The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, June 02, 1912, SECTION TWO, Page 18, Image 38

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Little Hope Offered for Recov
ery of Wounded
Jralouey ('ivm of Tragedy In Home
of Orricrr, fiay Friend of Pead
Woman Injured Man Re
cent Law Graduate.
Kverett H. Peachln. police sergeant
and attorney, la lying near death at St.
Vincent's Hospital aa the result of bul
let wounds Inflicted yesterday morning
by hla wife, who killed herself with tha
am weapon. Attending; physicians
offer little hone for the recovery of
Peachln, aa an X-ray photograph shows
there are two pieces of lead resting on
hla brain. The tragedy, which Is said
to have been caused by jealousy, took
place at the Peachln home on the
tarada electric line.
It la Impossible to determine from
the X-ray photograph whether the two
bits of lead are different bullets, or
fragments of one. if the former Is the
rase, the wounded man's rase Is almost
hopeless, say attending physicians.
Letters written by Mrs. Peachln Fri
day evening to members of the family
Indicate that the crime was premedi
tated. She was of hysterical tempera
ment, say friends, and was Jealous of
Wards Lead Kboatlag.
On account of his wife's frail health,
fergednt Peachln recently obtained per
mission from his superiors to reside
outside the city, and established a home
at Wichita station, on the Katacada line.
The parents of Mrs. Peachln, Mr. and
Mrs. Conrad Krlgbaum, living at Ksta
radit, were visitors and occupied the
house, while Peachln and his wife slept
In a tent In the yard. The parents say
there was nothing to Indicate trouble
Friday night except that a low-toned
ronrersatlon was carried on for soma
tlmw after the Poachlna retired.
An alarm clock had been set to
awaken Peachln at 4:0, so that he
might report for duty at the atatlon
hi its regular hour In the morning.
Mrs. Peachln awakened before that
tlmn, and appears to have made her
prepare tlona for the act. using Peach
In's police revolver. The wounded man.
who discussed the affair briefly at the
hosDltal. said they had a few worda and
then she began shooting.
Wossaa Fire six Shots.
Six shots were fired, two going wild,
one wounding Peachln's hand and two.
It Is believed, striking blm In the head.
Wounds appear in the face and In the
back of the head, but tr. Fred Ztegler
Is unable to determine whether or not
one of tbem was mode by the egress of
the bullet which entered at the other
side. The last shot Mrs. Peachln turned
upoa herself. Inflicting a wound In the from which she died Immedi
ately. Te parenta of Mrs. Peachln rushed
to the tent and found the wife lying on
the floor with her night dress afire
from the burning powder. Peachln
moaned to them to take the gun away
fros her. Assistance was called and
the wounded man waa rushed to the
hospital, while the Coroner from Oregon
City, within whose Jurisdiction the
shooting occurred, took charge of the
wonian'a body.
Pearala Reeewtly Preaaoted.
Peachln had no close associates In
the department, but waa well liked. He
waa of quiet manner and good presence.
'or several years he had been a traffic
ofnner stationed at Fifth and Morrlaon
streets, and waa well known to the
shopping public for hla courtesy. A
month ago he waa promoted to a ser
iceaacy, and a few daya later took a
leave of absence In order to present
himself for examination for admission
to the bar. He qualified and would
hav. left the department soon to take
up he practice of law.
Last night the wounded man showed
a high temperature, and physicians held
out little hope for hla recovery.
brides residence. Testerday forenoon
Mr. and Mrs. Witt again went through
the ceremony of marriage, with the
family and a few friends present. The
bouse was decorated with roses, carna
tions and asparagus fern, while tha
bride carried a bouquet of lilies of the
valley. Rev. Mr. Weber, of the Metho
dist Church, officiated. ,
Mrs. Witt is well known In Portland
society. Mr. Witt Is an Insurance man,
and Is associated with the firm of Mo
Cargar, Bates Lively.
Too Much Politics In State Organiza
tion, Saja C. II, Welch.
Dr. J. H. Brlstow lectured yesterday
afternoon on "Fighting Contagious Dis
ease" before the Evening Star Orange
at the hall on the Hection Line road,
and told of the methods of prevention.
He pointed out that the people may
reduce the risk of contagious diseases
by observing the regulations and re
specting the rights of their neighbors.
Baylor Pmith told why the people should
support the state and county fairs.
Miss Mary F. Isom, of the Portland
Library Association, spoke on "Authors
of Today." Miss Isom left with the
Grange lists of vacation bonks. The
programme was under direction of Mrs.
J. K. Nelson, lecturer.
C IL Welch, representative to the
Cosnmrrclal Organisation Transfor
mation N'oars Completion.
Alterations In the quarters of the
Portland Commercial Club are being
tarried forward rapidly and soon will
be completed. The bar fixtures have
beeu moved from the second floor and
installed on the sixth floor Just off the
billiard room. What was formerly tha
office of the press bureau. will be trans
formed -into a checkroom, and the old
linen room, steward's office and ad
joining rooms have been enlarged to
the same else as the private dining
rooms on the floor above them by cut
tlnsj Into the old convention hall. Tha
new rooms thus created will be used
as cardroom. The steward's office and
linen room will be moved to the aev
entit floor
Tie half of the convention hall that
remains from the remodeling operations
wilt, be fitted out for a Dutch grill
room, and arrangements have been
made whereby the private dining-room
space will be greatly Increased.
Only yesterday the contract waa let
for a new fSOOO ice-making machine,
which will be Installed In the base
ment of the building. Electric dumb
waiters and many other minor Im
provements will add to the convenience
and speed with which service can be
handled -in the club.
roi-tlantl Couple Play Joke Vpon AJ1
TlH-lr Friends.
Going to the home of Mr. and Mrs.
F. I. Hplcker, at itlllsboro, yesterdsy,
to congratulate their daughter, Kdlth
M., upon her marriage earlier In the
lay to W. IL Witt, as well aa to con
gratulate the bridegroom, frlenda of the
supposedly newly-married couple were
confronted with a marriage certificate
showing that the two had been married
almost a year before. Mr. and Mrs.
Witt had taken their departure for
Orenco, laughing at the Joke played
on their friends.
The certificate was placed In a promi
nent place on the mantle. In a large
envelope, and showed that Mr. and Mrs.
Witt had been married In Vancouver,
Wah, July 11. 111. They had kept
their marriage a secret all the Inter
vening time, and not even their closest
friends were let Into It.
In face It was only several days sgo
that Mrs. Witt Informed her Barents.
ami It was arranged to have a formal j
celebration of the ceremony at the
i iiijm hii .y; "" " "ai f
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I. .... . -T -. . Vy, I
ersreaat K. a. Peach I a. Was Waa
ftaet by Mite Yesterday. g
................ .....4
State Grange, made a report In which
he said there waa too much politics In
the organisation. J. W. Black alao
told of the State Grange.
It was decided to hold annual me
morial services at the hall of Lents
Grange on Sunday, June 16. Evening
Star, Lents, Pleasant Valley, Russell
vllle, Woodlawn and other Granges will
take part In the memorial programme,
which will be In honor of Grangers who
have died the past year.
Popular Caterer Now Has Klegant
Cafo at Third and Alder.
Testerday Mr. August Krats, the
popular caterer, opened his elegant
new cafe at the corner of Third and
Aider streets.
The many old friends and acquaint
ances of Mr. Krats who called ta com
pliment him and give their stamp of
approval are a certain criterion of the
Immediate success he will attain.
The Krats Cafe Is a cafe of most
modern equipment where unexcelled
goods arc dispensed with perfect serv
ice. It Is something else beside.
It la an ideal rendesvous.
It la a symphony In tints and tones
and a study In the grain of woods.
There Is a cool restfulness about the
spacious Interior that sends weary city
days Into the Umbo of distance.
There are two entrances, one at 262
Alder and one at 142 Third street.
Test Case Against Wells, Fargo A
Co. Comes on Appeal.
8ALKM, Or, June 1. (Special.) An
appeal In the case of the State versus
Wells. Fargo A Co.. will be taken by
Attorney-General Crawford shortly to
Anally determine a question which was
raised In the Marlon County Circuit
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'til y
Thomas Beatea Klllla.
WOODBCRX, Or.. June 1. (Spe
cial.) Thomas Benton Klllln. a
pioneer resident of Oregon and
Civil War veteran, who died at
his home here this week, was tha
son of John and Frances KUlln
and waa born In Springfield, Hl..
JUay IV, crossing ine pimn
In an ox-cart In l4a with his
parents, he arrived In Oregon
the same year and in 18-17 lo
cated permanently on Elliot
Prairie, about six miles east of
this city, where he lived until
about one year ago, when he sold
Ms farm and moved here. Mr.
Klllln was well known through
out this section and held In tha
highest esteem by all who knew
him. He served 10f days during
the Eastern Oregon Indian trou
bles and served creditably for
three years during the Civil War
In the First Oregon Volunteer
Cavalry. He waa also County
Commissioner for Claokamas
County for eight years, from 190
to UK. He la survived by Ma
wife. Mrs. MUey Klllln; a daugh
ter, Mrs. May Durant, and a son,
Benton Klllln. Funeral services
were held at Hubbard.
rVWWiiHUlHFJcewie.1 taAa I
Without line
. 7-m -T'NgAIM
in fia j.i?' vision
mj s .
Both Near and Far
Vision in One Lens
With no Line of De
markation. On of th" most wonderful in
ventions optieal science has pro
duced in many years.
Two pieces of glass are so siiU
fnlly fused that no line or scam
Krypto's look exactly like reg
ular single-vision lenses. They
are smooth to tbe touch.
Over 200,000 people are now
wearing them.
Krypttfks give the t greatest
comfort when designed, made
and fitted by us.
Eyesight Specialist,
Second Floor Corbett Building,
- Fifth and Morrison. .
Court as to validity of tha gross earn
ings tax law, which was passed by tha
people In 106. In tha lower court.
Judge Burnett, who Is now on tha Su
preme Bench, held that the general tax
law of a later date, paased by the Leg
islature, by Implication repealed the
gross earnings tax law.
The aame quest'en has to be an
swered regarding the law creating tha
Tax Commission at a still later data,
but this question Is not Involved In the
present appeal.
Time for filing notice of appeal In tha
Standard Oil case has elapsed.
Kite I Offered for Woolen MJUs
With Probability of Acceptance.
A woolen mills plant Is one of the
Industries that the Jenne Station Im
provement Association haa undertaken
to secure for that district. W. S. Jenne,
owner of the Jenne homestead, baa
agreed to donate a five-acre site for tha
plant on Johnson Creek. Jenna Sta
tion la on the Qresham branch of the
Portland Railway, Light at Power Com
pany. John M. Mann, a Portland busi
ness man, who owns a farm at Jenne
Station, had the water of Johnson
Creek analysed and It was shown to
contain all tha qualities required for
scouring wooL There are good pros
pects that the plant will be established.
The prospective owners of tha enter
prise seem favorably Impressed with the
location and have the matter under
Through the Initiative of the associ
ation tha county will replace the old
bridge across Johnson Creek, which Is
on the sntomoblle road from Portland.
From Moyer
Moyer says that the greatest, part of
the profit in selling a Moyer $15 Suit
is the knowledge that he has gained
a satisfied customer and a friend.
There's so much goodness in a Moyer
$15 Suit that, having once worn one,
you are sure to come for another.
Moyer $15 Suits are pure wool the
tailoring has many of those niceties
of fit and finish that you look for in
more expensive suits; there's no need
for you to pay more when Moyer can
please you so well for an outlay of
only $15 try it once and you'll know.
Summer fabrics are here in patterns
the newest; let Moyer show them to
First and Morrison
Second and Morrison
Third and Oak
When You See It in Our Ad, It's So
First and Yamhill
87 and 89 Third
with a concrete bridge, the first of tha
sort projected In the county. A num
ber of roads In the neighborhood have
been opened and Improved and some
are oiled.
At a recent meeting held by the club
Henry Keed. candidate for County As
sessor, addressed more than J00 farm
ers on new methods of assessing prop
erty. It wss the largest gathering ever
held in this section. The Jenne Sta
tion Improvement Association has be
come one of the most effective Im
provement factors In tbe county.
Lewis Buys mi Ljle.
LTLK. Wash.. June L (Special.!
R. IL Lewis, president of the Columbia
HuddIv Comoanr of Portland, nas pur
chased ISO acres In Lyle's fruit district.
a few miles north, and Intends to de
velop It as fast as the timber Is logged
off. Forty acres will be cleared and
setto fruit. Mr. Lewis whs formerly
a prominent orchardlst of Hood Klver.
Tangle Over Anto Settled.
OLTMPIA. Wash., June 1. (Special.)
The Supreme Court today reversed
tha Superior Court of Chehalls County
In the esse of A. J. Anderson against
tha White Company, appellant, an ac
tion brought to recover $j00 alleged
to have been advanced on an auto
mobile. According to the testimony
the automobile was to be sold through
the agency of the Aberdeen Auto Com
pany, the White Company representing
the msniifartiirer. The Supreme Court
held that the Aberdeen Auto Company
was responsible for non-dollvery of tha
Vancouver Gets "Cooklnu Hate."
OLTMPIA, Wash., June I. (Sperlsl.)
The Puhllr Service Cominlslon today
authorized the Portland Light and
Pom-er Comiwny to put In a "cooking
rate"' at Vancouver Jilne 1. The rate
Is something novel In the tarlf of an
electric company, and will permit the
user to operate his electrical conking
appliances at less cost than at the
present tlmv
4 Days tSS JUNE 8
nnn nnmcni
. .1 "X"'-' vj.-'J(.'jL'.uu.s.V'.'(r-
HTT ev ax rv I i 1
h -lSwmL ' tap
Bstrfaai graanf erjaaai fts1
Devtatewa 1 l-ket ofTlrv on Is Hher maa. rir ., Slsta mm 4 Merrlaea
. atreeta. PealUvely Eatrsi t targe for Karly Reeenatleaa.
A Revelation to Homebuilders
Kings and Arlington Heights
Within ten minutes of the busy business center of this preat eity lies the most
beautiful of its residence sections. Here, close to the heart of Portland, and close
to the heart of nature now and for the future the most exclusive residence section.
Building Sites From $1000 to $3750
Terms to suit. Special inducements to those who will build within a reasonable
-1 ; V V
4 .r.
j -if'
! -t m i s
it. -X,
;, "
arr-t , - . . ' s I
l . : i(l i
Our automobiles are at your service to take you to Kings and Arlington Heights
at any time. Call or phone for appointment.
Dorr E. Keasey r Co.