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Battered and Burned Crown
Sheet of Boiler of Sarah
Dixon Is Evidence.
Hugh Bradj, Grappler, BHIeTf
Hodirs Will ne Found In Wr-rck
age Raising to Begin at Once.
Great Sorrow Kipi-eastd.
Found flat on the main deck and ap
pearing aa If hammered Into original
ahane. besides bearlna- marka of having
been badly burned, the crownsheet of
the boiler of the wrecked steamer reran
I!xon Is taken by those who have seen
It and are familiar with causes lead
ing to boiler explosions. as the best
evidence yet found that lack of water
In the boiler waa responsible for de
struction of the ressel. Captain James
Fhaver unscrewed from the crownsheet
the fuse plus;, a brass piece that la
bored through the center and nuea
with soft metal, which, when water In
the boiler barely covers the crown
het Is supposed to melt, but It bears
no pronounced Indication of heat action.
The crownsheet. which la bent In
rlace over the firebox when In posl
tlon and Is fastened with stay bolts
placed about four Inches apart over
Its entire surface, showed no trace of
the bolts when found and that fact Is
taken to Indicate that much of the force
of the explosion was centered there.
The fuse plug has been turned over to
t'nlted States Inspectors Edwards and
Fuller and will be examined to deter
mine whether the soft metal In Its
center began to melt and clogged the
hole. Apparently the melting process
did not begin.
Flresaea Seen Watching (iiaxe.
Chief Engineer Lewis says that ahort
ly before the accident ha saw Fireman
Knowles gaxlng at the water gauge.
Some think that the fireman may have
discovered that the water waa low and
set about to overcome It. Another
theory Is that the pipe leading to the
water gauge waa so plugged that the
water waa held In the tube, while In
reality there was not a corresponding
amount In the boiler. Knowles was
the only man to tell the story If the
water gauge Indicated properly and
as he died at his post, explanation of
the explosion may remain largely theo
retical, based on the conclusions
reached by experts who will piece out
the tangled evidence. Inspectors Ed
wards and Fuller will visit the wreck
aa soon aa the hull Is raised sufflcent
ly to uncover the boiler.
Gloom has settled over the head
nnartera of the Shaver Transportation
Company and Captains James and "Del
Shaver satd yesterday that In the death
of Captain Stinson. Mate Mlnocal and
Fireman Knowles they had lost three
of the best men In their respective posi
tions. The loss of the steamer, while
representing 130. 000. concerns them the
least. In the Shaver fleet there are
men who have grown np with It. some
holding the moat responsible berths
having entered the service In lowly
positions. Among these waa Captain
DrsrssVat 5lre Bereaved.
Sympathy of the officers of the com
pany goes out to the aged father of
Captain Stinson. as the son had con
tributed largely to bis support, and to
the father of Mate Mlnocal. who yet
has another eon In the fleet. Captain
W. C. Mlnocal. master of the steamer
No Wonder. The parents of Fireman
Knowles reside at Florence. Or., and
are not so well known to the owners
and employes of the company, but like
the others have their sincere sympathy.
lnsuccessf ul efforts have been made
to recover the bodies and Hugh Brady,
municipal grappler for the city, has
been asked to visit the scene. He says
ha believes the bodies will be found
In the wreckage. Aa the hogchalns
leading aft from the forward hogpost
were broken by the explosion and
thrown back to the wheelhouse. It Is
thought that Captain Stinson and Mate
Minoral were virtually blown Into the
air with the shattered pilothouse and
The Shaver Interests have taken over
the steamer O. K. Wentworth for a
ehort time to replace the Tlxon. and
bargea and gear were started for the
wreck last night. More will follow
this morning and work will be begun
at once to raise the wreck. Captain
James Shaver will have personal charge
of the operations and thinks the
undertaking will not present unusual
Every river vessel displayed flags at
half mast yesterday In memory of those
who died on duty and expressions of
sympathv have come from every quar
ter, as the men were known to mill
owners, masters ami officers of ves
sels that were towed from one berth
to another In the harbor by the Dixon,
and by others who come In contact
with the rlvermen.
Tall-f- City to- Start Wednesday and
Gatzrrt Goes) on Dock.
Ice troublea on the Middle Columbia
rtiver are thought to be at an end for
the Winter, and the steamer Dalles City
will resume running between Portland
and The Dalles Wednesday morning.
Superintendent McDonald waa Informed
yesterday that but a little Ice remained,
and he does not think that tt will
hinder navigation. The steamer Ta
noma, which la on the J. X. Teal'a
schedule, will leave here this morning.
The steamer Bailey Gatxert. which
rontlnued on the route from the time
she went Into service early In 1M1
until the freeseup. will be out of com
mission two months, as she has been
ordered overhauled In advance of the
excursion season. The steamer will
be lifted on the 1'ort of Portland dry
dork for cleaning and painting and
minor hull repairs, and besides her
machinery being gone over, there will
be a thoroughshousecleanlng In the
Out-ldc Navigation Aids Placed In
I'ireirlass) Condition.
Advices received yesterday by Heary
I. Beck. Inspector of the 17th light
house district, that the tender Heather
bad placed a whistling; buoy and mld-
hannel buoy at Coos Bay and a bell
buov at Baltimore rock, while she was
watting to replace the Jetty buoy at the
entrance to the bay. mark the termina
tion of two months' work that haa re
sulted In nearly every buoy In outside
harbors being given attention.
In most cases the old buoys were re
moved and substitutes placed that were
freshly painted, had new sinkers and
chains. Those taken np were trans
ported to the Tongue Point Buoy sta
tion for repairs. The same work la
being carried on In the Puget- Sound
district by the tender Manzanlta. The
tender Columbia la on the way from
Astoria, completing repairs to post
lights and beacons that were started
recently but were Interrupted.
Captain Macgenn Receives Word
Relative to Cooa Bay Jetty Work.
MAK5HFIEL.D. Or.. Jan. 10. (Spe
cial.) Captain T. J. Macgenn. master
of the steamer Brekkwater. running
between Coos Bay and Portland, haa
been active In the general endeavor to
secure an appropriation for the Im
provement of the Jetty at the entrance
to Coos Bay. Captain Macgenn wrote
Vnlted Statea Senator George Perkins,
of California, asking him to use his In
fluence. Senator Perkins, who l chair
man of the Senate committee on naval
affairs, has written to Captain Macgenn
that he will do all he can to secure the
Jetty appropriation for Coos Bay. and
statea that he fully realties the need of
the Improvement. Senator Perkins was
Interested In vessels which formerly
Dew ta Arrive.
Name. From Data
Klamath an Franelecoln port
Alliuira Kureka In port
Ortertc Manila In port
Fea,ar San Pedre.... In port
Breakwater. ...Cooe Par ...Jan. 21
R oaaoke ...... .tan Praoclsce J an. Ui
Falcon.. ... ....Can Dlevo. ... Jan. 23
Bsr San Padre.... Jan. 73
Hue H. Elmore. Tillamook. ., Jan. US
HUM dir. so I'edro. . ..Jan. J
O... w. Elder. . fan Dli. ... Jan. -'V
Rygja Manila Jan. l
Ccbeduied e Depart,
Mane. for . Dei
Onenc Manila. ...... Jan. 21
Klamath ean Diego. .. Jan. 21
Fteav.r ........ Mn Pedro. ... Jan. 2i
Breakwater.. ..Coos Bay Jan. 2S
Alliance .. Eureka. .. ....Jan. S3
Koenoka San Diego. . . . Jan. 24
FCru Fan Fran-lsee Jan. 25
Fo H. Elmore. Tillamook. .. Jan. 2T
ar ... Kan Pedro. ... Jan. 27
Geo. W Elder. .Sari Dtege.... Jan. SI
Ubi. City t-an Pedro.... Feb. 1
Rygja Manila. ...j. Feb. T
made this port, and Is thoroughly In
formed as to the local conditions and
needs. Ilia assistance Is therefore re
garded aa especially valuable.
The Chamber of Commerce and busi
ness Interests are still keeping up their
campaign for the Jetty Improvement.
Every possible influence Is being
brought to bear In the hopes that
enough of an appropriation can be se
cured to at least start the work. The
Chamber of Commerce for the present
wlil direct Its main efforts In this line.
Colombia Clearing of Ice.
THE DALLES. Or, Jan. 20. (Spe
cial.) The Columbia River Is practi
cally clear of Ice here now and the
ferry which runs from this side of th
stream to Grand Dalles, on the Wash
ington shore, resumed Its regular trips
today. Navigation haa been closed since
January 6.
Marine Xotea.
Captain H. L. Chase haa been signed
on aa master of the steamer G. K.
Wentworth. succeeding Captain H. A.
vt ork on the steamer Alliance Is not
progressing aa rapidly aa contemplated.
and she will not sail for Coos Bay until
Tueaday or Wednesday.
Harry Campion, auperlntenednt of the
Port of Portland pilotage and towage
department, la at Astoria on an Inspec
tion trip that will deal with the tugs
and pilots la the bar service.
In tow of the tug Dauntleaa the Brit
ish ship Wm. Tt Lewis left San Fran
cisco yesterday for Portland. She la
under charter to M. II. Houser to load
wheat for the Vnlted Kingdom.
Leaving Peoria at S o'clock Friday
afternoon the steamer Oregona reached
Portland at the same hour yesterday,
the run being 135 miles. It waa ber
first visit to the harbor alnca the freshet
reached the danger stage.
Having received a report that there
Is danger of the river bank waahlng
away at Albany, above the county
bridge spanning the Willamette. As
sistant U. & Engineer K. B. Thomsen
will proceed there tomorrow to Inspect
the conditions.
General Manager Talbot, of the Port
of Portland, and Captain Groves, super
intendent of dredging, went down the
river yesterday on the tug McCraken
to Inspect channel work being done and
that prospective. The Columbia haa a
week'a work at Falea.
After discharging 25S7 tons of coal
at Astoria, which, she brought from
Newcastle. N. & W the French bark
Rene arrived up yesterday and went
to the bunkera of the Pacific Coast
Company to unload the remainder. Her
original cargo amounted to 3157 tons.
The British bark Beeswing also en
tered the harbor, coming from Llnnton
to Irving dock, where she Is loading
wheat for the United Kingdom.
Under orders from the War Depart
ment attaches of the office of Major
J. J. Morrow. Corps of Engineers, I".
K. A, will proceed to survey Oregon
Slough, the Government officials betng
bent on ascertaining If the waterway
can be made navigable for deepwater
vessels. There are a number of manu
facturing plants located on or near the
slough. The matter of dredging waa
first taken up with the Port or Port
land Commission, but the location la
bevond -the Jurisdiction of that body.
The survey will require about two
weeka to complete.
" ,
Movements of Vessel.
POHTLAND, Jan. SO Arrived Pteamer
W. 8. Bear, from Monterey; ateamer
Asuncion, from San Francisco. Sailed
Steamer Norwegian and ateamer Hercules,
for Manila via Comox; steamer 6ue H. all
more. fr Tillamook.
Astoria. Or.. Jan. so. . onamon it ino
mouth of the liver at 3 P. M.. moderate;
wind southeast. 3 mllea: weather, cloudy.
Arrived at 11U A. M. and left up at 1
p M. eteamer W. 8. Porter, from Mon
terey. Sailed at T 45 A. M . steamer Ron
crana, for Monterey: at 11:13 A, M-. Brit
ish steamer .. s. IMiiir. lor onangnai; at
ii -AO JL- M steamer Klveraida. for Balboa:
steamer St. Helens, for Haa Pedro: aailad
at 12:30 P. M., British bark British Yoo
tnan. for Sydney. Arrived at 12 : NO and left
up at 4.1' 1'- "-. steamer Asuncion, from
San Francisco.
San Francisco. J an. xu. Amvea at t a.
M.. steamer Hose I'ity, from 1'ortland: at
noon. steamer r. i 'u'
Salted at 2 f. .. steamer v aiania, lor 1'ort
land ; at 3 P. M.. British ship Wm- T. Lewla.
nf lur Dauntless, for Portland:
sailed at 11 A. al., steamer Oleum, for Fort-
'r'!i.ln Jan. J. Arrived Schooner El
dorado, from Columbia River.
Liverpool, jao. oii vu ivr
Hamburg. Jan. IT. Balled Abyssinian, for
Portland. Or.
Valparaiso. Jan. la. flailed Dceano, for
San Francisco. , .
port naia. jd- iuh'w awhjub,
from Liverpool, for Seattle.
Raymond. V asn.. jm. ii. iapariea
Steamer Santa riaroara. ror La Anelej
schooner O. W. Watson, for Southern Cali
fornia. Tides at Astasia Saaday.
TTrmnrlsro. Jan. 20. Arrived ftteam-
er Rose :ity. from Portland: steamer
Henrlk Ibsea. rmra lacorna; steamer Fair
haven, from Ludlow: steamer Nehraaka.
from Tacoma: ateamer Hrades. from Hllo.
Sailed Steamer President. for Seattle;
steamers Falcon ana wieom. inr i-ortland:
ateamer Stratbalrly. for t'omox: steamers
Itaisr Mitchell and Westerner, for Wlilapa;
steamer O. C. I.lndaner. for Grays Harbor;
steamer Puckman. for fteattle: ateamer
Catania, for Astoria: steamer Thomas L
Wand, for Everett; ship William T. Lewis,
for Portland: bark Andrew Welch, for Hon
olulu: acnooner Forest Hume, for Everett.
Mutineers From Seattle to Sail
From Here.
Fop Participation Therein Two Men
3fnst Retnrn to Native Land.
Deputy Marshal to Keep Them
Until Sailing Time,
Ferdinand .clou, boatswain of the
French bark CornlJ Bart, which ts load
ing wheat on Puget Sound, and Louis
Le Theusf. a sailor of the same vessel,
were placed aboard the French bark
Col. de VUlebots Mareuil here yester
day for deportation to France. They
are charged with having made an at
tack on the mate of the Cornll Bart
recently, which led to a fracas on
board that was characterized as a
mutiny, and for their participation
will have to stand trial before a French
naval court.
The men reached Portland In charge
of United States Deputy Marshal An
derson, of Seattle, and were housed at
the City Jail Friday night and in the
police auto ware taken to the water
front yesterday afternoon. C. Henri
Labbe, the French consul, arranged for
their deportation at the request of the
consul at Seattle, as there waa no
French vessel other than the Cornll
Bart leaving from the Northern port.
Le Theusr alleges that he waa stabbed
and both men deny participation In a
planned mutiny. They will be treated
aboard the Col. de Vlllebols Mareuil as
passengers and on her arrival in
Europe will be sent to a French port.
Spreckels Line Credited With New
Move In Portland.
Possibilities of greater trade be
tween Portland and Australian terri
tory has prompted the Spreckels In- j
teresta, of San Francisco, to canvass j
conditions here with a view to es
tablishing an agency, according to In-
formation received by transportation '
men. The plan is to ship cargo from
Portland to the Golden Gate on regular
lines and there transfer It to the Au- 1
strallan carriers. Cargo from Au- .
stralia will be transhipped at San
rranclsco to steam schooners north
bound, povldlng do .arrangement Is
made to route the Incoming consign
ments on the regular coasters.
Much the same system Is followed by
the liarrlman steamship Interests In
reaching Mexican and Central Ameri
can ports, as business originating In
thla territory Is handled on the "Btg
Three" fleet as far as San Francisco
and there re-shlpped. Often a steamer
leaving here will have In excess of
200 tons destined for the southern sons,
but as it Is cleared as coastwise cargo,
being added to the manifest of the
steamer carrying It from San Francisco,
Portland does not get credit for the
M. S. Dollar Leaves and Hercules
and Ortertc Clear for Orient.
Another tramp, the British steamer
Hasel Dollar, headed for Portland has
arrived at San Francisco with a part
cargo from Japan, and as soon as she
discharges she will proceed here to
work a lumber cargo for Shanghai. The
vessel called at Los Angeles on the way
from the Orient and put into the
Golden Gate Friday.
The British steamer M. B. Dollar, of
the same fleet, sailed from Llnnton
Friday with a lumber cargo, a portion
of which was taken on at Coos Bay,
and she will discharge at Shanghai.
Another lumber carrier got away yes
terday, the Norwegian steamer Her
cules, of the Waterhouse fleet, that
goes to Manila, with 1.480,960 feet of
rough merchantable lumber, valued at
S24.631. and 315.000 feet of flooring,
worth' 1S040. all being consigned to the
United States forces for use In the
Islands. The British steamer Orterlc,
also of the Waterhouse line, heading
for the usual Oriental ports and
Manila, cleared with cargo valued at
$190,174. the principal items on the
manifest being 4.B21 barrels of flour,
valued at $186,184 and 230.000 feet of
lumber at 32900. She aails today.
Captain IVilcox Dies at Xorth Bend.
M ARSHFI ELD. Or, Jan. 20. (Spe
cial.) Captain II. E. Wilcox, formerly
keeper of the Coos Bay Lifesavlng Sta
tion and who won high honors at the
time the Emily waa wrecked here, died
at the home of R. J. Coke, In North
Bend. He was keeper of the station
here for a period of four years and re
signed from the service 13 years ago.
He haa been living on a ranch and had
come to North Bend to receive medical
treatment for heart trouble. He ia sur
vived by a wife and two daughters.
His heroic work as a llfesaver on a
number of occasions won him distinc
HashJnton Development Associa
tion to Convene at Olympla.
CENTRALIA. Wash.. Jan. 20. (Spe
cial.) At a meeting of the Centralla '.
Commercial Club last night plans were
laid for sending a big delegation to
the meeting of the Southwest Wash
ington Development Association,, which
will be held In Olympla on January 2a.
zs ana Z7.
An invitation will be extended to
the association to hold Its Hummer
meeting In Centralla. and It is under
stood that the Chehalls delegation will
also pull for Centralla as the next
meeting place. The new depot will be
completed in Centralis about June 1,
and it is planned to entertain the de
velopment association at the time of
Its dedication.
President Titus. Secretary Robinson,
F. B. Hubbard. C. S. Gilchrist and E.
E. Teachnor will represent the Cen-
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14244 Vt. aV lb Ca- -sUdser, at-ertiaavd. Or.
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inilsboro to Have New Plant.
HILLSBORO. Or, Jan. 20. Hlllsboro
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and vegetables. The Keepfrenh Com
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of the condition known as Nervous
Debility in men. Sufferers from
this trouble are nearly always told
by their family physlofan that there
is no help; that It means wornout
nature, and that some powerful
stimulant for temporary effect Is
the only help. I go deeper Into the .
cause of the trouble and usually
find a deranged or damaged local
condition responsible. As long as
a man lives he should be aa strong
In every vital function as he Is
physically constituted. I have a
scientific, powerful and permanent
treatment for you whloh Is as nat
ural and direct aa It Is efficient.
Why treat with irresponsible
when you can seoure the expert
services of a responsible specialist?
See me if you have any of the
following ailments: Varicose Veins.
Nerve, Blood and akin Ailments,
Bladder tronblea, Krnvtloaa, Ulcere,
Plica or Flatmla.
234l Morrison Street
or. 2nd Street .
pany has purchased a tract at Tenth
and Washington streets for a site. The
lot has two warehouses, built onf a
switch of the Oregon Electric, and
plans are being drawn for the new es
tablishment, which include an exten
sion connecting the two buildings.
About $10,000 of stock was taken by
local capital. The establishment Is to
For Weak, Diseased Men
Cure, to Stay Cured
For 20 days I will heal and cure all We alt.
Kick. Diseased and Discouraged men at a
reduced fee. This Is Just one-half my usual
charge. I give you the same -care and at
tention as It you petd my regular fee. You
could receive no better service for tlOOO. If
you could but talk to the many cured patients
I am dismissing daily, you would refuse to
suffer longer on the promise of other doctors.
Don't be a Weakling, a Failure, and your life
a mUerable existence. Why pay exorbitant
fees when I offer you better curative treat
ment for this low charge? I am a man of In
dependent means; the curing of my patients
Is my rirst and only thought. In this I differ
widelv from grasping doctors who think only
of their fee and care little for the welfare of
their fellow men. Take advantage of thla
offer at once: don't wait till the last few
days, when the crowded condition of my
office may prevent you seeing me.
By C. K. Holsman, M.D., the Leading Specialist
I am an expert specialist treating ail
ments of men exclusively. 1 own my
earn office and equipment, publish my
true photograph, and personally super
vise the treatment of all patients from
. the time they come to me until they are
discharged aa cured. AJthoush my time
la fully occupied from early morn until
late at night In looking- after the wants
of my patlenta and In administering my
special treatment for Blood Poison. Vari
cose Veins and other diseases, I always
take pleasure . In consulting with new
patients. , -
In offering my services to the afflicted
I am giving you the BEST that can be
had anywhee. My experience and repu
tation for the past 18 years can leave
no doubt as to my ability, honesty and
Integrity and should be sufficient to
convince the most skeptical that I am
the FOREMOST and LEADING Special
ist In Portland. I possess skill and ex
perience acquired In such a way that
no other can share lt and should not
be classed with Inexperienced doctors
or specialists.
A thorough ' Investigation should be
made by every ailing man as to the
specialist he consults. Duty and destiny
a to self and those who depend upon you
demand the best medical attention. I
have the ability and can give you this
service. I have always charged a very
reasonable fee, so that my services may .
be obtained by any man who sincerely O. K. HOLSMAN. M. D.
desires to be cured. I make no misleading atatemente. falsa promises or un
businesslike propositions. I would like to have you for a patient if you wilt
come to me on a strictly professional basis, accepting Inducements that I offer,
which are my ability. 13 years' successful experience, time saving treatment
and cure of certain dlseasea .
My Positive Cure for
' Weakness
Every weak man Is eager to have his
strength and vitality restored. It's
man's greatest pride to BE A MAN.
yet It la a scientific fact that few men
need be weak. In nearly every case
lost vigor can be easily and quickly
overcome. There are many distinct lo
cal causes undermining man's vitality
and these nerve-racking ailments can
not go on forever without producing
serious or Irreparable damage. With
strength and ambition sapped, happi
ness ayd success are impossible. My
accurate and successful methods CURB
every ease of WEAKNESS I accept for
treatment. I MAKE MEN STRONG.
I find that as soon as the caaae la
corrected you act better, feel better,
look better, and- tho rapidity with
which vitality and strength are re
stored under my treatment will please
and surprise you. I offer you my serv
ices for a reasonable fee. with an ab
solute guarantee of honest treatment
and permanent cure,
In Its various forms and complications
Is a treacherous disease. Tou must
conquer lt or lt will conquer you. Old
forms of treatment kept down symp
toms, but rarely cured. The NEW
GERMAN REMEDY "SO. 6" glvea you
a new lease on life. I waa tha first
specialist on tha Coast to make use
of this remedy and I believe I have
had greater experience with It than
all other specialists put together. Tha
wonderful results I have obtained con
vince me that it Is the ONE ABSO
every stage of blood poison. I Intro
I TrearAD Ailments of Men and Cure to Stay Cured
I Offer Free Consultation and Advice
I Invite you to come to my office. I will explain to you my treatment for
Varicose Veins, Hernia. Nervoua Debility, Blood Disorders, Piles. Fistula. Blad
der. Kidney and all Men's Disorders and give you FREE a physical examination.
Every person ahould take advantage of this opportunity to learn their true
condition. A permanent cure is what you want.
If you are suffering from any of the above disorders and cannot call, writ,
to me Immediately, giving me a description of your case in your own words.
By return mall I will send you absolutely free a diagnosis of your ease and my
bast professional advice as to how to proceed in order to correct your trouble.
My office Is open all day from
A. M. to S P. M-: Sundays from 10 to
lt. All correspondence treated confi
dently. Letters cheerfully answered.
Or, C. K.
221V2 Morrison Street
Corner First Street
be ready for handling the new crop of
fruit and vegetables. -
Hongkong. Jan. 20. Arrived previously
Lucerlc from Portland ; Protesllaus. from
Liverpool for Vancouver; Silberia. from Ban
Consulting Specialist.
We positively cure acute and
chronic disea.ees when others fail.
We are the only specialists in Port
land who combine careful and pains
taking diagnosis with modern and
scientific methods of treatment.
Blood Diseases
treated with the New German Dis
covery, the scientific achievement
of the century, combined with a
tonic treatment which insures a per
manent and lasting cure. This rem
edv, the latest discovery of Pro
fessor Paul Ehrllch. of Germany, ef
fects a speedy cure and does away
with the old-time method of doc
toring for from three to five years.
Our methods of treating this dis
ease are entirely new, and we guar
antee to cure any case of rheuma
tism brought to our offices. Chronic
Joint diseases, deformities and con
tractures cured in a remarkably
short time by our Modern Absorp
tion Method. '
We- will refund the cost of treat
ment to any patient suffering from
Asthma to whom -we cannot grajit
permanent relief.
Our offices are open from 9 A. M.
till - 8 P.- M. If you cannot call
write for diagnosis chart, iiemedies
sent by express to all parts of the
world. Free consultation and ad
vice. '
Modern Specialists
First and Alder Ss Portland, Or.
Loral and Long Distance Main 44S5.
Tou do not care
to read long-winded
boastful adver
tisements. What
you want Is a cure.
Come to me and
get It. I cure all
ailments of men.
Par when satisfied
Consultation, exam
ination and diagno
sis free and private
Hours dally 9 to S.
evenings 7 to 8;
Sundays 10 to 1.
861 Washington St.. Portland.
JfZb Women
1 y-! .
duce lt directly Into the blood sad In
a few days you are completely cured.
My fee for the proper administration
of this remedy Is lower than the
Many an unfortunate man Is ruined
by Improper treatment of this disease.
I eure varicose veins dally by a pain
less and direct method without de
tention from family or home. In suco.
a satisfactory way that pain and awell
Ing ceases, healthy circulation Is re
established and vigor1 restored. I
More complications and symptoms
arise from dlseasea of these organs
than from any other ailment of man
kind. Most all kidney and bladder
troubles arise either from dissipation
through Injury or strain may
produce the same result. The cause
must first be determined and until that
Is done no cure can be effected. 1 A-H-SOLUTELY
CURE these conditions In every case I
accept for treatment.
Every ailing man would like the
opinion of an experienced, capable
specialist and the best medical atten
tion. Many hesitate to consult a spe
cialist either through modesty or fear
of high fees: others have no confidence
in their doctor because he demanda pay
In advance, and others lose confidence
through unsuccessful treatment and
think there la no cure for them. TO
You may depend upon It that you will
be restored to health- and strelgth for
a fee yow will be able and willing to
pay. Health is capital at Interest, and
satisfied patients pay their doctor.
Please send me free your self-examination
blank. "For Men," aa I
desire to describe my case to you for
the purpose of taking treatment If
I decide you can cure me and your
charge la low enough to suit ma
- - naaV
1 am positively the only specialist
In Portland that publishes his own
photograph, personally conducts and
manages his own office,, and con
sults with and treats all his own
patients. 1 have more qualifications
and experience than any other spe
cialist advertising in this city.
Every man calling at my office la
assured of my personal and indi
vidual treatment until a cure Is ef
fected. My fees are one-fourth that
exacted by the various "medical
companies," " Institutes " and " mu
seums." Be sure to consult me be
foretreating elsewhere.
Why treat with Incompetents when
you can secure the expert service
of a competent specialist?
Come to mo if you have any of tha
following disorders: Varicose Veins,
Pimples, Nervoua Debility, Nerve
Bleod and Skin Disorders, Bladder
Troubles, Blood Poisons, Eruptions,
Ulcere, Special Ailments, Piles or
to B 7 to S Dally- Sunday, 10 to i.
Examination Advice Free.
J.J. Keefe, Ph. G.M.D.
Rooms 11-14 Lafayette Bids;,
1 will treat soma
of your ailments for
as low a fee as S5
and 10. I will
make yoa an ex.
ceptlonally low fee
on any ailment you
may be auffexlng
With thla low
fee and my long
and successful ex-
kzPs&y Pxk ,n ailments of
"ZVCl W ! men you need not
f I don't care who has
tried to cure you.
and has failed I will give you a sure
cure and a small fee. Dost give up
before seeing me.
By the latent methods known to
MKDICAL science I successfully treat
Come In and see me. Have a confi
dential talk and be examined without
cost or obligation. I will cure you.
The Old Reliable Specialist.
Corner Alder and Second streets. En
trance 128 u Second street, Portland.
Or. Office hours 9 A. M. to 8 P. M.
Sundays. 10 A. M. to 1 P. II
-Jcr Jfa W AT. I-.
e "X b-V'. JaT-r f