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.NO. 2.".
Leonard Cleanable
and Distinct Walls That
Annette Ecllcrman. "Modern Venus," Who Appears t Heilij ia Thoio
Play, Learned to Swim as Child. Merely to Oain Strength.
Are Constructed With Ten Separate
Keev the Heat Out and the Cold in
"Dignified Credit"
for the Newly -Weds
This is the Home -Jiirnishiiigs Store
that promises an . efficient and trust
worthy credit service and fulfills the
promise it lends assistance when and
where it is most needed. It has a per
sonal human touch that young married
couples want it helps them to provide
for future happiness by lending them
help Today, and it asks no more from
the customer than the customer feels
he can easily afford to pay weekly or
monthly as he chooses. Young people
ambitious to own a furnished home
need hesitate no longer for lack of
ready money because we. will furnish
it for them just as they, say on the
easiest kind of payments.
A Refrigerator to be really good must
keep the heat out and the cold in. It must
keep its interior dry, for moist, damp, cold
air will injure its contents almost as quickly
as warm air. The Leonard Cleanable
has ten separate walls outside is the
wood, then wool felt, next a dead-air
space, then a layer of parchment
sheathing:, then comes Polar felt, after
that another layer of parchment
sheathing, waterproof slieatinjj, wood
and then another air space between
the porcelain and inside case. Is it
any wonder the Leonard saves icef
The Leonard Lasts Longer
The life of an ordinary Refrigerator
averages only about five years. The
life of a Leonard is fully 25 years. It
lasts for years and years after other
Refrigerators have been cast aside as
unhealthy and useless.
It's So Easy to Clean
Parts are all removable. You can take them
out in a minute, wash them thoroughly,
clean the smooth porcelain walls, and in
another minute have every part back in
place. There is no spot where dirt can
possibly hide or stick.
( . f " -'- i AT VA
$19 25 J'
Refrigerators as Low as g ,
A1 Qriin t TTti With an T!asr W A
Price Range That WilJ Please You
.25 Refrigerator Special
is ice az&&bw$:&
I Another Big Shipment of Those
Splendid $1.50 Inlaid (to -
Linoleums Offered atr JL e JL Q
Do not fail to see the splendid patterns offered in these Linoleums if you
are interested in new floor coverings for your kitchen or bath. Excellent
new designs just from the makers that would ordinarily sell for $1.50 per
yard, specially priced while they last at a great saving to you.
(See Cut Above)
Here is a Leonard Polar King Refrigerator of 9o pound
capacity, that sold regularly for $24.00, marked nt a special
nrice for this week. Tt is white enamel lined, has hardwood
case and best of insulation. Provision chamber fitted with two wire shelves. It is 4.1 inches
. high, 27 inches wide, 17 inches deep and ice economy is one of its strong points.
At Powers' You Will Find the Greatest
Assortment of Porch and Lawn Furniture
A Number of Wanted Pieces Greatly Underpriced This Week
f26.50 Buyer Gliding Settei-. four-passengi-r s-i.o with
moving: platform. This gliding set
tee is cut t,o
."lO-inch solid oak Swintr with shit seat and back com
plete with chains and finished fumed
extra special at . . . .
3.2j Rattan Porch Chair, very light in weight, yet
of superior strength and durability.
Priced at . .
$6.50 Reed Arm Rocker with continuous roll scat and
back, closely-woven panels, shellac fin- tf A "B ff
ish, special P'x.AtP
f4.25 Porch Rocker, has hard white maple frame, fin
ished dull with three panels in bad; ami-
double woven cane scat, now.
S.V7.") Old Hickorv Rocker. Andrew Jackson design.
double splint scat and back, comfortable
sloping arms, reduced to.
:' $18.75
at and back com-
in weight, vet
acksou design.
1 Ji
b v n IM if n at
Another Seasonable Offer From Powers
1 ftis a-d oanitarv uas m
Priced This
'Week at Only
Why You Will Like It
Thn hetter articles am alwavs anDreclated most no
nntK wants inferior merchandise unless compelled by cir
cumstances to use It. This range is the highest grade
procurable, yet at the special price any one can afford to
own. one bear In mind you can buy for cash or on credit.
A Large Gas Range
A size larfte enough to give sufficient service to any
familv. It has four larpe removable burners that can
be put in a pan and cleaned. A splendid black enamel
body mounted on a sanitary base that occupies but 43
inches of space. It is the very latest model in A - B
sanitary construction, and is very economical in the con
sumption of gas.
Has Glass Oven
Door and Black
Enameled Body
It's Exclusive Features
Extra large cooking surface white porcelnln dirt trass glass
oven door white porcelain panel broiler door sanitary b-iff -black
enameled body that can be kept as clean ns a china ilish.
There are over 7000 A-B sanitary gas ranp-es in use in rortlanu
alone this is the kind of gas range we are offering yon.
The Price
In the regular way this gas range would cost you a great deal
more, for the usual selling price is $tl. Thiiik what you save
You not onlv get the very best gas range that is made today, but
you are procuring it at a special price. You get our personal guar
antee of service, economy and satisfaction the same ns you would
were you buying it in the regular way. Remember, this price is
good for this week only.
Any Wonder There Are So Many Young Folks Starting Housekeevini
m.M OST women socials t ho r.i!.'
Annette Kt'llorman with talk on
li;ly." and the gnrHl Imprenfion of
theatrrgners alwnys h:iM birn th:it If
th brauti'oiis Annt tti ovrr brraiiu1 a
film i tar, hr wonhl n-vt at In r urcri'ts
of beauty and make homi ly Rirls hope
ful In 12 ri't'ls.
MisH KulUrman ny slif vr.n not
always tin poi f' t woman if her "n.
As a child Jn her native Austral!., .'he
was a little, undeveloped, homely
thing and it was only to g:lti utreiiKtn
that she took to pwtmniinK.
Venus ram from the na nnil nn""tr
exercl.Mf made u modern Vemm of An
nette Kellernuin. Lot of other u'rU
sw im and only t:;tin fre( kles and
ykinned nont. They would pay ui'Oil
money to larn how to t r.i nf orm
thenielve into heiiutiifl. H'lt perhapw
the Kt:i r is rejervf n her nee ret of
pulchritude for another m-t ol" pie
tures. Anyway, nhe kIvi-h tto bentity
eourne in her photopUy hirh come
to the Helll- Theater thU week.
'Nejtune-M IaiiKhtt r". Im tho name of
M h Kel lerman's phot op la y, which
was written by Ke."lio T. I'eaeoek".
The scenes were filmed in Heriiiii-la,
where the water is nice and warm for
diving and swim ml tin, for it does not
take a good g uef r to tell that a
photoplay with Hiieh a deep Hen tiaine
us ".Neptune Paiihter linn un am
phibtouH heroine.
!'a 1 1 of the time MIxk Kel lei run n In
a n.erma Id and the rem n i tide r of the
time hc x a lanT yatd. In one nef n
they throw hr into the water with
her ha mix tied end she un fit Hie tin the
knot with her teeth tn the w.Wrr. Hoth
in tlie nea and on I. Hid fhe n n r-utiliir
HWMnhbuckler. UIDIng f f most ot lh
villalnn and b; ra I u. h tn I ng out nil the
tangled pol it i e n the iitn i n ionn of a
dry-land kinif named William. AHer
she hn boiled all the einpi i w t m
Miws Kellerman i-ettN'M ilowu an a mor
tal and marrtt Wllliani.
Annette K ellerma n recently rx
prepped gre;i t liking for the pht nt e.
"becatiPB they npeuk a bin-1
guage and offer a mean of roinmiml
eation to all the world Jn a common
tongue; the name thought, the rame
id:ta. and the name Mory."
. xtd- v
n ' :
y r
: ;
i i
n i
. ; J) I
,' ' v -
A tine tie
Visit to Scenes Famed for Events in America's Birth Calls for Analysis of
Modern Fourth of July Celebrations and Their Motives.
WITH the approach of another
July the Fourth, t here an men
back upon my memory a aeries
of prieelesK vignettes that felt to my
possos.sion many years ago, when living
for a time In one
states A child of
readily appreciate
eagerness I seized
poitutilty to vi.sit
of the far Kantern
t li e V cat, one m a y
with what boyish
upon each first op-
a n y lora I ity asso-
Outfit for
And It's So Easy to Pay for.
Just think how easy it is for young folks to start house
keeping these days. They can come in and select a fine
three-room outfit, like the one pictured here, and take
practically their own time to pay for it. Just a small pay
ment down and then a little sum each week or each month
provides them with a home that they can be justly proud
of. The combination pictured here is the very best we
have ever assembled at this price and we invite all younir
couples who are contemplating "starting housekeeping"
to come in and look it over.
Every Piece
Bears a Double
Furniture is not bought
every week, every month or
every year. : When you buy
furniture it Is to live with
you for a lone time. Not all
furniture- lasts as Ions as it
should, therefore a guaran
tee of quality is a source of
protection not to be under
estimated. Both the makers
of this furniture for every
one of the three rooms and
ourselves guarantee It in the
broadest way. This guaran
tee is an insurance policy
against dissatisfaction. . It
costs you nothing.
When Thev Can Buy 'a I
1 r4 3
j$Jm Bill I I!
' ' 1 1 1
The Furnishings Consist of
a two-Inch continuous post gold bronze bed, with fifty-pound roll-edge mattress and guaiant rd
supported spring: a large dresser, a roll-seat arm rocker, a chair, a lrg fi.e ta'de. witn
drawer, and a 9-by-12 rug. The dining-room contains four panel-back chairs, one pedestal din
inir table, one rocker, one full size couch, one 9-by-9 rug. The kitchen Is fmntshed with one
household treasure, one kitchen chair and an A-B sanitary range .with broiler oven.
elated uu matter how slightly with the
history of our Nat lonal independence,
t remember the trance that came over
me a I en terea Faneull 1 1 all mid,
sitting down In the assombly-room.
famried Samuel Adams in one of his
Impassioned harangues. t rested
beneath the shadow of the Id Kim
Tne in Cambridge, where, as recorded
upon a gigantic slab. "Washington first
took command of the American Anny."
I went up I'utnum'B Redoubt,
clambered over the cannon, hhJ looked
down upon the Mystic, where British
men-of-war can no longer ride t
anchor. rambled over tho green
sward of Hunker Iff II and traced the
low ridge's still marking the line of
the. Intrench men ts. Oiixlng up Into
the. handsome face of tlenetal Warren's,
rftatue. I felt myself being almost mes
merised into thinking that those bronite
lipa were repeating for me "1 on t
?hoot. boys, till you see thn whiten of
tin ir eyes." I climbed the stairs up
into the belfry of Christ Church ami
peered down from the very window
where the lanterns were hung to warn
ul Revere. Yes. and T followed that
midnight dash, up thrmiuh the hills
of Arlington and on Into Lexington
and stopped there on the villace ureen,
hair wondering If I might riot still
hear that menacing cry, "Idsperse, ye
rebels. l;iy down your arms."
1 passed on to Concord and musel
by ihe little stream with the fame so
big. The figure of the Minute Man
ha u nt s me now. with t hose un forget
table lines on the pedestal:
By th neio brid(f that srfb'rt th fi. !,
Their flair 1" A prl!" hrwzv unfurl!.
Hr f!rt th eni hat i ld farmer stinil
And ftrt'd thr hit h'id round tn worm,
(tne Fourth of July I was one of an
excursion party on a steamer dwn th"
j t'otomac to spend the day st Mount
Vernon. My eyes brimmed laree with
tears when, all unexpectedly, the bells
of the steamboat, began to toll nd the
militMry band on board hushed Its rev
elry to pl the mjette chords of "My
Country, 'tis of Thee." for we were op
posite the resting place of that "first
in the hearts oi mi countrymen. ia,
the city of VnihifiiihMi t sw- 1h sc.
tui I fl i ft ep . In Ttvmn m Jf( f mnn
own hundwrtUoi. nf iir Mhkmh Chtirt.
And. tlm n In lniivhnni;i. I si rolled
ah.Mit he tititf lef ldd f.f !et rtmotow n
and over the site of thst dread Winter
encampment at Vnlby huap,
Hot in Independent Nt I'TiIIh
delphtii, tht-re still, as If torn x of
all tfie leelatioos accorded me, wns
the old Lihftrty Hell teif, whl. h filing
out its gospel on that firfil Kointh of
July of 1770 To me then, as tt ph r
has to mil I ins. it snefiied a ma t vel
ous coincidence that Hint brll, Mt
in Kim land as It whs. should hate en
graven upon l those words of proph
esy, "Procl a jni 1 1 her I y throne hoot alt
the land to all the Inhabitants thereof."
As those were my youthful dHM, all
such t'Xp(rien-es mmle lndflttie Im
pressions upon my mind, irlvinu me nt
Incentive towrtrd pa I riot (e pi de. the
happy Influence of whl' h I shall carry
with me tu the end. I whs tsuKht In
undying I en I is in the true sis nl f (- ore
of that u I un nt nmaehy. In which mi r
patriot forefathers statted America
toward her destiny.
Hut. ninnlUB hrre end there, thrnush
all this stalely ot a tot In In pat tiof sm.
there were some iiierr minor chords
that st tl I J a n u le n my nerve. I M -nlfied
old Kanewft Hall wa In the mblvt
of a seething, noisy Iraifie, M lower
stor.V a blve f markets. The old Kim
Tree was In h pitiful decay, far soil
pitch were plMHtered over ft in un
si c tit ly manner, end Ir on b rs if
strained to ken the limbs from split
tin off. Mvstie Ittver was ell but
mth, and Hunker Mill ss tod Hunker
Hill nt all. Ik'fnrs VflPhlni("i,p t.-mh
some ilesplcnble youths rud ly Jostled
earh other and mo ked at the pUi wrd
w hb h reo,ueled t he remo a I of hsts.
I was dtunppolotod stirf startled to ftod
thn old Liberty Hell In fhtb.delphla
with m great erark leavln It almost
from ape to rim.
An uu I v rent In tbi prb elesa old
relic! It was a rude shot k to my Imag
inative nature. To tht very dv. I n
not think of H.e old l.lbeitv lieit with
toit suffering that great rrark to tun
athwart my vision.
The fourth of July celebrations of
our day m r left tn b m i f a t i-e-l.
w ot k'd -u p sion s. the res sin f"f
w hit h la often eft I re I v per vet t d by
the masses who parti 1tsIm. It not
nn unfounded conjrlure thst perhaps
the vast majority of the people w tvi
throng th Jubilee hse Very IM 1 le con
ception. If arty, if the origin of our
nt ft nstsl dav.
Honor thy f a I her and md her, t h1
thv dns nmy be boK upn I he Isnd
wlmto the Lord, Ihj Ood, fcivelh thee."