Garage. N. E. corner 4th and
Lincoln streets.
N'o. so si 1st street. S. W. corner Mill.
No. 1 -411 1st street.
No. b2 Cottel Drug Co., 1st and B her man
No. 83 Store. N. E. corner 6th and Lin
coln streets.
No. 84 Garage. 435 W. Park street, be
tween Hall and College streets.
No. 655-23 Lincoln street.
No. Sti 548 Vista avenue.
No. 67 Engine house. 20th and Spring
No. 6 Strohecker store. 733 I'atton road
No. bl 663 H 1st street, between Sher
man and Arthur 'streets.
No. 90 Failing School. Porter and Front
No. 81 2S1 Hooker street, N. W. corner
4th street. i
No. 92 475 GlWbs, corner 11th J7. E.
No. 03 Fourth Presbyterian Church. 1st
and Glbbs streets.
No. 14 803 Corbett street, between Pen
noyer and Gaines streets.
No. 95 Holman School. Corbett and Ban
croft streets.
No. !Hi 1104 Corbett street. 8. E corner
Seymore street.
No. 07 Fulton School, Sd and Mile.
No. 98 1587 Macadam street, corner Ke
vada. No. 9814 1435 Macadam street, corner Da
kota. No. 69 1695 Bast 13th. between Uma
tilla and Harney.
No. 100-1748 East 13th, between Marlon
and Clatsop.
No. Ill 1603 East 13th. near Tenlno.
Ne. 1025ti6 L'matilla, between East 13th
and East 14th.
No. 103 Sellwood Y. M. C A.. East 18th
and Spokane avenue.
No. 104 551 Spokane avenue, between East
12th and 13th.
No. 103 Garage. 1503 East 11th at.
No. 105H Real estate office, Bybee. near
No. 106 Midway Houi
No. 107 Campbell's garage, 1138 Mllwau-
kl and Ellis.
No. 10S Berkeley Clubhouse, East !9th
and Nehalem.
No. 109 44 22 Woodstock avenue, between
44th and 45th.
No. 110 Woodstock M. E. Church, East
44th and Woodstock.
No. Ill 5305 East 41s. corner 83d ave.
No. 112 5010 41st street.
No. 313 5630 60th avenue S. E., between
cstn ana eitn.
No. 114 Buildln. Millard avenue station.
1 f u aum, wv cveauwi
Official Ballot for Precinct No. , Multnomah County, Oregon, Nov. 7, 1916
12 Butler, R. R., of Wasco County, Republican
13 Cottel, Willis I., of Multnomah County, Rep
14 Keady, W. P., of Multnomah County, Republican
15 North, W. C, of Multnomah County. Republican.
16 Wilson. J. 1'.. of Multnomah County. Republican.
17 Coahow, OUver P.. of Douglas County, Dem
18 Haney, Bert E., of Multnomah County. Dem. . . . .
19- Neff, Porter J., of Jackson County. Dem
20 theahan, Daniel W., of Wallowa County. Dem. . .
21 Stevenson. John It., of Multnomah County. Dem.
22 Coe. Curtis P., of Yamhill County. Prohibition. .
23 Pennine ton. Lev! T.. of Yamhill County. Proh. . .
24 Kheak, Henry, of Benton County, Prohibition. . .
23 Swope, M. Frances, of Multnomah County, Proh.
26 Walker. Cyrus H., of Linn County. Prohibition. .
27 BurtThoizer. Max. of Lane County, Socialist
2H Johnson, frank W.. of Clatsop County, Socialist.
29 McCone, Belma J., of Multnomah County, Soc. . . .
30 Jv'ikula, August, of Clatsop County, Socialist. . . .
31 Tipton, W. il.. of Washington County. Socialist.
S3 Callahan. Kmmett, of Multnomah County, Frog,
For President.
Charlea Evan. Ilnshea.
For Vice-President.
Charles Warren Valrksski
For President.
W'oodrow VYllsjtta.
For Vle.-Presld.nt.
Thesias It. Markbuall.
For President.
J. Frssk llaaly.
For Vice-President.
Ira Laadrlth.
For President.
AlLasi L.
For Vice-Preeldent.
GeorKCj IU Klrkpa trick.
For President.
For Vice-President.
John M. Parkfr.
For Representative In Conjrresm, Third District. Multnomah Connty -Vote foe One
33 Jeffrey, John of Multnomah County.
34 Lafferty, A. W., of Multnomah County. ,
8a McArthur, C. N.. of Multnomah County.
S Ktreiff. Albert, of Multnomah County. .
For Secretary of State Vote for One.
37 ' Cannon. E. L.. of Marion County ISociallst.
3 Olcott. Ben W.. of Marlon County IRep.-Dem.-Prosr.
For Justice of the Snnreme Ceaurt Vote for Two,
Bright, C. J., of Wasco County
Burnett, George H., of Marion County. ..,
Hosmer, J. E., of Marion County
Moore. Frank A., of Columbia County. . . .
Oliver, Turner, of Union County
For Dairy and Food Commissioner Vet. for One.
4 i McKinnon. Donald W., of Lane County.
45 Mickle, John D.. of Multnomah County.
46 Rempel, A. Ci., of Polk County. . ; . . . .
For Commissioner of the Pnblie Service Commission ef Oreajon, District Com
posed of the Counties Lyinsr West of the Cascade Mountains Kenton.
Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia. Coos. Cnrrr, Dousrlas. Jackaton. JoMpkinr,
I.anc. Lincoln, Linn. Marten, Maltnomah. Polk, Tillamook. Washlaston and
Yamhill Counties Vote for One.
47 Buchtel. Fred GTTof Multnomah County IRepubllcan-Prosressive.
48 V an Dresar. E. L., of Multnomah County Democratic.
For Judsre of Circuit Court Fourth Judicial District, Department Number One,
juuiuobub taani vole ror use.
jn Allen, Q. W., of Multnomah County TTbemocratlo-Independent.
50 Kavanaugh.,John P.. of Multnomah County IRepubllcan-Progresaive.
For Judsre of Circuit Court, Fourth Judicial District. Department Subcr Three,
jiujiDODiss VjOqii 1 7 i oie xor use,
51 Tucker. Robert, of Multnomah County IRepubllcan-Progresaive.
For Jadsre of Circuit Court. Fourth Judicial District. Department Number Five,
iiiuiiBomaa ouniy ote lor one.
62 Gatens-W. X.. of Multnomah County. . .
63 Grant. Frank S.. of Multnomah County.
65 56
Senator, Thirteenth Senatorial District, Multnomah Count
Farrell, Robert S.. of Multnomah County. . .
Huston. S. B-. of Muitnnmah Conntv .
Moser. Gus C, of Multnomah County.
-Veto for Five.
.uuca, U n V. , K't. ,juuiiuiiiau vuuiuy. ..........
Olson, Conrad P.. of Multnomah County
Orton, A. W., of Multnomah County
Holman, Frederick V., of Multnomah County. . .
Bwett. Isaac, of Multnomah County
Pratt, Geortre B., of Multnomah County ,
Anderson, Charles J., of Multnomah County, . . ,
Boyd. L. G., of Multnomah County. .............
Ockwig-. C. G.. of Multnomah County
Smith, W. E.. of Multnomah County
Strelff. Peter. Jr.. of Multnomah County
Republ lean-Progressive.
For Senator. Thirteenth Senatorial District, Multnomah' County, for Unexpired
Term Ending First Monday in January, 101U Vote for One. f
67 Aylsworth. W. C. of Multnomah County. . . ,
68 GUI. John, of Multnomah County
, . (Socialist.
E jRep.-Dera.-ProeT.
Submitted by the Legislature. Slncrle Item Veto Amendment An amendment
to Section 15 of Article V of the Constitution of the State of Oregon authoriz
ing the Governor to veto single items In appropriation bills.
- Vote YES or NTQ.
800 Yes.
301 No.
Submitted by the Legislature. Ship Tax Exemption Amendment An amend
ment to Article IX of the Constitution of the State of Oregon exempting from
taxation until January 1st, 1S35. except taxes for state purposes only, all
ships and vessels of fifty tons or more capacity, engaged in either passenger
or freight coasting or foreign trade, whose home ports of registration are in
the state of Oregon, for the purpose of encouraging registration of such ves
sels in Oregon, which would otherwise register la other states.
vote xeb or NO.
802 Yea.
203 No! ' "
- ,
Submitted by the Legislature. Negro and Mulatto Suffrage Amendment - An
amendment to the Constitution of the State of Oregon, removing the dis
crimination against negro and mulatto citizens by repealing Section 6 of
Article II thereof, which section reads as follows: "No negro. Chinaman or
mulatto shall have the right of suffrage."
vote Iks or no.
804 Yes.
305 No.
Initiated by Oregon State Federation of Labor. T. II. Burchard, President; E. J.
Stack. Secretary, 302 Oregonian Building, Portland, Oregon; and the Central
Labor Council of Portland and vicinity, Eugene E. Smith, President; A. W.
Jones, Vice-President; E. J. Stack, Secretary, 162 Vi Second Street, Portland.
Oregon. Full Keutal Value Land Tax and Horn-makers' Loan Fund Amend
ment Purpose A constitutional amendment declaring and defining (a) peo
ple's power and right; (b) citizen's right to use of land; (c) public ownership
of land rent; (d) public policy of Oregon; defining (e) the word "land"; If)
method of appraising land rent; (g) land improvement; providing for h
levy of permanent land rent tax; (i) publication of assessment; (J) delinquent
tax Bale; (k) maintenance of private property rights; (1) separate assess
ment of land rent; (m) standing timber; (n) assessment and collection of
tax; (o) duly of Governor and State Land Board; (p) how personal property
and land improvements may be taxed by vote of people only: (q) distribution
of revenue from land rent tax; and (r) establishing nomemakers' loan fund.
Vote YES or NO.
806 Yes.
807 No.
Initiated by the Commercial Association of the City of Pendleton, W. E. Brock,
President; C. K. Cranston. Secretary. For Pendleton .Normal School and
Ratifying: Location Certain State Institutions Purpose To provide for
locating a State Normal School at Pendleton. Oregon, upon a site to be
donated therefor, appropriating $125,000 for buildings and equipment and
levying an annual tax of one twenty-fifth of a mill on all property In the
state for Its maintenance, and ratifying the location of certain state Insti
tutions heretofore located away from the State Capital.
Vote YES or NO.
810 Yes.
811 No.
Initiated by Lor a C. Little. Anti-Cempulsory Vaccination Bill Purpose To
prohibit compulsory vaccination, inoculation and other such treatment for
the prevention or cure of contagious or infectious diseases, and providing
a penalty therefor. Vote YE3 or NO.
310. Yes.
811. No. '
For Senator. Fourteenth Senatorial District. Clackamas. Columbia and Malts
mast Counties, for Lnexnlred Term La Jlu- Fiist Monday In January. 11S
oto far One.
69 Lewis. Herman A., of Multnomah County Ilnd. and non-partisan.
70 Patton. H. M.. of Multnomah County Short term. Independent.
Representative, Seventeenth Representative District, Clackamas and Mult
nomah Co suites Vote far One. .
Burton, A. H.. of Multnomah County. . . .
Lampmcn. Rex, of Clackamas County. . .
i Rep.-Prog.-Proh.
Representative, Eighteenth Representative
Vote for Twelve.
District. Multnomah Count
73 Callan. A. C. of Multnomah County ,
T 4 Corbett. Hamilton F.. of Multnomah County. . ,
75 Goodc. E. J., of Multnomah County
18 Gordon. Herbert, of Multnomah County ,
77 Kubll. K. K., of Multnomah County
78 Laurgaard.O., of Multnomah County. ........
79 Lewis, D. C, of Multnomah County
80 Mackey, Lionel C of Multnomah County. ....
81 Mann. John M.. of Multnomah County .
sl Matthiau, Stephen A., of Multnomah County.
M Stott, Plowden, of Multnomah County
84 Willette. George T-, of Multnomah County. .. .
5 Alexander. George F., of Multnomah County. .
US Goldstein. Barnett H.. of Multnomah County. .
87 Hidden. Maria L. T.. of Multnomah County
88 Hudson. William Maurice, of Multnomah Coue
89 Nissan. Juno, of Multnomah County
0 Schneider. C. G.. of Multnomah County
91 Sloeth, MatUe M.. of Multnomah County
93 Wlllison. R. A., of Multnomah Countv
93 Mallett. Mary L-. of Multnomah County ,
94 Oppenlander, 1 G.. of Multnomah County. . ..
95 Sherman. O. J., of Multnomah County. .......
96 Anti. August, of Multnomah County
97 Axelson, A. H of Multnomah County
9 Barxee, C. W.. of Multnomah County
9! Brandes. Katherine, of Multnomah County. . .
100 Coleman, Ina, of Multnomah County
101 Halley, Georgia, of Multnomah County
103 Hesse. Max, of Multnomah County
103 McCone, Victor J., of Multnomah County
104 Stokes, R. C, of Multnomah County
105 Wesley. August, of Multnomah County
Re p.-Pro ir.-Pro h.
Republ lean-Progressiva.
Republican-Prog restive.
I tt-p. -Dem. -Progressive.
For District Attorney, Multnomah County Voto for One.
106 Evans. Walter IL. of Multnomah County . . . .
For County Judge Vote for One.
McBride, George JL (Independent.
Taswell. George . Rep.-Dcm.-Proc.
For feisty Commissioner
-Vote for One.
Arnett, Lee
Menzel, George.
Muck. A. A
i Democratic
I Republican-Progressive,
For County Sheriff Vote for One.
112 Bishop. H.J
113 Hurlburt, Thomas M-. .
114 Jackson, George W.. . .
115 Wallace, H. L
i Republ lean-Progressive.
1 nuependent.
Democrat ic.
For County Clerk Vote for One.
lift Reverldge. Joseph 'W Rep.-Prog.-Proh.
117 Dana, Marshall N (Independent.
118 Farney. Edna L. Socialist.
For County Treaaui
Voto for One,
119 Lewis. John Ml
, lP.ep. -Dem. -Prog.
For County Assessor
-Vote for One.
120 CfiuSek. V
121 Reed, HenrvE
122 Rowland. Theodore.
Ren. -Dem. -Prog.
I Independent.
121 Alderson, W. C
124 Hall. J. O
125 Roudebush. Harriet W..
For County School SuperlntendcatVote for One.
For County Surveyor
126 Bonser. R, C
127 McQ u Inn. John A,
-Vote for One.
For County Coroner
-Vote for One.
Amos, William F
Dammasch, F. H
Constable. Portland District Vote for One.
Harms, A. W
Petersen. Mark W.
I II epubl iean-Progressive.
For Justice of the Fence. Multnomah District' Vote for One.
Rolllns, B. F. . .
i Dem.-Rep.-Proj:
For Constable. Multnomah District Voto for One.
Squire, MTM.. . ,
I Rep. -De tn. -Prog.
Initiated by Committee of Independent Retailers' Association of Portland. Ore
gon. Dan Ivellaner, President. 13j'i liranil Avenue, Portland. Oregon; Hen
A. Bellamy. Executive Committee. 401 Hawthorne Avenue, Portland. Oregon;
S. S. Rich. Lxecutlve Committee. -67 Morrison Street. Portland, Oregon; C r.
Munro, Executive Committee, I4S Alder Street, Portland, Oregon; Leo R.
Merrick, Executive Committee. Commercial Club Builaing, Portland. Oregon,
11111 Repealing and Abolishing the Sunday Closing Law Purpose To
repeal Section 125. of Lord's Oregon Laws, which prohibits keeping open of
any store, shop, grocery, bowling alley, billiard room, or tippling house, for
the purpose of labor or traffic, or any place of amusement on Sunday or the
Lord's Day, excepting theaters, drug stores, doctor shops, undertakers, livery
stables, butchers ana DaKcra, under penalty ol a line or not less than la
nor more than too. ote TLs or NO.
8 13" Yes.
313 No.
Initiated bv Kauai Rights for Homo Industry Committee. C. E. 8.
Woood. Chairman, 254 Vista Avenue, Portland, Oreron; C. T. Haas, Secre
tary. 206 Stock Exchange Building, Portland. Oregon. Permitting; Manu
facture nnd ltcsmiated Sale Four Per Cent Malt Liquors Purpose To amend
Section 36, Article I, Oregon Constitution, which prohibits manufacture and
sale of intoxicating liquor, by permitting the manufacture of fermented
malt llauors containing four per cent or less of alcohol, for shlDment outside
of this state ai.d for sale and delivery within the state by the manufacturer
in original packages only, in quantities and under regulations
which may be provided by law. Until otherwise provided such sales within
the state shall he limited to the same quantity as may now be imported, hut
same person cannot, within any one period fixed by law, both Import and
Buy locally v oe i r.s or
Initiated by Oregon Prohibition State Committee. J. P. Newell. Chairman. 82S
Spalding Building. Portland, Oregon; J. Sanger Fox., Executive Secretary, 414
Belinke-Walker Building, Portland. Oregon. Prohibition Amendment For
bidding Importation of Intoxication; Liquors for Beverage Purposes Purpose
This Is & constitutional amendment extending the existing constitutional
nrovinon. relatlna- to the nrohtbltlon of the manufacture and sale of Intoxi
cating liquor, by also prohibiting the Importation of intoxicating liquors for
Beverage purposes. ote it,3 or f-.
3 16Yea." ;
817 No.
Initiated by the Oregon Referendum League: C. E. Spence, Master Oregon State
Grange, Oregon City, Oregon: J. D. Brown. President, Oregon-Southern Idaho
Farmers' Educational and Co-operative Union, Arlington, Oregon; T. H.
Burchard, E-I'resldent Oregon Stte Federation of Labor, 829 East Eleventh
Street, North, Portland. Oregon. itural Credits Amendment Purpose To
bond state for not over two per cent of assessed valuation of all property
therein for "Rural Credits Fund." Bonds from 825.00 to $1000 in series of
$50,000, maturing In not over 86 years, interest four per cent, exempt from
taxes. State to loan said fund to owners occupying farm In nils, on mortgages
not over half land value nor $50 per acre, nor less than $200 nor more than
$5000 to one person, small loans preferred. Loans made for: (a) payment for
land; (b) purchasing livestock and equipment and making improvements;
(c) satisfying incumbrances Incurred for such purposes; interest five per
cent , Vote YES or NO.
Initiated by State Tax Payers League, Walter M. Pierce. President, I -a Grande,
Oregon; C. L. Hawley, Vice-President. McCoy, Oregon; J. A. Westerlund,
Vice-President, Medford. Oregon; A. M. Lab'ollett, Vice-President,
Salem, Oregon: Robert E. Smith. Secretary-Treasurer, Roseburg,
Oregon. state-Wide Tax and Indebtedness Limitation Amendment
Purpose Limiting tax levies of Stale, County, municipality or other taxing
power to not more than the total amount levied tiie last preceding year plus
six per centum thereof, except for paying bonded Indebtedness and interest
thereon, or by vote of people, any increase so voted excluded in determining
subsequent tax; limiting power of counties to Incur Indebtedness to $u000,
either voluntarily or when Imposed by law, except to suppress insurrection
or repel Invasion, or not over two per cent of assessed valuation for perma
nent roads on vote of people; and invalidating debts, payments and taxes
exoeedlng such limitations.
320 " Yea.
?ote YEd or NO.
No.- 113 Woodman Rail, Woodmer. sta
tion. .No. 116-r-n62 T2d, corner 60th avenue.
Ko. 117 tireen resldenoa, SMS Last 74th.
near Powell.
Ko. 118 Woedstoek avenu. and Q2& atrest.
Willlams Realty Company.
No. lift- liulidiag, Woodstock avenue, 87th
street, Lents.
No. 120 Coffman's garage, B2d. street,
near Woodstock avenue.
No. 121 Fire hall, L O. O. F. batlQlns.
No. 122 Grange Hall. Lenta ,
No. 123 BuUdlns. 5407 East 724 street,
between 54th and 55th avenue.
No. 123 Engine house. East 67th aad
45th avenue.
No. 14 3!09 Eaet 7rth S. E.
No. 15 W. O. W. Hall. East BSth. be
tweea 4rth avenue and Foster.
No. 126 Laurelwood M. E. Church, 4223
East Sixty-third street.
No. 11IS14 6003 East 37th avenne S. R.
No. L!7 Old South Mount Tabor School,
65th and Division.
No. 12S 1KK6 Division, opposite East 60th.
No. lil 5."a3 Foster road.
No. 130 Osborn building. Archer Place.
40th avenue and Foster road
No. 131 4717 Sixty-first street, between
47th and 4Sth avenues.
No. 132 Creston School, East 4Sth aad
No. 133 3421 East 60th S. E.. near PowelL
No. 134--rHall. East 43d and Dlviy'm.
No. 133 Richmond garage. East Sita aad
Division, : .
No. 139 Engine house, Francis and Ore en
wood. No. 137 Bulldinr. Gladstone avenue, be
tween Last jittia and sOta straeta.
No. 13s--efi3 East Slst. saw Powell.
No. 13U-CUnton Kelly fioheel. 87th and
No. 140 Gars are. 88th street, between Di
vision and Clinton.
No, 14H Southeast eorasr Xast 84th aad
East Clinton. .
No. lil B08 Clinton, between 28th and
No. 143 719 Cllpten. betweea 20th and
No. 143861 Mtlwaukle. between Brooklyn
and Woodworth.
No. 144 004 Mllwsukle. comer Rhine.
No. 145 -775 Mllwsukle. corner Bismarck.
No. 140 404 Grand avenue, corner Ivon,
Ne. 147 405 East 6th street.
No. 146 Enclne house. East Tth. between
Stephens and East Harrison.
No. 14!) 380 East Clay, betweea Union
and Orand avenue.
No. 14ft 4"'4 Hawthorne.
l.'.o Evangelical Chureh, East 16th and
No. 151- 08T Division, between 83d and
No. 152 23 East 83d. near Hawthorne.
No. 133 IikH liawtuorue. betweea East
84th and SSth.
No. 164 Lane Bros., 1073 East Llncojn,
between East 37th and Marguerite.
No. 104 ii -m-irt ul iJOi, surner East
No. 135 Montgomery grocery, B. E. corner
East 8?lh and Hawthorne.
Na. 166 HH'm Hawthorne, between 4 2d
and 43d.
No. 166H 379 East BOth, between Lincoln
and East Harrison.
No. 107 Lincoln M. E. Churoh, East 82d
and East Lincoln.
No. 167 lo'3 Division, between East
nth and East 00th.
No. 138 Hawthorne avenue, oorner Union
Nu. 15fJ 15SH Grand avenue, near Bel
mont. .
No. ISO 130 Orand avenue, Lambert
bulldinr. '
No. 1 til S3 Grand avenue.
Ne. loll L Frances Hail, Sast 11th and
No. 183 East Side Library. East Alder
and Et llth.
No. Irt4 Frances Motor Car Exchange,
East 13th end Hawthorne.
No. 165041 East Madison, corner East
No. 3ff6 Davies garsrev T?nst 14th, be
tween Eait Morrison and Ttelmont.
No. 167 Washington Hlh tichooL East
14th snd Stark streets.
No. li.S i;:i3 East Morrison, between East
10th snd 2oth.
No. lul J4J East 20th. corner East Mor
rison. No. 170 70S H Hawthorne, between East
20th and East 21st,
No. 17V Garage. 79 East Main st 2.1th.
No. 1T1 -Belmont CWurs, bai, Sslmoot,
coracr. at iUj. ,
No. 173 Oospel Ball. East 28th and East
No. 173 1013 Belmont, between 83d aad
No. IT Belmont, between East 83d aad
84 th.
No. 178 Garage. East 38th, betweea East
Main and East Madlon
No. lid (-til East e7ih. oorner East Mad
ison. No. 177 Engine h.use. East 85ta aad Bel
mont. N'o. 178 1041 Belmont, betweea 84th and
No. 1791153 Belmont, betweea East SSth
and 8:th.
No. 17'J'4 Zlmner a Ptoppelmann garage
1234 Bt'lmont. 42d and 43d.
No. 10 Ka.-u 43J and East Madison.
No. lhl Home Telephone Exchange bulld
inir. East 45th and Hait Madison
No. 1J 12U3 Uelmont, between East 44th
and 45th.
No. Ib3 Garnre, East Madison, between
East 61st snd 52d.
No. Is XiiKi Belmont, between 60th and
No. 1.1 17.H4 Belmont.
No. lMl lu-4; East t-tark. apposite 78th.
No. 1ST 20jti Kail Stark.
No. Ihs Lupine house. East &2d and East
No. lsD 11103 Fist Ftark. between East
79th and East AOth.
No. JUO-ij. W. corner East 80th od East
No. 101 1SSJ East Gliaao, aorntr East
No. 1!2 1PS3 East OUsaa, betweea East
T9th and both.
No. l'."3 Greicorv. garage. Fremont street,
between 721 and 73d.
No. 14 Jenks" real estate ottlee. Seat
67th. near fcamiy bouteverd.
No. lui I'nohy Hro. office, nota ana
O.-W. K. N. Hallway.
No. l.'J 177a Ei uiuan, betweea East
89lii and 70th. ,-..
No. ll7 174 East CUaan. between OOtn
and C1f:. . ,
No. iyS 9. B. corner East 47ta and East
G No.n'lS9 N. W. corner East B2d and East
Gllsan. ,
No. -oo Pnrlns house. East bota ana
Sandy boulevard.
No. 2 l N. E. comer East 47Th and
Tln.imook. ,
suit, ts. F corner East 47th and TCla
mooi. carap.'.
No. West end Lanrelhouxst. Trice
East 3-r-. and East GUian.
No. L'c; 5aaJ bouievard.
No. ik4 4'J nVatt iMh street North.
No. 2"3 a. L. comer feast as'.n, and
East Ankenv.
No. 2oti iwera School. East 27ta aad East
Couch, ,
No. 207 Nealand's Garage. East 234
and EJit Aank.-ny Ftreeta
No. n? i:.-rtlst Church, corner East xOtn
and Eat At.keny.
No. ivtt isiazior'a garage. East 16th and
No. 1'OiJ Oarage, 574 East Conca.
No. 210 Kas:lon StaMes ORrase. Ease,
Flanders. b?t,n 11th and 12th,
No. 211 liuunua ochoul. but lata ana
11 '.j 2 East l?th street, between Ejst
Ash aid V::a streets.
No. 212 1-4 East Burualde, betweea East
6th and Tth. .
No, 213 33 Fast Burnslde. between TTaion
and Grand Hv.tiu-s.
No. 214 I ti l o it avenue r. on n,
No. 21. Manttry Karate. N. L. earner
Cut 21st and Orejon.
No. 2:1 Kasi ,il. near MuiTiom,n.
Ko. 217 Mci.i f.iras Last Hsasslo.
between East 0th and K'lh.
N'X 21 ni-i::rt house, brana avenue ana
MulmoMiah street.
No. 21! 322 Hoiiadnr. Between lai ana ra.
No. 220 2,7 lioiiflriav.
Nv 221 lu2 liioauvtar. east end ef
No. Tiascment. 4 14 Larmt-ee Bine-
No. 22.'. 2ll Hroadav. corner Flint.
No. 22 1 t'nlou avenue North.
No. 22 lrviniou Garasd, Lst 14th and
Broads sv.
No. 224 Frailer Garage. East 16tn and
No. 226l McMomcs parage, alia ana
No. 227 Vcrstee. 614 Broadway.
No. 22-i Lasemcct N. li. corner 231 and
TI 'lamooit.
No. 22-.k Englre-house. East 24th, between
Tillamook au.1 Thompaun.
No. Kern wood School. East SSd and
IXanuOi-'k streets.
No. 230 Hill A Pons' grocery. East SSth
and Samiy tou'.evard.
No. 23 Uouluvard Garage. 1209 6andy
No. 2.11 Tloee Cltv Hardware Company,
t32 Eit 67t:i street North.
No. 2S2 estate oiiice, B2d and St:;dy
roa .1.
No. 2"2H G.irace, Thompson, between
East 4tt:i and 47th.
No. 23 lirtea garage. East 41 t und
N'o. 2"1 M ilarkey's garage. East 24th snd
Knott street.!.
No. 2':.' oarace. 641 East 21st V.
No. 233 13 Hui.ey's aara.o, &td East 16ta
No 236 W'cstn's caraca, RiO East lOtn
N., between Hr.izee and Knott.
No. 2.tVa Irvirvjton School basement.
East 14tli aid Thouipaon.
No, 2.'.7 .".Ts I'nlou avenue, near Graham.
No. 2HS HIeld's garage. East 1HU and
No. iro Vr.lon avenue J., betweea
Brazca ar.d Sacramento.
N'o. 24u 413 Villon avenue X., near Baa
No. 2toii 177 TVI'Mams avenue N.
No. i-ll 3.H1 Kii-Il.
N'o. 242 .V. Williams avenue, betweea
Knott and ;rafcnm.
No. 243 7o Williams avenue, betweea
Coi end Ivv.
No. 214 72fl Williams svenue.
No. 213 .".'"-7 Williams avenue.
No. 24iJ 2ti3 Kuiseli. eutween Williams
and Vancouver svnues.
No. 247 1 42 KussoiU
No. 24N 1H3 Ftus.sell.
No. 24.1 "si Mississippi avenue, betweea
Coe'n ar t Monroe.
N'o. 2.v ilt Marvlar.d avenue
No. 231 l-,o Wl'.lsmett. boulevard, be
tween Ianver and Pay.
No. 2M lj "a.:uibuire parage, 16 Willam
ette boulvvard.
No. 2i2 7 Fast K illlngsworth. betweea
M:-souri snd Michigan.
No. 2'2v3 2 1mm Klllinrswcrth.
No. 23:i 111 SRiamor street, near Mis
sissippi aven'ix
No. 234 73 Mississippi avenue, corner
Beech. 1
No. 2."S TTA Mississippi svenue.
No. 2""i K'3 William avenue.
No. 237 itVI AToU.a aveuue. between Prea
CO'.t and Hiaiicllna.
No. 2."7S 123 Willlnnis avenue be
tween Skldmore and Golnn.
No. 23S Norti 1'nrtiand Branch Library.
11 Kil ilnjes-.vort h enao.
No. 2vt Srrt Williams avenue.
No. 2tiki 133 Lcioji ateuue n., near Pres
cott. N'o. 261 S. W. corner Union avenue and
Alb' rta,
202 804 Union avenue K., between Beech
snd FalilnK-
No. 2j (;arafre, 407 Mason, betweea East
6th and Gr.r.,1 avenue.
No. 23'7- 's.t Ka-nt pth. eorn-r Mains.
No. 2C4 O'.is Ui.ion avenue, betweea do
InK an1 wgur.t.
No. 2tl4 332 Alberta, betwoen 12th and
ISth streets.
No. ri3 Prescott, near East 15th-
Na. 2il ; 0;:4 Alberta, betweea ls.U and
lfth streets.
No. 2-7 721 Alberta, corner 21st.
No. 2t;4 Ueal es-.ate olxioe. 2 llth and
No. 2CS'i Copley's Hall. S. W. corner
2Sth ar..l Alherta.
N'o. 2u4 Giiiluh'a garage, Faat 8," 4 and
No. 27" Ileal estate office, N. Zt. oorner
Ent 27'h au.1 Allefta
No. 2701, c.araso, 1229 East M'th K.
No. 271 Carroll's garage, N. K. comer
East llth ar.d Kll'lnsw orm.
No. 272 i.Tl Alberta, betweea ISth and
lth streets.
No. 272 '3 737 Alberta, between 21st and
22.1 streets.
No. 273 55J Alberta, botwen 12tb aad
13th street.
No. 274 3s7 Alberta street, near Union
ave ti ue.
No. 2751238 T'nlon avenue V.
No 270 444 Dekum avenue, betweea East
Tth and sth
No. 277 riekum svenue.
No. 27427 rurl.aiil avenue.
No. 27i Yt'ooUiawu bchowl. Unloa avenne
and Brvant.
No. 2 mi Piedmont Presbyterian Chnroh,
oorner and Jarrett.
No. 21! Fast Klllincsworth avenue
No. 22 11!- Kiilliiisworth. betweea
Aliuna nr.d MlsslssUpl.
No. 232'j iiil.l.e trnery. 3. E- corner
Pat ion and Alum urtli avenue.
No. 2S3 Kenton clubhouse, oorner Green
wich and Rus- tt
No. 253 liu Lombard, corner Mis
sissippi No. 2st K-nwood l?olrtl. Kenton.
No. t.s3 Ariiur l-le Fire Hail. Portland
bo'.iievat i. neir Or. ei) .
No. 20 Tlilem's procery. 92 Portland
boulevard. Denver ar.d Campbell.
No. 2"ife 143 Kliiliifsaortu avenue.
No. 27 124 1 Grevley street, between Jes
sup and Alusnrth.
No. 2sa 13j7 Peninsula avenue, near
Nc. 2nStj, Lutheran Church. Peninsula
avenue and Kllpalrlck street.
N'o. 2v I'U lymbard. near Washburn
No. 2'3i t'hurch basouient. corner Flake
and Lombard.
No. !! iii'2 Lombard, near Klske.
N'o. 2i3 04 Iinitard. betweea Poxts
mo:th snd Manf.Td.
No. 2 Jj 1041 Portsmouth, oorner Lent
bard. No. SCi 201 West Richmond street, near
No. 2'.tt- Sehll'lncs garage. Xvannoe. be
tween llurr end Alma.
No. 2 3 City Hall. Pt. Johna
No. 2.HI 2J North Hayes street, betweea
Trumbull and Kvssendon.
No. 2-.-r4 3. E. corner Fessenden street
and Portland boulevard.
No. 2i7 St. Johns liranch Library, eoruee
Charlestown nnd Kellocg.
No. 20. First Trust ft Pavings Hank
bulldinr. Midway and Fesenden streets.
Nu. 210 N. K. corner Lindaie and Tren
ton streets.
No. 30o Park Rose, Kruse's store, sew
No. not P.uss-llvtlle, Granare Hall.
No. 8o2 Huckley fchoolhoose.
No. 3ls Calkin s HalL
No. 304 Rear Farnswortb store, formerly
Gate's store.
No. BO.-. Ralrvlew. City Halt
No. Hot Rockwood, Maccabees Hall.
No. fit'T-lranaa Hall pleasant VsJiay.
No. 8os Murphy Hall. Graatiam.
No. 3U3 First State Ban bnJMtanV
No. 3t'3H City Hal!. Gresham.
No. SI" Tn'itdale. Ma.mlo HnJL
No. nil A. H Elliott Hall. Powell Valley.
No. 311 ia rvnnle Hall. Pleasant Home.
No. 312 t'nlon Hlsh f-hool at Corbett,
No. 8:3 Library at T3rloal Veil.
No. 311 Hilda) Veil Lumber Compasa
office st Palanur.
No. 313 V. urrendale Store. Warrwndala.
No. S 1 Schoolhouse. t-'auvloa Island,
No. SIT F.moolhouso, Holbrook, Or.
No. 81 City Hall. I.lnnton.
No. 3131 FYank Johneon's boms, one
eighth rrlie north of Intersection of ISkyUae
boiileva-d an.' Germantown road.
No. ;411 Svlvan.
No. 3T' f atroale Schoolhouse.
No. 321 Krta.
No. "2i Kvan 1'lsee, cluhhous.
No. R21i Ma;!ewooJ Pchooi house.
No. 321 We-st Portia t.d choolhouse
No. 32". Klverdnle 8.h"!ioUSg.
No. 52'". F--er.twood Hall, corner Coeper
and Mitthews
N'o. r.M';-Rear rauag Slots, 42d gre-1
atul auui. tvcuutj