The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.) 1881-current, January 14, 1906, PART TWO, Image 13

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"Our Great Sale" Is the Once-a-Year Opportunity When
Every Personal or Home Need Can Be Filled at Most
Substantial Savings.
Every Article Reduced
Our Great Sale
I, a
The Parting Signal for All Seasonable Merchandise
Stock-taking time is here. All lines of Seasonable Merchandise are sorted up for instant clearance. Prices are cut sharply, relentlessly. . Better that they should auicklv
seeK, as tney are sure to nna, new owners, man mat tney snouia tarry here to hamper us on our plans for th rnmin tMtm
Substantial Price-Cutting in Women's
Ready-to-Wear Garments
$4.25 Walking Skirts
25 Walking Skirts of fine
Melton elotk in black, navy
and gray; tailor-made;
strapped and trimmed with,
$8.50 Silk Petticoats
35 silk Petticoats of fine taf
feta silk in black and col
ors; regular price, $8.50
and $7.50 at $4.45
Values to $50, Silk Tailor
Made Suits at $12.75
10 silk tailor-made Suits of
finest quality taffeta silk in
navy, gray, brown and
$8.50 Short Jackets $3.90
IS Short Kersey Jackets of
fine quality all-wool Ker
sey in castor and black: all
lined with satin.
Values to $45, Long. Silk
Coats at $9.85
20 long Silk Coats, made in
'the popular Redingote
st.vles in black and colors.
Opera Capes
For Calve concert. Never in any
scason were Opera Capes priced
so favorably for contemplating
purchasers.. S37.50. $40.00. $45.00,
$50.00 at $29.75, S31.S0,
$36.75, $39.-85.
Colored Dress Goods
50c onaliiv XnvplK- SmtTntrc dn;iT, ,J-1- .t :l
anp, 36-inch light and dark plaids, checks and ovcrplaids
at, .yard 39
(ioc quality new Scotch Plaids Gray wool suitings and
light checks and ovcrplaid novelties at, yard 47
$1.50 to $1.00 Novelty Dress Goods 65c
Novelty Dress Goods Mixtures, cloaking, tailor suitings,
Panamas, mistrals, voiles, etc., odd pieces; to close out,
choice at, yard 65i
$L25 qualities English mohairs, Sicilians and brillian
tines, plain colors and novelties, 44 inches wide in
grays, resedas, navy, myrtle and brown; choice 89
.$1.25 and $1.50 qualities New gray suitings, Panamas,
mixed broadcloths, 54-inch dark mixed cheviots, serges,
silk and wool I repe de Pans, etc., m all colors, yd. 98p
$1.75 Fine Black Dress Goods 98c
EXTRA SPECIAL $1.73 quality, silk embroidered crepo
de Paris, polka dot and ring effects, silk stripe crepe, etc, at, 3'ard 98
$1.25 quality Chiffon Panamas, 30-inch Granites, Prunellas. Storm Serges and Cheviots, yard. .98
In Our New Drugstore
Useful Everyday Articles at
a Great Saving
20-Mule Team Borax, per package 3
20-Mule Team Borax, large package 7
Best quality Norwegian Cod Liver Oil.. 39
Frostilla. per bottle 13
Espey'- Cream, per bottle., 16
Improved Bronchial Lozenges 10
Bicarbonate of Soda, per package 4
Rochelle Salts, per package 9
Thespian Cold Cream, the best cream on
sale: 25c size, special. 18
Effervescent Headache Broma, large S-
ounee bottle, special .. 19
Effervescent Citrate Lithium and Citrate
Caffeine. S-ounre bottle; '-special's.
Little Liver Pills, special -v. .- 7
Tint.ure of Arnica, bottle 15
Aromatic Spirits Ammonia, .bottle 19
Powdered Alum, per package 5j
Precipitated Chalk, per package 5
Pot. Chlorate, per package." 10
'Spirits of Camphor, per bottle.... 15
Powdered Pumice -Stone, per package 10
Dental Plaster, per package.. S 5
Powdered Sulphur, per package 5
75c Picture Frames 38c
Another shipment of those fine Picture
Frames in ebony and carbon brown in two
5000 Sheet Pictures A very fine assort
ment of over 50 fine pictures; regular
price 25c, special 10 i
$1.00 to 85c Handbags 39c
500 Leather Bags, all new. assorted: prices
75c. 85c and $1.00, your choice at 39
3500 Black and Colored Belts, folded,
plaited and stitched; regular price -25c,
special 15c
50c Writing Paper 33c
An exceptional value- in fine Writing
Paper Box containing CO sheets of fine
linen cambric paper with DO envelopes.
All the music from the very popular
"Yankee Consul," special. 18c
Lucy Linda Lad', special 3.8
My Lady of Laces and Graces, special 18
Containing 30 vocal gems by favorite com
posers. This folio sells always at 75c;
1000 on sale tomorrow, special 12
Sensational Silk Offerings
iooo ards fancv Silks for sepa
rate waists and shirtwaist suits
in new check Louisencs, 85c
and Si. 00 values at, yard.49
2000 yards high-class fancr Silks I
lor shirtwaist suits, in a wide
range of colors and combina
tions. Regular S1.25 and S1.50
qualities at. yard 69
1500 yards one-yard wide guaran
teed black Taffct'a. Regular
St. "50 quality at 1.19
3000 yards plain and changeable
imported mescalines and chiffon
Taffetas, just the thing for your?
spring shirtwaist suits, shown
in a wide range of color combi
nations; same quality von will
have to pay Si. 25 a yard for
Will be sold at tlic extremely low price of, yard.!. ..79p
Kimono Flannelettes
18c Quality at 10c
Soft, fleecy Persian Flannelettes suitable
for kimonos and wrappers in a variety of
pretty designs at the above sharp reduc
tion. ALSO
2000 yards of striped and checked Outing
Flannel in dark and light colors, suitable
for nightgowns at 4
1500 Yards of
Japanese Crepe 15c
Plain colors, pink. blue, green, tan. white,
navy blue in stripes. We h'avc blue and
white, tan, white, gray and pink.
36-inch Sateen for comforter covering,
bright colors, special....:., 122
Quilt-size Batting in heavy sheets; reduced
to. each . ... . .95
. Pillow Cases
45x30 Pillow Cases, read- for use: reduced
to. each 1...10d
$1.75 Kimonos 78c
Fancy Persian stripe Flannelette
Long Kimonos, with wide solid color
$1.50 Flannelette
Underpetticoats for 89c
Fancy pink and blue stripe Flan
nelette Cnderpetticoats, double ruf
fles, embroidered edges.
$1.35 Marseilles
Underpetticoats for 89c
Fancy white Marseilles fleece-lined
Underpetticoats with scalloped edges.
50c Shetland Wool
Squares for 39c
Shetland "Wool Squares with fancy
knit borders, black, white, pink, blue,
Our entire stock of Infants' colored
and cream Silk Caps at Half Price.
Bargains In
The Art Store
Mount Hood Pillow Tops: rcenlar
50c, at 25
75c LUNCH CLOTH 45c.
50c Traycloths ..25
75c Bureau Scarfs 45 p
39c Centerpieces . .25
85c Buffet Scarfs 69
25c Centerpieces 19
All supplies and materials for art
embroidery at greatly reduced
All Pyrograpliy supplies at" re
duced prices.
Pine assortment Cluny Lace and
Byzantine Scarfs and Centerpieces
at reduced prices.
Free lessons in art embroidery
and Pyrograpliy every day.
Hosiery Bargains
Children s fine-grade ribbed Cotton Hose,
double heels aud toes and knees; full regu
lar made; 30c quality 1
Ladies ribbed wool Stockings, merino heel
and toe. full length, seamless; 30c quality,
per pair 18
Ladies' fine k Cashmere Hose, full regular
made, merino tipped heels and toes ; GOc
quality,. reduced to 40
Children's black ribbed Cotton Stockings,
double heel and toe and '.double kneor-15c
quality, reduced to 10
Children's black ribbed "Wool Stockings,
merino heel and toe, 2x1 ribbed; 35c
quality .... 23
Underwear Bargains
Ladies' fleeced Vests, high. neck, long slcoves,
silk trimmed neck, drawers to match; 63c
quality, reduced to 42
Ladies "fine-grade ribbed Union Suits, high
neck, long sleeves, silk taped; $1.50 quality
reduced to $1.05
Hundreds of New Records
Talking Machines
Hundreds of new records in both
10-inch and 12-inch sizes just in.:
Also the new January records. Victor
records now 60 cents. Buv the best
they cost no more than inferior rec--ords.
Victor Talking Machines, 1.00
down, balance easy weekly payments.
Bargains for Men
Men's cambric hemstitched Handker
chiefs, full size; 12Vie quality, 100
Men's pure Irish linen hemstitched
Handkerchiefs; 20c quality reduced
to three for 500
Men's pure Irish linen hemstitched
Handkerchiefs; 25c quality, each 195
Men's muslin Nightshirts, beautifully
trimmed; made large and roonvy; 63o
quality, each .470
MenVfine grade flannelette Nightshirts,
made large and well finished; trimmed
in a variety of colors; $1.00 quality
reduced to 890
All .our $1.50 Manhattan Shirts made oC
madras or percale and all new, fresh
goods, no" old-timers in lot. reduced
to. .'. $1.19
Men's. fine percale Shirts, made specially
forLipman, Wolfe & Co., all new, neat
patterns; reduced to, each. 890
Ladies' Cambric Drawers, deep-hemstitched
ruffle and cluster tucks; buy - all you
Avant tomorrow at.. ...190
French hand-embroidered and hand-made
Chemise, fine, sheer material with fine
embroidered edge, ej'elets and ribbon;
real value $3.50, at $2.25
Ladies' Muslin Gowns, high or V-shape
neck, embroidered insertion and cluster
tucked yoke, ruffle edge: regular 65c, re
duced to 490
CORSET COVERS in endless assortments.
Great bargains at 25c, 29c, 39c, 49c, 59c,
69c. 79c, 98c and up.
GOWNS of cambric, lawn and muslin.
Great bargains at 59c, 79c, 9Sc, $1.39,
$1.59, $1.9S and up.
DRAWERS Great bargains at 39c. 49c,
69c, 98e, $1.39. $1.9S, etc.
SKIRTS of muslin and cambric, with lawn
flounces and ruffles. Great bargains -at
79c, 9Sc, $1.35, $1.45, $1.65, $1.9S, $2.75
and up.
CHEMISE in short and combination styles.
Great bargains at 49c, 59c, 79c, 9Sc, $1.35
and $1.9S.
Bargains in the Linen Store
2000 25c Scarfs and Squares at 14c
Your choice at the above price4 of an enormous assortment
30x30-inch Tambour Squares and 1 8x50-inch Tambour Scarfs
$1.25 Fuli-Size Crochet Bed
spreads at 85c
Every shrewd housekeeper in Portland and
vicinity should be on hand to get a share of these
great, Bedspread bargains On sale near Third
street entrance.
Bargains in Turkish and Honey
comb Towels
20x3S Bleached Turkish Towels, hemmed on ends;
25c quality at 180
19x36 Bleached Honeycomb Towels, hemmed on
ends; 15c quality . g
Short lengths Bleached Table Linen
70c quality, 2 yards for .......980
S5c quality, 2 yards for..". $1.35
75c quality, 2y2 yards for $1.25
90c qualitj 2A yards for 51.48
3000 yards of 72 inches wide Bleached Linen Table Damask 25 different beautiful
patterns to select from; $1.25 and $1.35 quality at 51.O0
Three-quarter Napkins Jo jnatch the table linen; regular $3.50 at $2.75
Great Lace-Curtairi Bargains
, Cable Net, Brussels Xet, Corded Arabian and Scotch Lace. :
lenberg, Irish Point Lace Curtains:
$LO0 Lace Curtains at $ .77
$1.25 Lace Curtains at .93
$L50 Lace Curtains at $1.15
$2.00 Lace Curtains at $1.48
$2.50 Lace Curtains at S1.89
$3.00 Lace Curtains at $2.33
$12.50 Lace Curtains t $9.59
$20.00 Lace Curtains at $15.49
$30.00 Lace Curtains at $23.19
Renaissance, Bat-
$3.50 Lace Curtains at S2.68
$4.00 Lace Curtains at...'. 53.15
$5.00 Lace Curtains at...... '...S3.89
$G.O0 Lace Curtains at.. 54.79
$7.50 Lace Curtains at.'.'..7... S5.79
$10.00 Lace Curtains at.i $7.59
$15.00 Lace Curtains aU 5X1.49
$25.00 Lace Curtains at 519.39
$35.00 Lace Curtains at... $27.09
Great Portiere Bargains
Portion's n .plain and combination color
ings In frinped: corded vclour and tapestry
bordcred pattern, in alL colors. An Immense
assortment to select from.
Regular X 3.50 Portieres at S 2.SS
Regular 7 4.00 Portieres at 3.1 r,
nebular t A.ZQ Portieres at : 3"9
Regular $ -5.00 Portieres at 9 3JS
Rcpu.lar$ 6.00 Portieres at 9 4.78
Regular S 7.50 Portieres at S n-SS
Regular 512.00 Portieres at 3
Regular I15.?0 Portieres at 911.49
.Couch-Cover Bargains
"itiO Oriental striped Couch Covers. SO
inches wide, 3 yards long, fringed. Reduced
to Sc.
Heavy, reversible Oriental Couch Covers
in a large variety .of patterns, in anv color
rorabirntion desired; full CO inches wide, 3
yards long.
Regular. S2.03. Couch Covers at st.58
Regular J2.50 Couch. Covers at SI.M
Regular Couch Covers at 92.6S
Regular U.QO Couch- Covers at... iai.l.
Regular Zi.oO Couch Covers at
Regular 35.50 Couch Covers at 94J&
Regular JS.00 Couch Covenf at 4.7J
.Regular 37.36 Couch Covers at ?3.5
Bargains in Blankets, Comforters
5-Pound Gray "Wool Blankets at.. , S3.68
5-Pound 11-4 Silver Gray Wool Blankets at...- 54.98
10- 4 White Wool Blankets at , $4.39
11- 4 White Wool Blankets at $5.29
11-4 All-Wool White Blankets at ; .55.95
11- 4 All-Wool White Blankets at $7.29
12- 4 Ail-Wool White Blankets at $8.39
5-Pound Silkolinc Comforts, filled with the finest,- quality white laminated
cotton, covered with good quality silkoline in .dainty patterns reduced
to ........ .s $1.68
5-Pound Laminated Cotton Filled Sateen Comforts of finest quality, re
duced to : $2.49
All Eiderdown Comforts greatly reduced in price.
Scalloped and hemstitched
embroidered Haudkerchiefs
for ladies: 12c and 15c
values, each 9d
100 dozen scalloped anthem
stitched embroidered Hand
kerchiefs; 25c values 14
100 dozen all-linen embroi
dered hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, demi-laundered;
35c values for 19
5000 ladies' plain white hem
stitched Handkerchiefs,
131-; inches square; 7c
values, each 4
All Neckwear Reduced ,
25c- at 19
35c at 27
50c at 37
.65c at 47
75e at 57
S5c at...... 67
And all others in
$1.25 at. .5 .98
$1.35 at.. 51.12
$1.50 at. .51.27
$1.75 at.. 51.47
$1.S5 at. .51.63
$2.00 at. .51.73
$2.25 at. ,51.87
like jitoportion.