The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 28, 1914, SECTION TWO, Page 11, Image 27

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For Bale Farms.
A mile Of Columbia River frontage
A sutferb ranch, lying on the Columbia
nouievara, 1 mne irorn riiiiunu Bianou
ii Imvai. rtrn river bottom soil, hundred:
of acres of the finest ALFALFA land, 50
acres in Onions, Potatoes, Artichokes.
Cabbages. Soybeans, Cowpeas, "Wheat.
Oat a. Corn. Roots, etc.
Xew M-room houte. great biff barn, in
cubator-house. WOodhouse. 2-room tenan
cottage, running stream, 2 small lakes,
'rail and river transportation.
Cultivators, harrows, disks, plows, rake,
mower, buggy, heavy wagon, harnesses,
cream separator, 3 incubators, and all
crops In best condition,
16 Jersey cows, 15 calves, 30 head
young stock, 0 horses. 00 hogs, 10 broo
sows, aou chickens, idv aucks, w turjcey
zv geese.
The cash price Is $30,000. Wilt 011 on
easy terms, or take email cash payment
ana Balance roruana city property.
St. Charles Hotel, 204 Morrison at.
10 acres in Washington County, clot
to Portland and eiectrio Una. all in cul
tivation but 3 acres, best vt soil and lies
practically level ; nice creek crosses
main county road, R. F. D.. telephone
and cream route, eood 7room house,
good barn, woodshed, etc.: all kinds of
fruit and berries. Price $2600, very rea
sonable terms,
30 acres In Washington County. 19
miles from Portland and close to elec
trio line, half in cultivation and In crop
or acres more easily ciearea ; prac
tieally level, with never-failing spring on
one corner; on good county road, K. F.
I., telephone and cream route; mile
to g-ood school and church; nice 5-room
house, barn, woodshed and all outbuild
ings; good family orchard, all kinds of
email fruit and berries; 2 horses, extra
line Jersey oows. brand new farm wagon,
buggy, plows, harnesses and all small
ioois; an ior x&uuu; sxwv casn, oaianoe
years at 6 per cent.
723 Chamber of Commerce.
We want to sell a dairy farm in Tilla
mook ; 50 acres, all river bottom land,
meadow and pasture; It's close to th
cltv on a fine auto road: with the sal
goes 20 fine milk cows, horse, wagons
na rarm tooib; a aanay large Darn; a
good house; there It a cheese factory one
mile and you can haul a load of milk
each morning. It's dollars to the man
that can , milk; $u will handle the
oeal ; easy terms ou balance.
Oregonian Bldg.
40 acres, 3 miles from Kalama, county
seat oi cowmz county, so mues xrom
Portland, on county road, close to Pacific
- nignway ana Close to coiumoia River,
with grand view; 80 rods to very goo3
scnooi, tne 4U is an xencea ana cross
fenced. 18 acres in high state of cultiva
tion. 8 acres in grain, 6 acres clover, 2 in
s potatoes, io acres in nne pasture, oiacK,
rich soil. 3 acres young, best, standard
cherry trees; 4 acre strawberries, 37 acres
can oe piowea an e ways; nne ounaings,
w-room new bungalow, with bath, water
piped to house and barn, 40x50 barn; with
the place goes 7 head of cattle, horse, 100
chickens, hog, separator, implements, tools
ana narness; gooa mommy income; ior
this fine place only $4000, half cash, rest
on easy terms : no traae. Aaarese
Kalama, WuRh.
An ideal country home on tine automo
bile road, 12 miles from Portland: 160
acres of finest valley land, 100 acrea In
crop; 10-room residence, with modern
conveniences; fine buildings, improvements
and farm implements: tt-acre orcnara,
two running creeks; can be reached by
auto in 45 minutes and must be seen to
bo appreciated, (surrounding land held at
io to x.tuu per acre, .riace ouereu
$2oo, on favorable terms. Address owner,
608 Worcester bldg., or S 'J, Oregonian.
St;500: 8 a., all In cultivation, at Cor
twtts on O.-W. K. A N. ; this la a fruit
orchard : will harvest 10 tons of cherries
this season: 6 kinds of apples, plums.
prunes, pears; fine variety small fruit; this
orchard is In full bearing, 4 blocks from
denot and boat landine: beautiful view
21 ml. from Portland; 7-room house, all
modern : large fruit dryer, chicken-house.
woodshed, water piped into house; $3000
down, see Air. btani at
(Cor. 4th and Stark.)
Well-imoroved U 7-acre farm. 30 miles out
7 blocks from stores and depot, 4 blocks
from high school. Good buildings, elec
tric lights, bath, some fruit. The best
buy we have had in a long time. Only
$30 per acre, ou term. If 'you know a
snap, ana want to live aajoining a gooa
town on electric line, look this up quick.
210 Gerllnger bldg., 2d and Aider .sts.
$4500, or about half Its value, for 1ft!
acres, 7 mi. west of Junction city; Jy
mi. to P. E. & E.. where townslte is be
ing established ; good school nearby ; SO
V. in cultivation, CO In pasture, balance
i 12 to 24 in. piling timber; small
touse, large barn ; good spring water
ind creek all year around; $1000 cash.
Bee Mr. Stahl at
(Cor. 4th and Stark.)
87 A.. 45 mllea from Portland, 24 from
P. E. & E. By., Yamhill Co. On main
county road; R. F. D., phone and cream
route. Splendid 8-roora house, barn 4oxo,
hoghouse. chicken-house, etc. Running
water all year. Small orchard. 60 A,
under cultivation, best of soli; all well
fenced; (100 per A.; cash will handle.
Box AV 4l'4. Oregonian.
234 acres, all in high state of cultiva
tion; good buildings, fine orchard and
well. Va mile to electric station, school
and churches, near Forest Grove, 25 miles
from Portland; was $5000, but owner cut
It to $4000 for quick sale. Terms easy.
514 Chamber of Commerce.
.too acres on Yaqulna River and R. R.
Alt In grass, 50 acres bottom land In
cultivation, large orchard. 7-room house,
8 barns, a great snap at $20 dot acre, on
good easy terms. Cannot be beat for the
F. Fi'CHS. 420 Chamber of Commerce.
24 acres iu Polk County. 200 acree Jn
high state of cultivation, balance In oak
timber und pasture; good new buildings;
woven wire fencing; running water; one
third of fine crop of oats, wheat and vetch
goes with the place; $S0 per acre; terms.
It. F. BRYAN. 500 Chamber of Commerce.
SO acres very sood land, all In cultiva
tion, best of locations, good buildings and
plenty of them; running water, dirt cheap
at $115 per acre, $40O0 cash, balance 5
years. If you want a good farm cheap,
here It fs. Get particulars by
F. Ft'CHS, -tl'Q Chamber of Commerce.
fiO ACRES for sale or lease for 3 years $150
. per year; hatf pasture, balance timber;
springs, creek, new barn, small house, 8
gal. milk route. SH miles from Portland:
stocked with Implements; 300 cords of
wood to haul at $2 a cord. J. Nordberg,
Lents, Or.
We have all kinds and sizes of farms
and give you good value for your money
and a square deal. If you wish to buy
right see
r . fhh?, cnamoer or commerce.
22u ACRES finest farm in Santiajn Valley,
highly improved, all under cultivation and
stocked. $30,000, part cash and balance
city property. owner, izx rortn western
Ha n K oiag. Main visn.
$2H cash buys lO acres of good land,
12 mllea -from Portland on main county
road, a real snap at $1200.
E. J. GEISER, ::l Chamber of Commerce.
15 ACRES, new bugalow, near etation and
Columbia River, at Carson. Wash., $4000.
Cheap. Purse A CO., fi32 Cham, of Com.
240 ACRES, near McMinville, 25 under cul
tivation, house and barn ; $1$ per acre.
Gold schmldt's Agency, Stock Exchange,
3d and YamhllL
20 ACRES in Tillamook County, in the
dairy section : price only $15 per acre;
terms to suit buyer. M. E. Lee, 523 Cor
bett bldff.
AM compelled to eell fifty acres of 133 per
acre land on main line of railroad In Flor
ida; $1V per acre cash will take it. J. L.
yrorla. K'2rt East 2d at. North.
WANT best offer for 10 acres Douglas Coun
ty timber. Price $2500v Address M. B.
lgns, Kamela. Or.
Owner will sell I00x9ti-foot corner at
Grays Crossing, bet. Wood mere and Lents;
3 store buildings, one with living-rooms
In rear; largo chicken-house and stable,
?.'l.";i0; one-hulf down, balance easy pay
ments, or $.'150 cash, or will divide the
property; a real bargain. O 3S, Oregonian.
12S0 A. Wheat ranch In the best part
or vv asco County, Oregon, Tnis rancn
all equipped with stock and machinery,
ana 13U nead ox nogs.- equipment worm
$4000. 8-room house and barn, fine
springs, over uOO A. in grain, crop goe
with the place, and the owner says is
good for $15,000. Total valuation $44,800;
will exchange for goad Portland property,
taking $2000 cash and $22,000 Portland
property, and bal. on long time. Sam
Hewey, 260 Stark st., at
OUR luck la running good and we are mak
ing many trades of late between clients
who wish to give and receive good value.
If you have a good, straight proposition
that will bear investigation our service
are at your disposal. We have a large
list on which quick action can be had.
603 Dekuni Bldg.
HAVE several well-secured mortgages
which I desire to trade In even exchange
for a Portland residence. $5000 or less.
Will not assume except small amount city
liens. Please give address and telephone
number so can arrange interview. W. 7S,
Oregonian. '
Client wants property on West Side;
has $500 ca9i and unincumbered lots on
Peninsula to turn in as first payment;
must have long time on balance. Fred W.
uerman Co., vi Cham, or torn,
WANT the best, improved S acres accessible
to interuroan car witnm in nines or Port
land that $1800 will buy; purchaser can
pay 700 cash. Geo. is. ttngiehart co.,
211 Lumbermen bldg,
. Good city property, income oi1 residence,
iu ct;xiaiij e ior guuu larnie.
512-513 Yeon Bldg.
WANTED A modern S or JT-room house in
mga-ciass- neighborhood: irvtngton pre
ferred; I have two caeh customers; the
property and price must De attractive.
ceo. Jii. waggoner, sua leon oiag.
WILL pay cash for good lot or small house
or 6-room bungalow near Alberta or union
avenue carlme; no inflated values con
sidered. T 820, Oregonian.
WANTED To buy modern 7-room home in
good neighborhood, from owner, wno win
accept $500 casbr and balance country
property. V 8 1 , Oregonian.
WANTED 100x100 vacant lot bounded by
K 7th. "Rroadwav. lth and Thompson
stnte lowest cash price and all particu
lars in answering. ak i, uregonian.
WANTED An energetio real estate man
who can seil $37,000 worth or property ior
x2-i,ooo good commission, cau iot a.
WANTED A lot ih Rose City Park or
Laurelhurst on my hew 6-room bungalow
In Roso City Park. Tabor 080.
LEAVING States; will exchange beautiful
oil painting for Portland property, a to.
WANT clear lot as first payment on 5-room
bungalow, close in. Tine district. Ban ay
road car. Owner, 172 Belmont st.
WANTED House in Portland with large
lot. Will give 5 acres west teiae aa first
payment, au b( oregonian.
WAiNTED -6 or 7-room modern house in
good location, from owner; must be bar
gain; state terms. N 78, Oregonian.
LOT as first payment on modern 5-room
oungaiow, nsw isasc vtn st. xyorin. rnoaB
Woodlawn 1012.
TO 8-room house, about $3500, in ex
change for choice vacant lots. AM 89,
Oregonian. -
FARM In Yamhiir County; Portland lots
to exchange. Phone Main vod-i, or i vu,
CALIFORNIA property; what have you?
.portiana lots to exenange. rnow main
P534. or D 80, Oregonian.
MODERN bungalow, large lot, Mt. Scott or
Hawthorne: give location, price, etc. Ail.
43, Oregonian.
LOTS at Oswego and some money for a 6-
room nouse. jy to, oregonian.
ANTED Cheap West Side prt-Krty for
cash. R Gli. Oregonian.
WANTED to buy small house and lot from
owner only.'' lOJ E. zza. st.
ANT two Irvinaton lots separate or a.d-
joinlng, east of 14th.. A 7, Oregonian.
80 ACRES, unimproved land and $100 cash
for house equity. Marshall gyp.
WANTED From owner, 6-6 -room house;
give phone. AiS l, oregonian.
ANTED Lots, good carline, for building:
give phone. AE -16, Oregonian.
ANTED Acres near eiectrio
line; give
phone. AE 17, Oregonian.
WANTED -30 to 160 acres; give phone. AK
79, oregonian.
HOUS9 wanted; will give good lota for
equity. 720 Chamber or commerce.
Hlshly developed improved dairy and
stock ranch, 4 miles from Oregon City,
all in the pinic or condition; crops au in,
mach Inery all new, and livestock in Al
8 cows. 8 heifers, bull calf. 25 hogs, 3
Will sell stock. Implements and crops
for $3000 and rent place for $400 a year..
immeaiate possession ana piace is in
money-making order in every respect.
St. Charles Hotel, 204 Morrison St.
GOLDEN opportunity, experienced farmer
with sufficient rorce operate ovv acres,
located Vermillion Valley, Alberta; black
loam, running water, within one mile of
Veirrevllle station, main line Canadian
Northern R. R. ; 1200 population; will rent
for cash or shares; immediate action and
plant 200 acres to Fall wheat. AG DO,
ONE of the largest and best-equipped stock
ana grain ranches in enerman county ior
rent ior a long term, on a capital oi iu,-
V00 a fortune can be made la ten years.
Address C. A. Buckley, Grass Valley, Or.
200 ACRES, 100 plowable, fair buildings. 30
miles out; 70 acres or crop, implements
and eome stock for sale at $1250 cash.
Woodlawn 3073.
GOOOD 20-acre farm near Oregon Electric
beyond Tualatin; $15 per month; all
buildings good condition; reasonable price
for growing crops. Phone Main 0195.
50x100 VIEW LOT. 2 blocks from car. clear
of incumbrance, that I will exchange for
a good timber claim worth about $2,500.
H03 Dekum bldg.
c. J. Mccracken. 304 m-kay bldg.
GOOD sugar-plue claim In Jackson County;
$15 per acre. AV 429, Oregonian.
WE want for buyers now waiting at the
hotel. 5, 1 and -O acres imail xarms,
priced right, near some carline.
- Also 40, 00- and SO-acre farms, in good
location, improved, stoeited etc.
Alto have party with $:i5,w0 caah for
best farm-land bargain offered.
Send complete details. Bear in mind
that prices must be absolutely right.
St. Charles Hotel, 204 Morrison at. '
Will trade two income-bearing busi
ness properties for wheat or alfalfa
$ 61,500 equity, East Side Business.
$110,000 equity. West Side business.
Thia is not "bunk" property and we
will only consider good land in ex
change. Principals apply to R. H.
Blossom, 316 Chamber of Commerce.
WANTED, for cash, about 10 to 20-acre
farm. Has to be In eood location, aood
soil, running water preferred. Also good
neighborhood. No Inflated "values consid
ered. This is for a client; give fullest
and true description In first letter.
F. FUCHS. 420 Chamber of Commerce.
FOR SALE or exchange A well-established
automobile business. Have Al agencies for
both pleasure cars aud trucks; doing nne
business. Price $45,000. Would exenang
for good real estate or improved farm.
Address, giving particulars, T 3, Ore
gonian. WANTED ii-acre improved farm within 15
mllea of Portland, must be near railroad;
will pay all cash for right place. X 05,
WANTED Homestead relinquishment, state
price, township and range, county, roads,
school and fulr particulars first letter. T
87, Oregonian.
WE SELL your property, no matter where
located, quickly; pay no commissions. Na
t local Farm Exchange, Oakland, Cal.
WANTED iO-acre Improved farm for cash.
Price not to exceed $5000. AH 70, Oregon.
EXPERIENCED young married man wishes
to run dairy on shares. Write or call
645 E. 20th st. N., Portland.
WANTED to rent, email farm within V
- miles of courthouse. Will buy crop it' In.
L S3, Oregonian. -
IF YOU have a good farm to
desirable tenant, address AV 4-7,
34 ACRES with modern fi-room bungalow;
fir-land station, Mt, ficott oar aheap. East)
1100-ACRE wheat farm, Sherman Co.; well
Improved. Price $30,000. clear of mtg.j
consider first-class Portland property: is
income, mi bus assume s iitlie.
Alberta farm. $12,000: well Improved,
close to town ; consider any good Oregon I
or tvasmngton property.
800-acre farm, Sherman Co.; 250 sum'
merfallow, fine siring, good improve I
ments, farming Outfit; $20,000; consider I
payment m otner gooa property to oovu.
oaian:e your own terms.
For wheat and etOck farms why not I
come to the man who has the property
ana Knows wjtat n ia aoing
Have timber. and stump land clear of
mtg. : $35,500, and Can put in fireproof,
income building, equity $17,G0u; want I
property in Portland or large place In val
ley suitable ior stock.
L. K. MOORtt,
17 Board of Trade. .
233 ACRKS.
R. R. stationn the place, 8 miles north
Of Corvallis, 8 miles west of Albany: 140
acres under cultivation ; 02 acres pasture
and some timber; 20 acres Clover, good
house, 2 barns, all other necessary Duna- i
Ings, 4 horses, 3 cOWS. hogs and chickens, 1
2 sets of harness, wagon, nacic. ouggyt
olovor seeder, disc harrow, plowi, drill.
Marrow, bmder, mower, rake, hay fork,
cream separator and the growing crops.
Price $70 oer acre, clear of incumbrance;
you can't beat this In the Willamette
Valley; considering personal property and
growing crops, this is only $61 per acre.
Will take a home up to aaouw in Port
land: arrange terms ror oaianoe.
213-213 Chamber of Commerce.
Have a nice 7-room modern house,
50x100 corner lot on the West Side,
value $4500, clear of incumbrance,
to trade for a small farm. Will as- .
ume up to $500. Means busi
ness. N
2d floor Chamber Commerce Bldg.
$100 per month. West Side property.
?lo,UUU, mortgage ovu o yearn ur iuuboi,
iuf ronf: will AKohnnira BO uitV for resi
dence on West Side near good carline; will
pay some cash difference.
3H acres Wichita Station, 5-room house.
water system, eto.; owner ytuu
mortgage of $2750 one year 8 per cent;
Will exenange equity ior city iota.
lA.Irt ISd'nrthwaatarn Rank Bids!.
Marshall 3718 A 62fll
271 acres in Yamhill County, 100 acres
In cultivation, 80 of which ie fine bottom
land, 4o acres slashed, balance In piling
and tie timber, Yamhill River through the
place. 5 flnesprings, fine well, all fenced
ana cross-ioncea, o-room nuu ,
mn i.t iwu Btn PrWfl s7r tier acre, i
Will take cltv oroperty in exchange. Ask
- for Mr. Reinhardt. wlih
31S Board of Trade. Main 7452, A 4401.
I want a good modern 5 or 6-room
bungalow. Rose City Park; will give
in even exchange new A 1 double
stores and flats building; good lo
cation,. East Side; mortgage, $2500.
Good Income property. Call 710
Lewis bldg. Marshall 4200.
Xew (.room house, strictly modern. In
cluding alee nine ooroh. 1 lot: situated 1 4
blocks from carline; all Improvements in.
Will trade equity for clear lots or acre
ha valued at about 42000. This is a
lovely home, but must be sold On account
of death. Call for full particulars, room
618, yeon oiag.
nO ACRES. In the famous Palouse country.
acres unaer cultivation, iuu acres in
croo-. eood improvements, 4 acrea oi or
chard, creek and sorinvs. leased. To ex
change for Portland property. Price $75
per acre.. Can put in other property. Ask
for spooner.
Main 7592. 300 Spalding Bldg.
'482 acres of rood, tillable land. 4H
miles of Lebanon, Linn County, all fenced,
good buildings, spring, creek and well
water, gasoline engine; price $25 per
acre, juBt its value. May consider some
U-ade. It's a snap.
M'KENZIE A CO.," B15 Gerllnger bldg.
If you wish to sell your real "tate for
cash or trade for other property, it will
pay you to see us foi quick results; 10
years' successful business la our guar
antee for a square aeai.
SIS Gerllnger bldg. Main 280 1,
108 ACRES In Tillamook County, 15 acree I
in cultivation, nouse ana Darn, l mue to i
church and school, on R. F. D. and tele- I
phone. Price, $4500; will exchange fori
city property or acreage.
300 Spalding Bldg. Main 7592.
ACTUAL equity in modern 2-story I
residence, oak floors, beam ceilings, arch
fireplace, furnace, full basement, lot 100
Xiao xeet, pave a struct, mortgage zuuu,
due In 3 years; will take 2-carat diamond
aud notes or vacant property for equity.
Address owner, a m. o.i, uregonian,
160 acres good land In the "Panhandle"
close to Dalhart, free and clear, to trade
ior eometning in Oregon. What have
your 7io lvewis oiag. Marshall 4200.
ACRE , on west bank of Willamette and
2 lota in Oak Park Addition, St. Johns,
value $35oo, equity $220, for bun
galow; will aasume. MR. KUPPER,
Chamber or commerce. $Ialn 7ii9.
$14,400 320 ACRES in dairy stock farm
near Corvallis; some improvements; will
take Portland property up to $8000: bal
ance easy time. Columbia Realty Invest
ment co., vii ijoara 01 Traae iiag.
FORCED acrince: 40. near Portlahd: sub
stantial improvements; $5000: exchange
$3000 equity for unincumbered residence;!
Willamette improved, SO, necessary build-
ings, cyitow. owner, Box Ob, Astoria.
WILL' exchange most beautiful half block on
East 3d st., Holladay's Add ition ; some
Improvements Xor unincumbered acreage
or email tarm near Portland. An 51,
- - -- -- ; -i
one of the best building sections of Port-
miiu, ior nouo miu iui ui Kiunmr vmuei
BEAUTIFUL 0-room home, Sunnyside; will
take clear lots, acreage or little cash)
first payment, balance easy. L 76. Ore-J
WANT city property In exchange for farm
iana ciose to rortiana.
212-2ia Chamber of Commerce.
EXCHANGE for building lumber, two lota) 3
in Mentone Addition to Portland, value
$1000. Address H. O. White, ftOl Kingston
ave., oaKiana, cai.
AM looking for good, improved Portland I
property from owner who wants to x-1
change for luuy improvea ranch, r ou,
A SNAP 26 acres near Sheridan, two-thirds! I
clear, running water, easy terms,; win take I
part traae. can it. eius. Main 570, I
A 7570. I
EXCHANGE New 7-room modern house, I
on west slope Mt. Tabor, for lots or larger!
house in irvtngton or iaureiaurst. a an,
WANTED a team, wagon and harness for
$100; equity in 10 cleared acres. See
Beach, 41 selling qidg.
WILL trade lot, 3Sth and Hancock sts., for
second mortgage or seller s equity. C. D.
JtfcConahy, owner. Marshall loSl.
MODERN buncralow. on E. SOth and Haw
tborae, to exchange for other property.
Adaress iv. ,-s. Maenr. f orest throve, ur.
B-ROOM modern bungalow, central location.
60-ft. lot, furnished or unfurnished, for
Improved acreage, a 67, oregonian.
mv fiO ii P. Stearns. In rood condition, all
new tires, for unincumbered lota or close-
in acreage, pnone laoor a v.
56500 NEW, 9-room modern home, gale or
trade for acreage or smaller home; equity
$:S00. 0S7 E. 43Q st. im.
MODERN house In Irvington district, for
exchange. a. aa. iomoaru. ix maaieon
bldg. Main 5692, A 2bZ.
GOOD BUY 40 acrea improved, near Wil la
mina: will take part city property or aell
on easy terma. Call Main 50.
SURE, we will trade. What have yon? We
have lots, farms ana personal property.
Information, 415 Belling bldg.
HAVE 10 acrs good land, unincumbered, on
Oregon Electric line. What have you to
-trade? A 6", Oregonian.
WILL exchange income Irvington flats for
well-selected vacant lota. F. E. Bowman
A Co.
12 ACRES, all fine land, near car; $3250;
trade for city property not heavily in
cumbered. T-Tfl, Oregonian.
HIGH -CLASS irrigated land. Eastern Ore
gon, for auto. Call, 400 Sd St.
12 ACRES, near Portland, ciear. for clear
bungalow or lots. K 79, Oregonian.
$21,000 Teton Co., Montana, 040 acres
partly improved and partly in
crop with buildings, etc.. 6 miles
from county seat, railroad through
land with siding, clear oi in
coumbrance. ant income prop
erty and will assume reasonable
$ 8,600 Full half section In Washington
clear of Incumbrance, 3. miles
from 9 railroads, and 3 miles
from good town. Want City prop
erty. Might assume.
$ 3.500 Fourteen lots, clear of mcum
brance These comprise lots in
various subdivisions not in Port
land. Will exchange for good
equity in Portland resiaence.
$ $,275 Mortgages and railroad bonds, all
income securities, that can b
easily investigated. Will ex
""vnge for a residence in Port
land that la clear of incum
$ 2,000 First mortgage, S per cent, three
. years. win exenange ior small
East Sldo house and lot. Must
be clear.
9 2,000 Equity tn fine Portland home.
Owner cannot carry the mortgage
and will exchange this equity for
anything that la clear and worth
about $1000.
702 Title & Trust bldg. Marshall 240.
7-room modem house, hardwood
floors, furnace, fireplace and all
modern conveniences, 50x100 lot, ex
cellent view, rented for $30 per
-month; price $5000, Will take clear'
Iocs or close-in acreage up to $2500.
2d Floor Chamber Commerce Bldg.
98 acres, Z miles east of Oregon City,
on Redlacde road; about 60 acres in crop;
about 100 acrea slashed and seeded to pas
ture, balance good fir and cedar timber
estimated worth )70o0 for cordwood; fine
en fines and live stream: 200 acres fenced:
' 6-room house, good barn and outbuildings.
price st per acre, will consiaer nan in
good Portland property, balance long time.
Blif-Sia Yeon bldg.
$2000 EQUITY.
Fine, modern 6-room home; nil cement
casement, xurnace, xirepiaca, narawooa
floors, shades, fixtures, extra good finish,
etc First-class surroundings- exchange
lots or land. See owner. 017 Board of
Trade Bldg. ,
S miles from Brownsville, Or.: 23 acrea
have been cultivated, about 150 acree
more can be cultivated: bal. hill land:
abundance of springs and streams on'i
piaoe; partly xencea; nas email nouse ana
num. Thla tv-111 male . Srnod stock ranch.
i Price $15 per acre, clear of incumbrance.
win exenange ror .rertiana property, x
81tt, Oregonian.
275 acree of A 1 land, unincumbered,
near Elgin, to trade for houses or vacant
lots. Submit what you have promptly for
quick deal. 710 Lewis bldg. Marshall
I CLOSE IN. new. modern 7-room home, lo
cated at 20th and E. Sherman sts., near
8 carltnee. Hard floors, cement basement,
xurnace. pavea street, trice euuw. Aiy
equity $3000. What have you to offer for
my equity? Owner. E. Q. Nelson, 613
Dekum bldg.
5 :
274 acres wheat ranch. 100 a. in crop
140 a. Summer fallow; mortgage, $2300;
long time, 6 per cent; to trade for city
Income or small improved suburban acre
age. I au iewis oiug. Marshall 4iiOU.
4SO ACRES of logged-on! land 40 miles from
fortiana, o miles xrom railroad, good
stream and springs, 60 per cent tillable
gooa sou, to exenange xor small improved
farm close in. Price, G000. Ask for
Main 7592. 308 Spalding B 1 d g.
iyi3 CADILLAC auto, run less than Gooo
miles, electric light, starter, etc: cost
House In The Dalles at $1800, mtg. for
$400 and rented. Will exchaniee auto
ana nouse ior gooa resiaence m Portland
and will assume. CL DOKH E. KEASEY
A CO., 2d Fir. Chamber of Commerce bldg.
FOH SALE or exchange A well-established
automobile business. Have Al agencies for
ootn pleasure cars ana trucKs; aoing nne
business. Price 45.O0O. Would exuhanee
xor good rai estate or improved farm.
Address, giving particulars, T 53, Ore
We have best wheat or stock ranches
in Eastern Oregon and Washington to ex
change for city property and ior sale, or
crop paymen t pian.
V. B. MOKTUAUJfl A 1 - V. CO.
&12-S13 Yeon bldg.
WANTED 5 or 0-room bungalow freo from
incumbrance, about saooo value, in ex
change for fine tillable acreage, black
loam sou, no rocK, near waanougai, wash.,
0 miles from Portland. See Mr. Riffle.
275 Pine st.
WILL trade atock in the Provident Trust
Company, Portland, or the Inter State
Silo Company, of Spokane, Wash., for
xirst-ciass t or e-passenger automoom
and a 2 or 3-ton truck. Telephone Wood
lawn 817L
I HAVE Income properties up to the value of
w.ouu, ciear 01 incumDrance, to ex
change for Upper Morrison, Washington,
latunm, a ay ior or samion sis.
212-213 Cham, of Com.
WANTED An automobile will trade fine
tillable acreage, black loam soil, two miles
from Washougal, Wash. ; 20 miles from
portiana: preier uupmooue. bee Mr. itix-
fle, 275 Pine st. "
6,000,000 feet timber on the Siletz for a
Portland residence; we will trade this in
below market value If the residence Is de-
fclrable. C Dorr E. Keasey & Co., 2d Fir.
Chamber Commerce Bldg.
WILL exchange 130 acres all In cultivation.
xin sou, 30 miles irom Ionian a, xor
Portland Improved property.
27i Pine st.
inunwuwnui, utvuoiu muv uuiiRam n f iti ..
Scott district. What have you for $10OO
equity? Owner, o 7, Oregonian,
SALE OR TRADE Two fine Portland
homes; would like Sacramento, Cal., prop
erty. Call or write owner. 1240 Jrichi-
gan ave. Wm. N. Price, Portland, Or.
$300 DOWN, $20 per month will build to
suit- you on gooa lot J oiocks irom car;
this is the snap you have been looking
for. See Mr. Riffle, 275 Pine st.
LOTS, small house, water in house, ber
ries, roses, no incumbrance; exenange ror
o-room nouse, win assume., rice
Owner, 3S7 Railway Exchange bldg.
HAVE 80 acres of timber land in Wash-
ing ton. Would trade for acreage of
cleared land close to Portland. S, H., 407
Fairbanks ave.
WILL trade my equity in one of the best
quarter blocks m Moiiaaays Aaaition ior
a good 1813 or 1914 o-passenger car. aq-
dress AD 42, Oregonian.
GREENxfOUSE with 6-room modern bunga-
low. on 8 full lots, will trade my equity
of $2000 for unincumbered .city lots. Room
8. Washington blag.
HAVE 2 acres, Gilberts Station (Foster
roaaj ; win exenange ior .eastern prop
erty. wna,t s oiiertia .' oive iuii partic
ulars. Porter, Hyde Park, N. Y.
160-ACRE homestead relinquishment, close
In for sale cheap, or to exchange for real
estate; wtu assume. Address lock box U,
Forest Grove, Or.
INCOME or vacant property close in wanted
for 897-acre ranch, well improved and
stocked, about 20 miles from Portland.
See Beach, 415 Selling bldg.
FOR SALE cheap by owner, or will ex
change Tor modern bungalow, 8-room
modern house and two lota. East Side, well
located. Phone seiiwooa 1895.
EQUITY $1000 in $1650 B-room, for city
lots or improved, under $3500. Write
62 Eaet lutn st. North. .
FINE HOME. large groundg, splendid lo
cation. Exchange for farm lands. Owner,
AK 76. Oregonian.
CLOSE East iiide corner, with large,, mod
ern house; want smaller house or acre
age; owners oniy. T 4iT Oregonian.
MODERN home $1000; premises highly im
proved; for acreage on good stream, Wm.
Dietx. 111& Arnold.
I WANT a good farm, have some good Port
iana property to traae on one. ao agent
AG 80, Oregonian.
10 ACRES, all in cultivation, close in; my
equity for house lot not over $2500. R
80, Oregonian.
WANTED Ford auto for $1050 equity In lo
cleared acres, bee Beacn, 410 Selling bldg.
WANTED House for 12 cleared acres, valued
SIM 00. Bee Beach, 415 Selling bldg.
WANT Oakland or Berkeley for flhe Port
land home, ts 4i, oregonian.
TOUR PICK TO $50,000,
$ 6.000 30 acres, 2H miles Oregon City.
$ 6,000 80 acres. 4 miles Oregon City.
Cordwood will pay far p. ace.
$ 9,000-Mto acres, 4 miles Oregon City.
H cultivate, lair buildings.
$ 4.000 f0 acres, 9 mi as Ortgon City,
mostly good timber, good soil.
$ 2,000 40 acres. 13 roile. Oregon City,
partly cleared, some timber.
$ 3.750 acres Kendall station, O.
W. P.
$ 8,000 J acres at Willamette, Ore
gon, partly cleared.
$ 2,750 0 94-1O0 acrea at Willamette, lm-
- r proved.
9 4,50X 2 acres. Courtney, Oregon City
car. (air buildings, highly culti
vated. 9 9.000 7-room modern bouse three lots,
Mt. Tabor view.
9 8,600 6 rooms, sleeping porch Waver-
ly Heights.
$16,000 New Buck business block, close
In, on Milwaukl street.
Want Improved alfalfa or stock ranch,
or good Inside Portland property. Have
small incumbrance, but will assume.
CALLAN & KASER, 722-24 Yeon bldg.
20 acres of good loam soil front
ing on the river, only M mile to
good town, S3 miles south of Port-
xland, IB acres In cultivation, I acrea
pasture, good 6-room bungalow,
electric lights, new barn 2 4x43,
chicken and hoghouaes, woven wire
fencing; all implements and equip
ment go with the place; also good
team, 2 Jersey cows, Jersey calf,
brood sow and about loo chickens
and ducks. Prloe has been cut to
' $5000. Will take clear city prop
erty up to $360: l&oo eash and give
long time on balance at $ per ficn
id floor Chamber of Commerce bldg.
About 100 and 15(Mi-acre tracts to ex
change for apartment-house or business
property. The 14ov-acre tract has three
sets of buildings, about 400 acres cleared
and under ejravity ditch; good airnira
land; balance choice red soil. An iaeai
stock ranch.
The 1500-acre tract has several build
ings and is a good combination fruit and
stock ranch. There is 40 or 5o0 acres
now in grain and fruit; near transporta
Highly Improved 29-acre farm . 25 miles
from Portland, poor house, out au ainas
of equipment, stock, etc., $4000; want
Portland clear home up to $4000.
fl-room house, clear of Incumbrance,
$2400. for Kansas farm.
Several farms lor Portland Income prop
Want Improved, equipped and stocked
farm (about 25 acres ) with good house,
for Portland clear home worth $4500 and
will assume.
BLAIN A BTROW, Ablngton building.
250 acres under cultivation, crops and
some hay; 0(1 acres light ash. oak ana
brush; U0 acres cut off several years ago,
making it easy to put Into cultivation;
house. 2 barns and outbuild Ings; family
orchard; fenced and cross-fenced; soil is
of a rich black loam; no better in the
state; will take clear residence and some
cash, balance term to suit at low rate of
CALLAN A KASER. 722-24 Yeon Bldg.
2 50x100 lota adjoining, lfy perfectly
level; lots 4 and 5, block 152, Rose City
Park on 52d between Klickitat and Fre
mont; lots adjoining eell for $750 each.
Write your bid on these two lots and ad
dress to 269 East 40th for information.
Call Tabor 6224.
I HAVE 8 good houses, each one on a lot
60x100, facing east, on East 12th St.;
every one of the houses is rented at a
good rental, winch I wish to exchange
for eome good business property In a good
live country town, but no dry town will
be considered. Meister Inv. Co., 404 Ger
llnger bldg. Phone Main 4893.
?0 acrea cultivated, 30 acres is bottom
land, 3 acres orchard ; 1 mile from boat
landing, 3 miles from Castle Rock; house,
barn, team horses, 2 cows; all implement;
running stream on this. Price $4UO0; ex
change for home In city. Jacob Haas,
Gerllnger bldg. .
To exchange for clU' or farm property up
to $80 00; doing $To,(K)0 yearly business;
good location; run about 11,000. What
have- you?
101 Washington bt., Vancouver, Wash.
I HAVE an equity of $1800 In a fine home,
close in, on the East Hide, cost $'7u;
strictly modern and leased for 3 years at
$30 per month; will trade for a lot or
lots and assume.
w. J. davit;.
525 Corbett Bldg.
$20 an acre; will exchange for Portland
property.- This is free and clear; old
buildings. Few acres cleared; running
stream; lots pasture; on good road; Pec.
8, Tp. & N., R. 3 East; 4 miles from Ya
colt. Jacob Haas, Gerllnger bldg.
Will exchange beautiful site on Council
Crest for equity in modern 6 or 7-room
house in restricted dietriot; price, sauuii
mortgage $1MW, five years at. 5 per cent;
will give equity ana assume to looou.
CALLAN A KASER. 722-24 yeon Bldg.
160-ACRB ranch In Klickitat County, Wash
ington, near i.oiumnia itiver; spjenoia
soil, 110 acres In cultivation, small frame
house and other improvements. No in
cumbrance; a bargain, $3200; will give
terms and might take a Portland home.
See 519 Worcester bldg.
Al flrst-rrowth timber: 12 mites weft
of Portland : verv slehtlv and ideal for
L platting; price $8000; will exchange for
mouern cny avuiv.
CALLAN A KASEt. 722-24 Yeon Bldg.
AO ACRES In oldest Irrigated district in
Oregon, no incumorance; win proaure v
tons alfalfa acre; prosperous, deiightrui
community; can't farm it ana win ex
change for city Income Owner, 016 Bell
Ing bldg. Main 135;
1104 BELMONT ST.. next to 3-story brick.
near tfitla; o-room resiaence, gooa ousness
location; trade $louo equity ror otner
realty; will assume some; price $4aoO.
Poulsen, 719 Chamber of Com.
For sale, half interest in up-to-date,
well-equipped abstract plant that is pay
ing well; located near Portland. AH til,
Oregonian. -
WANTED I have $27,000 worth of property
which I want to traae ior improvea stocn
ranch, including stock ; will accept best
proposition offered. Address with full par
ticulars, Percy Alexander, t. Charles, Mo.
I HAVE $500 cash and 25 acres, not far
irom fortiana, aoout 0 acres in oun
orchard, improved with good house and
well, to exchange for Portland residence
In good district. V 89. Oregonian.
I HAVE some highly Improved wheat and
stock ranches to exchange for Portland
Income property up to $0.000.
420 Chamber of Commerce.
SEVEN-ROOM modern home, nearly new,
good district, paved street, value $4100, in
cumbrance IlSOO. Want farm land near
Goldendale, Wash. AR 88, Oregonian.
$800 EQUITY In 10 acres near Hubbard
for light auto : Ford or Studebaker pre
ferred.. Phone Sell wood 8. 40 Francle
FINE big modern house, fine corner, 16 large
rooms, brings $110 per month; arrange $"0
more; 2 carlinea. Exchange for cottage.
616 Albtna.
Would like to build and give lot, value
$2200, as first payment. AL 63, Orego
I WISH to exchange two fine lots in Rose
City Park for close-in acreage or an
equity in a house, not to exceed $3000. W
00. Oregonian. "
HOME in Tacoma, Wash.,' value frtfXK: lo
cated In one of best residence districts;
will trade for Portland property. Address
A 52. Oregonian.
WILL exchange lOO acres Irrigated alfalfa
land for residence or income property;
equity $7000: will assume any reasonable
amount. AD 9, Oregonian.
ONE ACRE adjoining town of White Salmon
to trade for good horse and eome cash;
bay, weight 1600, age 4-0. Address Box
215. White Salmon. Wayh.
WILL trade my $4000 equity In 120 acres
near Portland, for residence and assume.
W S9. Oregonian.
4-ROOM house, good location, trade for
acreage; price $1600. Call tS 10th, near
5-ROOM modern bungalow; will sacrifice:
have $70 equity, bal. $15; trade for
anything of value. 88 10th et.
WHAT have you In exchange for $1000
equity in 5-acre tract worth $20007 AG
61, uregonian.
3ACRE5, Durham, O. E.7equ!ty" Df00
and some beach lots for house equity or
clear lots. BC 85. Oregoninn.
WANT to exchange lot In Albany for motor
cycle: must be In good condition. Phone
E. 2947 after 6 P. M.
WANT clear city tot as first payment on
furnished cottage at Gearhart or small
city home. Main 444.
WANT clar city home for 40 Kcrrs of clear
land, bo per cent tillable. Main 444.
Twenty-arrs will ralte 120 tn ISO ton I
undeT averase tillage. Title Will feed v I
cows 12 in .ait hs.
What nior dn you want than a rtntn
oo w i. Some bos. hl Msns. a iornn d.
good onhard end brrrios. bers aad r
dfn? Yitu can bsv all this on a XO-acre
divvrsltlrd pace under Irrigation.
t can sell or trade you is alfalfa tm7.
Improved, part'y Improved or unimproved.
with prices according, if you are tu mo.i-
rrate circumstance start with 10 erres.
If vou am a Imutove the land I ha
fww tracts with no mony down and
good iTiiii. I can get you whet eu wsnt
In 20, 40. 100 or fo0 aorea. J mil In ftllaife
Is a dividend payer, as alfalfa can h and
Is be?t fttai keud la bmL pel k, muttoa
and buttef.
Hermlftton ie'the centr of 100. 0OO ecre
of aifaila land. It Is tributary lo eix Ir
rigation projunra, whose lands sre ad;
cent to th Columbia rlvr. The O.-W.
H. A S piMfi through, and boats will b
rut attfr January, ii. we nave tow
vatlon and en ideal ellmaie for the fann
er whose days are spnt out of doors.
Harmiston has a good cimry ud the
slate and Government maintain a detrr
expert heie.
If you want to buy or trade for a tract I
ox this land write me.
WILL vou trade for 20 arrs.
Smiles from R. R . boat lending
and town, oa good highway,
about 14 miles down the rivr
from Portland, at ftidnefleln ;
has a 0-room house, barn aad
chlcken-houue; all fenced, bal
ance small tir timber; Al soil;
good neighborhood. Prise
$:i500. Will take a house and
lot value at $35vO or less.
204 Falling Bid., ror. ad and
IsOO rea. Lincoln Counlv. Waehlnr
ton, 100 -a ere fresh water lake, & mll4
from R. R. station : oriue Hv per
good stock ranch, with enough, food tllia-1
bla around for all arain neoaaaary: will
exc'iange for Oregon or Eaetern property.
Three 40-acre tracts near OoMendale.
Wash., free from Incumbrance: will
change for automobile, Portland property
or stock of goods.
20-room house. IS minutes' walk from
5th and WaahinRton sts.. suitable for fam
ily hotel. roominr-house or boarding
house: nrice XlS.OuU: want wheat ranch or I
valley farm; will consider stock of mer -
40 Railway Exchange Bldg.
tv i It RA1.P )U TltAL)l.
672-acre dairy, hog and stock ranch,
close to good Valley town on P.. E. I
Electric; only 60 miles from Portland; 2.".0 I
acres cult l vat ea, gun oi wnicn w nvn
black bottom land, li!3 acres open pasture
and easily cleared, balance Al timber, un.
limited outrange. Entire property can be
cultivated; watered by never falling stream
and spun RS. water pi pea to cummmii
complete soil survey in our poeses ion : I
one of the finest dairy, hog anlatok
ninohM In the atate: 10.!M worth of I
stock. Implements, furniture and crop Koea J
with the Olace: nr Ice. liK.0UU; :u,vw
cash, balance to suit at 0 ir cent: or will I
exchanize ior clear improved city properijr.
CALLAN & KApK It. 1 eon urns.
Fine 9-room residence, fine location.
value $So0. tor smaller residence or good
lot as lirst payment.
12-room house, value $3000. for small
house, acreage, farm or vacant lots up to I
A-room modern house, rood location, will
take vacant lot or acreage up to $10001
aa first navment.
Fine H-acre tract with elegant T-room
California bnngnlow in Red (mid s. Cel.,
vaiuA eihjoo. for Portland troi)riy.
Many other good trades, mil and let
ua know whnt yuu want to iraae.
K. KL'L'HS, 420 Chamber of Commerce.
320 ACRES Al wh?at and stork ranch, good
water on ptare, all fenced with house and
barns, near Prinevllle, Or.; :i20-acres tim
ber ranch at Canyonvilie. Or., all free of
incumbrance; an equity of SM0 In a $fHSH
home In Portland, all or part for Bale or
trade for clean stock oi narnware or mer
chandise; store in Oregon, warn., or Cali
fornia. M. L. Hacker, 67 E. 43 t at. N.
43 1-3 ACRES, near Dundee, and close to
station, 30 under cultivation, 4 acres
bearing peaches, good improvement
4:O0, for ctty property.
im 0(kL citw DroDtriT. residence and
lots, free and clear, for a farm near Port
land; assume or pay difference.
Stock Exchange, Id and Yamhill.
Wanted, modern irvlngton house, up to
ffiOoQ. Will exchange my monern nouse.
East Side, close In, value $10UO, and pay
$J0o0. See Mr. Jones.
1302 N. W. Bank bldg.
ttlver near Rrook field: li acres culti
vated ; lots of pasture; house, barn and
orchard: water piped to buildings; lot
cedar timber; make lu0 corda bolia; good
place. Price J3000, clear; exchange for
house In city. Jacob Haas. Peril ngorbldg.
WILL exchange fine, new, modern home 'f
8 roomo, com pie 10 tn every roipvci, m
choice district, and take good lot on firat
rmvment: nrlce IwOi), encumbrance -'.,
Mirht consider first-class aurease at rlgtn
price, ("ail at 610 Lewis blug., ask for
Mr. Barnes.
EXCHANGE worth of valuable Income prop
erty In Frederick, Okie., to exchange. fr
property in or near rorttanu; no jun
considered. A. W. E!teK. Kalama, V ah.
160 acres neaii Redmond, Or., 0 acres
rlfitr. houi. burn. eto. Absolute seer
nee; $16 per acre; would tako late auto
to SiuvH, ana fioov caen; oaiance per
cent. Owner. Main wnm
FOR SALE or exchange, a fine 4i or eO of
th, kAit alfalfa and fruit land near Her-
mlston: also town property Improved; theTWO mrr on Powell Valy
DCS l iana 1 'luiui, i-.i mi n,
valley or good Income property. a
A I-STORY FLAT to exchange for good
building lota. 'The flat Is on West hide.
and furniture will be Included; now bring
ing good Income. Will trade ctty lots or
acreage up to 1000. John P. Weston Co.,
1303 Northwestern Bank bldg. Main 4020.
04O ACRES fine land, 500 A. tillable. 2 mil
Hon feet timber: hard, level road, ad
Jolnlpg Improved farms; large stream:
actual value. I15per acre: sacrifice fori
cash or exenange ior city property or
good business, owner, si sin show.
HAVE two 50x100 lots together, clear title.
in fine bulldlnr district, valued at ii"w;
will trade aa first payment on modern
house and email acreage or email acreage
of about equal value on org, Elec. or etn-
st, Elec. owners oniy. jtij n, oregonian.
WANTED Automobile, a five-passenger
Ford or other light cars for good land, 40
to 100 acres Improves near t.uiver. ur.
enn use several cars, no Junk. Address,
Bond. Or., Fox
FOR SALE, exchange or rent, 32 acres flo
miles from Portiana, 1 mtie 10 n. rt..
mile to school. Near sawmills and lumber
camps. Value $2u0. 720 Chamber of
Commerce. Main ll.
1 :. a CU V.A near Clackuliiaa. well 1m-
nrovert. to trade for eO or 9 'i-a ore farm I
with some Improvements; 48 acres clear
near Oakuaie, i. l.. tor city property.
Room 14, 231 H Morrison. -
to SAT .E or t ra d e. 7 ac res. s 1 1 u ed
Kails View. Oregon City, by ownej all In
potatoes; no Incumbrances. Call on prem
ises or address John Vinney, Lock Boxjj.r nOK ree'dence 1"
l'J, Oregon City, Or. " J iii,oh. Uhnikuhl. :t"'
tr ivp acres In White1 Salmon Valley,
$1600 three-quarters mile from White
Salmon, to trade for small bungalow In
Portland; owner. Address Box 215, White
Salmon, wasn
WANT income or residence property for my
stock ranch in western v asmngron ;
everything complete, including stock; lit
acres; equity 112.500. AH b6. Oregonian.
WILL exchange stock in dividend paying
building company this city, stock guaran
teed, for first-class light roadster or tour
ing car. No Junk entertained. Tabor 771,
lino-ACRE dairy and stock ranch in Wll
laraette Valley. $20 per acre. Will take
about half trade at right price. Aj Ss,
.nnnv bnnsalow. rented $111. near car,
12700: sell easy terms; will take clear
lots or acreage to $1500. Owner, P. O.
box 103.
WILL give equity $1100 good city property,
balance straight mortgage, $000, and eome
cash for auto worth $0o. X want an
auto. AJ B7. Oregonian.
5 ACRE Jennings lyrtro for $nOoO; will
take ci- ar 101s 10 inuu. uwner, r. j,
box lOM.'i.
(jOOD 1 9-room hotel, cheap rent, exchange
for team, stock, tarm macninery, vaiue
$12iH). AH 4:i, Oreeonlan.
WILL trade close In acreage or lot as
part payment on drug stor. city or coun
try. 208 Stock Exchange bldg.
WA N TE D To exchange SO ac re o f g"?d
land, covered with a. 000. 000 feet of good
timber. V 06, Oregonian.
LOTS, al'o cash for cot tag e. store business
$700. $LT'0O. AH 42, Oiegonian.
PORTLAND lots or Income property for lata
model auto. AK 4-. Oregoiilau.
NEW 8-rr.i-n h7.,iae, $:moo, tir.ou Wort
gage, fulot. liD 79, Oregonian.
$;a,0 44 rrs; well impfo, ar i4
ior a, ior gooa property.
(l.0ti0 eoree. Marrow Courty. tm
proved; crasiar laeeme piprp
m,D Ivl ecree. Improved fruit fwi
Oisms I'tftt, toniidtr In. "ml
S4,O0 .! aci. FntrfiriM. f'e wej
farm, eons'iief l'ari.aa4 preivefty
$lt,o ecrve, ar Oregea City; eeev
eider auuate.
$11,000-11 eeres, Fnreet Of at, well im.
provd, wlil eoattder large 4irj
, ran eh.
Il0.e0$ 10 a'fa. ar Tsett; e"-;
ImpU'iieaie. eosier ktuf, ihuim
$ ! H enrea, Tirel bue, rtuit
eie. whl eoas.aer aoue,
$ l,lo One acre, Lenta, eaidr e4
10 ACKLrit, All In r m. 1 t I.. ft. ( M 1 r n
hnii. wlih b'ti"nt, r w Vtn ta
wan liey loft, iuofcn ln.i, .ite "
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Ily vruhatd, plenty of ier; ei
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fvnred and le n fine read. 1 mltH front
Tai(,n, fl mliee ( om Nincoaifr, V u
Prio tiou. Hill trade evn tt s"4
houae and Int. or iMatn aume r-m
house biin' tr i-"m,rs buamaae St.
Prt Hti at. Vain e??y
iNCoVk PHOPaiKTY Ala-i.
Improvfd hf t farm n a aar
Wauinfi'n, ell In ei. ueii"n id binirar
crop frdx lo harvest. Vt eis
pro.arty any A"d ih up e ly hi, i
Rut im othrr riopr,iy rn .arir tie-la. A i
iv big trart irricaiad a.ia:f taed in
Raatarn Orsn. i i $
fnr city rrtnr i an put tn thr lands
up to $1, and will 'iise.
IMS Charrhr of Ci.mmr.e
A t'Al.lKOl-.M A Il'Mt
Ftne (alllutnia ho'itt vf 14 !. htshly
Improved. 1 rmiee from !. ! ; s0'1
building, modem piumMtig, al ait.u !
fmlt and fl.)'!". an lleal llt'ia H ',r
nia hoiiia; pi u e $Tiuy, mA rwaatdar
laud rt'niof ti .
luki'ukmanv. nvr.frr CO.,
I , n t'hamtr of C..;,tmrra
4V aeres In Lmiin ounty. Or, eiil
ebie for dairy, aora ti.'.abie hn
cleared, T ml. from R H 1 Pr" e
$Ji ro per re. no innimbrint e. K
change for Tort, and property and clftaa ii
aortga. Will Hium if propoeit ton tuas
good. ft. !. "ark ( , at
lrOR Improved airtaga,
tHge, at 411 fcaai .itflh, UkWIhvut Qis-
or sale, my home near J after so a Hga
School, on tianianbeut eve.
Ua.Uk alwLLTi S,
Mln PVT6. yVeahififn.
Arg you looking (r wheat lemla In ea
change fof yur pmpertyt We have some
good ones, Trotn so to acre, aud
will give vou a gowd tral.
fig Chamber Ot 4 otn ntet re.
feXi'li ANtt U.
We hare huu.-a aud lola for farm a.
acreage and riium t"r h.-ue. If cu
want to rhi;ue "n tih ba-.a gf-e u.
G I. K.N A It T fl EA LT Y t O.,
4 1 - 4 J J I hamber of Contmei re.
Modern 7-rom Imuae. Cltr Tark,
lot T.UKH); very s.ghdy; egniiy $4Uyo. f
trade fur vacant city r a.-raag Will
iMumi Catl 710 Lewis blug. Marshall
W'AN'i good propMiy u I'on and 11 iva . -
view. ori n iieac n, i - i ou
quarter b;uk t trade; i Im uti .ratM -i
Value $ii'OU . r"uri niuat a how , j a '
ciar iu. i . give ursvripiion. Boa f-J.
view. Wah. m
LAl ltEl.llUK.-T HMii. $l4.o
l.'.xlOO. 10 r-nits hiuI gar as- tippohg)
Laureihurat Paih; w'U lek- luvS In Laua e
Addition or other hinb-gan lo.ahiy tt
,wt. rash. be. am 4 r" r r4
160 ACKr. in Crook Co.. partly Improvedi
alao l-e a area near t.ennu, .nw v
unimproved. Tot 1 murfg . "0. v i 1
trade equity of $v.oo f-r n.od lier ln
proved W. . 1. J' bna Or.
ROOMING AND AA R i aia-N i-lK'LH.1
V AN 1 k-V.
Large or small, e bava good trade
wiiitlng for good houses. Lenhart A K...
7 J ilmtitbur of Cuuutierf.
HAVE well '.orated Pott and '.i"B t' i
uiiMitu Cor arnait lurm or Ihujs ar lnt in
suli ur us; miai clear t-f incum bi an e
and not ever $.o" viiiun,
A. K, H1L1. 41 henry bMg
4 J,OTs Ih heart of Mdlor. nr.. vao
ll'.Hio ; want modern Duns a . r
grreage; might pay some difference.
U0, Oiegonian.
ONR boartllng-hnuae and tw rtwelilnffg, tn
Rainier, Or., va.ue or fi"-.
change for land and $100 la caeh. B-a
4T.7, Rainier. Oregon. . . ,
V ILL eat-hanga lateet M 1- K.r.g ma
chine for plumultig. It'toe pjinm.g r - -
A'der. . .
fXK N. Y. or I k. lii(-onie proper', a ft"
rents $:!" month; no itirur?iir an. ; e-ue
$oio O Hwawrd. C"t "!,-,r
WILL tlnntt clear l.'t. rlae I". i-aat
le. tor new or a. i nii--- -n" '-
lot valued at I ::; anw-r. gtn.g run
deacrlplion. AN' 54. Oregonian .
NOW Irt VOl ft CHAM K.
A liuuae in in h Portland.
IOokUKI lot, value $UO0. What have
4 "1 ,M Ky bid g.
WANT acreage or lots on Mi. li-d t
tauada catllneg in e nn f-r
ail Port I U un ouaineea in m i
hours. T OMKonlwn. L , .
WK put through moi e tiada the rat
V liat nave )u. n- - - -
getting tiiy and farm erhangea mu
iMiftir. "12 A blrgh'n.'de. , . , -
M0 A"REK. of mile to station, on n"i
line H. r. ior gooo r""f-"
Henry bl-lg. . . .
d. rir 1 ' T.
for equity In house or god lot. !i' Pu'k
Exchange Ding. .
10 ACKfctf clear liooU ttrr en-
IliMMJ. eirnatiae inr nuf. h.m.h - ,
g.ime rFh. M'.' Con h .. ,
IMPROVED and stocked valley tarn. i
acres, r-r l omaim pii"ui,
aion. 61S Cham, of I'nm
4h0 ACKKS of logged-off lan l. -er Colum
bia River, to trade for email farm or gr-ie-
age near
Portland. A ert,
what hivt you to e hang for ft' lin.e
i .... si h ,.r.t 1 wntr ri i "
FOR EXCH A NOV. amhM " " -
40 ACREa land, llm.1 Hlvr eilev. tn
change for mouern nnuw i um-."-.
U10 Yeon bldg Mafhalt yirta.
TRADE $:' enmtv. -i e -'
building, ior n. r
Clear ft. A F K., reg.fiiwr-
40 ACRES '.'2 mllea from Portland. H spile
from railroad, for rooming-house. i"i
Henry bldg. .. ,
TO exi hana-e. good Weal f " P""'1"' ;"
IIO.OOO. Ior inirrovm
P M. Oregonlwn.
1 ACRE and
partly fl" ahed buae. Oak
live spring ; ll on easy
nr.ive: WITH
terms. H 14. Oregonian.
FOR PALE or tra1e, &-rofm lBgalow en tne
East riioe. s . . .
FOR HALK or trade. 7 PTea. i r inwwi
house ana mu or 1 j ' "
l.r etocked rnth to
, n ff . .
9 I OTH In he'it t le. elf ar "t mnimwni:1
for good houee equity. ,103 Henry bldg
FTRNITt'RE of 4-room bungalow to trade.
Woodlawn 821. . .
NEW -room house, trade ftrm ar acieage.
Woodlawn 821.
to Y.xctiW' u ni ror.
nn r a,ill rt r trurl fu
ititiiV'a R'ver f"
boa't M-ff . .Vh. p faml.y laun'-tt, haid
w ..ofl rineli. all i;ofcip'e t ouirmm,
A TS, " " '
BlIlTH-FRKMIr-n tM' for go4 tent
or prion.graph. AH 44. '"nni-
ron 4Lr..
Horaee. Vehicle. Perwe
Foil fALf raneie.1 top ""rT
newly palntea. wi:i wruii'i f
K I tat. ----
FOR eAl.K Pony fP driving and aaddle.
phone L'oi iimhn '.?.
TOCR rrice. pair horees. 2'
h arn a prti a a -ri
1 0 I be , imn
aa, iou an
CHKAT outfit of I am. I.'i
for ki 1 - "
WAXTKT) Medlnm-e.ted used mtlh wegoa.
Call Monday. Vain
Al ' 1 K'V M Uitia y,
K"t 'b at.
Jmraee an 4
HV PfI"R tit-e buggy cheap.
Tabor f.174.
r"h n 4
-., itr e 1
Ucltita k UK 8 ALU 1 IU ew NiilU,
ton loaoj1