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Realizing the necessity for an encyclope
dia in every home, arrangements have been
made to distribute among the readers and
friends of this paper a number of sets of
and ATLAS, in twelve massive volumes.
This distribution will be accomplished by
means of a Co-operative Club, which will
entirely eliminate all the middleman's prof
its, enabling you, by dealing direct with the
publishers, to secure a set at but a fraction
of the regular price.
Our object in organizing this Co-operative
Club is to place a good encyclopedia
within reach of those who have heretofore
been unable to procure one, owing to pub
lishers' high prices. By guaranteeing to
distribute a very large number of sets, we
were ableHo secure the lowest price, which
in this case represents a saving of fully 50
per cent. Arrangements have also been
made so that payment may be made in lit
tle monthly installments only a few cents
a day which will never be missed.
The New Standard Encyclopedia was selected for this
enterprise because it is the latest and best reference work
on the market, being specially adapted for the home, for
the busy man and for school students of all ages. It is a
practical Encyclopedia, written by practical men for prac
tical people. You will find here just the information you
need, quickly, conveniently and in the most comprehensive
Every reader of this paper who is "ambitious to succeed and get ahead in the world
should take advantage of this great opportunity. It means that you can secure the
newest and best Encyclopedia on the market. An Encyclopedia is the most neces
sary set of books anyone can possibly own. You need it every day of your life.
It takes the place of all other books, giving you in easy and readable form the
accumulated wisdom of all time. Get the Encyclopedia habit. Teach your chil
dren to look up things in a reliable reference work. Knowledge ' spells Success,
and one can get more good working knowledge out of an Encyclopedia, ten to one,
than any other set of oooks ever printed. s
E. C. Herlow . Geo. C. Lemcke Jno. P. Sharkey H. W. Lemcke
Main Office: Sixth, and Washington Sts. .
Telephone Main 550
March 23, 1907.
The Oregonian Encyclopedia Club, Portland, Oregon.
Gentlemen : I am glad that I secured the New Standard Ency-.
clopedia through the Oregonian Encyclopedia Club. It is a. most
valuable set of books, and far better arranged than such works
usually are. One secures his information so quickly and easily
that it is a pleasure to consult it, and, on account of the high
standing of the scholars who made it, there is never the slightest
doubt of its authenticity. H. W. LEMCKE.
W. M. Ladd C. E. Ladd J. W. Ladd
I have used many encyclopedias, but for down-to-dateness and
accuracy, comprehensiveness and splendid scholarship, The New
Standard published by The University Society and offered to the
people of the Northwest through The Oregonian Encyclopedia ClubJ
leads them all. I would not be without it at twice the price.
t ,"'4
form. Although only recently completed, it has been
widely adopted for use in schools and other institutions,
and is recommended by leading educators everywhere. It
consists of twelve massive volumes, containing 55,000 com
plete articles almost 900,000 topics 3000 illustrations,
150 large colored maps, etc., etc.
If you have no encyclopedia at all, or if you have one
that is old and unsatisfactory, we will, on receipt of the
above coupon, send you a 36-page book showing some of
the illustrations, portraits of prominent men, maps, beau
tiful colored plates, sample articles, etc., taken from the
Encyclopedia. With the book we will also send full par
ticulars of the Club, showing how easily you can secure
for yourself and your family the benefits of this co-operative
Telephone Connection. London Address, 31 Haymarket S. W.
James A. Beckett K. S. Ervin
K. S. SERVIN & CO., Ltd.
Makers of Men's Clothes and Shirts.
Sole Agents for "The Aquascutum" and "The Burberry" Rain
coats for Men and Women.
Premises Corner Third and Alder Streets.
Portland, Oregon, February 12, 1907.
Dear Sirs: "The New Standard Encyclopedia" was received
in first-class condition, and I am greatly pleased with it, and the
valuable information contained within its pages.
' For a practical reference book, it is, in my opinion, superior to
the high-priced encyclopedia. Yours, truly, K. S. ERVIN.
Starr King Building,
Rooms 403-404-405, 121 Geary Street,
The Oregonian Encyclopedia Club, Oregonian Bldg., City.
The New Standard Encyclopedia is a thoroughly up-to-date
work, the treatment of subjects comprehensive, clear and terse ; it
is admirably adapted to the needs of the man of business, the arti
san, and the farmer a complete library in itself, and should find
a place in every home. WALTER P. LEWIS, D. D. S.
' Portland, Or., April 16, 1907.
The Oregonian Encyclopedia Club: '
The New Standard Encyclopedia is all you claim for it. It is packed
full of useful information that every progressive man or woman
needs, whether in business or professional life, in society, in the
home or any of life's varied walks. No time spent in its use is
wasted, and an hour every day with these volumes would give a
liberal education to anyone. ' ' , J. W. MINTO.
Sunday in Portland Churches
First, the White Temple, Twelfth and
Taylor Rev. .J. Whitcomb BrouRher, pas
tor. Morning worship. 10:30; sermon by the
pastor on "Christ's Estimate of a Sensa
tional Preacher"; Bible school, 12:10 P. M.;
pood orchestra music; Interesting exercises;
B. Y. P. TJ., meeting in charge of mission
ary committee; special music; evening serv
ice, 7:30 o'clock; Dr. Brougher will spak
on the topic. "If Christ Came to Portland,"
with a prelude on the question, "Could He
Be Elected Mayor?" Special music by choir
and quartet.
Arleta Rev. John Bentxien, pastor. Sun
flay school. 10 A. M-; Junior Union, 3 P. M.;
B. T. P. U., 6:30 P. M.; preaching, 11 A.
M., by Rev. B. Clarence Cook; 3 P. M..
dedicatory services; 7:30 P. M., address by
Secretary H. W. Davis.
Mount Olive, Seventh and Everett
Preaching. 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.
St. Johns Hev. E. A- Leonard, pastor,
funday school, lO A- M.; preaching, 11 A.
M- and 7:30 P. M. ; B. Y. P. U.. ft:30 P. M.
Third, Vancouver avenue and Knott Rev,
E. M. Bliss, pastor. Sunday school, 10 A.
M. : preaching. 11 A. M- and 7:30 P. M.
Sewdlsh, Hoyt and Fifteenth Rev. Erlo
Fcherstrom, pastor, preaching, 10:45 A. M
and 7:30 P. M. ; Sunday school, 12 M.
Highland, Alberta and Sixth Sunday
school. 10 A. M. ; B. Y. P. U.. 7 P- M.;
preaching. 11 A. M., by Rev. John Bent
ien; 7:30 P. M-. by Rev. B. Clarence Cook.
Sellwood, Tacoma avenue and Eleventh
Rev. George A. Learn, pastor. Sunday
school, 10 A. M. ; preaching, 11 A. M., by
Charles H. Hart, and 7:30 P. M
First German, Fourth and. Mill Rev. J.
Kratt, pastor. Preaching, 10:45 A. M. and
7:30 P. M ; Sunday school, 9:45 A. M.J B.
Y. P. tJ.. 6:45 P. M.
Second German, Rodney avenue and Mor
ris Rev. F. Buerrmann, pastor, preaching,
11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M.; "Sunday school.
:4R A. M. ; B. Y. P. U.. 0:45 P. M.
Calvary, East Eighth and Grant Rev. A.
Lawrence Black, pastor. Bible school, 10
A. M.; B. Y. P. U.. 6:30 P. M. ; address. 11
A. M., by G. L. Tufts, ph. D-, president
of Reform Bureau; 7:30 P. M-. sermon.
Immanuel, Second and Meade Rev. Georgw
"W. Griffin, pastor. Sunday school,. 10 A.
M.; Junior Union, 4 P. M-; B. Y. P. U., 6:30
P. M.; preaching, 11 A. M. and 7:30 p. M.
Lenta. Ninth avenue At home of Wil
liam Kneeland; address. 3:30 P. M., by
Charles H. Hart.
Chinese Mission, 32 Oak, near Park
Punday school, 7 P. M.; preaching- In Chi
nese, 8 P. M.
avler-Street, between Twenty-first and
Twenty-second Sunday school, 3:30 P. M. ;
preaching, 7:SO P. M., by Rev. John Bent
alen. Sunnyside At home of Mrs. Bunting, 1210
East Yamhill; address by Rev. C. B. Cook,
at 3 P. M.
Central, East Ankeny and Twentieth
Itev. W. T. Jordan.- At 10:30 A. M., "Wells
of Salvation"; Sunday school, 12 M.; young
people's meeting. 6:30 P. M. ; evangelistic
service, 7:30 P. M. ; W. O- Halnea In charge
of music.
Grace Gllman Parker, pastor. Morning,
11 o'clock, "The Secret of His Presence";
evening, 8 o'clock, "New Cloth on Old Garment-"
Second. East Seventh and East Ankeny
streets Rev. Stanton C. Lapham, jaator.
Services. 10:30 A. M. and 7:45 P. M.; morn
ing sermon. "Fact and Faith In Christ";
Bible school. ioti; Young people's Union,
6:45 P. M. ; evening sermon, "A Righteous
Justification." Music by the quartet; J. F.
Bamford, organist and director.
Central, East Twentieth and Salmon
Rev. J .F. Ghormley will speak at io:30
A. M-; theme. "Pressing Toward the Mark
for the prise"; 7:SO P. M., "Heaven's Last
Appeal." H. A. Easton will sing at both
First, Park and Columbia Rer. E. 8.
Murk ley, minister. At 10:30 A. M., "A
Great Missionary Day," a rally, with five
bright speeches from five bright people;
:45 P. M., Wallis Nash will speak at open
forum on "Some Admitted Evils ot the
Present Industrial System and a Proposed
New Remedy." Public discussion follows.
Bible school, 12 M. ; Christian Endeavor,
6:45 P. M.
Rodney-Avenue, Rodney avenue and Knott
F. Elmo Robinson. At 0:45 A. M., Bible
rhool; 11 A. M., communion and sermon,
"The New Life"; 6:30 P. M.. Y. P. 8. C. E.;
r:30 P. M.. "The Bible Only Makes Chris
tians Only."
Stark and Seventh Services. 11 A. M. and
8 P. M-; subject, "Everlasting Punish
ment"; Sunday, school, 11 A. M; Wednesday
meeting, 8 P. M. '
First, Madison and Park Rev. Daniel
Staver, assistant pastor. 10:30 A. M., serv
ice with sermon on "The Problem of Pain,
by Rev. John Andrew Holmes; 10:30 P. M.,
service with sermon on "The Simple Life,"
by Rev. John Andrew Holmes ; Sunday
school. 12:15 P. M., F. H. Whitfield super
intendent; Y. P. S. C E., 6:30 P. M.
Mississippi-Avenue, Mississippi avenue and
Fremont William L. TJ pshaw, pastor. Sun
day school, 10 A. M-; Evangelist J. E.Wolfe
will speak at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ;
morning subject, "The Doctrine the Devil
Hates"; evening, "lngersoll's Cheese-Box."
University park. Artisans Temple, Ports
mouth Rev. D. B. Gray. At 10 A. M.,
Sunday school, J. E- Brous superintendent;
11 A. M.. sermon.
Laurel wood Rev. D. B. Gray. At 10 A.
Sunday school, Mrs. W. Ingalls superin
tendent; 7 P- M., Y. P. S. C. E.; 8 P. M.,
Highland, East Sixth, North, and Pres
cott Rev. E. S, Bollinger, pastor. Services,
11 A- M. The Rev. Mr. Densmore, of the
Anti-Saloon League, will preach. At 7:30
P. M. the pastor will preach on "Christ, a
Cornerstone of the Home." Professor Z. M.
Par v In will sing. Sunday school, 10 A. M. ;
Junior Endeavor, 3 P. M. ; Y. P. S. C. E.,
6:30 P. M.
Sunnyslde, East Taylor and East Thirty
fourth Rev. J. J. Btaub, pastor. Morning
service, 11 o'clock; subject, "From Pit to
Throne" ; evening service, 7 :30 o'clock, sa
cred concert; Sunday school, 10 A .M., 6
C Pier superintendent; Junior Christian En
deavor, 3 P. M.; Senior Christian Endeavor,
6:30 P. M. The following Is the programme
for the Sunday evening concert: Organ pre
lude, "War. March of Priests," from Rlenzi
(Wagner), Otto H. Bauman; anthem, "Day
of Rest and Gladness" (Parks), choral so
ciety; solo, "Crossing the Bar (Tennyson),
J. G. Kilpack; solo, "Abide With Me" (Lld
dle), Mrs. F. X Olsen; anthem. "Come Unto
Me" (Parks), choral society; solo, "A Dream
of Paradise" (Gray), U. S. Ackles. Part
II Organ, "Prayer," from Lohengrin,
Otto H, Bauman; anthem, "Calm on the
Listening Ear of Night" (Parks), choral
society; solo, 'The Lord Is My Shepherd"
(Liddle), Mrs. H. Stone; tenor solo, "The
New Born King" (Espolr), U. S- Ackles;
quartet, "Evening Hour" (Excell), Mrs. H.
Stone. Mrs. Schatz. C. H. Wllllson and H.
V. Mills; solo, "Fear Ye Not, O Israel"
(Liddle), Mrs.F. L. Olsen; anthem, "We
Praise Thee, O God" (Parks), choral so
Good Shepherd, Sellwood and Vancouver
avenue, Alblna Rev. John Dawson, rector.
Sunday school, 9:46 A. M.; morning serv
ice, 11 A. M-; evening service, 7:80 P. M,
St. Paul's, Wood mere C. L. Parker, lay
reader. Sunday school, :5 A. M-; morn
ing service and sermon, 11 o'clock.
All Saints', Twenty-second and Reed
Sunday school, 10 A. M. ; evening service,
7:30 o'clock.
St. Mark's, Nineteenth and Qulmby Rev.
J. E. H. Simpson, rector. 8 A. M., holy
communion; 10 A. M.. Sunday school; H a.
M-, holy communion and sermon; 7:30, even
song. St. David's, East Twelfth, and Belmont
Rev. George B. Van Waters, D. D., rector.
Holy communion, 8 A. M. ; Sunday school,
0:45 A- M. ; morning prayer and sermon,
11 o'clock; evening prayer and sermon, 7:30
United, Ockley Green, Willamette boule
vard and Gay Rev. J. Bowersox. pastor.
Peraching, 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M.: Sun
day school. 10 A. M ; K. L- C. E., 6:30P. M.
Reformed, First German, Tenth and Stark
G. Hafner, pastor. Preaching. 10:46 A.
M.; subject, "Confirmation"; 8 P. M.; sub
ject, "The Sufferings of Joseph" ; Sunday
school. :30 A. M.; Y. P. 6. C. E., T P. M.
First English, East Sixth and Market
S. A- Slewert, pastor, preaching, n A. M.
and 7:45 P. M.; Sunday school, 10 A. M.;
Young People's Alliance, 6:45 P. M.
Bethania Danish, Union avenue and Mor
ris Gud round Grill, pastor. Services, H a.
M, and 8 P. Sunday school, 12:15 P.
M. ; Wednesday, Bethania Ladies Society,
3 P. M., with Mrs. J. C. Hansen, 714 Union
st Paul's German, East Twelfth and
llntnrn s KJur jaajtor. Morning erwi.
ice, 10:30; evening service, 7:30; Sunday
school, 0:30 A. M-; Bible lesson and young
people's meeting, Thursday, 8 P. M.
Zlon's German, Missouri Synod, Chapman
and Salmon W. H. Behrens, pastor, 576
Salmon Services, 10:15 A- M. and 7:45 P.
M.; Sunday school, 9:15 A. M. ; services in
English on first and third Sunday evenings.
St. James English, West Park and Jef
ferson J. Allen Leas, pastor. Services, 11
A. M. and 8 P. M. ; morning subject, "Clear
Thinking In Religion"; evening subject,
"Five Things That the Church of Today
Most Needs"; Luther League, 7 P- M. ; Bun
day school. 10 A. M-
Norwegian Synod, East Tenth and Grant
Rev. O. Hagoes, pastor. Sunday school,
9:30 A. M. ; services, 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.;
Ladies Aid, Thursday, with Mrs. Negaard,
644 Borthwick street, 2 P. M. ; Y. P. S..
Thursday, 8:15 P. M.
Trinity German Mission Synod, Williams
avenue, and Sellwood street J. A. Rimbach,
pastor. Morning service, lO o'clock; even
ing service, 7:30 o'clock; Sunday school,
0:15 A. M.
Taylor-Street Dr. Francis Burgette Short,
pastor. At 9:30 A. M.. classes; 10:30 A.
M., sermon, by Rev. D. L. Rader, on "The
Dual Nature of Man"; 12:15 P. M., Sunday
school; 6:30- P. M-. Epworth League; 7:30
P. U., wmon by the pastor on "Portland;
Its Growth During the Past Six Months."
Sellwood, Fifteenth and Tacoma Rev. A.
D. Wagner, pastor. Owing to the removal
of the seats the services will be held in
Strahl man's hall. Thirteenth and Spokane.
Sunday school, 10 A. M-, A. F. Miller super
intendent; preaching, 11 A. M-. sermon by
Rev. Mr. Ivy; Bubject, "Degeneration" ;
class meeting, 12:15 P. M., H. Stoughton
leader; Epworth League, . 7 P. M-, Mrs.
Hickerson leader; preaching, 8 P. M.; ser
mon by Rev. Mr. Ivy; subject, "Regenera
tion." Grace, Twelfth and Taylor Clarence True
Wilson, D. D-, pastor. Public worship; 10:30
A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ; Dr. Wilson's unique
lecture on the "Wit and Humor" of the
Bible; Sunday school, 12:15 P. M. ; Epworth
League, 6:30 P. M. ; tenor solo by F. S.
Pierce in the evening.
South, 171 H Second, Foresters Hall E.
H. Mowre, pastor. At 10 A- M., Sunday
school; 11 A. M., Does Prayer Influence
God?"; 6:30 P. M., Epwotth League; 7:30
P. M-, "Reverence."
Free, East Ninth and Mill Quarterly
meeting services, conducted by Rev. W. N.
Coffee; love feast at 10 A. M. ; preaching,
11 A. M-, followed by the sacrament of
the Lord's supper.
Centenary, East Pine and East Ninth
streets William H. Heppe, D. D., pastor.
The pulpit will be occupied in the morning
by Henry D. Kimball D. D., dean of Kim
bal School of Theology, Salem, Or. In
the evening the pastor will give a special
address on "Has the Twentieth Century
Outgrown the Bible?" Morning class, 9:30;
mission school, 9i45 A. M.; Sunday school,
12:15 P. M. ; Juniors and Intermediates, 4
P. M. ; Epworth League missionary meet
ing. 6:15 P. M. Music by chorus choir.
First, Alder and Twelfth William Hiram
Foulkea. minister; David Henry Hare, as
sistant pastor. Morning worship, lO;30
o'clock ; ordination and induction of elders
and deacon; brief sermon by th pastor,
"The Church and the Kingdom" ; Sunday
school, 12:10 P. M.; classes for all; San
Grael and Westminster League of Christian
Endeavor ( senior and intermediate), at 6:30
P. M. ; evening; worship, 7:30 o'clock; ser
mon by pastor, "The Tragedy of a Great
SouL" E- E- Ooursen; has arranged: Morn
ing Prelude, "Idylle" (Buck); anthem,
"Light of the World" (Gray); trio, "Holy,
Holy, Holy Anderton) ; postlude, "Alle
gretto" (Lefavre). Evening Prelude. "An
dantlno" (Braga); anthem, "Th Sands of
Time Are Sinking" (Gounod); hymn-anthem,
"Sun of My Soul" (Sudds); postlude,
"Larghetto" (Spencer).
Mizpah Rev. Jerome R- McGlade, D. D.,
pastor. Preaching, 10:30 A. M. and 8 P.
M.; Sunday school, 12 M. ; Junior Christian
Endeavor, 3 P. M.; Senior Christian En
deavor, 7 P. M. Miss Irene Flynn will sing
at both, morning and evening service.
Sellwood, East Seventeenth and Spokane
avenue Rev. D. A Thompson, pastor. Sun
day school, 10 A. M-; morning service, 11;
theme, "Good Water Out of Old Wells" ;
evening service, 7:45; address to young peo
ple. Hawthorne Park, corner Twelfth and East
Taylor Rev. E. Nelson Allen -will preach at
10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P- M. : Sunday school.
12 M. : Y, P. S. C EL, 6:30 P. M,
B. E. S. Ely,. Jr., D. D.t pastor. Services,
10:30 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. ; morning sub
ject, "Christ's Going the Christian's Gain";
evening, "Vanity Fair and Faithful's Mar
tyrdom." Music by quartet under direction
of Mrs. Schwab, soprano; Mrs. W, E-
ThomaB, organist.
The Ministers and Mediums' Protective
Spiritual Association will hold spiritual
service at 8:15 P. M. In W. O. W. Hall.
Eleventh between Alder and Washington.
The platform medium, John Slater, will oc
cupy the platform the entire avenlng. Rev.
Sophie B. Seip, president.
The first spiritual Society, Artisans Hall,
Ablngton building. Third near Washington
At 11 A. M-, .F. A, Coulter will lecture
on "Spirituality, the Body of Truth," fol
lowed by Mrs. V. Rowe; at 7:45 P. M. he
will lecture on "The First, Labor, or Over
coming the Lion of Intellect and Sense,"
followed by Mrs, B. Reynolds; lyceum,
12:30 P. M.
The Church of the First Born will meet
at Drew Hall,' 162 Morrison street, at 7:30
P. M. Rev. R. E. Coon will lecture; sub
ject, "The Death and Resurrection of Christ
From a Spiritual Point of View."
Portland New Church Society, Knights of
Pythias Hall, Alder near Eleventh Serv
ices, 11 A. M. ; Rev. Hiram Vrooman will
preach.; subject, "Scripture Spiritually In
terpreted." Swedish Immanuel, Nineteenth and Irving
streets Rev. C. J. Renhard. Services. 11
A. M. and 8 P. M. : Sunday school, 9:45
A. M. Thursday night services, 8 o'clock.
Church of the Good Tidings. East Eighth
and East Couch Rev. James T. Corby,
minister. Divine worship and sermon, 10:45
A. M. ; topic, "The New Understanding Be
tween God and Man." A helpful Sunday
school at noon. ,
- Church of Our Father, Yamhill and Sev
enths Rev. W. G. Eliot, Jr., minister; Rev.
T. L. Eliot, D. D., minister emeritus. Serv
ice, 11 A. "The Physical Health of the
Nation"; Sunday school, 9:45 A. M.; kinder
garten, 11 A. M.; adult class, 12:30 P. M-
Y. P. F., 6:30 P. M.
T. M. C. A., Fourth and Yamhill Men's
meeting, 8 P. M., beginning with an orches
tra concert- Rev. J. E. Wolfe, of f Indian
Territory, will deliver the address, on "The
True Nobility. Special music, group study
classes, etc. AH men Invited.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints, hall 400, Alisky building. Third and
Morrison. Services, 11 :S0 A. M. and 7 :30
P. M.; Sunday school, 10 A, M.
Divine Truth Chapel hall 201, Alisky
building Services, 11 A. M. Thaddeus M.
Mlnard, pastor. H. E. Martin, soloist.
Universal New Though t Assembly Di
vine altar service and lecture, 11 A. M-, at
the Western Academy of Music Second and
Morrison subject, "Who Are the Followers
of Christ?"; evening lecture, 8 o'clock; sub
ject. "Buddhism yersus Christianity." Sis
ter Avabamia, a Hindoo initiate, speaker.
A special meeting Monday evening at 8
o'clock; subject, "What Will the Future of
Our Religious, Social and Political Condi
tions Be?" Lectures are free.
Collection of Club Programmes for
Next Vear's Work Xow Available.
The attention of the clubs that are
planning for next year's work is called
to the collection of club programmes In
the reference-room of the Public Library.
A considerable number has been added
during- the year, and the programmes
published In the Chautauqua have been
indexed. .These programmes Include
many synopses of university extension
courses, with suggested topics and lists
of recommended books. In addition to
the usual material for history, travel and
literature clubs, there are some particu
larly Interesting outlines on arts and
crafts, domestic science and child study
and on municipal art and the various
phases of civic progress.
Wednesday. May 1, a gaily decorated
May pole will be found in the children's
room, and May day stories told all the
afternoon. All children interested are
cordially Invited to -be present.
The reading-room Just established In the
tuUiUng&t Peninsular station .niliL
be open daily from 3 until 6:30 and from
7 until 9:30.
In addition to the deposit collection of
books for circulation, there will be a
weekly delivery of books requested from
the central library. Mrs. Romberg 'has
been appointed custodian.-
Woman Suffrage Association Ad
dressed by State Secretary.
A meeting of the Woman's Suffrage
Association was held In Mrs. Mallorys
parlors yesterday afternoon, with M-s.
Dunlway, the president. In the chair.
Among the pleasing features was the
return of Mrs. Elizabeth Craig, state
corresponding secretary. After 'her
Winter's stay In Texas she had much
to tell of the work the women of the
Lone Star State are doing. Many
women, she among the number, pay
taxes asking the clerk. to write on the
receipt: ' aid under protest."
At the last session of the Legisla
ture of Texas the women asked for a
bill giving them the ballot through
the consent of the men. It created a
public sentiment, she said, as never
before felt in the State of Texas. All
the newspapers of the state were cour
teous and helpful to the movement.
The persistency, and perseverance of
the women everywhere Is bound to
bring the results desired, Mrs. Craig
Mrs. Clara Colby gave an Interesting
account of her visit to the national
convention at Chicago and how one
woman defeated suffrage In Chicago by
a tie vote by the council. The chair
man, she said, declared that his mother
did not want to vote, therefore he
voted against the measure.
The next meeting will be held the
last Saturday In May.
Mm a
Dr. Morrow's
through the nervous
It's a purely vegetable
compound, contains no oils
or fats or any drug that is
injurious or liable to pro
duce a habit.
It's the Greatest Tonic In
the World. Each bottle
contains one month's treat
ment and costH $10 at any
nrst-ciass drugstore.
Prepared by the
Anti-Lean Medicine Co.
Oregonian Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
II H l II f J irw 'fa li it I J a n
Boys' BercuoS
Shower Proof Suits
have many good qualities; the snm total of all
make the "ftRCzg? the strocgest made, the
longest wearing; the best Boys auk $5.00 will bay.
The jESCOTjJjf s made of pare wood fabrics; the
strongest doable and twist Casshneres and Cheviots
woven. This is a very important point to remember be-.
cause other manufacturers who do not guarantee that
their Boys' $5.00 suits are made of all wool fabrics practi
cally admit that they are made of mercerized cotton dochs
which you know will wear just one -half as krog as aa all
wool fabrics.
"fiERCUlEjf fabrics are also Shower Proofed just like a
man's raincoat and you can depend that a "gEBCULESf
suit will shed rain in any ordinary shower.
The coat is full fined with extra strong Italian doth. Ech "HER
CULES" cost steere i fitted with two sleeve lioiogs where b wear is
most aewe. (Patent applied for.) "HERCULES" pasta fufi fined
with extra stroog Cold Shrank Irish Linen; doubly lengthens the ser
vice of the pants and' make them Sanitary and BygicnSc. "HER
CULES' past seams are taped; when a boy stretches his legs no strain
reaches the cloth; the tape protects it.
"HERCULES" Jacket and Pant Suits are made
for Boys from 6 to 16; one price everywhere :
We are the exclusive agents for the "HER
CULES" in Portland.
The Meier (Eb Frank Store
Portland's Largest and Best Store
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