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Thousands of Youngsters Visit
Exposition and Celebrate
Children's Day.
Defying lluin and Mud, Small Tots
Have the Time of Their IAves
and ltcep7 the" Mana
gers Busy.
S A. Gates open.
12 M. Exhibit buUdlngs,-and Trail
12 M. to 0 P. M. Lewis and Clark
Pwultry Show open.
3 to S P. M. Grand concert by. the
Ellery Royal Italian Band, Gray's
Boulevard bandstand. (li weather Is
bad the concert will be given ,ln the
C P. M. Exhibit buildings close.
7:30 P. M. Grand concert by the
Eilery Royal Italian Band, Auditor
lum. . ,
8 P. ?i Grand electrical illumina
tion of Exposition grounds and
11 P. JiS. Gates close.
11:30 P. M. Trail closes. Grounds
Further information may be ob
tained from official dally programme.
Out at the -Exposition entrance yester
day morning two little children, a boy
and a girl, stood hand In hand at the
parting of the ways. One-was laboriously
clean with, a wldeVhlte collar, palnfully
pollshed shoes, and an oddly assumed air
of unconcerned worldllness; the other de
murely quiet and bubbling with hardly
suppressed excitement. Both had come,
in common with hundreds, perhaps thou
sands, of others, to accept the hospitality
of the Exposition management as mem
bers of the public schools of the City of
Portland. x
On the one hand, the road stretched oft
to the right, on the other to the left,
Mjoth promising much In explorations and
delight The two youthful tourists stood
in silence & moment, deciding, And then
the boy spoke. "Lies' go see the big en
jun," he said, starting towards the Trans
portation building on the right.
The girl held back. "I'd ratber see the
pictures anil the pretty things," she said.
"ICaw," said the other; "we'll see the
enjun ajid ride In the crane up in the
roof." T,he man had Ills say, as used to
be right
Thousands of "Kids."
Yesterday 14,000 tickets were distributed
to the school children of the city, and a
large part of them were used. Neither
wind, nor nun, nor rain, could still the
chatter of the girls or quell the wild
whoops of the boys as they swarmed over
the grounds and through the buildings, In
groups or. accompanied by parents or
older friends. It was the day when the
young were there to enjoy the Fair, and
they did that to the full In their own
original ways. The marvels of the build
ings, the Music of the bands and the
shrill-voiced spielers of the Trail all came
under their critical inspection and criti
cism. They poked sly fingers at the ex
hibits, picked off an occasional grape
which happened to be hanging too far
out In some of the county displays, drank
lemonade through the longest straws, and
in general had the best time ever. Before
the gates were opened in the morning they
had begun to gather, and after the lights
were shining at night they reluctantly,
sadly, took their leave. The grounds yes
terday entertained the most appreciative
gathering perhaps of the whole course"T)f
the Exposition.
At first the sun shone out 4n promise,
and -the grounds were thronged with the
pleasure-seeking youngsters; then the
rain came down In torrents, and the
buildings filled as by magic.
In the Manufactures building two
bedraggled sightseers stood, Just escaped
from the rain, in front of the big yellow
cofiN of butter. The girl looked admir
ingly at the eatable" animal, but the boy
gazed ruefully "at his limp and clinging
collar and short-lived shine. ' "I told
mama it wouldn't do any good to do all
that" he said.
Sympathy for Exposed Beauty.
Down oh tne Trail later Jn the day they,
stood again 1n front of a place alleged
to be representative of the French capl-
tal, and gazed at the obese beauty with
the straight front eyes. "Gee!" said the
boy, "I bet them ladies catch cold and
have tho grip."
In the Auditorium those children who
had grown old In years gathered to pay
tribute to Jefferson, and with them in the
eddy of the crowd came those who had
yet to grow. Some man who was sup
posed to know was telling of the honor
and fame of the father of Democracy.
Jefferson " queried the boy, reflective
ly; "he's the fellow that said 'Millions
for defense,' ain't he?"
"No," was his companion's correction;
"he said 'United we stand.' "
"That ain't right" said the boy. with
superior wlsdomr ""he wrote something.
That man up there just now said he
did. He was the fellow that saw the sun
charmed with the scenic and other at
tractions of the City of Hoses.
At ja. meeting at the Glendora Hotel
tho other evening they formed the
Calkins Newspaper Club, to commem
orate their pleasant visit The mem
bership of the club is in the neighbor
hood of 100, and they hal from differ
ent parts of California. Oregon. "Wash
ington and Nevada:- W. EL Rothery,
of this city, was elected first prosident
of the club; Mrs. Charles P. Lough
bridge, first vice-president, and Miss
Jennie Curnow, secretary. Governor
Pardee and the Secretary of State of
California, the California Commission
ers to the Fair and several local gen
tlemen prominent In business and pro
fessional circles are honorary mem
bers. Among the latter arc Thomas
With the Lewis and Clark Exposition entering on the last week of Its exist
ence. President H. "W. Goode -was able yesterday afternoon to state the final out-i
:ome of the -enterprise from a financial standpoint. He stated that despite the
heavy rains of the past week, which affected the attendance seriously, .the sur
plus when the Fair ends will amount to more than $100,000.
The Inclement weather of the past week cost the Exposltlcn 125,000. Should
tbe final week be attended by equally bad weather It U doubtful If the attend
ance would be ao strongly affected. Many people there are who vrlt! desire to
take a last look at the Exposition and the attendance on tho last day is sure
"to be one of the heaviest of the Fair, probably neavler than on opening day.
But regardless of what may happen, the surplus will reach "bove the
$100,000 mark. That jnuch has been salted away and will not ba touched pendlnc
action of the stockholders. Should a distribution to those wb& Invested In stock
be made, iron 25 to 40 per cent will be paid back on their investments. A
deficit is the . precedent other Expositions have established.
As to the'number of paid admissions, it t known that the 'million mark
has long since been passed. Before tho Fall conservative estimates of Iho prob
able number of raid admissions ranged from 000,000 to J.000,000. The figure
most generally accepted Was 600,0p0 or in that neighborhood.
With any klndyof showing during the- final week the 'total attendance will
reach 2.300,000 Lost night It had pasted 2,345.000. Of this amount between SO
and B5 .per ct-nt ar paid admissions. The total at free admissions represents be
tween 35 and 40 per cent. The total paid admissions are known to have reached
the immediate vicinity of l,500.t)00.
on the back of the chair at Bunker Hill."
And -so the' identity of the "great President
was established.
Children's jday; in csold enjoymont, pro
portionate to numbers was one of the
great successes Of the Exposition, and
will remain longer in the memory of thou
sands than any other day of the whole
Form Newspaper Club.
A. byy of jfretty ypuhg ladles from
California are at present visiting the
Fair as the guests of the Calkins
Newspaper Syndicate, and they are
O'Day, Thomas P. Tliornton. M. J3.
Beatty and T. "W. Duncan. ' The object
of the club la to promote the literary
talent of the members. Incidentally,
and primarily to perpotuate the -pleasing
memories and experiences of their
visit to tho Left-is and Clark Centen
nial Exposition at 'Portland..
Pajaro Valley Sends Strawberries.
Portiaritl ' people have this week -been
favored with a taste of choice straw
berries from the Pajaro Valley, Cali
fornia, of which "Watsonville is the prin
cipal center, famed for fruit of both vine
and tree. For the past six weeks this
valley has been represented at -the Ex
position by a special Commissioner, F. J.
Chapman, who has distributed to visitors
about 15 boxes. of apples and 12 chests
of strawberries. Watsonville ships about
3000 cars of apples annually and 1000 cars
of berries, the last-named crop extending
over eight to nine-months.
."Women Thank Mrs. Cartwrlght-
The success of Abigail Scott Duniway
day at the Exposition was due in great
.measure to lhe untiring efforts of Mrs. C
M. Cartwright, chairman of the general
committee, who named all subcommittees.
Mrs. Cartwright is Intensely Interested in
all matters pertaining to the pioneers of
the Northwest,, and in Mrs. Duniway she
had not only a pioneer, but a lifelong
friend, to serve. Sho has known Mrs.
Duniway since the latter came to Oregon
and deeply appreciates the value of the
latters work in the Northwest, especially
to women. As chairman of the Women's
Auxulllary of the Pioneer Association,
Mrs. Cartwrlght's services have come to
be much depended upon in Portland in the
management of such matters, and the ar
rangements ior the day In question were
deferred t tocher. Many cxpressfons are
heard of deep; appreciation f or" he .active
part- she took -In making the" day a suc--cets
' - v
3IlnirijErJBallding Open. Today
Owinr to the large number of awards
.received by the State of Colorado for
its .mineral "exhibit at the Lewis and
Clark Exposition, and consequent inr
terest evinced in that exhibit by the
public. J. C Langley, Inspector of
Mines, -in charge for . the common
wealth, announces that the .Mining
building will bo kep open today dur
ing the hours that the grounds are
open to. visitors. This Is" the first Sun
day on which' the .Mining building has
been. open.
Electric Apparatus nt Multnomah
Club Blows Out.
Two little girls, bathlng- In "the- tank at
the ilultnomah Amateur Athletic Club,
got a shock,-the lights In-the house, were
blown 'out, and the entire police jiatrol
reporting system rendered useless at 11
A. M. yesterday by crossed wires.
A pole belonging to the Automatic Tele
phone Company, which was being set up
-near the club building, at the head of
Morrison street, fell across wires that
were heavily charged with electricity, and
the series of accidents followed Immedi
ately. The little girls who were in the bathing
tank wero badly frightened, but unin
jured. The damage to the lights- of the club
building and to the reporting system of
tho police department caused considerable
Inconvenience.. It was not until night fliat
the lights were repaired, and the pllce
machinery will be out of commission un
til tomorrow.
"BIpssom" Carpenter, of Oakland,
Fpund It Easy to Get Money.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 7. (Special.)
Four crimes constitute the known record
of "D. R. Blossom," the youthful bank
forger, who was arrested by Detectives
Gibson and Rlordan, yesterday afternoon,
and whose true name is Ambrose Carpen
ter. The young man comes of good fam
ily, and his first forgery, committed June
2S, which was for 51000. was settled by his
parents, who are well-to-do residents of
Oakland. He 'Was arrested -on that occa
sion, but there was no prosecution, and,
like any other favored prisoners, his pho
tograph was never taken .for" the rogues
'"Blossom" Carpenter seemed- to expe
rience little or no difficulty In getting
money on his forgeries ' from the various
banking Institutions with which he did
business. The matter of identification,
evidently, was completely overlooked, and
it was only necessary for the young crim
inal to present his forged paper, take
his money and go his way.
Carpenter's first forgery was committed
whe he was employed by Mr. Rodgers,'
yhc husband of the woman whose name
he forged. Ho had often gone to the
bank for. his employer, and it was easy
for him to get a check cashed. It was
only by a comparison of signatures that
tbla crime was discovered and the forger
taken Into custody. For a time Carpenter
Tefrained from felonious pen work, but
of late he has taken up the game again,
and. seems to have played no favorites In
the matter of selecting victims.
When he was arraigned In the Police
Court today. Carpenter said he needed no
lawyer, as he Intended to plead guilty.
.Judge Morgan told him to-reserve his plea
for the Superior Court, and set his exam
ination for next Wednesday.
Sues for Goods Sold at Dawson.
William W. Porter yesterday sued Will
iam Thomas and George Ames in the
State Circuit Court to recover $M9 on ac
count of goods sold to them at Dawson
while they were conducting a hotel there
between June and November, 19C0. The
goods were sold by the Alaska Mercan
tile Company, which assigned the claim
to Porter.
To all friends and neighbors for their
kindness during out late bereavement of
dear husband and father, Frederick Hast
ings, S7S Williams avenue. Mrs. F. Hast
ings, Arthur Hastings, Ada. Hastings,
Laura Hastings, Frederick Hastings,
George Hastings.
Complete Recovery of a .Well-Kaewa Saa
Adolph -W3ke, th capitalist, of 020 Green
street Js one of San Francisco's pioneer busi
ness men. He was the founder of the Orig
inal California Cracker Company at the cor
ner, of Battery and Broadway; In that city.
Hearing that he had recovered, from Dia
betes' (a disease that Is beltered 'to be- in
curable) Charles Stewart, a ; business man
of Alcona.' Is., wrote him asking if It was
true. We are permitted to copy his per
sonal reply:
San Francisco. July 22. 1004.
CHAS. STEWART, ESQ.. Algona. Iowa.
Dear Sir; Would have answered your let
ter sooner, but wjm at my mine In Placer
county. Will now say that If you have Dia
betes, nothing in the world will cure you
but the J. J. Fulton Compound. Tou want
to make tip your mind In the first place to
stay wtih it npt take a few bottles and then
-stop, either through Impatience or imagining
you are al! right. It will take time, but It
Is sure to cure you. I took the medicine (a
bottM a week) for a whole year and am now
a well as 1 ever was In my life, and thi
was all of four years ago. I am much of the
Um9, mine, 500 feet underground, and
With at bad effect. Of .course, one has to
live rightly. The sooner you commence tak
ing, thlv Compound. th sooner you will com
.rae.nce to jret. ou.t of your misery. If you
commence at once, and live rightly. In one
year's ttme I guarantee you Will be entlrely
rid of the disease and as well a man as ever.
Tours very truly.
. ' 90 Oren st.
Mr." Weske U over 7Q-years old".
Medical works record Diabetes as lacurable.
but "nearly nine-tenths are recovering under
Fulton's Dlabetlo Compound. Send for ltter-
.ature. Woodard. Clarke A Co., gtJ. Port
land. . " ." ,
When to -suspect Dlahetes-Drj'nMs. of the
throat unusual thirst large quantities ef
urine voracious appetite weakness wltaout
apparent cause one or more of these.
;y . MEDALS Ml
Messrs. H. LIEBES 6 CO., Portland, Or. -
Gentlemen: I have the honor to inform you that the jury
under Group A awarded your exhibit seven Gold. Medals as
follows :
For the Best and Most Originar Exhibit Pirst Prize.
For the Best General Display of Fine Skins Pirst Prize.
For the Best Display of Sealskins Pirst Prize.
For the Best Manufactured Sealskin Garments Pirst Prize.
For the Best Display, of Manufactured Furs First Prize.
For the Most Original atld Stylish Garments Pirst Prize.
For the Best Display of Mounted Rugs First Prize.
Yours very truly,
HENRY E. DOSCH, Director of Exhibits.
Seven Golden Recommendations
Could you want any better indorsement
of our materials and workmanship?
Just think, we took FIRST PRIZE in
every class. All this means that our
exhibits were subjected to the most crit
ical examination by expert judges. And
remember that we better furs
nor workmanship than we put into
the garments furnished our customers
every day in the week. Wouldn't it
pay you to see us when you want furs?
DoaArrf la ceatagioos disease, caased by micro bo.
Humz ihl im it HEineiK wui
Tfe sera atsatlos of "hair renetly" throws
soma mm Into a fit Of ."unreasonable Incre
dulity. It I -true that before the mlcroblo
ertsia o baldnem; was discovered most
hair rtteedlM wero worthMs, but not many
of them wers designedly ao. ChrOnio bald,
ness Is Incurable, but Its forerunners
dandruff, Itchlnr scalp and falllnr hair
can be cured by stopptns the mlerob'c
growth with Xewbro's Hsrplcld. It pre
vents reinfection. Money back If unsatis
factory. Delightful hair dreaMnr. Stops
iicmni oc scaip instantly.
ftnw itom, f.N. Sfrt'ik., stays, ta REaMCIK CO., fcft. H., Dttrttr, Hlcfi.. fir a Sani.
TIme Orlflaal Remedy That Kills the Dandruff Germ."
Appltcatteos at Premtaeat Barber Sheps.