The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, October 24, 1909, SECTION TWO, Image 13

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"SO. 43.
Gay Hussar and Flag Lieutenant" Capes Military Capes for WomenMisses and Children
St OF .
ale... over-
Tailored Suits $1 7.95 1
50c All Wool Albatross 39c
36-inch Crepe Albatross, black, cream and all colors.
" $1.00, Storm Serges 79c :
44-inch All-Wool Storm Serges, black, navy myrtle,
cardinal, and all cloth shades.
$1.50 Stripe Prunellas 98c
'46-inch All-Wool Satin Prunellas in self colors and
fancy stripes colors, black, navy, gray, artichoke, brown,
tan, woodrose, wistaria and mode.
$1.50 English Worsteds $1:19 -
54-inch All-Wool English Worsteds for tailor suits.
Newest Fall colors, including taupe, danube, burgundy,
olive, chicory and navy.
$ 1 .50 Silk Marquisettes $ 1 .29
44-inch Imported Silk Marquisettes for evening wear
in new stripe effects. Colors, cream, pink, sky, helio
trope, yellow and champagne. '
$3.50 Fancy Broadcloth $2.48
56-inch Imported Broadcloths in the new monotone
stripe. Colors, black, smoke, yvette, artichoke, olive, nut
meg, navy and bois d'rose. -
. $1.50 Teachers' Bible 98c
mv JErt v f few w
For the "past eight years we have held annually a sale.
of Teachers Bibles at prices lower than ever quoted
during the balance of the year. .
We hold our 1909 sale tomorrow and offer 500 Teach
ers Bibles with illustrated maps, family .record, divinity
circuit, red under gold edges. . ,
In addition these Bibles containthe Bible students
1 tlper, Bible lands, confirmation, obsolete words, subject
index, new Oxford concordance, dictionary of scriptures,
scripture, atlas. ,., . . ,
No mail orders, no C. O. D. orders filled in this sale.
It is an opportunity that comes only as a result;o an unusual transaction. The purchase
bf 300 suits from one manufacturer closing out his entire stock enables us to give this-sale.
In this wonderful assortment of tailormade suits you'll find everything authentic in tailored stales.
English serges, homespuns, diagonal worsteds and chiffon broadcloths. Suits with ong
coats, semi and slightly fitted backs. Skirts have combined plaits and panels., Some plain,
some braided. . , . . ' ' , . ,
At the price we have marked these suits we give the woman who wishes to dress in the
height of fashion, as good workmanship, as good fabrics and as-good a fit-as can be secured
through custom workj that retails at three times the price oUhese suits.
This manufacturer employs only the most expert , help-and these, suits are tailored and
fitted by the. most skilled workmen, every line showing the distinct superiority that is the
particular pride of tKis manufacturer. ? - - - ; x ' '. c
The value of these suits runs easily to $40.00. On Monday we offer you the choice of
this immense collection at $ I 7.95. . ' x ....
Smart Set
' --Corsets
A $5.50 Corset
Made by the manufacturers
of the famous Nemo Cor
sets and sold only by
Lipman-Wolfe & Co.
Special Monday at $2.98
SMART1 SET is the highest attainment in the manu
facture of Nemo Corsets, and, being such, is to be found
only in the most representative stores in America. Smart
Set Corsets sell at $5.50 at all times. In order to intro
duce BREAKLESS BRONCO BONE the manufactur
ers have allowed us another demonstration of this corset
at $2.98. v '
Four expert fitters await your pleasure. ' -
Regular $5 Bowls at $2.95
Vn i t,i
Quality A"
100 deeply cut, richest quality American 8-inch Cut
Glass Bowls, hand polished, In the new star and crescent
design. These bowls" are positively the greatest bargairt
we have ever offered. Regular values $5.00. Positively
none sent C. O. D. or phone orders.
, 24-inch jointed Doll .
$2 Value at $1.19
Many women buy and dress their
own dolls for Christmas in preference
to buying those with store - dresses.
For these buyers we offer tomorrow
the greatest values ever shown in a
genuine HANDWERCH jointed dolls.
These dolls aie 24 . inches, sewed
wigs, curly hair, moveable eyes, full
joints Regular $2.00.
Also a full jointed doll 23 inches
long with long curly hair, moveable
eyes, full joint, sewed wig, with shoes
and stockings. $2 VaU Spec $1.19.
$2 Handsome d 1 1 Q
Handbags. Sp 1 P ' . 1 '
$1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 Hand
bags, come in seal grain leath
er, handsomely made, with
either single or double strap
inside. Colors, tan, brown,
green and black.
$1.00 Fancy Elastic AQr
Belts, Special ....
75c and $1.00 Fancy. Elastic
Belts, -plain or studded elastic
with either gilt or oxidized
$4 Sugar and
Cream Sets .
Fancy Designed Sugar and
Cream Sets, quadruplerplated,
gilt lined ; Vach set comes in a
very neat .box.
$2 Jabot and Dutch
Collar Pins . .
Jabot and Dutch'Collar
Pins," 100 different styles and
designs to select from. The
greatest value ever offered.
Hallowe'en Tally
Cards, Dozen . . .
'-We have a great variety of
the comic, designed favors,
skeleton heads pumpkin
lanterns, devil's switches. All
popular priced. Tally cards
specially designed for Hal
. $3.50 Silver Bread h 1 .69
Trays, Special . . . P
Soft Pompadour
Hair Rolls .... -C
All Around Pompadour1
Hair Rolls, soft and fluffy, net
covered, come in all shades.
Back Combs
Broken Lots
As is generally the .case With, millinery trimmings for Fall Hats at the opening of
the season a great many novelties, both unique and freak, are always introduced.
Invariably the choice of women of fashion and refinement turns to Ostrich Plumes.
IrVirmr tle . sUorrtpst fear of 1 contradiction, that it is
T T 11 v,l,tiuui ' w -o ,
generally accepted that- rich Ostrich Plumes are the most beautiful of all
trimmings and year after year is the choice of most women.
In this sale we offer the most beautiful plumes ever brought into this store. ,
In this sale we offer these plumes at less than they can be bought at retail
anywhere. - ' ' . ' '
The quantities are not very large. We were fortunate in securing ttie stock
that we did, so we urge bur cust6mers tole on'.hand early. Monday to share .
in this, ihe greatest Ostrich Plume Sale we have ever had.
1 0,000 Waists Go In
This Colossal Sale ;
Silk Plaid, Poplin, Soisette, Flannel, Nunsveiling, Corded
Mohair, Stripes, Checks, Fancy Imported Madras and Pure
Linen Waists are included in this sale. ,
Every Waist New This Season
Our Suit Department Manager arrives home tomorrow with
special purchases made in New York City during the past two
weeks. The arrival of the new goods demand that we utilize
every inch of space for coats and suits.
We have instructions to reduce this waist stock in the next
three days. To do this we have' reduced every shirtwaist in
our store to prices that must 'be tempting to all women.
$5.00 Plaid Silk and Net Waists in three of the very latest
and most desirable models, special ' $3.7-
$3.50 Flannel Waists in tailored styles, plaited front and
back, laundered collar and cuffs, special $2.3S
$3.50 Imported Madras Waists in tailored style, box plaits,
laundered collar and cuffs, special. ' $2.J
-43.00 Nunsveiling and Corded Mohair Waists, strictly tailor
made, laundered collar and cuffs, special .?2.JS
-$3.50 Pure Line-n Waists', tailored styles, laundered collar
and soft cuffs, special ?-ia
$3.Q0 Poplin Waists in tailored styles, in black and colors,
Broken lot of Back Combs,
Bandeaus, , Rubber 'Combs.
Come in shell or amber.
Assorted Wire H
Hair Pins , J. I C
Silver Bread Trays, quad- Vire -.Hairpins, .straight
ruple plated, all are fancy em- or crimped, 23 and 3 inches
bossed, making a very hand- long. Carton containing 16
some tray. dzcn hairpins.
15-inch Willow Plumes, double
'knotted, single ply, regular value
$4.95 special. . , .' . $2.95
Long French Plumes of finest
quality, long flue, regular $6.95,
special . ... .' .$3.95.
17-inch i Long French Curld
Ostrich Plumes in black and
white, special...' :...$6.95
$12.00 Full - Length Willow
Ostrich Flumes, 3-piy stocn in coi
23- inch Extra Quality
African-Stock Willow Plumes in
ors, black and white, regular $12, black", and white, .regular price
:,i ' ST.n'5 $30.00. soecial..... S19.9o
special . $7.9
Full-Length Flue Best African
Stock 3-piy Plumes, regular value
$18:00, special: . . ...... .$10.95
Full 3 -ply Ostrich Willow
Plumes, extra long, in black and
white, magnificent quality that
sells reg. at $22.50, sp'l. . $16.05
$30.00, special $ 19.9a
Full Length $35.00 Finest Afri
can Ostrich Willow Plume, finest
flue, special . $23.95
$40.00 Extra Long Sweep,
Heavy Long Flue African Stock
Willow Plumes in black and
white, special .$29.8o
$2.75 Soisette and Rajahine Waists in tailored styles, in
black and colors, soft collars and cuffs, special ..$1.98
$2.50 Striped and Checked Madras, Waists, tailored styles,
laundered collar and soft cuffs, special. . . .$1.98
$2.25 Corded and Dotted Madras Waists in tailored styles,
laundered collar and soft cuffs, special. $1.78
$2.00 Fancy Madras .Waists in tailored styles, laundered col
lar and soft cuffs, special $1.38
$1.75 Fancy Madras Waists in tailored styles, soft collar and
laundered cuffs, special. ..$1.18