The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, May 03, 1908, SECTION TWO, Image 13

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NO. 18.
"Nemo," "W.B." and "C. B. a la Spirite" Corsets Fitted by the ONLY Expert Corsetiere in Portland Mail Orders Filled by Expert Shoppers
$1-$1.25 White Wash Belts 69c
White Embroidered "Wash Belts, all new and
beautiful deslpns. very fine white Qj
pearl bucHles, $1.00. 1.25 values Vi'V
1.00 ELASTIC BELTS, 65c.
White, blue and ohik Elastic Belts, fane
ribbon designs, (1.00 values, special 6dC
Established 1 850-FI FT Y-EIGHT YEARS IN BU3INESS-Establishedl850
-Good Merchandise Only Quality Considered O.r Prices Are Always the Lowest
Songs Instrumental
Dearest, Sweetest,
Best. . . .
Bye, Bye, Dearie.
I Can't Find An
other Girl Like
My Very Own.
Fawn Eyes. . '
Triumph of Colors.
Cotton Rag.
Chocolate Drop.
Le Fluffy Ruffle.
lc extra for postage
Vals. to $3.50 at 98c Yd. Vals. to $2.50 at 33c Yd.
This is the greatest sale of Embroidery we have ever held the prettiest
Embroideries for the price we have ever seen. An advantageous pur
chase enables us to put these new Embroideries on sale Monday at a price
that should sweep the counters. Great variety of Swiss, batiste, nainsook
and cambric edges, insertions, galoons, medallions, flounces,
corset cover edges, waistings andallovers. Val. to $3.50, choice
42-Yd. Embroidery Strips 1 AQH 6-Yd. Embroidery Strips
A sensational clearance sale of Embroidery Strips swiss, nain
sook and cambric edges, insertions, bands, flounces, corset cover
embroidery, etc. Values to 50c yard. On Center Bargain Table at
Vals. to $2.25
mmmDrirr l tW HI! Ill MM
63c mil
At 33 cents a yard we have gathered about 8000 yards of Embroideries
the values running all the way up to $2.50 a yard. There are Swiss,
nainsook and cambric edges, insertions, - galoons, flounces and corset
cover edges, 4 to 20 inches wide. A variety of choice patterns and designs to
choose from in French, English eyelet, soutache and filet effects.
Values up to $2.50 the yard. While they last take your chci-e at
Another sensational value in Embroidery Strips : swiss, nainsook
and cambric edges, insertions,, bands, flounces, corset cover em
broidery, etc. Values to 50c yard. On Center Bargain Table at
Vals. to $3.00
3000 colored Pongees
Reg. $125 Val. 95c Yd.
Just received by express 3000 yards of Colored Pongees,
similar to the assortment that created so much excitement
here two weeks ago. The most desirable dress fabric of the
season in all the new shades. Regular $1.25 QEC
values JC
"Bonnet" Black Taffetas
Our '$1.00 Grade, 79c Our $1.75 Grade $1.59
Our $1.25 Grade, 87c Our $2.00 Grade$ 1.69
7000 yards Black "Bonnet" Taffetas, the best quality made,
for shirtwaist suits and, tailor suits
Reg. $123 Crepe de Chine 98c yd.
3000 yards Crepe de Chine, all pure silk, in white, cream,
Copenhagen, light blue, pink, lavender, champagne qq
and black. Regular $1.25 value 57 OC
Reg. $1.00 Natural Pongee ?9c
3000 yards natural color Imported Pongee, all pure silk.
Notice how mucn it s worn Dy tne more tasnion- -tq
able dressers. Regular $1.00 value, vard SC I
75c Rib Underwear 53c
$1.38 Union Suits at 98c
"Women's Swiss ribbed vests, low neck, no sleeves, with
lace or crochet edge, silk tapes, etc.; 75c CO
quality DOC
Women's fine quality Ribbed Umbrella
rants, deep lace edge, 75c quality, 53c
"Women's fine Swiss ribbed Union Suits, low
neck, no sleeves, $1.38 quality
Rough Pongee Tailored Suits
$30-$35 Vals. $19.65
The most desirable of all garments for Spring and Summer wear
are these Rough Pongee and Rajah Silk Tailored Suits. Smart
half-fitting oats, strictly, tailored and plaited skirts. The colorings
are different, from the ordinary suits and the fabric hangs smartly.
Strictly tailored with collars and cuffs trimmed in con-
trasting shades of self material. . Colors are copen
" hagen, lavender, light blue, framboise, natural, navy,
deep champagne, leather, old rose and porcelain.
They're the kind that have sold the season through at $30.00 and
$35.00. They're a most remarkable special for ri fl f J?
Monday at p lt7(QD
Hand-Embroidered Lingerie Waists
Regular $7.50 Values $3.79
Lipman, Wolfe & Co. place on sale 84 exquisitely beautiful Hand
Embroidered Waists of fine quality white lingerie. The entire
ycke is made of fine pin, tucking and narrow plaits; the front is
hand-embroidered. The collar and cuffs are made with three rows
of lace insertion; elbow sleeves. Selling regularly 7f
at $7.50. Monday sale. L 7
Val. to $2.75 at 95c
30QO of the most fashionable Novelty
Veils In the most desirable shades of
brown, allce bine, Copenhagen, grray,
purple, new green, black, yarngt, navy,
tan and champagne. 1, 2 and 3 yards
long, with chenille doti rlbbon.vel
vct and chenille border. A great va
rlety of new designs l.t single and
double widths, self-colored and tvro
toned effects. No old patterns and no
common patterns. All Just received
from New York many of them ex
treme novelties. Regularly
sold at S1..Q, S2.QQ, $2.35,
2-50 and $2.75. On sale.
Lace Sale -Vals. to $3.50 Yd. 98c
Thousands of yards and scores of patterns in this magnificent, large assortment of the sea
son's most desirable laces white, cream, ecru and black Venise, baby Irish and net laces,
insertions, galloons, appliques and allovers. Values sold regularly up to $3.50
yard. On Sale Monday for only .
Sensational sale of
Cream Wool Dress Goods
50c quality figured Mohair Bril
liantines, 36c inches OQ
wide, at, the yard......'''
60c quality, all-wool French Ba
tistes, 38 inches wide, A2
at, yard xOC
75c quality Imported Mo'aair
Brilliantines and Sicilians, high
luster; 44 inches wide, CQ
at, yard..... UiJC
$1.25 quality all-wool Cream
English Yachting Serge, 50 ins.
wide, on sale at, the
$1.00 quality all-wool Taffetas
and Mohair
tines, 44-inch, at, yard.
Brillian- QO.
$1.25 quality silk and wool Mar
quisette Voiles, stripes QQ
md checks, at, yard...'0'
$1.25 quality French Poplin
Wool Taffetas and Voiles, 44
inches wide, ivory and QO
.cream, at, yard 17 OC
$1.50 quality 50 inch Panamas.
Yachting Serge, Bedford Cord
and Stripe Serges, QQ
at, the yard pi.6i7
The May Sale of Muslin Underwear
In Beauty and Quality as Well as the Wonderful
Prices, This Sale Surpasses Any Effort of the Past
$3.00 Skirts for $1.69
Cambric Skirts of good quality. With
deep lawn flounce, daintily trimmed;
values up to $3.00.
$2.25 Skirts for $1.39
Cambric Skirts with deep flounce,
daintily trimmed with fine laces, etc.
Values up to $2.25..
Skirt Vals. to $5 at $1.98
Extra Fine Quality Skirts, with deep
lawn flounces daintily trimmed In
various styles. Values to $5.09 each.
65c Drawer for Only 39
Cambric Drawers, deep ruffle, with
lace Insertion; 65c values.
$1.25 Drawers for 59c
Fine Cambric and Nainsook Drawers,
regulation and circular cut; daintily
trimmed; values to 11.25.
Reg. $1.75 Gowns Reduced to $1.10
Cambric and Nainsook Gowns daintily trimmed with
u., tiuuti on,, values 10 4X.0.
Reg. $2.00 Gowhs Reduced to $1.29
Extra quality Long Cloth Gowns, with embroidery
yoke and variety of dainty trimmings.
Reg. $2.25 Gowns Reduced to $1.53
Extra Fine .Nainsook Gowns, with dainty trimmings
of fine nainsook, etc. Values to $2.25.
$1.35 Drawers for 85c
Fine Nainsook and Cambric Drawers,
full flounce, open side and daintily
trimmed. Values to $1.33.
$ 1 .75 Drawers for $ 1 . 1 0
Extra Quality Nainsook Drawers, pret
tily lace trimmed; values to $1.75.
$1.75 Skirts for $1.18
Cambric Skirts, deep flounce trimmed
with lace, - Insertions, - etc... .Values to
$1.75. .
Skirt Vals. to $6 at $2.98
Fine Cambric and Lawn Skirts, dain
tily trimmed with extra quality laces
and Insertion. Values up to $6.00.
$1.35 Women's Gowns 79c
Nainsook and Cambric Gowns, trimmed
with lace, etc. All styles. Values to $1.35.
85c Corset Covers Reduced to 59c
Nainsook Corset Covers, dainty trimming's of fine
laces, ribbon, etc. Values to 85c.
$2.00 Chemise Reduced to $1.49
French hand-embroidered and hand-made Chemises,
scalloped edges and embroidered front designs. Values
to $2.00.
Sterling Silver
Toilet Articles
Lot 1 Fancy top Inkwells,
Toothpick Holders, Pocket
Combs, Emeries, etc. ; sterling
silver mounted, regular 1 O.
35c values.. IOC
50c Values Only 21c
Lot 2 Cream Jars, mucilage bot
tles, smelling- salts bottles, shoe
horns, tweezers. shoe hooks,
cuticle knives, letter seals, paper
knives, pocket combs, hat mark
ers, etc. All sterling silver Ol .
mounted, 60c .values. . . . . . . r
75c Values Only 43c
Lot' 3 Talcum Jars, inkwells,
cream Jars, perfume bottles,
shoe horns, tweezers, shoe hooks,
letter seals, cuticle knives, paper
knives, cigar cutters, rolling
blotters, pumice stones, coat
hangers, etc.- All sterling L'in
silver mounted, 75c values. t:v.
35c VALUES AT 19c
S5c Postcard Albums, fancy linen
cover, holds 100 to 150 cards, 19e
60c Postcard Albums, very neat
cover, holds 20 cards 296
6oc Postcard Albums, fancy deco
rated cover, extra well bound,
holds 200 to 300 cards 436
90c Postcard Albums, fancy linen
bound cover, holds 275 to 350
cards. Sale price. 686
$1.25 Postcard Albums, extra
well made, hold 350 to 400 cards.
Special 89
W. B. Reduso Corsets Give Stout Figures the Slender
Lines Which Fashion Favors
The art and the science of the corsetiere
achieved their most notable triumph in
the production of Reduso Corsets
The health of the wearer
is safeguarded, the ac-
cumulation of excess
flesh prevented and re
moved and a degree of
comfort secured not pos
sible in any other corset
Reduso Corsets hold the abdomen in
and the chest up, facilitating deep, full
The long tapering lines which extend
from the waist over the hips enable
gown to fit smoothly and just
i J :
yuui muuiaic uau cs.
The woman inclined to stoutness can be sure of re
ducing her waist measurement several inches by
the use of Reduso Corsets. The materials are strong
and lasting batiste and coutil; sizes 20 to 36 strict
ly high-grade corset, sold at moderate' figure, $3.50.