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Encouragement Said to Come
From All Quarters.
Personal Contacf With Voters
Increases Republican's Fol
lowing Materially.
Candidate for Sheriff Declares He Is
Fighting for Protection of Grow
ing Generation and Success
. - Is Assured.
Mn SVlns- lr Renresent Oregon in
Miiiisrais BY
Congress and Replace Lafferty
t AYbose Strength Wanes, Feels
Sure of Victory Xow.
As a result of a very vigorous cam
paign In the last two weeks the can
uidacy of Thomas McCusker, indepen
dent nominee for Representative i
Cone-ress. has assumed very promlsin
proportions. Mr. McCusker and hi
friend feel entirely warranted In mak
ins the prediction that he surely will
be elected Tuesday if those wno nave
promised him their support will go to
the polls and vote.
Mr. McCusker has prosecuted f his
campaign .most diligently In the last
two weeks. He has been getting down
town at o'clock in the morning, inter
viewing the workingmen on their wa
to work and passing out his cards an
Dlatform. This in a large measure ac
counts for the changed sentiment In
his favor. Invariably where Mr. Mc
Cusker comes In personal contact with
the voter he makes a favorable lm
pression. He has the appearance of a
wide-awake hustler and a man who
will do things and that is the kind of
man the people of this county want at
Personal Contact Favored.
In his campaign Mr. McCuBker has
not depended on street speaking or de
liverlng addresses in halls. He be
lieves that meeting the voters person
al!y and permitting them to size up
the man they are to vote for brings
better results. He says that in meet
lug the people he receives a great deal
of information that one could not otn
erwis get. People, as a rule, like him,
and tell hira what they believe would
benefit them If they had a proper Kep
resentative In Congress who would
look after their Interests.
lie', as he is best known, Is sym
pathetic by nature, and Is always will
Ing to listen to the troubles of hii
friends," said an acquaintance yester
day. "No man is more widely known
for the efforts he is willing to make
to do a fellow man a good turn. Still,
he never makes idle promises merely
to make the other fellow feel good, or
to get rid of those who Importune him
for assistance. If he believes they are
right he will help them, and If he be
lieves to the contrary he says so,
bluntly and forcibly. As he puts It,
'It does not require the services of an
interpreter to understand what I mean
or where I stand. This, unfortunately,
is not true of all candidates for office,
who are willing to promise anything
to secure votes.
"The voters of this district are for.
tunate to have a man of this kind to
vote for. He Is a Republican, in fact
the only one on the ticket for Congress,
as Lafferty, who received the Repub
lican nomination. Immediately there
after deserted the party and declared
for the Bull Moose, but retains the Re
publican party name, and in his ad
vertising claims to be the regular Re
publican nominee, thereby attempting
to deceive the voters, but in this he
will not be successful, as all those who
know the facts are emphatic in say
Ing they they have no use for a "bolter"
and that a man cannot be a itepuo
lican and a -Bull Mooser at the same
Lafferlv' Defeat Expected.
The concensus of opinion among Re
publicans Is that Lafferty will be an
extremely bad second In the race. It
ts now only a question of piling up a
majority for Mr. McCusker, who is a
long way in the lead over both of his
opponents. For a time Mr. Munly's
campaign took on the appearance of
.".oing things, but the misleading state
ments sent out about his strength, by
reason of his nlleged Republican fol
lowing, have been shattered. Some
Republicans who were desirous of de
feating Mr. Lafferty were willing to
vote for Mr. Munly if they could be
convinced that he was the strong man.
but as Mr. Lafferty's defeat is now
conceded and tne wonderful growth of
Mr. McCimkers following in the last
week makes him a sure winner, the
Republicans who were in doubt are
now convinced that a vote against Mr,
McCusker is a vote thrown away.
Another factor enters Into the fight
and In a good measure may account
for the growing strength of McCusker,
and that is the fact that the Demo
crats are drawing the party lines ani
aie using every effort to capture all
the offices, notwithstanding that they
are outnumbered more than 4 to 1. The
chairman of the Democratic National
Committee is appealing for the election
of Mr. Munly and Dr. Lane, as Demo
crets. making the issue pure and sim
p!e a party one. This Is being resented
by Kepubllcans who might have been
induced to vote for Wilson in order to
defeat Roosevelt, but they see no ne
cessity for surrendering everything to
Hie Democratic party now and having
to fight to take it away from them at
the next election.
They believe that It is the part of
wisdom to keep what they have, as
they are not convinced that the Demo
cratic party is more able to handle af
fairs than are the Republicans. Hence
the sentiment is growing that the best
thing to do is to vote for good Repub
Proprietor of His Former Resort
Confesses to Being FigurelieMl.
Through the arrest of a man "giv
Inar the name Jack Jones, and his wife.
the 'man being charged with keeping
the woman in an immoral house, new
troubles are brewing for Tony Arnaudi
former owner of a notorious North
KVid dive, and recently deprived of his
Jones, whom the police identify as
J. H. Richter, a a. insurance agent, was
nrrested in his home at 1353 East Har
rison street. It Is alleged that he has
been acting as dummy for Arnaud in
holding the saloon license since Ar
naud was deprived of It, and that Ms
wife has been in charge of the rooms
over the saloon, which the police as
sort are used for immoral purpostM.
From three to five girls are kept in
the rooms over he saloon, it is
charged. Arnaud's place was once one
of the most thriving dives in the North
Knd, but his persistence In operating
the rooms overhead caused hlmto larr.
his license. He Is still the real pro
prietor, says Jones, who confesses to
being merely a figurehead to disguise
the real ownership of the license. Ar
naud was present in Municipal Ccurt
yesterday when the case was called up
and continued.
Coal of quality C !303. Edlefsen.
I Li
Independent Republican
Candidate for
McCusker Lithographs Are
Ripped Off Boards.
Pressure Brought to Bear on Him to
AVitlidraw From Race in Favor
of Manly, 19 Declaration
Made by Aspirant. - .
Several hundred lithographs of
Thomas McCusker. Independent Repub
lican nominee for Representative In
Congress from this district, have been
torn down and destroyed In the last 10
days. Mr. McCusker had posted about
500 of his lithographs in the eastern
part of the county, placing the cards
at such a height they could not be
reached by boys. Friday he went over
the ground and found that, without a
single exception, every one of his
lithographs had been torn town.
Those opposed to my candidacy
have sought to minimize my strength
and pressure has been brought from
certain sources to have me withdraw
in favor of Mr. Munly on the ground
that he was the strongest candidate,"
said Mr. McCusker last night. "But I
have sources of information which I
consider more reliable. They convince
e that Mr. Munly is not now in the
race and that Mr. Lafferty will be a
poor second.
"inis is connrmed Dy tne ract tnat a
most strenuous light is being made -on
me by friends of both my opponents.
Country Posters Down, Too.
'I And that all my pictures In the
country have been town down, as well
as many of those In the city. On some
of those left up, some one lias written
things intended to prejudice certain
voters against me.
"I do not accuse any one In particu
lar of doing this, and I am quite sure
it cannot be charged to hoodlums, as
they would not take the trouble to go
all over the county and select my cards
from among all the rest that have
been left up. Furthermore, it Is abso
lutelv certain that It was not my
friends who did it. Some have sug
gested that it might have been. mem'
bers of some labor union.
"I resent this insinuation as no la
boring man has any reason for so do
Ing.- and moreover the average work
ing man is a good oltlzen and a lover
of fair play, and would not resort to
any such tactics. In lact, I wouia
rather take my chances with the la
boring man than with some others
could mention. I have friends among
many of the unions who are working
for my election, knowing that I am
fair to all classes, and they have vol
unteered their assistance without so
llcltation on my part, which I appre
ciate very much.
HcCMkrr Sees Ilia Strength.
"It but confirms what I have often
said; viz: no organized fight Is ever
made on the weak candidate, therefore
I feel certain that my opponents rea
lized that I am the strong man.
"In all fairness, I should have been
permitted to get my advertising before
the public. . I never would think of re
sorting to any underhand work to de
feat an opponent, as I prefer to win on
my merits rather than on their de
merits. Therefore, I appeal to all good
citizens who believe In fair play to re
pudlate the contemptible politics being
used against me.
"If I am beaten In a fair fight, I never
whimper, and will doff my hat to the
winner, but I most emphatically pro
test against the game I'm up against.
"Notwithstanding this, I am going
to win, but I want the majority to be
an emphatic repudiation of the tactics
that are being employed against me,
"I also want to call attention to the
fact that all those Democrats who have
been induced to plead for the election
of Mr. Munly, do so on part' lines,
making the issue plain, but use the
subterfuge that it is necessary to have
a Democratic Congress to sustain
Democratic President, should Wilson
be elected. This Is folly, as the whole
country is behind the President, and
every good measure initiated by him
will' be passed. But it is more Im
portant to have a check in the person
of a Republican Congress to prevent a
Democratic President from forcing
through a bad measure, should he
through inexperience or otherwise de
sire to do so. This is food for thought,
and should be considered well by the
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&d i Qii
Frankly admitting that his wife and eight healthy- youngsters are
the particular "party" in which he Is most interested, August D. Slng
ler, of Medford, Republican nominee for Sheriff of Jackson County, has
sent postal cards to every voter in the county, bearing a picture of
himself and family, with the motto displayed above, "The -party I am
working for."
This enterprising candidate, who did not consider it necessary to put
an anti-race suicide plank in his platform, used Identically the same
picture in his campaign for the nomination last Spring, with the ex
ception that there were but seven children in the picture before the
primaries, whereas now there are eight. A bouncing boy arrived in
August, and the proud father, believing that if seven children were
effective as an argument for his nomination, eight should be even more
effective for his election., had the baby's picture taken and etched into
the original cut, with the words, "Addition since the. primary."
Mr. Slngler's friends say that this unique way of advocating his can
didacy was all that was needed, with his excellent record, as County
Constable, to make his election a certainty.
"Never mind the cards. Tom. We've
got 'em already, and we were going to
vote for you anyhow," said man after
man in the terminal yards yesterday,
when Tom Word went among' them to
ask for their support for Sheriff.
"You can't help yourself much here.
We're all for you already," said others.
It is the same all over the city, ac
cording to reports from Word head
quarters. Everywhere. declare Mr.
Word's workers, the sentiment is over
whelmingly in his favor. Encourage
ment is coming from all directions, and
from unexpected sources. Fruit vend
ers who have enlisted themselves in
Mr. Word's behalf have made house-to-
house inauiries. and report that with
scarcely an exception the mothers 'of
the city are for him.
What is regarded as 4he real climax
of the Word campaign came at a meet
ing held at Montavilla Friday night,
when Word gave his answer to an
article printed In an evening newspa
per, bitterly attacking him.
Defense of Home Brings Tears.
"Tonight, although I had decided to
pav no attention to It, I am going to
answer the News. I had the best
mother that ever lived, I have the
sweetest wife on earth, and I have five
fine children and five dear little grand
children. That's my answer to tne
News," he said, as a storm of applause
broke loose which lasted rive minutes.
Team flowed -freely.
The speaker was three times recalled
to the stage by the prolonged demon
stration which followed his speech.
A noliceman who heard tne jaonta
villa speech told friends -that he went
n th hall a Fitzgerald man, but came
away with the intention of voting for
The streetcar men and mailcarriers,
on whose support it is said Fitzgerald
was depending to swing- the balance in
his favor in the city, have turned to
Word almost to a man. accoruing to
latest reports.
Support of Clerks Pledged. -
Visiting a number of furniture houses.
wholesale houses and commission
houses, the candidate yesterday found
th men lined ud for him, and doing
everything possible to further his inter
ests in the communities where they
T am fighting for the protection oi
our homes, for the girls and boys who
are growing up to take our places,"
said Mr. Word yesterday. "And I am
going to win. The good people of
Portland are behind me, thoroughly
aroused to the danger that threatens
their homes and children.
&6F FFF 55 I.EE TO WPk & 'Hfe? Sffij? fen-fT-tfnrFH
I frankly ask your support as a candidate for the State
Legislature. I-have lived in Portland for many years,
and have spent most of my business life here.
If I am elected I shall devote to Multnomah County'
and to the State of Oregon the same energy and integrity
that characterize my own personal affairs. I shall be the
representative of the best element of citizens in this
148 X Dorr E. Keasey Independent
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Republican Candidate for
' (i --'
I - A ''- -J
Statement No. 1.
Direct Primaries.
Interstate Bridge.
Free School Books.
Household Exemp
tions. Workmen's Compen
sation Law for In
juries. '
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' -5,1
L'YvJ'.''- i
For County Assessor
A square deal to every taxpayer.
No wild and reckless assessments.
Henry E. Reed
Republican Primary Nominee.
No. 161 on Official Ballet
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1 f, '
Ll L-fA I
Dr. Sam C. Slocum
Nominated at the Primary Election
. in April. Indorsed by the
Medical Profession.
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Statement by the Majority Rule League
For the purpose of setting aright the Ministerial Associa
tion, tne Oregon Journal and others disaffected toward the.
Majority Rule Bill the Majority Rule League desires to
assure the voters of this state :
First That not to exceed $3500 has been expended in
the Majority Rule campaign.
Second That the list of subscribers to this fund con
tains but one individual who could be classed as a liquor
dealer. That all of the contributors are prominent, well
knoAvn, substantial and eminently respectable men of this
city. This list of subscribers and contributors will bo filed
in due time according to the.lnw with the Secretary of State
and will be printed in the daily papers of this city.
The campaign made by . the Majority Rule League to
pass the so-called Majority Rule Bill has been conducted in
an honest, straightforward manner and strictly in accord
ance with the law.
It is desired specially to call attention to the inconsist
ency in the resolution of the Ministerial Association, wherein
the ministers say in one paragraph that the initiative and
referendum law was adopted by a two-thirds vote and in
the next paragraph declare that if the Majority Rule Bill
passes that it will be impossible thereafter to pass any kind
of an initiative law in this state.
The backers of the Majority Rule Bill deny that there is
any joker in the bill. Its language is clear,, its. intent is
easily understood and its purpose should be misconstrued
by no one. On the contrary, the joker in the present initia
tive and referendum law stands out prominently. Ilere it is :
"Any measure referred to the people shall take
effect and become the law when it is approved by
a majority of the votes cast thereon, and not other
wise." The words "and not otherwise" were cunningly put in
the initiative law for the purpose of throwing dust into the
eyes of the voter, and it succeeded admirably.
Here is the language used in the Majority Rule Bill,
seeking to amend the initiative law and remove the joker:
"No measure submitted to the people at any
election under the initiative shall take effect or
become the law unless it shall be approved by the
majority df all electors voting at such an election,
whether voting on such measure or not."
' This is straightforward language. No man can misunder
stand it, and it seeks to carry into effect the will of the
people as they understood the Original initiative law. The ,
amendment means that the majority of the voters voting at
.an election is required and not a majority of the registered
voters of the state. MAJORITY RULE LEAGUE,
, H. H. Urdahl, Secretary.
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U - "re 1
l V. I M
John C. Welch
Democratic Candidate for
State Senator
No. 87 or Official Ballot
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