The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, July 14, 1912, SECTION TWO, Page 13, Image 25

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Orflr Secretary Employment Department.
T. M. C. A.
Titinv man stran.r. se.lclna; employ
ment -'0 his total cuih ass If I IT
vou 5 for employment inemKnnip, t wiu
have only IIS lext between me tnu L1 " -
re Ati r v ir, for en"iD.
ment memberahin. you will have the Y. M.
C. A., with all lu resource, betweea you
and starvation.
ftiit- TiHin man association.
Tn lesa than a week be bad satisfactory
r. nM,tha anrilnw June '
Telia for men lflR0
Positions filled 8-t0
Employment membership guarantee
mtmber will secure employment or refuna
of membership fee: rlvei two month lull
membership privilege. 10 months eoclal
privileges and undertake to keep member
employed during the full term 01 mem
bership without further charge.
nr. . A for n.FR
See eecretary employment department.
t. M c A.
re: estate boom I on In Canada. If yo"
can make good ae'.l'ng anything any PIC
yoa can do better aelling real estate in
Canada; the largest aalea organisation in
Canada itant saleamen with experience
eeihng real eatate. insurance, books, pic-
turea. piano, etc. Real eatate rl11
not necessary; also men with ability to
manage branch office and direct jnlea
fnrce. Our salesmen are now making from
50 to 1X00 per weK. and we n...
opening for you. Address Sales Manager.
i'.ib caaogan diocjc. caisarv.
a da.
AN EASTERN magaslne and subscription
hAAk ntihli.hinv hmi.e with Pacific t.OSSt
headquarters at San Francisco desires the
servtces or a manager tor ine rui . j ....
branch: must be experienced and forceful
man. capable of organising sales force, and
kfu nmvlAii refOrrla show that he Can
produce result and has done so; no other
need oply. Moderate salary m .lan
with, subject to raise according to mer
it. Full particulars as to previous ex
perience must accompany application;
references and surety bond required. O
233. Oregonlan.
ATTENTION. Life Insurance Men: Three
openings for special agents who are ready
to get Into the field and make good In
personal production: company' sgencies
thoroue-hlv organized In Oregon and
Washington: our agents are bigh-class.
nrosnerous citizens: that is the only kind
we want, so If you are "broke" or not
willing to have past record thoroughly In-
. veetlgated. do not apply; prosperity nere
Tor men wno cam ana win min groui
renewal contracta or optional liberal
brokerage. Address F 24. Oregonlan.
ARI.R-RODIED men wanted for the Tj. S.
Miu-lne Corps, between the ages of 19 and
35: must be native born or have nrst pa
pers: monthly pay 115 to : additional
compensation possible: iooa. ciotninK.
Quarters and medical attendance free: af
ter 30 years service can retire with 75
per cent of pay and allowances; service
on board ship and ashore in all parts of
the wdrld. Apply at V. S. Marine Corps
Recruiting Office. Third and Washington
sis., or 13H Third St.. Portland. Or. .
High-class salesman. Ton can
make from $300 to 500 monLn
ee Barnard.
407 Teon Bldg. j
WE want salesmen in every state of the
Union, to sell our famous Premium line
of talking machines and China specialties
to retail merchants. We advance expense
money, pay high commissions on the
original mail orders. Only salesmen who
can give the best of references need reply.
If you are a live wire you can easily make
from 75 to $100 per week. O'Neill-James
Company. 337 W. Madison St.. Chicago. Ill
AUTOMOBILE truck salesman wanted. A
first-class and experienced truck salesman
who can show a clean record can find an
opening selling a popular truck which is
well represented In this territory. Only
those who can furnish best of references
need apftlv. Stoddard-Dayton Auto Co.,
between 8 and 9:S0 A. M. only. Ask for
Mr. Gilbert.
THE COLUMBIA LIFE wants more agents
In Portland: a man who couldn't suc
ceed as a life Insurance agent with the
Columbia Life 4 Trust Company In Port
land couldn't succeed with any company
nvwhere; the best of fields: the best
company especially In -this field. Talk
with Harry Richey at the home office.
Bl Spalding bldg.
WANTED Salesmen now calling on the
dry goods and furnishing goods trade in
' Eastern Oregon. Washington and Idaho
to carry in connection our line of men's
and women's neckwear and Buster Brown
hosiery: commission basis: must be able
to furnish first-class references.
83 Fifth St.
Yes! It's the same firm as the other
ad under this heading: read that, and
then If you have a record for real estate
sale in Portland come up and bear abiut
the best opening In the world; transpor
tation furnished. 10 to 13 and 1 to t. A.
R. Campbell. 70S Selling bldg.
SALESMAN A young man who i ener
getic, reliable and has good appearance,
to sell the retail grocery and drug trade:
salary $15 per week, with an exceptional
opportunity for advancement. In answer
ing advertisement give age. reference and
experience. P. O- Bog 504. Washington,
D. C.
WANTED Well-dressed energetic solicit
ors who will work S hours a day for
3 month canvass. Can make big money.
City districted. Clever proposition, well
advertised: nothing to carry; no money to
collect. Apply to Mr. Freedman. 511 Roy
al bldg.. between a:w ana iu except Sun
day. RELIABLE man out of work who knows
something of carpentering, floor painting,
etc. and Is willing to make himself gen
erally useful about house, may nna sev
eral days' work by phoning East 2120:
fair 'wages. -
TRAFFIC MAN Desirable position for a
competent man.
STENOGRAPHER Prefer young man
who is an ass:stant oooKKeeper.
10S5 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
ANY intelligent -well-dressed man can suc
cessfully sell real estate on our easy pay
ment plan. We teach you the business
and guarantee results to workers. Call
8:30 to 10 room 212 Selling building and
ask for Mr. comte.
A GOOD salesman wsnted to travel in the
State of Oregon on commission oasis;
first-class line of goods handled by gro
cers, feed and eed dealers. Address AV
Oregonlan. -
Contractor to build house, valusx$3500,
and take lots at market value, $450 each:
close in. 309 Board of Trade. Phone
Main ltP3.
SALESMAN calling on dry goods trade
Sideline pleatlngs. big novelty: liberal
commissions. Samples weigh two pounds.
Answers confidential. Cohn-Frank Manu
facturing Co.. St. Louis. Mo.
WANTED Experienced industrial stock
sellers; gilt-edge proposition: highest
remuneration; state age. experience and
references. ,
Address box AV 479. Ore-
TEN high-class, experienced sates persons,
good salary and permanent position, to
competent people. Apply to superintend
ent before 10 A. M. The Holt store. Holts
corner. 5th and Washington.
YOUNG man for family liquor store, ex
perienced bottler preferred: must hsndle
delivery wagon; give telephone number
and experience. O r50. Oregonlan.
WANTED First-class millinery traveling
sa;esman for the Northwest; must have
traae and best of references. Apply Holm
Nathan. SO fd St., Ssn Francisco. Cal.
WANTED A young nian that has had bill-In-
experience on typewriter. Advancement
:o rlEht partv. State age and experienc.
AT 22. Or.gonian.
INSURANCE AGENTS, experienced, recom
mended, who want to better their condi
tion. Communicate with National Life In
sursnce Co.. V. B. A. $06 Selling bldg.
ANT good stel ship fitter desiring steady,
desirable position can secure same by ap
plying st the Craig Shipbuilding Corn
pan v s Works at Long Beach. Cal.
WANT good trader to close exchanges;
p'.enty work: fine proposition to right
man. Pee Mr. Rltter. Security Develop
ment Co.. 4th and Pine s-s.
. Ttvo good houseto-hose solicitors wanted.
Csll after 8:30 A. M., 3S2 Lumber Ex
change. -
SOLICITORS, listen! Big commissiona
small deposits required. Call 602 Bu
chanan. 2S6i3 Wash.
.EXPERIENCED salesman In orchard lands
wanted at once. Call between 10 and 12.
42ft Henry bldg. Main 24.
VACANCY occurs for good stock salesman;
splendid opening, bright future. O 248.
TWO or three live men wanted. Experience
unnecessarv. Good pronosttion for hard
worker. 322 Board of Trade bldg.
"WANTED Young man with experience as
Mlesman In general store. Apply Mon
day forenoon. Bannon A Co.. Oregon City.
EXPERIENCED eash and door machrr.e
man at MeMinnvilla Planing Mills. Call
rt 05 Oregon'an for Information.
CAPABLE experienced man to do cleaning
and pressing. Greater Portland Dye
XCA NTEDFlrt -clans cook, ready to go to
work. At SSw Morrison.
WANTED A few good salesmen. , 207
Stark at.
FOUR good salesman tor city. Apply 6u2
Marauam bldg., 10 A. M. to 13 M,
222-224 Couch 1st and 2d.
Telephones: Main 8570. A 14.
Hln furnished free to emnloyers.
Telephone or telegraph -ush orders at
our expense
Open Sunday 9 A. M. to 8 P. M.
Gang edgerman, $1.
Ratchet setter. $3.30.
Carriage riders, $2.50.
. Hand resawyer and ptanerman, $4. .
Two planer feeders, $2.50.
Two sash and door machine men, $3.
Two boom men. $2.50 and $2.75.
-Five lumber pliers. $2.M. '
Twenty-five yardmen. $2.25 and $2.50.
Teamsters, lumber truck. 22.25.
Ten mlllhands, go with boas today, $2.50
- Two tie loaders. $2.75.
5 men for light work around sash and
door factory, J2.
Buckers, $3 up. Ringing men. $3 up.
Pnlpers. $.'!. Swampers. $3.
Chasers. S3 up. Ijoader. $3 up.
Fillers. $3 up. Section men, $2.25.
New logging orders every day.
Man and wife on dairv farm. $65 up.
Man and wife on farm, $45 up; free
Four milkers. 140.
Two milkers for Coos Bay. $40, fare
Two farmhands, $1.50 day, go with boss.
Hay hands. J3S, -close in.
Two farmhands at the coast, $35.
Choreman, $20.
Cook, small camp. $W up.
Walter. $30 and room. city.
Vegetable man. $25. city.
Dishwasher, country hotel. $40. .
Dishwasher, city. $8 to $10 week.
Bellbov. city hotel, $25.
Ten men for county road Work, $2.60.
Ten men on pipe line, $2.50.
Carpenters. $2.00 to $3.50.
l aborers, city, S2.50 up.
Mortar mixer, $3.
We have work for a. large number oM
men where rare is aavancea.
We ship north, south, east ana west
New work coming in all the time.'
Watch our bulletin boards.
222-224 Couch St.. bet. 1st and 2d.
TAILORS, for busheling work.
perienced young men preferred.
For men' clothing department.
For men's furnishing department.
For men's hat department.
For boys' furnishings department.
Third St.. near Morrison.
We can use two good salesmen on our
permanent sales staff. Only men who
have good clean record and can sell one
of the soundest and most profitable In
vestments offered in the Northwest need
apply no experience in stock-selling re
quired, but applicants must be forceful
and' clean-cut; no advance made, so
those looking for graft need not apply;
thorough co-operation given and success is
sure to anyone we accept. Call Monday
or-Tuesday morning. Room Sort, .Corbctt
bldg. Ask for Mr. Lehman.
MAN wanted by the Meier r frank store.
Only those having had first-class exper
ience need apply at superintendent's of
Local, rapidly-growing firm, carrying on
legitimate business, paying dividends out
of the ordinary, wants to engage strong
salesman or business man to 'place new
issue of stock; extremely 'successful en
terprise, backed by leadine- Portland men.
Permanency and liberal arrangement for
man selected. AN 212. Oregonlan.
BUY an Interest in a transfer ard storage
business, old established, regular traoe.
Will sell all or part. S1000 down, Dal.
time. Just the thing for 2 or $ live young
men with little money, to jump ngnt
into a paying business, investigate, f 133
Oregonlan. ' -
WANTED Men with families, steady-work
In mills: also buy home easy payments.
Town 8500. will double population In 2
years, located near ocean. Vessels load at
mills. White man's town: 1400 men em
ployed. Pay roll $150,000 a month. Give
nationality ana auoress ji weBumnn.
Have an opening for successful, ex-
nerienced salesman. opportunity excep
tional r earries earning nuwer $400 monthly
and upwards: only experienced, well-rec
ommended salesman. Apply AN 2is, ure
gonian. -
HIGH SCHOOL and athletic young men to
Join Company C Oregon National Guard
Instructive camD: cxdtinir army maneu
vers, near Seattle. July 20-30; uniforms,
food and transportation furnished; pay
$1.25 per day. Apply at Armory, evenings.
SALESMAN wanted by leading , lace-embroidery
manufacturer for their estab
lished trade. Rare opportunity to right
party. Can also be handled as side line.
Liberal arrangements. Wilson, 493 Broad
way. New 1 orK.
WANTED 5 young men 18 to 25 years of
age,- to -travel for - large fclastern circula
tion concern; big money and opportunity
for a hustler. Apply 1 to 4 P. M., room
' 1T Rainier Hotel.
A NEW mill Just starting: 1 rachet-setter,
$8; S doggers. $2.50; a band resaw man,
$3.50; one lumber marker. $1": a mill oiler,
2.50. Butts-McCauley Employment Co.,
14 '4 N. 2d. .
WE WANT a permanent representative in
every locality to handle our high-grade
household utilities. Everything fresh. All
good sellers. P. E. Sales Co. Bernice
bldg.. Tacoma, Wsslr
SALESMAN wanted for Wlnoua Mills seara-'-
less hosiery; established business: good
commission. G. W. Booxer. Mgr.. 417 Ar
cade bldg.. Seattle.
MANUFACTURER'S agent to handle line of
shipping tags, direct to consumers. Ad
dress Manager. 1001 21st it, 2d floor,
Chicago. 111.
DRUGGIST assistant; you must be a live
one; write answer to 407 Hth St.; state
age and experience: hours 7:30 to 10 P. M.
two afternoons off. -
COOK A nrst-class dinner cook; perma
nent position at goou satary. van numo
diately. Meve Restaurant,- 811 Washing
ton st.
$30 WEEKLY; salesmen to take orders for
CUt-raie groceries, uuilu.iiit. ..v..
unnecessary. Standard Mercantile Co. Inc.
$454-5456 E. 9th St.. Cleveland. O.
SHIPPING CLERK, must be experienced;
give record of employment, experience,
phone number and age. S 214. Orego
nlan. .
BOOKKEEPER, out of town, thorough lum
ber experience; arjie to graue au iw ,
$100: give place worked and your phone.
J 217. Oregonlanj
YOUNG MAN. 18 to 20 years, clerical work:
good nana, iair euucanuu. i.uiiiaxi-,.
preferred; give phone; write detailed ap
pilcation. a 21 , Oregonlan.
"""Experienced porters for whoesale grocery
house; none 4ut experienced men need
applv. S 218. Oregonlan..
wholesale nouse: give asc, in".o 4iu
phone. E 200. Oregonlan
WANTED Young man to do porter work-
Leigh ton Dairy iuncn, .s naenmgioii
street. ;
TELEGRAPH OPERATOR, small railroad
station; give positions neia. age ana pnuua.
R 21.1. Oregonlan. .
LIVE men to solicit nbscriptions for Port
land paper; big casn money ass urea cubl
ler. Call In presence. Herald, Kenton.
GOOD proposition offered, young man in
terested in a airy or rancning. al z-.
WANTED Firnt-class .paper ruler, wag
$?t per week: come at once, F. O. Tefft
Co.. Aberdeen, Wash.
AGENTS wanted to sell and solicit silver
polish. Call Monday. Portland Plating &
Mfg. Co.. 2M and Thurman.
PHOTO coupon: best ever offered: snap for
agents. Cuthbert Studio. Pekum bldg.
PHOTO coupon agents, something new. a
snap. Boston Studio. 842 J4 Washington.
WANTED 2 good men. Call o0 Board ol
WANTED Two experienced egg candlera.
CorvaHls Creamery. 224-6 Pa'mon.
WANTED High-class salesman. Ask tor
Mr Burton. 422 Veon bldg.
WANTED Delivery boy. 16 years of age or
over. K J SO. Oreonianj
EXPERIENCED young man to work In drug
store. AD 220. Oregonlan.
MAX to run poolroom. Call 2156 Market.
4 hrldee camenter. $3.50. 9 hours.
6 bridge carpenters for repair work on
the K. P. Ry. near Seattle. This Is free
Extra gang foreman, $S0.
4 car Inspectors, $2.75.
6 car repairers, $2.50.-
4 bridge caroenters. East, free fare.
1200 laborers on all kinds of work and
tree iare on most ot it.
SO laborers In city, $2.50.
245 Couch St.
By the Meier & Frank store; only those
Having naa rirst-ciass experience neeu oJ.
Jlljf .1 IUII l m Ul'...-
STOCK and bond salesmen: legitimate man-
- iifanturinar comnanv of Portland offers!
block of stock at par. PTOduct protected
by baslo patents prollts enormous anu
demand grfeat and sure, excellent chance
lor gooa live salesman iu iiiarvc inuncj ,
conservative dumtu cii-rhihiu .ih i
business men: prospectus ready now. Call!
room 401 spaiding oiag.
THOROUGHLY experienced head bellman I
frtt- nnRftlnn In Portland: must be abso- I
lutely sober and with unquestioned ref-
erenees. Apply, own handwriting. AB 220,
a r.nnn nnlnfer ean have a lob bv renting
o-room cottage; no boozer wanted. Phone I
fcetiwooa 43. JVe lionsmw ni.
C amy, CftnV. 140.
Hotel cook. $30. Cook for delicatessen.
$8 per week.
Waitresses. $7. $S and $.
Hotel waitress, out of city, $35.
- Waitresses, city, $25; for t-ummer resort.
$22. , .
Chambermaid. i22.
Housekeeper for rooming-house, $1 per
Photo finisher. $7 per week and ex-
Kurae girl, housekeepers, general helpers
and laundry girls at gooa wages.
Ladies' Dept. 05 li Washington.
WANTED Strong woman to do dusting
and cleaning; rererences requirea. Appiy
Monday morning at o'clock. Power
Furniture Co.
rv Rummm- residence In country, near Van.
couver. wanted, strong, capable girl, pre
ferrably German, experienced In general
housework and cooking, small family,
high wages. Apply Mrs. Wood. 737 Kings
Court. Take Height car. Phone Marshall
T a r . 1 c si Mrn hiv monev. Learn In few
days corset-making By correspondence
course. New system and low lee. Address
SIMPLEX CO., 7a7 Market t-, oan i r.
clscu. '
WANTED Experienced girl for general
hnticbivnrk amall fnmilV adults: good
wages. Apply at 712 West Main t- (above
King st
WANTED One good lady clothes Ironer who
will help on mangle In small steam laun
drv; good wages. See Mr. Weymouth. at
Tsmond Hotel irom iu to
WILL take lady with high school educa
tion In office and give business training;
salary when competent. AB 218, Orego
REFINED young woman to assist with sew
ing and light housework, two in family;
good home and complete business course-
inquire hnortnanq lenciier, i .
THOROUGHLY experienced salesladies for
ribbons, laces and trimmings.
Third" and Morrison St
Experienced girls for labeling canned
roods and -Doming es.tra.uia.
FITTERS, experienced, to handle help and
manage alteration room In cloak and suit
store. AddIv tomorrow. 302 Fleldner
bldg., corner Wash, and 10th st.
wivTrnin evnerienced elrl for eeneral
housework: must have references. Apply
momines betore 1L . S30 Marshall St.
M. 8609. '
WANTED Reflned voung girl to assist with
light housework in small family for room
and ooara ana some wages. jmwm-
day. 225 Lownsdule.
nRtrssMAKERS. experienced waist finish
ers, wanted: no cooks - and no- farmers
should apply, only dressmakers witn ex
perience. 4J4 Morrison.
WANTED Middle-aged woman In small
boarding-house. call sunaay ana .uou-
day. 154 16th t.
iTA-vrirri K!vnerlencert feeders and fold-
era Call Portland Laundry Co., 9th and
EXPERIENCED cooks, $40; second girls,
sio- general a-irls $40. St. Louis Agency.
;I?LS!wIr .? Main 2039
253 V, Alder St. Main 20s9. :
WANTED Girl for general housework, small
family: must be good cook. 628 E. 19th
N. irvington. rnonc avit.
WANTED Girl to assist In general house
work, good home. Apply Mrs. w. weai.,
571 East Morrison.
wivTirn Some" one to do housework
nrivata family. Phone Main 9534. G
213. Oregohianj
ht:ki-ess firm needs a woman over 25
whi 1m trustworthy and capable:
perlence unnecessary. AD 228, Oregonlan.
HOUSEKEEPER, good cook; references; I
small family; state age and wages want-
ed. Address AH 272, Oregonlan.
MULTIORAPH operator wanted at once; a
permanent position witn gooa pjr. i
1040 Chamber of Commerce.
EXPERIENCED girl for general housework,
3 adults; must be a good cook.
141 E.
60th St., corner Belmont.
W4NTED Girl for general housework;
mll waces. 696 Northrup'st. Morrison
car to Twentyttirst.
345is Washington st., cor. 7th, upstair.
Phone Main 2692.
DICTAPHONE operators wanted; positions
waiting for
competent operators. $17 1
Eiiers bldg.
WANTED A woman to work for husband'
board and room, amall boarding-house.
Call A D0i9.
WAVTKn ftirl for eeneral housework. Ad-I
ply 1S1 East Irtth, near Taylor. Phones
East 1593. B 2175. I
WANTED Olrl for
good plain cook
Broadway car.
general housework; I
773 Multnomah st.. I
ivivTEn Oirls to make shirts and over
alls. M t. Hood Shirt and Overall Fac-
tory. Sd and coucn sis.
rTint. for aeneral housework, two lu fam
ily. Call Monday morning, 795 Lovejoy,
comer 24th.
COMPETENT girl for general housework:
no IKUHUrf j t, ,"J.Li waB130 ""- -
afternoons at 800 Union ave. N. I
WANTED Two maids to do mixed work I
In small boarding-house.
Manitou, 261
18th st.
WANTED Girl for general housework.
ran st.
W ANTED Experienced girl for general
housework. Apply .u na.sey i.
TiiE CRYSTAL. LAUNDRT; 21st and Sandy
Road, iranis one nni-cmsB jnarcner.
CAN use six solicitors In city. Apply 502
Marquam bldg.. 1Q WM, to i-' ai.
HKLP WANTED Union laundry Co.. Sec- I
ond and Columbliu
COO K Colored preferred. Rosedale Coun
try Plu. Home phone a gin.
WANTED Experienced cafeteria girl.
Nicholas Cafeteria.
GIRL for general housework, good cook,
2 in family. zso vista ave. Main aaoo.
COMPETENT girl for general housework.
mall family. 057 bcnuyier St., near luth.
LADY for general housework, email family, I
gooa wages, ti car. uast oin st. i.
TELEPHONE exchange operator.
Wadhams & Kerr Broe.
WANTED Clean, ordinary cook for small
delicateesen. References, Q 24,7 Oregonian.
COMPETENT girl for general house work.
2t6 E. 33d at., near Hawthorne.
WANTED Girl to sell Oriental perfume;
big commission. Apply S29 Salmon st.
WANTED First-class manicure at
barber shop. Wilcox bldg.
WANTED Woman cook
at 111 North 3d 1
A GIRL to do general housework; must be I
good cook. East 3204.
A GOOD girl for general housework. Apply
WOMAN for general housework, mornings
oniy. oi e. -anrn J, -laoor xzx
GIRL wanted In Japanese pool hall at
North 4th at.; good wages.
WANTED A. stenographer, light work.
mooerate wages, ac uregonian.
WANTED Competent girl for second work.
Apply afternoons. I4o Bu Clara st. v
GIRL for general housework; call between I
IV ana 4. oi jonnson. near 2in.
Columbia st.
chambermaid, girl.
LADY agents wanted. Call after 10. 411
Northwest bldg.. 6th and Wash.
WANTED Woman assistant: nurse pre
ferred. Call after 10. 411 Northwest bldg.
... I
I GIRLS to work In factory.
Must be la or over
. otu ana avls st.
I COOK and helper. $60.
Man and wife franch. 50.
Cook (Institution), $40.
Hotel cook (out of city), $50.
Chambermaid (out of city) $50.
2 waitresses' (out of city), $25.
Second girl. $25 and $30.
Family cook, $40.
Chambermaid, $1 day
345 M Wash. St.. room 1.
for this week. Apply at once at The
Meier & Frank Store's 7th Floor Restau
COMPETENT tiers (in to an nrir'h small fun
tiy to tneir country place to do cooking
and general housework for a few month.
Liberal wagea. Call 510 Alexandra
Court, or telephone A 6211 and ask for
room D1U. '
WANTED A competent woman to take
cuarge oi a small boarding house; must
be nrst-class cook, and neat, careful
housekeeper; a good business chance for
nomeiy, motherly woman. V 225, Ore
WOMEN and girl to work Jn fruit; good
,wages; long season; also a limited num
ber of men. Apply Oregon Packing Co.
ota UJiu jseunont.
YOUNG lady bookkeeper and atennpranher
jjiuBL ue experiencea in keeping lull set
uuuuie entry dook. Apply, giving expe
rience, references and salary expected.
Atr leg, uregonian.
TEN high-class. . experienced sales persons
gooa salary arm permanent positions t(
competent neoule. Annlv to atm-int end
ent before 10 A. M. The Holt store. Holtx
i-uuier. oin ana wasnington.
SALESWOMAN, thoroughly experienced In
xuiiertua naiierns. wantea: areaov posi
tion at good pay to right person. Apply to
dupl. oerore 10 a. M. Tile Holts btore.
nous, cor. Etft and Washington.
SCHOOL teacher and others not employed
uo you wisn to make a Tew hundred dol
lars during vacation soliciting your friends
ana acquaintances': call 212 Felling bldg.
iu to i o ciock ana ask lor Mr. comte.
WANTED Four ladles of ability and busl
ness experience; & good proposition to
right ' parties. J. H. Tipton Co., 1108
upaiamg nidg. Ask for Mr. Salln.
YOUNG or middle-aged woman for general
nouaework in small family on Oregon
City carllne; must be reliable. Phone
Miiwaukie, Red 312.
WANTED Lady (married or single) to col
lect on montniy accounts. commission
paid and expenses. Give references. Ad
dress P. C'liox 241, San Frunclsco, Cal.
WANTED Stenographer, familiar with sur.
ety Dona and ore insurance business: give
experience and salary expected. Address
a 23. uregonian.
INlRSE girl, not over 20 years, to care
for three small children: must be neat
and educated; references required; wage
u raw, uregonian. -
WANTED A girl living around 22d and
Everett, 14 to la years, for two hours ev
ery morning to take baby -out.-". Apply to
lanuiauy Arcaaa Apis. iut jsvereti.
WANTED Girl for general housework, fam
ny oi lour: must be good cook: no chil
dren, good wages. Apply .-5 Overton.
Telephone Marshall 1828;':- ' '
SALES, ladies wanted to canvass in and
about Portland; useful article; big money
made by right parties. Only good sales
iaaies neea apply. 441 Washington at.
THE COTERIE General and Domestic Serv
ice Bureau, room 806 Central bldg., en
deavors to render the best of. service to
its patrons. Main 7667.
py-TiTi . on r-rrr
NURSE girl, not under 20 year, to car
tor three "mal1 children: must be nea
and educatea. reference, required; wage
$20. 1327 Cleveland ave.. Piedmont.
DEMONSTRATOR wanted, young lady, ex
perlence not necessary, fhone or call to-
day, room 216. Eaton Hotel; good salary.
WANTED Elderly lady to help with house
work; one wanting a home more than
wages. 1079 Holgate Bt. Sellwood 1027,
GIRL for general housework. German or
KngMsh preferred. small family.
Cjulmby St., near 23d.
neat girl for light work from 11 A. M.
to 4:30 P. M..
$15 a month. Address
Bn 871, City.
TWO character, 1 Juvenile and 1 for small
parts in tneatrical company. New York
Ttheatrical Agency. Eiler bldg.. suite 510,
WANTED Good, reliable help for dress
making. 655 Washington (.Ella-st. en
WANTED Good neat trimrfi
for pri-
vate trade; honest girl; one who live at
-home. O 248, Oregonlan.
THOROUGHLY experienced salesladies for
ribbons, laces and trimmings.- Robert
Bros., 3d and Morrison.
WANTED Experienced g-iri for srenerai
housework, family of two. 753 Clackamas
St., near 22d. Phone East 254
WANTED Refined, capable woman for re-
sponsible position. Viavl Co., 609 Rota
cnnu piqg.. 4tn ana wasnington.
WANTED Sales ladies for a fine country
town near roruana. inquire after 1 p. M.
at the Dlgesto cigar factory, 243 Ash si.
WANTED 3 ladies of business ability to
meet tne general puDiic call between 4
and 5 P. M. at 449 Sherlock bldg.
GOOD cook for family of 8; no children-
vu ACL, .-w. .... .. . ah.
PRINTER WANTED Good two-thirder or
briRht lafv compositor.
Herald, Tllla-
niook. Or.
EXPERIENCED hairdressers, xriifnlcurlst
and jo air worxer. , jKocentaai bisters, 110
Wasninston bids., 2704 Washington st.(
near 4th. phone Main 8836 or A 8266.
WANTED Dining-room girl at 163 12th
and Morrison. uaii oeiwaen v ana IX
A. M.
A yQUNG lady for companion and personal
attendance upon n fiierjy iaay. jursc
Bllnn, Hill Hotel, Jefferson and 14th st.
WANTED Girl to assist with baby and sec
ond work. fe-4 Meuuaa ave.. nead of
Johnson st.
COMPETENT girl wanted for general
houseworK, wmanieuB ng.a. pan i. aa si.
WANTED Girl for general housework.
East liZna aireei ionn.
MOVING PICTURE operating, full practical
course taugnt; secure jjunition. iv noic
chjjd bldg.. 4th and Washington sts.
GOOD position open to responsible man;
lust have 3frU casn. wnicn im sec urea, ae
242, Oregonian. .
PRIVATE instruction, shorthand, typewrit
ing, bookkeeping. o, numuion oiag.
Marshall 4-oe 1
ANYONE, anywhere, can earn good Income
copying addresses; particulars 4c tamps.
rl . tLi. rtOgers. UPpt. J. jjvo wh. aiart.
MAKE money writing short stories, or for
Daners: bi pay; free booklet tells how.
United Pruas Syndicate. San Francisco.
WANTED Picture play writers; big pay;
we 11 teacn you. -iciur rmy aasoujaiion,
San Francisco. "
BE a detective earn $150 to $300 per month,
travel over tne worm- wrue aupc.
wig, 3402 Scarritt bldg.. Kansas City, Mo.
DRESSMAKER can share established apart
ments with nrst-ciass .aaiea taiior. aj
216. Oregonlan. ; '
I WILL pay responsible man-$100 month and
interest for pany wun owu, money
secured. AO 217, Oregonlan.
SHORTHAND, typewriting school, 26 34th
st. Mam 3"S- r-Pri instruction, o mo.
600 BUSINESS cards, $1; a bargain. Rose
City Printery, 1926 8d. corner Taylor.
ING iuxuau urai-Aiwu-. kiju..
SALESMEN, no xperience required, poai
tiona assured earn good wages while
learning; hundreds positions open paying
$1000 to $5000 year; write today for par
ticulars, list of openings. Address nearest
office, dept. 4&3, National Salesmen's
Training Association, Chicago. New York.
' Kansas City, t Seattle. New Orleans. To
ronto. .
BARBERS' Board of Examiners of Oregon
will be in session July 15, 16, 17, at 107 H
First st., thi city, tor the purpose of ex
amining all those . holding permit.; all
permits will be revoked if the parties
holding them do not appear for examina
tion. T. M. Leabo, secretary.
MEN WANTED for firemen and brakemen
on nearby railroads; $60 to $100 monthly;
promotion, engineer-conductor; - experi
ence unnecessary ; no strike ; age 1S-3S.
Railroad employing headquarters,, thou
sands of men sent to positions on over
1000 official calls. 8tate age. Railway
Association, Oregonlan.
WRITE for our free booklet.- We teach you
the real estate, Insurance and general
brokerage business by mail, appoint you
our local representative, and got you suc
cessfully established; complete real es
tate equipment furnished. National Co
operative Realty Co., 7th floor, Pacific
oldg.. San Francisco, Cal.
Easy Inside work, short hours; actual
theatrical experience given.
special low price on lessons.
H26H Washington, near 17th.
MEN and boys to learn automobile repair
ing, driving on up-to-date cars; electrical,
civil engineering, surveying; methods most
practical; room and board while learning;
position secured; satisfaction guaranteed;
catalogue free. National School of Engi
neering, 2110 W. 7th, Los Angeles.
WE teach you a trade in a few months
time; no expense but your work; elec
tricity, automobiles, plumbing, bricklay
ing; 100 satisfied workmen today; 40 Jobs
going; catalogue free. United Trade
School Contracting Co., Los Angeles.
un and women to luarn the barber trad
In eight weeks: special Inducements; per
centase paia wnue teaming; iuuib "
o.norfc lnt-ttr-tn-- 17 Vriara In the bust
ness; 87 schools; a lifetime membership
given to each stuaent. Aioier uaroer
lege, 35 N. Fourth St.. Fortiano, ur.
WANTED Young men to sell candy wit
ticket sellers, and door talkers; -those with
. experience given preference. Also man
to work tin type picture cannon machine,
- Address or call. Circus Manager. Pe Ell,
Wash., 14th; Winlock, Wash., ltfth.
FREW Illustrated book tells about - over
360.000 protected positions, u. a. service
more than 40,000 vacancies every year
there is big chance for you, sure, gener
mi. na v lirVtimA flmolovment: easv to get
Just ask for booklet C 369; no obligation.
Earl Hopkins, W aehlngton. u. v.
WILL start you earning $4 daily home, spare
time silvering mirrors; no capiiai , new
instructive booklet, giving plans of oper
ation. G. F. Redmond,, dept 56, Boston,
WANTED Man and wife to work on apple
orchard; woman to cook lor lamuy, man
to work around orchard. Inquire 302
Lewis bldg., 4th and Oak sts.
mf:m and women for Government position:
$S0 month. Write for ,isi or pwiuum
open. Franklin Institute, Dept. u it,
Rochester, N. Y. -
LADIES make shields home, $10 100; work
sent pre pawl to reiiaDie womeu. -.r tit
ulars for stamped, addressed envelope.
Eureka Co., dept. 34. Kalamazoo, Mich.
kypei.t.knt nnnortunltv for resDonsibl
-man nri rt ra nr rancner in oomnern -rv
scon: lease for long term or sell, P 211,
T T n- a ty mail rlrk d re nil re no
offs, sure pay; free book. Call today, P
clfic States bcnooi, aicjvay m..
schools and teachers, eiv bweuana diu..
. .. . ..
SOLICITORS wanted at 427 E. Morrison st.
A-l nroDosition: aood commission ana un
limited work. Call Monday morning S to
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
EXPERIENCED machinery man. capabl
setting up. Installing and running steam
engines, boilers and machinery; also gaso
line engines; good mechanic, familiar
with pipe fitting, etc., and woodwork.
competent to take charge of work, of
good address ana capaoie salesman; nom
U(IU pUBUIUIt' 11 uam, uuv ii w uivi .!
leave, end want position that time at any
kindred work offered. H 214, Oregonian.
POSITION wanted bv experienced book
keeper and cost accountant ; can iumisn
the best of references; experienced in
huilrfpra' hardware. Daint. lumber and
iron lines. Address R. R. Perner, 60 East
Main st., Shelby, Ohio.
vnrTNf- man. S years of aee. srood person
ality. well educated, or high moral cnar
nctar. who has been employed as travel
ing salesman; would consider position of
responsibility and trust. AC 217, Orego
nrn w. KfiHMAN'. Orenco. Expert Book
keeper and Accountant, books opened
and closed. Tangled accounts adjusted;
complicated accounts made plain
Charges reasonable. satisfaction guar
anteed. Write me for schedule.
GOOD young man stenographer, high school
and business college education, some ex
perience, wishes peremanent position; ex
s!lent cltv references from former em
ployer; moderate salary to start. D 215,
MR, BUSINESS MAN If you desire the
services of an experienced salesman, so
licitor, collector and an all-around office
man, I will be glad to call on you with
view of entering your employ. Address
AH. 2tj, uregonian. - - -
fiiTKA Ttnv am manaet-r or assistant man
Hcer hotel, cltv or country, expernuccu
from bar to kitchen; local reference; age
31; Eastern, western experience. t :u,
IF YOU need an A-l stenographer and gen
eral office man, please communicate; age
24, married, now employed; principally
packing-house experience. W' 215, Ore
gonlan. , "
ough omce man, gooa corrfsponaeni ana
penman, age 3tK desires position; highest
references. jarorey, Aiain xto or w
Oregonian. ; .
YOUNG man, 10 years' successful experience
as corporation accounta-m, omce Hiaimpei
and .salesman.- warns unn-o buivh, pu
mary object is to get permanently located
in Portland, v aa, uregonian.
up books, prepare oaiances ana state
meats, install systems. Gillingham. au
ditor. 012 Lewis Didg. jaaranaii in.
KTRNOGRAPHER. competent, ten years'
experience, wants permanent poauion wun
reiiaDie nrm; DeaT gi cL.rt.uucs. c -uo,
-t ASSISTANT bookkeeper. thoroughly
experienced in general office work, desires
position, temporarily ur pci-uau.u-iy.
21. oregonian. -
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and general of-
hice man wants po.iuwii, vunie wen
recommended. Address m ure
MAN of S7 wants position as bookkeeper,
cashier or otlice assistant: gooa collector.
experienced, single, sober and reliable;
best references. A 244, Oregonian.
wnoKKEEPER 7 years' experience gen
eral office worn ; can roxureuces.
N 22. uregonian. -
GROCERY manager and buyer wants posi
tion or will buy interest in Dusiness; ref
erences exchanged. H 217. Oregonian.
GROCERYMAN with 8 years' experience
in the business wants a position. 20
years old. AG 213. Oregonian.
F YOU have a position to offer an intelli
gent voung man wno is a gooa worer,
address AB 213, Oregonian.
POSITION as pianist In moving picture
show. AO 221, uregonian
M Isoel Laneons.
POSITION wanted by a mechanical engineer
tosretner wun uo tmu'iuui anu uiocrai
makinff. Box 11, Lirmton. Or.. R. R. XL
FIRST-CLASS man wants position as sales
man or cierg. iteiorencea, no. commission.
A 219. oregonian.
YOUNG man wants position as chauffeur;
stead ana sooer; wui ao own repair
ing. H. Johnson, 193 Union ave.
AN ENERGETIC young married man needs
work; what nave your xpenenceo sales
man eid clerk. AK 218, Oregonlan.
DRUG clerk, registered, good habits and
references, "H years oja. acquaiaiea witn
Uyal line. W- H. Land. Albany, Or.
YOUNG man 21 desires position with busi
ness house. AK. -it, uregonian.
'IN DOW cleaning, wood work and floor
pollihing. Main 6573, evenings, Thomas.
MAN and wife, Americans, want situation
on a rancn. aj xxo, uregonian.
JANITOR and elevatorman wants steady
place, city rererences. uregonian.
WINDOW washing, house cleaning, floors
waxed and ponsnea. aouwooq
FIRST-CLASS painter want work in city.
Alt. Xiis oregonian.
Mlsoell aneous.
. 215 Second St., Corner Salmon.
' Women's Department, 245 Salmon.
All classes of unskilled, skilled, profes
sional and clerical male and female help
furnished on short notice; no fee charged.
Phone Main 8555, A 0C24.
Will you employ a young college grad
uate ' who desires to learn the timber
business and whose only demands ars
work and an opportunity for advance
ment? A high salary is not expected;
have had some experience; references. AH
U7K Oregonian.
Desires a position: an energetic business
man,, large experience in grocerii-s, dry
goods, shoes, clothing, etc.; can take
charge If desired and build and boom
business. J. w. Pad don, Orenco, Or.
YOUNG man, orchardist, wants position as
foreman or manager on fruit ranch, ap-
' pies; 11 years' practical and theoretical
experience; not afraid of work himself.
Best of references. Address P. A., 483
East Morrison St., Portland.
YOUNG man. reliable, ambitious and en
ergetic, with business qualification and
references, experienced In grocery busi
ness, desires permanent business with re
liable business house; give mo a chance;
I'll make good. AT 213, Oregonian.
WILL pay $:! for a good, steady position;
understand handling of boilers, pumps,
engines, steam heating plant; can do all
kinds of mechanical repairs and pipe fit
ting. P 231, Oregonian. '
APPLfcS, as packer, buyer or salesman,
bright, ciean-cut American: can rurnis
A-l reference as to ability and honesty.
J. J. 8., 1157 Fulton ave.. Bronx. New
York City. F
MAN and wife on dairy ranch, both good
milkers, can run separator ana make nut
ter, woman good cook, man can do an
kind or farm wont; no cnuoren, j zi.
YOUNG Bulgarian man, 22 years old, with
out parents, with good character, m
drink, wants to work in farm chore work
$J0 month, board and room, but steady
jod. At" , uregonian.
FLORIST and landscape gardener wants
position on private or commercial piac
" can furnish references of former em
ployer. Address K. T 483 East Morrison
St.. Portland. Or.
WANTE D Position as traction or station
ary engineer; seven years' experience
also have diploma from Clark scnooi; ca
do all held repairing. Walter Owens, lu
Camas, Wash.
Desires position as camp clerk and scaler
have had experience in woods and mill
Writo at once F 283, Oregonian.
YOUNG man wishes position as timekeeper
or as collector on salary; pest ot rerer
ences as to character and ability. T
POSITION wanted, traffic manager or t
celving clerk, thoroughly . familiar with
railroad tariffs. Address Ai' .47, ore
YOUNG German, experienced in black
smithing, automobile and machine repair
ing; best references; willing to start with
small wages. 50i Columbia.
THE man you want to repair and Improve
your macninery ana toois; printing spec
iallty, have own tools. G. G. 781 Over
look Blvd. Woodlawn 2680.
SITUATION bv a cook or aardener: Ameri
can, handy with all kinds of tools: good
home considered more than wages. A
AN Elk strayed from home herd desires
permanent employment; clerical preterren,
but work has never hurt me. AO 228,
A RELIABLE vouns: man with 6 yrs. expe
rlence in general mdse.. Including buying,
desires position in country store. r itol
class references. A 251, Oregonlan.
SPECIAL salesman, capable handling men,
large acquaintance among general mer
chants, Oregon. Washington; good refer
ence. a t. uregonian.
SITUATION bv man. 4." years of age. som
experience, chance to team candy mag
lng. Al ice cpeam maker. A 232. Ore
KXPRHTENPRn valet and butler, soeakin
several languages, but little English,
wishes situation. C, 2H Market at. Mal
YOUNG man. doctor, good speaker on an
subject, wishes weekly salaried position
am an experienced salesman. AB 2S6,
perlence, capable of management, oest ox
references, aesires position, ao- uu, ure
FIRST-CLASS chauffeur wishes position
shnn ttxDerienca. aood references. not
afraid of work; will consider any offer.
S 219, Oregonlan.
POSITION wanted as janitor in an apt.
house; nave A-l references. t ure
gonian. 1
PAYING position wanted by young married
man wno is not airaia oi wort, ai ztt.
YOUNG man attending school wishes post
tlon for summer; pest references. ub
Oregon Ian. -
WANTED Care of country place or ima
ranch, by experienced married man.
215, Oregonlan
YOUNG man attending school desires to
work lor room ana ooaro. Air ure
CHAUFFEUR, 23. wants position driving
automooiie or auto true a; rexerences.
Woodlawn 108l
WANTED By an experienced carpenter,
email house building or repairing eitbe
by contract or by day. Call at 412 N. 25th.
JAPANESE, experienced cook, wants posi
tlon, hotel or restaurant, private laniiiy,
only -cook, f z.a, uregonian.
PRINTER Job or news man, young, mar
rieO, no, imjbil.uu. iu wun-
try OlllCe. A ur;um-.n.
YOUNG boy, Toreigner of 34. wants position
in private noun, iw duiu nuu rwm,
Apply ia jn oa avic-v.
YOUNG Japanese wants position to take
care ox a uiomuuno uu a i , ui e
JAPANESE, experienced gardener, wants po
sition ana cook, up. j. urcRu-
i.ivrrr salesman desires position wit
tOaHL concern, nnr iviuo olij uaiuiouuo iu
Middle West. Ad io. uregonian.
some of the finest noteis in country wants
pos It i on In hotel or ciup. azs, uregonian.
POSITION Colored registered chauffeur,
references, plenty or experience, ao t,
WANTED Job a sheep herder, Eastern
Oregon or otner pi aces, vv rue to me
Mutzu, 940 Upshur
St., Portland. Or.
YOUNG man wants position in grocery or
general store; s years experience; oest
references. AG 22S, Oregonian
EXPERIENCED chauffeur and gardtuier,
speaks .ngiisn, r rencn, wants position.
AH 282. Oregonian.
AUTOMOBILE repair man and driver; thor
oughly experiencea on an ainas ox auio
bile work. P. O. Box 22, city.
PIANIST and drummer: same family; ex
perlencea; non-union; wants poiiuoo pic
ture nouee. eum. nyiui.
vni;va man. experienced grocery man.
wishes position in or out oi tne city; oeai
of references. ah .kj, uregomam
FIRST-CLASS ladies' cutter and fitter, all-
round tailor, so yenir m uua.
ness, wants position. C Oregonlan.
A-l SALESMAN wants to change positions.
Knows genera-i ounuius tunirn;iuri m
Portland. AK. ut uregonian. .
WANTED By man and wife, situation on
farm. J Zi. uregonian.
MARRIED man wants work, any kind.
trustworiny, ni.nw. i mn cute. rw..
Bookkeepers and Stenographers.
BOOKKEEPER with Knowledge of stenog-
ranhv h nr ana cenera omce worn,
desires position with business firm who
can appreciate aDiniy; gooa civy reici
ences. Sellwood 1591.
EXPERIENCED lady bookkeeper and sten-
ograpner o-sires jjumhuii, ih lokb ium
charge of fire insurance department. Ad
cirvas AB 227. Oregonian.
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer desires
position ; gooa penman ; wining to wura
for small salary at start. A 253, Ore
gonian. ;
WANTED A permanent position by A-l
stenographer, dook Keeper or assistant; j
years' experience; also general oCfict
work: reference. AC 219. Oregonian.
TOT'Nfl lady wants position who has some
experience with so a a xountain ana conf
lectionery store, n io, - ureguuiau.
YOUNG lady would like position as cashier.
assistant dook Keeper or general on ice
clerk. Main 6381.
WANTED By experienced bookkeeper, set
of books to Keep evenings, or can givs
half day. Address AB 229. Oregonian.
4H years' experience.
Would leave city, AM
wants position.
223. Oregonian.
COMPETENT lady stenographer wishes em
ployment afternoons, o to o:ov. a ooo,
YOUNG lady stenographer, with some ex
perience, wienes ponnun m on ice. s out
penman ; small salary to start. Phone Mar
shall 707, room 5.
Bookketf-pers and Stenographers.
MILLINERY BUYER or assistant in de
partment or exclusive millinery sunt;
thorough knowledge of all details of the
business, with high-class experience; de
sire permanent position with respoiuiible
tlrm. AO 220, Oregonlan.
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer. Judy with
high-class experience in executive posi
tions, either stenography or dhuuphonti;
thorough, accurate, close attention to de
tail. X 213, Oregonian.
CAPABLE stenograopher, eight years ex
perience, desires substitute work. O 2-14,
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and cashier de
sires position; Al references. H 231, Ore
gonian. Dressmakers.
A RELIABLE neat sewer makes a specialty
making infants clothes and underwear;
wishes a few more customers. . 415 Mill st.
or phone Marshall 3744.
WILL go to your home for fillings; prices
same as per day. Phone Marshall 1241 for
further information.
DRESSMAKING Bring your old clnth-s and
have them made new, as well as new ma
terial. 264 14th st. Phone Main 8024.
MENDING, darning
day or at home.
and plain sewing by
770 Kearney st. Main
EASTERN dressmaker, using "Querni City
Tailoring System" wants work by the day.
Tabor 1768. Address 212 E. 3uth st.
GOOD dressmaker wifl muke engagements
for July by the day; best of references.
Phone Sunday and evonintrs. B 1135.
FASHIONABLE dressmaking, prices reason
able. Masses Penrose and Veedor, 231V.
N. 23d st., room 6.
DRESSMAKING by day, ladies' or children's
work. AN 21S. Orrgonlan.
ALTERATION, repair work and general
sewing; reasonable. Main 1104.
SEWING, out or home, by experienced tail
oress And dressmaker. Main IW10.
WANTED Plain sewing and mending by
day or home; reasonable. Main &jM.
TRAINED nurse, competent, dependable,
would like position in physician's or den
tist's office or would take charge of one
or two children; moderate salary. Ruth
Gordon, gen. del., Seattle.
YOUNG Christian woman as child's nurse
or to assist with housework. Phone Mon
day B 17M.
WIDOW of 30. with small boy and girt
wishes to keep house for widower with no
children; good home more than wages. S
217, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED dressmaker will make en
gagements; price reasonable. Woodlawn
EXPERIENCED housekeeper desires situa
tion; can come immediately. AO 2-it.
NEAT housekeeper wants position for wid
ower who has a home. A.I 218. Oregonian.
FASHIONABLE dressmaking at home or by
day. 503 Williams ave. East 0H7.
SITUATION wanted Housework in city or
country. AB 232, OreRonian.
WIDOW, unincumbered, desires position as
housekeeper. R a 16, Oregonlan.
TWO German women seek hotel work, one
as linen maid, the other chamber work,
or waitress, both good experienced work
ers. B 233. Oregonian.
WANTED Position as first-class cook or
chambermaid. East 5010.
YOUNG lady of education and ability de
sires position superintending first-class
apartment-htoiisc; references furnished. A
217. Oregonian.
LARGE well furnished east front room,
modern; easy walking distance: $2.25 per
week. 65 East Ninth st.. between Stark
and Oak. Phone East 2512.
VERY competent manual training teacher
desires Fall position. Institutional and
public school experience. AP 203, Ore
WOULD you like some one to read to you 7
Experienced in reaaing to invaiius, m
blind and clubs. Phone evenings be
tween 6 and 7. Main 091.
NORWEGIAN woman wants washing and
Ironing at home; reasonable. pnone
6eJlwood 1056.
EXPERIENCED German woman wants day
work, washing, ironing, cleaning. Male
GIRL wishes work in a delicatessen store;
can furnish good references. At xoo, urs
gonlan. HIGHLY experienced teacher would like to
tutor in .puoiic scnooi orancnes or mun
school mathematics. Phone Marsh; 130.
YOUNG lady wants housekeeping or cook
ing; best references. Miss iien tsriCKSon,
1240 E. 9th at. N.
YOUNG Swedish woman with a bahy would
like to work for room, ooara ana smaii
wages. F 235, Oregonlan.
STENOGRAPHER desires to care for chil
dren evenings In whole or part payment
of room and board. C 270. .
RELIABLE German woman wishes any
kind of day work. 4ia mim. juarsnan
POSITION wanted: Middle-aged lady would
go to beach to care for old people nr
Child for expenses. Phone Sellwood 9U.
WANTED by two women, cleaning in office
building, morning .ana evening, r -mi,
Oregonlan. '
COLORED girl wants place to cook for thr
or four gentlemen or Qayi work, rnona
Woodlawn 10-49. .
LADY going to San Francisco would cars
lor invana or cniiaren, ooa. or train.
6771 Main.
A BRIGHT young lady wishes experience In
office work; salary lie per montn. as
WANTED Day work, line laundress, iron
ing, cleaning; references, can an weetc
B 1071. .
MAN and wife camp cooks, want small
camp job; good rererence. al zz, uro
gonian. WILL give piano instructions to heglnnof
ror 0C an Hour. jars. Annoy, oue naw
thorne ave.
EXPERIENCED cook wants position In
private family, no general nouseworK.
AL 210, Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED girl would like to hava
work with family going to tne Deacn
for Summer. Main 2242, Monday.
RELIABLE woman will care for children by
the hour, day or evening, rnone Main
6S15. .
A COMPETENT maid desires a position In
private family. tor inrormation can
Woodlawn 89r.
EXPERIENCED Norwegian woman wants
day work, washing ana ironing. Aiar
shall 4020. ' '
WOMAN would like day's work. Phone all
day Sunday or evenings m tne weea
Woodlawn 2182, Marshall 1664.
FIRST-CLASS cook, middle-aged, respect
able, wants position in note,, restaurant or
camp. Room 15. 3S7 1st st.
CAPABLE woman wants day work. Room
15, Main 226.
EXPERIENCED lady wants work by day oi
hour; good worker, h-none cast
LAUNDRY done at home.
Phone Marshall
NORWEGIAN lady wants some day work
Marshall 17P.-.
STRONG woman wants work by the day,
5c hour. East ih-.
EXPERIENCED woman wants hnne-clean-
Ing. 20c per nour. i eiepnone i anor vm;.
LACE curtains washed, 10 years experi
ence. Taoor rs. acoit.
WANTED By colored lady, by the day,
cooking and sewing, aiain p.iht.
WANTED Children to care for; mother'
care. Phone Taoor -
YOUNG woman wants day work; references
A 1554, 2 bens.
WOMAN wants work by day. washing and
housecleanlng. pnone vvooaiawn oiu.
LACE curtains laundered by expert, 25c up.
called for. none jaoor
WOM VN wants position as camp cook or on
large farm. 10 to zj men. ihm i;n st.
WANTED Housework forenoons, by expe
rienced woman. n. r,ast v iny.
DAY work by good woman.
Phone Main
LADY wishes cooking by day or hour. Phonj
Marsnau a-. , -
GERMAN woman wants a few days work,
washing or sweeping, t-none k. i4.
COMPETENT colored woman wants gen
eral houeeworK., i-none Main h4.
YOUNG lady with, experience wishes posi.
tlon as cashier. v i;,. uregotnan. f
WANTED, by neat colored woman, daj
work. Phone Mam 7821. -
WANTED, by good worker, chamber wot If
or offices to care for. Main 5009.
ALL East SOlO for washing here or there.
WANTED Agents to handle British Colum
bia farm lands on easy payments; ll.ersl
commission. National Finance Company.
Limited, Vancouver, B. C.
FREE SAMPLES No-splash water strain
ers are winners for agents.v both sexes;
dally profit to upward; Jet us prove It;
send 2c. Seed Filter Co.. New York.
LEGITIMATE substitute for slot machines)
patented; sells on sight ror fl. Particulars,
Glsha Co Anderson, 2nd.