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Ludwig Schwabacher Dies in
San Francisco as Result
of Heart Disease.
Manufacturer, Formerly Manager
Crown-Columbia Company in
Oregon City, Succeeded In
Position by Louts Bloch.
Telegrams received from San Fran
cisco announce the death there yester
day of Ludwlg Schwabacher. former
vice-president and general manager of
the Crown-Columbia Pulp Paper
d founder of the old Crown
Paper Company mlUa at Oregon City.
Heart disease, from which he had suf
fered for orer a year, was the cause
Mr. Schwabacher was well known In
hmlnrM and social circles in -ort
land, ha Tlnr been a frequent visitor
K . r. while aetlvelv encaged rn tn
manufacture of paper. Ill health caused
him to retire from the Crown-Columbia
Company the first of this year, the
. nna!iian nf vlce-Dresldent and general
manager going to Louis Bloch, one of
the prominent officials at me neao
quartcrs of the company in San Fran
cisco. Paper Mills Established.
Mr. Schwabacher was born In Ger
many. He came to the United States
tn the early 70s and made his horns tn
fan FTanclnco. where he became promi
nent la business circles. Ills first busi
ness enterprise was an Ink and extract
manufacturing establishment, which he
conducted successfully for a number of
years. Jn 1S he cama to Oregon on
a business trip and soon afterward
established the paper mills of the
Crown Paper Company at Oregon City,
which still stand on the bank of the
Willamette River.
In June. lOi. he consolidated the
Oregon City mill with the Crown-Columbia
mill at Camas and assumed the
reneral management of the consoli
dated company, which was called the
Crown-Columbia Pulp Paper Com
pany. He held this position until this
year, when be retired In favor of Louie
Bloch. who bad handled the affair of
the) company during Mr. Schwabacher"
trip to Europe a year ago and during
periods of sickness.
Trip Abread Benefit a.
Mr. Schwabacber's health began to
fall about two years ago and continued
to grow worse until he went to Ger
many and passed six months at rest.
He returned somewhat Improved, but
th trouble soon returned and he was
forced to retire from the active man
agement of the paper company and
other Interests.
Until a few years ago ha visited th
mills at Oregon City about one a
month, passing the rest of the time at
the headquarters In th Commercial
building la San Francisco.
He in married In San Francisco to
Carrie Flelschhacker. who. with two
sons, survive htm. Th sons are James
and Albert Schwabacher. both promi
nent business men of San Francisco.
Mrs. Schwabacher Is the sister of Her
bert and Mortimer Flelschhacker. San
Francisco bankers.
Among th Portland friends of Mr.
Schwabacher la Rudolph Goldsmith,
who was Intimately acquainted with
Mm for many years in San Francisco.
"He was a man of rare ability.' said
Mr. Goldsmith yesterday. "He waa the
sort of person who is full of fun no
matter how sick he Is. I received a
letter from him Just a short time ago
and It was full of joke and fun. which
would hardly be expected of a person
who was sick. Besides the paper mills
In Oregon, he was interested In various
enterprises In California, a!l of which
required much work on his part.
rial.) Major Arthur W. Chase, of th
Coast Artillery Corps, haa submitted
to the Government a new Invention for
wireless telephony and telegraphy, at
the Presidio of Fan Francisco. Three
officers. Major Frank Greene, of the
Signal Corps, Chief Signal Officer of
the Division; Captain Jacob C. John
son. of the Artillery Corps. Artillery
Engineer of th Artillery District of
Kan Francisco, and First Lieutenant
Sebrlng C. Meglll. of th Signal Corps.
have been detailed to go to the Pre
sldlo at San Francisco and make a
report upon th merits of this lnven
Invention to Bo Examined.
VANCOUVER. Wash, Jan. J7. (6pe-
Delegations of Irrlgatlonlsts to Be
Here From All Parts of State.
"The Irrigation Congress which will
be held here February It. 20 and tl.
will be of Interest not only from the
bearing It will hav on tb general de
velopment of th state," ld C. C.
Chapman, publicity manager of th
Commercial Club yesterday, "but also
from the sidelights It will present upon
tha politics of th Stat at th present
time. Letters received In response to
our call for the congress Indicate that
prospective candidates for various of
fices from every part of the state will
be present and this probably will add
much Interest aside from th regular
work of th meetings."
J. T. Chinook, superintendent of di
vision ona of the Water Board, haa no
tified the Commercial Club her that
ha will be present and that a strong
representation from the department he
represents may be expected. T. B.
Kay. State Treasurer and a member of
the State Land Board, also announced
yesterday that he would attend. East
ern Oregon promise large attendance
from all sections. Among tha repre
sentative men of that part of th stats
who have answered the call to the con
gress and hav promised to secure
strong delegations, a- H. P. Bodlson
and Stat Senator McCullough. of th
Baker Commercial Club: J. W. Brewer,
of the Redmond Commercial Club, who
savs that Central Oregon will send big
crowds from every city, and Dan P.
Smrthe. of th Pendleton Commercial
Only One Files Candidacy for Com
mitteeman So Far.
-PeoDle complain of party politics be
ing controlled by cliques, yet hero Is th
first notlc of candidacy or a precinei
committeeman, and there ar 191 pre
rlnrfi In the county, making 38 pre
cinct committeemen to be elected by
the Republican and Democratic voters,"
said County Clerk Fields yesterday.
As ha spoke he held aloft tho notice
of candidacy of R. C Wright, of 170
East Aider street, who wishes to be
committeeman for th Republicans from
Precinct 93. f
'Nearly everyone admits that tna
Oorernnwot must be conducted through
Bartlea." continued th County tlom.
"yet party line are being lost sight
of. It mlrht bo different If the voter
would realize that they have It In their
power to control absolutely the party
organisations. I ney can cxeci mir pre
cinct committeemen Instead or having
them selected after th election. 1 sup
pose the trouble la that many men
think this Is too small an office to
run for. but I disagree with that view.
In my estimation It Is quit Important."
Mayor Would 3Iake Spans Sblne for
Elks and Festival.
Mayor Rushlight ha referred to tha
lighting committee of the Executive
Board the subject of Illumination of
the bridges over the Willamette River
during the Elka convention and tha
Rose Festival He believes the city
should act along that line for-both oc
casions and has recommended that tha
committee hold-a joint session with the
ways and means committee of th City
Council to work out a plan.
"I favor having a good plan or il
lumination on the bridges." said th
Mayor yesterday, "and have therefor
asked the lighting committee to con
sider this subject. The members will
meet with the ways and means com
mittee or the council soma time In th
near future to work out a plan. It
seems to me this will be a nice way of
showing th city's Interest In these
Judge Willis Brown to Be Visi
tor in Portland.
Jurist I Leader of Movement to
Chance Methods of Law In
Dealing- With Children.
Fame Widespread.
Judge Willis Brown, founder and ad
ministrator of Boy City, a Summer
camp for the training or boys, at Char
levoix, Mich.; founder and first Judge
of tha Juvenile Court of Salt Lake City,
and known for hia work In the cause
of boys, will deliver a lecture In this
city Tuesday night. January 30. in the
r: i
; .;-,.,.;.; ::
Jadge WUIla Bmn, Wh Will
peak at Whit Tesaplo Toes
day Marat.
White Temple, under the auspice of
the Oregon Congress or Mothers. Judge
Brown's lecture will deal with his ex
periences In dealing with boys through
the Juvenile Court and In the activ
ities or the Summer camp at Charle
voix. Judge Brown Is the leader In the
movement for civil law and educatlonsl
methods to govern all dealings with
children who need the Intervention of
th stat In their behalf, as against
the present custom, except In Utah, of
applying tha criminal law In Juvenile
Court cases. He is the founder of the
Utah Juvenile Courts, which ar de
clared to be In advance of all others.
These courts ar separata from all
other courts.
"Boy City" Is a Summer camp where
boys from 11 to 17 years of age are
admitted. Each boys' club or camp be
comes a part of the tent city. Ail the
enterprises are managed by boys. They
conduct a bank, dally newspaper.
stores, postofflca and other enterprises.
Th camp Is Intended to give boys an
opportunity to learn aomethlng of
municipal administration and to de
velop character under the most favor
able conditions.
Judge Brown will address tha stu
dents of Jefferson High School Tues
day afternoon at S o'clock In the High
School auditorium.
Moster Orchards BouglU.
Devlin & Flrebaugh. selling agents
for th Hood River Orchard Land Com
pany. report the following sales at Mo
ater View Orchards during the past
month to Eastern buyers: Ten acres
to William P. Hooper, of South Lyon,
Mich.: 12 acres to A. N. Tucker, of To
ledo, O.; five acres to Cyrus E. Taylor,
of th same place; 10 acres to T. II.
Field, of Prairie Depot, O. Both Mr.
Tucker and Mr. Taylor expect to move
with their families to Ortley. the new
town at Mosier View Orchards, In the
Stndentg Boxy Rivalry and Give Support to Lincoln Theatrical, to Be Produced February 2 and 3 "Boners"
and "Fussers" AH Will Be Present at Great Event.
r JJLL"' ;
OPCORN. peanuts. chewngum.
'n'candy. Here's where yon get
your chocolates, chocolate chips.
fudge and creams; best bon-bons in
decorated boxes, all for the great
minstrel show." Six high school misses,
dad In "rough neck" sweaters, bear
ing the numerals of their classes and
the Insignia of their schools, will be
the candy boys at the minstrel show of
Lincoln High School in the Bungalow
' Theater February 1 and J. The Misses
Charlie Fenton (yep. Charlie Is a girl)
and Kathleen Sealy from the Lincoln
High School; Myrtle Gram and Ruth
Cushlng from the Jefferson High
School, and Lola Ladd and Uase! Bus
sell from the Washington High School,
will be the fair dispensers of sugary
A candy booth decorated In th colors
of the three schools two of which ar
co-operating with Lincoln High School
In tbe annual ahow will be maintained
by girls from the schools. A specially
designed box for the candles sold has
been made as a souvenir of th per
formance. John Frank, late leading man of th
"Golden Girl" company, has taken the
coaching of the high school produc
tion. Frank Is an ex-member of sev
eral minstrel companies In th East
and will Introduce several new Ideas
In the art of "Say, Rastus."
The support of both Jefferson and
Washington High Schools has been
promised to th show and th Lincoln
youths In charge have almost sold out
the bouse for the first night. The ticket
selling for the second night and the
reservations will be begun January 29.
Football heroes of the past season
In tha Lincoln School will be promi
nent In the show, which Is the one
event of the school season which brings
out the "grinds" aa well as the
"sloughers." Nell Tyson, football man
ager of the 1311 team has been billed
to sing a comedy negro love song,
"Ma Dusky Rose." Clifton Irwin, whose
yell leading and "Eee-yah" tactics on
tbe gridiron led the Lincoln stands
lu the football games of last year. Is
manager of the show. Edgar Piper,
president of tha Athletic Association
of Lincoln High School, will shine as
the hero of tbe colored extravagansa,
"Dellcat Dinah."
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Report to Be Blade on Each Uma
tilla Project Entry as to Those
Delinquent on Date.
T a npivnp rtr- T. n 27. fSneclal-l
The prayer for graduated payments
of water right charge upon the Uma
tilla project aeema to have availed noth
ing. Inasmuch aa the Commissioner
of tha General Land Office baa directed
tha La Grande land office to notify
every water user within the project
shown by the record of that office
to be still owing any part of their
water right charges up to and includ
ing that of December 1, 1910. that pay
ment must be made of such charges
at the local land office before March 1,
1912, or appropriate action looking to
the 'collection . of the charges under
the water right contract. If the land
Is not Included in an entry subject to
the reclamation act, or tha entry. If
....-. tn waiA art. will be DromDtlT
canceled without further notice.
Jn obedience to aucn direction, notices
signed by Register Bramwell and Re
ceiver Eberhard, have been Bent by
registered mall to all such persons.
There were over 350 registered letters,
and the amount shown on all the no
tices sent aggregated; a total of 61,
764.32. In former years the publio notices
have been conditioned so that water
right claimants were not delinquent
until March SI, and payments made at
Hermlston on or before that date have
been recognized even if received at
the land office after the date. While
it Is not announced that a different
rule will be followed this year, yet
the officials of the land office desire
to attract the attention of all water
users having payments to make, that
the dates used in connection with pav
ments refer to the time the payments
should be made at the local land office,
and not to the date mailed or other
wise. Therefore, promptly after March
1, 1912. a report will be made on each
entry shown by the land office books
to be delinquent on that date.
Equestrians Have Musical Ride.
Many persons were present at the
Kramer Riding Academy last Thursday
night to take part in a musical ride,
when the various quadrilles and sec
tion displays were admirably carried
out under the command of 8. E.
Kramer. The rides are held at least
once a week. Among those present
were Mrs. W. BIddle, Mrs. Grelle, Mrs.
G. & Whiteside. Mrs. Harry I4tt, Miss
M. Hart, Miss Lillian O'Brien. Miss Glle,
Miss K. MacMaster. Miss C Cook. Miss
Geld, A. Gllsan, Captain W. BIddle,
F. H. Strong, C. E. Grelle, Chester G.
Murphy, Dr. J. N. Coghlan, F. W. Stew
art, William Brewster, William Walter,
Arnold a Rothwell. A. J. Foullhoux,
R. L. Mason. Hamilton Corbett, W. F.
Burrell and Stanley Jewett.
Eat and Get Thin.
This is turning an old phras face
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If you are overfat and also averse
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iarmola Prescription), one of which
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