The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 28, 1912, SECTION THREE, Page 9, Image 43

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pants Mr-and Mrs. E. J. B'.azier and
their family, consisting of Claire.
Beryl and Nlta. Their guests are Mrs.
A Rlazler and Mrs. S. O Brlen.
Mrs. C V. Cooper has opened her
cottage, the Ungcooris. and has as her
guests Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Powls and
the Misses Dorothy Cuiss and Constance
Kenneth. Martin. Jenny and Florence
Purelius are accompanying tneir par
ents on a vacation trip to Seaside.
The Cottage-By-The-Sea, owned by
Mr. z. M. Swett is being occupied by
her this month, accompanied by her
daughter Pauline, of xew torn, jars.
German, and the Misses Naomi and
Rachael Swett.
Mrs. B. T. Soden and children. wil
lard and Frances, are living In the
Alder Nook.
Mrs. L. A. Downing and daughter.
Miss Edna, have been entertained dur
ing the past week by Mrs. -M. A. Hun
ger and daughter In their cotage, "Te
redo." The Johnson cottage. at the north
end of the boardwalk, housed Miss
Louise Manning and Emma Evans as
guests the past week.
Five sisters from the Mt. Angel Col
lege have come to Seaside for the Sum
mer and are occupying the "Bonlta
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Fisher, with
Miss Florence Fisher and Miss Vir
ginia Wilson, are occupants of the
"Honeysuckle" beach house.
C K. Zilly Is visiting at Seaside, the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Labbe and
their daughter. Miss Pauline Labbe.
E. C. Goddard has been visiting his
brother and family, who occupy the
Lansing Stout cottage on the board
walk. Mrs. Frank Lester Stokes, of Tenlno,
Wash., daughter to Dan Moore and
Mrs. Harlow Moore. daughter-in-liw
to Mr. Moore, together with their two
children, have taken a cottage at Sea
side for a month.
Mrs. W. J. Ramsey and daughters.
Hazel and Gladys, and Master Elmer
are living in the Ramsey cottage this
A merry party at the beach this
Summer is the one in one of the Mer
rill cottages, composed of Leon Bern
stein and his sisters. Judith and Sa
lome, and their friend. Miss Romaine
For the past week Frank Strahan
visited at "The Den."
Mrs. George Otten and daughter.
Miss Ada. have arrived at the beach
for the remainder of the Summer.
Mrs. A. A. Ausplund and son. Andre,
arrived this week at Seaside. They are
living in the Libak cottage, with Mrs.
Libak, Miss Adina and Master Herbert
Walter and Chester Rich, with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Rich, have
taken the "Uegeiiscn ror tneir sum
mer home.
Dr. and Miss Estell Elsen passed the
week-end with friends in the Christen,
sen cottage.
Otto Roenicke and family have
opened their cottage for the season at
Long Beach. Wash.
Miss Pauline Roenicke is one of the
late arrivals at Long Beach.
Mrs. W. P. Llllis and daughter. Lucy,
are passing the Summer at the Lake
cottage, and are tne guests ot .urs.
Hills sister. Mrs. A M. smun. jir.
Lillts Is a week-end visitor.
"Canoe Lodge" has- been busy the
east week entertaining H. T. Hopkins,
editor of The Dalles Chronicle, and
Miss Audrey Clark.
One of the delightful eventng parties
of the past week was that given at
the "Agate," where Mrs. O. F. Godfrey
received a few of the Seaside High
School young men and women, and the
students of Willamette University. The
affair was Informal and all are highly
complimenting the hospitality of the
E. C. Gunther was a week-end visitor
f "Glen Snev."
Mrs. Goss. at "Laf-a-Lot" has had
Mrs. Peter Gerlach. her mother, as a
week-end guest.
At the Shellburne the following are
registered for the week ending July
27: W. C. BurK. Mrs. w. v. uoipn. jane
Ellse Dolph, Mrs. F. H. Clary. B. Kil
never. Mrs. J. L. Ziegler. Gregory
Ziegler and Fannie L. Ziegler, Mrs.
Anne Febert and George Febert. J. J
Febert. H. A. Biddle. A. Sundqulst. A.
N. Holman. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Beall,
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Blackburn, Lee
Ornett. E. J. Flndlay and family, Mrs.
Edna Saunders. Miss Marie Howell,
Mrs S. H. Thatcher. G. L. Sturts, E. X.
Crockett. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Dibble
and son. Mr. and Mrs. George N. Cald-
mell and the Misses Catherine and Car
oline Caldwell. Mrs. Lewis A. Clark and
Helen Clark, all of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy F. Smith and fam
ily, of Hood River, are passing a week
at the Shellburne. Mr. Smith has won
distinction through the excellent ap
pies he has raised, and with which he
has captured prizes at several appie
shows held in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Allen were host
and hostess at a "watermelon party"
Saturday night. The crowd assembled
at the "Rustic" cottage, the beautiful
beach home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen at
Seavlew. In the party were the fol
lowing: Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bondurant,
Pauline Bondurant, Lillian Woodson
Hazel Cole. Mary O'Donnell. Harlie
Wilson. Jackson. Mich.: Edith H. Jose-
lyns. Agnes Biddle, Grace Green. Flor
ence Murphy. Alvena Peterson. Eleta
Abrams. Edna Murphy. Mr. and Mrs.
E. C. Minor. Mrs. T. J. Hoare. Mr. and
Mrs. George H. Allen, of San Francisco,
"Bennie" Green and Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
At Seacroft, for the week ending July
27 the following people arrived, all of
Portland: Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bailey, A.
B. Wastell. Albert Wastell. Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Cameron. Eleanor, Louise and
Aline Cameron. Leroy Smith, Mrs. Emma
Putnam. Juanlta Putnam. Nellie Gra
ham. Mrs. G. F. Peek and two sons.
William and Donald.
A. B. Wastell passed the week-end
with his family at Seacroft.
Mrs. W. S. Hutchinson has had a very
Jolly crowd housed at Seacroft this
week. Every night they have a bonfire
on the beach and there Beems to be
great rivalry among those of every
house on the beach to have the biggest
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Seufert and family
nave opened their summer home at Sea,
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Stone are among
the late arrivals at Seavlew.
Dr. and Mrs. W. A Trimble arrived
this week at Seavlew to pass some
The family of M. B. Wells is located
on the beach.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dundore, of 12
Belmont street, have come to Seavlew
for a vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Horning axe located at
Beach Center In a cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton W. Seaman are
counted among the beach population.
They expect to pass the next month
This week Mrs. Charles A. Eastman
and her little daughter Helen Celeste,
are expected at Ocean Park, where they
will pass the Summer.
Mrs. E. Cramer accompanied by her
daughter Miss Johanna Cramer, have
come to Seavlew for the Summer.
In the "Honolulu"' cottage Mrs. Hyer
Stay and Miss Linn Roderick, of Port
land, connected with the T. W. C. A.,
have opened a home wherein they will
welcome ail friends.
Portland Furnishes Big Quota of
Week-End Visitors.
TILLAMOOK. Or.. July 17. (Special.)
Week-end visitors here from the city
crowded every available space last
week, there being over 600 visitors
here over Sunday. They separated to
the different beach resorts during the
day and found their way to Bayocean,
to Nf tarts, Neskowin and the Garlbaldi
Kehalem beaches. Saturday night,
after the arrival of the two trains from
the North, resembled a holiday in Til
lamook. Prcy Caufleld. a prominent banker
f Oregon City .was a visitor .here dur
ing the week and covered many of the
neighboring resorts. At Tillamook
beach be was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Shorne. of Portland, who are
occupying their cottage there. In Til
lamook, he was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. F. S. Whltehouse.
Miss R. G. Stafford, of Oregon City,
a teacher of Portland, has been visit
ing friends here during the past week.
Miss Dorothy Wyvel, of Portland, has
been visiting friends here during the
camping season.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Nlelson and Mas
ter Jack Nlelson, Mrs. W. W. Pollock
and Master Carl Pollock, of La Grande,
have been visiting the parents of Mrs.
Xielson, Mr. and Mrs. DeLillie. for sev
veral weeks.
Numerous hunting and fishing parties
come into the city from time to time
to report excellent conditions along the
Trask and Wilson rivers. . F. Tufts,
an attorney, and Pr. R. E. Brannen, of
Portland, have a camp on the Trask
and are frequent visitors to this city.
G. W. Griffith, a prominent business
man of Eugene, accompanied by Mrs.
Griffith, was a visitor here last week
on his way to the beaches. He is spend
ing a few weeks visiting the different
resorts and makes Tillamook head
quarters during his trip through this
Golf, .Swimming and Other Pleas
ures Amuse Crowds.
GEARHART, OR., July 27. (Spe
cial.) E. N. Wheeler, sales manager
of the Gearhart Park Company, passed
the week-end with his son at Gear
hart. Joseph H. Ferguson is passing his
vacation at Gearhart on the golf links.
Miss Vivian Marshall, with several
assistants. gave an exhibition of
swimming and diving at the Gearhart
Mrs. E. Leonard, of Portland, with
her son. B. E. Leonard, a young attor
ney of Portland, is registered at Hotel
Dr. C. F. Mubach. a class mate of
Mr. Lombard's, is also passing som
time at the beach.
H. C. Bowers passed the week-end
at Gearhart-by-the-sea.
Bronte, a dog belonging to J. H. Mc
Cormack, of Chicago, attracted much
attention at Hotel Gearhart, and th
entertainment given as part of th.
Chautauqua was enjoyed by many-
One of the largest parties arriving
last week at Hotel Gearhart was from
Chicago and Davenport, la. It was
composed of Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Wat
zer. S. R. Watzer, G. W. Watzer,
H. Watzer. G. S. Rankin. Charles Dun
can arid Edward Crossett.
Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal are at Hotel
Gearhart for a few weeks' stay.
Archbishop Christie came to Gear
hart to dedicate the new Catholic
Chapel last Sunday. He was assisted
by Rev. Father Thompson. Both men
were entertained by Mr. Mitchell, pro
prletor of Hotel Gearhart. Archbishop
Christie returned to Portland with J.
D. Farrell In his private car.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Silverfleld have taken
apartments at Hotel Gearhart for sev
eral weeks.
Horseback riding. as early as 6
o'clock In the morning Is one of latest
diversions at Gearhart.
Graham Glass and family have taken
anartments at the hotel for a few days.
The oyster bake given by the Hotel
Gearhart to the druggists last week
was enjoyed by about 300 person,
many of the cottagers participating In
the fun. More than 200 Eastern oysters
were used, which were cooked on hot
stones covered with seaweed. They
were then shoveled onto small boards
and eaten from the shell.
Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Aronson. of
Seattle, have taken rooms at . Hotel
Gearhart for the season.
President Farrell, of the Oregon
Washington Railroad Company came
to Gearhart in his special car this
week for two days. Mrs. Farrell. Mas
ter James Farrell, and Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Kerr accompanied him.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Grenebaum, after
a few days at Hotel Gearhart, have
taken a cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Strlbllng and
daughters, Marian and Geneva, of Spo
kane, are at Hotel Gearhart-oy-tne
C. S. Jacobson, of Portland, has taken
apartments at Hotel Gearhart. Mr.
Jacobson was host at an automobile
partv at Elk Creek with a clam bake
at "The arren.
A party of young persons had lunch
eon at Hotel uearnart, aner a swim in
the surf and natatorium. The party
was composed of Misses Amy Roth-
child. Etta Kauftman. Minnie leiscn
ner, Helen Dunn. Lewis Goldsmith, Ed
win Jacobs. Wilson Schlfler, Roy Marx,
and Herbert Goldsmith
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Honeyman
have been at Gearhart for the last
week and have now opened their cot
tage and will pass the remainder of
the season here.
Mrs. Frank M. Warren, Jr., and ner
little daughter, Anne Elizabeth, passed
the week at Gearhart.
Mrs. Edmund L. Deveraux and chil
Iren have been at Gearhart the last
week and will remain another week.
Patrons of the Hotel Gearhart for tne
week endine July 22 were:
From Portland L. F. Knowiton. M.
Peterson. Mrs. E. H. Meyer. Mrs. C. C.
Hill. Frank A. Steele. Miss A. Whelan,
Blaine R. Smith, Mrs. Hunt Lewis and
maid, H. M. Sawyer. A. F. Smith, C.
Hunt Lewis Miss Nisbeth, Mr. and Mrs.
G. H. Younc. H. C. Bowers. J. Dunbar
Cass, W. H. Higgins, Reed Rumelin,
Herbert Goldsmith, Louis uomsmitn,
Edwin Jacobs, Wilson Schrlffer, Ray
Henry Marx, Amy Rothchild, Minnie
Fleischner. Helen Dunn, C b. jacoo-
son, Joseph H. Ferguson, Barge E.
Leonard. Mrs. E. Leonard, Mrs. Neur-
bach. W. C. Barbour, W. A. Kearns,
f;. M. Wheeler. Harold K. vt neeier. tr.
Andersen. H. C. Smith, George
Thompson, Miss Eastman, Miss Shea, J.
E. Wiley, William Jaiey, air. ana airs.
A F N'nonan. F. E. Watson, Miss Ma-
lone. Mr. and Mrs. Rosenthal, C. R.
Seward, Miss Gabrllle Seward, Graham
Glass Graham Glass, Jr., Archbishop
Christie. A. Hexter. W. W. Kearns, Dr.
and Mrs. L Buck. Dr. C. i. Mumacn,
H. R Havck. ' Helen Hayek, Jacob
Kanzler. James M. Wilson, C. B. Welch-
fr. Mrs. E. Ferguson. Miss Allen, Miss
Fereuson. Miss Whitney. Miss jsertna
Dodd, Harry Long, B. D. Carpenter, a.
D. Carpenter, Jr., James M. van uuzer.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Clark, S. Silver-
Held. F. G. Runkle, H. T. Minor, w. r.
Brock, W. M. Abel, Miss G- Under
wood, H. R. Rasmusen. Miss M. Osborn.
Miss Nina Hutchinson, Miss Bess
Moodv. Mrs. Tabor. Mr. and Mrs. G. N.
Cherrington, H. B. Scothoun, F. C Fel-
er. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Anstey, Mr. aira
Mrs. W. L. Leland. Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
A. Laue, Mrs. George Munro, Miss Hel
en Faurde, B. F. Jones, Miss Irene
ones. A. W. Allen. Mrs. W. A. Hig
gins. Miss Finney. Miss F. Burns, Wil
liam Sawyer. W. S. Stock, Ira E. Allen.
S. Benson. 1 L. Crocker, v.. a. cor
mack. F. Byerley. Edward Recken, V ill
D. McCurry, Mrs. S. S. McCurry, A. H.
Brown and wife, Mr. and Mrs. w. i..
Wtizl. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Terman,
Mrs. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Willis-
ton. A. A. Duley.. Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Horton. R. H. Kalts, W. R. Boone, G.
Joyce, George H. Smitton, Mrs.
Blaine R. Smith and family, W. F.
Rtchter. Robert Adams. Mrs. Rushton,
Marie Rushton. Mrs. H. J. Feuner, J.
Martin. Mrs. S. Silverfleld. Mrs. S.
H.' Goldstein and family. Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Flledner and Miss Catherine
From Spokane Mrs. M. A. Folsom,
Mrs. H. B. Wadsworth, Mrs. M. A.
Luther, Christine Hubbard, Reuel Phil
From Astoria u. a. jonnson, ay o.
Phillips, Miss Muretta Tagg, Mr. and
Mrs F. H. Haradon. Thomas F. Lev-
ett, J. J. Mattson, T. F. Laurin, Frank
Woodfield, C. B. Johnson, J. Burnold.
and Murillo Fagg.
From Chicago J. K. Rankin, Paul
ine Haneson, Martha Miller, Jess Cop
per, William McCormack.
Registered from other places are
Mrs. C. Mlckleson. Virginia, Minn;
Ernest E. Rich, Lawrenceville: Etta
Kaufman, San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs.
L. S. Greenbaum, San Francisco; Dr.
and Mrs. J. W. Watzer, S. R. Watzer,
J. W. Watzer, Charles Duncan, Ed
ward C. Crossets, Davenport, la.; C.
R. Watzer, Knappa; Ottle Mars. Kear
ney, Neb.; E. M. Splllman, Boring, Or.;
H. T. Strlbllng, Wilber Le Vette. Lake
City, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. R. Harden,
Denver; F. M. Gallagher, Albany, Or.;
F. L. Kent, Corvallls, Or.; Mr. and
Mrs. William Hunter, Moscow, Idaho;
Ella Burham, Moscow, Idaho; N. F.
Reed, Burns. Or.; F. W. Carl, Seattle,
Wash.; Miss K. W. Harbord, Salem.
Or.; Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Mix. Ashland,
Or.; L. Johnson, Sllverton, Or.; H. M.
Harlan. Medford. Or.; Charles A. Lit
tler. Forest Grove, Or.; H. M. Horton,
Burns, Or.; Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bail-
hache, -Racine, Wis.; "Fred 'Emerson
Brooks, San FranciBco: Mrs. F. B. Sora
erville, Edmonton, Albt.; Mrs. J. D. Mc
Namara, Edmonton, Cal.; Mrs. Rose
Douglas, Edmonton, CaL; S. A. Volk-
an. St. Paul, Minn.: J. E. Oates, Sea
side; Ben Ormond, Riverside, Cal.; Mr.
and Mrs. D. J. Charles. Butte. Mont.
Mrs. C. H. Rich, Fort George Wright;
G. A. Young, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Rosen. St. t'etersDurg,
Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Castle, De
troit, Mich.; Mrs. M. H. Aronsen, Seat
tle. Wash.; Mrs. A. Bachus. Miss
Bachus, Toledo. O.; Pauline Harmon
Margaret Granger, Martha Miller, Jess
Cofer. Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. N. A.
Perry, Indianapolis.
Despite Rather Bad Weather, Bon
fires Enjoyed All More.
ECOLA. Or.. July 27. (Special.) In
spite of rather bad weather, tne bum
mer gaiety is on In full swing. The
beach is lighted by numerous bonfires
at night and every day excursions are
made to different points ot Interest.
The trip to Arch Cape, at the extreme
southern end of the beach, is made
by many. At low tide one can walk
through the double arches, while the
high vaulted selling reminds one of
a cathedral.
Ecola rocks also tempt many. Dur
ing the extremely low tides of last
week two young men waded out and
climbed up on one of those farthest
out. When the tide came in they were
unable to get off. Their plight was
discovered In the evening and a rescue
party tried to launch a boat, but the
darkness made things difficult, so the
young men had to pass a very un
pleasant night on the rocks. At low
tide the next day they were Drougnt
safely off. not greatly the worse for
their experience.
The hotels are all lull ana every
cottage has a patron or two.
The first "hop" of tne season was
given at the Warren on Saturday night
and was attended by many from the
cottages, as well as by the patrons of
the - hotel. They will be given every
An enjoyable musicals was also given
at the Warren on Wednesday evening.
which drew a large crowd. Those ap
pearing on the programme were: C.
H. Fox. cornet solo; Miss Sadie Hav-
ely, Miss Norma Fox. Miss Ethel Luke.
Miss Yelma Wilkinson and Mrs. Lola
Edwards Branler.
Kirchanno Lodge has been opened
by Mr. Hanno and family, who will
pass a month here.
W. H. Brltts has opened nis cottage
on the ridge at Elk Creek.
W. S. Chapman, who is building a
new cottage on the north side of llk
Creek, passed the week-end at the
Cannon Beach Hotel .
Miss Virginia Peterson has been en
tertaining the Misses Leola Ball, Mary
Ward and Viola Crane, of Astoria.
The Rev. George B. Van Waters and
family are in their Summer home near
Haystack. They have as guests Nor
man L. Burton and Stanley Semay.
Mr. and Mrs. Barrie MacKay are oc-
upying their cottage at Brooklyn
Camp. Mrs. Dick McCormac, Jr., is
visiting them.
The Cole cottage is housing Mrs.
Cornell and her son, Willis.
Mrs. Minnie Watson and Miss Eza
Ball passed the week-end at the Mi
nexa on the north side of Elk Creek.
C. R. Wlnslow has built a new cot
tage to take the place of "Shelter
Point," which burned last season.
Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Labbe are enjoy
ing their vacation at the Elk Creek
Hotel. - -
H. C. Coffin, accompanied by his
wife and small son, Is taking a ton
ight's rest at Cannon Beach. They
will be Joined shortly by Mrs. A. S.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Noyes and Miss
Sadie Noyes are at tbe Warren for a
few wetks.
Mrs. Josephine Booth is visiting
friends In Red Rock cottage.
Mrs. J. M. bnort is entertaining Mr.
and Mrs. Logie Richardson In. addl
tlon to several other guests.
C. B. Woodworth. of Ladd Tilton'i
Bank, passed the week-end with J. E.
Simmons at Arch Cape.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens are occupying
the Yates cottage.
Tbe Warren has the following pat
rons: Mrs. A. G. Barker. Mrs. F. S.
Kelly. Elizabeth Kelly, Mrs. W. C Gil
bert, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Noyes, Sadie
Noyes. E. O. Gardner, C. A. Foulk,
Mrs. E. A. Sommer, Martha Bartell, H,
P. Coffin, wife and child. Dr. and Mrs.
George Marshall, Clarence Jacobson, E,
J. Ferguson and wife, Lennette r ergu
son, Mr. Vance, Mr. Russell, Martha
Whiting, Charles B. Hand, Mr. and
Mrs. P. F. Bielltz, and Mr. and Mrs.
O. F. Bergner, from Portland; Anna
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Gearhart,
Mrs. G. W. Spier, Mildred Copland, Mrs.
F. P. Leinenweber and S. A. Rabo, of
Astoria; Miss Gertrude Noble, Sioux
City; Helena M. Gleeson, Anaconda
Mrs. F. S. Warriner. Honolulu; Yelma
M. Wilkinson, Athena; Mr. and Mrs. W
Smith,. Warrenton; Miss Hayes, Bloom
lneton. HL: Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Green
baum, San Francisco; Misses Beth
Allen, C. B. Haradon and Josephine
Haradon. Seattle.
At the Elk Creek Hotel the following
Dersons have been cared for: L. O.
Hatchell. Major A. A. Cabaniss and
wife. Mrs. Florence Carlock." Mrs. F.
M. Warren, Norma Anderson, Billy
Young, Robert Adams, Mr. and Mrs.
M. Fleischner, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Metz
ger, R. J. Gordon F. H. Powers and
wife, Kathleen Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Torry, M. C. Martin, R. M. Schmeer,
Mrs. B. Kistner, nurse and children,
G. W. Shirley, Carl Johnson, Mrs. Wells
Gibbert and son, Mrs. Thomas Foster
and Margaret Foster, air- of Portland;
W. F. McGregor, son and daughter, R.
W. McLean, Mrs. D. E. Lagassie, F. A.
Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Warren, T,
J. Lawrin and Mr. and Mrs. W. N.
Smith, from Astoria; Ista L. Page,
Bellevue, Mich.; Mrs. Maxwell Blake,
Tangier, Morocco; Mary K. Hawks,
Chicago; B. H. Arnold, Warrenton; Miss
Barrett, Dublin, Ireland; Dan J. Moore,
Seaside; A. C. Anderson, Nehalem,
Miss M. Stratham. Duluth, Minn.
The register at the Cannon Beach
Hotel shows the following names for
the past week: W. H. Brltts,. wife and
son, Lena Berger, Valentine Brown, A.
F. Flegel, B. H. Arnold. Miss K. Miller,
Mrs. E. J. Rivenburg and son, Marian
Gooding, W. S. Howland, Lavina Bird,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Blitz, F. H. Rothchild,
G. V. Durkee and family, J. W. Shep
herd and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swindler and
son, Mrs. W. W. Banks and son, Mrs.
J. H. Booth, W. D. Edwards and son,
Sam B. Foster, Roscoe F. Hunt. H. H.
Hunt and R. W. Morgem. all from Port
land; Mrs. C. W. Klippell, Oregon City;
J. M. Rothchild, San Francisco; Sue L.
Badollet, Council Bluffs, la., Dorothy
Peters, Baltimore; H. H. Hansom, Mc
Minnville, C. D. Welghtman and wife,
The Arch Cape Hotel has had tne fol
lowing patrons: Charles Carlson,
Mrs. L. P. Keeler, Mrs. T. M. Williams,
Mrs. E. O. Gardner, and Miss Martha
Bartell. from Portland; Charles Glt-
tere- and son, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Kritch,
Mrs. G. W. Splcer, Mrs. F. P. Leinen
weber and Miss Mildred Copland, of
Astoria; Oscar . Lailo, wheeler, Ore.;
Mrs. F. T. Warriner, Honolulu.
Life Preservers Picked ITp at Neah-
kali-nie Arouses Much Speculation.
NEAH-KAH-NIE. Or., July 27.
(SDecial.) With the arrival here last
week of a party from Reed College,
Portland, trout fishing in the streams
around the mountain has become an
important feature of entertainment.
Visitors start early in the morning for
the small branches of the Nehalem
River, to return late in the evening
well-laden with speckled beauties. A
number of fine catches have been made.
The opening of the salmon season
here has also aroused activity among
the salmon trollers. Numerous parties
have spent the day on the river and
the upper bay and report excellent
Mrs. C. H. Gilbert, Miss Frances
Sheehy, Miss Florence Reed, Professor
Stahl and Robert Sabin have occupied
the new cottage Just completed by
Miss MacMillan. Various parties have
been formed for walking, fishing, boat
ing and bathing, so that their Summer
home has been the center of a continu
ous round of gaiety.
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Gilbert, of Port
land, and their small daughter, Doro
thea, spent the week-end with the Rev.
and Mrs. W. A. M. Breck.
Mrs. J. D. Hancock, of Portland, has
been a guest at the Breck cottage for
the past fortnight.
The completion of the new cottage
erected for Miss Mary Frances Isom,
librarian of the Portland library, has
provided for a pleasant increase to
the Summer colony. Miss Isom, ac
companied by her niece. Berenice
Langton, arrived Thursday of last
week and will make , her home here
tbe scene of many entertainments dur
ing the season.
Mrs. J. B. Hatton and John M. Hat
ton were guesta here for several days
the latter part of the week.
Campfires have become popular
among the young people, the thick
woods near by furnishing splendid op
portunities for roughing it and ar
ranging real "pioneer" outings. The
visit of Mr. and Mrs. G. L Dove, ac
companied by MiSB Gertrude Dove, Miss
Leora Bradley and G. F. Nickols, has
been well occupied with expeditions
among the bills, trips around the fa
mous trail and campfires in the woods
and along the beach. The party has
been spending the past ten days at the
Mr. and- Mrs. Otto Breyman, the
Misses Sherlock and Miss Harriet Brey
man arrived the latter part of the
week in their automobile from Port
land to spend the week-end here. They
came in over the mountains by way of
Tillamook and reached the resort
through Nehalem. Roads along the
route are reported excellent. over most
of the distance and numerous parties
en route to different resorts were
A large party of visitors from Port
land is expected here next week, C. B.
Smith and Fred Sholin having come in
during the week to arrange for accom
modations and to enjoy an outing over
Sunday. ,
J. J. Teesdale, of Portland, has been
spending his vacation here for the
past two weeks.
Among the enthusiastic anglers here
are Mr. Stockwell and Mr. Williams,
who arrived Sunday for a few days'
fishing, and boast they know the best
pools haunted by mountain trout.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens and son,
"Billy," of Portland, were visitors here
over Sunday. They are making a tour
nf th Oriron beaches and left early
in the week for a trip farther south.
An event of interest to visitors was
the finding last week of two li'ej
servers from the steamer R. A. MHer
on the beach. The cork jackets were kn on Friday and caused
a good deal of speculation as to the
cause of their being adrift.
Work on the hotel is progressing
...uw rwi' it In exnected the new
Neah-kah-nie Tavern will be Teady for
opening by August 1. A party of busi
ness men from Portland, accompanied
by several leading citizens of Nenaiem,
made a short visit here Sunday to ln-
x n,amiMfl It is proposed xo
Bpout mo 1' ' -- - .
make the opening tne ieuis
the season here.
Among those registered at
house during the week are the follow
it, Mr und Mrs. P. H. Stevenson,
Miss Lillian Stevenson, A. I Bratton,
Mr. and Mrs. Pride. Maurice Hudson,
-c- nenn Milton Martyn, C. M,
Sheff'ler. Roland Bristol and Mr. Chaso
and children.
Warm Weather Drives City People to
Seek Cooling Sea Breeies.
BAYOCEAN, Or.. July 27. (Special.)
.Th warm weather of the past few
weeks in the city has been effective in
driving all wno could get away to
where the cool breezis blow, apparent
ly th rush of visitors started in
early in the week and continued until
the week-end, when accommodations
were taxed to the utmost here, the ho
tel being crowded and even the tent
city well- filled.
In order to provide for- the large
number of people coming here by train,
regular ferry service has been estab
lished between Bayocean and Garibaldi
by the yacht Henrietta, under Captain
Jenkins. The yacht Bayocean was
fm,n too large, to handle in the bay
and the smaller boat was recently se
cured from Tillamook, where Captain
Jenkins has had headquarters, especial
ly for the use of Bayocean patrons.
Th, nnninf of the neighboring re
sorts along the coast has stimulated
activity here, many visitors coming to
see Bayocean for the first time. The
presence of these people has provided
a constant round of gayety. The days
have been devoted to trips to places
of Interest about the bay and to fish
ing trips in the mountain streams or on
the ocean. Social events of various
sorts, bowling and evening bathing
have proved interesting features -for
the evenings.
Twn unusually attractive musical
events have marked the week, besides
the regular programmes proviaeo. eacn
evening by the orchestra. Tuesday
evening, when Mrs. M. J. O'Donnell was
soloist, the programme rendered was
as follows: "Fruhlingsleben" (Schu
mann), "Irish Love Song" (Lang),
"Calm Is the Night" (Bohm). "The Ro
sary" (Nevin), by Mrs. O'Donnell; vio
lin solos by M. L. Cline, minuet in G
(Beethoven) and "souvenir iieom;.
cello solos oy KODeri o. of Love" (Liszt) and "The
Swan" (Saint Saens). Special numbers
rendered by the orchestra were "Awak
ening of Spring" (Bach), "Extase"
(Ganne) ana -jnungarian u.u;i
The Sunday night programme was
devoted to chamber music, the follow
ing numbers being rendered by the or
chestra: Overture, "Light (javairy
(Suone); Larghetto irom second sym
phony (Beetnovenj; minuet irom ui
tett (Schubert); "The Swan" (Saint
Saens); solo by Mr. Browne; rondo
flnale from trio in G (Haydn); "Garden
of Love" (Schumann); "Marcne Mill-
taire" (Schubert). Vocal solog were
given as follows: "Be Thou Faithful
TTnto Death." aria from St. Paul (Men
delssohn): "Dring to Me Only With
Thine Eyes." "Bedouin Love Song" and
Garden of Love.
The audience was enthusiastic and
completely filled the hotel parlors and
office during tne concert.
Dancing in the hotel parlors has been
popular during the cool evenings and
the regular Thursday night event was
well attended, there being about 25
couples present. Among those- who
took part in the dancing were Mr. and
Mrs. Paul E. Blletz, Mr. ana jurs. u. r:
Bergner, Miss Crystallne Hyland, Stan-
lev Chapln. Miss Ruth Bisseu, Mrs.
BIssell. Blanche McGowan, Edna Mc-
Gowan, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Stone, R.
E. Lafferty, E. M. Eldrldge. N. Glad
stone. Frank Wood and Del Bogart.
At a Jolly bonnre gatnenng xuesoay
evening on the beach, below the hotel,
there were present the following
guests: Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Reynolds,
Mrs. George M. Hyland, Miss Crystallne
Hyland, Miss Constance Hyland, Miss
Blanche Wiles, Miss Juell Heynoioa,
Miss Jessie Bengal and Miss Elizabeth
Brophy, of Spokane; Henry L. King,
Stanley Chapln, Frank Ware, Mr. Rum
ford and Samuel Wickford. Games of
different sorts, racing contests among
the women and a tug-of-war between
the men formed attractive features of
the outing. Roasted marshmallows.
toasted corn and potatoes cooked in
the ashes of the bonnre were served.
Wednesday evening was given over
to a five hundred party in the hotel
parlors, at which there were six tables.
Frizes of handsome stick pins tor tne
men and boxes of candy for the women
were won by M. L. Cline and Melvin
Reed and by Miss Blanche Reynolds
and Mrs. Williams. Following the card
games, refreshments were served and
a short musical programme by several
of the guests closed the entertainment
During the past week Mr. and Mrs.
T. Irving Potter have opened their
cottage. The Potter party includes Mr.
and Mrs. Potter, their children and
nurse, Mrs. w. G. Hendricks and her
son. Pending the completion of refur
nishing for the Summer they have been
occupying apartments in the hotel.
Frank Mallory, of Portland.' has es
tablished a tent on his property north
of the hotel and will probably start a
cottage there in the near future. The
location is an attractive one but build
ing on that portion of the point has
been delayed until the completion of
High Terrace drive northward along
the beach. '
Mr. and Mrs. C W. Stose are con
templating erecting a . cottage just
south of the T. I. Potter cottage. Mr.
Stose is a real booster for the place,
although a recent arrival, and has out
lined a number of improvements for
the resort which may be carried out in
the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Bleitz are
spending a few weeks at the hotel en
Joying the cool weather and Summer
Among the guests from the "outside"
during the week were Miss Jessie Ben
gal and Miss Elizabeth Brophy, of Spo
kane, who arrived early in the week
and left for Portland Thursday. This
is their first trip to the resort and
they were delighted with the beautiful
Among the guests to arrive Saturday
for -the week-end were T. Irving -ot
ter, L. E. Kern. Lowell Kern, his son.
and H. L. Chapin. The party left Port
land by automobile at 6 o'clock Satur
day morning and reached Bay City, a
distance of 117 miles, before noon.
Members of the party report an un
usually pleasant run. The way lies
through McMinnville, Dolph, Hebo, Clo
verdale, Tillamook and Bay City. Ex
cept for the space of five miles near
the Indian reservation, it was said, the
road was excellent and good time was
made throughout the trip. A number
of other autos were passed on the road,
many of which were on the way to the
cottage resorts in the vicinity of Bay
ocean. .
H. V. Bamford and George Bamford,
of Portland, are staying here for a few
days. They have been especially active
in the dancing and other entertainment
and also took part in the bowling con
test at the pavilion Friday night.
Paul E. Bleltz was high man bowl
ing though given a hard run by some
of the other men, notably Frank Mc
Clure. one of the instructors of swim
ming. This port is becoming a pop
ular one and many of the women have
tried developing their muscles by this
means. Mrs. BIssell, Miss Blanche
Wiles and the Misses McGowan hold
high records in their class. The party
Friday night included the following:
Mrs. . BIssell. Miss Ruth BIssell. Miss
Blanche Wiles. Mrs. Wiles, Miss Edna
McGowan, Miss Blanche McGowan. M
L. Cline, Frank McClure, Melvin Boyle.
Paul E. Bleltz. Frank Woodward and
Del C. Bogart.
Mrs. W. L. Buchanan, wife of W. L.
Buchanan, publicity manager for the
Portland Railway, Light & Power Com
pany, was a guest at the hotel last
week. She left for a trip up the Gari-baldl-Nehalem
beaches, which are eas
ily reached from Bayocean.
An especially enjoyable trip out over
Tillamook Bar was made by the yacht
Henrietta. Sunday afternoon by a se
lect party. The little vessel lay-to near
the buoy and members of the party
Each tent is equipped with beds, bedding, stove, table, cooking utensils,
etc You will have the free use of shower baths, water, swings, tennis
courts and boats. Good board may be secured at 35 cents per meal or
$1 per day. Make your reservations at Western Oregoa Trust Co., 272
Stark Street, or write Frank E. Roberts, Manager, care Columbia Beacb
Hotel, Columbia Beach, via Warrenton, Oregon.
v.1 ZWry JUMVJ
Prices $75 Up. Lots 50x100.
Don't buy a beach lot until you
have seen
or you will regret it.
People have gone, to Manzanita
Beach, looked it over, and then
gone to all the other beaches, looked
them over, and . invariably return
to Manzanita Beach and buy with
out hesitating.
We repeat, do not buy until you
have seen Manzanita Beach. For
full information, write us, or call
at room 601, Board of Trade Build
ing, Portland, Oregon.
Manzanita Beach
vv W, W. Zollars, Agent.
Phone Main 2593.
Ideal spot, modern family hotel, coun
try and seaside combined; ocean In full
view; large yard for children, croquet
? round, best cuisine and table service,
ishlng. surf bathing.
Mrs. Dedman, Prop-
Best Camp Gronnda on the Coast
Auto Bus for Your Baggage. Auto
Stage Every Day.
Hotel, European Plan. Rates Reasonable
For Information
Phone Kast 3138 or B S633.
Frettest place at Seaside. Rates to
families. Good meals and clean rooms,
fretty uowers. bus meets an trains,
Give us a visit.
Regular rates (2.50
per day.
Arch Cape Hotel
Moat Picturesque Spot on Cannon Beach
On the Ocean Front.
Unexcelled Bathing. Fishing and Hunt
ing, sea .r oods a specialty.
Reasonable Rates.
Beantifnl Scenic Ride From Seaside.
Address W. S. ADAMS. Ecola, Or.
Ths management of KITSOST HOT 8F1UNG8
Announces the season now open for camp
in? narties. A new 20-room bathhouse has
been erected, cottsges can be rented, board
obtained, food fishing. Rates will bs found
reasonable. By notifying few days In ad
vance conveyance will meet trains at Oak
rldge. Mrs. B. B- Warfield. Pros., Hazal
dell. Or.
tried their luck with the denizens of,
the deep. Mrs. Bowman, of Portland, ;
proved herself the angler of the party ;
and carried home a heavy load of fish. -,
The heavy rain of the night before had J
produced a "flat sea" and none ot the I
party was sea sick. These deep seaj
trips will be a feature of Sunday morn- J
ing's entertainment on the Henrietta '
during the balance of the season.
Among the late arrivals here ar"
Clinton Newton, wife and family, who
arrived during the week to occupy the .
Fisher cottage. Mr. Newton came here
recently to look over the place and was
so well pleased that he decided upon
it as the ideal place for a Summer
outing for his family. He may bulid
a cottage in the near future. ,
Besides the Potter party, which ar-.
rived for the week-end, the special,
train out of Portland brought the fol-'
lowing, most of whom came by way of
Garibaldi; others went through to Til-,
lamook and crossed to Bayocean on,
the Henrietta: George W. Caldwell.
wife and daughter; Mrs. J. F. Bell,
Alexander Bell, H. N. Secwert and wife,
Arthur Goodrich and wife. Mr. and
Mrs. George W. Hoyt, Miss Martha S.
Hoyt. George W. Hoyt. Jr., all of Port-.,
land; Mrs. G. A. Phillips and Reuel .
Phillips, Spokane; Earl H. Anderson, of1
Salem; Mrs. R. A. Sawyer, Mrs. F. J.J
Courtney. C. A. Foster and wife. Dr.
R. B. Northrup. Ms. Northrup and son.,
R. E. Meyers. Mrs. G. Hibbard and son.
Ruby van Hook, R. C. Loucks, S. W.
King and wife. W. A. Illidge. Miss
Christine Lawffer. Miss Sophy Lawf
ffer. H. M. BIssell, Elwood Wiles. H.j
O. Baker. Lillian Baker, Blanche Lucky,
Edward Base, J. C. Foth. O. H. Schmedt- a
mum and wife, Joseph Jantberger, Mrs.
Jantberger and Miss Jantberger. E.
Bragg. Miss EUery, Arthur Cavlll. A. '
A. Russell, Mrs. W. J. Clemens and J
Miss Jean Clemens, M. A. Zallinger and
wife. Clifford Zelllnger and Marian;
Zollinger, Henry Mears. Mrs. Frank E. ,
Dooly and wife. Miss Margaret Mears,
R. M. Dooly. Jr., S. D. Kelly, Dr. Perk-
ins and wife.
The early morning boat from Tilla-:-mook
Sunday brought a large crowd -of
people, most of whom stayed over
until Monday morning, among whom .,
were the following: Alfred F. C. Burk
hardt and wife. Emll Kratttnger and
wife, Wllhelmine Brunner, W. G. Perk
ins ind James W. Llnd. all of Port
land: C. W. Mcllvulne. of Bay City;
W K. Lytle, of Tillamook; Mrs. A. F. .
Creveling. Mrs. C. Thomas. Thomas J. ';
Shea and wife and E. A. Class, all of
Portland: F. T. Wnghtman. of Salem;
W. M Cake, of Portland; L. R. Stln
son. of Salem; J. B. E. Bourne, ot "
Rainier; Florence- Day, C. W. Cornel- ;
lus, Ethel Craven, all of Portland.
Among the arrivals early in the '
week were the following: J. S. Bar
fCor.cIuded on Page II.)
Oceanhiil Hotel
An exclusive quiet family
hotel. E 1 e c t r i c-lighted.
Ample playgrounds for "
children; accessible beach,.,
no grade to climb; shel
tered from all winds.
Shore dinners a specialty.
Bus meets boats. Make
reservations now.
Delightful mountain resort. Beauti-
ful scenery. Good hunting and fishing .
Hot Mineral Baths, excellent for
rheumatism, stomach and liver trou-"
bles. Fine new bath house with
lady and gentlemen attendants. A
perfect health resort. Accbmmoda-
tions unsurpassed.
Take North Bank road or Upper,.
Columbia River boats.
Rates on application.
F. A. YOUNG, Proprietor.
And Stop at
The Portland
European Plan. Reasonable Rate. TJ-to-Date
Cafeteria and Dellcateesea.
Home Cooking Our Specialty.
Newton, Wash.
Most delightful and convenient loca
tlon on Washington Beach. Large shady 1
grounds extending directly to the ocean. "
Accommodations for surf bathing. Con
venient to hot Bait baths and post- ...
office. Excellent table and service.
Address Mrs. N. M. Dewey, Magr
Long Beach, Wash.
Elk Creek Hotle
First and best on Cannon
Beach. Remodeled and
Pea foods a specialty.
Pleasant auto ride from
Peaelde. Address
ELK CHEEK HOTEL, Seaside, Orecom. .'
Only First-Class Hotel on Beachfront.
Situated on Cannon Beach. Beautiful ,
view, hunting, fishing and bathing.
Best cuisine and table service. 8ea .j,
foods a specialty.
Pare mountain water piped to hotel. .
Autos and stages meet all trains.
For rates address. f
M. S. WARREN, Ecola, Via Seaside, '.
Cannon Beach Hotel
Clean beds. Excellent meals. Best of
everything. Fine eight-mile auto ride
frnm RaniriA. nrilnff At th most heau.
tlful beach In the world. Good fishing, ,
hunting and batmng. Address
W. H. ROSS, Ecola, Oregon.
Sea Croft and Annex
Splendid location, facing the ocean:
electric lights among the trees; large
sitting rooms with fireplaces. Best of
meals served in Seacroft's dining-room.
Housekeeping apartments in the Annex,
Mrs. W. E. Hutchinson. Haoigtr.
First-class board and rooms. Con
venient to the beach. A restful re
treat. Sea foods every day. Rates
moderate. Write me. MRS. RICHARD
GOOLEY, Beach Center Station, Long
Bench, Wash, P.