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Amucatnti Tonlfflit.
CORDRATS THEATER (Washtactoa etreet)
"Have You Seen Smith."
Thisd Regiment Band. The band of
the Third Regiment. O. N. O.. held a
business meeting last evening, at which
the follcwlng officers were elected: Presi
dent. Robert Monteltb; vice-prtrsident, "W.
B. Cobb; secretary. F. E. Hicks: treasur
er. E. Seghers; business manager, M. J.
Denny; librarian, R. J. Benjamen; mus4
cal director. E. O. Bpltzner. An executive
committee of. Ave was appointed, consist
ing of Messrs. Montelth, Barkfdale. Ban
zer, Cobb and Denny. The Initiation fee
was raised from 25 to $30. A number of
new members have been recently admitted
to the organization, increasing the band
to 24 pieces. By care In the choice of new
men and constant practice the band has
attained a degree of excellence that makes
It a credit to the regiment of which It Is
a part.
REcnumNO for Marine Coups. Cap
tain E. K. Cole, Marine Corps, United
States Navy, was In Portland yesterday
consulting with various persons over the
advisability of establishing a recruiting
office here, but did not reach a decision.
The age limit for volunteers Is between 21
and 25 years, and service is for five years,
usually one on shore duty, three at sea
and one year on shore again. Pay Is the
same as in the Army, SIS 60 a month. Duty
of the Marine Corps at sea is to man the
secondary batteries, and on shore to do
guard duty at naval stations and navy
yards. Those desiring to enlist will re
ceive full Information by addressing Cap
tain Cole, Bremerton, 'Wash., the Puget
Sound Naval Station.
Portland's Beautiful- Homes. TVs
view with pleasure the many beautiful
homes now being planned and In course
of erection in this city. These buildings
are all to be furnished with mantels either
In wood, tile or brick. Bathrooms, toilets,
vestibules, kitchens, etc, are being floored
and wainscoted with tile. The principal
firm dealing In mantel and tile goods in
this city Is Frank Holcomb & Co. A very
complete line of the above can be seen at
their showrooms, 245 Washington street.
Nice mantels can be placed in a house
complete for $40 and upwards. They are
the agents for the -well-known Monarch
grate. Photographs of mantels and grates
sent to nonresidents on application.
Former PortiandeA Honored. Coicncl
Dudley Evans has been appointed by Pres
ldcnt McKlnlcy a member of the Board
of Visitors at the United States Military
Academy at West Point. This appoint
ment Is one. which Is much sought, and is
regarded as very complimentary. The
duties of the board are to attend the ex
aminations at the academy, and to make
reports to the Secretary of War concern
ing the same, with such recommendations
as are deemed proper. Colonel Evans Is
now vice-president and manager of Wells,
Fargo & Co., was for years a resident of
Portland, and still has many friends here.
Knights Templar Election. At the
regular annual conclave of Oregon Com
mandery. No. 1, Knights Tcmplnr, held
in their asylum. Masonic Temple, on Good
Friday evening. April 13, the following offi
cers were elected: Eminent commander,
Charles V. Cooper: generalissimo, lirydon
H. Niccl; captain-general. John A. Dcmp
scy; prelate. George II. HU1: senior war
den, W. J. Fullam; junior warden, V. E
Karne; recorder, Charles Hussey; treas
urer, J. W. Cook; staitdard-bearer, Alex
ander H. Kerr: sword-bearer, J. T. Berry;
warder, C F.-Wclgand; sentinel, John
Errors Corrected. By transposition
of names, errors were made In yesterday's
Oregonlan In the vote In the Democratic
State Convention on Presidential Electors
and Congressman in the First District.
The vote for Electors was published as
follows: Walter M. Pierce. GS; Dell Stuart,
20; T. L. Davidson. 241; Dlllard. 202. It
should have been: Pierce. 241; Stuart. .202;
Davidson. G5; Dlllard. 20. The result of the
Dicond ballot for Congressman In the First
District was: Daly, SO. and Heath, 9. It
was erroneously published: Heath, 80;
Daly, C9.
Talk on Biblical Poetrt. Mrs. Loulj
Altman announces that she Is again able
to resume her talks en the poetical books
of the Bible. "The Book of Job" forms
the subject of the tilth and sixth, or clos
ing talks, and they will take place Wed
nesday and Saturday afternoon, April It
and 21, at 3:30. at the Selllng-Hlrsch build
ing. This great book Is to have the
widest Interpretation that earnest stud
of great commentators and Individual re
search can furnish. "
Will Preach in Seattle. Rev. Huber
Ferguson, pastor of the First United Pres
byterian Church, of this city, left jester
day for Seattle, having been invited to
preach the sermon at the dedication of
the new church Just completed by the
United Presbyterians of Seattle? He will
return early this week. Dr. H. F. Wal
lace will occupy Mr. Ferguson's pulpit to
day., both morning and evening.
Recovered From Injuries. William
Bubb, extraman with truck company No.
1, was out for the first time yesterday
since the Closset & Devers fire, several
months.ago. He has about recovered from
the Injuries received at that conflagration,
and will scon be at his regular work. The
injuries were chiefly around the spine and
on the legs, though several other parts
of his body were bruised.
Tim New Ctcle Unitt Congress of
Universal Brotherhood. Theosophlcal So
ciety in America, International Brother
hood League, Kathcrlne Tlngley leadet
and official head, will hold a meeting Sun
day, April 15. 8 p. M., at 444 Wash.ngton
street, near 12th, whet the practical and
spiritual aspects of theosophy and univer
sal brotherhood will be presented. Meeting
free. All are welcome.
Arbor Dat Observed. Arbor Day was
observed by the West Portland school,
CMIss Hanna Anderson and Miss Georgia
Wey, teachers in charge. The school
house was beautifully decorated, and a
short literary programme was well ren
dered. Many visitors were present- Two
beautiful elm trees were planted on the
west side of the house
After-Lenten Tea The Old Ladles'
Home Society give their annual reception
and tea at the Hobart-Curtls, Monday,
April 16, from 2 to 5 P. M. It Is hoped that
Interest In the worthy object will be evi
denced by a large attendance.
Incorporation. Articles of incorpora
tion of the Fulton Park Land Company
-were filed In the office of the County
Clerk yesterday: capital stock. $20.00); in
corporators, B. M. Lombard, H. L. Pit
tock. Charles E. Ladd.
Odd Fellows' ANNrvERSAitr. The gen.
eral committee from the several lodges of
the I. O. O. F. meet on Tuesday night at
the temple to prepare for the entertain
ment to be given on the 81st anniversary
of the order.
Bunefit Entertainment and dance for
the family of the late Jack B;trry. on
Thursday evening. April 19, 8:15 o'clock,
Gomez Hall. Upper Albino. Good talent.
Levanway & McDougall's orchestra.
I. D. Boter. 177 Fourth etreet, has a full
line of ladles' and gentlemen's Spring
suitings. Imported and domestic The lat
est designs; best of workmanship on all
garments. Call and Investigate.
Railroad Excursion to Seaside. The
Past Sachems' Association of this city
will give their 'third annual excursion
Sunday, May 6, to Astoria and Seaside.
Round trip, XL
Drt, 4-foot slab wood, tl 25 cord short
wood, $1 50 load, five-load orders, 10c less
each, r ortianaTiei uo.. sn water st, "
New WoolenS A large line of imported
and domestic woolens suitable for ladles'
tailoring Just received, at 103 First st.
Umbrellas. Repairing and recovering.
Meredith's. Washington, bet. 5th and 6th.
Scndat Dinner, Table d'Hote, 5 to 7 P.
I M.. 50c The Vcndome, 13th and Alder.
Sombreros, all prices, 35c to XL The
I Curio Store, 331 Morrison street-
Hear Ctclone Davis at Chamber of
I Commerce Tuesday evening. ,
Carroll's marshmallow ice cream. Both
Easter Fotos. Botfbj Burns Studio.
Bictcxjsts Charged With Assault.
O us Emerlck and George Neal. two young
wheelmen, are to appear In the Municipal
Court Monday on a charge of assault and
battery, prefered by J. Greensteln. a gro
cer, on East Eleventh street. Complainant
says he was in the act of throwing wood
through a trap door in the sidewalk. Fri
day evening, when Emerlck rode along and
knocked the grocer's child over. Green
steln protested, but Emerlck, he says, fn
stead of apologizing, struck him In the
face. The grocer's wife came out at this
Juncture and expressed her opinion, when
Emerlck, It Is charged, gave her a punch
In the face also, Neal lending him as
sistance while the grocer struggled to pos
sess himself of the offending bike. Emer
lck is out on $25 ball, and Neal on his own
Candidate Gives a Banquet. J. A.
Woolery, a business man of lone, who
has been nominated for Joint Senator by
the Democrats of Morrow and Umatilla
Counties, tendered a banquet to the dele
gations of those counties at Watson's
restaurant Friday even'ng. Twenty guests
were present, and a "feast of reason and
flow of soul" prevailed for the space of
two hours, during which speeches were
made by ex-Senator Henry Blackmail.
Judge A. S. Bennett, A. D. StlUman. T.
G. Halley. C. E. Redfleld and G. W. Rea.
Mr. Woolery did the host In a very gra
cious manner, and made a brief speech,
thanking the delegations for the honor
conferred, and, when the party broke up,
each member was filled with good things
and pleased recollections.
Will Visit WAixs.Ir. and Mrs.
Robert Foulkes will leave Portland Mon
day for a long visit to their old home In
Wales, which they have not seen for 23
years. They will top in Boston on their
journey to visit their son Edward, who Is
a resident architect there. Mr. and Mrs.
Foulkes have set no exact time to their
stay in Wales, it being their Intention
to travel through the country, renewing
old acquaintances with -people and places.
A number of their friends tendered them
a farewell reception Wednesday night,
wishing them a pleasant Journey and a
safe return.
Open Meeting. The Co-operative Broth
erhood will hold an open meeting in Grand
Army Hall, corner First and Taylor
streets, Thursday evening of this week.
Judge C. B. Bellinger and C. E. 8. Wood
are expected to speak, and there wlll'ba
songs, recitations and other features.
Witness Fails to Appear. Justice
Kracmer yesterday dismissed the case of
Dr. Paul Cromwell; who had been charged
with practicing medicine without a li
cense. The complaining witness, who had
averred that Dr. Cromwell had charged
her $16 for salve, failed to appear.
Roof Fire. A roof fire at the North Pa
cific planing mllL Twenty-second an'd
Thunnan streets, was the cause of an
alarm from box 42. at 5:50 last evening.
Very little damage was done, as the blaze
was extinguished by the mill hands be
fore the department arrived.
Independent Nomination. O. H. Crabh
has filed an Independent nomination by
electors for the office of Constable, Port
land wltrict. Justice Court. It is stated
that Samuel L. Simmons Intends running
Independent for the same place.
Teachers' Association. Lecture by
President Frank Strong, of the State Unl
verslty. Saturday. April a, 8 o'clock. Sub
ject. "Governor McDuffey's 'Message on the
Slavery Question." All Invited. Admission
Special Sale Turkish and Persian rugs
at 175 Fourth street, T. M. C. A. building,
during next 10 days, on account of crowd
ed quarters. Bartlett & Palmer.
Independent Candidate. I hereby an
nounce myself as an Independent candidate
for the office of City Engineer of the City
of Portland, Or. R, H. Austin.
Where did you get that sombrero? At
Avcrlll's, 331 Morrison, for 35c
For Rent. Office rooms. Russel bldg.
Roderick Maclemy Tie the
Score on Waverly Units.
The finals for the Mills cup were played
yesterday, and a large field turned out.
i Some f the cracks did not show up In
I their accustomed form, hut the cup was
won by Roderick Macleay in the remark
ably good score of 92 gross, which ties the
best record ever made on the links, won
i hv ilr Rlvth. Soma of the best scores
were as follows:
- O Si 55
wi op a o
. ?" : Tf
R. Macleay
W. W. Cotton..
N. E. Ayer
W. M. Whldden.
J. K. Kollock...
A. T. Hugging..
T. A. Llnthlcum
A. L. Mills
W. Minor
T. B. Fletcher..,
W. Macmasttr
J. Bourne
C. B. Ladd ,
Captain Langntt.
92 2
101 10
105 12
10S 12
10J 12
100 2
111 13
114 14
116 13
119 It
113 $
117 12
119 14
Tfci modestr of a number of players
' prevented their turning in any score, and
respect for their feelings prevents the pub-
llcatlon of a number of others.
Interest now centers in the Kortnwest
tournamuit, which Is efet for the next
week. Large delegations are promised
from Victoria and Puget Sound cities,
and the Portland players. It Is expected,
will have their wori cut out to keep the
honors at home.
The delightful, straight Havana cigars,
manufactured by the Horace R. Kelly Co.;
other dealers sell them three for 50 cents;
our price, two for 25 cents; La Estrella, a
splendid smoke, and 50 other 15-cent
brands, our price 10 cents. "Principe Al
fonso," straight Havana goods. In pack
ages of five for 25 cents. Cameron & Cam
eron's celebrated smoking mixtures at
wholesale prices. Closing out a fine line
of meerschaum and briar pipes at prices
that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The
Cut-Rate Cigar and News Stand, J. F.
Handley & Co.. proprietors, 291 Washing
ton street, Perkins Hotel building.
The Portland Restaurant. 303 Washing
ton, .near 5th, Is serving most excellent
lunches and meals at very reasonabl
Chicken dinner at the Eastern restau
rant, 25 cents. 170 Third, near Yamhill.
The Owl Cafe, newly furnished, every
thing first class. F. A. Clark, 249 First.
Chicken dinner, t&c, Strouse's Cafe, 223
Washington, between First and Second.
There are even better chances of making
fortunes out of oil In California than out
of gold, for the Industry Is still so young
that Investors can secure ground-floor
propositions, and a few good wejls can
earn fabulous dividends.
No Industry today admits of such
chances to acquire wealth surely and
quickly out of small Investments as oil.
The great fortunes of this country have
not been acquired by continued small sav
ings, but are made by Judicious specula
tion. The Oregon OU & Development Com
pany, a Portland incorporation, has placed
a limited amount of Its nonassessable
treasury stock on Bale, at a very low fig
ure. Call at 324 Chamber of Commercs
building, where detailed Information will
be cheerfully given. Subscriptions for
stock open Monday. April 16.
i i
Three cents a day will keep your cloth.
Ing In order. We call for, sponge, press
and deliver one suit of your clothes eacs
week, sew on buttons and sew up rips, fot
$1 n month. Call and see us. Unlaua
Tailoring Company, 347 Washington street,
opposite Cordray's Theater. Both 'phonos,
Llly-Llke Complexions.
Thousands of ladles have become beau
tiful by using Dr. Pfunder's Oregon Blood
Purifier. Guaranteed, tested and true,
Harris Trunk Co. for Trunks and Bags.
Unique Tailoring Company, 347 Wash.
Jacob Doll Upright Piano.
The latest improved. Acknowledged to
be best sold on easy Installments. Pianos
rented, tuned and repaired at lowest
prices. H. Slnsbelmer, 72 Third. Estab
lished 1S62.
An Enter Gift.
Perfect health, which may be qbtalned
by urtng Dr. Pf under"s Oregon Blood Puri
fier. Try It.
Eaater Grcetlnpr.
Wishing you a Joyous Easter. Dr. Pfun
der'o celebrated Oregon Blood Purlflec
Independent Candidate,
I hereby announce myself as an Inde
pendent candidate for the office of School
Superintendent of Multnomah County, Or
egon. A. P. ARMSTRONG.
Mrs. Den P. TVntaon, Optician,
2$ Washington building. Eyes tested free.
Gold frames. $3.50. Open evenings.
Salt Cases and Dags
At popular prices. Harris Trunk Co., Mor
rison, near Second.
Dr Swain, 713 DMcum huIMInr
Of Texas, will speak upon the political
Issues at
Chamber of Commerce Hall
Tuesday evening, April 17, at' 8 o'clock.
All are invited.
Alaskan and Oregon
MRS. FROHMAN. !2I 13th Si, cor. Wwh.
Fonr carloads of Hn Instrument
registered frith, ns the past treelc,
three more are now on the yrny and
the Immense stock ordered for onr
nevr store-has not yet started West.
Monday witnessed the arrival of a car
load of the famous Kimball pianos; Tues
day brought a carload of the unrivaled
Chlckerlngs; Thursday brought a carload
of Kimball organs and yesterday brought
a car containing the big pneumatic Kim
ball pipe organ. Two more carloads of
the world-renowned Kimball pianos aro
due to arrive next week and also a car
load of Webers, the most artistic and the
very finest of fine pianos made In New
York. Come In and look through our ware
rooms and you will be convinced that we
have the best assortment of high-grade
and medium-priced pianos and organs In
the city.
107 First St.
Between Washington and Stark
The Stcck Piano Tone.
There Is a distinctive Individuality to
the tone of all the Steck Pianos which is
recognizable at once, particularly by the
trained musical ear.
It Is uniform in all the Instruments
manufactured by Messrs. George Steck &
Co., and differs only In volume according
to the Elze of the instrument.
This peculiar "individuality" of the
Steck Tone lies In the fact that Messrs.
Steck & Co. have succeeded where nearly
all other piano-makers have failed, in pro
ducing a tone where on the one hand vol
ume was not sacrificed to secure mere
sweetness and limpidity, nor on the other
were sweetness and limpidity sacrificed to
mere volume.
The Steck Tone, the result of years of
struggle, of the constant efforts of Invent
ive genius to reach perfection. Is a most
happy combination of power with those
musical qualities which are so delightful
to the musician.
It possesses a pure, delightfully refined,
and one might almost say, crisp and
pearly singing quality. It Is warm, ex
pansive, and responsive, to the most mi
nute nuances of the artist's taste. It Is
at the same time rich, noble and sonor
ous. It will be a pleasure to show you our
fine assortment of Steck pianos, also other
standard makes.
We sell on easy terms, and will take
your old Instrument in exchange.
131 Sixth Street
Oregonlan Building
Praises the Pianola
Gentlemen: As an admirer of the Aeo
lian, the .wonderful merits of which I have
attested to in a former letter to you, I
have now much pleasure In adding my
tribute to your latest Invention, the "Pi
anola," which I consider etUl more ingen
ious. .
It is astonishing to see this little device
at work executing the masterpieces of
pianoforte literature with a dexterity,
clearness and velocity, which no player,
however great, can approach.
Everyone who wishes to hear absolutely
faultless, free of any kind of nervousness,
piano-playing, should buy a Pianola.
It is-perfection. ,
Wishing you well-deservea success, i
am. Yours very truly, .,-
Marquam Building
Cor. Seventh Street
Portland. Oregon.
Wholesale and Retail.
Samples milled free. . , .,
tMt,i. Oil. Briuhesi Contracting Painting
an A rhrrUKr-s and Atlantic Whit.
Lead. To per pound. ,
127 Rnt rct Phone 2922 Red
fiSffi The Big Store The Little Expense The Little Prices SSfi
We celebrate our 10th anniversary this week, at the
.same corner, but In our modern, up-to-date store, so
beautifully remodeled by our landlord.
1 We Open the Spring Season
By presenting every .purchaser 'with a handsome souvenir. No
matter what your purchase may be 25 cents or $25 you will
get a present to remember us by.
Will Say More
About our fine stock and low prices at another time. Meanwhile,
take a look at them, and Inquire about the cost of Steln-Bloch Co.'s
spring suits, or most any leading brand. We have, them.
Fashion now
has full sway
t if
X di I
x mm
i ill
THE commencement of the season of Fashion finds our
assortments at the zenith of their completeness. A prac
tically unlimited variety of the world's best apparel, for
men and boys, awaits your demands. Features of originality,
features of excluslveness, features of fit, of quality they are all
ours. The perfection that marks the high class merchant
tailor's product Is In the clothes we sell, though our prices are
but half his. Then you have the assurance of unfailing satis
faction as signified by the Stelnbach label In the things .you
buy here.
i Business Suits
of Oxford gray, fancy worsted, fine cheviot,
and fast blue serge, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00
$18.00 to $30.00.
made In half or full box style; fine Oxford
grays and covert cloths, $10.00, $12.50,
$15.00 to $35.00.
New styles constantly flowing In. Worth
and up-to-dateness In -everything, and
prices not prohibitive.
. . New Neckwear 25c to $3.00
New Shirts -75c to $3.50
New Underwear 75c to $5.00
New Hosiery 15c to $1.00
Pajamas, night shirts, handkerchiefs, sus
penders, fancy vests, valises, trunks, eta
for Men
You can find here the kind of hat you want
and will always like.
New Derby Hats, in latest styles
and shades $2.50 to $5.00
New Fedoras,
In variety $1.00 to $5.00
New Straw Hats, in fine" and
coarse split braids 50c to $5.00 -
Caps, af. "...50c to $1.25
wce aormfis ffATrm&F(MW&
Largest Clothiers In the Northwest
Cor. Fourth and Morrison Streets
i Famous Clothing House
Come In and look at them; examine the goods,
the linings, and the way they are put together; try
them on, and say whether you ever saw their equal
for the money. Here Is more style and better ma
terial than you will ordinarily get in a made-to-measure
suit at $35. Think of buying suits like these at
$10;$12, $15 and $18
And every one warranted by the makers.
corntnMT, itoo
BAIT, (CHAFF! tunc
,Fresh from the hands of the finest tailors in this
country. Fashionable in cut, elegant in material and
finish, reasonable in price, the size to fit you. Cour
teous salesmen here to show them. Prices
If I
flai SIR
ccrrmaHT, itoo,
$10 TO $25
The Popular-Price Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers N W. Gor. Third and Morrison Sts.
For spraying. In all quantities.
Wholesalo and Retail Druggists. Fourth
and Washington Sts., Portland, Or.
Btt. 'WBfliilDCton nd Stark. Phone Bed 18SC
r&lntlnff. Kalsomlnlnr an4 "Wood Finishing.
Flrst-clAJ -workmanBlUp. Reasonable pricta.
Icttwtyf I 1
WaII n
JUrqaam BnJldlnf , Rooms 309 301, 302
9 l'M......,.UI
thadSamk A V
Vici kid lace, new round toe,
AAtoE $3
Postage 20 Cents.
Oregonlan Building
309 Washington St.
19 Pounds
Best dry granulated sugar for XL
7 Cents
Pound fr,esh soda crackers, 6 cents pcf
pound, by the box.
Ui Cents
Pound best Eastern hams. .
25 Cents.
Four pounds 1009Q muscatel raisins.
8 Cents
One-pound package seeded raisins.
25 Cents
Seven pounds black figs. T-t
25 Cents
Six pounds petite prunes.
30 Cents
Pound Hoffman House Java and Mocha
15 Cents
Ponud fresh-roast Costa Rica CoSec
r- lf.J --.-
..-&. .wf
, tX-i g:- -
I '-