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l12f ; With a One, two or three Bqrnr Hot Plate : v V; : ":..: ij
One Burner Hot Plate, con
nected, ready for use . . .
Two-Burner Hot Plate, con-
nected; ready for use . . -
Three -Burner Hot Plate,
connected ready for use . i
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Free qas services wiil be .run during the m&nt'li' "of-SBpteixi-bep-'4WVtfi'
from our street mains to basements, , for those who intend JojciUI
1 i n n -i -l i n K 1 ni i ' v
maKe immediate juse 01 gas-ior ngnxmg or iuei. ms proposition
coupled with the -
I-.! .ft
r ' -
. -Constitutes a doubly practical inducement, to, .adcppt... modern-v-vc ,.:
. ir.,",: rT :5 ;rreans of cooking 'arid lighting-. ''" "" ' '' ;VT"" ' :
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y' ObBcrr&nce in tlie Place of
orsliip ErcniiouB Service at
Hollnday Paxlc
, 'ncls Murphy, tho great temperance
A cate, who has foa International
)f&mo In this causa, -will speak twice to
day. ThlB mornlnff he will address a
meeting In Ms stirring fashion at the
Grace Methodist Church, corner of
Twelfth and Taylor streets, to which he
bas been invited by Itev. H. D." Atchison,
in the evening he will speak in
the Taylor-Street Methodist Church,
to which he has been cordially
Invited in Dr. Kellog-g'g absence.
While Dr. Gue, presiding elder of
this conference was in Chicago, he
tnet Mr. Murphy and extended to him a
Very cordial invitation to stop over here
whtle passing through. It was partly
upon this request and partly because of
the pleasant memories entertained by Mr.
Murphy of his visit hero nine years ago
that he will appear in the local pulpits
At his former visit the churches. Young
Men's Christian Association andTPoman's
Christian Temperance Union combined to
hold forth the inducement of hearing Mr.
Murphy speak, and joined in tho prelim
inary work of getting up big meetings.
Good results were had, and many men
wore assisted to do right. o'clock this afternoon an open-air
evensong service will bo held at Holla
day Park, by tho clergy and vested choirs
of the Episcopal Churches, which should
Cevelop into a popular service.
Grace Methodist Eplscojml.
At the Grace Methodist Episcopal
Church, corner Twelfth and Taylor
streets, Francis Murphy, of international
Came, the groat advocate of Gospel tem
perance, will preach at the morning serv
ice at 10:30. In tho evening at 7:30 tho
pastor, Hugh D. Atchison, will preach on
"Judgment and "Separation," from the
text, "His fan is is in his hand." Tho
Jnuslc for the day will be furnished by a
fiuartot choir under the direction of Miss
EUs. Hoberg.
The "Onion Bpworth League meeting
at C:5 P. M. will be held at tho Taylor
Btreet Church.
Firt Conirrcfimtlonal.
This morning the last Sunday of the
vacation season, services will bo held at
tho First Congregational Church, corner
Park and Madison streets, beginning at
10.30 o'clock. Rev. "W. C Kautner, D. D
of Salem. Or., who has filled the pulpit
very ably during the month of August,
vUi conduot .the rervices. The pastor.
Rev. A. "W. Ackerman, wiil return this
week, and will resume his active work
ext Sunday. There will bo no evening
wices today.
First Christian.
Rev. J. M. Allen, of Spokane, will
each today at tho First Christian"
lurih, corner of Columbia and Park
eeta. at U A. M. and S P. M. The sub-
t of morning sermon is, 'The Victory
Faith"; of evening sermon, "Tho
rlstian Endeavor Society; Of "What
Trinity EpiscopnL
.t Trinity Church. Sixth and Oak
ttreets. Rev. Dr. A. A. Morrison, rector,
ev. C. H. Lake, assistant in charge,
e following services will be held today:
oming prayor and sermon. 11 A. M.;
tunday School. i-5 A. M. There will be
io evening service today.
St. Mnrlc'n lpSseopal.
At St. Mark's Episcopal Church, corner
Nineteenth and Quimby streets, this
morning, the rector. Rev. J.' E. Simpson,
will conduct the following services: Holy
communion. ":3 A. M.; morning prayer.
LStany asd sermon. U A. SI, Sunday
School Is he at 10 A. M. The union1!
cexvice at uolladay Park will take the
plice of usual evening prayer in this
Immannel Baptist. H
At the Immanuel Baptist Church, cor
ner Second and Meade streets, services
will be held today at 10:45 A. M,. and S
P. M., conducted by the pastor, S. C.
Lapham. The subject of the evening
sermon will bo "Tho Swelling of Jor
dan." Sunday School Is held at 11:45 P.
M.; Toung People's prayer meeting, 7:00
P. M. Midweek prayer and praise serv
ice Thursday evening.
Swedish. Lutheran.
At the Swedish Lutheran Immanuel
Church. 430 Burnsldo street, tho pastor,
Rev. John W. Skans, will conduct serv
ices today at 10:30 A. M. and 8 P. M.
Sunday Schodl is held at 12 OL
First A. 31. X3. ZIon.
At the first A. M. E. ZIon Chufch, cor
ner of Main and Thirteenth streets, the
-paster Rev. Erving Swan will preach both
morning and evening. The morning sub
ject Is "A Bruised Reed Shall He Not
Break." Class meeting will be held at
12 M. Sunday School at 1 P. M. Tho
evening themo is "Tho Requirements of
God." This is rally day at the church.
Every one Is invited to come. In tho
evening the choir will furnish tho music.
"W. H. Carter, chorister, Mrs. J. W.
Robinson, organist.
Mount Olivet Baptist.
This morning at tho Mount Olivet Bap
tist Church, Everett between Fifth and
Sixth streets, the pastor. Rev. T. F.
Smith, will preach at 11 o'clock on tho
subject, "Suffering." This evening at 8
o'clock memorial services In honor of
David P. Bouiser, Excellent Grand Sec
retary of the Independent Order of Odd
Fellows. All are Invited to attend.
Universal Brotherhood.
Universal Brotherhood and Theosophl
cal Society, headquarters 444 Washington
street, will meet this morning at 10:30.
Lotus Group, at 8 P. M., public meeting.
No regular subject, but ft general dis
cussion on questions by the audience.
Regular weekly study class on Tuesday
Christian Science.
At tho Portland Church of Christ (Sci
entist), Auditorium, Third street, between
Taylor and Salmon, services will be held
at 11 A. M. today. A Wednesday testi
monial meeting will be held at S P. M.
The reading-room Is open dally from 10
A. M. to 5 P. M..
Church of Christ (Scientist).
At the First Church of Christ (Scient
ist), Twenty-third street near Irving, tho
regular services are suspended during Au
gust. The church will be open at 10:30
Sunday morning, and the reading-room
from 2 to 4 daily, except Sunday.
At Artisans Hall, In the Ablngton
Building, 106 Third street, today at 11
A. M. and S P. M., there will be lec
tures by Rev. W. C. Bowman, closing
his Portland work for the present. Morn
ing topic: "Foundations, Sources and
Breadth of Modern Spiritualism"; even
ing, topic, "An Inquiry Inter the Nature
of Deity." The public is welcome.
Bishop Cranston at the Sannyslde
Methodist This Morning.
Bishop Earl Cranston, one of the most
widely known bishops of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, will preach at 11 A. M.
today at the Sunnyside Methodist Church.
Bishop Cranston's recent experience In
China, where ho has presided over the
missions during the past two years, makes
his discourse of nreat interest at tho
present time. Arrangements have been
made for a larger seating capacity in
order to accommodate visitors. At S
o'clock this evening the pastor. Dr. H.
B. Elworthy, will preach from the text,
"The Utility of a True Life."
Tho following musical programme will
be rendered:
Morning Prelude. Pastoral No. 3, Ben
da, H. D. Crockett; anthem. "Beautiful
Robes," Klrkpatrlqk. chorus choir; of
fertory. "Mine." andantino, H. D. Crock
ett; duet, "No Hope Beyond." White.
Mrs. Insley and Miss Royal; postlude,
Mardale. H. D. Crockett.
Evening Prelude, Moderato, Barnett,
H. D. Crockett; anthem, "We Shall Cross
the Rolling Tide," chorus choir; offertory,
Rubinstlne, H. D. Crockett; anthem', "Thy.
Boundless Lovo," Gabriel, chorus choir;
postlude, Batterman, H. D. Crockett
At the Taylor-Street Church, corner of
Third and Taylor streets, Rev. W. W.
Youngson, of Vandergrlft, Pa., will
preach this morning at 10:30. Rev. Mr.
Youngson came to this city first -with
Dr. Charles Edward Locke, remaining
nearly a year regaining health and
strength, which had been Impaired In his
college course. After three more years
in Drew Theological Seminary, he was
made the first pastor of the church at
Vandergrlft, Pa., which has grown dur
ing his four years pastorate to a mem
bership of over 400. He Is spending the
vacation granted him by his official board
with friends in this city. The evening
services at 7:30 will be a Gospel temper
ance meeting, under the direction: of Mr.
Francis Murphy, the, distinguished tem
perance orator from Pittsburg, Pa. The
music will be under the direction of Pro
fessor W. H. Boyer, with Mrs. A. M.
Smith as contralto soloist.
The Rev. Mr. Story, rector of Marys
vllle, Cal., will preach at TrlnltyChurch
at 11 A. M. today. Mr. Story was rector
of tho parish for some years.
United. Brethren;
Regular services will be held at the
United Brethron Church. In Alblna, to
day. There will be preaching both morn
ing and evening by the pastor, Rev. F. E.
Coulter. His morning theme will be "God
Growing in Us (Regeneration)." In tho
evening ha will aieak on the subject,
"God Acting Through Us (Religion)."
Tho musical selections for both services
have been carefully selected. One of the
features of the musical service will be
an Instrumental duet on -the saxaphone
and ballad-horn at the morning hour.
There will also be other excellent selec
tions. Next Thursday evening the pastor will
begin a series of Bible readings on prac
tical topics. The subject for next week
Will be "Light"
Centenary Methodist.
Services will -bo held as usual at the
Centenary Methodist Church today. This
morning there will bo a sermon by Rev.
A. S. Mulligan, of Mount Tabor. The
evening service will be In charge of Rev.
G. H. Bennett, of tho Clark-Sstreet
Snnnyslde Congregational.
Tho Sunday School convenes at 10 A. M.
ofr the stury of tho lesson, "The Good
Shepherd," under tho superintendence of
Dr. M. A. Jones. At 11 o'clock tho pas
tor. Rev. J. J. Staub, will preach on the
subject "Effectual Forces of Early Chris
tianity and Those of Today." The Young
People's Society will gather for tho
monthly consecration meeting at 7 P. M.
and consider the topic, "Ministering to
Christ" under the leadership of Miss
Charlotte Huff. Most of tho members
and friends of the church having returned
from their vacations, tho usual evening
preaching sen-Ice will be resumed, begin
ning with this evening, the pastor taking
for his subject 'The Foolishness of
Preaching." Miss Alble Fowler and Mrs.
J. J. Staub will render some choice" se
lections in connection with the evening
service. Strangers are always cordially
Free Methodist. '
At the Free Methodist Church, corner
East Ninth and Mill streets, Rev. H. V.
Haslam will preach at H A. M. and Rev.
C. A. Wllley at S P. M.; Sunday School
will be held at 10 A. M.
Evensong Service in Holladay Par
Under Episcopal Auspices.
This afternoon, beginning promptly
at 5 o'clock, the clergy and vested choirs
of the Episcopal Church in Portlarid
will sing Evensong in Holladay Park.
"The service will commence with the
singing of the processional hymn, "The
Son of God Goes Forth to War." which
will continue until all the clergy have
reached the places set apart for them
and will be followed by the regular or
der of Evening Prayer. Among tho fa
miliar hymns that will be .sung- are the
following: t '
"T,he Shadows of the Evening Hour." '
"Hark, Hark My Soul, Angelic Voices
Sing." " " ' " '
"All Hall the Power of Jesus' Name."
"Saviour, Again to Thy Dear Namo We
Raise." '
"Jerusalem, the Golden."
At their proper places In tho servlce(
the choirs -will sing the hymns "Magnifi
cat" and "Nunc Dtmlttls" to Simper's
festival setting.
The Bishop of the,dlocese has requested
the Rev. E. T. Simpson, of All Saints'
Mission, to preach on this occasion.
X hearty Invitation is extended to
everyone to take part in this service, and
is especially extended to those whose
close confinement to business during the
rest of the week render an outing on
Sunday indispensable. Copies of the en
tire service have been printed and will
bo distributed free to all, so that all
may take part and join In the responses..
There will be no collection. Tako Inr
ington car to Holladay Park. It will
be- possible for families wishing to do
so, to take their lunches and spend tho
day or afternoon In the Park.
Tenth Anniversary.
.Bishop O'Dea will preach In the Chufch
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.t Al
blna, at tho 10.30 mass today. His aub
ject will b? "What Catholics HaveDone
for America." As it is alwaysa pleasure
to hear the bishop, no doubt a large con
gregation will listen to his eloquent flis
course. Today 13 the patronal feast of
the church and the 10th anniversary of
itB dedication. The services and musical
programme will bo unusually impressive. J
Methodist Cnmpmeetlng.
A campmeetlng under the auspices of
the Portlanddlstrlct of the Free Metho
dist Church will be held In Ladd's Grove,
corner East Stark and Thirty-fourth
streets, from Wednesday, August 29, to
Sunday, September 9. District Elder Will
lam Pearce and Mrs. Pearce, of Oakland,
Cal., will be present and assist In tho
At tho Shlloh Mission, corner Second
and Jefferson, there will be preaching serv
ices -today, conducted by Superlntendept
Rev. J. H. Allen, at 10:30 A. M. and 7:30
P. M. "Dispensation Truths" are the
themes which will be presented. Tho pub
lic Is cordially Invited. Seats qre free.
Tho Latter-Day Saints will hold ser
vices today In hall 400, Allsky building,
corner Third and Morrison streets, at 2
P. M. and 7:30 P. M. A cordial invita
tfon Is extended to the public.
,There will be no services at the -Unitarian
Church today. Rev." Mr. Lord Is
expected to return from his- vacation this
week, and to preach Sunday, September 2.
i .
Alblna Rev. E. E. Bliss, ' pastor. Services
morning and cveniae." Sunday school at 10.
Qkorgo F. Jameson, superintendent. ,
Grace (Monta. Ilia) Key. X. S. Hollcroft.
pastor. Services, 7:30 'P. JJC.5 Sunday eehoo,
i0: prayer, Thursday, S.
Parjt Plaos (University Park) Iter. JT. S.
Hollcroft, pastor. Services, 11: Sunday school,
10; junior meeting, S.
Immanuel, corner Second and Meade streets
Hev. Stanton C. L&pmas, pastor. Preaching1,
10:30 and 7:30; Sunday school, 11:45; Young
People's meeting, 0:30.
First corner Twelfth and Taylor streets Dr.
Alexander Blackburn, pastor; residence, .427
Market. Preaching at 10-30 A. M. and 7:43 P.
M-: Sunday school. 12 II.: yountr people's
meeting. 0:30 P. M.; prayer meeting Thurs
day. 7:45 P. M. ' c
Mount Tabor" Rev. S. K. Dlehl. pastor.
Services 11 A. M.: Sunday-school. 10 A. "M:
v Mount Olivet Everett street between XPlf th
and Sixth Rev. T. F. Smith, pastor. Preach
ing at'll A. M. and 8 P. M.; prayer "meeting,
Thursday. S P. M. ,
Second Rev. Ray Palmer, pastor. Services
at 10 30 A. M. and SP.1L; Sunday school. 12
M.; B. X. P. U. meeting. 0:45 P. M.; -prayer
meeting, Thursday, S P. it
Third Rev. Eben Bliss, pastor. Preaching
morning and eienlng by the pastor.
v Christian.
Bodney-Avenue, corner of Knott street Al
blna Rev. A D. Skaggs, pastor. Services at
11 A It and S P. it; Sunday school 0:45; J
Y P. pS. C. E., T P. M.; prayer,. Thursday,
7:80.,- r
Flret; Christian Churphr comer Park and Co
lumbia streets Rev. J. F. Ghormley, pastor
'Sunday school, 0:45 A. M.; preaching, 11 A.
M. and 7:43 P. M.; Y. P. S. C. E. 0:30 P. M.;
Strangers made welcome.
"Woodtawrl' tMailrona) Rev. A. D. Skaggs,
pastor. Services, 3 P. M.
German Rev. Jqlm Koch, pastor. Services,
1(1 30 and 7:30; Sunday echool, 9 30; Y. P. 3.
C. E.,. Tuesday, 7.30; prajer, "Wednesday, 7:30.
Sunnyside Rev. J. J. Staub, pastor. Serv
ices, ll and 7:30; Sunday school, 10; Young
People's Society, 6:30; prajer. Thursday, 7:30.
Mississippi-Avenue Rev. George A. Taggart
pastor. Sen ices, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school,
10; Juniors, 3; Y. P. S. a E., 0 30. prajer,
Thursday, 7.30.
First Park and Madison streets Rev. Arthur
W. Ackerman pastor. Morning service, 10 do;
Sunday school, 12:15 P. M.J Y. P. S. C. E.
prayer meeting, 0 45 P. M.; evening service,
Hossalo-Street Rev. B. S. Winchester, pas
torr Sen Ices, 10.30 and 7.30; Sunday school,
12 M?; Y. P. S. C. E . 0:30; prayer meeting,
Thursday evening, 7:45.
"" Eplscopnl. ' '
St Stephen's Chapel, corner Thirteenth and
Clay streets Rev. Thomas Kelll Wilson, cler
gyman In charge. Morning prayer and ser
mon at 11 o'clock; Sunday school, 0:15; holy
communion, after morning service on first
Sunday in' the-month. There will be no -evening
service during August.
at David's Church, East Morrison street,
between East Twelfth and Thirteenth Rev.
George B. "Von Waters, rector. Holj' com
munion, 7AM.; Sunday school, 0.43 A. M.;
morning prayer and sermon, 11 A M.; even
ing "praj er and sermon, 8 P. M.
St. Mark's corner Nineteenth and Quimby
streets Rov. J. E. Simpson, rector. Holy
communion, 7:30 A M.; morning prayer, 10
A. M.; second celebration and sermon, 11 A
M.; evening prajer, S P. M.
St. Matthew's, First and Caruthers streets
Rev. J. W. "Weatherdon, clergyman in charge.
Holy' communion, 8AM.; Sunday school, 0.45
A. M.; morning service, 11; evening service, 8."
Trinity. Sixth and Oak streets ltev. Dr. A.
A Morrison, rector. Rev. C. H. Lake, assist
ant Services, morning prayer and sermon 11
A. M.; Sunday school, 0.45 A. M.
.Church of the Good Shepherd Service morn
ing and evening by the rector. Rev. Mr. Breck.
Emanuel (German) Rev. E. D. Homschucb,
pastor. Services, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school.
10; prayer, Wednesday, 7:10; Y. P. A., Friday,
First (German) Rev. F. T. Harder, paotorj
Services, 11 and 8; 'Sunday school. 0-30; Y. P--"Al
7:15; prayer meeting, Tuesday, 8 P. M.;
Wednesday. 8 P.M.
Memorial Rev. Robert Pierce, pastor. Sun
day servloes, 11 and 7.30; Sunday school, 10;
Y. "P. A, 6-30; Junior Y. P. A. 3; prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 7:30; young people's
prayer, Thursday, 7.30.
'First (English) Rev. Ezra Maure, pastor.
Services, 11 A M. and 7:45 P. M.; Sunday
school, 10 A M.; Y. P. A. 7 P. M-: Thursday
prayer meeting, 7:45 P. M.
Evangelical (United).
East Yamhill Mission Rev. Peter BIttner,
pastor.' Services, 11 and 7:30; Sunday school,
10; K. 1. C E.. 6.30; prayer, Thursday. 7:30;
Junior League. Saturday. 2-30
FU&t United Rev. C. T. Hunt pastor. Serv
ices, 11 and 7.30; Sunday school. 10; K. L. C.
Ei 6:30; prayer, Thursdaj. 7:30.
Second Rev. S. J. Lindsay, pastor. Services,
11 and 7:20; Sunday school, 10; Keyston
League. 6.30; prayer. Wednesday, 7:30.
GrmanTrInlty. Alblna Rev. Theodore Fleck
ensteln, pastor. Preaching, 10.30 and 7:30;
Sundaj- (school.. 9 -30.
Immanuel (Swedish), 430 Burnslde street
Rev. John TV. Skans, pastor. Preaching at
10.30 A M. and S P. M.; Sunday school. 12 M.
St Paul's EvangeUoal German) Rev. August
Krause, pastor. - Preaching, 10-30 and 7.30;
Sunday sohool, 9.30; Bible stud". Thursday,
ZIon's (German) Services, 10 and 7:30; Sun
day school, 0:30; Christian day school. Monday
to' Friday!
St. James (English) Preaching in the morn
ing at 11 by the Rov. Charles S. Rohn; Sun
day school .at 12:15. v
t Forbes Presbyterian Rev. "W. O. Forbes, pas
tor. ".Services morning" and e cning by the pas
tor. All welcome.
Third Rev. Robert McLean, pastor. Services,
10.30 and 7:30; Sunday scacol, 12; 'Boys' Bri
gade, 5-30: young people's meetlur. C.30;
prajer, ThurvJaj-, 7.45
Cumberland Rev. J. J. Dalton pastor. Serv
ices, 10.30 and 7 30; Sunday school, 12; Junior
Y. P. S. C. E., 3.30; T. P. S. C. E., 6-30;
prayer, Thursday, 7.30.
Grand-A-v enue (United) Rev. John Henry
Gibson, D. D , pastor. Services, 11 and 7 80J
Sunday school, 10; Y. P. S. C. E C 30; prayer,
Thursday, 7.30.
Calvary Rev. W. S Gilbert, pastor. Mrs.
Mann, soprano soloist and director of chorus;
Miss Fleher, organist. Services. 11 and 7:30.
Friends (Quakers).
Friends, East Thirty-fourth and Salmon
streets Rev. A. M. Bray, pastor. Services.
JO; 15 and 7 30; Sunday school, 12; Y. P. S. C.
E.. 6 30; "prajer. Wednesday. 7 30.
Methodist Episcopal.
Second German Rev. Charles Prleslng, pas
tor. Services, 10:45 and 7:30: Sunday school.
0:30; prajer. Thursday; 7:30.
Taj lor-Strcet (First) Rev. H. W. Kellogg.
D. D.. pastor. Services. 10 30 and 7:30; Sun
day school, 12.15, Ep-ROrth League and prayer
meeting. 6-30, Subordinate League. 5.
Centenary Rev. L. E. Rockwell, D. D.. pas
tor; residence, CO East Eighth street. Services.
10.30 and 7-30; Sunday school. 12; Epworth
League, 0 30; prayer meeting. Thursday even
ing, 7.30.
Central Rev. W. T. ,Kerr. pastor. Services.
10,43 and 730; Sunday school. 12:15; Epworth
League, 6 30: prayer, Thursday. 7.30.
Mount Tabor Rov A. S Mulligan, pastor.
Services, 11 and 7:30; Epworth League. 6 30;
Junior Epworth League. 3; prayer, Thursday,
Trinity Rev. A. L. Hawley. pastor. Serv
ices. 10:45- and 7 30, Sunday school, 0-40; Ep
worth League, 6-30; prayer. Thursday. 7 30-
Shlloh MljmJon Rev. J. H. Allen, curyrln
tendant. Corner Twelfth and Taylor streets.
Services. 10 30 and 7.30.
Grace Hugh D. Atchison, pastor.' Services
at 10 30 A M. and and 7'45 P. M. "
Flrat Rev. II. H. Hoyt, minister. Services 11
and 7:30. Y. P. C. U.. 6 30.
Christian Scientists.
Tortland Church of Christ Auditorium bulTd
lng. Third street, between Sairron and Taj lor.
Services, 11 and 8; Sunday school, 12; Wednes
day evening meeting, 8.
First Church of Christ Twenty-third -street,
near Irv ing Services, 11 A. M.. 8 P. M.-.
Sunday school, 12.15; Wednesday evening
meeting, 8. Reading-room at church open
dally, 11 to 4.
First corner Seventh and Yamhill street"-
Rev. W. R. Lord, minister; Rev. T. L. Ellnt,
D. D., minister emeritus. Worship, 11 A. M.
United Brethren.
United Brethren Rov. Frank E. Coulter,
pastor. Preaching by tho pastor. 11 A M. ana
8 P. M. Sunday school. 10: Christian En
deavor. 7 P. M. Class meeting; first Sunday In
each month, at 12 M. Prajer meeting. Thurs
day, 8 P. M. Musical rehearsal. Saturday. 8
P. M. Official board and general business
meeting, tho second Tuesday lrf the month.
Roman Catholic1.
St. Mary's Cathedral Most Rev. Archbishop
Christie, pastor. Services, moss and sermon.
6, 8 and 10.80; mass for children, 9; Sunday
school. 0.30; vespers and Bcrmon, 7:30; ques
tions answered at, evening services; weei dajs,
moss, 6:30 and S.
The SO-cent Sunday excursion rate to
Bonneville and return- is still in effect.
Tickets good on train leaving Union de
pot Sunday morning at 9:15, and returning
on train reaching Portland nt 4 P. M.
Take advantage of this low rate and
spend Sunday under the. trees on. the
banks of the Columbia.
, FROM ILWAC0. . . .
r y ;
Read the O. R. & N. advi on page 7 and
note change in leaving time "of" steamer
T. J. Potter fronf Portland.
. it
See O. R. & N. adv. on page 7 for com
plete schedule. Potter makes round trip
An unlimited list" 'of -wonderful cures I
proves the merit of uooas sanapartua.
Interesting- Ceremony at Trinity
Church, Which Is Now Entirely
Without Indebtedness.
At the Trinity Methodist Church. East
Tenth and Grant streets, Friday ovenlng,
the pleasing ceremony of publicly bunilug;
the mortgage that up to a short time
since had encumbered the proporty "wa?
conducted by Rev. G. W. Gue, D. D., pre
siding elder of Portland district. Ho "Was
assisted in tho burning by Rev. Gabrlei
Sykes, Rev. C E. Cllne. Rev. C. A. Lewis,
Rev. Samuel Snyder, all former pastors ot
the church, nnd also by Francis Murphy
and wife, the former the noted temper
ance evangelist now visiting the city, be
sldes tho , official board and the member
ship. Rev. A. I- Hawley, pastor, -was
not present, as ho Is sojourning In the?
mountains with Rev. 'H. W. Kellogg, of.
Taylor-Street Church. After a song by fho.
choir. Dr. Gue made a short talk in which,
ho said that with the wiping qut of tho in
debtedness Of Trinity it would flnlsh up
15 Methodist Church debts paid, while ho
had been in chargo of Portland, district,
leaving some other churches In a fair
way to do the same thing, it afforded
hlnvprofound satisfaction to see a church
debt paid off and interest charges, which,
accumulate night and day, stopped.
He then called on the various pastors in
their turns. Dr. Clino first who told of,lUa
one yearns experience at Trinity arid
how the financial Ranlc had swept so,
many men and institutions off thqlr feet.
He was followed by Rev. C A. ;Lewls, who,
fell heir to the main burden of debt. Ha
said that when ho came to Trinity, ia
1592 the debt was J16C0. At the closo at
his term ho turned. over a debt of $7fja
to his successor. During his service- many
improvements were made. Rev- Mr. Sykea
followed In a short talk of congratula
tion, and he was followed by Rev. Samuel
Synder, now of Newberg, who was tbo
pastor before Mr. Hawley. It was through
his exertions and those ot Dr. Guo that
the J7E0 wd3 raised. He- said that Dr.
Guo pledged himself to rilso JSOO if tho
church raised the rematnder. Mr. Snydes
told of tho efforts made before the whole
sum was made up. but It was finally ac
complished. '
After all theso addressee were made,
Francis Murphy was called on and ho
made a very touching talk of congratu
lation, which was followed by remarks
by Mrs. Murphy. Mrs. Henry Moyer,
formerly of the church, also spoke- pleas
ing word1?. Dr. Gue then spok6 a word
of caution about contracting further debt,
and advised that when Improvements- wero
made that the money be on "hand to pay
for them.
Then came the burning of the mortgage
that had caused so many sleepless nights.,
Mr Morrow held a plate with the mort
gage, while Mrs. Tuttle. one ot the oldest
members of the church, struck a match
and soon the mortgage went up in flams
and smoke as the entire congregation
gave the Chautauquan ialute by waving
handkerchiefs. Then followed an hour 6f
social good time In the lecture-room, wherq
refreshments were served.,
Trinity Church ground wa3 purchased
through Rcvv 1. D. Driver about 1? years
ago. It included an old engfne-hause aqd
grounds, the property pftbe former East
Portland governmsnt. James Abraham
loaned J750 to make the payment. Rev.
G. M. Pierce was the first pastor and ha
erected the church building. It was the
first of five East Side ahurches erected by
Mr. PIerce.- The others are the Central,
of Alblna, now a strong chureh. Wood
lawn, Patton Home and tho University
Park. Trinity has had a hard struggle,
and the members hay.e reaon fox feeling
thankful that the mortgage was burned.