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'Is this the' Oregon Sportsmen's
"I want to go fishing next week. Tell
ne where I can get some big trout."
"Do you want a long trip or a short
"Make it as easy as possible.
"The Klickitat River, on the upper
Columbia, about 80 miles from Port
land, is famous for the big fellows.
Two miles above Maddock's ranch, on
the Goldendale branch of the Northern
Pacific, there is a deep hole, which is
the home of a family of giants."
Then follows further talk anent the
train schedule, facilities for reaching
the aforementioned "angler's paradise,"
with the proper equipment to Insure
the successful luring of the big fellows
irom the depths of the Klickitat pool.
The relating of such telephonic con
versations as the above is but a dip
into the future, not an everyday inci
dent, for the anglers and hunters of
Oregon are to organize a State Sports
men's Association this Fall, among the
chief aims of which will be the dis
semination of information calculated tb
put the sporting public In contact with
the best the state has to offer in ang
ling and hunting.
Minute Data Gathered.
"The Angler's Guide," a pamphlet is
sued by Backus & Morris, is one of sev
eral publications which are valuable
to the knight of the road, and experts
at the various sporting goods stores can
supplement this information. But after
all this is but a makeshift, with details
only available for a small number of
resorts. Hence the advisability of the
organization of the state sportsmen's
association, with its elaborate bureau
for the gathering land distribution of
exact and minute data on the lakes and
streams of Oregon.
It's almost too much to ask that this
bureau direct Mr. Angler to Hole No.
10 of Scrosgina Creek, where a four
pound trout has resisted all blandish
ments for two years, but the proper
encouragement of the movement and
the co-operation of anglers of every
section of the state will make this al
most a reality within a few years.
Among the other chief objects of the
organization, which is to be effected in
October, are the passage of uniform
game laws in the state and the protec
tion and propagation of game and fish.
The need for the uniformity of game
laws is really the motive for the or
ganization. Heretofore the legislators
of each section have Journeyed to Salem
Two Young Society Women to Conduct "Shopping Bureau' 'Mayor Rolph Victim of Joke Wife of London
Physician Introduces Monocle-Of 700 Members of Dishwashers' Union 100 Are College Graduates.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 21. (Spe
cial.) Dr. Charles F. Aked. no
ted clergyman and pastor of the
First Congregational Church of San
Francisco, has renounced his allegiance
to King George of England and the
monarchial form of government and
lias become a full-fledged citizen of
the United States.
Dr. Aked was granted his final citi
zenship papers before Judge Van Nos
trand, following an examination. In
which he showed himself to be exceed
ingly well vecsed in National, state and
municipal laws. He even Introduced an
Innovation when questioned as to who
made the laws for the city and county
of San Francisco by declaring that in
addition to the Board of Supervisors
and the people the Initiative, reieren
dum and recall were a factor.
Following the court action. Dr. Aked
issued a statement In which he de
clared that he had always been a Republican-,
had been born with a -hatred
on monarchy, and to have been classed
as a subject of any king had been ex
tremely unpleasant to him from his
earliest childhood.
Dr. Aked says that he came to
America and became- a citizen of this
country because the name America
means liberty. He says it would give
him great pleasure to be able to ad
minister a kick to that class of cheap
cynio who is inclined to sneer at the
Statue of Liberty from Incoming ves
Many Streams Near Portland listed Already Trout
with a few ideas from the sportsmen
of their section, and have fought and
traded to satisfy the home folks, re
gardless of the other sportsmen of the
state. The result is a conglomeration
of conflicting laws, which suit each
section in part, but none as a whole.
Convention To Be Called.
When the Oregon State Sportsmen's
Association is organized an annual
convention will be held at a central
point. Delegates from all over the
state will gather for a discussion of the
laws and prospective changes. Each
section will advance its arguments, the
situation will be discussed from every
angle, and the results of the conven
tion printed for the benefit of the law
makers. Thus, with the sportsmen a unit on
game and fish legislation, there will
be no excuse for the passage of detri
mental laws, or the writing of certain
sections into the fish and game code
which meet with such strenuous opposi.
tion that steps are taken to invoke the
At present Oregon boasts of a number
of anglers' organizations and hunters'
clubs, with little in common between
them and little effort made to cement
either fish or game bodies.
In addition to the Multnomah Ang
ler's Club, the following places have
organizations of fishermen: Medford,
Pendleton, Josephine. Enterprise, Baker,
Eugene, Corvallis, Oregon City, Tilla
mook, Seaside. Burns, Brownsville,
Lakeview, Roseburg, Riddle, Tiller, Al
bany, Ashland, Klamath Kails and
NtmrodB Also Included.
This total of 21 clubs of anglers fur
nishes a splendid neucleus for the state
organization, particularly as the ma
jority of fishing enthusiasts are also
exponents of the gun. In addition the
state has a number of hunting bodies,
whose members devote considerable
time to fishing when the ban Is on their
favorite bird or animal.
But to get back to the point the pub
sels, and he would not care to be found
dead In a ditch beside such people.
Two members of his church appeared
as witnesses, but as they had known
him for only two years It was neces
sary to secure the depositions of two
men from New York, who were mem
bers of his Fifth-Avenue Baptist
Church, known as John D. Rockefel
ler's church. , This was Dr. Aked's first
pastorate in this country. His testi
mony showed that the noted minister
of the gospel was born in Nottingham,
England. August 22, 18 64, and that he
arrived In New York In 1907.
Society Worm Turns.
Weary of the life of social butter
flies and the incessant round of pink
teas and matinees, two young sopiety
women of San Francisco, both native
daughters and college graduates, have
pledged themselves to a serious life of
business and helpfulness. They are
Helen Reardon Kenealy and Alice
Chipman Smith, both residents of the
exclusive Pacific-avenue section. Their
handsome homes will know them only
after their business hours, which will
be until about 10 o'clock ever night.
Between times they will stand behind
a little counter amid the bustle and
hurry of the Ferry building, with a big
sign in red and black, denoting that
'shopping is solicited." They, will es
tablisn a shopping bureau, with an In
formation department as a side Issue.
They have secured a concession at the
lic at large is intensely interested in,
now that the season is at hand for the
overhauling of the Ashing equipment
and the desertion of the city streets
for' valley, rivers and mountain lakes
and brooks.
The following Is a partial list of a
few of Oregon's trout resorts, the ma
jority of them near Portland, which will
be invaded this season, with a short
explanation on each:
The following are streams east of
Deep Creek This little stream flows
into the Clackamas River about 20
miles from Portland, and can be reached
in an hour's ride on the Estacada line.
Good fishing can be had almost any
where on the stream, although a walk
of two or three miles from the carlirie
will bring you to a section of the
stream where the fish are less disturbed
Salmon eggs and worms are the best
lure for the earlier fishing.
Trout Plentiful In Eagle Creek.
Eagle Creek A beautiful mountain'
stream on the Kstacada electric line,
about five miles beyond Deep Creek.
The lower reaches are not well stocked,
but good fishing is found farther up.
The upper watr$ can be reached with
in five miles of Kstacada. Cut-throat
and rainbow trout are found, both tak
ing the small flies very readily.
Clear Creek Another tributary of the
Clackamas, which can best be reached
three miles west of Kstacada. Near
Viola the stream has a. fall of about
12 feet, and above this are nothing but
beautiful black-spotted mountain cut
throat trout, as hard as nails and full
of fight. The higher up the creek you
go the fatter and blacker they get.
Flies and grasshoppers are good bait,
with angling excellent all through the
Cedar Creek This creek Joins the
Sandy River Just below Sandy postoffice
and can be reached by stage from Bor
ing. In the early Spring months trout
nsning is good, although the trout run
small in size.. A few salmon trout are
Ferry building,
July 1.
to become effective
"Our primary intention Is to relieve
mothers from across the bay from the
arduous duties of shopping through
their husbands," says Helen ivenealy.
"Hubby leaves home in the morning
with a list in his pocket a list that
probably includes everything from a
spool of blue silk to a stick of dyna
mite for Freddy to play with. Well,
he is thinking about his business or a
thousand and one things.
"Tho result la that husband usually
returns in the evening minus the list
and minus the . things. Wo hope to
change all that. ' The list may be left
with us and we will guarantee that the
purchases will be made. It will save
many a return trip and many a disap
pointed mother or sister. We hope to
make a specialty of telephoning alio,
and will have a taxlcab for the ac
commodation of our customers."
Society will wait with bated breath
the adventure of two of its prominent
members. They themselves have been
loth to talk of their new shopping
venture, preferring to permit their
actions to speak for themselves.
Mayor la Joke Victim.
Mayor Rolph was recently made the.
victim of a joke, but fortunately one
that had nothing but a laugh at the
"Mayor . Bolph, let me Introduce to
you Mattl Namurls, purchasing agent
Now Biting Bait to.Be Used
caught near the mouth in, the Fall
months. -
- Bull Run This grand little river can
be easily reached on the Mount Hood
branch running out of MontavUla. On
account of its open character. Bull Run
has been fished hard in the past and
careful work is required to get a good
catch. Fishing can be had only five
miles tip the stream as everything be
yond that point is in the city water
Little Sandy Flows into .the Bull
Run just above the new .power plant.
Runs in a deep, heavily timbered can
yon, and is well stocked with rainbow
trout. Take the stage from Boring to
Marmot, where good accommodations
are to be had. The trout take the fly
well in the Summer months . and the
limit is not unusual on the upper por
tion of the stream.
Salmon River Another tributary of
the Sandy, about 40 miles east of Port
land. Is a great favorite with Port
land people who go there to camp all
Summer. Tho fishing near Welch's
Camp is rather slim, but is excellent
a few miles further up. The stream av
erages 75 feet in width and is fine for
casting. The best fishing opens late in
Sandy River This river is almost a
failure as a Summer trout stream, ow
ing to the grayish silt which flows
down from the glaciers during the
warm season. The sea trout come in
from September until about December
10, and in January and February the
steelhead run is at Its height. The
steelheads average over 12 pounds in
weight. The Sandy is by all odds the
best stream for Winter sport.
Clackamas BelnK Restocked.
Clackamas River The most popular
angling stream among Portland fisher
men, can be easily reached on the Ks
tacada line. Lasts well despite hard
fishing and is being heavily restocked,
with over half a million fingerling
trout planted last year. The best fish
ing 1s on the upper' river, above Caza
dero, but some excellent catches were
made last season near the mouth of
Deep Creek and Eagle Creek. A trail
has been cut up the left bank of the
stream for a distance of 30 miles, a
big help to camping parties. Flies are
trout run from eight to 12 inches
B"a irom July to September. The
for tho Japanese government," was the
greeting given by Dlxwell Davenport,
of the Hulluschlckle Club, at the St.
Francis Hotel the other evening. There
was an exchange of handshakes be
t"een the Mayor and the Japanese and
then, there was a general introduction
to those in the Mayor's party.
In five minutes the conversation had
drifted to the recent strained relations
between the United States and Japan,
in which Namuria took no particular
part, a fact that was attributed to his
apparent lack of knowledge of the Eng
lish language.
But to emphasize for all time that
this country has no Idea of breaking off
the diplomatic relations between the
two countries, Fay Beall suggested an
adjournment to a local cafe for a sup
per in honor of the visiting Oriental.
All but the Mayor acquiesced. The
supper .was progressing admirably at
midnight and being highly enjoyed by
the Japanese agent, when some strayed
member of the Hulluschlckle Club hap
pened into the club and,, joining the
International party, greeted the guest
of honor in a noticeably familiar way.
It was only then that the hosts of
the occasion discovered that their
guest was none other than the steward
of the Holluschickle Club and an un
conscious tool of a practical Joke that
resulted in the sudden fading away of
the dinner party.
Monocle for 'Women Now.
Now it Is the monocle decreed . by
feminine fashion as a welcome suc
cessor to the lorgnette and an affected
companion in woman's dress of the
swagger stick.
Society has discovered its presence In
San Francisco and the exclusive sets of
the peninsula suburbs and Oakland's
Piedmont Heights are practicing to
keep it in place.
It's the latest fad on this side of the
great Atlantic pond and has traversed
two oceans to find a welcome in the
exposition city.
Mrs. Russell Ryan, a former Oakland
JUNE 22, 1913.
Depends on Waters How
length, with an occasional two-pounder.
The following streams are west of
Portland: i
Tualatin River Flows into Willam-.
ette Just above Oregon City, and can
be reached by electric line from latter
point. Good bass fishing can be had
near its mouth. . . ,
- Gales Creek Tributary of the Tual
atin, flowing into it a few miles be
yond Forest Grove. Many cut-throat
trout, with best fishing between April
and. July.
Scroggins Creek Branch of Tuala
tin, reached on Southern Pacific. Best
fishing early in season. Spoon and bait
are good, with large black-spotted
trout the result. Most liberally stocked.
' Dairy Creek Old Favorite.
Dairy Creek Dld-timo favorite. Best
fishing upper waters, reached on
United Railways electric line or Tilla
mook train. Noted for early fly (ish-
Beaverton district In this vicinity
are a number of small creeks, which
yield a surprising number . of trout
early In the season, but there Is little
fishing after May 15. A nice stream is
near Cedar Mills, two near Beaverton
and another near Tigardville. Reached
by auto or on suburban lines. Angle
worms best bait.
.The following streams are on the
lower Columbia:
Scappoose Creek A popular stream
where the trout supply holds out well,
small in size but many. After May 15
they take flies. Famous for salmon
trout between September and Christ
mas, particularly in lower waters.
Reached on Astoria trains.
Tide Creek Reached on the North
Bank Railroad. Flows into Columbia
two miles this side of Goble. Many
rainbow trout, making catch of 30 or
40 good-sized fish not unusual.
Clatskanie River Empties into Co
lumbia near Clatskanie station. Many
rainbow trout and sea trout and steel
heads during Winter.
Fishhawk Creek Flows, into Neha
lem River, Just across the ridge from
Clatskanie. Reached by five-mile walk
from Wood's Landing, on North Bank
line. Good early stream.
Necanicum River Through town of
Seaside. Good cutthroat trout fishing
in upper waters. Excellent catches an
hour's walk from Seaside. Sea trout
are plentiful in Summer and Fall.
Trolling spoon best In tide vitw. with
sunken fly further up. November is
girl, wife of an eminent London physi
cian, who while here from tho Orient
has been entertained on both sides of
the bay, is the recognized arbiter of
this latest whim of Madame Fashion.
To those who have deigned to ques
tion her regarding the monocle fad.
Mrs. Ryan, who Is a tall and stately
woman, has replied with noticeable in
difference toward the apparent curios
ity of her acquaintances:
"Why, there is nothing particularly
remarkable about It. It is part of the
dress of any fashionable woman, noth
ing more," and then she would drop
the glass from her eye. swing it on its
black band for a moment before re
turning it to its place before her eye.
Iaawahera Are Collesre Bred.
It has been discovered, just by way
of being an interesting fact, that out
of 700 members of the San Francisco
Dishwashers' Union there are 100 who
are college graduates. It is said that
this is a greater proportion of college
men than can be found in any other
The San Francisco Union is the only
one of Its kind In tho United States.
It was granted a charter by the Inter
national Hotel Men s and Waiters' As
sociation, and Its membership has been
steadily Increasing since it first opened
headquarters several years ago.
A dishwasher gets 110 a week and
eat8-" Many a chap who has had
difficulty In cashing his Greek roots
and logarithms has been enabled by
this endowment to carry on interest
ing and not entirely academic re
searches in the relative food value of
corned beef and cabbage, or coffee and
The records of the ' union do not
show the proportion of college men.
These statistics were obtained by two
members, one of whom Is a former in
structor in an Eastern college. After
serving; four years on the college fac
ulty, he resigned, to engage In a small
business In Oswego, N. Y. He found
to Get There Answered.
fine for sllverside salmon, with
sport with spoon and casting rod.
In Southern Washington the Wash,
ougal River furnishes fine sport. This
stream, which enters the Columbia
above Camas, can be reached on the
North Bank road. North of Cape Horn
are excellent riffles, with rainbow trout,
some of them monsters, caught every
year." The east fork of the Lewis River,
reached on the Yacolt branch of the
Northern Pacific, is also famous for
huge rainbow trout. Above a point
known as Horseshoe Falls is a stretch
of several mlls where the pools are
inhabited by big fellows. The Kalama
River, reached by the Northern 'Pa
cific, furnishes fairly good fishing just
a few miles from the town of Kalama.
Wild Pigeon Springs, 20 miles up the
stream, is a trout mecca, with large
rainbow predominant. The Klickitat
River, 80 miles from Portland on the
Upper Columbia, is another stream
noted for big fellows. The best fishing
is In Spring and Fall. Fine fishing is
to be found near Maddock's ranch, on
the Goldendale branch of the Northern
Tillamook Streams Good.
The opening of the Tillamook branch
of the Southern Pacific Railroad has put
Borne fine streams within easy reach.
Nearly all the streams in Tillamook
County are well stocked with fish and,
have not been whipped to death In the
past. The first stream of importance
on the way from Portland to Tilla
mook is the Salmonberry River, where
fishing is best from May to July.
Salmonberry station, at the mouth of
the river, and Enright station, five
miles further up, are good points to
work from.
The Nehalem River Is grand for late
Summer fishing; cutthroat are plentiful
in the Spring but the best angling is
after August 1. Sea trout. Jack salmon
and sllversides also enter the river late.
Near Batterson station are the falls,
and below this point are some of the
best pools. Below, at Lynorook sta
tion, a boat may be used to advantage
The variety of the catch, with the size
of the fish, makes this river, with the
Salmonberry. popular with Portland
week-end anglers.
Wilson Creek and Trask River are
two other .great trout streams In the
Tillamook country. Wilson has a good
run of sea trout early in the Spring,
with great fly fishing from March to
June. Later in the season the results
are better further up. The old stage
road from Forest Grove over the moun-
that ha was unfitted for business and
finally had to turn his hand to the first
work that came his way.
Doctors to Put l"p Building.
The doctors of the San Francisco
County Medical Society have arranged
to erect one of the largest and hand
somest buildings in the city for their
exclusive use a project that will in
volve the expenditure of 12,000,000.
"Why pay rent to others and not to
ourselves?" some doctors began to ask
a year ago.
Under the leadership of Dr. James
A. Black, with Dr. Phillip Mills Jones
as secretary, the "Medical Building"
plans have been perfected. A scheme
of finance has been evolved that pro
vides for the purchase of the Abbie
M-'Parrott property at the northeast
corner of Post and Powell streets, diag
onally across from the St. Francis Ho
tel. Ward & Blohme have completed
drawings for a 13-story class A struc
ture, that Is to cover the n'l lot
and will cost approximately $1,250,000.
The scheme of financing the big en
terprise provides that 600 doctors of
the County Melcal Society are to sub
scribe for preferred stock to tho ex
tent of something like 8600,000, to cover
the "margin" of the project, the re
mainder of the money to be secured
by a bond issue.
The buildine- is to contain ninv,-AA-.
an assembly hall and a big medical li-'J
ornry, in aamon to the offices, which
will be reserved for members of the
society. None but doctors or dentists
will have offices Jn the building,
(rdrai to Be Striking-.
Mirrored in sylvan pools or peeping
from clumps of rare shrubs, irymphs
and dryads, fauns and satyrs will dis
port In the Louis XVI garden, to be
laid out at the Templeton Crocker home
at Hillsborough,
The formal part of the gardens will
comprise a main terrace In front of the
JtStZ ZAA' A&STkrtP 3f
lalns follows .the river for 20 miles,
with good camping grounds along the
way. The Trask River has a pood run
of sea trout, while he fly fishing on
the upper waters, from June to Octo
ber, is exceptionally good, the junction
of the north and south forks, beins
the best place.
Accommodations Scarce On Deschutes.
The Deschutes River, which fur
nishes excellent fishing from Shearer
Bridge, 40 miles from the mouth, to
Bend, is now reached without trouble,
the railroad following the river al
most all the way. Accommodations
are scarce but can be had at several
points. The best fishing is from April
to August, but trout are caught h11
during the open season, the supply be
ing unlimited.
The McKenzie River, reached by ex
cellent stage service from Eugene, is
considered by many as the best trout
stream on the Pacific Coast. The fish
are the redsldo variety, averaging
large in size, and taking the fly In
the gamest possible manner. One may
leave Portland at 6 P. M. and be on
the best portion of the McKenzie the
next day. Much of the fishing 1b done
by drifting down the river in a skiff
on account of the wideness of the
river and the brush along the shore,
but a fisherman willing to walk around
the inaccessible pools can secure first
class fishing along the banks. May
and June are the best fly-fishing
The Rogue River, 300 miles from
Portland, furnishes the monsters for
those who spurn the brook trout. Here
you get the 12-pound steelheads every
season, with six or eight-pounders the
regular thing. One can leave Port
land at 8:15 P. M. on the Southern Pa
cific and be on the best riffles at 10
the next morning. The best fishing
on the upper river is usually in August
and early September, while from
Grants Pass down October Is consid
ered the best month. The closing of
the river to commercial fishermen has
resulted In a heavy salmon run.
Of all the fishing within easy reach
of Portland, the salmon trolling at
Oregon City is in a class by itself.
The very finest sport is available an
hour's ride from the city, with the
cost little. The run of the Chinook
salmon is at its height in April and
May. Fishing is from an anchored
boat or by trolling from a slowly
moving boat. Fifty-pound fish are
frequently caught in the deep water
just below the suspension bridge.
In addition to these tew streams,
many others are available. with
thousands of lakes, large and small.
house. 400 feet long by 100 feet wide.
The most striking feature will be a
circular pool and fountain, with walks
crossing the pool.
From the terrace stately stairways
will lead to a paved esplanade, which
will lead to the less formal gardens
stretching for some 1500 feet to ths
front and rear of the mansion.
The orders to the architects given by
Templeton Crocker were that all ex
isting grounds in the millionaires' col
ony should-be outdone in magnificence
at Uplands and no expense Is being
spared In carrying out his wish. The
carvings and marble groups of the bal
ustrade alon the parapet are said to
be the most elaborate to be found in
any private grounds In the West.
The cost of the gardens, exclusive
of the statuary, is expected to run well
over $100,000.
Typhoid Carrier Seeks Job.
"Who wants an able-bodied, In
dustrious and healthy sailor to work
about a home, farm or factory? Ap
plicant desires to change his occupa
tion. His only fault is that he is a
distributor of typhoid germs."
Caliofrnia's State Board of Health Is
considering the advisability of insert
ing this advertisement in the daily
papers of the state in the hope that
it can successfully dispose of Harry
Olson, the "typhoid king."
The Health Board is in a quandary.
Olson, for the past year, has been con
fined in the Government Marine Hos
pital near Pan Francisco, but he has
too much of an appetite and the Fed
eral authorities have firmly but gently
told the Ftato officers that they no
longer desire. to pay the "typhoid
king's" board bill, and the Board of
Health has no funds available to take
over the care of Olson.
It is impossible to turn him loose to
menace the health of private ' citizens.
He must be confined in some manner so
that he will not distribute the deadly