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British Official Bureau Pub
lishes Letters Written by -German
Regiments Declared Fearfully .Re
duced, "Without Food and En
during Rigorous Weather.
Many Officers Slain.
LONDON", Oct 3. The official infor
mation bureau issued today an account
of some of the Incidents of the fight
ing in France, to which it appends
certain letters taken from German
prisoners. This recital bears no date.
It says:
"In the presentation of striking: con
trasts this war is no exception to the
rule. Within sight of the spot where
these words are being written the
chauffeur of a motorcar attached to
the general staff is making his toilet
in the open. After washing his face
and hands in a saucepan, minus its
handle.' he carefully brushes his hair
with an old nail brush, using the win
dow of the car in which he has slept
as a looking glass. From the back
ward sweep he gives his somewhat
long locks it is clear that he had once
been a dandy."
t Company Has No Officers Left.
A letter from a German prisoner
tells how the enemy interrupted their
needed rest and how, when the Ger
mans attempted to advance on Septem
ber 16. the enemy, firing from bushes
and from houses, swept their trenches.
This letter continues:
"On my right and left wounded com
rades were complaining bitterly that
the enemy was shooting from houses.
They found too easy a mark in us. If
we assumed an upright position we
were immediately fired on. After an
hour, during which time our company
lost about 25 men, we were forced to
retire. This brought our total
strength down to 80. We started with
251 men. We had no officers left.
"On the 18th. at 4:30 o'clock in the
morning, we reached a village, where
we thought we would be able to rest.
Before half an hour had passed, how
ever, the shrapnel had again found us
Villase Constantly Under Fire.
"We spent the afternoon in this vil
lage, which was constantly under shell
tire in spite of the fact that our guns
were shelling the enemy's artillery. We
heard our Colonel say our guns could
not get at those of the enemy satis
factorily because the latter were so
well concealed.
"Our condition is now really a-wful,
for we have to sleep out in all weather.
We were all looking forward to a
speedy end. We are badly off as re
gards food. Some of our regiments
can muster only from three to four
Another letter written in the course
of the retreat in front of the French
from Mont Alirall says:
" "After a 36-hour march we ha-d a
rest and arrived just in time for the
fight. . For three days we did not have
a hot meal because our field kitchens
were lost. We got a hot meal last
night. Although we are all just xeady
to drop, we must march on.
Poison tn Food FcareA.
"We found great quantities of food,
hut. fearing poison, we did not take
possession of it until we had got hold
of the proprietor of the house and com
pelled him to taste it first. We are
near Rhetms, after having gone
through hard, bloody and most hor
rible days. Of our regiment of 3000
men there are now only 1600 left. .
"Let us hope that this battle, which
ought to be one of the greatest of his
tory, will leave me safe and well and
prive us peace. I am absolutely done,
but we must not despair."
farmers the Danish government has
prohibited the exportation of all young
, Marooned Crew to Be Rescued.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 3. Through
agents for the British tanker Elsinore.
sunk by the German cruiser Leipzig
while under charter of the Union Oil
Company, it was learned today that
C. T. Bowring & Co.. the owners. "short
ly would dispatch a vessel from Guay
aquil, Ecuador, to the rescue of the
marooned cmw, who were set ashore
on the little-visited Galapagos Islands,
600 m.Uo.s off the coast of Ecuador.
Consul Is Last to Leave IUicims.
PARIS, Oct. 3. William Bardel,
American Consul at Rheims. accom
panied by his wife, daughter and son,
left Rheims today for Troyes. There
are no more Americans in Rheims, nor
any other reason why he. should Btay;
consequently he is seeking safety elsewhere.
General Botha's . Sympathizers Cast
Eggs at . Anti-Government Forces
and Fight Breaks Up Meetlns.
LONDON, Oct. 3. A dispatch to Reu
ter's Telegram -Company from Potch
efstrom, the Transvaal, South Africa,
says that an attempt by General Chris
tian de Wet to address a. meeting of
protest against the government's ac
tion in regard to the war resulted in
the breaking up of the meeting after
a demonstration which approached pro
portions of a riot.
Admission to the hall had been re
stricted to ticket-holders, but a crowd
of sympathizers with General Louis
Botha, who had taken command of the
British operations against the Ger
mans in Southwest Africa, gathered
outside and, battering down the barri
caded doors, bombarded the anti-government
forces with eggs and bricks.
free fight followed. In which the
lights in the place were extinguished.
Then the crowd from the hall moved
into the open, where General de Wet
again attempted to speak. Once more
he was interrupted by singing, shout
ing and cheers for General Botha. Later
the supporters of General Botha
paraded the streets and ended the dem
onstration by adopting a vote of con
fidence in the South African Premier.
Enemy Is Still United and Fleet Will
Strike When Hour Comes, Probably
' In Co-operation With Army.
LONDON, Oct. 3 The military expert
of the Times today says:
'However much we may bend back
the German right wing and relieve
Antwerp, whatever confidence we have
that the shock of the Russian masses
in the East will prove decisive, we
must not entertain the slightest illu
sion regarding the hard and trying
condition which awaits all the allies in
the future in operating against the
German reduced to the defensive.
"Germany is still united. Her re
sources grow atop. Her might is in
arms, all her arsenals are working at
full pressure. Her fleet will strike
when the hour comes, probably in co
operation with the army.
"The line of the Aisne, when forced,
may prove to be only one of many
similar lines prepared in the rear of it.
It may take a long time for the allies
to compel Germany to feel a weak
ness, tt therefore devolves on the allies
to look forward to a long war."
Daughter of Late Financier Arrives
Home Telling of Popularity of
War In France.
NEW YORK. Oct. ?. (Special.) The
French liner France, with only 378
passengers in all of the three classes,
docked today. No more sailings have
been booked for the France, and most
of her crew expect to join the French
army on their return to Havre.
Miss Anne T. Morgan, daughter of
the late J. Pierpont Morgan, who was
marooned in the Haut-Savoie at the
beginning of the war. returned on the
France, as did Miss Elsie de Wolfe and
Miss Elizabeth Marbury. Miss Mor
gan's horses, including a valuable sad
dle horse,' were commandeered by the
French army.
Speaking of the war Miss Morgan
"Everyone has a heartsick feeling
about it and a longing desire to do
something. It 13 a popular war in
France. The spirit of the French men.
women and children is wonderful.
Their inspiration is beyond words to
describe. Why; we saw children 7 and
8 years old carrying in hay and grain
from the fields.
"I freely gave my saddle horse for
ub in the army.
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Weil-Known Politician Nearly Bald
Now Has New Growth of Hair.
Tells How He Did It.
A Western politician, well known on
account of his baldness and ready wit.
surprised his friends by appearing with
a new growth. of hair. Many of his old
friends did not know him and others
thoucht he had a wig. On being asked
how he did it, he made the following
statement: "I attribute the 'remarkable
growth of my hair to the use of the
following simple recipe, which any lady
or gentleman can mix at home: To a
half pint of water add 1 oz. of Day rum
a small box of Barbo Compound and
oz. of glycerine. Apply, to the scalp
two or three times a week with the
finger tips. It not only promotes the
growth of the hair, but removes dan
druff, scalp humors and prevents the
hair from falling out. It darkens
streaked, faded, gray hair and makes
the hair soft and glossy. These ingredi
ents can be purchased at any drug store
at very little cost and mixed at home."
Precautions to Prevent Shipments of
Food From Rescuing Belligerents '
Widespread and Thorough.
THE HAGUE, via London. Oct. 3.
Elaborate preparations have been made
by The Netherlands government to see
that shipments of foodstuffs brought
into Holland shall not pass Into the
hands of the nations now at war.
There is now a complete belt of dis
tricts under martial law. Along th
borders and coast in these districts all
outgoing freight is examined by mili
tary authorities, in addition to the
customs officials. The thoroughness of
the embargo is shown in the arrest
recently of many country people living
along the German border, who ex
ported small quantities of grain on
wagons to that country.
Owing to the general scarcity of
wheat flour in Holland, white- bread
Is becoming a luxury. At Dordrecht, a
town ten miles southeast of Rotter
dam, the bakers have announced that,
beginning Monday, they will produce
nothing but rye bread.
. A'dlspatch received here from Copen
bxren anvs th.nt on representation nf
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