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..Meier d& Frank Company..
Refrigerators, Lawn Mowers, Screens, etc., in the Basem't
..Meier & Frank Company..
Custom Shade Work a specialty Best workmanship
..Meier & Frank Company..
Go-Carts and Baby Carriages 40. models All prices
Ksbtth to Police si Tommy
Ladies' Fabric Gloves and Mitts Pleasing variety of the newest and best styles.
Sole agents for the "La Grecque" Corsets The most comfortable and graceful ever made.
New arrivals in t)otted and Figured Pongee Silks for Summer Waists Fifteen styles.
Artisfac Picture Framing to your order-Largest line of new moldings-Lowest prices.
BrS aP4A?n Bi Matoees Kanfcete Comforters, Pillows, etc., on Third Floor.
Our "Willamette" Sewing Machine at $25 is the equal of any $50 one on the market
2farlc Iji Pariaed b4 Bar
ronnded, fcut Escapes.
1 ' wmvaMBMnaMwaanMMOMMi
Lfiinoat caught -crlth the 5-year-old
daughter of J. Pfeifer In bis -arms, a. man
known to the police as Tommy Marks
managed to elnde the officers in a lumber
pile and make good his escape from a
crowd which would have lynched him
had the policemen not "been, present.
Mrs. S. B. Bunch and Mrs. Wakefield,
both living on Thurman street, saw late
yesterday afternoon a. man carrying a. lit
tle girl who was kicking at her brutal
captor and protesting most rigorously.
Immediately they gave the alarm. When
Marks saw that he was discovered, he
dropped the child and ran behind a. lumber
pile .t the corner of Seventeenth and
Thurman streets, near the warehouse of
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver.
The startled women ran for help to some
men working near by, and the men re
membering their little ones at home lost
no time In taking after the kidnaper.
Slipping In between huge piles of lumber
Marks managed to avoid his pursuers. Po
licemen Kay and Relsing happened along
and took part In the chase, but they did
no more than the workmen. The whole
community was rapidly aroused and men
and women Joined In the man-hunt.
Several times persons were positive they
saw the wanted man dart from one lum
ber pile to another, but In every case be
fore the policemen arrived at the spot
no Marks could be seen. For more than
an hour the crowd hunted through the
block, but neither they nor the trained
sleuths of the law could find the man
whom they had surrounded. At last the
crowd disbanded and the policemen came
down town to report to the station. Borne
hours later they returned to the scene,
evidently believing that the man whom
they wanted would come back and try the
same thing over again or give himself up.
But Marks preferred to stay away, so
up to a late hour last night the vigilant
policemen hod not captured tho kidnaper.
It Is almost Incredible that he left the
lumber yard while the women were bo
close behind, but In the game of hide and
seek which followed the kidnaper certain
ly got the best of the policemen.
, J. Pfelfer, the father of the little girl,
who came so near being the victim of a
brutal kidnaper, lives on Upshur street.
From the description of tho would-be
kidnaper Detective Frank Snow Identified
him as Tommy Marks, a man known to
the police as one capable of doing such a
deed without a moment's hesitation. He
wears several aliases and may give an
other name when captured If he remains in
the city long enough for the police to find
Had not the women seen Marks when
he had the girl in his arms, he had an
open field to spirit the little girl away.
Marks is described as a young man, 25
years of age, -wearing a gray suit and a
gray crusher hat. The detectives say
they know the man and will not hesitate
to arrest him wherever found.
Adolph. Ashoff Says Tliey Are Tfeces
tarr to Thorough Ranging.
Adolph Ashoft, assistant supervisor of
the Cascades and Bull Run forest reser
vation, came home yesterday from the
Marmot, where he has been directing the
opening of trails for protection against
forest fires In Marlon, Linn. Clackamas,
Wasco and Multnomah Counties. Ha
went out to his home on Salmon River,
widely known as the "Ashoff's Place."
Mr. Ashoff Is a very enthusiastic moun
tain and forest man, and a member of the
Maxamas. He likes nothing better than
running over the most rugged of moun
tains. ,Va
"What wev-need," said Mr. Ashoff In a
brief Interview, "are men who have an
Interest in protecting the forests and not
men who go out for a vacation, and we
need to cut wldo, well defined trails so
the rangers can get through the rugged
wild country to the most Inaccessible
points. The main thing to do effective
work In case of fire Is to stop it at the
start, as when once It gets under way
there Is little hope of getting it stopped.
We have hardy - mountain men In the
division I Just came from. They know
their business and will do their work
well. There Is now a trail from Mount
Hood to the McKenzIe and to Marlon
Lake, the most beautiful body of water
in the world. 4G00 feet elevation. Trails
are being cut to Elk Lake, Hot Springs,
Mlnto Mountain, Permllle Lake, so It will
be possible for the tourist to reach these
"I am a crank on forest and mountains.
I am In this work largely to aid In open
ing up our most magnificent scenery, so
that our people may see what we have
right here In Oregon. I have travoled
In the Alps and In other widely-known
mountains in foreign lands, but we have
as good If not finer scenery hero in
"How would you better protect the
"By cutting more wide trails and by
getting a class of rangers who love the
mountains. Then tho rangers are not
paid enough. They get JOO a month, fur
nish their own horses and everything.
This Is too small a sum for what Is re
quired of them. They should be better
paid than that. I would cut more trials
and employ enough men to make their
work effective. A firo once started is
hard to stop until it burns itself out.
To 8 top a fire In the forest the ranger
must be on the spot, or so he can get
there at once without loss of time. With
men enough to cover the territory and
with trails this can be done."
"Is there much danger now?"
"Yes, there Is constant danger from
now on. James Branhlll, who has a saw
mill on the Sandy River, Just told me that
the lightning struck several trees In that
district and started fires, which, how
ever, did not spread. Provision will bo
made for the Bull Run reserve. I am
to see M. C Isenberg. forest supervisor
or head ranger, of Hood River, about nut
ting men in that reservation at once. We
.have good men at work where I came
from and we will try to get tho same
class out there."
Second of the Sunday Afternoon
Series la City Park.
A big crowd Is certain to attend the con
cert to be given by Brown's band this
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock la the City Park
at the head of Park avenue. It waa
thought the band would have given two
concerts last week, but the sections of
the bandstand could not be completed in
time on account of the committee being
busy with the fund to help the Heppner
sufferers, but the contract was let a few
days ago and this week will see tho In
auguration of tho Wednesday and Friday
night concerts. Tho band has been stead
ily rehearsing, and fine concerts may be
looked for. The programme for this
afternoon's concert:
XMrre in memory of the Heppner Dtad.Cbcraln
March "Captain O. X. Stoele'a" Carlton
altxes-'-Lazarre;; Blancke
Overture "Oberon" Weber
(a) Celebrated Minuet Paderewskl
(b) "Xu Moulin" Glllet
Medley oi popular airs O'Haro
Ten minutes' intermission.
A Bummer night man "The Spooks Parade"
Scenes from "L'j'jis. di Lamraeimnlr"SoS2etti
Intermexro "Jfalla" DellbM
Bcenes from "The Viceroy" Herbert
Halleluiah chorus, from "Hessian".. Handel
A bom cure for Eye troubles. Never fails
to win friends. Used for Infant and adult.
Murine don't smart. Soothes Eye-pain,
Reduced prices in the Cloak Store. The ready-to-wear
section could hardly have a heartier wel
come for you than is expressed in the paragraphs
which follow. We are going to clean house thor
oughly in the Cloak Store this season going to
make possession of new wearing apparel so easy
these late June days that distribution wfll be ouickly
accomplished. Exquisite creations some of Dame
Fashion's most recent efforts greatly underpriced.
Who will be the fortunate ones?
Ladies' Monte Carlo Coats, made of linen. The rich
est, most stylish and reasonably priced, as well as
serviceable, coat, ever shown, and rt f
the price of all the new arrivals is J
Ladies' Blouse and tight-fitting Jackets in cheviots and
coverts, stylish, well-made coats that we have always
sold regularly at $12.00 and $12.50, tff MT A P
we offer tomorrow at the very 16w JJ -41
price of - "
Ladies' Box Monte Carlo Coats, in tan covert, black
rVipvinr and hlack silk. New efFecfivft sfvlfv? fhit
always sold regularly at $7.00 and $7.50, will be
on sale G? C 0 C
tomor- SJ.OJ
row at--
Shirtwaists Reduced
Shirtwaist counters have a summer story to tell today. With
the calendar near the first of July, it's high time for women to
know about the bargains in the Shirtwaist line. The need can't
be deferred long. Style and economy lock arms in the following
items :
Our entire stock of ladies' cotton Shirtwaists, in white and
colors, all the newest and best styles shown this season. Not one
held in reserve. Choose at the following low prices:
$1.25 Waists $ ,95 $1.75 Waists $1.39
$2.25, $2.50 Waists ..$1.89
$4.00., $4.25 Waists ..$3.22
$6,00, $6.50 Waists . .$4.85
$10, $10.50 Waists ..$7.95
$3.00, $3.25 Waists ..$2.48
$5.00, $5.50 Waists . .$4.28
$8.50, $9.00 Waists ..$6.95
$ 12.50 Waists riow. . . .$9.45
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Bathing Suits, Shoes and Caps at the lowest prices.
Misses Walking Skirts
A ereat special offering of Misses' Walking
Skirts. The comfortable garment for vaca
tion and seashore wear. Made of good
ijuality homespun, gray, tan or d j Q L
blue, all the $6 values tomorrow
Special values in Children's Wash Dresses
and Suits, new styles.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Bathing
Suits, Caps and Shoes, all sizes, all prices.
Many styles, second floor.
$5.00 Wrappers, $2.52
Ladies' fine figured Lawn Wrappers,
nicely trimmed with large tucked collar, em
broidery and lace, assorted colors; beautiful
styles; every one regular $4.50
and $5 values. While they last ....
Ladies' black satin Petticoats, pleated ruffles
and stitched bands or tucked flounce and
ruffle; regular $2.25
value. Tomorrow
zkcu nounce ana
Wash Goods Bargains
An economy such as this is of very rare occurrence. With Sum
mer gowns to be provided you should, get your share of these splendid
values. Unless signs fail, you'll need these cool, filmy fabrics ere
long. You may thank the cold days in the East last Summer for these
splendid bargains. A most liberal assortment of colorings and designs.
32-inch Silk and Linen Tissue about 6000 yards white grounds with
colored stripes, and linen colored ground with white and colored
stripes. Beautiful fabrics for hot weather wear. Best wash Iff
goods bargain of the year; 65c value, yard $i C
3800 yards of Imported Dimities, guaranteed the best quality and col
orings on the market. A grand assortment of style- for you to choose
from. The price, quality considered, the lowest ever quoted "?
in Portland. 25c value, yard 17C
4000 yards of Linen Batiste, tan grotfnd only, with white and colored
stripes; veryneat and pretty material; always sold regularly
at 35c and 40c yard. Tomorrow, yard..
5000 yards Lawns, Dimities. and Batiste, in a splendid variety of pat
terns a m coionngs, io ciose out at a traction of their real value. Come early if you want
first selection. Yard
Men's $5
and $6 Shoes
$3.85 Pair
Scores of shrewd men took
advantage of the great offer
ing of the famous French,
Shriner & Urner shoes, $5
and $6 values, at $3.85 pair
last Saturday. The successful
selling inspired us to continue
the sale tomorrow and Tues
day, for every pair of these
good shoes we sell makes a
friend for the men's shoe store.
The latest and best styles in
patent colt, patent kid, patent
horse, velour calf and cordo
van shoes or Oxfords, in all
the above leathers; also patent
calf blucher Oxfords and black
Russia Oxfords, all sizes. All
are $5 and $6 values. To
morrow and Tuesday, your
Marvelous Ribbon Bargain
We ask you but a very small
part of the regular price for
this great lot of Satin Taffeta
Ribbon, which goes on sale
tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock
Over 8000 yards, all told,
and it's the finest quality, 4
inched wide, and an assort
ment of colors that will please
every one, white', black, pink,
light blue, red, mais, tur
quoise, etc. We've given
you many good
ribbon offerings' in
days gone by, but
none to equal this
lot at the ridicu
lously low price
of, per
Ostermoor Mattresses
Are made of patent elastic Felt. The most satisfactory mat
tress ever made. We've sold two thousand of them without
hearing a complaint. We are sole Portland agents.
Great Carpet Value
This Carpet Store has been ex
ceedingly generous this spring with
those in need of floor covering and
this generosity does not seem to be
at an end yet. Subject under con
sideration today is a great lot of Ax
minsters at $1.23 yard. Quite un
necessary for us to go into any dis
cussion regarding Axminsters The
most satisfactory carpet we know of.
35 patterns to select from, borders
to match, sewed, laid and lined,
regular $1.50
grade, this
week at, yard..
Slimmer Curtains
Special sale of Curtains for the Summer home, Snowflake
Curtains, fringed at both ends, silk stripe running through,
very pretty styles.
.25 values $ .98 pair
2.00 values 1.55 pair
2.75 values 2.1? pair
3.50 values 2.77 pair
, lam aim uneu,
1 23
Trunks Reduced
A Trunk sale of more than
usual importance commences
tomorrow and continues
through the week. Best
trunks at reduced prices at
just the time when you are
preparing for the vacation trip
and very likely need one.
About 72 of them all told
canvas covered, full steel
bound, heavy clamps, Eagle
lock, extra dress trays, "secret
drawer, etc. 30-inch, 32-inch,
34-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch sizes.
$10.50 vai. $8.77
$11.25 vai. $9.35
$12.00 values at $ 9.8?
$ 1 2.75 values at $ 1 0.45
$13.50 values at $10.93
Steamer Trunks, all prices. 50 other styles of trunks from
$3.25 to $85.
Traveling Bags and Suit Cases largest stock in the far
West. Straw and Canvas Telescopes, Trunk Straps, etc.
Third floor.
Camp Stools, Hammocks, Outing Goods.
Another Stirring Sale of Men's and Boys' Clothing commences
tomorrow and continues through the week. No matter what price
we place oh our clothes, the style is correct according to the latest
designs of the highest-class tailors, though our prices are never more
than half what they must charge. We mean to make this "Trade
Sale" an event you'll long remember for. the greatest Clothing Values
you ever bought.
Men's fancy mixture and blue serge suits, also all-wool d o e
suits in browns and grays, reg. $10.00 values for vOjJ
Men's all-wool Suits in cheviots, tweeds and cassimeres, handsome
styles, all sizes. The regular $12.50 values go on f ff
sale tomorrow at p v.O
Men's fine quality worsted, cheviots and tweed Suits in pin checks
and fancy mixtures, all the best $15.00 suits shown d f fr
this season, go on sale tomorrow at P "
Men's fine all-wool Suits in unfinished worsted, brown and gray
plaids and mixtures, handsomely tailored, best tf A & e
style cut, all the $18.00 suits for p
Men's fancy worsted and tweed Suits in stylish checks, mixtures and
over-plaids, every suit worth $25.00, sale price, j J
.Men's all-wool Pants, gray, checks and stripes, the regular $2.50 values, 8L9S
All 150 Pants $3.10 pair All S4.00 Pants 83.35 pair All 24.50 Pants $3.85 pair
All $5.00 Pants L20 pair All 5.50 Pants $4.85 pair All 56.00 Pants $5.30 pair
All Blue Sergo Suits Reduced.
Boys' blue flannel Bailor Suits, reg. $L85 now 8L60. Boys' blue cheviot Sailor
Suits, reg. S2J.0 now SL83. Boys' all-wool blue cheviot Sailor Suits, 83.00 value
82.60. Brown homespun and gray mixtures, reg. 83.50 value $3.05. Bovs' blue
sergo Sailor Suits, 4.50 values $3.85. 83.00 Norfolk Suits S2.60. $40Norfolk
Suits faS5. $5.00 Norfolk Suits 830. 86.00 Norfolk Suits $5.20. Boys' all-wool
and corduroy Pants all reduced. Youths' and Young Men's Suits all reduced.
Kitchen Goods
For Coast use Everything you need
at the very lowest prices. Curtains,
Bed Iiinens,Mattings,Chinaware,Glass
ware, etc. For Coast use Best variety.
Silk Offerings
A change in a prominent silk
manufacturer's plans enables us to
offer you a great lot of handsome
Satin Foulards silks at very invit
ing prices. Foulards have enjoyed
a great revival in the East this
Spring and Summer and are in great
demand for walking suits, being
cool, stylish and serviceable. Here's
dots and figures in navy blue, black
and an immense assortment of other
color combinations.
$1.00 grade 69c yd
$1.25 grade 95c yd
A speciaUot of handsome black
Grenadines for summer gowns,
best patterns
$1.25 grade at 93c yd
$ 1 .50 grade at $ 1 .05 yd
2000 yards of Silk Striped Chaliics
in the very best patterns and col
ors, extraordinary value
at the low price of per yd C
EtamSnes 39c yard
Let every woman in need of a dress skirt give ear a special
offering goes on sale tomorrow of 38-in wire cloth wool in
Tan, Blue, Brown and Gray, best dress goods HQ
bargain of the year at, per yard 3VC
Monday Bargains
In Various Departments
Economical shoppers will wade through this list care
fully. Grand money-saving chances in wearing apparel
that you'll appreciate. A dozen departments join in this
bargain giving.
350 pairs of women's cambric draw
ers all are torchon lace trimmed
all sizes, and excep- 'm f
tional value at, per pair. i C
Pearl button shirtwaist set, to sew
on the waist, three large and two
small buttons in the set,
special, per sot . 1 vC
Children's high neck, long sleeve,
ankle length whito union suits,
all sizes, big value at,
per suit dr3C
The "Korso" swiss ribbed corset
cover, trimmed with Valenciennes
lace and insertion, special y
value at
The "Korso" silk finished lisle cor
set cover, lace trimmed, 9g
SL00 value .... Z?C
Dennison's ;repe paper napkins,
regular 40c per hundred, 9
sale price Cdf. C
3fX) chiffon veils and hat drapes,
black, white and brown, best
" styles, regular 3L00
values, at OC
Ladies' cambric short skirts, lace
embroidery or insertion trim
med, great value at, 9
each J&
Misses' fast black fine ribbed
hose, sizes 5 to 10, exception
ally good value at, Tt SC
per pair 1 JC
"Hurd's" famous writing paper,
old style linen, regular
15c quire, tomorrow
Eoxboro antique cabinet box pa
per, i8 sheets paper, 48
envelopes, 40c vaL, box C
Boyal Stewart box paper, fancy
fabric finish, 35o
value, per box
Porch Shade" are mada from Linden
wood fiber securely woven with the best
seine twine, and aro fitted with metal pul
leys and a heavy maltre cord for raisin?.
They are an ideal shade keeping out the
sun, but let In the air; permit you to look
out while you are screened from the view
of others. Finished in dark rich green.
4s.S-tt. ulie, 92.75 SxS-ft. size, 9-iMO
SxS-ft. iUc, 93.50 lOxS-ft. else, $.g