The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 16, 1912, SECTION TWO, Page 13, Image 31

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dti r wi-i . i , I I - '- l ' 1
and 524 Couch su. bet. lat and 2d.
Tlepioc Main 65 TO. A HH4
Teiepbon. or telegraph roah orfera.
at out ezpena.
Office open Sunday. A. M. to P. .
Edgerman, pine lumber. 18.50 to -llch.t-a.ttr.
Cang trlmmerman. 3
Tallyman on sorting table. JW1.
Three lumber gradera, $2.ou. 93. to
MThr planer fIer. Z25 and J.W.
Two men to load lumber on can. i-0.
Mlllhanda, wage -.2J 'to 12.75.
Tardmen. $2.21 to $2-50.
Threa rough carpeniera. $5.50.
Ten mill and yardmen for large ram
at the coaat In Tillamook County; wagaa
$2.23 to $2.50, reduced fare.
Camp blacksmith. $.
Two men to take contract falling aaa
burking, ttoe per M; large tltnbec.
Twenty-live other loggers. $2.d0 to
" Farm teamsters. Eaatern Oregon, w
UPSlx farmhanda, Willamette Valley. 30
to $.
SItlkera. $3S to $40.
Man and wife on dairy farm, $.
Han and wlla on fruit ranch, $w nP-
Choreman around hotel, $30.
Man and wife aa choreman and cook
for email sanitarium, $55 and found.
Woodworker In blackamltH ahop. city,
Teit men to work on county road. $2.25
to 2.50 day; long Job
Cooke, nunkeya. waltere, bus boya.
dnhwaahera. etc.. ate wanted every sr.
Hundreda of new Job, coming In eyery
Watch Oar Bulletin- Board.
Office Open Sunday, ft- A. M. to I P. M. t
222 and 221 Couch Su, Bet. let and 2d.
. , . . I . . . . 1 I 1 ' t ha. .ATTI . OIlPll
territory In a few countlea, Oregon ana
Washington, where we can use eeveral re
liable, energetic salesmen to aell beet line
groceries In Northwest to coneumera: ..'
eral commlaalon; atate age. experience,
whether married and glvo reference an-
dress is hi, ui.tnu'.
JHY GOOIS salesman wanted; must know
dressgooda. silks and linens thorough!:
steady position to right man at decent
pay. Apply to Supu before 10 A. M.
Holtx Corner. 5:h and Washington.
WANTED Salesman to represent us In good
live town, short distance from Portland:
must be adapted for our work: reference
and surety bond required. Grand Union
tea o.. n r amiiswiu
WANTED Young man. between 17 and 20
years of age, to assist janitor; also mbke
lilmsclf generally useful around store;
state salary, where last employed; also
cive telephone number. V 155, QregonUn.
OFFICE managei" Want a competent ac
countant and collection man with initi
ative and the ability to handle help. Com
mercial Abstract Co 1036 Chamber of
Commerce. ,
MAN of rood address to call business dis
trict for flashlight photographer; salary
jald. Call 66 Grand ave.. apt. 814 to
day. WANTED First-class carpenter to take con
tract to build house in Irvlngton; all ma
terial furnished. H. K. Haak, 310 Lum
bermens block. i
SALESMAN of neat sppearance. one who
is alive can better his position by calling
at 520 Railway Exchange from 9 to 11
A. M.
WANTED A first-class solicitor for store
fixture work; good position awaits the
rl-tiit man. Kelly Mfg. Co.. 427 East Han
cock St. Call Monday A. M-
JEWELER wanted at once; first-class man
on general work; steady work, good sal
ary for the right man. 502 Macleay bldg.
a,- a vTrn Ynunf man. xood talker, ac
qualnted In city; permanent position with
good pay; give phone number. H 145, Ore.
WANTED Girl for housework, two in fam
ily; no washing, no luncneons, gooa no me.
Apply Monday 24 N. 2&iu at, apart
ment D.
WANTED Experienced waitresses. Apply
Oregon remaurant. urana ave.
WANTED Housekeeper to assist in cook
ing and general housework and take en
tire coarse of house during lady's ab
sence, to imo su m. w.
BOOKKEEPER of some experience, who
can handle customers' ledger; must give
references; state salary ex pec tea. aj a,
BRIGHT young lady, good at figures and
mm a IcnnwiedcR tvoe writlDC : steady po
sition; chance for advancement. Address
G 14. Oi-egmlan.
LA Dl ES' wan ted to renrese n t and col 1 ec t
for Eastern publishing company; good
monty. Call Monday A. M., 21U Worcejter
YOUNG lady who operates typewriter for
auditor's office; small pay to start; state
age. experience, etc w iw, pregoman.
WANTED Responsible girl for general
housework; small family; $25. Call Tabor
IMMEDIATELY 3 women, I men. for
vaudeville sketch. New Turk Theatrical
Agency, Eilera bldg., suite 6X0.
GIRL or woman for housework in country
home near Portland; wages $20. Phone
Milwaukle. Red 43. '
GIRL 14 or 15 years of age to take care
of year-old baby daytime. Call White
Pov- Store. Fourth and Jefferson sts.
WANTED A girl to do general housework;
laundress kept. 736 Irving at. near l'-d.
Main 4- VN.
WOMAN t unincumbered for general house
work tri suburban home. Phone Muin
W. A r.,'31
EXPERIENCED and apprentice girls want
ed for dressmaking. 30fe Mom sou, room
' 4.
WANTED Capable Christian woman as
companion and housekeeper for old lady.
K L'regonla.
WANTED Gentle. motherly Christisn
woman for car of invalid; widow pre
ferred. T 90. Oregon Ian.
BCHOOi.GlRI. wanted for seoeral house
work. Forest Grove. Call 471 E. Ash sU,
CI KL 17 to 20 to assist with housework;
no washing: good home fur right girl:
work II,; lit. Phong A 5711.
WANT refined hUh school girl to work
for room and board and some wages. 'SZ
Lnwnsdala St.. downstairs.
WANTED A girl for genersl housework
nil .J I nam vvvns.sp. -- . v.
WANTED Experienced infants' nurse. Ap
ply mornings. 145 N. gd st.
GOOD cook for a 2 months camping. Ap
ply m K. lfkh Monday.
EXPERIENCED girl for general housework,
family of three. 61 East 30th st. North.
WANTEID Girls at Portland Ostrich Feath
er Dye Works. 601 Merchants Trust BiUg.
GIRL forgenerul work; family ot two. Ap
ply afternoona 331 6th st.
tilUl. wanted In Japanese pool hall at 50
North 4th st.; will pay good wages.
INTELLIGENT woman with good acquaint
ance in Middle West. AR 145, Ore g on i an.
YOUNG girl for general housework; small
family. 415 Spalding bldg., or Main
WANTED 2 experienced waitresses. Alex
andra Court.
WANT experienced girl for second work. 231
North :4th. Main 1776.
WANTED Girl for second work. 3J0 lltb
st. Phone A 138-
WANTED A girl for general housework.
440 E. 14th . . OJlu
YOUNG gin for light housework; small
family. 304 Grant.
"WANTED Good lady subscription oJlcitors.
Call 7;; Marquam Bldg.
COMPETENT girt for general housework;
family of two. Phone East JS04.
WANTED A girl for general housework.
Apply 270 2Mh st.. near Hawthorne.
WANTED An experienced waitress at ;he
Hill, -go ana Washington.
WANTED A competent cook, good wages
a I.- . 11V VArtk W. -ll
WANTED Woman for general housework.
a 1 4VC? V Vnlr)tn
LAPT to stay with children evenings
Woodlswn 211.
WAIST ilnper, only with high experience;
aiso waist finishers. 434 Morrison st.
WAIST finishers, experienced only, no oth
ers: apprentices wanted. 4-4 Morrison st.
tilKI. for ceneml hourework. Apply K&2
HHni-ort t.. Irxlngton.
EXPEKIFNCED dresmskers helpers, fL-st-clsss
work. 17- loth r.
WANTED A lady presser. A lo4.
LAX) Y dishwasher. 44 North 34 st.
I nva u,w--,rr,.r.rU. . I nr. a vt v r w F I RIXTT4T10N WANTED MAUL PIT CATION WAJTTKD FEXALH. I m AI5 55fNT- I FOR RENT.
WANTED Girl for general house
work; must be good cook; small
family; call mornings, tit Irving at.
MIDDLE-AGED gentleman who la going to
that ha good backing desire a single
or wiaow or. no lejnliy, over j, to
take full charge of same. Address AO
..... m csvuiftn.
WANTED Girls to make overall Mt
nooa Jractory, 23S Couch at.
WANTED Young lady between IS and 25
iwr omce erranas; lair eaucation ana
good appearance: recent Easterner pre
ferred; short hours; $4 per week: state
age. address and phone number; rdentlon
t""iuui worn x la. oregonian.
STENOGR APH ERS 'Tmrnr fnr ,lr, work
irooa opportunity for ambitioua young
women who wish to add to their present
income. If employed, give bualnesa con
nection and business phone number, u-on-ndentlal.
AC 60, Oregolan.
WANTED Ladv assistant- stenoaranher.
to nanaie correspondent courses put out
by the La Salle Extension University of
micago. Plfasant work, good pay. AU.
131. Oregonian.
WANTED A-l singing and dancing sister
learn xor roaa snow ; must cnange ior
week and make good, long season for
right rartles. Call Hotel. Hoyt and 0th
sis, room 4..3. ror aicuoy.
WANTED Competent woman for cook and
general housework; family of two, small
bungalow, all modern conveniences; near
The Dalles. Or. Address Captain noben.
tg taay, ur.
Apply Standard Factory No. S.
Grand Ave- and East Taylor St.
MUNICIPAL Iepariment of Public Safely
for Young Women. Advice or assistance
glsdly given to all young women. Mrs.
Lola Q. Baldwin. Supu. room 37 T. W. C
A. bldg., 7th and Taylor sta
GOOD home for younjc schoolgirl, countri'
girl preferred, for housework: will pay
wages. Call Sell wood 170 Monday attar
v A. M. or t Hereafter.
WANTED Chambermaid, woman with hus
band preferred ; living-rooms, furnlshec
uaxiana uotex, COR Ytssningion ana um
Ity Place,
PLEASANT home. 120 a month, to woman
capable of assisting .with housework and
care oi cniiaren; on xarm. kx su. a.
I). 1, Woodburn. Or.
LADIES, make shields, home, $10 per 100.
Work sent prepaid to reliable women. Par
ticulars for ' stamped addressed envelope.
Eureka Co.. Dept. 34, Ka.amaxoo. Mich.
WANTED Girl for general housework In
family of threa; references required.
Phone East 2767 or call 758 Halsey sU
near 22d. Broadway car.
WANTED A competent girl for general
housework. addIv 471 Alnsworttr ave..
ror. East 8th. Take Wood lawn car. phone
Wood lawn 1738.
$2.50 DAT paid lady each town to distribute
free circulars for concentrated flavoring
In tub'is; permanent position. F. E. Barr
vo., unicago.
WANTED Competent Kin for cook and
general housework In country home, .all
modern conveniences, two in ramuy. Aa
dress John W. Palmer. Hood Kiver. Or.
YOUNG girl for light -housework and to
. be with an Invalid lady; good home for
the right kind of girl. Call at 213 East
4tn st. toaay.
WANTED Experienced German or Swedish
girl for general housework or cook; good
wages; must have references. 421 East
, 10th N.
YOUNG LADY to call on Individuals In In
terest of old-established company: salary
and commission to right party. SOS Sell
lng bldg.. after 2 P. M. .
BY local business house, competent woman
over 25. willing to work; experience not
requl red. N 140. Oregonlan.
WANTED Good girl for downstairs work
and rooking: good wages. Apply mom
ings,J5 loth.
WANTED A girl for housework; no cook
ing; references; 4 adults In family. &d7
Hoyt. Main 4l'34.
WANTED A competent cook . and second
girl. Apply Sunday before 4 o'clock, or
Monday before 1. A3 N. 22d st.
WANTED Head waitress In family hotel;
must be first-class and give references;
permanent position. AO 13, Qregonian.
DINING-ROOM girl for private boarding
house, to begin work Monday. Apply at
once. 735 Hoyt st. M. . t04.
OPERATORS on custom pants. $15 the week,
steady all the year around. 2&3 Stark
st. 8. Lowen.
FURS Wanted, liners and others accus
tomed to fur work. H. Llebee ft Co., 2eS
Morrison st.
WANTED Lady bookkeper and stenograph
er familiar with office work in a real
estate office. Address AV 86i, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED mangle girls, also machine
girls. U. S. Laundry. Grand ave. and East
Washington bldg.. 270 H Washington St.,
near 4th. phone Main bSS-i or A 3266.
GIRL wanted for care of child of 4 and
assist with second work ; German pre
f erred; good waes. 650 Everett st.
PANTRY woman, experienced. Apply a
Olds, Wortman & King's basement lunch
room. WANTED Ladies attendant for mineral
hatha Call 1031 Division sU, near E.
34th. Richmond car.
MIDDLE-AGED or elderly lady who would
like permanent home, family three, ref
erence. East 4848. 44 Benton st.
NE AT girl for general housework and go
to beach: two in family. East 2052 or call
at 741 rilIamook!
YOUNG iady to wash dishes and assist in
delicatessen. Mother's Kitchen, 445 Jef
ferson. WANT schoolgirl to wash dishes and make
herself ureful in small private boarding -hous
315 N. 22d st.
WOMAN for general housework, small fam
ily: must be good cook ; references re
quired. Telephone Marshall 236.
WANTED Rofinea. capabi woman for re
sponsible position. Viavl Co., 609 Roth
child bldg., 4th and Washington.
WOMAN to assist with housework and learn
telegraphing; wages $15. R 144, Orego
nlan. EXPERIENCED lady solicitor to handle fin
est proposition; salary and commission.
810 Selling bldg.. t A. M. to 11 A. M. enly.
GIRL bookkeeper and stenographer wanted.
Apply Wltn; references raguic jem s
Awning Co.. First and Ankney.
WANTED V oman to cook and do general
housework. $40 per month. 225 East 53d
su -near Salmon. Phone Tabor 3204,
fcXl" EK1ENCED girl for general housework;
must be good cook, bear, wages. b5tf Mar
shall st. M. 3442.
COMPETENT girl In country to assist with
second work and care for two children.
Call No. 65 N 21st St.
845tfc Washington st-. cor. 7th, upstairs.
Phone Main 2602.
GIRL for housework and cooking at beach;
references; wages 35. Address AP 43.
SCHOOL girl for light house work, small
familv, good home. 81 East 18 1 a su si.
Phone East 60C4.
MAID tor general house work. Family
four adults. Call 86S Lovejoy streeU
GOOD solicitor for hair work. Mrs. Grimes.
173 N. 17th.
EXPERIENCED cook, private -family. 515
Johnson st.. near 24th. Phone Main 6966.
LIGHT housework; S In family. Call 5S
Sumner. Alberta car to 13th.
WAITRESSES wanted. Call today. Portland
Kelt aurant. S44 Washington st.
GiRL for general housework and assist witit
care of 2 ctilciren; $30 637 Broadway.
WANTED Competent maid for general
housework. Inquire 487 E. 21st st N.
CAPABLE housemaid in family of thre
355 E. 8th sL North, corner Broadway.
HELP WANTED Union Laundry Co., Sec
ond and Columbia
WANTED Experienced second girl, wages
$30. Apply 215 Ford su Phone Main 75a
WANTED Girl to work In poolroom, 115H
:. ntn. upsxairs.
EXPERIENCED girl wanted, cooking and
general housework, four adults. East 5691.
GIRL for general housework; no cooking;
imAil sravAB. I' hong. Ualn
Cooks, $40; cook and second for hotel
at beacn. M
Cook, $40; 2 laundresses, S25 each; wait
ress. $30; pantry woman. $25, at beach
Pantry woman. $30, and 2 waitresses ai
the springs.
Waitresses, 425 to $35 per month and
$8 per week.
Diimhrmlrli S2X and S30.
Housekeepers, laundry girls and general
neipers. ,
Other good positions.
Ladies Dept. 205 Morrison St.
GIRLS to work l.n factory.
Must be 16 or over.
5th and Davis Sts.
HOTEL cook, 40, country.
Head waitress, SX5 and $40.
Boarding-bouse cook. $40.
Chambermaid (out of city). $25.
Waitresses (out of city), $25 and $o0.
Second girls, $15 and $3.
Ctnllw oAnl. Art
Presser In . cleaning establishment. $12
Girls for general housework, $25 to $35.
HANSEN'S Mrl yJ-ius.
345 Wash. St., R. 7.
WANTED One woman cook, one waitress,
pantry girl. 2 laundry girls, one cham
bermaid, all first-class, with references.
Address Elk Creek Hotel, Eik Creek, Ore.
j. Fisner, Mgr. -
COMPETENT woman for general house-
wotk, two in family, no cniiaren, bk"
Anniv aaa Kiintt ivp- in morning.
Take Hawthorne-ave. car, get off at 20th
su, l block south.
Wa nteti At h Trvinffton confectionery.
15th and Broadwav. an experienced girl
for afternoons and evenings; reference
w a VTEn Twa wnmn to canvass hair
penence; must leave town. Call Monday
for Mr. Lawrence at as .N--iotn mi.
GIRL or middle-aged woman wanted for
general nouseworic, forest urovo, iwu tt,
family, convenient nous. bii a -c-
Ash. Phone East
EXPERIENCED nursegirl or young woman
for two cniiaren, 8 ana ; some bwuuu
work required; $30 a month.' Apply be.ure
3 o clock, bz Marsnaii, near -im-
THE COTERIE General and Domestic Serv
ice Bureau, room 306 Central Diag.. en
deavors to render the best of service to
its patrons- Main 7667.
GIRL to cook and take care of home; $23
a month; must furnish good, reierences.
good home, steady place. Call at store.
ars. stern. 447 Aiaer.
NEAT vnuns- woman as nurse for small boy,
willing to assist witn secona worn; jiiio
age ana experience, satary eu. ui,
TWO well-formed women, under 30. for
vaudeville act. Address Bird iiartx.
Heiler bldg., Portland, Or.
MEN WANTED for firemen and brakemen
on nearby railroads; $80 to sioo mommy;
promotion, engineer, conductor; experience
unnecessary; no strike: age 18-35. Rail
road employing headquajters; over 500fl
men sent to positions on 1000 official calls.
State age. Address Railway Association.
RAl.ESMKN". no einerience reoulred. earn
good wages while learning ; nunareas
gooa positions open paying ivw iu owv
year; write toaay ior parntuiurB, ni
of openings. Address nearest office. Dept.
453. National Salesmen's Training Asso
ciation, Chicago, New York, Kansas City,
Seattle. New Orleans, Toronto.
HE" and women to learn tne oarbor traas
in eight weeks; speciti inaucemenis; per
centage paid while learning; toola free;
expert instructors; 17 years In the busi
ness; 87 schools; a lifetime membership
f-iven to each student. Meier Barber Col
ege 85 N. Fourth St., Portland. Or.
Moving-Picture Operators
In all cities throughout the world.
Operators make $25 to $40 weekly.
Learn business In 2 weeks.
526 H Washington SU, near 17th.
MEN and boys to learn automobile repair
ing, a riving on up-io-aaie cars; ie;irii;i,
civil engineering, surveying; methods most
practical; room and board while learning;
position secured; satisfaction guaranteed ;
catalogue free. National School ot Engl
nee ring, 2110 W. 7th, Los Angeles. ,
WANTED Salesmen ; graduates given po
sition, international uorresponaeoce
School Headquarters. 409 McKay bldg.
Phone Main 126 Open Wed. and Sat.
nights. . ' '
MOVING-PICTURE operating, full, practi
cal course taught in t neater, tne oniy way
of learning it right; secure position; price
reasonable. 404 Rothchild bldg., 4th and
AMBITIOUS young men to become travel
ing salesmen; earn wnue vney learn,
write for particulars. Brads tree t Fystem.
Rochester, N. Y.
RAILWAY mai; cierks. prepare now. ex
cellent satanos anu promotions; no lay
offs, sure pay; free book. Call today. Pa
cific States School. McKay bldg.. city.
WANTED Shorthand students, skilled in
dividual instruction, day or evening, nan
tuition when position obtained. AB 161,
WHY not try sign painting? Experience
unnecessary, no iraua; samples, instruc
tions, etc, 10 cents. City Sign Co., Toledo,
MAKE money writing short stories, or for
papers; big pay ; iree dookioi lcii uuw.
United Proas Syndicate. San Francisco..
E. B. U. BUSINESS COLLEGE secures posi
tions- Short nana, rapia arias, any ajBitMn.
630 Worcester block. Marshall 2751.
WANTED Picture play writers; big pay;
we u teacn yuu. ntmi j
San Francisco.
MOVING-PICTURE machines, films, lan
tern aiiucn iuuc , -b"''
Laemmle. 333 Cak. ...
NORA L- LUC1S Naturalistic teacher China
and water color, aunuay ci Bases. ioaa.
30th North. A Car. Woodlawn 3 256.
ELITE PRIVATE Business College, 642
Hamilton piag. Mar. -oo. upen an year.
STUDY LAW during the Summer. Enroll
now. 631 Worcester diock. aiar. .ox
schools ana teacners. otu sweuina oias-
GIRLS, learn beauty parlor work; reduced
rates this montn. 013 rt-otnenuq oiug
SHORTHAND. Typewriting School. 269 14th
SU Main SW3- r.xperi lusirucuun; i iu.
WILL START YOU earning $4 dally, home
spare time, silvering mirrors; no capuai;
free Instructive booklet, giving plans of
operation. G. F. Redmond, Dept. 66.
Boston. Mags.
WANTED Washerman, one washer and
other work, small steam launary. z. ;
aiso two hand Iron era, $1.50v Phone Car
son Steam Laundry. Carson. Wash.
WANTED Live male and female solicitors
to handier strong, iqdiibduw axia perma
nent side line; give line handling and
phone numper. r ia4. uregonian.
BE a detective; earn $150 to $300 per month,
. -1,4 T'f ita Q.inr T.nri-
llftVCl QVCI HIV w v iva. .t
wig. 1402 Scarrltt bldg.. Kansas City. Mo.
ANYONE, anywhere, ean earn good income
copying aaaressea. rarucumrs, gummp. -E.
Rogers. Dept. AK, Boston. Mass.
BECOME DETECTIVE Fortunes earned
quickly. xravei. w mo uv. hvl
WAGNER, 1243 Lexington ave.. New York.
DEMONSTRATORS at nee, $3.50 to $7 per
day; A. M. to ix. loors nutoi.
JANITOR and Janitress at the Y. W C A.
Call morning
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
YOUNG married man, good habits, with ex
ceptionally gooa salesman s uiju, manes
position wlta some reliable wholesale and
retail firm ; at present with one of the
largest establishments In the city. A 166.
STENOGRAPHER and typist, experienced;
good references, desires position; at pres
ent yeoman, first-class. U. 6. N. Address
20 Howard House. Vallejo, CaL
50x100 FEET, on East Gllsan sf. cost me
$1.)62; present list price fiow; rami eii
for cash at once; make me an offer. Phont
Marshall 90. evenings.
up trooss. prepare oaiiacN ian iuir
ments. Install systems. Gillincham. au
ditor. 512 Lewis bldg. Marshall 717.
BOOKS opened, written up, closed or au
dited by experiencea auauor; systems in
stalled. Phone B 1140. E 124. Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED accountant, employed, de
sires 3 or email sets ot oooks to aeep
after hours. AP 148. Oregonlan.
WANTED Position by experienced book-
keeper-stenograpner; rexexencea. j
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper and oltice man
desires position, nrst-ciaas reierences iur
nished. D 14f. Oregoninn.
POSITION wsnted as bookkeeper or cashier
by young man, a,, experiencea. -v 1
WANTED Position as city salesman on
commission; m real ex Late, 4 At, ure-goaiaa
215 Second SU. Corner Salmon.
All classes of unskilled, skilled, profes
sional and clerical male and female help
furnished on short notice; no io
Phone Main 3o55, A 00-.
aTOUNG man. slnela. beinar In somewhat
poor health, wants light job on farm or
country home in mountains; wmius anu
steady: would appreciate any opportunity
and consideration shown in order to re
gain my health. AC 3. Oregonian.
YOUNG married man, 18 years experience
in accounting, systematizing, purchasing
and office management, desiros position
with contractor or machine shop; A-l ref
erences; Ktat salary' Josejh A. Bell, -06
A. isomoard n.. Kichmona, a.
REFRIGERATING engineer wants posIUon,
16 years' experience; do my own repairs,
pipe lit ting, etc. ; all round mechanic
Address J. McAlvey, Kingston, lUOfe
su, Portland.
YOUNG man C23). with some technical
Knowledge of mining ana mennuru,
would Iik nasltlon which will slve prac
tical training, either mine or assay office.
AL 132, Oregonian. - a
VniTVn winn wle-Vioa TinaltinTi In nrlvate fam
.Jly, evenings, in exchange for room and
board; references; can take care of ana
run auto or a horse; older people jpre-
ierred. T 36U., Oregonian.
STEAM engineer wants position in city or
out of city; 20 years' experience In oper
ating locomotives, steam boilers and sta
tionery engines. Address Chas- Hay. 43u
aiain su. city, nome pnone tou.
WANTED Rpxnnnsiblft naaition: 12 years'
experience as manager in largest whole
sale furniture concern In Chicago; now
located near Portland On ranch. AV 3titf,
x ht:h Brisw.i hnv nf ift rfiirinr hia va
cation until about September lsU would
'like to get work with a good family on
a farm, fruit farm preferred. Address
P. o. Box i7, Hoquiam, w &nn-
IF you want a young energetic business
man and salesman on a salary or com
mission anu salary ; reference; .ddres
AO 141, oregonian.
voitng itrnntT man wishes Dosltion as car
penter or foreman, in-or out of town; not
afraid of any kind of work. P 143. Ore
BY man and wife In hotel, chaniberwork,
wallinir s.Iat-1- or har man: lOha OXPerl-
. ence, reliable; Northwest; no short Job
considered. N 133. Oregonian.
YOUNG married man with five years ex
perience wants position as cashier or as
sistant in good bank. Best of references
given. a v a.o, oregoniaju
SOBER man wants position with commis-
mn .wnn om or manuiaciuriDR .uutoiu
at living wages; not afraid of work; gilt
edge references. A lbi uregonian
YOUNG married man with exceptional busi
ness ability wishes immediate employ
ment; best of references. Address F 164,
YOUTH 20 years of age would like position
with wholesale house, hardware pre
ferred. Have had 3 years experience as
shipping clerk. At UQ. oregonian.
I- AM a thoroughly experienced traveling
. . .1 . o nari nnttiHnn - can
give first-class references. H 143, Orego
nian. WANTED Young married man, a capable
moving-picture operator, would like part
interest in a sunurDan or Bmau .wu
ture show. K 143. Oregoaian
WANTED A position to take charge ot
farm or stock farm; had 20 years' ex
perience; best reference furnished. AO 151.
BY man and wife in hotel, hamberwork.
waiting, cierK or dbj ma-u, wu vv V
ence, reliable; Northwest; no short Job
consiaerea. j.o.weisw".".
JAPANESE married couple desire a POB.,
lion, nuHutuiu m wu u ' " -
housework, city or country or young nurs
ery. J XI t, urejumau.
JAPANESE man and wife want situation
to wora at one pa: " v wuuu.
N 160. Oregonlan.
HOUSE window cleaner, floors, furnltuie
repoiisnea, aay w cuuuo,i. .
Martin. ' .
YOUNG man, sober and industrious, would
like to work in garage. Address F. May,
54Sa Washington su
YOUNG man wants to spend vacation on
ranch with American people. AB 160,
YOUNG married man would like position
as moviug-p.ciuie u'""' "
city, iv ia, ureguuinu.
HOTEL manager with twelve years ex
perience wat luoiwuu
chief clerk. AS 149, Oregonian.
YOUNG man, experienced - fry cook, wanu
POSICIOU QBT VI uifiuiii r a - '
CHAFFEUR wishes position private or com-
1-1 f 1 a .Aaran rim g'ft 1 1 IWff ft til
merciau -"---
473 after B f. M
CAPABLE young man wants position travel.
ing or m cnj oa."'
Address J.ri io. v '"""'
WINDOW-CLEANING. empty dwellings.
Newmaraen. nutci, iww
WAito :j1,aui.
MAN and wife wartt work on orchard or
other work; experteutcu. ac
YOUNG married man wants steady posi
tion Ol BUtUO IVWU, a.-a,w w .
145, uregonian.
EXPERIENCED baker wishes position In
..... ..,.-.. marrlar. man; can furnish
ciiy oi wuuui
reference, w Aa, ureguiuu.
JAPANESE boy wants steady work a, jan
itor, porier or uuaiuuui t , .
bu-I, riome ynmic
REGlaTEKED chauffeur wants position, prl-
ii.r. Aon lva nrrAncM. AC 96.
VlllU l 1411 1 ,
WANTED Position by experienced country
store maua aow
gonlan. "
EXPERIENCED Japanese chauffeur desires
position in city or wumi. ,x
JAP first-class cook, wants position. Sum.
mer nuueo, tuuuwj "
HOrifEMAN, experienced aiso In waiting.
or famifvT Mr. Prlchett, 12"J East 20th sU
WISH position as butler In a private house.
lease huuitw . - -
PAINTER, strictly temperate, wants a pos
ition; many jeam w. "v
Jection to leaving city; G 14b. Oregonian.
TRAP DRUMMER, non-union, -would like
position in picture ."wnw. v"j.
HARRIED man desires the care of a coun
try place; expniicm-cu iu l1'""
care of nil farm stock. O l.fl. Oregonian.
vi--ii man. 19. wishes position as collec-
. . nra.nnlnn
OT, Or DUlf'U" WV'"' JVJJ y.vpv.-y
LANDSCAPE gardener wants work by day
or contract. Tabor 8935.
YOUNG man. city references, would like
any honest worn, au -tw, urcguoian.
MOVING-PICTURE operator wants Job out
side of city; ucenwu. ait ato, victvuiMi.
JAPANESE wishes position any kind of
work except cooa. vicBmon.
YOUNG MAN d). wishes position aa
timekeeper, ajx uiciuuibu.
WINDOW washing, houses" cleaning, floors
waxed ana pouBucu. a.uwvu iu.
GOOD, strong Jnpanese wants place to do
any kind of" work. T 143. Oregonlan.
HOUSEMAN, 'thoroughly experienced; also
wait tame, ian jar. '
JAP. cook wants situation, private family.
city, country. i xqo. urcgumau.
TRAVELING salesman, open for position.
salary or commission, n &, megmmtw.
Bookkeepers and Clerks.
I AM the bookkeeper you are looking for.
competent uu iyui ui, ,a -perieace
In Portland; can give good refer
ences. If you want to prove how much
I will be worth to you. write K 148, Orego
nian. BOOKKEEPER and stenographer, 6 years-
experience in piuruoiug uppuM, capable
of taking full charge of office details and
correspondence. Call East 8588.
LADV. accurate, quick at figures, wants
Work as assiaugUk wunkccyci . a-aij,
Oregonlan. 1
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper-cashier wants
position; some aaowieuuo ur Bieoograpoy;
re co mm en dat ions. V 157. Oregonian.
EXPERIENCED bookkeeper, stenographer.
billing cierK, wants any aioa oxxice worn.
Phone Main 9370.
EXPERIENCED old-line life Insurance cash
ier wants posiuuo. a a. 104, wre,wniMH, u
Marshall 4oo.
FIRST-CLASS stenographer, with two years'
wtehla iuitinn A T
MVCIIOUW, w - -a,
A CAPABLE salesman desires position as
demonstrator, collector or 01 rice cierK. out
of city preferred. AM 147, Oregonlan.
V,T0 lady stenographer and bookkeeper
with Eastern experience, wisnes posirion.
A ddress -'53 E. 3th.
EXPERIENCED stenographer desires posi
tion. - Phone main o-vx. Annex zs.
POSITION wanted by experienced stenog-
, rap her. cau; can give rexexencea, a doo.
EXCELLENT lady seamstress; specialty
shirt waist suits and bouse dresses; pre
fer to do work In own home; rates $2 per
day. Phone Marshall 30o0.
EXPERIENCED dressmaker, ladles tailor-
1st. wishes sewing In families or home.
EXPERIENCED dressmaker and ladles'
tailor. Price will suit you. Woodlawn
GENERAL sewing,- alteration and repair
work done neatly and reasonably. Main
" 1104.
LADY thoroushlv experienced In tailoring.
suits, reasonable prices, coats specialty.
xaoor iwu.
EXPERT RVPEn drturirmaker will make en
gagements by the day. Phone Woodlawn
DRESSMAKING and ladies tailor by the
nay; 3. Tabor 4S3.
FIRST-CLASS dressmaker by the day.
j'none tz. 4.".97. 5SO E. 23d Si.
EXPERT dressmaker and first-class tailor
ess wishes work. Main 4469 445 th.
DRESSMAKING, wai-ted: , sewing by the
"ay; ilio; experienced. Alain o-'-tx
PHONE Marshall 227. Com oetent dress-
maker, 2.50 per day or at home. 375 12th.
DRESSMAKING, children's c lathes, Irish
crocheu Tabor 8023. "
DRESSMAKER will take work outside. Miss
FASHIONABLE dressmaking at home or by
r iinams avo. cant woi.
DRESSMAKING, plain and fancy.
DRESSMAKER, expert fitter, nice work.
vuMvm vtsry reason aoi a xaoor 00.
DRESSMAKING. $2 per day. Call after 6
j-. ji.. .Mrs. Alien, o 3f7U7.
NT'RPE would like any "Tcind of nursing";
will do Institutional work or will travel.
East 3172.
WANTED A good place as nurse girl for
una or two cnxiaren; reierences. am lifr,
GERMAN nursegirl wishes position, expert-
viice, ciiy reference. ju. Eisner, oil. ft
Front st. Main 8669.
MATERNITY nurse wants case; will do light
housework. Main 147.
LADY, 85 years of age, wants position as
nouseaeeper or care or invalid; can fur
nish very best of references. Telephone
Woodlawn 937 or address S 144, Ore
gonlan. LADY, 36 years of age, wants position as
housekeeper or care of Invalid; can fur
nish very best of references. Telephone
Woodlawn 037 or address S 144. Ore
gonlan, HOUSEKEEPER experienced, capable of
taking charge of refined home; can give
children a mother's care and training;
references. R 158, Oregonlan.
WIDOW of 86 with son of 13 wishes posi
tion as housekeeper In wldower'a home,
suburbs, farm or dairy. O 180, Orego
nlan. A NEAT, capable Norwegian girl wishes
nouseaeeping; would leave city l neces
sary. East 6123.
NEAT woman, 84. desires housekeeping,
widowers family ; cook, small crew, su
Louis Agency, 253 Alder. Main 2039.
NEAT, experienced middle-aged lady as
Housekeeper or cook for one or two people.
L 152, Oregonlan.
GOOD cook and housekeeper with boy 10
years old wishes a situation; willing to
work. F 16S, Oregonian.
YOUNG woman with two children wants
situation aa housekeeper In or out ox city.
J 160, Oregonlan.
EXPERIENCED middle-aged woman desires
position as housekeeper in rooming-house;
references. - A 5306.
COMPETENT mdldle-aged lady as house-
Keeper or cook on ranch or country place,
L 150, Oregonian.
LADY housekeeper wishes to work for a
widower or bacneior. AS 17, Oregonian.
GOOD cook desires position as housekeeper.
G 147, oregonian.
LADY desires light housekeeping. AD 145,
LADY would like cooking by day or restau
rant worx; west muo prererrea. rnone
Marshall 242 or call 306 4th sU
FIRST'-CLASS cook, respectable, middle-
. aged, wants position hotel, restaurant or
e.MH. DvnM Ik XT D V U 7 1
LADY will do housework In home In ex
change for room and board. W 145, Ore
gonlan. WANTED A situation; . good home cook;
good pastry, u 14&, oregonian.
Miscellaneous. .
CAPABLE woman, good cook and house
keeper, wants position on fruit ranch;
Hood River country; have daughter. K
147, Oregonlan.
WORK wanted by Mrs. Allen, any klnL Call
or phone, new Grand Central, after 1
o'clock, room 312.
MIDDLE-AGED woman wants' place to keep
house tor 01a people, men or women, x
156, Oregonlan.
MIDDLE-AGED woman wants place as a
cieaner in punuc ouiming or in respect
able rooming-house. Y 158. Oregonian.
JAPANESE woman wants position at plain
nouseworic in gooa ramuy. b. 14a, ore
gonlan. EXPERIENCED German woman wants day
work, washing, ironing, cleaning. Main
AN experienced cook wants position in pri
vate ramuy; no general nousework. j
150, Oregonlan.
YOUNG lady wants position In offlde of
pnysician or d us in ess no use; oesi 01 rei
erences. AS 148, Oregonlan.
GIRL, 16. wishes position caring for chil
dren wnere treated as one 01 lamiiy.
Phone Woodlawn 1227 on Monday.
LADY wishes day work ; laundress. Call
week days alter a o Clock. Kexerencea. B
YOUNG lady wishes to act as companion in
exenange xor ooara ana room, u l&u,
YOUNG lady pianist desires position with
orchestra. Hotel or otnerwise. wood
lawn 8S6.
EXPERIENCED teacher gives two piano or
mandolin lessons, cents- a. 150, ore
gonian. WANTED The care of children or sewing
ana darning at your nome or my own. .
158, oregonian.
LACE curtains. band-laundered, special
prices to note is. .pnone Main i486.
WOULD take care of rooming-house, or for
family needing mother. Marshall 4392.
LADY does washing. Ironing, cleaning by
day. .Main owo.
DAY work or bundle washing, please. East
SWEDISH girl wants general housework.
Phone Mam wb?.
WANTED Office work, figuring or copying;
nest n'lPrrncco. a v ottv ureBQniaa.
DAY WORK by good woman. Phone Main
GIRL, good education, wants office .work.
AK 10, uregonian. -
LADY wishes hours, receptions and cooking
oy ine nuur. -j aour ouf.
YOUNG woman wants day work: references.
Call week oays a xooe a pens. -
COLORED lady wishes work by the day.
Phone Main wav. '
JAPANESE woman wants position in hotel
from 8 A. u. to f r. m. juarsnaii i&oa.
CARING for children and mending done
C veil j 11 5 a , iwci j x-z. ui cfeuuu.
EXPERIENCED girl wants general house
work. Apply TBI Koaney ave.
GERMAN lady want day work. Phone East
EXPERIENCED woman wants day work.
pnone Main obji.
COLORED woman, washing - taken home.
848 Couch st. Main
RESPECTABLE lady will go to beach, corn-
pan ion or helper. Tabor 303.
YOUNG lady desires position In dentist's of
fice. J 143. Oregonian. .
STRONG woman want housecleaning, 20c
per hour. - xeiepnone xaoor z.itto.
LACE' curtains washed, stretched, called for,
delivered. Main autw. .
DAY'S work wanted by- a woman. Phone
Main 1101.
EXPERIENCED woman wants day work.
Room 15. Main3Zs.
WOMAN wants work by day. Phone Mar
shall 1T7H. -
WOMAN wishes day work. Tabor 3094.
rO experience needed to earn big Income
selling our goods. Send for our 1912 Win
ner Eclipse Jobbing Agency. Pomona,
ALUMINUM cooking combination. 12 pieces.
needed in every Kucnen; everynoay Duy.
aluminum. Thomas Mfg. Co 674 State
bldg.. Dayton. Ohio.
AGENTS WANTED 110 a day can easily
be made selling tne story or tne smiting
of the Titanic. Write Vincent Distribut
ing Co., Tolt Wash.
LEGITIMATE substitute for alot machines;
patented; sens on signt tor sx. particu
lars, Gisna Co., Axiderson, Ind.
AGENTS making $10 to $20 daily selling
"Titanic xnsaster oook; toia oy survivors;
850 pages; 50 illustrations; price only $1;
00 commission; ous to general agents
cash prixea ; freight paid ; credit given ;
outfit ires. Almost as blar seller aa Tl
tanic" is our new book. "Great Leaders
and National Issues of 1912," Initiative,
Referendum. Recall and other tasuea, dis
cussed, explained in this book by great
leaders themselves Roosevelu Bryan, La
Follette, Wilson Cummins, Clark. Taft,
Harmon. Underwood and others. Plat
forms all oar ties: lives of all candidates.
Hardest fought "Battle for Votes' 50
- years, creating enormous demand for non
partisan book, sou pages: iuu portraits.
illustrations; price, qniy num. out
fits free. Don't delay! Decide quick!! In
ternational Bible House, Perry bldg., DepU
O. Philadelphia.
Started as agent, now big manufacturer;
have hundreds agents working. I'll start
you. A .rents of abllltv wanted to opn
branch offices, employ sub-agents. No
money needed. Write fully, frankly. Do
It today. C E. Swartxbaugh Co.. Box
7.V. Toledo, o.
$3000 YEARLY in your back yard! No poul
try. Trucking, ginseng, musnroom "dope.
New industry, never heard of. Current
"Square Tips" explains with further de
tails. Price lOc F. J. Affhauser. Healds
burg, Cal.
started as agent, now cmfwypjpuj jpn
A LIFE INCOME for men and women, ope
- rating home sales nariors. canvassing per
sonally or employing agents for OUR
Year Wear, guaranteed dresa shoes for the
whole family. Big profits. Exclusive
agency. NO RISK. Kushion Komfort
snoe Co.. South St.. Boston, Mass.
JUST coin money selling new Improved ho
siery direct from mill with our tig adver
tising offer; can make $25 daily; every
body buys; credit; samples In leatherette
case fre. New Improved Knitting Mills,
AND CITY selling rights to hustlers for
Perfection steaming, preserving and strain
ing kettle. Great money-maker. Pacific
-peciany axrg. to., jos Angeies.
SoO WEEKLY selling collection cabinets to
merchants; no competition; exclusive ter
ritory; write free oamples descriptive mat
ter. -Sayers Co., Laclede bldg., SU Louis.
Mo. -
LIVE agents wanted. Something new In
- the market in novelties for ladles; can
make $10 to $23 a day. Address Wash
ington Mall Order House, 293 Vermont
, st.. xirooKiyn, . .
AGENTS, sign painters; cost 2c; sell 25c;
guaranteed sign letters mounted with
kerosene and roller; grip outfit free. Em
bossed Letter Co., 2542 Milwaukee ave.,
GOOD money for wide-awake man in spare
time calling on cigar dealers and station
ers In Portland. Write for particulars.
Trade Journal Co.. 150 Nassau st.. New
WANTED Women agents to handle pst
ented article that every woman needs; 100
per cent proflU Bells on slghU Write
today. Indicator Agency, Douglas, Arl-
WE are headquarters for novelties and
pennants for 4th July celebrations, fairs,
picnics, parks and seashore resorts.
Schelner Souvenir & Curio Co., 86 N. 6th
Portland, Or.
AGENTS We have a gold mine, something
new, just out; millions can be sold; be the
fi rs t sen d for sample. Pease Mfg. Co.,
agency, 514 Bryson bldg., Los Auigeles,
AGENTS make big money selling our metal
lic letters for office windows, store fronts
and glass signs; anyone can put them on;
samples free. Metallic Sign Co., 437 N.
Clark st.. Chicago.
AGENTS We have a gold mine, something
new, just out; millions can be sold; be
the first, send for sample. Pacific Sales
Co., .17 Public Market bldg., Tacoma,
AGENTS Our No-Splash, new invention;
we want salesmen in every county; send
15c for Bample and particulars. The Mor
ris, Young Co., 6021 Buchanan bldg., Port
land, Or.
SHOES Every pair guaranteed one year;
cents pront .on every pair; outfit Trei
to workers. Guaranteed Shoe Co., 6774
State bldg.. Dayton. Ohi.
BOY and girl agents, sell 24 needle cases for
us at 15c each and receive beautiful
watch, air rifle or doll, free. The Crown
Needle Co., Dept. E, Corydon, Ky.
FREE samples; No-Splash water-strainers,
winners ior agents, ootn sexes; aaiiy pront
$5 upward; let us prove lu Send 2c, mall
ing cost. Seed Filter Co., New York. "
FIVE dollars per hundred for collecting
names and addresses. All or spare time,
stamp for particulars. Keystone Sales
Co., Larby, Penn.
WANTED For Summer, new cottage or
bungalow, completely furnished for 3
adults, in strictly desirable neighborhood
on East Side, 4, 5 or 6 rooms; references
given. Y 160. Oregonlan.
WANTED Furnished house. 6 or more
rooms, modern, comfortable, good neigh
borhood, four months or longer. West
Side. G 150, Oregonian.
FURNISHED modern cottage at Seaside for
tne season. Telephone East 3100. McKln
ley apartments.
I WANT to rent a 6 or 7-room modern
nouse in gooa location; rooms must be on
one floor. AN 150, Oregonian.
WANTED 6 or 7-room house by July 1;
East iide, modern, some yard. F 166,
Oregon an.
JULY 1, 6-room flat, all or part -furnished;
guuu inuauuu , uii particulars, SA-Xi - A4S,
WANTED To rent house with place for
cnicK.ens ana cow; soutneast part OI city.
Phone Tabor 1176.
WANTED To rent small bungalow with
yara; no Objection to suburbs with good
car service. B 167, Oregonian.
WILL give $100 a month for first-class un
furnished home on West Side. Phone
Mr. Myers. Main 6869.
WANT to rent from July 6 for 6 weeks a
modern furnished house. Mrs. Driggs, 628
Corbett bldg. Phone Main 4437.
IF you wish to rent your house or flat, see
305-6 Spalding bldg. Main 7592.
WANTED To rent completely furnished
moaern nouse or at, 12 or la rooms; West
Side .preferred. Phone Woodlawn 193.
TWO teachers will care for house or apart
ment for use during- Summer. F 171,
BY young lady and mother, furnished house
oy juiy x ior two or tnree months; ref
erences exchanged. East 6081.
WANT to rent 8 to 10-room modern house
on west side; prerer west of Seventh and
south of- Washington. S 157. Qregonian.
WANTED 3 or 4 clean housekeeping rooms
in rennea neignooraooa, near gooa scnooi;
will stay one year if satisfactory to both
parties; man, wife and one (brought up)
9 -year-old daughter. V 139. Oregonlan.
YOUNG man wishes room three or four
blocks from canine; East side preferred.
AE 178, Oregonian.
LADY employed wants small room, about $2
weeKiy or would snare room with an
other; references. B 180, Oregonian.
WANTED Girl to share housekeeping room
witn gin empioyea. uaii morning, sun
day. 191 Union ave. N.
Rooms With Board.
TWO young men desire room and board
in private ramuy; must not exceed $10 per
week for two. Answer, giving full par
ticulars, H 148. Oregonian.
WANTED Room and board, in private fam
ily, by motner ana cnua. age 3: mother
employed; references. V 142, Oregonian.
WANT room and board for 8 small children
In Jewish family. Phone East .932 morn
ings. ROOM aad board wanted by gentleman;
high cmss, strictly private; west bide;
fullpartlculars. AO 14 9, Oregonlan.
TWO young ladies of refinement want per
manent room ana ooara in private iam
ily; references. T 144, Oregonian.
and Kearney.
Residential hotel and apartments in the
Nob Hill section, the most exclusive resi
dential location in Portland. Everything
new and the appointments- of the highest
order. Large, attractive dining rooms. Ex
cellent home-cooking. Miss E. M. Bowe.
proprietor. Marshall 784 or A 4458.
FURNISHED also unfurnished roome very
SUItaote ior genii-men. x-amra xiag., XSt
and Pine.
Fnrxiisbed Boon
LEWISTON HOTEL. 271 H Morrison, cor.
4th. large airy rooms single ana en suite;
transient; permanent rates very reasonable.
imfr-r invpir TW i vn ire-trr)orv
THE DAVENPORT Newly furnished 2 and
.-room apt-, private natn ana pnone.
Summer rates. Main 5435. 505 Jefferson.
NICE, furnished room for gentleman, in
fine apu nouse, private oatn. xstffe N.
23d. Marshall 2S2L
DO you want a good room In a good loca
tion at i" iiy nmoi ijarrao'e,
27 H La rrab fee sU East Side. East 849.
ROOMS, ROOMS Housekeeping and sleep
ing, very jcauiuio, wn rivuu eaiem
Grand and Hawthorne Aves.
For rent, the finest corner parlor, bed
room and bath suites In the city; Urge
rooms, beautifully furnished, nine win
dows, fine view of all the mountains; also
, some single rooms; elevator service, tele
phone, hot and cold water, electric light
and steam heat; moderate prices for de
sirable tenants; eight streetcar lines pass
the building.
Tha largest and coolest rooms In the
If you are looking for permanent, home
like quarters, be sure and inspect the Sar--gent
before locating. Excellent restaurant
In connection with the hotel. Phone East
J. H. CLARK. Proprietor.
Those three beautifully furnished hotels
2l3i4ihst. 311 i 4th st. 2u7H4thsu
On Fourth St., running from Taylor to
Salmon sU ; brand-new brick ; elegantly
furnished; steam heat, private baths, hot
and cold water in all rooms; strictly up
to date In all respects, and at popular
prices. If you want something out of the
ordinary, in the heart of the city, at rea
sonable p aloes, give us a call, as we know
you will like 1U Rooms 4y the day, week
or month. Tourist trade solicited.
625 Washington St.
Under New Management.
- Large lobby, finished in mahogany, tile
and marble; ladles parlor, with elegant
-fireplace; free telephone service in rooms
all night and day. electrio elevator, steam
heat, hot and cold water in all room,
many with bath. A residential hotel above
reproach, where every effort is made for
the comfort and convenience of Its guests;
rents the most reasonable In the city;
rooms by the day. week or month. Look
- this over before locating. Take W cae
at Depot, get off at 19th and Washington.
Seventh and Taylor Streets,
At Very Moderate l-tates.
Absolutely central; two minutes front
Postofffce, stores, theaters and restaurants;
just off business streets and carl In es;
quietest and best location; handsome brick,
ample steam beat, hot running water and
phones in every room; suites and private
hatha Any car from DepoU .
131 Eleventh Street.
New. modern brick building; steam
heated; private baths, "hot and cold water
in rooms; beautifully furnished, cosy, com
fortable; rent reasonable. Call and see us.
Regular and transient trade solicited.
887). East Burnside Street.
Live In this hotel and save money on
' your room renU We have 120 modern
rooms, -Ingle or en suite, rooms with pri
vate bath; rates 50c to $2 per day. $2 to
$6 per week. East 5940, B 1275.
HOTEL LA SALLE. 10th and Burnside sts.
Absolutely fireproof; new and elegantly
furnished rooms; private baths; steam
heat, hot and cold water, private phones
In each room; special rates Dy the month;
phone service free. Phone Marshall 4040.
One block from Union Depot; 140 outsld
rooms with hot and cold water and steam
' heat; offers special rates for permanent
guests; rates 60c to $2 a day; $3.50 and
up per week. Phone Main 3413.
HOTEL KLICKITAT, 326 Holladay ave.,
new brick building, all outside rooms, hot
and cold water in all; new and clean; 15
minutes walk to P. O. ; 50c to $1 a day;
. $2.50 a week and up. East 5988.
THE BEAVER. 12th and Marshall sts.
Take S or 16th-su cars north, get off at
Marshall; rooms 50c night for one, or
$1.00 for two. Phone Main 67 71. Modern
HOTEL RENWICK An ideal home for busi
ness people ; centrally located ; elegant;
rooms; all modern conveniences; 7th and
Taylor sts., 1 block from Portland Hotel,
opposite Heillg Theater Phone Main 916.
150 Park st., very central, European and
American plan; homelike service in dining-room
at reasonable price; $1 European.
$2 American. Special rates per week.
105 -Twelfth su Marshall 2790.
In heart of business district; steam heat,
hot and cold water, free phone in ever
room; $1 day and up; $4 week and
DESIRABLE rooms, Philadelphia House,
Third and Salmon, clean, respectable and
modern, rates $1 a day and up. Phone
A 2961. Marshall 4643. J. E. Block.
Large, pleasant front rooms; easy walk
ing distance; all home convenlencss; $A
$2.50 to $4 per week. 2S 4th su Main ; tfl.
THE GILMORE, 131 U 10th St., cor. Alder,
close to all the business district and thea
ters; clean, well furnished rooms; perma-
HOTEL ROYAL, 108H 4th, near Washlng-
TWO beautiful, airy rooms for one or two,
o ctt u-nilfini, riiKtnmt. fiJif. Pvprstl
NICE, clean, comfortable rooms, reasonable.
3S7 Taylor st,
Furnish ed Booms In PrivatFa mily.
NICELY furnished room, close in, privaUt
home, all modern conveniences, board if
desired. E. 4510; gentleman only.
FRONT room, beautifully furnished, for
two; first floor; modern, reasonable. 475
ROOM in private family, reasonable, walk
ing distance, 2 blocks Steel bridge, 2J7
Larrabee st.
NICELY furnished room, close in, bath,
phone, electric lights; reasonable, 1. Phone
NICELY furnished rooms in modern home,
excellent board if desired, reasonable, 94
North 16th St. Phone A 3043.
FIRST-CLASS modern rooms and accommo
dations; private family of 2; board op
tional. Call at 1S8 E. 12th st. S.
PLEASANT room, niodern conveniences, de
sirable location, new bungalow, 2 In fam
ily; Investigate. Phone Tabor 818.
ONE large front room on ground floor, with
kitchenette; also 1 single room. 775 Gll
san st.
TWO to four furnished or unfurnished mod
ern rooms, walking distance. East Side,
perman e nt. Phone. East 1390.
FURNISHED rooms. (2.50 and $4 a week;
2 if desired; bath, phone and heat. 226
12th, near Salmon.
D ES I RA B LE f urn isbed room in modern
steam-heated flat; walking distance. Main
FURNISHED room: for rent for one gentle
man" Rose City Park. Phone C 2314 or
Tabor 2,-04.
TWO nicely furnished rooms; hath and
phone; walking distance. Phone B 2496.
000 iast, 'x ay 1 or st., near otn.
3 ROOMS, furnished, on lower floor of 6-
room cottage 10 cuujno wunout cniiaren.
SO East 28th st. North, cor. EveretU
TWO clean furnished rooms, with use of .
kitchen if desired; walking distance; very
reasonable. Call Sunday, 160 E- 13th.
VERY desirable room, newly furnished, all
conveniences, large yard, easy walking
. distance. 655 Everett. Mar. 2820. .
PLEASANT front room, nice locality, walk
ing distance, $10 month. S01 East Sal
mon. DANDY room for two gentlemen, ex
clusively private, right downtown. 230
10th su
FRONT room on Park, electric lights, tele
phone, bath, talking distance. 360
CUPOLA sleeping room suitable for young
man, very reasonable. 181 14th.
LOVELY, cool room, gas plate, bath, $3
week; quiet, close In. 292 Tenth.
ELEGANTLY furnished room Nob Hill,
walking aifatance. pnone m 4ue-
NICELY furnished room, modern, t walking
aisatnce. jqi e. mn.
$2.50 NEAT, clean single room, 4 block!
from x. O. o otn.
$1.75 SLEEPING porch, 4 blocks from P.
O. 263 6th.
NICELY furnished front rooms for gentle
men; phone and bath. Phone B 2267.
ROOMS, $1-50 to $4; bath and phone. 264
12th. .
LARGE, clean front room, close in, for tw
people. 431 Taylor1. .
WELL furnished room, bath and phone
Main 6821. 173 14th.
LARGE room, suitable for one or two; rea
sonable. 238 12th st.
$3.50 per week for pleasant front room on
nrst iioor. .so, iLii o i
CLEAN furnished rooms, center of city, $3
up a weea. ij " cm
3 NEATLY furnished rooms. $3, $8 and $9;
nice location. 302 Montgomery st.
FURNISHED room, all modern - conveni
ences, 1 a montn. to n.. orn.
NICELY furnished rooms, 545 Morrison sU
n- nhn-A A 7741.
FOR RENT Furnished front room, $6.50 a
month. 511- Jefferson sU, near 16th. -
MODERN, newly furnished rooms, $10 and
UP- J.V fM
LARGE front room, kitchen and pantry,
1 . I. - -t month liri T. I - -
Willi iJin-iiv, m . ...wnm. u-r-x j. jj iin pi.
NICELY furnished rooms, running water;
reasonable. 01 uarrison su, cor. seven tn.
2 NICE furnished front rooms; rent $2 and
$3 per week. 175 17th.
THREE-ROOM suite, nicely furnished and
clean; price reasonable, pwt Everett.
NICELY furnished rooms from $2 weekly;
easy warning distance. 000 wasnington.
FURNISHED ROOMS 213 Grand ave.
North. East 064.,