The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 27, 1912, SECTION FIVE, Page 10, Image 68

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p- : J V V iHa 1 Vli O V lUi SATURDAY NOVEMBER 9
This is not an every day or every week Sale but' an extraordinary Sale of fine Housefurnishings, caused by the fact that
I. GEVURTZ & SONS have outgrown their
home, on Fifth Street at Alder. You are indeed
rrcrti- nimrtft-i- After twe ve more sale davs we move to our new
fortunate if you need Furniture at this opportune time ;
Full size iron bed, colors are blue
and green. Has five filling rods and
posts are fitted with brass knobs; also
brass rod at head and foot. Usual
price $7.00.
Fumed solid oak diner,
with genuine leather seat.
Regular price is $4.00.
REMOVAL AT. .$2.65
. J
$165 Mahogany Davenport, brown leather. . $82.50
$ Oo Golden Oak Davenport, black leather. .$54.50
$ 55 Golden Oak Davenport, imitation leather $32.45
$ 45 Golden Oak Davenport, imitation leather $29.60 f
$ 39 Any finish Davenport, imitation leather $23.65
Golden wax or mahogany dressers
just like cut and made bv THE
for $40.00. -
Regular size crib in enamel has
continuous post like cut.- Auv col-
Colonial dresser, like the cut, in
two finishes dull mahogany
and wax golden oak. An excep
tional good value, priced regu
lar at $50.00.
Hot Tufte
Guaranteed 20 Years
Scaly mattresses are here again.
We have been unable to fill
$47.50 Birdseve Napoleon Bed.. ..$26.75 former orders, but can now de- Rirdftevfl Vnnolpon Bed.... $34.85 liver them promptly. Phoue
or desired. Sold usually for $7.00. -$42.50 Circassian Walnut Napoleon Bed $24.80 your order.
REMOVAL PRICE ...$3.95 $&5.00 Golden Oak Empire Bed ..$19.55 Sixty nights' free trial.
Massive comfort rocker with
All our Heaters for both wood and strong frame, upholstered in
coal have been materially reduced and good quality chase leather,
you may add one to your account at worth $20.
First and ff '
First and
$5.65 -mp
fS.OO waxed I I I
diner, like jj 1 fij a S
Steel chilless bed, full size, finished
mahogany, golden oak or white
enamel. Has seven filling rods,
making it very substantial. Usual
price $12.50.
Chiffonier finished golden
oak with plate mirror and
five large drawers. . Usual
price $13.50.
Throe patterns printed Lino
leum, a good grade that sells
regular for 80c per yard.
One inlaid pattern in pretty
woodcolors.a fine $1.60 grade
All Linoleums reduced.
Sunday Services in City. Churches
First. White Temple. Twelfth and Taylor
streets Rev. V. B. Hlnaon, pastor. 9:15.
Bible school, classes for all age: 11. preach
ing by the pastor: theme. "Beatitude 6
The Pure In Heart"; :15, B. Y. P. U., led
bv Mrs. W. B. Hinson: theme. "China
7:30. preaching by the pastor; the prelude.
'How to ote ; the theme, a aoui to
Third. Knott street and Vancouver avenue
Rev. W. J- Heaven, pastor. 11. preaching
by the pastor; theme, "Luminous Chris
tianity": 7:30, sermon by Rev. o. C Wright.
Hast Fortv-flfth street Rev. A. B. Walts,
pastor. 11. preaching bv the pastor; theme,
"Making a Name"; 7:30, preaching by the
pastor: theme, "I With Christ, Christ With
Me": !:'.. Sunday school; 6:30, B. Y. P. L.
Immanuel. Second and Meade streets
Sunday school. 10; 11, preaching ny Kev.
A. E. Patch; aul'Ject, "tinners Lovea.
rniversitv Park Rev. A. C. Saxton. pa
tor. 11, sermon by the pastor; theme, "The
4uickenlng Power"; 7:30, theme, "Christ the
Rock of Ages": "Rock of Ages" -will be
given in tableau In the evening; .Sunday
school. 10: special programme for opening
Sunday school aervices; Sunday acnooi win
be closed with story-sermon by the pastor;
B. Y. P. V.. :30.
Tabernacle Rev. Robert Gray, pastor. 11
and 7:45; Sunday school, B:J; young peo
ple's meeting. 6:45.
Arleta Rev. D. M. McPhall. pastor. 11
and S. preaching by the pastor; Sunday
school. lO; B. Y. P. U.. 7.
Grace. Momavilla Rev. H. T. Cash, pas
tor. Sunday school. 9:45; services. It and
fc; B- Y. P- U 7.
St. Johns Rev. a. F. Cheney, pastor. 11.
preaching by the pastor: 8, services.
Italian Mission, 614 Front street ReT. F.
Bannella. missionary. Preaching. 2; Sunday
chool, 8.
Calvar. East Eighth and Grant streets"
Rev 1 K Monroe, pastor. Services. 11 and
7-30: Sunday school, lo; B.T. P. U.. :SO.
Lents Rev. J. M. Nelson, pastor. 10. Sun
day school; 11. services; 0:3U. T. P I!.;
7:30. services.
Mount Olivet, Seventh and Everett streets
Rev. W. A. Magett, pastor. Services. 11
and s; Sunday school. 12:30.
Swedish. Fifteenth and Hoyt streets Rev.
Frederic Llndeen. pastor. Sunday echeel.
12; B. T. P. U- 6:15.
Seliwood. Eleventh street and Tacoma ave
nue Rev. F. H. Hayes, pastor. Preaching.
11 and 7:30; unday school. 10; B. T. P. U,
Russellvllle schoolhousa, under auspices ol
Grace Church, llontavllla Sunday school.
S'15. '
Chinese Mission. 353 Buraatde street Sun
day school. 7; J. G. lialone, superintendent.
Sunnyslde (German). Forty-flrst street and
Hawthorne avenue Sunday school. S.45;
Conrad Wyea. superintendent.
First Genu, Fourth and Mill streets
Rev. J. Krats, pastor. Services. 11 and 7:30;
Sunday school. I:45.
Second German. Morris street and Rodney
avenue Rev. Frederick Buerrman.' pastor.
Sunday school. 9:45; preaching. 11 d 7:30;
B. Y. P- U, :45.
St. Michael's (Italian), Fourth and Mill
streets Jesuit Fathers. Low mass. S; high
mass and sermon, 10:30; vespers and bene
diction. 7:80.
SU Mary's Pro-Cathedral. Fifteenth and
Davis streets Most Rev. A. Christie, D. D.
Low mass, 8. 8 and 9; high mass and ser
mon. 11: vespers. Instruction and benedic
tion. 7:45.
Ascension. East Seventy-sixth and East
Morrison streets Rev. James B. Fltipatrick,
rector. Low mass. 8; high mass and sermon.
10:30; Sunday school. 9:30; benediction of
the blessed sacrament, 7:30; weekdays mass.
- Immaculate Heart of Mary. Williams ave
nue and Stanton street Rev. W. A. Daly.
Low mass. e. 8 and : high mass and ser
mon. 10:30: vespers and benediction. 7:30.
8t- Francis-. East Twelftn street between
Pine and Oak Rev. Father Black. Low
mass. 8: high mass and sermon. 10:80: ves
pers. Instruction and benediction. 7:30.
St. Andrews. STaet Ninth and Alberta
streets Rev. Thomas Klernan. Lew aaas, ,
8: high mass and sermon, 10;. vespers. In
struction and benediction. 7:30. .
Holy Rosary, Esi" Third and Clackamsi
streets Very Rev. K. rv. nelly. O. P. Low
mass. 6. 7. 8 and 9: high mass and sermon.
11; vespers and benediction. 7:80.
Holy Cross. University Park Rev. C- R.
...ner. Low mass, 8:30; high mass and
ermon, 10:80; vespers and benediction. 4.
8t. -Lawrence, corner Third and Sherman
streets Rev. J. C. Hughes Low mass. 8,
8 and 9: high mass and sermon. 10:30; ves
pers. Instruction and benediction. 7:30.
First. Park and Madison streets Rev.
Luther R. Dyott. 'minister. 9:50. Bible
school: 11 and 7:45. Divine worship: Dr.
Dyott's themes: Morning. A Broader View
of Life"; evening. "The Greatest Happiness
In the World": Y. P. S. C. E.. 6:30.
fnlversity Park. Haven street- nesr Lum
bard Rev. W. C. Kantner. pastor. 10. Bun
day school; 11. "The Pattern Showed In
the Mount"; 8:30. Y. P. 8. C. E. ; 7:30. "The
Call to Safety."
Hassalo Rev. John M. Lowden. D. D..
.pastor. 11. "What Profit in Prayer"; 7:30.
"Things Not Looked For"; 10. Bible school.
Sunnyslde. East Taylor and East Thirty
second streets Rev. J. J. Rtatrb, D. D., pas
tor. Services at 11 and 7:3P: Sunday school.
10; Christian Endeavor. 6:15; topics ot
sermons: "Headwaters of the SJream ot
Divine Life," and "Where Shall We Look
for the Kingdom of God 7"
Atkinson Memorial. East Twenty-ninth
and Everett streets Rev. F. W. Gorman,
pastor. 8undav school. 9:45; Christian En
deavor. (1:45; services at 11 and 7:4.".. sub
jects. "God's Appeal Through the Bush .
Unconscious Decline.
Mt. Zion Rev. D. B. Gray, minister. 10.
Sunday school; 11. sermon. "The Man Who
Says 'I Can't Be a Christian V .
First. Everett, between Eighteenth and
Nineteenth streets. Sunday services. It and
8: subject of lesson sermon. "Probation
After Death"; Sunday school, 12:15 to 1:15;
Wednesday evening meeting at 8.
Second. Woodmen's Hall, East Sixth and
East Alder streets. Sunday services, 11 and
8; subject of lesson sermon. "Probation After
Death": Sunday school. 11: Wednesday eve
ning testimonial service, ej.
Third. Ellens' Recital Hall,. Seventh and
Alder streets. Service, 1 1 ; subject lesson
sermon, "Probation After Death"; Sunday
school at close of morning service; Wednes
day evening meeting. 8-
First, Park and Columbia Rev. W. F.
Reagor, minister.' Services at the usual
hours. Sermon -subjects, "Echoes from the
National Convention, ' and "Echoes . Contin
ued"; Sunday school. 9:50; C. E.. 6:80.
Tabernacle. East Seventy-sixth and Hoyt
Sen-Ices, morning. "Consistency": evening.
rumuea rropnecy. rtev. u. t. .Berry,
' UIM.irLZ.9 lit I'HKIST.
East Twentieth and Salmon streets Rev.
K. V. Stivers, of McMinnville. will speak at
11 and 7:30: Sunday - school. 10; Christian
Endeavor, 6:30.
Trinity. Nineteenth and Everett streets
Rev. A. A. Morrison, rector. Services. 8. li
and 7:30: Sunday school, 9:45.
6t. Matthew's Mission Rev. W. A. M.
Breck, In charge. Services at 135 Curry
street at 11 A. M.; evening services at St.
Helens, on the Columbia River, at 7:30.
St. Michael's ana All Angels'. Thirty-
eighth and Broadway Rev. T. F. Bowen.
301 East Forty-second street. In charge.
Morning service. 11; bunaay scnooi, w;
evening service. - -
All Saints'. Twenty-nrth and savier streets
Rev. R. E. Remington, rector. Morning
service, 11: Sunday school. 9:30. No evening
Church of Our savior. Woodstock avenue
and Forty-first street Southeast Kev. H. H.
Clark. In charge. Regular services. 8 and 1L
Good Shepherd. Graham and Vancouver
avenue Rev. John Dawson, rector. Sua- J
day school. 0:45; morning service, 11; even
ing service. 7:30.
St. Mark's. Twenty-first and Marshall
streets Rev. J. E. H. Simpson, rector. 7:30.
holy eucharlst; 9:45, Sunday school; 10:18.
matins and litany; 11, holy eucharlst; even,
song. 8-
Pro-Cathedral or St. Stephen the Martyr.
Thirteenth and Clay streets Rev. H. M.
Ramsey, vicar. Holy communion. 7:80; Sun
day schooC 10; morning service. 11; service
for colored people. 3: evening prayer. 7:30.
St Paul's, ' Woodmere Rev. Oswald W.
Taylor, rector: . Sunday school,. 3; evening
prayer and' sermon. 4..
EC David's. East Twelfth and Belmont
streets Rev.: H. R- Talbott, rector. Holy
eucharlst. 7:50; Sunday school. 9:45; morn
ing prayer.: 11; celebration of holy euobarlst
the first Sunday of - the month; evening
prayer, 8.
' Su Andrew's, Portsmouth Rev. Archdea
con Chambers. In charge. . Sunday school,
10: evening service, 7:30.
St. Jonn'a, Mllwaukle Rev. T. F. Bowsit
In charge. Services and sermon. 3.
St. John's Memorial. East Fifteenth and
Harney Services omitted through August.
Bishop Morris Memorial Chapel. Good Sa
maritan Hospital Rev. W. R. Powell, chip
lain. Services. 8.
Grace Memorial. Weldler and East 8sven
teentu streets North Rev. George B. Vaa
Waters, rector; Rev. Oswald W. Taylor,
vicar. Holy communion. 8: Sunday school.
10; morning prayer and sermon. 11; evening
service, - 8. - -
St. Paul's German, East Twelfth and CHn
tnn streets Rev. A. Krause. pastor. Sun
day school, 9:80; services (German) 10:30
and 7:30; Bible lesson and young people's
meeting Thursday. 8; Confirmation classes,
Tuesday and Friday, 4.
St. James' English. West Park and Jeffer
son streets Rev. J. Allen Leas, pastot.
Services at 11 and 8. conducted by the pas
tor. Sunday school at 10; Luther League
meets at 7.
United Norwegian, 45 North Fourteenth
street Services 11 and 7:30; Sunday school,
10. Rev. D. Larsen. pastor.
Woodlawn, East Tenth and Highland
streets Sunday school, 10; morning service,
11; -evening service, 7:30; prayer meeting,
Thursday evening. Rev. Louis Thomas,
Patton. Alberta and Michigan Rev.
George F. Hopkins, pastor. Sunday school.
10; .morning sermon, 11: topic, "Good
Reading"; Epworth League, 6:30; evening
sermon. 7:30: topic, "Essential Faith.-1'.
Sunnyslde. East Thirty-fifth and Yamhill
streets Rev. William H. Fry. D. D.. pastor.
9:60, Sunday school: il. theme. '.'The' In
fluence of Comparison"; 6:13. -Epworth
League; 7:30. theme, . "The Christian's In
vestment and His Returns Thereof."
Oerman. Rodney avenue and Stanton
street Rev. T. A. Schumann, pastor. Sun
day school, 9:45: services, 11 and 8;- Ep
worth - League, 7"15.
Clinton Kelly Memorial. Fortieth street
and Powell Valley Road. Rev. C. O. Mc
culloch, pastor. 6unday school. 9:45; Rally
Day exercises will be held at 10:30; class
meeting. 12; Junior League. 3; Epworth
League.- 6:30; preaching, 7:30. theme, "God
As a Savior." - '
First, Third and Taylor streets Rev.
Benjamin Young, pastor. 9:30. classes,
10:30. morning sermon, subject, "Seizing the
Ramparts." by Dr. J. H. Cudllpp; 12:15,
Sunday school; 6:30, Epworth League; 7:3(1,
evening sermon, subject. "The Superlative
Investment," by Dr. J. H. Cudllpp.
Central. Vancouver and Fargo streets
Rev, c. C. Rarick. pastor. Sunday school
at 9:45; Epworth League. 6:30; public wor
ship, 11 and 7:30; mid-week service Thurs
day. 7:45: sermon theme for Sunday,
morning. "Decision"; evening, "God's Need
of Men"; a Sunday school rally will take
place In connection with the morning ser
vice. First Norwegian Danish, Eighteenth and
Hoyt streets Rev. Ellas GJerding. pastor,
residence vH7 Hoyt street. Sermon at 11.
"A Winning Testimony for Christ"; eve
clng service at Si' "The Spiritual Law of
the Larger Life": Thursday night, prayer
meeting: the Young People's meeting will
be announced from the church. " Everybody
welcome to our church' home.
Trinity. 368 Hemlock street, Ladd's Ad
dition Rev. Charles T- McPherson. pastor,
phone East 1718. Services Sunday at 11
and 7:30: morning subject. "I Am Ready":
music by Earl Gray and choir: evening sub
ject. "Trying to Find God"; Sunday school.
10; Epworth Ijeagife. 6:45.
Centenary, East Ninth and Pine streets
Rev. Delmer H. Trimble. D. D-. minister.
11 A: M. Sabbath school day: 7:30 P. M..
sermon subject. "What Are You Living For?
to Re : Heroic." Current Interest theme.
"Will the Mayor Join the Vice Commis
sion?" Sabbath school, B:45 A. M. tpworin
League. 6:30 P. M.
First Norwegian Danish. Eighteenth and
Wnvt streets -Kilns rtierriinr nastor. Serv
ices 11:00. "a Winning Testimony for
Christ"; 8:00, "The Spiritual Law of the
Larger Lire. Ttiursaay nigni. prayer meei
Anabel. Fifty-sixth street and Thirty
seventh avenue southeast Rev. Robert NT,
McLean, minister. Morning worship. 11 :
sublect. "The Face of God": Sunday school,
9:45; Christian Endeavor, 6:45; evening ser
vice. 7:45. subject. "The God That Goes.
. Calvary. Eleventh and Clay streets Rev.
T. H. Walker, minister. Hours ol worsnip,
10:30 and 7:43; Bible school. 12; C. E.. 6:45;
morning, "Expectations satisiieo ; evening,
"Pay Me My Wages."
Piedmont Rev. J. E. Snyder, pastor.
10:30. sermon by Dr. W. S. Holt; 7:30. ser
mon by the pastor, subject, ."The Fruit or
the Vine." -Hawthorne
Park Twelfth and East Tay
lor streets Dr. E. Nelson Allen, minister.
1 -ftft "True Heroism": 7:30. stereODtlCon leC
ture' on the Holy Land; 12, Sunday school;
0:30, Y. P. S. C. E. Special music by chorus
and orchestra.
First German Rev. G. Hafner.
Services 10:45 and 8; C. E. S., 7.
First, East Fifteenth and Morrison Rev.
Charles L. Williams, pastor. 1. unaa
school: 11. "Spiritual Energy"; 6:30. C. E.s
7:30. "God's Workmanship."
Second. Alberta. East Twenty-seventh ana
Sumner Rev. J. W. Sprecher. pastor. 10.
Sunday school; 11 and 7:30, preaching o
pastor; 6:30. C. E.
Third, South Mount Tabor, Thirty-second
avenue and Sixty-seventh street Kev.
P. Blanchard. pastor. 10, Sunday school;
11 and 7:30. preaching by Evangelist Dr.
J. R. Parker: evangelistic services each
evening at 7:30.
Fourth, Tremont. Sixty-second avenue and
Sixty-ninth street Rev. J. E. Conner, pas
tor. lO, Sunday scnooi; ii, -nevivaie. ;
evening service, 7:80. -
Church of the Good Tidings, Broadway
and East Twenty-fourth street Rev. J a me
Dimond Corby. D D., pastor. Divine wor
ship, 10:45 and 7:45; In the morning. Rev.
Dr. W. H. McGlauflin. of Chicago, general
superintendent of churches, will preach; In
the evening Judge Guy C. H. Corllrs, the
eminent Shakespearean scholar, will speak
on "The Religious Teachings In the Plays
of Shakespeare"; Sunshine Hour Sunday
school. 12: Christian Union meeting, .6:30.
Visitors welcome.
First. Sixth and Montgomery streets Rev.
Frank DeWItt Flndley, minister. Publlo
worship. 11: sermon topic. "Christ's Home
in the Heart"; Bible school. 9:45; classes
for all; C. E-. 6:30, topic. Missions; leader,
Mrst R. G. Hamilton; evening service, 7:30;
sermon, "The Life That Answers Your Ques
tion." Church of the Strangers 10:30. "Tie It
Tight"; 7:30. "Capital Punishment." Rev.
S. Eari DuBols, pastor.
Church of Our Father, Seventh and Yam
hill, streets Rev. T. L. Eliot, D. -D.. min
lsteremeritus; Rev. William G. Eliot, min
ister. Services, 11 and 7:45; morning. "The
Redemption of the World from Ignorance";
evening. "The Year's Work of the Portlana
Social Hygiene Society"; Harrv H. Moore, i
executive secretary; Sunday school, 9:45;
Young People's Fraternity. 6:30.
First, In Ladd's Addition Rev. C. C.
Poling, pastor. Preaching services by the
pastor. 11 and 7:30; Sunday school. 10;
K. L. C. E.. 6:30.
Ockley Green, Gay street and Willamette
Boulevard Rev. J. Bowersox, pastor.
Preaching services 11 and 7:30; topic, "The
Prayer Life of Jesus"; Sunday school, 10;
K. L. C. E.. 6:30.
Y. M. C. A.
City association. Sixth and Taylor streets
R. R. Perkins, religious wofk director.
Meeting for men at 3 o'olock will be ad -
dressed by J. Merle Davis, representative of
the Portland Y. M. C. A. in the foreign
wont in Japan.
Rev. .1. r. F. Grumblne, of Boston, speks
In Chrlstensen's Hall, Eleventh street. 3:00
o clock. "Genesis and. Revelation"; 8:00,
universal rtengion.
Portland Graded Union of Sunday School
Workers Meets every Friday i.fternoon at
3 in First Congregational Church. Teach
ers' training class, conducted by Rev. J. H.
Bennett, meets at 2 the same day and
Theosophlcal Society, 403 Eilers building
Classes Sunday ana weanesaay evenings a:
8 o clock. . -
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
saints (Mormon), 444 East Tenth street.
corner Sherman Sunday school, 10; preach
ing, 11:45 and 7.
Divine Truth Center, Divine Truth chapel
Selllng-Hlrsch building Rev. T. M. Mlnard,
pastor. services, 11; Sunday school, 12
Unity Circle. Wednesday at - 2; midweek
meeting Thursday at 8.
- United Evangelical, Ockley Green, Ga7
street and Willamette boulevard Rev. J.
Bowersox, pastor. Preaching services. 11
and 7:30; Sunday school, 10; K. L. C. E..
Evangelical Association. Carson Heights
Rev. J. stocker, pastor. Services. 11 and 8
Sunday school, lo.
Temple of Truth, Eilers building P. J.
Green, minister. Lecture at 11 In class
room by National Secretary, Alfred Tomson
on "Secrets of the Kingdom ; 8, "New
Thought as a Worlel Power," In recital hall.
Christian Yoga, third floor Selllng-Hlrsch
building, 8P6H Washington st. At 2:30
Miss Eva E. Francis will speak on "The
Life and the Way."
Salvation Army, 207 Salmon street, serv
ices led by Adjutant and Mrs. Gonge; 11,
holiness meeting; 3:15. rejoicing; 8. sub
ject, "An Inquisitive Woman." .
International Hible students' Association
Meetings in Oddfellows Hall. East Sixth
and East Alder streets. Berean Bible les
son. 1:30; praise and testimony meeting,
2:45: discourse, 3:13: subject. "The Cost
of. Disripleshlp." Seliwood service at 7:45
in wall's Hall, Thirteenth and Lexington
streets. Public lecture by Evangelist Wil
liam A. Baker; subject, "the Wise and the
Foolish Virgins."
. Taylor-Street Young Men's Bible Class.
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Third
and Taylor streets. Notice: Go to north
side gallery, 12 M., Sunday.
First Pentecostal Church or the isasarene.
East Sixty-seventh and Couch, Rev., C. H.
Davis, pastor Sunday school. 9:45; serv
ices, 11, 3 and 7:30. Rev. Martha E. Curry,
of Masachusetts. Is assisting the pastor.
Interdenominational. Church of Jesus, 182
Russell street Services. 3:30; Sunday achool.
4:30; Bible study, Wednesday. 8.
Chrlstadelphlans, Portland Ecclesla, Wood
man Hail, East Sixtieth street Breaking
ot bread, 11; Bible class. 7:30.
Chicagoan in New York During Word's Series Finds Man by Paging Score
board Crowds Deputy Sheriff Beer Puzzled by Single-Legged Men.
Plum Padding;.
(November Woman'g World.)
One-half pound suet, 1 cup sugar, 2
tablespoons fruit Juice, 1 nutmeg;. Vi
cup milk, 18 maraschino cherries, 4
eggs, well beaten; 1 loaf stale bread,
i pound raisins, pound currants, 1
teaspoon gringrer, 1 teaspoon salt,
pound English walnuts. .
Chop suet and nuts fine; crumb the
bread, discarding; all crusts. Mix all
ingredients thoroug-hly. Put In a cov
ered mould (baking; powder cans will
do) and steam three hours. Serve with
hard sauce.
NEW YORK, Oct. 26. (Special.)
Horseraclng-. which has been un
der -the ban in this state for a
couple of years, is likely to be revived
next Sprlnir. Supreme Court Justice
Townsend Scudder has rendered a de
cision which has put new life hi the
hopes of racing men. Vnless the higher
courts reverse him. It is almost certain
that the tracks will again be In opera
tion. -Under the laws put through at the
behest of Governor Hughes It was prac
tically Impossible to keep the sport Ko
ine;. One section prohibited even verbal
bets, while another held directors of
the tracks liable if any kind of gambling-
was held on their premises. The
result was that wealthy men who fig
ured on the boards of the associations
declined to run the chance of being
sent to prison and ordered the tracks
Justice Scudder's opinion Is an ex
haustive review of the law and cites
many other cases similar to that of
Paul Shane, the man before him, who
was arrested at Belmont Park last
June. The charge atrainst nlm was that
Matty Corbett. a former bookmaker,
made a verbal bet with Shane, then
made a memorandum arrd passed it to
the latter.
Justice Scudder ruled that betting
within the meaning of the law is book
making with paraphernalia, but that
ordinary wagering on the outcome of a
horserace is not a crime.
"The Legislature." he says, "has not
made It a crime to bet on horse races,
and the court Is powerless to do so."
Concerning the directors liability
law. Justice Scudder holds that they
must have knowledge of a specific act
to make' them liable under the statute,
and concludes:
"The, law will not permit the con
viction of the owner of a racetrack who
has no knowledge of the fact that book
making is going on in his premises."
Unless the Court of Appeals reverses
the present decision It puts the racing
situation back at the same point as in
1910 before the tracks were closed.
The recent visit of the fleet has been
an excellent thing from a Naval stand
point. Never In the history of the
country has there been such a rush of
applicants to enlist in time of peace.
as that which is now being handled by
the officers of the local recruiting sta
tions. The influx started even before
the ships sailed out to sea and each
day since it has been more pro
An interesting feature is found in
the large percentage of applicants who
are succeeding in passing the mental
and physical examinations. As a gen
eral rule the Navy men feel amply sat
isfied if iO per cent of the applicants
are acceptable, but of those now apply
ing, between 34 and 40 per cent get by
without any difficulty.
During the recent baseball series all
,e XTaw Vnrlr that- f -f 1 1 , 11 rl.upr! fl Vi n c t
ness to bang about the various bulletin
boards. "Whilo the en:itement was at
its height, a man from Chicago drifted
Into town to see a business man whose
office Is In Times Square. The New
Yorker was out. and the visitor had
only a few hours to spare. Being re
sourceful, he hired a messenger boy,
and the lud forced his way through the
crowds chanting, "Mr. Brown, of Chi
cago, wants to see Mr. Blank Blank at
his office." The experiment was suc
cessful, and the buxiness man left the)
scoreboard In the middle of an exclt
lng Inning.
The rulitser School of Journalism,
which is meeting with success at Co
lumbia, now has a "a little brother" at
New York University. That Institution
offers two years' study In magazine
writing, all the Instructors being men
actually engaged in the making and
writing of current magazines. The de
partment plans to turn out men and
women who will be able to take places
on the editorial, advertising and cir
culation staff of a standard magazine,
a trade Journal or a religious publica
tion. Courses are given in magazine
making, editorial writing and criticism.
current topics, special feature work and
magazine writing, short stories, ad
vanced magazine work, magazine verse,
magazine advertising and magazine
circulation. After students have grad
uated with distinction, all that will be
necessary for them to do will be to
secure places on prosperous magazines
and make good.
The latest statistics show that
250,000,000 Is on deposit among the var
ious savings banks of the United States.
In the state of New York, with Its care
fully drawn laws, is found fully 40 per
cent of this amount.
The number of banks in the Union
Is approximately 2000, the number of
depositors about 9,500.000, but 80 per
cent of all the deposits is In the East
ern banks, the remaining 20 per cent
being scattered over a vast territory.
In the eastern section of the United
States almot't every other person has a
savings account. In the Middle West
and Far West the percentage Is as low
as one in 600.
Deputy Sheriff Beer, who does not
drink, tells of a strange experience in
an East Side saloon.
Beer was sent out to arrest ona
Giuseppe Rao, who, he was told, could
be found In a certain saloon and could
be easily identified because he had only
one leg. Beer went to the place, saw a
one-legged man and told htm he was
under arrest. The prisoner protested.
The door opened, and another one-
legged man came In and asked what
the trouble was about. The bartender
limped from behind the bar to investi
gate and he, too, had one leg. Then a
fourth one-legged man entered, and
Beer began to think that perhaps there
was something In his own name. Ha
went out and secured a citizen who
helped him pick up Rao. The saloon.
It seems, was the headquarters of the
Italian One-legged Fraternity of the