The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, May 25, 1913, SECTION TWO, Page 17, Image 33

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    I OR KENT.
Mouse keeping-Rooms In I"Tlvt la mil
UNELY fim-sh.t front aul.e liufkf pinfl
iia Kitchenette; mod era, clcieanl loca,
I on . MlKir.4 distant i . tew st.p K
Morrison -n .' ine : phone, hat n, port
'Ti: fill and mo.; no chti-iren. i'nor
Kiit A 4. B-'.mont ft.. er. K't "
ONcI connecting suite of H. K. luoma. mid
ern. fre wood. bath, laundry. tcieph,"
and a. on first Hour. wsiktnR clTtaK'.
rem cheap if taken at once, to atP-11
only. T-1, rl. 1 .s T -V
TWO nl e. 'r 1 -an looms, kif-heiette.
nicely furm-inM. tas. bath, balcony. er-
ihinir eonvenient. homelike. - cm
ati-o walking distance. 77 J , Tayld "
1 i K.-T-t.' I. ArS Mr.x Iiousekeepun ooma;
heat, luh's, tn;i. !.-rtr- an. rrt v.w,
:kln; tij.:.nce to ! : i.v to t-f w,th'
( i:v mouth. J7" Com li. r"l 1 tn
u fcide. t
suite of 2 -arc rooi.ip.
pantr sud i at h
Prni.r1 floor nce
fces park. fern!
n-t and clem.
4.,V Turk. A
i-rrh. moi.rr i-.nvntr,rw; nnr
rarLarns, :; 2-d .'h;
to ri
j arty.
rjiuie.-T.ttE hourkM-:ns rooms com-
i.or.-h- Uin' ii-.t. wntr and phmw
room on tir: fi"ir. ul;
ins loo.n. .-J lt n :
a-i rnn.,
i- .-IM'M rT - Liii'fc
r k.;. ht-n: a:km;
n-" ; c?t loom, sm'l
ln pn b.
rv li'nt
trt liiht.
f-.nt room; tit
dtf antr ; rn ''-rn.
kt!' lin rt. alep-
( i't t.ti ttntt !.'
pr m-. rn: i.
:; :;o:i
r fron
Modern. 1- I
M UNI.ILI room U. K.
water and sink, no tht
minufes wall from 1. t'..
4- Montgomery.
uit, rnnmiia
rimT.. 1"
HdUil! Olll,.
URiiE room, furnished. Pntr,
rMid'nrri or M-"rk Hawthorne car; cloae
tn. Phone- B 33
.civ furn.shed liftuMltpiiiC room.:
raa un:f. kiuhen inK. :-a:ris ani
r.hon,. rent 271 Mon:omry
ttre. .
kfj imV n ro.ini iurniaited with
iri.- Jicht. ha:h. phP. hot and r':"i'rt,,r
1 b:o-k north Hawthorne.
K. ":id at.
$1.V 41
t m ell-f nrni1id houekeplr?
r.tht-r roomers, ood lo-ati-Jn.
4'h st.
KfRMSHEP hoi:-t k-"pinK room,
lima a.e. .'"S Altrt.i. U'oodlnwn
fa'! f:r Suriy.
- f .M ivM.-nK,t it. k.
f i-nt. hd h. k. roomF,
CI.. Mi I st.
ro-ma. first 11or ; U
hot and rold water.
jrti :oTH. corner if lander Kurnifhrd
houkeepinn r-Mma. Ure. Unht and
rlan. -
lI.PAN furrtshM U. K. room,
phone. ath, hxhi. Uundry. le ln
prices. l'Jth. rfir Jeff ergon.
Ini-iii und
.; ;rttnd av
are. Inquire lrma
f -j rnoniah. I' hne
s:lTK H K. roona: iMo one front al-ova
room. Ererythlnc modern; rent fnf n:l"
2- ) p.
S POOM-" nen lv furninlied for boiis-keep-tnit.
'sa. batii. wood. 211 Sherman
TWO and t:ire hcuiieKeepinii and inse
rooms. btorka to Tnion Depot, reur
Brand ray. K 1st at. N. K.
fnrntshel h-'.wkffP ni root
floor; modem convenient
6: hi K. Bum-
C HOi' E location at Mount Tabor: 3 house rnnrnt. furnished: III Lain,
rent 9 i'jiwtiw
U t.Nt;'TI.Ni modem h.
floor. Telephone Marshal
k. room?. l-tvrr
41 West
THHtE rottnect lug roni, complete house
keeping; hath, phone, two rurllne; 10
month. 7jI Rodney, t-orner Kreemont.
N iuA TLV fm nishi'd .I-ro-m housfkeepiux
auite. only 4 b.oca from Poato'fice, larse
porcb. beautiful lawn, phone. 'JH.'. ftth at.
I3fTl PT 4 rooms, completely furnished,
mtKl-rn. phone, entire first floor, lawn. t.
McKarland. 3-t Yenn bldn.
NibATL.Y furnished housekeeping and lerp
n rooms, ti and up; gaa. electricity and
bath. Z'J'- 4 th.
14 JEFKKRSO.V I-arre. hcht. clean fur
nished rooms for housekeeping, moot rra
sonab. J UlVATr; houa.-ket-.pina: fl t. front and b
en t ranees. aril. orcli. flowers; ch
rent. "' ftrnt 9t.
I A N D Y rooms, all conveniences, best cen
tral residence section, reasonable. i&4
Eve ret..
It K LV f urnisheu houfct-keeptn y eu'!'T
modern cunviencs; rcusunable. CW
T r.jon ave. N. r.
t t il furnished eonnerlinir rooms.
riviine of light houseKeepms;, reasnnto.
N. '.'-!. tt. Kearney ana ij1')-
MTELT furnlha hou"keptn rooms, hot
and cold ter. Summer rales. t.o In.
44 "olull" t.
EI.E'iANT S-rom houe. Willamette Hts..
beautiful view. I..Hern convenience; line. Kv H3 Thurmall t.
y:l K1VE-RW1M; Market l. Drive;
tree, vani njul elty view; moilern. I'ort-
land ' Height. .rllne. Fhone Main 41i3.
yon RK."r-To O-room btingalowa at !oth
ami Albert at.. IV -hone Main or
ran at .'- f'v'h bMg.
rOL'I. uesir:ib;e room, balh. aome furni
ture. ani. tine location, reasonable ta
riitht fartv. l'42.
ii . A i A V Audition Modern S-room
house, comer; rent reai;iiable. Suuuuy
Ohono E. X".7. Other laya M :'t"l.
IliiiiM. .MnUl:itN; fELErr IHSTItlCT;
worth J"'; now $:;u. ji nk 1. MAU
SHA1.L 4."". A TI.-i. Ml'Xl'AT.
Kfn KEVT Modern bunaa!ow. nearry new.
fln vir.1: reasonable il Kat Yamhill. 4JT1 .
.-o H RENT Nee room hou.e. ename!
hah. gl.. newlv pap"rel. reiltired to $14.
14 E. t.. near I. Morrison: rlo.e in.
-KuuM modern house,
car. ?J-.Jo. Key at
Tel. Vn4!!HII IL'I.V
;im) fi. from alreel
Simpson street.
. trK.VI house, newtv kaisomined. good
rard and shaIe .'! St., Bear C.rant.
V'l Phone Mrtrslull il4i.
i ;..Ron.M ho.i!e.
4.". fi:i-n rhon
Kev at ;i Vl'n st
i7 Ella st
ri HoMKLIKK f.ur-i.ii buiiKlow in ?un-
ny'l'le; some Irulr; rerr reasonuDiti rent;
idllti. Pbon. T.ibor
WILb apt..
In lurelhurst.
beatitlfut new
E, Everolt at.
J'R RENT New, modern o-room bunca
Irw; P.lehmond district; i:c. Call Mir
artsll !:.
1 ROOM modern house, sleeping porch, two
lots, corner, nice Un. flowers, irarrn.
tinr I nion ave. N Only M. 4'1
SOi;TH I'ortand. s;o'd 4-room $15;
smaller house. $T 41 Chamber of Com-
nie.-ce blug Ma.n
KC'It r.U.NT -I rooms furnish-d. 10. Eire
phone. 4 larce looms unfumiFhed.
Free phone. Tabor 111.
K"R RENT Cheap. 4 ". nto-rwm hor.j..
4 fruit trees, nice chirken hou.e. Tiiona
Mtln or call 39" Hail at.
4v Modrn S-room hou5. cl"e in. West
Side Phope.. Miln 3s; and Marshall S44;.
i RfmjIS aji.l oath. S.'SS Jackson
nulre S.lo Jackson ST. Mar. 34T7
St. In-
-r.iiM col'itce. Ciierrv St. Inuulro J.'2
Weld er Eaj! .".411.
SMALL buje
f.r rnt with garden,
E.-.. Main, comer 41st.
li-liOi'M hou-e. larsre basement. JrtJI
moutli ave, $15 month. Call on premises.
.i MONTHLY rent i
room borne. Owner.
rill hut modern five
Tahor 3it4.
IP.V:n-;TON Bl'NGAl OVv-7 twri Schuj ler si.
f:i a month. Key s Lewis bldt:.
Mllwaukle -ruom house. 443
!1wood car.
Take Se
I EIVF.-r.OOM hotat.
Take seltwood car.
6IS Milwaukl at.
FOR RENT .-room house
ney st. M.irsr;:l 34:0.
6-R'4"iM rottlre.
Phone E. 1-P4.
u r.
1!ih X.;
rent H
A M'lI'Er.X Q-room bouse,
wav. tiear lorh. E 4'
.Via East F.road-
M t-n
nt ::lb and East tliatit. I-
W. I!. Herdman
S ROOM:?, fireplace.
ashlngton. cur.
Rood condlt
:"'h M.nn ;
f.-T SirK ! trse lot. sartlen. 7 rooms,
car. Kent $22.50. f-'pnldlnir bltlc.
$S 6-ROOM h-iusf".
Inquire 5K c:av
.'S Cable at. tlas. yard.
t-kOO.VI house, clean, laric. yard: will rent
reasonable. 44 0:h. Mam 5!'oj.
-HO'.'M mode" house; rent 2i Call 117
Clinton st. Fruit ami flowers.
-ROOM modern house. 41S Sail Rafael; $2
PliOP" C WK.
A 7011.
Main HI
120 2Jd, cirner Ullaau.
K-ItuOM furnished cottage for tent, fiS
per month. 1W4 E. YamhilL
f FOR xvifc ai, :: hammer Kesorx.
- . I I rni-nlahMi HoUDVt. I
i- i uoaiw. i .--. i " i
$ 75 9-rnotn house. somethlns; ffood,
largo rooms. A-l location.
j too Modern ltt-rooni house, extra fine
la:e rooma and fine neighborhood.
$ fin New, m-Klern l-room house, on car
line; will build garage.
$ 2.1 fi-room hou3 in A-l condition, near
Ttroadway street.
$ r.5 i-room modern house, complete In
every way. near both Irvington and
Ilruadwuy carllnea.
$ ::,-.rom n house. 1 , blocks from
Mt. Scott carllne.
$ .in lu-room house near East Bttrnslde
st close in. can be divided for two
or three families. Trice and lo
cation O. K.
See Mr. Jones.
Third Floor Chamber of Commerce.
MoIjEUN !-room
house. 19 Overton
near 'lst. $15.
Morlern "'i-rflom flat
Ml North run
nT..rrooI':J1'bouse. s.-.t Kelly st. 3 car. $2J-.-.-room
cottaee. N. 23d near Nicolal.
$1- 5.
.-.-room fat. -l Union ave. N.. $1..
N"-.-it flat. S rooms and bath. 45 1 Larra
bee 2 blocks from Broadway brtdge),
.-.-room cott.'ice. r.'9 Stanton St., near
I'nlon ave. N.. lo.
5-room cottace. 17 Union ave. ... near
St.inton. $15.
lnoulre I.OIM? SALOMON CO..
221 Stark St., n-sr Jd.
Houses, flats and Summer homes, fur
nished and Uiifurnished; come In and look
ne- our :1st.
2- Oalc St.
Suburban homo of 2Vi acres, with a
comfortabie 6-room house: several chicken-houses,
good lamlly orchard, about 5
minutes walk from streetcar; there are
also several doxea chickens can be. bouaht
at market value. Otto t Harkson Realty
Co. l.i.'i'i First st : rent $150. per year.
Foil KENT To responsible parties, strictly
modern 7-room house, two fireplaces, fur
nace, hardwood floors and large sleeping
por. h; furniture for sale. Owner leaving
city. Phone H 24.17. or call B". E. Cout h
P'astered: hot and cold wnter and water
closet: S blocks to car; faro; overlooks
Reed College; rent for $ pr month or
sell. $lt;5; $25 down. $lu per month.
Atw.iter. ti2 Henry birtg. Marshall ailT.
1S1 lullK ST. Modern house of 7 rooms
and re.ptlon hall, bath, toilet, fireplace
furnace, electric light, etc; half block
o 21id St. car: will lease at attractive
figure. The Western Securities Co., IJu
Chamber of Commerce.
4.H". ORKOON ST.. between F.ast 6th and
7tll sts. Nor'.h 7-room modern house,
furnace, good basement. Iiruplace. every
C'.nieiilem-e; accessible to several carlines.
-aIl up owner. Tabor 1"0. or call around
corner !'. East 7th at. North for key.
4-lli.oM house and oue-quurler acre good
garden ground: place Is new and will rent
for $2" per month. Call at 3112 Chamber
of commerce. Chapln-Herlow Mortgagu
Trust Co.
Nr.W. modern 8-rooin home, Mt. Tabor
Heights, larce grounds, garage, furnished
or unfurnished, for Summer, to reliable
party furnishing good reference. rhone
Tabor lMTo.
MODERN 7-room house at 78'i York St.,
baili. furnace, fireplace, electric lights,
half block to 2"ld-st. car; nhone The West
ern securities Co. or call at iM Cham
ber of commerce.
IKVIXOTON $25 for a 7-room house on K.
rTh near Tnoinpson St.. -one 0 tho ttnest
nughborhoods In the city: very cheap rent
f..r this property. Blauchard & Cemsou.
iti2-.1 Selling blOir.
4-ROOM bungalow on 2U acres of clearod
land for rent. A-cent car fare, has chlck-en-housA
and yard; small barn; attractive
plain-. See agent at Multnomah or call
7;iU t namoer 01 tunmrnr.
r OR RENT Modern U-room house, bath
and par.try. large, airy lot. K. 1Mb and t.
Tavlor sts. Inquire 660 1.. 'laylor st-
l hone East 2o"i.
Suli Spalding bldg.
Main 75U2.
FOR RENT 7-room modern house at ,.
Fast loth st. North, cor. Everett; newly
kaleomined: rent $20. Inquire at li bast
loth st. North.
ii-nwiu 11.'. ..t. . v..., - -
$:io ti-ronm home. E. '24th ana Jioyi.
Xrnoin home. K. bth, near tq'ti.
31J IrfWls bldg..
FOI. RENT ft-room house on Beacon St.,
near Brooklyn school; price $1 8 ; near i
carlines. APP'r to E. Willis. 603 East 9th
st. phone Sellwood S7S.
NEW five-room burtraiow, built-in tonus
' lencea. fireplace, lawn, large basement.
tubs; West Side, walking distance. 14s
Currv Kev 24 Bancroft ave.
NE7V and modern 6 and 7-room houses. $20
' and 2o. Call Tabor 44B afternoons.
June 1. 22.du; six rooms, will lease for
1 year. Tabor 359-i evenings.
Ft R KENT it-room
Hl-jlt School, relit $41
ply i:-. Park St.
house, near Lincoln
i. G&4 Park su Ap-
M V 8-rooni house. 767 Williams ave,
only $1S; yard and fruit. I houe WoodJawa
410. ,
S-KOOM dwelling, fine location. 3
st Cut rent 10 desirable tenant,
owner. Main 7H09;
72 32d
fuR REST tj-room bouse,
nittou. 206 Whitaker at.
Front St. .
In good con
Key . at S21
FOR RENT 7-oom house In Albina on Ross
s:.. No. M3. near Russell. $15 month,
i'hone Tabor -IH-M.
Fuji KENT A modern r-room cottage In
f!rst-cass condition. 202 Lincoln st. In
quire 31.' Uoliege st.
FlVF-r.ooM houseboat, running not and
cold water. batU. electric lights. V bS.
rl'R KENT Two good houses). For par
ticulars Inqui.a room 301. The Dekum
;-room house
West Side; full
water colL Phone
lasement. furnace with
Vain 4.;-7. A
6-KOUM modern house. 13 East 50th St..
near Beli-tont. $17. Phone C 22i8. Inquire
2rtl Washington t.
FOR RENT 5-ROOM house with yard. $15
month. 622 Union ave. North. Phone A
16.". ft.
lKVtN.iTOV elerant new. 8-room house,
near Tennis club, $3n per month. Phone
Marshall 21"S.
FOR RF.Nf "! East Broadway; good 6-.-oom
t.nose cood iront and back yards.
'.wner. 41.' Broadway.
Phone East
4-F.OOM house, clean; bath,
d y trays. 11-31CA 01st ave.
nock. K. 177R
toilet, Uun
S. E., Wood-
IP1AI. home, new house. 6 root is. at Mt.
Tabor, 10 rent: $27 .so per montn; all con
venl.tees. phone Tabor ?6.
3217 t noons t,
ancou er.
15th. Ark
Sunda s.
MODERN Vroom house. Hoyt, near 23d;
all conveniences, good yard, attic, etc
Kev 105 Front St.
i0 .1"4 MARK r'T ST. DRUE; sis-room.
15 minntrs' valk to center of city; ujiex--lltd
view, fhnr.t Main 4 1 ' 9.
MODERN flats,
choice location
furnished or unfurnished.
S4flp Clackamas. O 1001.
FOR RENT 403 E. 4"d St.. new house. 6
rooms, all completed.
$2": 7-R.".'M
modern house, Sunnyslde, 1
block to car.
Marshall .".14.
large furnished housekeeping rooms,
nd floor: rent $13. f4 East 11th N.
Ft"R RENT tl-room house with bath,
K. Yamhill and 44th sts.
14 COLUMBIA. 7 rooms, house newly pa
pered, reasonable rent. Owner. 2 HO 14th st.
(a FOl'P. unfurnished rooms. 610 E, Clay
st. Main 603" or E. 9S3.
UOI'SE of r. rooms and bath. 0 E. 19th N.
Inquire 1M 6th st Main 62 To.
4S2HALL ST.. cor. 14th -room house;
modem plu:nnlng. furnace, fine view.
$IS rom
cj'ilre l'2
hotise. In good condition.
East Stark St.
COTTAGE, walking distance, rent reason
able. .V16 Hood st. I'hone Marshall 1349.
BEAUTIFUL s-room modern bungalow, also
6-room furnished apartment. Main 8226-
COTTAoK. 345 11. 7th st. 5 rooms, bath, full
lot. near Stephens School. $15.
8-FO0M house; tine shape. 450 Larrabee
St.: $20. 361 Sacramento st.
$; COTTAGES. 736 and 740 Montana, ave.,
near Fremont. Main 1240.
$25 6-ROOM
Side. Malt:
1 240.
'2 Taylor St., West
NEW. modern. 6-room house, well furnished
for housekeeping. Sunnyslde. East 6.10o.
Be7 E. ALDER. 6-room modern house, good
neighborhood; walking distance.
MOltF.HN n - room cottaffe W.. filri.
I walking dlstaacsi $20. .75 ilarshaU su
7 rooms, lli-5 N. 17th St., $33.
5 rooms. 710 Savier St., $15.
t rooms. 4M E. Davis St.. $23.
7 rooms, 2o5 N. Union ave., $23.
7 -rooms. 2-'7 N. I'nlon ave.. $25.
5 rooms. 3S4 N. l!)th at.. $13.
n rooms, 4'.'1 Alder St.. $23.
8 rooms. DOS Front St.. $27.50.
rt rooms, 614-Front St., $15.
8 rooms, 2" E. 11th St.. $27.50.
0 rooms. T.07 E. Harrison St.. $14.
8 rooms, 274 14th St., $40.
3 rooms, 4J1 N. 22d St., $15.
8 rooms. 4; N. 22d St.. $22.50.
S rooms. 6ii Third st., $20.
9 rooms. 423 Hall St.. $33.
rooms. 7.J.1 E. Salmon St.. $12.
8 rooms. 171 E. Third St.. $25.
7 rooms. 1 75 E. Third St., $30.
3 rooms, ft.'ll E. Ankeny St.. $15.
5 rooms. 2" Ojbbs sL, $12.
3 rooms, 211 Ulbbs St.. $13-
8 rooms. 66 E. Ankeny St., $30.
6 rooms, SS4 Front St.. $23.
10 rooms. 106 N. 14th St., $13.
1" rooms, 104 N. 17th st.. $45.
A rooms. 808 Third at., $30.
5 rooms, 24 Clay St.. $27.50.
5 rooms. 503 Columbia St., $23.
5 rooms. 241 Grant St.. $22.50.
6 rooms. 243 Grant st-. $22.S'.
6 rooms. 362 E. Salmon St.. $25.
6 rooms. r50 Keaxnev St.. $30.
106 Second St.
7-room modern house. 745 E. Mad
ison street $33.00
6-room house. 602 1st st 25.00
.'-room cottage,. 413 E. Pth st 15.00
6-room bungalow. 370 E. 34th . St..
Including water 1800
r.-room cottage. M! E. 46th s ln.oO
5-rootn cottage, 46 E. 8th st 10.50
171 4th street,
wetween Morrison and Yamhill sts.
M. 6K15 A 2813.
6-room house. 2 blocks from Union ave.,
5 - room modern bungalow, two blocks
from Hawthorne ave., $14.
6- room -modern house on Maryland av
enue. $18.
7- room modern house. In splendid con
dition. $21.
6- room modern house, close to car, $18.
7- room modern house, almost new.
$17 5.
No. 133 n First street.
for one of our
That's the Best Way to
Main ll-.tilt. 2111' Washington St. A
A finely furnished 6-room modern
house at 254 E. 2th St., corner of East
Msdlson. one block from carllne; nice
lawn, flowers, shade trues In yard,
furnace, hot and cold water, wash trays
in basement; piano and sewing machine.
. two large porches, one of which can be
used as sleeping porch; house can be had
for'the smalt corn of $40 per mo.; come
and sea it; b.-cta being cooped up In apart
ments. Call Sunday morning. Want ten
ants who will be permanent.
Large, beautiful corner home. 10 big
rooms, 16tii and Halsey; oak finish, new;
open today. See It first. Reasonable rent.
Others are $30. $35. $40 and up.
H. T. STREET, Henry Bldg
The Irvington Real Estate Man.
LARGE 8-room house, with small bam and
ground for garden near Pine and 5Sth sts.
Rent $12 per month to right party. Call
at room 512 Royal bldg., Morrison and
Broadway, for ke
FOR RENT A very nice West Side four
room bungalow to dependable tenants;
care of property more essential than rent.
Inquire Filers Music House, room 313, or
phone Main 6655 or A 2350.
For rent on the East Side.
Real Estate and Rentals.
Corner Grand avenue and E. Ankeny.
FOR RENT A modern, 10-room house, 12S
18th St. North: electric and gaa light, ce
ment basement with furnace, walking
distance from business section. Inquire
434 Market St. or phone Main 2840. '
FOH RENT Modern house, six rooms and
bath. . wired for electricity: woodwork li
white enameled: large yard; 85th and
Btirnslde. Call at 316 Eilers bldg. Phone
Main 6HSS, A 2350.
5-ROOM strictly modern bungalow, large
porch, beautiful lawn, garage if desired.
DrtO East Clinton, on W.R. carllne. Phone
East 023.
MY beautiful new Laurelliurst home to right
parties: 7 rooms, sleeping porch, elegant
ly finished. Reference requited. Tabor
MODERN 7-room house. West Side, walking
distance; nice yard, cement basement,
porcelain plumbing. 310 Market St., near
14th. I'hone Main 243 or A 4832.
7-ROOM liouse in Walnut Park, -convenient
to good carllne: fine shade trees; modern
house: rent $30. A. H. Blrrell Co., 202
McKay bldg.. .Id and Stark.
$23 West Park St. $25
8-room old house, dirt cheap. Will lease.
Marshall 125. 316 Spalding Bldg.
FOR RENT Fine 7-room house with con
veniences. Rose City Park, one block car
line: rent $23 per month. Apply 333 Oak
MODERN 9-rooin home In Irvington, com
pletely furnished, beautiful yard, with
flowers and fruit. Call E. 1613 or
3-ROOM modern cottage with every room
light, also garden In. for $16 per month.
Phone Woodlawn 412 or call at SOJ Min
nesota ave.
7-ROOM house $1S per month. 323 Lin
coln St.. bet. 6th and Broadway; walking
5-ROOM bungalow. 30th. corner of Knott,
new and modern. $2o.
ATTRACTIVE 5-room bungalow, furnished
or unfurnished: view unexcelled: 13 mm.
walk center: roses, lawn. 48 College st.
4-ROOM house, newly kalsomlner, reduced
lo $8 per month. 138 Page st.
S2S 8 ROOMS. E. 16th and Morrison. W. O.
Waddel. 21" Lumber Exchange.
3-ROOM house, fine yard, close in: cheap
rent. 60 E. Ash. Apply 605 E. Couch.
FOR RENT 21st and E. Oak, new 6-room
bungalow. E. 342. B 2645.
5-ROOM cottage, newly painted, modern
conveniences. . small yard. Main 0863. -
MODERN 8-room house. 600 East Morrison.
FuralsUed Hetisea.
FOR RENT A well-furnished bouse with
beautiful lawn and shade, close In. rent
reasonable, sellwood 143
FOR RENT Furnished 6-room house, nice
yard, walking distance. 43 E. Market. J.
S. Foss. 3S4fi Hawthorne.
$2ti; NICELY furnished 3 rooms, bath. gas.
electricity, sleeping tent, large yard. &00
Corbett near Bancroft. 8 car.
WEST SIDE furnished house for rent for
Summer monrtis; large yard, frttlt trses.
4.eautiful view. Phone Main 674.
for rent: erv desirable; good neighbor
hood; fine view. Phone Woodlawn S1S5.
$.'2.50 TO responsible party, my nicely fur
nished modern 5-room home. 2 blocks of
Broadway bridge. 200 McMillan st.
FURNISHED modern house to rent for the
Summer; all kinds of small fruit; on 36th
and E. Tamhlll sts. Phone Tabor 1435.
4-ROOM flat, lower floor, back a-nd front
porches, walking distance, rent reason
able. East IN.".. M east 8th Northu
IRVINGTON Furnished or unfurnished
house; 4-room flat furnished: piano- Rea
sonable. East 32!M.
CLOiE IN, East Side, very desirable fur
nished flat, reasonable. rhone Sellwood
7-ROOM modern bungalow, large yard, plen
ty fruit and rosea 411 Cook ave., one
Mock cast of Union ave. c 2KT.
FIVE ROOM furnished cottage 841 Sher
man st; easy walking distance, $25. Furni
ture for sale. Taggart, Main S67.
Modern 8-room house. Nob Hill; Turk
ish rugs, mahogany furniture, grand piano.
7S6 Gllsan. Main 76H9.
FOR RENT 5-room modern cottage
furnished complete; piano and sewing
machine. 1066 East 26th st. North.
NICELY furnished 5-room bungalow. In
quire 314 ivy st. $1S.ou.
NEW -room bungalow, fireplace. Dutch
kitchen, buffet, etc. 85th and Clinton.
6-ROOM furnished cottage, large yard, close
In, East Side. Phone E. 6145.
NEW 6-room furntshed house, Laurelhursi.
Call today. 1177 E. Couch.
FURNISHED ft-room home In Irvington for
Summer; garage. AM 89. Oregonlan.
5-ROOM Rose City bungalow. furnished
complete. $20. Phone East 5135.
$12 MO. Furnished four-room cottage; no
children. .i E. 31st St. N.
$15 A MONTH Modern 6-room Xuroiabed.
couse, SO mln. ride. Tabor 1210.
$100 Modern 8-room house, north facln"r
on ground 100x1m'. garage, f very
pleasant home; 1 block from N car.
Third Floor cp.amner or
i-OMDt l'tci V furnished new 10-room
.' ... ..... attractive
nouse, one ui m.' ...v... .
on Portland Heights, for rent from J
l to Decemner i. line s. ,
beautllut view, onw o.ovw .......
rent onlv lo careful private family . -
.. .i . Tji ini firii7iiniR.Tl
per monin. Ami -- -
ELEGANTLY furnished private home
. ... A4 id.vlnir r i I V - 8 TO
8 rooms.
rem, Bttyuu i .
oen, Dai in m J li J1""' . . . -
cold water up and down stairs; rent
reasonaoie 10 rig"-
ave.. cor. uiui
. a ..anlal Btrlairlv lfld V
share a clean, modern, new furnls
. m: l...n I a.. Tuna 1A tVlt
th a
r no ch ure:" Phone Mar-
shall 5404.
5-ROOM bungalow, tiled bath, riled kitchen
fi.rnaceT finely furnished. Including Baby
Grand piano; also large garage for two
machines, on 3!Uh st.. near Lincoln, will
lease at $40 per month. R S. Oregonlan.
FOR RENT June 1 to Oct. 1, one of the
most attractive residences close In on
the West Side; 11 rooms; will rent only
to responsible party at a reasonable price.
AO S3, Orcgonian.
ONE of the heat appointed homes In the
citv. adjoining the park, within lo min
utes' walk to center of town, for rent for
a months, at $50 a month. I'hone Main
t'Hit RENT Furnished new 5-room bunga
low for 3 or 4 months, hardwood floors.
Dutch kitchen, modern, garden In, J :
blocks from Rose City car. 3i5 East
st. North. .
3 rooms. Peninsula, $10: 5 rooms, Wood
stock, $15. Fred W German Co.. 832 C.
of C. Both phones.
FOR RENT Modern nicely furnished bun
galow, 6 rooms and sleeping porch, on
10th. near Stanton; $45. George & Fargo.
r.oth and Broadway. E. 80r
MODERN 5-room bungalow for the Summer
to responsible party. Adults ""'ii- 1 ,
E 10th st. North, A car. Telephone Worod-
MODERN furnished cottage, B rooms, also
3-room apartment, private bath, telephone
convenient to si. P. shops. 514 East -1st
st. w K car.
MODERN 7-room house In line location, close
In un East Side,' cement basement, fur
nace, fireplace, good furniture; one room
r..rved: $25. V -102. Oregonlan.
WIDOW, employed, will rent cottage fur
ni.heH comnlote. for room and board:
nlano. central, a adults. References.
2li Park st. Sunday alter 2
eve. after 6.
2 FURNISHED housekeeping rooms "'"J1
large pantry. G917 fiOth ave. S. E., 1 block
south and i west, Tremont station, ML
Scott car.
COMPLETELY furnished 3-ropni bungalow,
srrlctlv modern, all home conveniences;
nice lawn and rosea 1115 E. Caruthers.
Phone Tabor 3121.
WALKING distance. West Side, 0-room fur
nished house, suitablo for rooms; $40
month: phono and water lncluued. 40.
MODERN bungalows, on river, Jennings
Lodge. Oregon City car. consisting of 3
and 4 rooms; watei, bath, electric HKl'ta
Phone Farmers nil. Emmons or Main 4i.
iiOUSK 4 rooms. completely furnished;
clean and new; flowers and lawn. Inquire
between lo and 2. 500 B. Columbia st.
$18.50 per montn.
MODERN furnished homo of 8 rooms, large
grounds, fruit of nil kinds, garden planted,
one block from Richmond carllne. i urther
Information phone atain i-jiq.
S25 FOR A 7-room house, neatly furnl
all modern and up to date, on E. lHtn
Alberta St. Blanchard & Clentson,
Scllli'R b'.dtf.
15-ROOM furnished modern house,
side, good location; rent only $.0;
yeara lease.
H1GLEY & BISHOP, 2ol Hamilton
FOR RENT For Summer, completely
nished modern home in Irvington;
erences required. Phone E: 311-.
6-ROOM elegantly furnished bungalow,
6-room flat, modern and complete;
location. K. 1137.
S-ROOM furnished house. West Side to a
group of young men from June until Oc
tober. Phone Main 4134.
WILL share expensively furnished home In
Irvington with family f adults. io
June 1 $22.30: six rooms, will lease for
1 year. Tabor 35HI.
ROOM bungalow, partly furnished, near
carllne; large garden, all up; rent $10.
Phone K lltr.. r.asc li?-.".
THREE-ROOM furnished cottage. $10 mo.
ML Scott car, Firland Station, cor. 48th
ave. and 76th st.
g ROOMS, furnished complete, piano and
pool table, electric lights, nice yard, roses,
nice location. Phone Marshall C8.
5-ROOM furnished house, with bath, nil
Mllwaukie St.. $17 per mo. Inquire H".i
N. 4th sL , ,
7-ROOM house on carllne. .-.1st st.; piano
fine garden: to responsible people lor
Summer. Phone Black 674.
MODERN 7-room bungalow In the Nob Hill
district, for rent furnished or unf urnlsltea.
Houi-es fur Bent, furniture for Bale.
SEASIDE snap: the Stelnleln cottage, com
pletely furnished, lot 50x100, In choice
part of Harmosa Park. 1 block from
ocean, for sale, price $1100. I'hone H
fiunimer Resorts.
FOR RENT Furnished cottage, Tillamook
Co.- fine view of ocean and mis.; by month
or "season reasonable. L. Beard, 407 Jef-
tarflrtn mt -V
SEASIDE Will rent our high-grade 7-room
well furnished home on ocean fronL r.very
comfort and convenience. Sanltury plumb
Ing. East 6135.
GLEn" M A R Cottage. In Hermosa Park.
Seaside, for rent for season: 7 rooms, all
modern conveniences: close to ocean. 1-tS
East Hoyt. Tabor 3027-
CANNON BEACH For the season, most
desirable live-room cottage, completely
furnished; large sleeping- porch. Address
M. B. McKay. Lucretia Apt. 31.
FURNISHED housekeeping apartments.
Earning capacity. $1200. to lease for $0(
per season. For Information write Mrs.
F X Marks. No. 127 Long Beach. Wash.
NELSON'S Tent city. Just a whisper from
the ocean. Furnished housekeeping tents
bv the dav. week or month. Season opsns
.lime 1. Box 5. Seaside. Or.
7-ROOM furnished house. Seaside, bath, elec
tricity, hot and cold water, large porches,
4 block from ocean, near Lnrksley Hall.
Tabor 1043. 10 to 1 mornings.
GEARH RT For rent, completely furnished
8-room house, fireplace, bath, electricity;
for June; reasonable. F. Hagar, Gearhart.
FINEST S-room house on boardwalk at
Seanlde. Or.: completely furnished; rent
reasonable. Phone Marshall 3616.
ATTRACTIVE r-room cottage. Seaside;
clean, well furnished. iath. electricity.
sleeping porch, near beach. Main lbO.
3 FURNISHED rooms near Necanlcum Inn,
at Seaside. $60 for season. Phone Tabor
2R30. -
FURNISHED 4-room bungalow on auto
road, near Mt. Hood- all conveniences;
rent reasonable. 243 6th st.
FURNISHED cottage from June 1 to July
21. at Elk Creek Bcayh. below Seaside.
A ppl y :v? 20th t. .
A TWO-STORY beach cottage; glorious
view of Neahkshnle Mountains and sea;
new: nnrtlv furnished. G "3. Oregonlan.
SEASIDE For rent. July and August, mod-
ern six-room cottage on boardwalk. Tele
phone Lansing stout, main
BOARDERS taken at Hood River: a clean
place, in respectable family ranch home.
Phone Taoor ii;o-
SEASIDE For rent 4-room well-furnished
cottage: electric lights, city water; near
Hotel Moore. Phone A 3319.
SEAVIEW Furnished cottages for rent.
. Mrs. Kate Bartholomew, 100 E. 11th St.
I'hone B 12on.
S-KOOM cottage, on ocean front, completely
t . t..nn..nn for rent reason-
tttrnianeo. goo -- -
ah e. Address box. -1"-, ft"r. -"
- . i .-tC mfm nltniT4
A. E. ALLEN. Box 124, Seaside. Or.
FOR RENT Completely furnished housekeeping-rooms.
Emma Shepard, Seaview.
Wash. .
BEAUTIFUL 6-room cottage at Seaside;
every modern convenience. Una view.
East 5074.
-ROOM cottage for rent at Seaside, 3
blocks from ocean, overlooking the Ne
canlcum. Phone Main 5312.
4-room cottage, completely furnished,
water and electricity. Phone Main 6016.
SEASIDE Well furnished 4-room cottage
for season, close to boardwalk. A 1204.
FURNISHED 4-room cottages (Seaside), in
good condition. Close to ocean, main awn
THE PERGOLA, one of the prettiest fur
nished cottages at Seaside. M. 3176.
FOR RENT 7-room furnished bouse; ocean
view. Phone Marshall 3451.
THE "Sea Croft" cottage at Sea, View ia
ior rent. Fbone Mala a6.
MAY 25, 1913.
4-room. well furnished cottage, for the
season. $75 - -
4-room. ' two-story cottage, well fur
nished. $100.
5 rooms, well furnished.
No. 133 'jj First St.
FOR RENT Seaview. Wash. A large, very
fine cottage; bathroom, hot and cold wa
ter; with a beautiful park. Also other
small cottages, all with running water and
elelctrio light; 1 block from, depot. Also
blocks and lots for tale. -Inquire Captain
Schneider, Seaview. wasn.
FOR RENT My place at North Beach.
Wash.: Beach Center Station; house well
furnished. suitable for small boarding
house or for families; beautiful lawn and
trees; running waier, 71 7.
drees P. O. Box 135. Long Beach. Wash
FOR thii Summer, 4-room and bath new
bungalow, newly and handsomely fur
nished, on Abrams Lake. Siskiyou County,
Cal at the foot of Mt. Shasta; fine fish
ing and boating. - Address Zick Abrams,
sisson, LGL
BEACH cottage at- Neah-Kah-Nle Moun
tain 7 rooms, bath and 3 porches. For
either June or September. Most beautiful
beach view in Oregon. I'hone oft tec. Mar
OCEAN front cottage at Gearhart. 4 bed
rooms, large silling room, with place;
glassed-in porch, fully furnished, modern
plumbing, electric lights, rent $u for
June. Main t in
CAMPING alte and furnished tent at Cedar
Island Park, Jennings Lodge; take Oregon
City car. 30 mln. out; llstiitig. boating,
swimming, etc. Address Orr. Cedar Is
land- rark, Jennings wr;
COMPLETELY furnished r.-room house;,
bath, hot and cold water, electricity, close
to depot, creek and ocean, from June 10
to August 10; $0. Address Mrs. a. Jo
hansen. Seaside. Or.
COMPLETELY furnished 6-room cottage,
water in kitchen. 0 beds, suitable lor
roomers; also 2-room cottage, housekeep
ing tents, reasonable if -taken at once.
Long Beach. Wash. N 94. Oregonlan.
FURNISHED cottage, thoroughly modern,
new and clean, one block from Hotel
Moore, Seaside. Address H 103, Orego
nian. FOR RENT Eight cottapes on the board
walk: also other very fine c"ttages
throughout the groves. ALEX i
Special attention Is called to our large
list of stores for rent, also rooming
houses for rent, unfurnished, under the
classification of for sale miscellaneous, in
this paper today. y
WASHINGTON-ST. store near 19th, splen
didly "fitted for delicatessen, fancy gro
ceries and liquors. Has tile tloor and
mahogany woodwork. Is surrounded by
hotels and apartments; very resonable
rent. Morgan, Fliedner Boyco. op3 AO-
n... t.lriir "
ONE-STORY brick building, 100x100, cement
floor, no posts, formerly used as garage,
20th St., 150 feet from Washington st. ;
will make good stores; long lease. Apply
manager Baggage Company. Park & Davis
FtS. '
2 storeroom. 25x70 each, all glass front,
on best corner town 100U.
For sale. 2 farms. 40 and 100 acres each,
$1000 worth of merchandise and fixtures
at a price. ijuji joe ..
etvtf CT TOW RFA'T
Near Oak st.. next to S. P. R. R. ticket
office stoic 22x45 with full basement. See
V li' Birrell Co., 203 McKay bldg., 3d
ana .taiiy
NEWLY furnished store room for rent;
suitable for tailoring or dressmaking es
taolhment; high-class location at i.J3
Washington St.; rent reasonable. Apply
Lace House Launnry. -o i. t.
PACE In modern basement, ventilated and
well lighted, N. W. corner 4th and Alder
sts., suitable for cafeteria, printing shop,
etc. Morgan, Fliedaar & Bujxe, 5U3 A0-
inston dips
NEW large, light storerooms in new Hous
ton Hotel, 0th and Everett: also hotel Oth
and Hovt sts. Low rent, favorable lease.
Main OMl'.l. 2U'.l Washington St. A 626i.
FOR KEN l etvi.a. ......
new building, with 4-room flats or with
out, on Second and Sherman. Inquire
owner. H. B. Davis. Main 2421.
MODERN stores. 20x00; line fronts; rent
$10 and up; lino butcher shop, good open
ing for tailor, plumber, printer or deli
catessen. Cull M. 1511.
fc'oH RENT Stores, Nob. 248 and 250 Haw
thorne ave., east end of bridge. Apply
Hawthorne Dock Co. Phone East 2003.
FOR RENT, cheap. Just the place tor deli
catessen ami grocery store. Phone Tabor
21 01. .
FUR KENT to manufacturers' agent, or such
piirt of store and otllce with phone. East
ONB-STORY building, with 4500 sq. ft- of
floor space. E. 7th and Belmont sts. AV .
O Waddel. 210 Lumber Exchange.
THKEI5-STORY brick building. 25x200 feet
between Yamhill and Morrison; facing on
First and Front sts.
1S3 Madison st.
DESK room to rent with use of telephone,
$lt. 424 Hamilton uiqk-
W. H. V. EBB, 401 Yeon bldg. Main 4913.
Eilers Building.
Modern Offices for
Four Elegant Offices
and One Beautiful Suite
in the Fine New
For Rent to High-Class Tenants.
Located In the Very Heart of
Every Modern Equipment, Effi
cient Service.
Strictly Highest Class.
Rent Reasonable.
Inquire- Manager. 316 Eilers bids.
Eilers Building Modern Offices for
FOR RENT Large office, use of reception
room, extension phone, stenographer to
answer calls; rent $12 per month; party
taking office must buy furniture. Price,
$30. Apply 523-4-5 Chamber of Com
merce bldg.
Rooms. Sterns bldg., corner 6th and
Morrison sts., suitable for musical or art
studios, offices or sample salesrooms. In
quire office Sherman. Clay & Co.
u r. 1 n u uj? x- ...
Best location, large territory; opportun
ity for big practice. Inquire "World's Drug
Company. 021 1st st.
CONNECTING offices, overlooking Morrison
st. for rent In TUford bldg., reasonable
terms; ask at elevator any hour. Phone
Marshall MS between 5 and 6.
MOST centrally located office: very reasonable-
all-night elevator service. 303 Swet
land bldg. Fifth and Washington sts.
DESK ROOM Heat, light, both phones.
$10 per month. Zlo uregonian uius.
FINE location for light manufacturing, tail
or or offices. AS 045, oregonlan.
WANTED Desk with use of phone, not
over $5. Main 5386
FINE desk room, cheap. 216 Lewis hldg.
W alehouses.
FOR RENT About September 1, building
S. E. corner of ISth and Hoyt, suitable
for warehouse or factory, present occupant
will- sell steam plant and office fixtures at
-easonable price If desired. Call at build-
- Ing or phone at. -o"j.
STORAGE, large or small quantities: 60,000
ft. floor space; on S. P. R. R-, E. Morri
son and East 1st sts. E 3227.
n; a ui"nni:sR nronertv to lease for term
of vears. 100x100, S. E. corner 4th andj
Hoyt. Phone Main HS0 or write AN 102,
2 CLEAR lots in the city: price jsr.n. want
grocerv or rooming-house. Phillips, 1022
C. of C. Main 7407
CAFETERIA, busy place, clearing $200 per
month above all expenses, steam table;
price $soo. 303 Lumber Exchange.
THREE drugstores In Portland, good lo
cation, for sale. Campbell & Thorsen.
the Drug Men, 418 Lumber Exchange.
4AKERY and light groceries: best buy in
the city; dandy place for man and wife.
See owners. 1328 Hawthorne ave.
LUNCH counter, close in, West Side, cheap
rent, 2 people can handle; good business;
price $150. 303 Lumber Exchange.
CLEANING and dye works doing large
wholesale business, needs active partner:
$750 will handle this. Plant. 641 Hood st.
GROCERY store; good trade; rent $20;
rooms and bath; near car: owner; some
cash, bal. terms, trade. O 211X
MULTI GRAPH ING CO.. $3000; business
nets $250 to $300 per month; lalesu and
best machinery to be had. This Is a fin?
buv at this figure. Reason or sale, unex
pected trouble in other large Interests out
of city. Fullest investigation invited.
Goodkind Co. See Mr. Thompson.
Portland's best-paying places; receipts.
$1J50 to $500 per month; very light running
expenses. This place Is located right In
the hub. The fixtures are the very best.
Let us tell you more about this place.
401-402-403 Wilcox Bldg.
Ask for Mr. Thompson.
Trice $1200: located In best West Side
district, no competition In this locality;
has 5 rood living-rooms n eonectton: re
cepts $40 to $H0 per day, dandy, clean,
money-making little business. See this at
once; it is sure to go quick.
Price $,tnin. cheap rent; receipts $00 to
$100 per eday, all cash trade. Owner has
contract that raven $15 per month on his
f'ou- bill. This place will actually Invoice
$5000. Family, disagreements cause of
101-4o2-lii:i Wilcox bldg.
See Mr. Thompson.
hair-dressing parlor for sale in the livest
city of Eastern Oregon, no competition in
tho city and has been established for
years. Present owner will assist purchaser
In getting started. Equipment cost $225.
will sell for SHOO rash if taken at once.
Must change climate on account of health.
Don't answer unless you mean business.
Address Hansen & Houghton. Pendleton,
FACTORIES of all kinds wanted at Vernon,
hub of the Sunny Okanogan. Special in
ducements offered bona tide manufactur
ers. Box. Ice and cold storage, tin can.
pulp, gypsum. Jam and marmalade, evap
orator "and cider plants needed quick.
Branch wholesale houses wanted. Ample
power now developed. Write Industrial
Commissioner. Vernon. B. C.
OPPORTUNITY is beckoning. Some live
grocer to Multnomah, 2o minutes out on
the Oregon Electric Railway. Fine open
ing also for a meat market. Take the car
and go out. Look around and see the possi
bilities. I am Interested in the place an-l
should like to talk the matter over with
you. See me at 730 Chamber of Commerce
UNUSUAL chance to join big hog-raising
proposition in which little money will pay
large returns. There is nothing better in
the shape of a safe investment combined
ltn Dig returns. riuin ou. on.... j
ivest and when and where advertiser can
tet you for personal interview. AD 811,
met you for personal
Located 011 one of the best corners in
the city, with good lease and a live agen
cy that is paying well. A wonderful chance
for anvone wishing to engage in the auto
mobile business. Full particulars to those
meaning business; others need not an
swer. AF ss, Oregonlan.
IT voti are Interested in BUYING OR
TRIAL stock, consult us. Can save you
10 to 00 per cent. Correspondence Invited.
216-217 Lewis Building.
DENTAL OFFICE, account sickness. One
of tho best equipped dental offices In the
city. Ten per cent less than Invoice price.
Established three years. Dr. Henry Roux
Clark, 3ol Macleay bldg., Portland. See
Mrs. Clark, room 5, Portland Trust Co.
bldg.. 3d ahd Oalt
FOR SALE Candy kitchen and Ice cream
parlor, doing a nice business. In good
town, low rent, good location: will teach
purchaser how to make taffies nnd sta
ples. Address W. E. McCorinack, South
Bend. Wash. .
CAPITAL Private banking house will con
sider additional financing of going corpor
ations; cupilaJ furnished for projected
enterprises indicating good earning power.
Associated Underwriters, P. O. box Di6,
New York.
WANTED In business investment office, old
established A purtner willing to show
customers property; will pay you at least
$150 month; bank reference. Room 3.3,
Lumber Exchange. 2d and Stark.
in a growing business; duties are easily
learned and very little money is required;
yvlll pay large profits. Call S1U Lumber Lx
change. 2d and Stark.
FOR SALE Livery and feed stable, house
on same property, city water, on main
street of city. Father gone East he says
sell. Bargain. B. C. Hoyt, Kidgefleld,
ABSTRACT business Owner wants interest
ed partner that no can uep-nu on m
him 111 his office; will pay you $200
month. Room 323, Lumber Exchange, -d
and Stark sts.
LOCAL partner, no Investment, all-steel sec
tional garages, small buildings, very at
tractive proposition, fullest sales co-operation.
Permanent, profitable. Ruby Man
ufacturing Company, Jackson. Mich.
for sale. In business district: long lease
and a good business, at tho right price to
the right party. Phone Main 7137 any
day except Sunday.
WILLOW RIVER British Columbia's new
town of importance on Grand Trunk Pa
cific For free information write today,
Pacific Land & Townsites Co.. 33 Rich
ards St., Vancouver. B. C. Agents wanted.
FOR SALE Confectionery and Ico cream
business, billiard room In connection; best
location In the city; season Just open;
first regular excursion today. A. D. Dufur.
Newport, Or.
con mi.K OR RENT.
Movlng-plc.ture show and restaurant;
complete outfitting. 400 seats: at Seaside,
Or. Inquire at 20 N. Oth st. Phone Main
Have a first-class plant; county con
tract worth $1SOO a year; weekly: estab
llshed 40 years. Further particulars bis
Aeon bldg. ,
BUTTER egs and produce store, doing
strict cash business of $05 dally and no
.1 v.n' n 1 1 no expeiie. i no- i......
Room 323, Lumber Exchange, 2i
Stark sts.
A SNAP A money-making confectionery
and lunchroom in goou ensures io-renoo ,
must sell at lowest possible price, owing
to sickness. Tabor 1
WANTED A representative to handle a new
noveltv: must have money to carry stock:
exclusive territory granted. All 9, Ore
CASH giocerv Owner compelled to go on
' his farm; will sell for less than invoice;
good trade and only $20 month rent. 3111
Lumber Exchange, 2d and Stark.
OWING to poor health I will sell all or
half interest In a money-making sand and
gravel business; might consider trade for
farm or acreage. AD 169, Oregonlan.
$350 SNAP for cash grocery and confec
tionery; new brick corner, with living
rooms; a growing business. 773 :?11waukle
STORE fixtures for sale, rent: fireproof,
steam heat building. 27x80. pay roll $10.
000 per month. 2oo0 town; bargain. Box
344 Camas, Wash. ,
SEE us for groceries, cigar stores, con
fectionery and pool halls.
rhamher of Commerce. Mar. 604.
IF YOU can solicit a meritorious article
and have $30 to Invest you can make some
good monev this Summer. Either sex. No
trlflers. Address E S-. Oregonlan
LIGHT manufacturing business wants a
partner to keep plain accounts . salary $10"
month, also profits. Room 323 Lumber Ex
change. 2d and Stark sts.
WANTED Lad v partner to take half In
terest In well-established business, or will
sell reasonable: no trlflers need apply.
3ot) Central bldg
HOTEL for sale cheap. 74 rooms; hot and
cold water In each room; terms. 11 N.
Oth St. -
BARBERS First-class 3-chalr shop for
sale cheap. Inquire at the Oregon Barber
Supply Co., 72 6th st.
DAIRY lunch business Partner wanled;
will pay you $125 month. 319 Lumber Ex
change. 2d and Stark.
CASH grocery; rent traded; living-rooms.
Owner Price $700. Phone evenings and
Sunday-. A SMS. East 157 week days.
$500 -STOCK groceries In central locatbm.
Rent $10; doing good business. Box il4,
McNeill Bros.
EMPLOYMENT office Owner wants a re
liable partner: profits are very large. 319
Lumber Exchange, -o aim
ESTABLISHED business: receipts $11 day:
Stock, fixtures can be bought for $300 if
taken' at once. Call at 171 4th st.
BARBER SHOP for sale cheap; bright and
neat, bath, next to theater. 5411 E. 2d
St. S. E. '
TAILOR and pressing shop; good location,
'cheap when bought at oncevSl Killings-
worth ave.
OPPORTUNITY" for energetic man used to
farm produce; pay $125 month. 3111 Lum
ber Exchange, 2d and Stark.
REGISTERED pharmacist wanted to take
u, interest tn a country' drug store. AJ
S7, Oregonlan.
SOLID cash business Experience not neces
sary; pay $5 day; very little money re
quired, t an am qpqs.
STRICTLY cash grocery, with living rooms,
doing big business. Room 323 Lumber Ex
change, 2d and Stark sts.
ILL HEALTH necessitates sale of pros
perous mercantile business; fino loca
tion, good base; a high-grade busi
ness that has cleared more than ,20
per cent per annum on capital during
past live years; goods bought and
wold for cash and no accounts car
ried; less than $loo.nm cash will
handle. AN UNEt'Et.LKD OPPOR
Addrtss drawer 767. Postofflce.
Portland, Oregon. Give your bank ref
erences, and if you are the RIGHT
MAN. full particulars will be furnished.
WE have Investigated these propositions an.
thev are good: Grocery worth Jli50, la
location I hat is excellent. Rent, Includ
ing four-room flat. $3o.
Grocery- stock and fixtures, worth $1800.
to exchange for close-In acreage, lots or
house and lot.
If wanting a rooming-house restaurant,
hnkcry, laundry, pool ball, confectionery,
warehoie, call and e-e our list.
, Mr. Robards.
3d floor Chamber of Commerce.
Also flue line of c. .11 feet Ion. T tobacco
and cigars, good location, large room, no
better fixtures In city; very low rent;
must be sold at once; romr and Investi
gate; it's a snap at $2500, 2 cash, good
terms. Neal Brown. Holt Swctland bldg.
Call Main 4S7I between 11 and 12 today.
OLD established drug store, many veari
present locality, good lease, low rental,
excellent prescription business; good sals
own proprietary remedies. Retiring ac
count ill lnulth. Entire business at a
bargain; jr."0ll: l.teoo cash, balanco termt
or trade for good income property. AP
9". Oregonlan.
A NEW selling proposition, ono of the best
monev-niakera on the msrket. The article
Is Indorsed by th best people In the
United States Government. Hie State of
Oregon and Portland business men. No
scheme. It's worth your prompt atten
tion. A. A. Werlev. manufacturers agent,
S 3 7 Chamber of font m erce.
WE are offering a limited amount of our
capital stock to tho Investing public at
par for the purpose of enlarging our mer
cantile business, which has been estab
lished for over four years, and last year
paid a dividend of 21 per rent. For par
ticulars address 1. 105, Oregonlan.
WANT a few good, energetic men or wom
en to sell a high-class and profitable ar
ticle. If vou have $1.'0 or more to Invest,
vour Income will be the greater. No ex
pense In handling. A. A. Werley. manu
facturer's agent, S37 Chamber of Com
Bakery, with living-rooms. 5-year leas".
$3 a month, doing a fine business: price
$l"Oo- will stand your closest investi
gation. F. Fuchs, 420 Chamber of Com
merce. HAVE vou from $1000 to $10,000 to invest?
I have the finest Irrigation project In
Oregon. All rights obtained and work
nearly completed. You can make $1 for
every $1 Invested. Good positions open
to Investors. J 102, Oregon tan.
SOUND manufacturing business here in
Portland needs additional capital with or
without services of Investor, depending on
his ability; entire business can he pur
chased if preferred. Paciilo Incorporated
Co.. 313-317 Selling bldg.
Extra well-equipped; auto delivery; also
horwe and wagon; wholesale and retail
business of $!H) a day; have years con
tract for Hour at low price. Call at 6H
Yeon bldg. for further particulars.
WANT active man for manager and "l'-s-man
for small factory; must have $o0U
or $1000; good chance to build profitable
business: tactory equipped and stock oa
hand. AJ HS, Orcgonlun.
1300 CASH buvs best cleaning, pressing es
tablishment in city, strictly up-to-date;
good cash trade, plenty hotel work; must
be seen to be appreciated, mono Mar
shall 5025.
Interest In prolitablo manufacturing cor
poration, managing position and salary:
unusually good; Investigate. U04 Wilcox
A SPLENDID opportunity awaits a lady or
gentleman who is looking for a first-claas
investment insuring good returns In a
first-class, up-to-date manufacture, strictly
legitimate, jmv o". -'.--
LlVfittl r-i.-vt. r, ....-.-
Got two of them, one Is priced at $0".
the other at $1700. terms on part, cheap
rent, both are well equipped and making
money. Jacob Haas. 3"S Gerlinger bldg.
We have good openings In all lines or
business: see us If you wish to be placed
right. F. Fuchs, 420 Chamber ot com
merce ESTABLISHED cash business; legitimate,
safe exclusive; party taking same must
be reliable, able to give bonds It neces
sary. Investment required, $1200. Inter
. ... t. t... in a a I .in
view. Al. 11. uregonmu.
HFSTAL'ltVNT Best on the market; estan
lished. clean business; well raying ; no
exaggeration; a good buy. Price $9..0.
$:i.-,0 down, balance to suit. Owner. Al
91. Oregonlan -
NEW 6-room house, three lots, unincuni
' hered. for Improved ranch, 10 to 40 acres
close to Portland or Vancouver; price
must be rignt. uwnr.i. .. . .- -
:i"0 ACRES of fino oak timber, only t'3
acre- ail clear. Trade for grocery or
apartment-house. riillllps. 1022 C. of
c. Main 7407.
FOR SALE lies tali rant or short order out
llf lUie to tako to the beach or will sell
. half to experienced cook as partner. A
00. Oregonlan.
A RARE chance for someone to DU5. ""';
an established business right In ""''
of business district. Good reason for scll
ing. Apnlv 2S5 Alder.
WANTED A live hustler To take a half
W MeresT In promoting a first -r as. ma nu
facturlng proposition. Apply AB 91. Ore
flfonian. vi iviMM'in't'RE nu tilt, Kdlnnn machine.
Mwi,nNV,,n,s Ind outfit: Just the ticket .,,
play small towns; all for $1.iO-, I
Main o''.47. ,
WE have grocery stores, confectionery, pool
rooms and drugstores to trade J
Sec Campbell & Thoreson. 418 Lumber
Excban go bldg. .
FOR RENT 4 roomy stores, on North 2d.
suitable for plumbing and csrpe nter ah opt
;r retail stores; $25 month rent. Innulie
Foster Hotel office. ,
FOR SALE Confectionery, Ice cream and
sandwich parlor; living rooms, t all fern
waiTln.-roSm. west side of street. Van
couver. Wash.
a success in the business desires lo In"
or manage a good house; excellent refer
ences. S 90. Oregonlan. .
.Meat market for rent; good ir"-"-chance
for right party to build up fine
business. M0 corbett st.
BETTER than moving picture theater for
man with $10uo cash to operate an ex
change in Montana: an exceptional open-
. ( OT OrAaonlnn
ins- - .-p'
4uL movlng-Dleture
films to "Honolulu; large returns, must.
have $lo"". - f". ""
$200 BUYS hall IntrrcM PHvIng business.
out of town; snap for som-one. Howard.
715 Swetlanri bldg. .
SACRIFICE at Invoice; 5 years' established
business, on account of sickness. j5 Union
ave. .
POOI.HALL. cigars. soft drinks light
lunches etc.. .1 pool .....
$.-,.-,0 will handle. 3Q1I Lumber Exchange.
GROCERY, confectionery. Ice cream. 4 IK
Ing rooms, rent for all $25; waiting-room
Price St..-". oO. LUinn ....-..-
FOR the small sum of $250 1 must sell;
'bringing In $30 a week; this must be
handled by a lady. Aft 0... Oregonlan.
AUTO garage and repair shop has every
latest machinery, clearing $.100 month;
mice nv". ovo jjo..-7. c
ESTABLISHED business, half Interest for
$800; clear you $200 a month. 301 Henry
FOR SALE Soda fountain, peanut roaster,
showcase, counter, wire fruit stand; cheap.
:i:t N. loth st.. corner Couch.
i WISH to hear from two or threo investors
with $1oo or more to put Into an active
profit-paying deal. A R 94. Oregonlan.
PORTLAND factory, crowded with orders,
wishes private loan, for which substantial
bonui w ill bo given. A R 93. Oregonlan.
'oil sale or lease Group of placer and
nuanz claims, on railroad; responsible
parties only.
T 87. Oregonlan.
TH1-- BEST cash offer takes my $1500 stock
la. lies' rurnlshlngs; 1 leave this week.
201 1st st.
WANT an aggressive partner, bicycle shop:
require $200. B m. urogonian.
10 SHARES U. S. Cashier stock at $10; must
sell. L 103. oregonlan.
BAKERY', brick oven, rent $20; big shop
trade: price $400. 303 Lumber Exchange.
MY business for sale. $330 takes It. clearing
tA t.ii mnnth All 93. Oregonlan.
FOR SALE Restaurant. 705 Thurinan, good
place for man and wife. Owner.
BIG pay capital unnecessary, hustlers. Shur.
Shine Co., 2420 th ave., Tacoma. Wash,
TWO shares Potter Coin Machine stock
cheep. AT 92, Oregonlan.
FOR SALE or trade; cafeteria, cheap, so
fake; investigate. W 86, Oregonlan.