The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 24, 1915, SECTION FIVE, Page 11, Image 67

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I-mor1te of m Publisher, 1M5-18-15, by
George Haven Putnam, Lltt. D. Cr. 1".
Putnam's Sons. New York City,
Pleasantly Intimate, frank, educative
end reminiscent, these memories of the
most important years of a great New
York publisher and publicist, -warrant
attention, even if the book shelf groans
under the weight of books waiting for
"Memories of & Publisher" is a. bi
ography that will rank among the
most able and frank, of the last two
years. The book has discoursive
charm, although many of the para
graphs are too long and ought to have
been broken up.
Mr. Putnam has been on friendly
trrnu with public men of this country.
England and Japan, and Jt is refresh
ing to view them, and their opinions,
Jinder the medium of such a- searching
It will be recalled that in 1913, Mr.
Xutnam issued a "Memoir of Oeorge
' 5'- Putnam,' in which a record was
furnished of the publishing house
': Sounded by him. the memoir closing
' with the year 1S72. In 1914. came
: -Putnam's "Memories of My Youth." re
! Jating experiences of our author's
I school days, his experience In French
' and German universities, and of the
rears of his service in the Civil War.
erminatlng in 1865 when Mr. Putnam
(was 21 years old.
Now comes the present book, an tav
"portant one of 492 pages. It continues
ho "account of the Putnam publishing
(concern from 1872. I have, however,
tiot attempted any detailed record, for
(which there was, in fact, no adequate
"material. It seemed sufficient to
bialce reference only to certain of the
jnore distinctive of the publishing un
dertakings and to a few of the long
Jist of authors with whom our personal
relations have been Important or in
teresting. The book continues, also,
, tram 186E to 1916. the account of my
personal undertakings and interests."
It is noteworthy that since our
Civil War (Mr. Putnam is late brevet
Major, 176th Regiment, U. S. Volun
teers) our author has not had the use
of a writing arm and has been ham
pered with restrictive eyesight The
preparation of this volume, therefore.
Is due to the co-operation of two sec
retaries, the author's daughter and
alias Charlotte M. Zamow.
Mr. Putnam favors the British allies
In the present war. "I am fully sym
pathetic." he writes, 'with the citizens
who want to see the war brought to
en early close. I think that stiy more
important, however, than an early
termination of the war, is a settlement
that shall Insure peace, andthat shall
tnke away the necessity for retaining
Kurope as an armed camp. I believe
that such settlement can be secured
only through the defeat of Germany,
which should bring to a close the at
tempt to control F.uropo under the mil
itarism of Berlin."
Mr. Putnam is, however, in too great
haste to have the war finished. On
pace 66. be writes: "Before this volume
will come into print,- the present Eu
ropean war (the war of German ag
gression) will probably have been de
cided." Not yet.
We are told that Grover Cleveland
"had a good working knowledge of the
practice of the law. but could never
have been described as a Jurist. He
had no sense of humor and was lack
ing in cultivation. Of personal mag
netism, he had no trace. Attractive
personally ho certainly was not. Mind
find speech worked slowly, and he
found it very difficult to be even
graceful in his relations with men who
were working loyally in his behalf."
In 1884. at least, our author worked
Tor and succeeded in getting a Demo
cratic victory in Tonkers. N. Y.
Andrew Carnegie "is in his disposi
tion so much of a fighter, that it is a
little difficult to think of him as an
o-postle of peace." Mr. Putnam, in
' crossing the Atlantic with Mr.
Tarnegle as a fellow-passenger, heard
?fr. Carnegie say: "As for the Old
Testament writers, they are very much
: varrated. Why, sir, there is not a
' prophet, neither a minor prophet, nor a
major prophet, whom I would intro
duce to Mrs. Carnegie."
Theodore Roosevelt was once a part
tier in the Putnam publishing firm,
and our author speaks of the Colonel
ns "Theodore." "I became very fond of
the man (T. R.) although there were
times when the prolific suggestions,
the exuberance of utterance, and the
cockiness of opinion came to be fa
tiguing." writes Mr. Putnam, plain
tively. In the Spring of 1910. Mr. Putnam
crossed the Atlantic and met the
famous Lord Kitchener, who was a
fellow-passenger. "My first impression
of General Kitchener was not entirely
favorable. The figure was tall, and
the bearing erect and soldierly. There
was a slight divergence in the eyes
resulting in a sinister expression
which doubtless did injustice to the
nature of the man. The general im
pression given by the face was not
autocratic, but suggestive of a ca
pacity for bad temper. Kitchener had a
Kreat respect for the leaders and the
personnel of the army of Japan (in
talking of the Manchurian campaign)
nnd was of the opinion that if
Japan came into antagonism with the
I'nited States, we should find it dif
ficult to defend the Pacific SIoro
against such an invasion as would be
organized. Kitchener had in a seven
day trip across the States arrived at
the belief that our educational meth
ods in tTie Western States must be
working serious mischief in the com
munity. "It is evident.' Kitchener re
marked, 'that among the results of
co-education there must be a great
Increase in the number of illegitimate
babies.' " '
In speaking of Myrtle Keed. the
author of "Lavender and Old Lace,"
Mr. Putnam writes: "I know of no
author on the Putnam list, or on the
list cf other houses, whose early books
continued in such steady and increas
ing demand."
Mr. Putnam thinks that "next to af
fection, friendship is, I hold, the most
valuable factor in life."
Wliir of lns;er. iy Arthur A. Nelson.
$1.5o. llluslvn.led. Robert M. McBride
.'o.. New York City.
Much of the wild charm of Haggard's
'King Solomon's Mines" is found again
in this, novel of a lost and suddenly dis
covered treasure city in Central Africa.
Trie hero is Alan Severn, an aristo
cratic, wandering young Englishman,
nnd there are his two chums, empire
huilders. De Roquemont. leader of the
Black Company, and Lord Chalmes
not forgetting Cecil Rhodes. There are
plenty of fights to stir the blood, and
the discovery of the old Norse colony
comes as a delightful surprise. Norma
Koylescraft is a sufficiently romantic
National Floodmark. edited by Mark Sulll
van. $1.50. George 11. Doran Co., New
Yi.rK CUy.
This notable book of 391 pages con
Fists of selected editorials which ap
peared in Collier's, a book which com
memorates CJollier's Magazine's 20th
Mrthday. It is stated that these edi
torials were either written by the
present editor of Collier's or by the
members of his editorial staff.
The subjects of these essay-editorials
run from politics to business, to chess,
or patent medicine but they are all
brlcht. crfsp and readable. They all
reflect America, .and our; American
Sir (Joseph Macqueem.
Wjhat we thinK or what w.KnavvMs
in the End olitH-s "conjeauence.
TheonV thing gconssgquence is .
- '-:- -v
lit v V - .
7 ' ?i ? - --
r I - g 'J . - .
If- v, 1H v. ' , t t
- i
5 ' i
4 1-
O t .. . OO CO c
tendencies, and have more than pass
ing value.
These essays are errourjed under 23
heads: Peace and War; fa. the Ameri
can Plan; Some Human Beings; A
Democrat in the White House: Youth
and Age; The Books We. Read; Tariff
Talk; Our Town: Political Personali
ties; The Press; We Go to the Country;
We Relax: We Stor and Think: The
Land We Live By; Money Talks;
waat About Booze?; Shop Talk; Here
Are Ladies; Matters of Business; For
ward; Home Matters; The Play-Actors:
That Married State.
Not one of these essav-editorlals 4
dull, and not one ig too long.
Beyond the Jontler, by Randall Parrish. Ulo.3tra.ted. A. C. McClurs & Co..
Miss Adele la Chesnayne is a won
derfully attractive heroine, worthy of
being the star and sun of this roman
tic novel of the Middle West. Its
setting is of the old davs when the,
French voyageurs were blazing the way
to civilization ami when the gold lilies
of France new from blockhouses in
the Indian country. Adele is of course
meant for love and she meets it. The
Indian attack bn Starved Rock is. a
thrilling bit of writing. '
The Quiet Courage, by Everard Jack Ap.
pieiuii. i- aitiwuri & .tviaa Co., Cincin
nati, Ohio. .
( Fifty-five poems of worth, many of
them possessing religious references
and all of them high class and read
able. These verses have healthy op
timism, and a common sense that is as
rugged as health. Several of them have
appeared in first-rate magazines and
This is a second edition of an ad
mired collection of poems.
The Path of Peace, by. Beverley R. Potter.
fi.oy. ine jonn v. Winston Co., Ftiila
tielphla. Compiled and edited by Mr. Potter,
we have in this book of 352 pages, a
selection o the most helpful thoughts
of the world's greatest writers, point-
Sunday Church Services
(Continued From Page 10.)
"The Lord Sent the Hornet," and 7:45 P. M.,
"Undamased Goods."
Atkinson Memorial. East Twenty-ninth
and East Everett Sunday school, 9:50:
morning service. 11; .Christian Endeavor,
6:30; eveaing service. 7:45.
Highland, East Sixth and Prescott, Rev.
E. S. Bollinger, pastor 10, Sunday school;
11. "How Crosses Are Crowned"; 7:30. "Jo
nah Without the Whale": 3.-Junior En
deavor; 6:30. Y. P. S .C. E. .
Pilgrim, Shaver street at Missouri avenue.
Rev. W. C. Kantner, D. D.. minister 9:45
A M., Sunday school; 11. "That Girl"; 6:30,
Christian Endeavor: 7:30, musical service
with address by the pastor, "A Certain
Member of the Choir."
Sunnys-ide, corner of East Taylor and East
Thirty-jecond streets. Rev. J. J. Stanb, XX rx.
pastoi Services at 11 A. M. and 7:45 P. M.;
Sunday School, 10; Junior Christian En
deavor, 3: Intermediate Endeavor, 4:15;
Senior Endeavor, 6:30. - Topics of sermons,
"The Investment of Life." and evening ser
mon by He. H. H. Rottxnan. field secretary
of Christian Endeavor.
Laurelwood, Sixty-second street and Forty
fifth avenue -C S. Johnson minister. Morn
ing services, 11, "The Weary Toller"; even
ing. 8, "Outstretched Hands." Sunday school,
lo; Christian Endeavor, 7.
Waverly Heights. Woodward avenue at
East Thirty-third street Rev. A. C Moses,
minister. Sunday school. 9:45; morning
worship. 11; Y. P. 8.. :30: evening service,
T:30; prayer meeting, Thursday, 7:30 P. M.;
sermon subjects, "Nature of Spiritual Life"
and "Jesus in All My Life."
University Park, Haven street, near Lom
bard Rev. F. J. Meyer, pastor. Sunday
school, 10 A M.; preaching, 11 A. M. and a
P. Christian Endeavor service, T P. M.;
midweek service. Thursday. 8 p. M.
St. Johns Daniel T. Thomas, pastor. 10
o'clock. Bible school; 11. service; 6:30,
Christian Endeavor.
East Side, East Twentieth and Ankeny
streets Rev. W. O. Shank, pastor. 10. Sun
day school; 11. preaching by the pastor;
:45, U. Y. P. V.i 7:45, preaching by the
Tabernacle 9:43, Sunday school; preach
ing at 11 and 7:30 by Rev. A. J. Ware;
:S0, B. Y. P. U.
Kpm City Park Community Church. Forty-fifth
and Hancock Rev. J. M. Skinner
pastor. School of religious education 9:45.
Morning worship 11; Young Peoples meet
ing 6:20; evening worship. i:3u.
First, corner Park and Columbia, streets.
' " ft -
ing the way to contentment and easy
happiness, all arranged for reading and
ready reference.
An admirable Christmas present for a
serious man or woman.
A Maid of by EmlUe Bennon Knipe and
- Alden Arthur Knipe. SI. 25. The Mac-
millan Co., New York City.
Here we have an American novel
that romantic maidens will be sure to
enjoy. It is a novel of the American
Revolution of 1776 and the heroine.
Miss Charlotte Morton, works for the
colonists, while her father is a Tory.
The conversation is bright and engag
ing. The Kinirdom of the Winding Road, by Cor
. nelia .Meigs. SI. 25. Illuatrated. The Mac.
millan Co., New York City.
Illustrated by Frances White, these
one dozen stories for children are of
the entertaining fairy story quality.
The book will make an admired Christ
mas present for a child.
The Passionate Crime, by E. Temple Thurs
ton. S1.30. D. Appleton & Co., New York
An artistically fashioned novel of
Ireland, with its quaint superstitions,
mystery, romance, tragedy. The love
story is one of poetry and romantic
Shoe and Stoekinr Stories, by Elinor ?or
daunt, SI. 25. attractively illustrated )n
color, a selection of charming fairy stories
for children, and a Christmas gift book;
The Rose of Youth, Elinor Mordaunt, $1.33,
a remarkable revelation of a remarkable
hero. Teddy, a London character fash
ioned into an entertaining story; looking
for Grace, by Mrs. Horace Tremlett. $1 25,
a strong, skillfully constructed novel with
a. background of London life of the" pres
ent, in war time; and The Axhiel Mystery,
by Mrs. Charles Bryce. S1.25, an - Ingen
ious, punling detective story of good
quality (John Lane Co., - N. Y.).
The Green Half Moon, by James Francis
lwyer, SI. 25. A girl, a mysterious Jewel
a sweetheart and a manly engineer-lover,
making up a first-rate novel (McClurr &.
Co.. Chicago).
George rarsle. minister. ' Sunday school at
9:45; men's class in the Y. M. c. A. audi
torium at 9:45; yonng women's class In the
Y. W. C. A. auditorium at-9:45; Christian
Endeavor Society at 6:30: church services
at 11 A M. - and 7:30 p. M. . .
Central, corner East Twentieth and Sal
mon A L. Crlm. pastor. Bible school at
10 A. M. ; morning service at XL subleet.
Tho Man of Galiiee": evening serv." at
7:30, sermon by Rev. S. M. Conner- Chris,
tian Endeavor at 6:30 P. M. v-nns-
Woodlawn, comer East Seventh and Lib
erty streets W. L. Milllnger. minis J-
Ttlhli. ahnnl Q- ! " Uliaister.
' 'ug wvnSln It.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30; evening survloo
Kern Park, East Sixty-ninth, corner Fortv.
sixth avenue Southeast R, Tlbbs May.,
minister. Bible school. 9:45: morninr
worship. u; Christian Endeavor. s io
evening services, 7:30; prayer meeting!
Thursday evening, 7:30.
Rodney Avenue Rev. J. p. Ghormley
pastor. Preaching, n a. M. and 7--i
P. IT. ; Blele school. 9:45 A. M.: Christian
Endeavor. 6:30 P. M. v-nnstlaa
Vernon.- corner East Fifteenth and W.
gant streets A. J. Melton, minister Bible
school. 10; morning . worship, n. Christian
Endeavor, 6:30: evening services. 7 S0.
Montavllla Or. J. p Ghormley in fh.
absence of the pastor. Rev. J. C Ghorml.v
will speak at 11A. M. and JP.XClSuS
Endeavor. 7 P. M. v.onio
First, Everett - between Eighteenth
Nineteenth street Services II and 8
rfeaSh"'. ""S Mrmon- "tion8'A"fUter
S? i l, faundar school, .-45 and 11
Wednesday evening meeting at 8.
Second. East Sixth street and Holladav
avenue Services, 11 and S: subject of ' lessen
sermon, "Probation After Death"- 6uS32v
Chri,31i- wdnKay evening meeting
Third. East Twelfth and Salmon streets
Services 11 and 8; eubect of lesson sirmoT
"Probation After Death": Sunday school li
12J.l5'' wdnJay evening reetSnTa't 8
fourth, Vancouver avenue and Emerann
Fiftfa, Myrtl Trk Station Services 11
A M. ; -robJect of lesson sermon. Proba't!oa
After Death': Snnd.y .chool, S-aJS
Wednesday avecing meeting at 8.
Goapel Tvbrnacl. comer East Ninth Ba
Clay atreeta John E. puter. Su-dar
cioal 10 i, il,; iprcacluBp, U. Jk
Prayer in tine Tuaaday 7:4tt. Blbla atndy
on acrtptaral hvaUaa; Friday X:S P. AC
Ulnth avnue, thraa blocks north f ear
Una la Lent, oorner Eighty -fourth atreec
and Fifty-fourth avanua. Southeast Evan- !
seiiat S. O. Fool will hold aervlcea each
evening dux Ins; tha waalc at o'clock, MM
IMvlna Truth Chapel, Selling -Hlrsch bulia
1ns;, corner West Fark and Waahlnctoa
streets Slav. T. AX. Minard. pastor. arv
icea 11 A. AC. Blbla cl&aa Tuesday. 3 P. AC
St. David's Church, ast Twelfth and Bel
mont streets. Rev. H. R Taloot. rector
7:30 A. celebration of holy ucharlst;
9:45 A. AC. Sunday school; U A. AC, mom
lnT prayers and sermon.
Pro-Cathedral of St. Stephen tha Martyr.
Thirteenth and Clay streets Very Rev. Ai.
M. Ramsey, dean. Holy communion, 7:4o;
Sunday school. X0; morning service, 11; serv
ice lor colored peopie, 3; evening service,
7:45. -
Trinity. Nineteenth and Everett streets -Rev.
Dr. A- A,- Morrison, rector. Services,
&, 13. And S- Sunday school. 8:45; Good Fel
lowship Society, parish house. Nineteenth
and Xavla street. 7 to 7:55.
Church of St. Michael and All Angela,
Broadway and East Forty-third street North,
Sermon, 11 ; holy communion. Xlrst Sunday.
11; third Sunday. ?:&a
- Graca Memorial, Weidler and East Seven
teenth streets North Rev. Oswald W. Tay
lor, vicar.' Holy communion. 8, excepting- on
first Sunday In the month; morning- prayer
and sermon. 11; Sunday achool. 10. .No even
ing service. -
St, Matthews. Corbet t and Bancroft streets
Rev. v "W. A. M. Breck. vicar. . Sunday
school. 10 A, M.; servica and sermon. 11
A. M T , .
All Balnts. Twenty-fifth and Savier streets
Sunday school,' 10; -morning prayer and
sermon, .11; celebration of the holy com
munion the first Sunday In tha month at
U and the third Sunday at 8.
Good Shepherd, Graham street and Van
couver . avenue Rev. John Dawson, rector,
Sunday school,.. 9:45; morning; service, 11)
evening service, 7:30.
Ct. Paul's Woodmere. Rev. Oswald W.
Taylor, vicar. Holy communion,-first Sunday
of month. 6; evening; prayer and sermon. 4.
except the first Sunday of month.
St. John's, Milwaukie Rev. John X. Rice,
vicar. 8, holy communion, except on first
Sunday . of month; 10, Sunday school; H,
morning prayer;' 7:30, evening prayer; Holy
Communion first Sunday of mont a.
St. John's, Sell wood Rev. John D. Rice,
vicar. Prayer, 3; holy communion. 8:30;
first Sunday of month.
Bishop Morris Memorial Chapel, Good
Samaritan Hospital Rev. Frederick K.
Howard, chaplain. Holy communion. 7; ves
pers. -St. Mark's, Twenty-first and Marshall
streets Rev. J. EL Simpson, rector. Sum
mer schedule: - Sunaays, ' T:30 a, " M.; holy
eucharist; 9:43, Sunday school; 10:15. matins;
11, holy eucharist and sermon. "Weekdays:
7 SO daily, holy euchari&t; . during .August
there will be no evening service on 'Sunday
or Friday, . - " , v
Church of Our Savior,' Forty-first street
and Sixtieth avenue (Woodstock), W. W.
car. The archdeacon In- charge, Sunday
service, 11 A. M.
St. Andrews, Hereford street. University
Park, Rev. F. M. fiaum, vicar Services. 11
and 7:30; Sunday achool at 10.
First English. , Jmet Sixth and Market
streets Rev. E. D. Hornschuch, pastor.
Services, 11 and S; Sunday school, 10; Y.
P. A.. 7- ,
Tho Swedish Evangelical , Free Church,
corner of Missouri avenue 1 and Sumner
street H. G. Rodin e, pastor; Sunday school,
9:45; preaching, ll A. M. ; young people's
meeUng, 6:45; preaching. 8 P. M.
First German, corner. Tenth and Clay
streets G. F. Ueming, Sr., pastor. Sunday
school at 9:30 A. M. ; preaching service by
the pastor at 10:45 A. M. ; Young People's
Society services at 7 P. M. and preaching
by tha pastor at 8 P. M
Bethany, Danish, Union avenue North and
Morris street M. C Jensen-EuTisrhelln. niutor
Services, 11 and 8; Sunday school and Bible
j.u; xoung people s meeting, Tuesday,
8; Ladies" Aid will meet in church basement
Wednesday at 2. ' " '
Trinity German (Missouri Synod), Will
lajns and Graham avenues J. A. Kimbach,
pastor. Services, 10:15 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ;
Sunday school. 9:15 A. M.
St. Paul's oerman, East Twelfth and
Clinton streets A. Krause. pastor. German
and English Sunday school, 9:30 1 A. M. ;
services, 1030 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ; Bible
study "find young people's meeting, Thurs
day, 8 P. M.
St. James English, corner -West Park
ana j tier son streets a. Allen Leaw, B. t.,
oaator. Services at U A. .M. and 8 P. M. ;
Rev. W. -C- Draham. of La tirande. will
preach in the morning; Luther League rally
at night with addresses by visiting pastors;
Sunday school at 10 A. M.; Luthor League
Bethel Free, Stuben Hall, Ivy and Williams
streets Rev. J. A. Staley, minister. Pre soil
ing at 11 A. M. and 8 P. At.; Sunday school.
10 A. M. . .
United Norwegian, Fourteenth and Davis
streets r-sv. wiineim Pettersen, pastor.
perviueB, 11 a. jo., ana s f. M., alternately
cugnau ttnu. Norwegian; ounaay school. 10
Ay M
Norwegian Lutheran Church, Fourteenth
and Davis Sunday achool, 10 A. M. ; other
services at regular hours. Everybody wel
come. Rev. W. Peterson will preach.
United Lutheran Church, 45 North Four
teenth street Preachtnjr at 11 and 745
- Our Savior, Norwegian, East Tenth and
Grant George Hendrlckson, pastor. Sunday
school and Bible class. 9:30 A. M. ; English
sermon, 10:15 A M. ; Norwegian service at
11:45 A. M.
German Evangelical Zion (Missouri Synod)
corner Salmon and Chapman streets, serv
ices 10:15 A. M... 7:45 P. M. ; Sunday school,
9:15 A. M. H. H. Kopplemann, pastor.
First Church. Twelfth and Taylor streets.
Frank L. Loveland, IX D., minister. 10::i0
A. M., sermon, "An Abiding Foundation";
"Browning's Mad Soul; or, Saul and the
Witoh of Endor."
Westmoreland, Mllwauklo avenue, between
Rtmona and South avenue. 10 o'clock, Sunday-school,
11 o'clock, preaching; 7:30. P.
M., evening service.
- Sunnyside, corner East Yamhill and Thirty
fifth streets. R. Elmer Smith, pastor. Sun.
day school 9:50 A. M. ; preaching,-11 A. M.;
Epworth League, 6:30 P. M. ; "A. Scrip
tural Paradox'. Dr.. W. W. Youngson 7;45
Rose City Park; Sandy boulevard and East
Fifty-eighth street North. William Wallace
Vounnon, minister. 9:4.1 A. M., Sunday
school; 11 A, M., "The Signs of the Times";
7:30 P. M., stereopt Icon views of Hawaii by
Rev. R. Elmer 'Smith.
Mount Tabor, comer of East Stark and
Sixty-first streets E. Olin Eldridge. pastor.
Services Sunday as follows: Preaching, 11 A.
M.. 8 P. M.; subjects. "Disloyalty-to"God''
and "A God Inspired Life"; evening, "Work
as a Recreation"; Sunday school. 9:43 A. M -
Kp worth League, 7 P. M. ; mid-week prayer
service, 'rnureoay evening a o cjock.
Woodlawn, East Tenth and - Highland
Louis Thomas, . pastor. - Morning, "When
Mercy Seasons Justice": evening. "Tho -Men
.We Are"; Sunday achool, 10 A. M. ; Ep
worth League,. 6;45 P. M.; prayer service,
Thursday -evening.
Trinity, East Tenth, and Sherman streets
Rev. A. B. caioer, pastor, faunday school. 10;
Epworth League. K:30; 11, "The 'Inspiration
of Hope"; 7:30, "Rising and Walking."-
Berkeley Heights Clubhouse Services at
S P. M. by Rev. A. B. Caider; preaching at
3 P. M.
Centenary Church, ' East Ninth and East
Pine streets T. W. Lane, minister. Sunday
school, 9:45 A. rM. ; morning worship, 11;
sermon, Oood Ch?r for Dark Days"; "Bp
worth -" League,- 6-13 P. M. ; evening wor
ship, 7:30. "Sufficiency of Grace.".
Lents Rev. W. R. F.. Browne, minister.
Sunday school. 8:45 A. M., S. R. Toon, su
perintendent. Sermons by the pastor morn
ing and evening; -11 A. M.,""Tho Tender
ness of God"; 7:30 P. M.,' "The Power of
God"; Epworth League. 6:30 P. M. Serv
ice at Bennet's chapel, 3 P. M.
University Park, corner. Lombard and
Fisko streets C. L. Hamilton, pastor.. Sun
day school, 9:45; Epworth League 6:30;
preaching. 11 and 7:30; morning subject,
"Tho Full Gospel"; evening subject. "The
Promises of God."
Cent rah Vancouver- avenue 'and Fargo
street C C. Rarick, pastor. Sunday school,
9:45; morning sermon, "The t Comforter,"
11! class meeting, 12:1".; Epworth League,
6:30; evening sermon, "Under Syrian iSkies,"
Prinoess Rhame Haider, -7:30; mid-week
service. Thursday at 8.
Methodist Episcopal South, Union avenua
and Multnoman street ttev. w. J. Fanton,
pator. Sunday school; 10 A. ' M. ; preaching
11 A- AL; Epworth League. 7 P.. M.
First African Zion Church Rev. W W
Howard, D. D., pastor. Preaching at 11 a!
M, and 8 P- L by Rev. E. D. L Thompson.
D D. ; Sunday school, 9:45 A, M. ; V. C eI
Society, 7 P. M, Everybody welcome.
German. Rodney avenue and Stanton
street T. A. Schumann, pastor. Sunday
school, 9:45 A. M.; services, 11 A. M. and 8
P. M. ; Epworth League, 7:15 P. M.
First Norwegian-Danish, corner Eii?it.nT,
and Hoyt O. T. Fieid, pastor. Morning
servic) at 11 and evening services at 8
Young People's meeting every TuesdUy
evening at 8; prayer meeting, Tuesday 8
"Epworth, Savier and North Twenty-sixth
streets. O. O. McCulloch. pastor Sunday
school. 0:45; public worship, 11 and T-an
morning sermon, "Abounding in the Work";
vening theme, Th God of Jacob"; Ep-
Lincoln, East Fifty-second and Lincoln
streets. Rev, Gt O. Haley, pastor tunday
school at 11:30. Preach In a services a. io-sa
and -
rMnnn Vsillw W ..
M.v "Tha Christian's Possessions" ; Sunday
".uwui, .-i a prmyer meeting, unurs-
day, 7:43 P. M.;7:S0. song service and "Tho
Portland Norwegian, 43 Twentieth street.
North Pitman Larson, pastor, fiei wloea as
11 and 7:45; Sunday school at 10l
Abraham Verelde, pastor. Sunday aerviMs
at 10:45 A, M. and 8 P. M. Sunday school
at 9 :4a A. M.
Bethel, corner Larrabe and MrMillen
. i-.sw, puior. oundav
school, 9:30; Christian Endeavor. TP i
: , , . 47 as a
meeting 1 P. M. A cordial welcnvn. w
public .
Westmoreland. Milwaukee ' avenue, be
tween Romona and South avenue Rev. C.
B. Harrison, pastor.. 10, Sunday school- 11.
preaching. 'The Growth f Pearla" 7:30,
"Science Requires God,"
Knights of Pythiaa Hall, Eleventh and
Alder streets. 11 A. M. Rev. Samuel Wor
cester, pastor. Suboct, -The Uses of Afflic
tion and Sickness"; Sunday school at 10:1a.
Temple of Truth, Eilers Recital Hall, 142
Broadway. Perry Joseph Green, minister.
Lecture at 8 P. M.. R, c Douglas. Interna
tional Now Thought Alliance officer, of
Boston; Truth school, ll o'clock,
First, Twelfth and Alder streets Dr. Boyd
-will preach today at 10:30 A, M. and 7:30
P. M. j.
Spokane-avenue, East Sixteenth and Spo
kane J. E, Youel,- pastor. Sunday school.
10; worship, 11 and 8 o'clock...
Mixpah. Division . and -East Nineteenth
streets, .. Rev. Harry Leeds, past or Service
Sunday, 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M.
First Christian, Oddfellows Hall. 'East
Sixth at Alder a P. M-, communion servloa;
messages. Ida Stoller; 8 P. M,, lecture.
Calvary, Eleventh and Clay streets. Tha
pastor. Rev. Oliver S. Baum. will preach.
10:30, "Out Into tho Deep"; 7:30, "Knocking
at -the Door"; Sunday school, noon; Chris
tian Endeavor Society, 8:S0. -
Ken 11 worth. East Thirty-fourth and Glad
stone avenue. Rev. L. K. Richardson, paator
Bible school,' 9:45; - morning service, 11.
-sacrament of' Lord's supper and reception to
new members; sermon? "The Penitent's
Cry";1 Young People's Society Christian En
deavor, 0:3o; vesper service, S P. 11., "Back
to the Home.
Piedmont, Cleveland and Jarrett streets.
Rev.. A. L Hutchinson. pastor Bible
school at 9:45; Christina Endeavor at 6:3ft.
Central. East Thirteenth and Pine streets.
Rev. L. K, Grimes, minister 10:3O A, M
"God and th Crisis" ; 12, noon, Sunday
school; ti;30 P. M.. Christian Endeavor, all
young people; ' 7:30, "God's Measure and
Vernon, corner Nlnteenth and Wyg-ant
streets. Rev. H. V. Mount, pastor. Sunday
school, 9:45 -A. M. : Junior Christian En
deavor, 4 P. M. ; Christian Endeavor. 6:30;
public worship with sermon, 11 A- M. and
7:30 P. M.
Piedmont Church, Cleveland and Jarnatt
streets. Rev.- A. L. Hutchinson, pastor.
Topic at 11 A. M., "Sand or Rock 7" even
ing topic at 7:30, "Standing the Siege" ;
Bible school at 9:45; a lively Christian En
deavor meeting at 6:30.
Mt. Tabor, - Dr. William Graham Moore,
pastor Sunday school, 10, morning service,
11, "Unavoidable Responsibility" ; Christian
Endeavor. 4; Senior Christian Endeavor,
6:45; evening service, , 7:45, ''Standing
Fourth, corner "First and Glbbs streets,
Henry G. Hanson, pastor. - 12, Sunday
school; 6:30, Christian Endeavor; 7:30,
"Dyspeptic. Sin.
Hope. Seventy-eighth and Everett streets,
S. W. Seemann. minister Morning subject.
"He That la Wise"; evening, 'Why Were
You Born?"
First German, Twelfth and Clay streets,
G. llafner, pastor Services 10:45 and 8;
Sunday school. 9:80; Young People's Society,
7 P. M.
First Spiritualist Temple, corner Sixth and
Montgomery streets 3 P. - M., lecture, Mrs.
Congdon; messages. Mrs. Partridge; 8 P. M..
lectures, christening services and messages;
special music, Mrs. Althea Wiesendanger.
Church of the Soul, service at Auditorium,
208- Third street St. Conference at 11;
Sunday school at 2 P. M. ; mediums meet
ing at 3; entertainment at 5 P. M. and ser
mon by the pastor at S on "Tho Greatest
Religion in tho world.
Christian Spiritualist Church, 129 Fourth
street. Foresters' Hall Lecture and mes
sages, 3 P. M., by M rs. Zimmerman ; lec
ture, 1 Taylor, 8 P. M.
First, corner East Sixteenth and Poplar
streets, Ladd's Addition r-Preaching services
at 11 A. M. by Dr. J. A. Goode, at 7:30 P.
XL by Presiding Elder C. C. poling; Sunday
school' at 10 A- M-; Christian Endeavor at
6:30 P. M. ; midweek service. Thursday
Ockley Green Preachinpr at 11 A. M. by
Presiding Elder C. C. Poling; preaching,
evening; Sunday school at 10 A, M. ; Chris
tian Endeavor meeting at 8:30 P. M. ; all
invited. Pastor. Rev. G. L. LovelL
St. John's Preaching both morning and
evening dv a P. Lay ton, tno pastor: bun
day school at 10 A. M. ; -Christian Endeavor
meeting at 6:30 p. M. All welcome.
Church of the Good Tidings, Broadway
and East Twenty - fourth ntreet Rev.
Jamas Dlmond Corby, pastor. Worship,
with sermon at 10:45. by Rev. A. N. Mac
Donald; public forum, "What Scholars
Think About Preparedness for America" ;
sunshine hour Sunday school rally at 13
noon. Junir.r Christian Endeavor at 5 P. M.
M. Strangers find welcome.
Church of Our Father, corner of Broad
way and Yamhill street Rev. Thomas L.
Eliot, D. D. minister emeritus; Rev. William
G. E'.lot. Jr.. minister. Services at 11 A. M.
and 7:45 P. M.; morning sermon, "Tho Spirit
of Youth In a Philistine World"; ovenlng
sermon, "Tho Nation and the Child," an ad
dress by Dr. Anna Louise Strong, of Wash
ington, D. C. ; Sunday school at 9:4o A. M. ;
pastor's adult class at 12 M. ; Young Peo
ple's r raternity at e:au r. s.
First, East Fifteenth and Morrison streets,
John, D. Niseworder. pastor Jiihle school.
10; preaching, 11, by pastor, "Tho Divine
convoy ; tt:3V, Christian jnaeavor; j,
Alberta., Twenty-seventh and Alberta
streets, cr.nton- c. iseu, pastor -Public worship,-
11 A. M. ,and 7:oO P. M. ; Sunday
school, 10 A- M-; Y. P. S, C E., 6:30; pray
er meeting, Thursday, 8 P. M.
Third, corner - Sixty-seventh street and
Thirty-second avenue, S. E.. Herbert F.
White, pastor Sunday school, 10 A, M.;
morning service, 11 o'clock,- subject, "God's
Love Bestowed"; Junior Christian Endeavor,
3 P..M.; Senior Christian Endeavor, 7:30
P. M.. Bishop William Bell, of Los Angeles,
will speak; Walter Perry will sing.
Fourth, Sixty-ninth street and Sixty-sec-one
avenue Southeast. Tremoni Station J.
E. Connor, pastor. Sermons, 11 A. M. and
7:40 f. m. ; feunaay scnooi, av.A. ju.. ; tnris.
tian Endeavor - 6:4c- P. M. -
' First. East Thirty-seventh and Hawthorne
avenue Frank uewitt jjinawy,. minister
Bible school. 10; sermon. 11, Dr. J. H.
White, of Pittsburg: Christian Endeavor,
:H0; sermon, 7:30, ' The Golden Rule."
Kenton J. S. Cole, pastor, Bible school,
10 A. M. ; preaching, 11:45 A. M. ; Christian
Endeavor, 6:3o ' P. '" M.; prayer meeting,
Thursday, 7:30 P. M.
Latter Day Saints Church, corner of East
Twenty -f if tu and Madison Sunday school,
lo A. M.: services at 11:45 A. M. and spe
cial evening service at 7:30 p. M. Every
body i7ivited. - . -
Divine Truth Chapel. Selling-Hlrsch build
ing, corner West ' Park and Washington
streets Rev. T. M. Minard. pastor. Serv
ices. 11 A. M.; Bible class, Tuesday, 2 P. M. ;
class meeting. Thursday. 8 P. M.
Regular Bahl meeting Sunday, 8 P. M.,
room 5 ltf Eilers building. Charles Mason
Pemey, of Washington, D. C. will speak.
Thtiosophjcal Society, 726 Morgan build
ing Fundamentals cf Life," by M- Remey,
of Honolulu, -
Swedish services. Oregon City, - today at
3 P. M., John Ovall, minister1 All Scan
dinavians are invited.
The Rose City Park Community Church,
Fortv-fif th and Hancock streets. Rev. J.
M. Skinner, pastor Services, 11 A. M. and
7:30 P. M ; school of religious education,
9:43; Young People's meeting. 6:30 P. M.;
mid-week service, and studv, "The Book of
Isaiah." - Sunday night the choir will give
the regular monthly musieale.
Young Women's Christian Association,
Broadway and Taylor street Vesper service
snd social-, hour,' 4:30 o'clock. Strangers
welcome. " ' - .
Wife Creates Scene When Spouse'ls
Accused of Theft.
PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 17. A young
wife shook- the bars of the cell In
which her husband was confined and
taunted him with the fact of bis ar
rest in the United States Marshal's
office in the Federal building, follow
ing the detention of David H. Duff, 27
years old, of Audubon, N. J., a -letter
carrier, charged with stealing: money
from letters.
Duff was trapped, the postal inspec
tors say. by marked bills placed in a
letter .addressed to, .George Wtutehillj
Frank P. Walsh, in Report to Be Made to Congress, Will Arraign Capital
ists, and Particularly John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
4 v
FRANK P. WALSH, chairman of the
Commission appointed by Congress
to investigate the causes of Nation-wide
industrial unrest, recently
turned in his report which is concurred
in by the labor members of that body.
That the workers of the 'Nation are
denied the full product of their labor
and that this condition is the basis
of ;ill the Industrial strifes which have
rent the country, that a small group of
industrial potentates controls the well
being: and actual existence of the ma
jority of the Nation's workers, and that
this group has violated all principles
of law and order and has instituted a
system of mediaeval feudalism in in
dustry is the essence of the report
He la accused of taking from the letter
$4.50 yesterday afternoon after sus
picion of other thefts had been direct
ed against him. When he was con
fronted wi(h the evidence Duff signed
a confession, according to Chief Postal
Inspector Cortelyou.
After the scene in the marshal's of
fice. Duffs father, Her.ry Duff, pro
vided $1000 bail for him, and as he
was .leaving the building another en
counter with his wife occurred. The
woman, who Is small and pretty, re
marked that she had no money, and
Duff offered her B0 cents. She threw
it on ' the floor, grabbed him by the
throat, and. despite the difference in
their size shoved him against the wall.
"To think that I picked? out a man
like you," she screamed, "I could kill
Duff then turned to the deputy mar
shals, who witnessed the incident, and
asked them to arrest his wife. They re
fused to take any part in the affair.
Duff will appear for trial in the Sep
tember term of the United States Dis
trict Court. The bail was accepted by
United States . District Attorney Ed
monds. According to Mrs. Duff, her hus
band's troubles have all been due to
other women. She told the postal in
spectors he had pawned every valu
able he owned. She has had to work,
she says, most of their married life.
(Continued From Paso S.
diking operations going on. for they
keep their two big dredges busy for
themselves or others. All told. Messrs.
Jones and Brown own about 6000 acres
on the islands mentioned and others
nearby, which they will have reclaimed
this year and next.
The first work was done on Tenas
Illihee. which has 1600 acres, all of
of which now belongs to Mr. Jones,
who Intends to develop it into the
finest stock and dairy farm in the
. Tract Once Flooded.
There was not a foot of tillable land
on this island three years ago last
February.' Every high tide covered it
with water. It was overgrown with
brush and trees and rank weeds. Now
only about 400 acres is in its native
condition, the remainder being cleared,
or nearly so. It cost about $20 an acre
to get rid of the brush. - This is done
in the Winter. Then a mixture of
three pounds of clover and 12 pounds
of rye grass seed is sown without
any harrowing or plowing. With the
first rain the grass starts and such
grass I never saw in my life. Mr.
Jones says it is almost impossible to
keep it pastured down. I saw a "pas
ture" field that in June was eaten off
close by several hundred head of stock.
Then the stoick was shut out and late
in July hay was cut and gave a yield
of five . tons to the acre, by August
it was again covered with cattle. I
did not see the hay weighed, but I
saw the stacks and I do not believe
Mr. Jones exaggerated one iota.
Rutabagas Yield 87 Tana to Acre.
But I did see 87 tons of rutabagas to
the acre! There were ten acres in the
patch. We took a row indiscriminately;
pulled the first ten from a row,
weighed them (from 10 to 18
pounds), counted the number of. hills
to the acre: result, 87 tons. We went
at the kale proposition the same way.
Mr Jones is milking 70 cows. His
cream check runs at the rate of $25
a day. He expects to milk 200 cows
next Summer and after that 100 dur
ing the Winter months and 200 during
the Summer.
I could not do justice to Tenas Illihee
under several columns. It is a large
estate. There are nearly 400 head of
cattle on -it, nearly 700 head of hogs,
about 300 goats. It is well fenced
with mile upon mile of pig-tight wire
netting. It is a lovely, place. The
buildings are large, modern, hand
somely furnished. I do not know when
I have enjoyed a meal as I did in the
meahouae. presided over by Mrs. Lil
faA B. Lawrence. Mrs. Lawrence goes
on the theory that such dainties as
salads, cakes. pies. custards little
things out of the ordinary are ' more
economical than ctraight "ham an" or
even beans and bacon. And I guess
she is right.
Girls Born Iike Siamese Twins.
LAFAYETTE, Liu Oct. 14 Mrs.
Andre Foreman today, is the mother of
based on two years' searching: Investi
gations all over tho United States.
In a special report prepared by
George P. West, investigator for tho
Commission, John D. Rockefeller. Jr..
is charged with full responsibility for
the bloodshed and riot which attended
the Colorado strike. In Rockefeller's
mines. The report scores the young
magnate for deliberately flouting the
will of the President of the United
States, and accuses him of deceiving
President Wilson and the public.
Scores of other accusations, all
founded on Mr. Rockefeller's own tes
timony -and the correspondence be
tween him and his Colorado officials,
are made public and will be submitted
to Congress at the next session.
twin girls united by a formation sim
ilar to that which joined the Siamese
Husband Within Week of Marriage
Regrets, Says Mrs. Hyndman.
NEWARK. Oct. 17. Deserted in
April. 1912. by Robert J. Hyndman,
whom she married March 24. 1906.
Mrs. Ellen M. Hyndman. of Glen Rock.
Bergen County, has just received a di
vorce decree as the outcome of an ex
parte hearing before Special Master
Jacob L. Newman. She also received
the custody of their 7-year-old daugh
ter. Mrs. Hyndman, whose maiden name
was Murphy, testified that within a
week of her marriage her husband,
holding a responsible position in a
New York department store, told her
he had married "the wrong woman."
The "Why" of Excitement.
There really isn't much occasion for
excitement, unless you have that kind
of nerves.
Shout for His Rights.
Atchison Globe.
The gentleman you hear shouting for
his rights is really clamoring for spe
cial privileges.
The book that is making people laugh,
well, .happy, brave. A money-burdened
grouch read it, now is a millionaire- of
cheerfulness. A. cross-eyed office boy. per
fectly atrafg-ht, only he looked crooked, read
it. now he is a bank clerk. A minister, so
sad that when he said grace it froze his
coffee, read it, now is preaching to standing-
room only. His church janitor, a hard
luck goat, so poor if it rained soup he
didn't have a bucket to catch it in, read it,
now he Is a salesman at $5 per. Several
maidens of hopeless, impossible age, re
juvenated their cosmos by it, then married
the bet men in the world. Makes the web
footed brain "hit the star-dust trail of
golden success. Puts velvet on the sales
man's tongue, and cuts the fuss out of the
buyer's ear. Shows you how to love your
relatives and not be miserable doing it.
Fills you with desire to live your life all
over again, though married.
Where it Is sold mills have started full
time: they're building schoolhouses; hinges
on cemetery gates are rusting: undertak
ers going out of business; people quitting
the dying habit. A Sunday school teacher
ays: "It beats the deviL" That's just its
A bank president says: "Every business
man in the United States should have
your little book."
A great automobile maker says: "It i
the biggest little book I ever read."
Makes yon a world master by Thought
Waves; method with codes complete.
Any Book
reviewed on this page caa
lw found at your Book
The J. K. GILL CO.
Third and Alder.
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