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    ' 8
Class Parties and Business Crowd Calendar Honor Rolls Compiled by Enterprising Principals Show Increase.
Purple and Gold Chosen by
Feb. '17 Class at Jefferson.
Midwinter Seniors Plannlns for
'ComliiK-Ouf Party Weather
Bureau Katabllfibed Senior
"Prom" to lie Held Soon ew
Notes of Interest.
f"pHE February, '17, class held a litely
JL meeting last Wednesday, when they
chose their clas colors, and also Bot
tled other business. After two hours
of argument, the members decided to
adopt purple and gold as the official
class colors. The lavender sweet pea
was adopted as the class flower.
The February class is establishing a
precedent In adopting an official class
yell and also a class song. A committee
consisting of Hubert Girtord. chair
man: Lloyd Miller. John D. Kennedy,
Harry Ccon and Gordon Giebisch, wa
appointed to collect a number of suit
able veils to choose from. Another
committee, consisting of Ethel "Wheeler,
chairman: Olive Stark. Helen Catton
and Florence Kerr, was appointed to
make a collection of suitable class
The class pins have arrived and will
e given out this week by Loyd Carter,
chairman of the pin committee. It is
planned to have a "coming out day,
when every member will receive his
pin and conspicuously display it.
As a method of raising funds to en
tertain the June, '16, class, the Febru
arv class is planning a country fair,
which will be held in the gymnasium.
The fair committee is composed of Paul
Goodwin. chairman: with Thomas
Christinas and Ben Schiewe, assistants.
The members of the Naemphi Club
njoyed an interesting talk by, Miss
Young, of the faculty, last Tuesday.
Miss Young was in Brussels when the
liuropean war broke out and was also
there for three months after Brussels
Was occupied , by the Germans.
A big feature that the science de
partment has developed, is the weather
bureau, which is under the supervision
of Miss Bennett. About 150 students
took the t6t of the department to de
termine the forecasters. The eight
highest were chosen, and they were:
Charles Weber. George Van Deurs.
Ralph Mount, Wilbur Philips, Arthur
Mack. Ruth Elzroth, Evadena Hager
and Lorenta Prest. This committee In
vestigates the weather instruments on
the roof every noon an then forecasts
the weather for the following day.
The June. '16. class is ndw busy
planning the "senior prom." A com
mittee, consisting of James Jensen
chairman; Annamay Bronaugh. Harold
Copeland and Verna Barker, was ap
pointed to look after the details of the
promenade. The June class also adopt
ed its official motto, which is: "Yv e will
either find a way, or make one."
'Resolved. That the girls should es
cort the boys to all social functions
during Leap Year" was the question
decided bv the members of Pi Delta Ep
silon at their recent meeting. The af
firmative was represented by Thomas
Christmas. Jack Adams and John Ten-I
brook while the negative side was up
held bv Charles Weber. Morton Hager
and William Bolger. The debate was
won bv the negative.
The PI Delts officially challenged the
Zetas to a debate, which will be open
to the entire student body, on the ques
tion. "Resolved. That man has accom
plished more toward the tiplift of hu
manity than woman." The Pi Delts will
be represented by Gus Hixon. Wilbur
Carl and Nate Bessel. The Zetas will
uphold man's side, while the Pi Delts
will uphold the woman's side of the
question. This debate will be held next
The Scientific Club held its get
acquainted party on Friday, March 24,
at the home of Sol Rose. The evening
was spent in dancing and playing
cards. Those present were the Misses
Connors, Wooton. Llebo. Hill, Jackman.
Bushnell. , Stark, Williams. Stewart,
Moody. Schroeder, Ditto, Rogers. Wheel
er, Marshall, Anderson. Thompson, Ha
ven. Whalley and Palmer, and Messrs.
Harlow. Blanchard. Wiggins. Davis,
Brous. HIU. Sorenson, Kelly. Whalley,
Weston. Doyle, Biersdorf, Smith, Rose,
Liebo. Palmer, Zollars. Thayer. Ten
brook, Stemler, Rau, Bolger. Goldberg.
Kyle. Miller. Lind and McDonald.
An entertaining programme was
given before the members of the club
last Tuesday. The programme consist
ed of a piano solo by Francis Towsey.
. recitation by Dorothy Smith entitled
"A Friday Afternoon In a Country
School," a talk on the "Fundamental
Motive of the Scientific Club." by Lewis
Kelly, the club's first president. The
programme was concluded by Charles
Weber with a talk on "The Geology of
The members of Jefferson's cham
pionship soccer team held a candy sale
lat Thursday noon, when they cleared
a tidy little sum, which will go toward
the purchasing of sweaters for the
team. The gymnasium girls furnished
the candy for the Bale.
Mr. Bittner has received a model for
the new hockey letter, which was Just
granted to the hockey players. It. con
sists of a three-inch block "J" with a
miniature hockey club placed diagonal
ly across the "J."
Two Important elections were held
last week, when Danny Williams was
elected captain of basketball for next
reason. Kenneth Hastings was elected
captain of baseball for the present sea
son. The Camera Club took a pleasant
hike yesterday, when the members
went up the Germantown road and over
Into the Tualatin Valley.
The March issue of the Spectrum ap
peared last Tuesday. The cover design
bv Alice Rarlck was made up of three
colors and was a good emblem of
The Forum was well entertained last
Monday, when ex-Municipal Judge Ste
venson gave a talk before the members
- of the club on the workings of the
Municipal Court. A talk on the "Recall"
was given by Mary Wolcott.
The Technical Club has finally de
cided as to where it will go for its hike
during the Easter vacation. The mem
bers will go to Cascade Locks, leaving
Portland on Wednesday night. From
the Locks, they will hike down to
Multnomah Falls, where they will start
to climb Larch Mountain. A commit
tee consisting of E. F. Young. Carl C.
Appelgren, F. Appelgren, Hastings.
Oifford. Backstrand, Beacky, E. Young.
McEachern. and Madden, was appointed
to look after the details of the hike.
Kendall Young, Wilbur Carl and Curtis
McKinney were appointed to prepare
a programme for each night before the
campfire. In order to insure perfect
safety, the club decided to bar firearms
on the entire trip.
The annual low Jinx of the club will
be. held in the gymnasium next Satur
day night.
Peninsula School Notes.
The new lawn which was planted
last Fall Is growing rapidly. Window
boxes have also been made for the front
windows of the school. They are be
ing taken care of by committees from
each room. This will help greatly to
Improve the looks of the building.
Miss Menssdorf for. of the Branch Li
invited tho .upper, ejrade
classes to the library and. gives them
splendid instructions as to the manner
of looking up books; Miss Studly's and
Mrs. Van Horn's rooms went Monday
and Miss Lucas' and Mrs. Black's are
to go next Monday. All the children
enjoyed the time spent at the library.
as was shown by their close attention.
The teachers and purile expressed their
appreciation of the work being done by
Miss Meussdorf fer.
The circulating exhibition of pictures
belonging to the school district is now
being displayed: Miss Eliot is taking
the rooms one at a time. Mrs. Dunlap
Is also visiting the school.
The rooms which received the pen
nants for the best attendance for last
month were Miss Studly's In the upper
grades with a percentage of 97.6. and
in the primary grades. Miss Bollam a,
with a percentage of 96.5.
The Peninsula baseball team played
Ocklcy Green team In a practice game
Tuesday. They were defeated. 11 to 12.
Polytechnic Boys' News
THE architectural students attended
an interesting lecture at the Mu
seum of Art last Monday, night by C.
R. Ashbee. of London, on the "Modern
Aesthetic Movements in Their Rela
tions to Life."
The first social event of the Boston
Faculty Club was held last Saturday
night, when a dinner party was given
at the Hazelwood. About 25 members
with their families attended, the party.
The February '17 class held another
social at the girls" school Friday night,
March 24. This party was given by the
girls. Light refreshments were served,
after which the students enjoyed them
selves with dancing. This party is the
first for several months at which the
students were allowed to dance. But
the heartstrings of Mrs. Alexander and
Mrs. Grahame were touched by the
pleadings of the February '17 "waifs"
for "Just one little - glide across the
old gym floor." The boys' class held
a meeting last Thursday noon, at which
they talked over the plans of a theater
party that will be given within a ehort
time. The question of selecting part
ners Is a baffling one, owing to the
fact that the class is not balanced as
to the sexes.
The baseball prospects are beginning
to loom before the students at Benson.
Abjut 20 men are out for practice, each
confident of making the team, which
will be coached by Mr. Moss, head
coach, and Mr. Oliver Wendel Holms.
Reuben Neswold has been .elected man
ager of the "Tech" nine, while "Jimmle"
Mills was chosen captain.
Many visitors have toured the dif
ferent shops the last week. Among
them were Mrs. G. H. Williams and
Mr. C. Mack. Mrs. B. Cogswell, of the
Parent-Teacher Association, and Mrs.
Mills, of Tacoma. Wednesday Linn
Coovert and Mr. Heller, of the Naval
Militia, visited the school and talked
over the plans of forming a marine
company from the Benson Polytechnic
School. The students are looking with
favor on the plan and last Thursday
night 10 of the "Tech" boys were pres
ent at the meeting on the Boston.-
I Mae Ionald, Principal.
Glenn Moore Thelma Senor
Linnie Shaw Dale 1-taird.
Elvali Malian Mainline Calhoun
Alice Saunders Clifford Greenstreet
Gilbert Harmon Vearl HoweUl
John Herkini Robert Leedjr
Esther Mahaa Katie Bresney
Peter Larin Gertrude Eberlsen
James Blohm Hattle Jones
Charles Thayer Sara Yullum
Otto Hansen Edith Johnson
Ethel Elirstrom George Crulkshank
Hasel Bennett Leonard Costello
Florence Mahsn Norman Nllsen
Louise Wittenberg Arthur Weding
Pearl Vrooman Zelma Arnelt
Edward Bennett Marian Cook
Elijah Brown Ruth Costello
Isaac Isaacs Arlcta Forest
Orvllle Meese Lorene Hill
Herbert Rickert Lucile Lawrence
Ernest Thiese Evelyn Ward
Katie Beal Frederick Harklna
Dorothy timber Helen Hanson
Bernice Llllle Alene Glass
Mary Rice Helen Ninan
Wayne Montondon Juel H use h v
Clinton Mahan flarecne Nickel
Thornby Williams Mildred Thayer
Mary P. Ten Eyck . Helen Vail
Helen Zevely i.e Rov Hall
Byron Leedy Iiennie Jessup 5
Mary Louise Cochran Homer Scnor
Dorothy Shearer Rachel Kine
Rente Polwartb. Marararet Vail
Lillian Wolf Florence Bell
Vera Smith Rowland Button i
Marvin Peterson Uovd Jarvis
Mayme Cook Lewis Randall
Hazel Morehead civde Stevens
Lucile Shaw Frank Baser
Insrvar Jullum Nard Tedrow
Inabelle Simpson Charles Noehlert
Luclle Meese Annie Dee Chinnard
Lorene Calhoun Louise Davis
Martha Illso Luclle Petit
Helen Rider Grace Steward
Fay Ward
Charles H. Boyd, Principal, '
Jerome Clark
Walter Anderson
Alexander Welzel
Beatrice Lewton
Gladys Clausen
Dorothy Dotv
Dorothy Davis
Bernice Gellerman
Cheridah Hawkins
Frances Meier
Edna Maud Parker
Eusene Braman
Olendon Cowley
Orvilie Kofold
Harold Van Atta
Raymond Cox
Leona Flier
Elizabeth Hynd
Neola Otto
Dulcle Peterson
Jeanette Whitney
Francis Young
3eortre Nickolson
Grace Plrlcoe
Winifred Grutsclv
Nellie Frcdericksen
Harriet Polls
Augusta Reilor
l.uella Elliott
Frank Et-eensperger
Wallic Hughes
Clifford Cox
Charlie Laird
Frances Hoven
Dorothy Ressler
Marie Schtek
A lga Jorgensen
Srure Johnson
Hazel Goldeen
Doris Linton '
Dorothea Markell
Fern Naylor
Luella Sharp
Grace Dyer
GwendoH-n Clark
Hope Cloud
Minnie Smith
Robert Hynd
Kenneth Braman
Hazel Hiilme
Margaret Wright
Elizabeth Gropp
Paul Sintoad
Alice Haines
Berths Taylor
Luclle Braman
.Tames Young
Elsa Eggensperger
Helen McAfee
Mary Alexander
Christina Johns
Randal Parker
Esther Wright
Edith Whltelock
Christel Nlckles
Mr". A. E. Watson, Principal.
Hazel Lystrup Eliza Older
Erna Cavanagh Delphlne Rubensteln.
Bernice Reed Helen Smith
Doris Wiley Harold Rice
Lewis Palmer Wade Strowger
Walter Hansen Elaine Horn
Charles Penfield Helen Manary
Robert Brandon Mary MrKlnnon
Paul Osman Gladys Probst
Carl Becker Gertrude Elliot
EIrose Butterworth Lillian Hansen
T.eola Guesas Rov Probst
Tuullkkt Ta.1unen Ellzaheth FInsel
Edna Clayton Dorthv Rice
William Moody Anna Karlson
Eugene Swlnt Katherine Cole
Katherine Kcho Marjorl Hoar '
Evelyn Probst Muriel Withers
Marion Reld Jovle Dahl
Josephine Smith Mildred Johnson
Margaret Reese Walter Johnson
George IJnvllle Fave Crxcknell
Eyvor Carlson Pr. Wheaton
Harold Keltle Llla Kara rod t
A. J. Prideauz, Principal.
Arthur Lyons Anna Luehs
Alberta larson Cecil Daniel
Daniel Skinner George Foerster
Helen Hammond Harold Hatvorsen
Lucile Muzzy Grace Mathews
Lenore Pellltter Hortenso Blnderup
Aileen PelMtier Thorsteln Thorp
l-auri Miller Marguerite Oerling
Naomi Wiley Jennie Horner
Kenneth Appleman Minnie I'nderwood.
Tonemary Williams Donald Goetz
Emma I.uehs Homer Martin
Clarence Hansberger
Emma W. lliandford. Principal.
Inez Porter Agnes McGuire
Chester Pnafford Haxet Purrell
Mildred Baxter IrvinVoihl
Gertrude McGuire John Stern'orlnk --
LUliau sieinurink
Washington High School
WEDNESDAY morning, at the regn
lar einging assembly, the . "Wash
ington High School Junior," or the pu
pils from Stephens Annex, were present
in assembly for the first time. There
are more than 90 freshmen registered
in the annex, and by the spirit and
enthusiasm displayed Wednesday morn
ing, they prove that they have as much
interest in the school as the "regulars."
Three of the freshmen girls had com
posed two songs, one sung to the tune
of "Sweet and Low" and the other to
the tune of "Old Kentucky Home."
These songs were sung by the fresh
men and led by their yell leader.
Wayne Young. The chant was also
given, and "Washington, My Washing
ton" .sung by the Stephens pupils alone,
led by their yell leader: and also by
the whole school, led by Charles Wells
and Wayne Young.
April 19 and 20 are the dates on
which the June class play, "A Mid
summer Night's Dream," will be pre
sented. "Find a Way or Make a Way" is the
motto for the February, '17. class, and
is an appropriate manner of describing
the feeling which exists in the class.
Pins-have also been chosen. They arc
a raised W, mounted on the M and S.
and are finished in either dull or bright
gold. The "February. "17." is below
the W. The class colors are violet
and gold. A "get-acquainted party" is
being planned for next Friday by
Charles Struhe, William Banks and
Marv Maddox.
Washington was agreeably enter
tained Friday afternoon by the Girls'
Glee Club of Pacific University. The
glee club is under the direction of
F. T. Chapman.
Saturday afternoon. March 26. the
Neahkahnians held their new-member
Invitation party at the home of Florence
Tenneson, in Mount Tabor. The in
itiation "stunts" of the new members
were comical. Dancing, after which
sherbet and cake were served, took up
the afternoon.
The Neahkahnians present were: Ruth
Deihl, Eunice Cowgill. Irene Reynolds,
Janet Daniel, Gertrude Cowgill, Dolly
Lychnich, Elvira Thurlow, Mona Bryan
Mildred Lauderdale. Dorothy Netll,
Alma Scharpf, Emma Garbade, Marian
Weiss, Gretta Mooberry, Epther Peter
son, Helen Duck, Ruth Elton. Mar
guerite Nadeau, Jeanette Snedeker,
Miriam Hilton. 'Helen Gloss. Eudora
Cowan, Lula Giles. Helen Calbreath,
Mary Maddox. Mildred Weeks and Flor
ence Tenneson.
Dean Collins, of The Oregonian,
spoke in the Neahkahnie meeting
Wednesday afternoon. J. F. Johnston,
history instructor, also spoke on "Why
I Like to Get My Name in the Papers."
Much interest is being shown among
the freshmen over the party for fresh
men and girls, which the Phrenodlkens
and Neahkahnians win. give Wednesday
afternoon, April 5. in the gymnasium.
The committee from the Phrenos to
work 1n co-operation with the Neah
kahnians is:- Esther Peterson (chair
man). Florence Deane. Elizabeth Sin
gleton. Those from Neahkahnie are:
O. K. Dlnn-lddle. principal.
Ethel Buttz Raljjh Benolst
Nina. Fuller Israel Bod way
Eva Salvy Martfr-d Vengeler
Elva Walker M lid red M iller
Rosie Mermelstein Gladys I.uinwalt
Henry Hendrlcksoa John Anderson
Arnold Kampfer .Steve Ilossie
Arthur McCarthy Josephine Best
Arthur Petrie Marv Giehreieh
Edwin Putlo Myrtle Walker
Jilchard Woodward Marion Harris
'lielen Benoist Grace Zimmerman
Letha Buttz Carl Henrickson
Alvlna.Ns.Kel John Hopfinger
Dolories O Neil Harry Hohman
Lfni Shadkin ErneM. Hohman
Wesley Clegg Harry I.iebreich
Richard Pakorny Oscar Martin
George Zimmerman Garnet Sprague
Beryl Gilbert Mary Kanarv
Newell Davenport George Howard
Esmond Harris Emll Kefsky
Francis Hopfineer Israel Meraher
Robert Orth Jrene Vette
Fred Walker Irene Putlo
Arvid Johnson Gladys Polivka,
charlotte (. arswell Carllne Mater
Feme Connolly Alice Schuitz
-Belva Crane Arthur Hoeltz
Pearl Cummlngs Bert Loop
Marion Fried Elizabeth Anderson
Lily Level Klla Pakornv
EstherThomton Ernest Shepard
Hilda Kefsky Fanny Lewis
Norval Cumminga Isabelle Petrie
AbeLevoff Julius Maier
Moses Mesher Laura Orth
Mabel Polivka Nellie Morrow
Esther Pudio Vera spragnn
Harriet Van Poucke Violet Webber
L. T. Roberta. Prlncipatf.
Dorothea Lambert Lilly Hood
Eileen THplett Rosalia Johns
Beatrice Evman Bernice TruesdeTt
Mary Pintrrich Ivonla Copeland
Gertrude Peek Gertrude I.ldberg
Luclle Schmidt Xevor Younger
Thelma Wyncoop Kennel Frulti
.Alwyn Peguin Clarence Lidberg;
Horace Taylor Ruth Hann
Burl Chester Rose McCaulev
Helen Brineas Catherine Tierney
Oscar Hodney Esther Finn
Eunls Keizer Iney Mvers
Evelyn Boody Kdwin Netibauer
Georglna Wild lee Sugnet
Hazel Jones ' Thelma Villa
John Dickinson "Louise Blum
Verna Kuivala . Frances Butarr
Herbert Lange Madeliene Coffey
Gladys Klnnear Jovce Ellsworth
Henry Beck Louis Newman
Ernest Boudy Ruth Stephenson
George Finn Kenneth Stephenson
Eskll Nelson Theodore Weiss
B. 15. Huchson, Principal.
"Ruth Tuthlll Annette Rodman
Edward Applegren Helen Tuthlll
Murray Burn Eleanor Schwabs
Edmund Jones Peter Kchwabe
Dorothy Browne Paul Clark
Vera Clark Cyrlll Gloyn
Wade Newbegin Theodore Fryon.
Purwsrrt Anderson Harry Coffin
Gertrude Veit Helen Chambreau
Frances Rice T- Clifford Snider
Theodore Balllet Fred Blanchard
Arthur Paelens leslle Kerns
Moore Elmer Nan Parrlsh
Violet Aekerman Leland Chapln
Marie Oushard Ruby I.loyd
Florence Nelson Catherine Spall
Constancy Miller Marion Dwinell
Oandace Paul Whitney Williams
Dorothy &chas Alice Clark
Elmer Brown Clara McQrath
Claude Prichard Jack Freeman
Marjorie Godby George Harned
Maxine Hoopengarner
D. T. Tan line. PrlrwIpaL
Wilbur Markle Irene Clark
Olga Hansen Edna Titus
Gwendolyn Ptevens Wyima Wagner
James Jower Kllr Vinson
John Klein Stella Navel
Clarence Johnson - Reva South
Margaret Murdock Laura Haskell
Morris Roach Helen Edmondson
Charlotte Reed Gwendolyn Lindkvist
Oscar McKinney Atirinne Newell
George Wilson Robert Cnrrier
Jrene Johnson Herbert En gstrom
Jessie McNlven Margaret Adams
lxla York Alfheld Martinson
Clarence Gllstrap. Stephen McKee
Lewis Clark Erma Ptirlntoa
Rose Hathway Robert Burk
Kathleen Markle Romayne Brand
Willie Harbin Gladys Poe
I.ouls Tormey Jacob Tolllfson
Darrell Kellogg; Dorothy Rude
Donald Tooley Blnoh Poe
Claire Reeve Earl Lancaster
Edna Martaln Francis Drinker
E. J. Hsdley. Principal.
Lloyd Davles Russell Hauer
-MaryClerln Margaret Watt
Esther Warner Gertrude Ireland
Leora. Cassady Lydia Patzel
Evelyn Parker Helen Lawrence
Francis U Pointe Kereir Anderson
Mary E. Hallam Virginia Peck
Eleanor Merriweather Harriett Catto
Eugene Cushing Adelbert Gosswell
Rowen Gale Theodore Madsen
Florence Fuchs Kmily Cockett
Faye Oswald clarence Hartman
Louise Watt Francis I. nark
Margaret West iab Blaxt 1
Miriam Hilton (chairman), Helen.Cal
breath, Mary Gardner.
The fifth period debating class was
organized at a recent meeting. Fol
lowing are the officers elected for this
term: President. Hubert Barzee; vice
president. George Black; secretary, Al
bert Capps. The class Is under the
direction of Mathew Linnehan, debat
ing coach.
The mock trial, conducted by the
two debating societies, was postponed
because of Clean-up day. It will be
given on Friday, April 7.
Three terms ago the freshmen girls
organized a class. Today this class,
with the exception of 16 members, is
still existing. These third-terra girls
feel that they have profited much by
the comradeship fostered by the organ,
ization. Last Monday they again met
in a reunion party In the gymnasium.
Lois Brady. Mona Bryan and Ethel
Burns joined the committee to provide
the entertainment, which consisted of
dancing and games. Light refresh
ments were served.
Tills week's programme of the French
Club was much enjoyed. Remey Cox
gave a talk on French literature; Har
old Burnett, a graduate, and member
of the club, gave a review of Anatole
France: Gilbert Benson, also a gradu
ate, compared the French traits and
easterns with those of other nations.
An Important number of the pro
gramme was an impromptu debate on
the question "Resolved. That the study
of French Is of more benefit than Ger
man." Minara Hilton and Gretchen
Taylor upheld the affirmative against
the negative, Albert Fane and llemey
Saturday night the Washington High
alumni gave a decidedly interesting
oriental programme. To the music of
ukuleles and piano, Marie Vial. Flor
ence Hemmingway. Lydia Huddlestone,
Ruth Thayer, Marian Stevenson, and
Clara Scharpf danced in oriental cos
tume, a Japanese dance. Ckuleles were
played by Marguerite Cook. Ava Owen.
Gerald Stevens. Hugh Glenn, Holt Ga
nong. Gene Vincent. Clara Scharpf.
Harry Brubaker and Ruth Thayer and
the members or the alumni sang "Alo
ha." and "On the Road to Mandalay."
Marie Vial has charge of these pro
grammes, which will be a feature of
the alumni meetings from now on.
It was recently decided that all mem
bers of the high school who have at
tended two years are eligible to the
meetings of the organization.
The next meeting will be April 11.
Kerns Notes.
Audubon societies have been formed
in 14 rooms with a total membership
of 326.
Last Wednesday representatives from
the upper grades, in the presence of
parents and classmates, read their com
positions on "The Effects of Tobacco on
the Human System."
The Kerns baseball team has organ
ized with Whitney Gregg captain, and
Victor Edwards manager. The boys
are small, but they have the enthusiasm
and grit to make good players.
The eighth grade girls of the do
mestic science department served a
luncheon to Mrs. Watson and the teach
ers last Monday. The menu consisted
of corn chowder, tuna fish salad, hot
biscuits, chocolate cake and coffee.
W. M. Miller. Principal.
Jsrru Jurva
Lache! Shciden,
Harry Beuton
Bertha Boggs
Sarah Callan
Doris Veit
Robert Cormack
Rudolph Graay
Leonard Sehrumpf
Ollie Adams
Claude Cunningham.
Katr.eritie Short
Douglas Burroughs
Harry Horton
Gladys Sheltus
Frances Rugc
lima Jurva
Ollrer Whltesell
Ivabel Iewis
Donald Vorpaht
Nugant Alenltis
Margaret Flury
Carl Hansen
Arbutus H'e.r
Clara Ott
. Victor Osgood
Sherma Sipe
Amelia Sansom
Otto Schrieher
Henry Shelleday
Dwignt Zimmerman
Margaret Addis
Mayte Lawrence
Cura tuincy
Raymond Anderson
Catherine Hlgham
Arthur Carlson
Stephen Correy .
Hazeldeane Fulton
Alexander McLenuol
Everett Ma lion
Vance Prewitt
Frank Wellman
Glen Galloway
Myrl Miller
Kathleen Forte
Wilma Heavener
Lydia Bell
Ruth Hlgglns
Lorothy Jones
Marguerite Mannaa
Ruth Pletcher
Ellen Snuffin
Beth Wheeler
Ernest Able
Douglas Baird
Dennv Clearwater
William Bdmeads
Harry Smokoon
Fern McChesney
Rolsnd Coodheart
Burton Murphy
Joe Marshall
L. A. Reed,
Oget Nelson
Olaf Mathieson
William Sauer
Rosie Gettuccio
Mabel Corbett
Frances Nendell
Louis Boseo
Kate Grant
Gladys Noren
Emily Woodman
Donald Faucett
lone Clark
Bertha Boeder
Alice Holmaren
Jennie Montecucoo
Naomi Van Gross
Margaret Kressman
Genevieve Thomas
Dorothy Faucett
Doris Kerstetler
arrie Smith
Joe Cereghlno
Calvin Hhston
Beverley West
Christine &chafer
George Jsck
Anna Howell
Audrey Depperman
lertrurte Emerson
Delia Day
Rose DeslovannI
Esther Cohen
Cecil Woodman
Rsmond Torquer
Lucille Kropp
Mildred Thomas
Dale Kincaid
Evangeline La see He
charlotte Tabor
Wiihelm Doern
Evardt Gerspach
Constantlne Kavam-
William Clark
Zelina Merchant
Caesar Balzarlny
Alma Bryan
Lois Looney
Ruth Bellrood
Pessle Delano
Hilda Hallwyler
Erven Klncald
Ruth Osborn
George Meeden
Evelyn Young
Howard Zurcher
Amelia Arata
Ele-anor Day
Evelyn Leonard
Frances Sundberar
Robert Smith
Robert Thomas
Emma i. Clayton, Principal.
James Coy Marguerite Stark
James Schafer Helen Fairley
Jarmsl hanev Willis Sexton
Ralph Panghorn Laura Earl
Philip Stearns a AnnaErickson
Harold Kenlson Dorothy Guild
James Kete.1 Clara Johnson
Mollle Bretthauer Ixmiae Ketel
Everett Boltman Letha Burroughs
Virginia Trout Grace Coy
Howard Heath Money Fletcher
Inez Bredeson Watson Fletcher
Violet Loar George Heinrlch
Samuel Weber Minnie Mclntyre
, Ellen Norene Helen Hill
Dorothy Calhoun Alice Anderson
Viola Root Elinor Berry
Nellie Crouch Eva Drake
Arthur Gulzow Rex Davenport
Robert Anderson Rnth Justice
Elza Chles Florence Flnnls
Madge Drake Mathilda Helnrlch
Elizabeth Berry Mclba Landerholnt
Rose Gee Isla Gee
B. T. J altlng. Principal.
Martha Jarvis George Hunter
Donald Dick Wilma Frederick
Peter Enns Helen Boon
Fred Stephens Helen Olson
Erick EricUson Jake Dietz
Gladys Christy Elaf Johnson
Blanch Moshberger Arltta Hanson
Lucille Friedman Klizaheth Hoars
Monica Fitzgerald Ruth DamerOw
Waldemar Anderson Fern Gossett
Marv Cameron I.orna Hunt
Jrwln Boon Nellie Whitsmi
Herbert Elsenschmldt George Burnharri
Ins Fleckenstein Lawrence Grace
- Marr Falling Wlllard Res
W'illard Marshall Steve Matuleo
AdeTbert Brewer Hans Bestel
SaCle Oppal Pearl Ma rre
Eleanor WelTs Fdlth-Cowdln
Helen Friedman Marv Cromhie
Irene Rsuh Pearl Fleckenstein
Karl Shearer Chauncy Crumble
Edward Sharman
1'anl T. Eckert. Principal.
Florence Capell Dorothy Osgood
Margaret Cathcart Kdytlie Peattie
Rosabelle Crain Dorothy Renfro
Maurine Crawford Stephen Renfro
Arthuh Earnshaw Helen Rushlight
Johanna Gorter Olga Sadilek
Helen Harris Waldermar Seton
Zelma Hoyt Mary E. Simpson
Oeraldlne Inman Ruth Simpson
Canillle Klecker Alice Strauss
Marguerite Klug Victor Taggessel
Harry Kuehn Beatrice Wood '
Elizabeth Langford Frederick Zlnck
. Uuroiliy. ilatvUeli
Franklin High School Notes
ATvUMBER of Franklin students en
Joyed a delightful party given at
the home of Everett Barbour, Friday.
March 24. The guests participated In
games, cards and music, ending with
refreshments. Irmond Carlson gave
several whistling solos. Those present
were: Misses Mora Williams, lone
Forte, Mildred Zhrung. Alice Cobb,
and Irmond Carlson, Richard Zeisler.
Scanland Collins and Everett Barbour.
Two of the eecond-term domestic
science girls. Miss Katherine Knecht
and Miss Thelma Bill, gave a. term
luncheon. Thursday, March 30. at the
school laboratory. The guests were:
Principal Ball. Miss Poulson. Miss
Blackmar. Miss Betz, Mrs. Knecht and
Miss Claa Knecht.
It may be of Interest to know- that
the new school building in all proba
bility will be in x condition, to be oc
cupied in about two months. The
boilers and heating plant are installed
and the roof is almost complete. The
inside finishing work will be rushed
immediately after the building is under
The girls of Franklin have formed
two tennis clubs, one at the department
of commerce, under the supervision of
Miss Knox, and one at Creston. under
the supervision of Miss Betz. As
Franklin yet can boast of no tennis
court, the girls will nse private courts
in the community, except in regular
matches, which will be played on the
Reed College courts. The girls have
also f organized two Indoor baseball
Miss Hansen will coach the Creston
team and Miss Ross the Department of
Commerce team. Complete arrange
ments have not been made- as to the
girts' track team, but it 18 probable that
they will have several out-of-town
The assembly which was to have
been held Friday. March 24. In honor
of State School Superintendent Church
ill, ha been postponed until further
e e
Saturday night. March 28. Miss Ca
milla Can field gave a home dinner in
connection with her domestic science
course at school. Miss Blackmar, her
instructor. was among the invited
guests. The dinner was followed by a
card party.
The Dramatic Club met Tuesday.
March 28. to increase its membership.
The pew member will not have to "try
out" as before required. Anyone desir
ous of Joining must pledge allegiance
to the club and promise to participate
in the vaudeville which is to be held
about May 1.
The committee In charge Includes
Fern Kieffer. Genevieve Spriggs, Lois
Tomllnson, Grace Locke, Mora Will
iams, Leah Melvln, Everett Barbour and
Clarence Lewis.
Woodstock School Notes.
The good weather has made it possi
ble to plow and harrow the school gar
R. R. Steele, Principal.
Thelma Eller
Harriet Strauss
James Leake
Joseph. Kl&rat
Dai id Stretch
Marjorie Brown
Maxine McLeod
Margaret Meeker
Ruth Niner
Helen G. Smith
Mildred Turner
Hugh Walton
Ethel Inwall
Muriel Munsan
Beatrice Yerex
Catherine Mariin
Zedoo Parvtn
Elsie Brooks
Frances McCormack
Klngsley Trenholme
Barbara Blythe
Irene Smith
Eiina Peterson
Gould Sans
Rachel Rolfe
Edward DeTemple
John Mather
Earl Rlchen
Ruth Acheson
Agnes Alloway
Alta Guthrie
Elizabeth Mabry
Ruth Wtnchell
Iva Smith
Elvira Steel
Jane Price
William Carlson
Eleanor Wlckersham
Faitii Johnson
Hugh McGllvra
Alexander KerekeS
Mary Gingrich
Howard Stanley
Thelma He!mlt
Marie Houquez
Madeline Klamt
Virginia Mahon
Ellouise Morgan
Elaine Stokes
William Crulkshank;
An id Hernor
Mil a am Prudhomme
Dorothy Rupert
Valda Keldman
Stella. Flshburn
Mary Lu Mallory
Olive Mettler
Josephine price
Evelyn Errcksoa
Martha Mahon
pearl Thomlinson
Marian Tllton
Helen Gingrich.
Ruth Hlgglns
Marv Ieveton
Marguerite Rollins
Harold Erickson
Jack Kline
Edwin McKeen
Ralph Meyer
Robert Rankin
Clarke Runyan
Curtis Trenholme
Helen Smith
Nalna Plummer
Bernice Huntington,
Rosse Mather
Laura Semenza
Mary Wehner
Homer Hartsell
Edith Honey
Frances McGllvraa
Kenr.eth Hall
Benedict Leveton
Tony Rogers
liavld Steel
Robert West
Alaria Smith
Marlon Sullivan
Victor Buzelll
Florence Twentymaa
Charles Cody
liOgan Reed
Rudolph Rlgottl
Glenn Savage
Mrls Smith
Ann Wade
Mrs. M. Lemon. PrlnelpaL
Rosemary Mahoney
Ellen Dahl
Iorethy Stahl
George Williams
Leo Whiting
Marjorie Metslaar
Elizabeth Titua
Helen White
Henrietta White
Paul Foote
Doris Shipman
Agnes Conley
Lela Bover
Mollle Bloom
Ruth Mue
Anitha Strawn
Mildrod Wlngate
Walter Anderson
Paine Crew
William S?ndstrom
William Simmons .
?vadln Thompson
Edith Boyer
Iretv Bloch
Lauretta Loewen
Winifred Tebben
Harrv .
Charles Reed
Harvey Conover
Rahmel NVison
Jack Foley
Edith Bader
Gordon Schmidt
Bvron Clem
Janet Huntley
Helen Countryman
Louise Salzman
Robert Oleeon
Mary Potts
Benjamin Mulkey
Thomas Pumfrey
Billy Chesman
Catherine Hllkbrandt
Evelyn Henderson
Lucllo Conley
Helen Conover
Garald Parker
Theodore Hew-itt
Donald Woodman
Elna Hells
Ixrralne DeYoung
Ruth Glutsch
Beatrice Herman
Pearl Kenzler
June Maddux
Juanlta Stafford
Roberta Yeney
John Bader
Robert Chrlstensen
.Tat-: Griffith
Edward Oerllnger
Charles Gillespie
Roy Holmes
K-?nt Hall
Russell Johnsrud
Donald Stahl
George Steele
Gainer Talboy
George Nymart
L. A. Wiley, PrlnelpaL
Myrle ooednough
Hazel Bulger
Kettha Luce
Theodore Mueller
Ruby Mitchell
Harry Scrlbner
Neil Burdlrk
Edgar Moore
Willie Kurlta
Ernest Farley
Judith Biggerstaff
Fera Wldestrom
Marie Pickering
Will Kolh
Forrest Norton
Helen Huber
Howard Klger
Ethel Sullivan
Clarence Flsk
Wesley Von Csmop
Dwignt Coffman
Clarence Nordstrom
Inoia Scott
Edith Tone
Roy Tuft
Ragnat Runntnr
Bernard Thorpe
Gladys Chrlstensen
Robert Oarretteon
Jean Lyman
May Worthlngtou
Karl Kolb
Jean Emmerlck
Elmer Heacock
Margaret Wood
Dorothy Jewell
Frances Carroll
A st rid WMestrom
Charles Wldestrom
Edward Bredenbeck
Edson Misener
Elmer Brow
Genevieve Reed Sarah Bomis
Wallace Fraaler Helen Jean Randall
Janet Edwards Elizabeth O'Brien
Elizabeth Pickering- Georre Eisman
Donald Nelson William Wlthee
Ian MacKay Marian B-trnes
Denlson IJawrenre Jennie Edelman
Edwina Thompson Catherine Overback
Eleanor Wiggins Richard Jenkins
C. V. Kilgot-e. Principal.
Viola Barlow Albert Lasley
Everett Davis
Rupert Graham
Mildred Murphy
Mary Owen
Loyd Brown
Tim Lottrldge
Lizzie Bennett
Inez Carlberg
Mildred Sexton
Doris Grahem
Catherine Kneeland Emma Cedarlund
Edith Olsen jonn Bennett
Robert Hardy Herbert Hamilton
den this week. Next week 48 boys and
girls will be busy planting potatoes for
home consumption and for sale in the
The season for building birdhouses is
about over. Two of the boys have been
particularly active in providing house
keeping quarters for our feathered
friends. Edward Klaetsch has built 15
and George Miller has built 10.
A compilation of scores for the six
baseball games played this season
shows that Woodstock ha scored 65
runs to its opponents' 48. Alfonso Zoro
vich is captain and Joe Nixon is manager.
Notes From Polytechnic Girls
LAST term the different classes gave
( a short programme at the end of
each month. This term the programmes
take up some poet's life. Friday after
noon the Juniors entertained the school
with recitations, memory verses and a
composition from Tennyson's works.
Superintendent ,L. R. Alderman ad
dressed the teachers at the regular fac
ulty meeting Monday night. He talked
upon King's "Education for Effi
ciency," a book which the teachers have
been reading. He also touched upon
some of tile 'advantages which the
teachers have as industrial teachers.
"As You Like If is to be given as
the senior class play. All parts will be
cast for the girls. Mrs. Clinton is
coaching the play, which will be pro
duced about the last of May.
So far the dancing class has proved a
success. So many wanted to take les
sons that another class will be or
ganized in the near future.
The freshmen girls of the art class
are turning out some beautiful mono
grams which are made to fill various
shaped spaces. These are to be used
for marking linen.
Tuesday. April 4, the millinery de
partment will hold its exhibition from
9 to 12. An invitation has been issued
to all who are Interested in millinery
work. The other departments will be
open to the visitors.
The school dining-room has been
strikingly transformed with paneled
walls and decorations. The third term
luncheon class served a luncheon to
themselves to celebrate the openings of
the new room.
Some of the girls in the dressmaking
department have been busy remodeling
clothes for some of the poorer girls.
Special attention is given to mending
and cleaning.
The evening class in domestic science
has been making cakes. One evening
each girl made a cake and took it home
with her.
Miss Clara Donelson and Miss Par
kinson were interesting visitors from
the Y. W. C A. on Monday.
Friday night the February. 1S. boys
entertained the February. 'IS, girls at
a party in the girls' gymnasium. Games
were played and refreshments served.
A. P. HeraJmcr. Principal.
Frances Johnson Martin I'luylaar
Grace; Glese Charles Walsii
Edna Peterson Irene Mever
Emily Leterver Hazel Mills
Myrtle Hummel Edward Butler
Berdeua Spearrow Marvin Peck
Erwln Kandolt Dorrls King
Glen. Ward Willard harzee
Mark Mayo Carl Werle
Harold Hesse Herbert Wise
George Lien kaemper Roland Cutting
Mildred Fox RamondPage
Clara Koskey Jacob Trust
Pa ullne Clarke Ernest Goldbacker
Helen Purvlance Viva Wells
Esther Mitchell Marguerite Nesset
liura Pierce olive Ash
Julia Bunch Alma Carlson
Niel Garner William Llmbacn.
Mahel Kadolph Edgar Rntan
Zella Pierce Ethel Wise
Violet Johnson Emery Mills
Lillia Anderson Francis Allen
Evelyn Hogue Mahel Browne
Muriel Beadell Alice Holding
Carl Hawkins Hilda Holding
Irene Wood Kenneth Stlmpsora
Russell Drahelm Ruby Ellis
Roy Hathaway Julia Leferver
Roger McAfee Goldle Locke
Oliver Reynolds Mearle
Millard Brsdley Harold Blair
Wesley Nadenn Nicknlas Dels
C.oethals Brady Van Blair
Evelyn Page Charles Speier
Augusta Richter Charles Miller
Dorothy Thompson Irene Bangs
Olive Woodworth Alleen Emery
Wllmer Hlnman Merlo Harris
Calvin Qulnlan Ruth
Wesley Shields Ida Mae Miller
Walter Smith Helena Rienecker
Norma Brasmer EllaWaMers
Clarence Schnelllnger Gordon Kllborn
L. H. Morgan. PrlnelpaL
Glenna Fisher Freddie Meyer
Lois Beard James Porter
Ruth Elkln . Marian Madsen
Mary Mc ullagh Hamilton Slade
Herbert slegrlst Lawrence Wills
tW,.'. r. Bruce Vandercriff
liiiliitd f,owlf. H8Z',, neardoff
I w. W n ' Beatrice Perkins
. 01gWa'Boh,m0.nn '
Amelia Baker '"J e,f.r"
I.oweII Williams c"i ? " T ' a
Edna Vandergrlff .arl J1'1 .
Lucille Taasart Harold Kester
Lillian Soderbtirs J !h".,.',
Agnes Peterson i:rra,!d Melnrtl
Ruth Bauer i-einla Achenbach
Lucille Applegate Arthur Cumpston
.1-scoh Hoehn Walter Graham
Gustav Hanson Lincoln Lehman
Thoo Elklns Juanita Nield
Grnco Wade Veda Kidd
Helen Achenbach Ruth Nleld
Thelma Thomas Claudia Sersanotls
Philip Donning Marjorie Thompson
CorbW Church Sue Wade
Ffnk D.!r Edith BadfVe
Elsie Miller Dorothy EllUon
Orris Williams Fern Jensen
Meredith Pries Alberta Marshall
Kenneth Manny Edna Reichen
Richard Hocking; Lawrence Bassett
Edith Deardorf Joseph Patterson
Kenneth Paul Dorothy Field
Lois Real Helen Kruger
Madelene Meadows Imola Mitchell
Kflthryn Shaffer Erllng Bakke
Teddy Charles Geary Sundeleaf
Harold Charters Glartvs Rozlee
Olen Lowe Henrietta Warkenton
H. M. Sherwood. Principal.
Vera Pedersen John Vetech
Henry Wegner Happy Stelnmeeeti
-leanette Treanon Leona Algesheimer
Norman Wlllimont Andrew Bastascb.
Ernest Wilson Howard Dixou
Lilian Wlrrh John Wardle
Zella Mclntyre George Wirth
Stella Sertrko Christ Strahm
Myrtle Aldrf-ad Madeline Perrott
Marguerite Butler Alice Poy
Rita Drushell Frank Amato
Helen McGovern Erwen Fimmell
Mathew NaT. Lvie Jackson
Ht-len Sanum David Ng.
Marguerite Bamraon Alfred Wilson
Helen Pay George Weast
Alice lloulon Martha Weast
Hugo Fimmel Gina Bocci
Eugene Warnlck Memphis Hammond
Glenn Staenker Ronald Pain
Ivd!a Fimmell Romeo Tyler
Margaret McCarthy Lena Serlcko
Evelyn Sammon Louise Uenriksen,
Agnes Peterson
Mrs. I. M. Allhandfc. Principal.
Wlnnifred Meade Wallace McKenzle
Teddy Ober Glenna Miranda
Esther Myers Rosalie Talmage
Harold Johnson Roberta Walter
Mildred Leaver Grace McCulloch
Delia Welch Stacy Smith
Margaret Wolcott EIno Hemmlla
Gall Williams Clifford Gannon
Robert Shoemaker Dorot h y Cowgill
Eugene Simmons A lta Greenleaf
David Scott Josephine McCulloch
Fannie Weinsteln Gretchen Percy
Katherine Gustafson Merwin Mead
Brown Metcalf Olive Collinga
Sophie McGuire T.ols Meyers
Margaret VacGowan Verna Miranda
Kennet Fisher Helen Wiley
Ruth Whitehead William Bruce
Mildred Waltz Robert Gilbert
Robert Cowgill Robert McCormick
Robert Deaver Albert Dorr
Uorothjf Uuna ua... , .
Memorial to Mrs. Mundt, of
"Lincoln, Is Started.
Scholarship Fund Launched Follow
ing Impressive- Servirrs Annual
Community Sing Set for .Mny 12.
June Seniors' Second Party Is Ills;
MONDAY morning beautiful and ap
proprlate services fvere held at
Lincoln High School to honor the mem
ory of the late Mrs. Henrietta Mundt.
Many of Mrs. Mundt's intimate friends
were present. T. T. Davis presided. Ha
spoke of how highly the school honored
Mrs. Mundt as a woman, a teacher, a
friend and a citizen. Dr. C. C. Chap
man said that progress was the watch
word of her life. "Mrs. Mundt was a
faithful, uplifting friend." he said,
"and the memory of her nobility and
courage will be a tower of strength to
many." Mr. Swett. representing the
Civic League, said that the world was
better because she had lived. He told
of the many people Mrs. Mundt had
tirelessly helped, asking that no record
be kept of her services. H. C. Uthoff,
spoke of Mrs. Mundt as a humanist in
the best sense of the word. "Her re
ligion." he said, "might be termed the
religion of the open mind." Superin
tendent L. R. Alderman told how high
ly Mrs. Mundt was appreciated as a,
teacher. Dr. T. L. Eliot talked impress
ively of the value of Mrs. Mundt's
work. CTtarles Sohnabel spoke briefly,
representins the German-Speaking So
Simple but impressive exercises werei
held in the school auditorium Wednes
day afternoon by the German students
in honor of their late teacher and
friend. Mrs, Mundt- Miss Emma Meier
sans "Kin feste Burg" t Luther). . Mis3
Mildred Hawea delivered an address in
German. Miss Schneider gave "Per
sonal Reminiscences of Mrs. Mundt.'
Margaret Mansfield sang "The Bird of
Love Divine." Mr. Altman closed with
a tribute to Mrs. Mundt, her co-worker
and friend.
The faculty of Lincoln High School,
at a meeting Friday. March 23. decided
to start a lon fund in memory of Mrs.
Mundt, o te .called the Henrietta
Mundt Memorial loan fund. The fund
will be used to help worthy but needy
students of the school. The teachers
raised a considerable sum and since
that time prominent clubs of the city, ','
students and friends of Mrs. Mundt
have contributed to the fund. Mrs.
Altman is chairman of the committee
in charge.
The annual community sing will he
given this year May 12 in th-i school
auditorium, under the direction of Mr.
Boyer. A picked rhoru from the girls'
glee club and the boys' glee club will
give several numbers. There will be a
number of solos. The orchestra, led
by Carl Denton, will take a prominent
A delightful musicale was given by
Hartridge Whlpp. accompanied by Mrs.
Leonora Fisher Whipp. at the Lincoln
High School Wednesday mornin?. under
the auspices of the Monday Musical
The Athletic Association held Its most
important meeting of the term Wednes
day to elect officers. The athletic
board members are Leslie Carter, Alice
Hunter. Joe Lillard. Dorothy Stine and
Jack Stubbs. Jack O'Bryan was chosen
yell leader and Ralph Smith football
The February. '17. class met Friday
afternoon, March 23. Plans were dis
cussed for the entertainment of the
June, '16, class.
Lincoln Is always proud to learn of
new honors accorded her graduates.
l,ouIs P. Brown, a graduate of the June.
'14. class, has been chosen captain of
the Cincinnati University team.
Friday evening, March 30, the school
gymnasium was the scene of a merry
party, when the June. '16. class gave its
second get-together party. A short pro
gramme was enjoyed. Robert Cosgriff
opened with an address of welcome.
Geravere Fleming sang "The Spring
Has Come" (White) and "Can't You
Hear Me Calling, Caroline?" Splendid
solos were given by Margaret Mansfield
and Mr. Marte. Donald Montgomery
did some clever clog dancing. After
the programme dancing and games
were enjoyed. Tee and wafers wern
served. The patrons and patronesses
were: Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Davis, Miss
Marsh. Miss Barnes, Miss Amos. Miss
Rounds, Miss Larrabec. Mr. lvoehn and
Mr. Maris.
The committee in charge was Mary
McDonald, chairman: Alan Slade. Mar
garet Cundy. John Langley. Gens
Geiser, Donald Montgomery. Geravere
Fleming and Esther Erickaon.
On Tuesday and Wednesday of the
past week two 10-cent luncheons were
served by four fourth-term domestic
science pupils. On Tuesday Margaret
Streiff and Anna Gabriel served. Their
guests were: Marie Lehmann, Shannon
Fettlnger. Mrs. D. Pertz. Mrs. W.
Gabriel. Mrs. M. Beieh. Blanche Wal
lace. Katie Lehmann. Ethel Goodwin.
Miss Kerr and Fay Wright. The
Wednesday luncheon was served by
Miriam and Adrlanne Pchemanski to
the following guests: Florence Bloch.
Eloise Loewenson. Mrs. J. Schemanskl.
Mrs. J. D. Schemanskl. Marian Sichel,'
Katherine Seller. Lucile Langerman.
Dorothy Simon, Irnia Rothchild and
Miss Bleeg.
A new campfire has been organized
at IJncoln recently. The officers are:
Emily Veazie. president: Jean Wolff,
secretary and treasurer: Genevieve
Matson. editor. The name of the camp
is Washalli. meaning "west wind." The
girls enjoyed a hike on Thursday after
noon. March 22, out Terwilliger boule
vard. Last Thursday they hiked to
Council Crest. Iast Thursday the camp
studied James Whitcomb Riley. Emily
Veazie gave an excellent talk on Julia
Ward Howe.
The members of the Washalli Camp
fire are Genevieve Matson, Lottie and
Lula Sparks. Elizabeth Stephenson.
Emily Veazie and Jean AVolff. Miss
Schneider is the camp's guardian.
The Tri-ls had an enjoyable pro
gramme at their meeting Monday in
room 108. Edith Barton gave a read
ing. "An Avalanche of Drugs." An im
promptu debate was given on the ques
tion. "Resolved. That umbrellas are
more useful than Tubbers." Ella Dixon
and Fried. Krickesky upheld tn af
firmative and Ethel Langley and Helen
Dunham the negative. The decision
was awarded the negative. Ruby Van
Zandt and Helen Wild joined the club.
The rhilolexiana at their meeting
Thursday afternoon of the past week
studied Joaquin Miller. Mary Bullock
gave a comprehensive talk on his lifei
and Charlotte Roblin gave a splendid
interpretation of his poems.
' e
Mrs. Altman gave a very Interesting,
talk to "the Tologeions Thursday on
e e
The Laurel Club met Wednesday
afternoon of the past week in room
204. Edna Rice gave a reading, "What
Constitutes a Good Plot for a Short
Story." by Leslie Quirk, and read to
Illustrate it Robert I-ouis Stevenson's
"Markhetm." Two new members were
voted into the society, Emily McCorkal
and Florence Royal. A committee was
.tv.onuiuu.$d ou -fskio U. Column. l.Ji .