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Democratic Senators Stirred
by Charge Disastrous Re
sult Is Threatened.
Ketort Ma Be That Europeans Dis
trust American Stocks, and Also
Three Groups In Kew Tork
Are to Blame.
WASHINGTON, June 20. Critics and
friends of the Administration joined
In a sharp ten minutes prosperity de
bate In the Senate today. Senator
Smoot held the tariff responsible for
alarming conditions, while Senator
Owen blamed three groups of financiers
In New York. Senator Smoot stirred
the Democratic leaders b." predicting:,
on the basis of the Treasury statement
of foreign trade during- May, that If
the present trend of business conditions
did not change within the next few
months there would be "disastrous re
sults." He said the report showed that Im
ports during May Increased 119.900,
000 and the exports decreased $33,
000,000 as compared with May, 1913.
He read newspaper clippings of the
recent large gold shipments to Europe.
"Forelga Distrust" Held to Blame.
Senator Hollls, making the first re
ply for the Democrats, said foreign
distrust of American stocks, arising
from the collapse of the New Haveji
and of the St. Louis - San Francisco
railroads had resulted In turning Amer
ican stocks back on this country, and
the necessity of the sending of gold
to Europe in return.
Senator Thomas suggested thai some
European country must have profited
by the business America was losing.
Senator Smoot responded that the
Treasury report did not enter into that
question. Senator Smoot added he was
In favor of American labor getting the
benefit of business rather than foreign
labor. Senator Thomas suggested Eu
ropean laborers were crowding every
ship to America to escape the prosper
ity abroad the Utah Senator was pic
turing. Owen Charges Conspiracy.
Senator Owen advanced the state
ment that three groups of men with
headquarters In New York were re
sponsible for present conditions. He
said these men controlled $22,000,000,
000. practically all the railroads and
every big Industry In the country. He
"These men can forbid the railways to
buy rails, or buy steel cars, or to. buy
frogs and switches or buy lumber or
to buy cross-ties, -hese men can put
out of employment thousands upon
thousands of men; these men can con
strict credits In every district where
a Kepresentative is to be elected this
Fall and In every state where a Sen
ator is to be elected. These men have
it in their hands to send down to de
feat any candidate, be he Democrat,
Progressive or Republican, who does
not sympathize with them."
Senator Smoot Insisted that this had
nothing to do with the decrease of ex
ports or the increase of Imports.
Charles." And Danny Cuptd cut a
caper right there on the sidewalk:
As soon as it could be arranged, the
couple weot to St. Mary's Cathedral
and were married by Father Ramm.
Then they telegraphed their respective
parents and blessings came bade in
each case.
Mathews Is associated In business
with, his father. He was graduated a
year ago from Yale University. The
bride is the daughter of . 1j- jsoiujiubi,
a retired river captain. She was named
after the Columbta River jetty.
Son of late President BeclaVed to
Hare Let Mother Support Wife.
NEW YORK. June 20. Jesse TI.
Grant son of President Grant, was
named today as defendant In a suit
brought by his wife, Elizabeth Grant,
in rmnnpi t h United States Trust Com
pany as trustee under the will of Julia
Dent Grant, his mother, to pay ner a
li ' rT
Henry Edward Collins.
TOLEDO, Or., June 20. (Spe
cial.) Henry Edward Collins
died at his home here. June 16,
at the age of "il years. He was a
member of Company H, 8th Kan
sas Volunteer Infantry, during
four years of the Civil War and
was In several of the hardeet
fought battles. At the close of
the war he farmed In Andrew
County, Missouri; later in Gra
ham County, Kansas. Coming to
Oregon, he settled at Woodburn
In 1891, and in 1893 moved to
Toledo, where he had resided
Mr. Collins married Catherine
Hubbard June 29, 1865. They
were the parents of four boys
and two girls.
Senator Also Movea for Preferential $50.000.
Ballot and Limit om Cam
paign Contributions.
WASHINGTON, June 20. Senator
Owen today called on his Democratic
colleagues to rememDer ine piaim "
the party platform calling iw mo
, - - .nrmmtlAn fra.lll 1111(1 m&
chine rule In American politics," and
offered four bills designea, ne uaiu, m
bring about the needed results.
t- . v. o ..u "tha Democratic Tarty
now In power leaves the country under
the machine rule system, wim me
open to irauauiem praciitoo iu
natlng Senators and members of Con
a . I . nrnnilffft tn till
gross, aiir ow. -
American people. It will undoubtedly
receive severe condemnation.
Senator Owen explained that one of
his bills was designed to prevent un
limited campairi ontrlbutlons from
-ii i j 1 mha tonnl nrnvidBR for a
inaiviuuuo. " . --
Government publicity pamphlet, to be
Issued at Government expauno
citlien. in which can
di dates for Federal offices would have
an opportunity to explain their views.
rt-l ,hl1 man nil r A WOUld legalize the
use of the preferential ballot in making
nominations lor tne ceumo nu
and the last wouli aenne corrupt ym:
.i i .nnnaiinn with camDalCTis.
eenaiur -
should follow President Wilson's advice
and provide for tne nomination 01 "
dldates for the Presidency and the
u . V. ,r thA nreferentlal
V icB-rroaiwuw " j - -
nrimary by proper legislation and
should lay down a few fundamental
rules for the guidance of the state In
this connection.
sum sufficient to support ner m
nnnnar. hflt!ner the Income and posi
tion of her husband."
The complaint says that from 1860
until 1902, when the widow of the late
rilori tha defendant and his
wife lived at the home of his mother.
who supported them. Mrs. tyrant al
leges that after the death of her
mother-in-law her husband abandoned
Mrs. Grant says her present Income
is $100 a month, gross. That is the rent
ihe receives from a nouse in Dan j-Mesu,
Cal., which she owns.
Campbell Trial on Tomorrow.
ToCTTRTTRri Or June 20. (Special.)
The trial of Morrison Campbell, ac
cused or Iirst aegree murucr, n wn-
nection with shooting ana Killing jonn
Becker, near Cleveland, April 16, will
be taken up before J. W. Hamilton, In
the circuit uourt, juonaay morning.
Hospital Capital Increased.
ti.. Aonltal Af thn Rallwnn Genera.!
Roanltal and Training school was in
rri -yesterday from S25.000 to
Jettv Columbia" Wkltcomb, of Spo
kane, Merta Old Friend and Is HU
Wife In Lru Than Four Honrs.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 20. (Spe
cial,) When Charles Thomas Mathews,
son of a wealthy Humboldt County
timber land owner, met Mrs. Jetty Co
lumbia Whitcomb. of Spokane, on Mar
ket street today, they greeted each
other simply as old friends.-'without a
thought of what Dan Cupid was about
to do to them. Three hours and 40
minutes later Mrs. Whitcomb was Mrs.
Mathews, almost before she could real
ize what had happened.
Mathews went into a toggery with
Mrs. Whitcomb a few moments after
they met. Mrs. Whitcomb made a small
purchase and was about to take It
away with her when Mathews stepped
forward and said to the clerk:
"Oh; I think you'd better send that
to Mrs. Charles T. Mathews, at the
Stewart Hotel. Thank you."
W-what?" gasped Mrs. Whitcomb,
but the clerk was looking, and almost
ready to laugh, so the girl echoed the
order and, with cheeks flaming,
stepped out into the street.
Weill you're going to be, aren't
jou'" ssked Mathews.
- -I'd Well 1 guess r.QU know pest.
Looked Like Bolls. Inflamed, Itched
and Hurt. Used Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. Hand Weil.
" 7
B. B. No. 17, Thomtown, Ind. " My
husband while working skinned a little place
on his hand and it made a running sore and
others broke out all around
H. They looked like boils.
The skin all around them
was red and Inflamed. It
would Itch and hurt so
badly that ha could not
sleep at night.
"We tried several kinds
of medicines but nothing
helped It until I saw the
advertisement of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. I sent and got a
sample of Cuticura Soap and Ointment and
after the first two or three days using it
began to heal. Ee would bathe the sores
with the Cuticura Soap and then use the
Cuticura Ointment night and morning. He
used one cake of Cuticura Soap and one box
of Cuticura Ointment. In a week's time his
band was well." (Signed) Mrs. Bertha
Gleason. June 16. 1913. -
In the care of baby's akin and hair, Cuti
cura Soap Is the mother's favorite. Not
only is It unrivaled In purity and refreshing
fragrance, but its gentle emollient proper
ties are usually sufficient to allay minor
Irritations, remove redness, roughness and
chafing, and soothe sensitive conditions.
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment, it is most
valuable In the treatment of eczemas, rashes
and other Itching, burning Infantile erup
tions. Sold everywhere. Liberal sample of
each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress post-card "Cuticura, Dept. T, Boston."
ETMra who shave and shampoo with Cu
ticura Soap will And it best for skin and scalp.
Information for AH
Lung Sufferers
The makers of Eckman'a Alterative will
be pleased to semi reports of recoveries
from tuberculosis and a booklet of interest
to sufferers, with information about diet
and fresh air. Investigate this case:
1619 Susquenanna Ave., rninmeipaia,
m Dear Sir: For two years I was af
flicted with hemorrhages of the longs, and
later I was taken with a severe attack of
pneumonia. When I recovered sufficiently to
walk about th bou I was left with a
frightful hacking cough. whtch no medicine
I had taken could alleviate. It was. at this
time, March, 1902, that I started taking Eck
man's Alterative. In a short time my cough
was gone and I was pronounced well. I can
nr iM'Ak too highly for the good It haft
done." (Abbreviated.)
( S'gTieu ) nun aaw J-- x t.'i Alterative is most efficacious tn
bronchial catarrh and sever throat and
unw affections and upbuilding the system.
Contains no harmful or habit-forming drug.
Accept no subaXltutes. gold by the Owl Dru
Co and leading drujrgisis. Write Kckman
Laboratory Philadelphia, Pa., ior booklet
or recovaria. .
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