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Give Quick Relief
"I have used both your Cherry Pectoral
and Cherry Pectoral Plaster in cases of bron
chitis, and I have found that they give quick
relief. Indeed, I cannot praise both of them
too highly." J. J. Patterson, M.D.,
Jan. 24, 1900. Marshall, Ala.
Others Failed
"I have found Ayer's Cherry Pectoral to
be a most excellent remedy, especially in
coughs of an irritative nature. I remember
one case in particular where the cough had
baffled all other remedies. I tried the Cherry
Pectoral and it gave quick and permanent
relief.', H. T. Drake, M.D.,
Jan. 27, 1900. Palzo, 111.
" For all lung and throat troubles and for
coughs of every kind I do not believe there
is anything better than Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral and Pectoral Plaster. I used them both
recently in a case of pneumonia, and they
gave me splendid satisfaction
J. Morgan, M.D.,
Jan. 26, j 900. Harrisville, Ohio.
A Ccngh Specific
"I can honestly say that Ayers Cherry
Pectoral is a specific for that troublesome
cough which accompanies la grippe.'
W. E. Lee, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 3900. Montcalm, La.
"I have been prescribing your Cherry
Pectoral for a long time, and with very satis
factory results. I have just used it in a case
of a child with pneumonia, and it acted
very nicely, controlling the cough and quiet
ing the inflammation.
H. A. Well, M.A., M.D.,
Jan. 30, 1900. Wards ville, Mo.
La Grippe
CI have just tried your Cherry Pectoral
in a case of la grippe, and with the most
excellent results. It is a fine preparation
and I am much pleased with it."
J. F. Rikard, M.D.,
Jan. 26, 1900. Teckville, Miss.
"I have had splendid experience with
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in coughs and asth
matic troubles." N. C Gunder, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900.
Columbus, Ohio.
"From experience in my own family I
cannot speak too highly of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. I consider it a specific for nearly
every case of whooping-cough.'
H. E. Wilkins, M.D.,
Jan. 29, 2900. Sorento, 111.
'Lately I have had a fine opportunity of
testing the great value of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. The case was a woman who was
in bed, coughing and raising blood and suf
fering also from night sweats. The Cherry
Pectoral controlled her cough and she is
now well and doing her own work."
J. T. Hedrick, M.D.,
: Jan. 25, 1900. Alfordsville, Ind.
Known it Many Years
"I am now 72 years old, and it seems to
me that I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
as long as I can remember, certainly ever
since I have been in the practise of medi
cine. Frank A. Howig, M.D.,
Jan. 3 x, 2900. Big Rapids, Mich.
Prescribed Daily
"I believe I prescribe Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral almost daily. For coughs and colds I
find it a ready and convenient relief. It is
one of my regular prescriptions.
J. L. Gunn, M.D.,
Jan. 26, 2900. Ashland, N. C.
of A
Three sizes: 25c, 50c, $1.00.
We should not think of repeating here what the doctors say, except by their full and free
consent. Doctors are particular about these things.
Every day, and every mail of every day, brings us renewed expressions of the confidence
which the physicians of the country have in Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Yery Severe Cough
"I have used your Cherry Pectoral In a
number of cases and it has given entire satis
faction. I can freely recommend it to any
one suffering from a cough of any descrip
tion." T. C. Hainline, M.D.,
Jan. 26, 1900. Seaton, HI.
A Standard Article
" Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is a standard
article on my shelf. Its composition, ele
gance of manufacture, and clinical effects
are all one could possibly ask. It is the
foundation of my cough preparations. For
general coughs and colds it is the finest
preparation I have ever known.'
C. D. Hatcher, M.D.,
Jan. 27, z 900. Admire, Kan.
Known it for 30 Years
" Having used your Cherry Pectoral in my
practise for so many years, I take pleasure
in saying that it has proved to be the best
cough remedy I have been able to find in a
successful practise of thirty years.
R. C. Bayly, A.M., M.D.,
Jan. 27, 1900. Decatur, HI.
Prescribed it for 35 Years
"I have experienced substantial relief from
a single bottle of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I
have also been, using it in my practise in cases
of la grippe, bronchitis, and pneumonia with
satisfactory results. I think it is the best
remedy of its kind in the market. I have
prescribed it for thirty-five years, and always
with marked success.
C. A. Gorse, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 1900. Meadowbrook, N. Y.
It Does Wonders
"I can say only kind words of praise for
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It has done won
ders in my hands." "E. R. Schoen, M.D.,
Jan. 24, 2900. Gordonville, Mo.
Night Coughs
"A few days ago I had a bad case of
chronic bronchitis, and, having tried at dif
ferent times several remedies without effect,
I put her on your Cherry Pectoral, applying
some of your Cherry Pectoral Plasters across
her chest as well. In one week the parox
ysms of difficult breathing, the night cough,
and the abundant expectorations ceased.
J.S. Nicholson, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. rf Brookficld, 'O.
Spasmodic Cough
"I had been sick with pleuro-pneumonia
about six weeks and was suffering with a
spasmodic cough that did not yield to the
ordinary remedies. I immediately began the
use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and it brought
me complete relief in a very few days.'
Isaac Brothers, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. Youngstown, Ohio.
Distressing Coughs
"I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in
distressing coughs, and with good results."
C. E, Leatherman, M.D.,
Jan. 26, 2900. Louisville, Ky.
Most Excellent
"I consider Ayer's Cherry Pectoral the
most excellent remedy for all kinds of lung
troubles." O. P. B. Wright, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. Clinton, Wis.
The Best
"I do not hesitate to say that Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral is one of the best cough
medicines I have ever used."
O. A. Rhodes, M.D.,
Jan. 30, 2900. Washingtonville, Ohio.
Proved Good
" Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has proved
itself very good in a severe case of bron
chitis that I have just been treating."
Chas. M. Knicht, M.D.,
Jan. 32, 19 00. Chaplin, Conn.
JB H tM m
All that Is Claimed
"To cure a cold that has in any way
affected the lungs Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
is the best preparation on the market. I
like it and shall continue to recommend it."
F. M. Rhodes, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. Indianapolis, Ind.
Croup, Pleurisy
"I have found your Cherry Pectoral a
very valuable remedy in coughs and bron
chial troubles. It is especially useful among
children with the croup and pneumonia."
J. DeMotte, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 19 00. "Odon, Ind.
Tickling Cough
"In a recent case of acute bronchitis,
with tickling cough, which I had, Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral gave prompt relief after
several other remedies had entirely failed.
I have repeatedly recommended the use of
this preparation for affections of the throat
and lungs." M. B. Thompson, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. Bay City, Mich.
Cured Terrible Cough
"I am very much pleased with Ayers
Cherry Pectoral. Recently I tried it on a
case suffering with a terrible cough and pain
in the chest. In a short time the patient
was cured completely.
Sam. Sherburne, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. Philadelphia, Pa.
La Grippe Coughs
"I have used your Cherry Pectoral, and
the results have been very satisfactory. The
last two cases were bronchial irritation fol
lowing la grippe. The Cherry Pectoral
promptly controlled the cough, and I was
greatly pleased with its action."
F. L. Vawter, M.D.,
Jan. 30, 1900. Gessic, Ind.
Old Coughs
"I have seen Ayer's Cherry Pectoral work
like a charm in cases of old chronic coughs,
curing after many others have been tried."
Elmore Palmer, M.D.,
Jan. 31, 2900. Buffalo, N. Y.
Immediate Relief
"I have frequently prescribed Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. The last case was for an
old man who had a most annoying cough.
He told me it gave him almost immediate
relief. The Pectoral Plasters I have used
in cases of ovarian neuralgia and backache,
and with the most flattering results. One
of my patients said she never had such relief
from any source. L. Louis Roe, M.D.,
Jan. 29, 2900. Kansas City, Mo.
The Greatest Medicine
"I believe Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is the
greatest medicine I ever used. It deserves
more praise than you give it. Nothing can
surpass it in the treatment of diseases of the
respiratory organs."
S. F. Walker, M.D.,
Jan. 29, 2900. Tcxarkana, Ark.
Cough of Measles
'Your Cherry Pectoral and Pectoral
Plasters are all right. I think they are first
class for the tieatment of irritation of the
lungs and bronchial tubes from whatever
cause. They will also relieve that hectic
condition produced by taking cold after an
attack of pneumonia 5 and after measles,
also, which even causes a relapse and fre
quently leads to pneumonia if not taken in
time. . J. Stevens, M.D.,
Jan. 30, 2900. Bangor, Me.
Relieves Suffering
" Ayers Cherry Pectoral is the best cough
medicine I have ever used in a practise of over
33 years. I wish that each doctor through
out the length and breadth of this land could
realize how it relieved suffering in all lung
troubles.' J. K. Hamilton, M.D.,
Jan. 24, 2900. Millwood, Ark.
All druggists sell all three
Most Excellent
' Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is a most excel
lent cough medicine. Its pleasant taste
makes it a very efficient remedy for children.
I find the plaster to be all that is claimed for
it, also." A. R. Boyd, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. Billington, Tex.
The Best Expectorant
"I do not believe there is a better expec
torant made than Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.'
Geo. H. Jones, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. Crescent, S. C.
Often Prescribes it
"I have often prescribed Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. It is a remedial agent possessing
remarkable properties as a cough remedy.
I also like the Cherry Pectoral Plaster very
much." W. A. Proctor, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. Homer, Ky.
From Personal Experience
"I have used your Cherry Pectoral upon
myself and in my own practise, and I be
lieve it to be the best of all remedies for
coughs, colds, chronic bronchitis, etc. I
have found it to be very prompt in relieving
both acute and chronic coughs."
J. C. Compton, M.D.,
Jan. 29, 2900. Ratliff, Miss.
Stubborn Coughs
"Ayr's Cherry Pectoral in stubborn
coughs works like magic In those coughs
following the grip I find it excellent. I have
tested it in two marked cases and with the
most satisfactory results. I have prescribed
it in my practise, and I can say always with
brilliant success.""
W. J. Cunningham, M.D.,
Jan. 24, 2900. Commerce, Tcnn.
A Fine Product
"I used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in a case
of chronic bronchitis and found that it
helped the patient very much indeed. As
some cough still remained, I recommended
that the patient procure another bottle, as I
knew of nothing better. I think the prod
uct is a fine one in every way.
J. Grady, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. Albcrtson, N. C
For All Coughs . '
4I have used your Cherry Pectoral and I
find that it does very well for all coughs and
affections of the throat and lungs."
G. R. Robertson, M.D.,
Jan. 29, 2900. Fair River, Mo.
Plaster is Unexcelled
"I do not know of any remedy that
reaches so large a number of cases for
coughs and colds as Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
The Pectoral Plaster is unexcelled, also. I
have always had good results from both."
Chas. H. Parsell, M.D.,
Jan. 22, 2900. Falls City, Neb..
All that is Claimed
"Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is all that has
been claimed for it. I consider it a most
valuable expectorant."
E. L. H. Barry, M.D.,
- Jersey Co. Infirmary,
Jan.."3o, 1900. Jerseyville, 111.
La Grippe
"In the bronchitis of la "grippe Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral and Pectoral Plaster have
given me good results."
R. W. Brady, M.D.,
Jan. 27, 2900- Honesdale, Pa.
Lung Troubles
"I am greatly pleased with the action of
Ayers Cherry Pectoral in cases of cough
and lung troubles in general.'
W. M. Yockey, M.D.,
Jan. 26, 2900. Decatur, IH.
sizes. :
Likes the Formula
"I like the formula of Ayers Cherry Pec
toral, and I have used this preparation to my
satisfaction. The Cherry Pectoral Plaster
works all right, also."
A. W. Brash, M.D.,
Jan. 24, 2900. North Gennantown, N. Y.
The Best Cough Mixture
"I have used both your Cherry Pectoral
and Pectoral Plaster, and I like the action of
them both very much. I recommend the
Cherry Pectoral as one of the best, if not
the very best cough mixture on the market.
A. L. Hughes, M.D.,
Jan. 24, 2900. Macon, 111.
Severe Bronchitis
"I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in
severe cases of bronchitis, and it did its
work perfectly.' E. C. Coles, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. Hartford, Conn.
Coughs and Colds
"I am acquainted with the formula of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and consider it a
good one. I never hesitate to recommend it
for bronchitis, colds, and coughs."
J. L. Gunn, M.D.,
Jan. 32, 2900. Ashland, N.C.
Acts Promptly
" Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is a very fine
preparation indeed. It acts promptly in re
lieving the irritable cough and the feeling of
rawness and pains in the chest. In chronic
bronchitis I have found it of great value. It
diminishes the cough, promotes rest, and
relieves pain in the chest. In one case it
seemed to reduce the temperature a great
deal. I never noticed any injurious effects
from it. From a study of your formula and
from a clinical use of the preparation, I
believe you have a most excellent cough
remedy." Theodore Buehrinc, M.D.,
Jan. 26, 2900. Ottine, Texas.
"I can say that I have used Ayers Cherry
Pectoral with a great deal of satisfaction.
C. C. Cleaveland, M.D.,
Jan. 3:, 2900. Minneapolis, Minn.
Cough from Pneumonia
"My son, aged 28, had been very low
with pneumonia. A cough with soreness of
the lungs remained. For this I gave three
fourths of a teaspoonful of Cherry Pectoral
four times a day. Before one bottle was"
used he was able to go to work. I alro like
your Cherry Pectoral Plaster, and have used
it for rheumatism of the muscles and chest.
" M. Carlton, M.D.,
Jan. 23, 2900. Grovcspring, Mo.
Spasmodic Cough
"I have recently used Ayers Cherry
Pectoral on a severe case of tonsillitis, and
it gave immediate relief. It also quickly
relieved a severe case of spasmodic cough.
The Plaster I have also used, and found it
first-rate in every way."
J. L. Fleck, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 1900. St. Louis, Mo.
Pleased with Plaster
"Your Cherry Pectoral has given me ex
cellent results. It would be difficult to find
a better preparation. One of my patients
is now wearing a Cherry Pectoral Plaster and
is well pleased with its effects."
K. C. Bunnell, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. " Walnut, Ind.
Most Excellent
" Ayer's Cherry Pectoral is a most excel
lent expectorant, and I believe it is every
thing you claim for it. I shall continue to
prescribe it for all affections of the throat
and lungs." D. F. Myers, M.D.,
Jan. 25, 2900. "Woolmarket, Miss.
mr "W Pk. 'fi&
Prescribed Over 50 Years Ago ;
1847 '
"I have witnessed the effects of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral in my own family and in tha
families of my friends. It has proven emi-1
nently satisfactory in cases of both adults
and children. I find it a powerful remedy
for colds and coughs and pulmonary dis
eases. Parker Cleaveland, M.D.,
Professor Chemistry and Materia Medics,'
Feb. 5, 2847. Bowdoln College, Brunswick, Me. J
"I am constantly using Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral in my practise. I prefer it to any
other medicine for pulmonary complaints.
I am convinced it will cure coughs, colds,
and diseases of the lungs after other remedies
-have failed." I. S. Cushman, M.D., ,
April 26, 284S. Saco, Me.
"I have prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pec -toral
in many cases and always with the
happiest results. I am not aware that we
possess another remedy to be compared with:
it for efficiency in pulmonary affections.
J. Emerton, M.D., "y
Oct. 23, 1849, ' Providence, R. L
"I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral notf
for over two years. I have never found
anything equal to it for acute diseases of tha
throat and lungs. I have arrested consump
tion with it and have cured whooping-cough,
croup, and bronchial affections."
W. A. Shaw, M.D., !
May 24, 2850. -, Halifax, C. H., Va.
"The medical profession of the whole
South is indebted to you for the best rem
edy for the treatment of affections of the
throat and lungs. I have used Ayer's ;
Cherry Pectoral extensively and cheerfully
recommend it-" v J. Vinson, M.D.,
Oct. 27, 2852. Fort Gaines, Ga.-
- A
1852 "
" have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in"
my practise with the most excellent results.
My experience with it convinces me it is a
successful antidote for that dreadful scourge
of our country consumption."
John F. Pringle, M.D.,
June 6, 1852. , Jefferson, Mo
"I have used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in my
practise since 2S53 and have always found it
to be reliable for the cure of coughs, colds,
and all lung diseases. S. Haynes, M.D.,
Jan. 29, 288s. v Sarinac, N. Y,
"I must say that Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
is the surest and best rcmrdy for the various
affections of the throat and lungs. I invari-'
ably recommend my friends to keep it in the
house." John D. Wayland, M.D.,
April 20, 2854. . Franklin, N. Cn
"I was in the beginning stage of con
sumption. I had night sweats and a terri-
ble cough. I then tried Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral, and the first few doses gave relief. In
a few weeks I was cured. I find that many
of my brother physicians are using this same
remedy.' Q. A. Braddock, M.D.,
May 25, 2855. Braddock's Mills, Pa.'
" Ayer's Cherry Pectoral was taken with
us on our journey. It was often used by
the officers and seamen throughout the voy
age, with the most satisfactory results.
A. F. Sawyer, M.D.,
Surgeon of the U. S. Expedition to Japan.
July 22, 2856. Washington, D. C
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