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    A pril 2 4 , 1 9 9 6 • T he P ortland O bserver
(The ¡{Jnrtlanb (Dbsmier
Kids’ Artwork Promotes | Teens Avoiding Date Violence
Clean Rivers and Streams!
The a rtw o rk o f fo u r elemen-
I tary students is being used in an
education campaign this spring
by The R egional C o a litio n for
I Clean R ivers & Streams.
The C o a litio n is a partner-
I ship o f the C ity o f Portland B u ­
reau o f E nviro nm e nta l S e rvic­
es, U n ifie ld Sewerage Agency,
Clackamas C ounty Service D is ­
tric t #1, and the C ity o f G re­
sham form ed to raise p u b lic
awareness about s to rm w a te r
p o llu tio n and what people can
| do to prevent it.
The coordinated educational
I campaign w ill use the students’
a rtw o rk on bus and M A X p la c­
ards b eg in nin g this m onth to
emphasize that o n ly rain should
| go down the storm drain.
Each s tu d e n t’ s d ra w in g
I shows the message “ D um p No
Waste, Drains to Stream,” which
is ste n cile d on storm drains
throughout the m etro po lita n re-
| gion.
M ost storm drains in the P ort­
land area em pty to the nearest
stream, w etland or groundw a-
| ter. M any o f the storm drain
ste nciling p ro je cts are done by
youth groups.
paint or household chem icals on |
Schools around the region were
the ground or in a storm d ra in . I
asked fo r a rtw o rk that co uld be
• D o n ’ t overuse fe r tiliz e r s !
used in the cam paign. Dozens o f
and pesticides; read the in s tru c ­
entries were received. A ll fo u r
tions c a re fu lly . B etter yet, try |
o f the draw ings chosen were from
organic g ardening!
Gresham schools. Those select­
• Pick up pet waste and put it |
ed were:
in the garbage or flush it dow n!
• Adam Reeder, age 9, H a ll
to ile t.
Elem entary
M s .N o o n a n ,
• Sweep patios and drivew ays
clean instead o f hosing them o ff.
• Sunny D u b in s k i, age 9, H o l­
• W ater o n ly as much as the)
ly-dale Elem entary teacher:
ground can absorb. Keep w ater
•A n d y
K lo t z ,
from ru n n in g on the d riv e w a y ,!
H o lly d a le E le m e n ta r y , M r.
sidew alk o r street.
Felman and
• S ten cil yo u r neighborhood I
• Leslie W agner, age I I, H o l­ • storm drains w ith : “ Dum p No
ly - d a le
E le m e n ta r y
M rs .
Waste, D ra ins to Stream .”
F o r m o re in fo r m a tio n , con-1
ta c t: P ortland Bureau o f E n v i-f
The students were thanked by
the Gresham C ity C o u n c il on
ronm ental Services, 8 23 -7 74 0;!
b e h a lfo fth e C o a litio n at a m eet­
U n ifie d Sewerage A gency o f l
ing on A p r il 2nd.
W ashington C ounty, 648-862 I ; I
Each student received a fu ll-
C ity o f G resham 6 1 8 -2 6 5 7 :|
size poster o f th e ir fin ish e d bus
Clackamas C ounty, 650-3737.
or M A X placard.
For more in fo rm a tio n about
T he C o a litio n re m in d s peo­
the C o a litio n fo r Clean R ivers
ple th a t th e re are m any easy
& Streams, or to learn more
th in g s th ey can do to p ro te c t
about how you can protect yo ur
th e ir n e ig h b o rh o o d stre a m o r
neighborhood stream, contact
r iv e r :
yo ur local C o a litio n member at |
• N ever dump used m oto r o il,
num ber above.
Violence in teen relationships is a
serious problem, according to a re­
cent survey o f American youth. In
this national survey, sponsored by
Kaiser Permanente, 40 percent o f
girls ages 14 to 17 said they knew
someone their own age who’d been
hit or beaten by a boyfriend Fifteen
percent said someone they dated had
tried to force them to have sex against
their w ill.
Kaiser Permanente pediatrician
Virginia Feldman, M D, says parents
can do a lot to prepare their children
for the possibility o f such dating v i­
olence. Dr. Feldman, who practices
at Kaiser Permanente’s East Inter­
state Medical O ffice in north Port­
land, says parents should discuss the
issue before teens start dating.
“ Young people need to know there
are steps they can take to lessen their
chance o f being victimized by vio ­
lence,” says Dr. Feldman.
To promptly reject unwanted at­
It’s A
Affair II
The members o f the Busi
ness and Professional W o m ­
e n ’ s C irc le o f M ou nt O liv e t
B aptist C hurch present th e ir
2nd annual fashion show, “ I t ’ s
A F am ily A f fa ir ” . The show
w ill be held on Saturday, A p r il
27, 1996 at M ou nt O liv e t’ s
F a m ily L ife C enter, 8725 N.
C hautaguqua, P ortland, O re ­
A ll proceeds from this event
w ill benefit the G ertrude Crowe
M e m o ria l S ch o la rs h ip Fund
w hich is used fo r scholarships
awarded a nn ua lly to deserving
students c o n tin u in g th e ir edu­
c a tio n b eyond high school
M rs. C row e was a member o f
M ou nt O liv e t and a co m m u n i­
ty a c tiv is t w ho was one o f the
founders o f the L IF E C enter
located on M a rtin Luther K in g ,
Jr. B oulevard
T h is event w ill showcase
M o u n t O liv e t ’ s leaders and
members in a w ide va rie ty o f
fashions. Scenes w ill include
B ody and Soul, S iste r-to -S is-
te r. M o th e r’ s D ay, Boys to
M en, Babes in T oyla nd , G e t­
tin g D ow n to Business, A ll
G o d ’ s C h ild re n and T w o Shall
Become One.
T icke ts fo r this event are
¡>5.00 fo r a d u lts, $ 3.00 fo r
youth over 13 and no charge
fo r c h ild re n 12 and younger.
T icke ts may be obtained by
c a llin g 284-8751. The show
w ill begin p ro m p tly at 6:00
and now all he needs is an economic
“ push” from the community to help
him open it completely! Even though
he inventedtheTeleCommanderover
15 years ago, he has only been finan­
cially able to bring his invention to
the prototype stage.
After years o f knocking on many
Black political and church doors for
assistance, he finally attracted non­
black investors who tried to take
over him, his patents and his compa­
This is why last year we dec ided to
support Mr. Jackson and take on the
T eleCommander as one o f our Com-
munity Ownership Projects, which
enables any o f our Associate Mem-
bers to become part owners in the
TeleCommander. He could be sell­
ing the TeleCommander “ chip” to
every T V manufacturer right now
bringing m illions o f dollars into the
African American community in jobs
and sales revenue, i f he were in the
manufacturing stage!”
Section 552 o f the T ele com ­
m un ica tio ns B ill encourages the
ind ustry “ to establish a te ch n o l­
ogy fund to encourage T V and
e le ctro n ic equipm ent m anufac­
tu rin g to fa c ilita te the d eve lo p ­
ment o f b lo c k in g technology that
w ou ld em pow er parents to block
T V p ro gram m in g they deem in ­
app ro priate fo r th e ir c h ild re n .”
In p re p a ra tio n
fo r the
A lp en ro se M ilk C arton Boat
Race scheduled in June, The
P ortland Rose Festival A s s o c i­
ation w ill hold a m ilk carton
boat b u ild in g c lin ic , Saturday,
A p r il 13, I to 3 p .m . at
A lp e n ro se D a iry , 6149 S.W .
Back in August 1995 the major
T V Networks (N U U A fiC .C B S , and
FOX) publicly released information
about the establishment o f such a
I und total ling $2 m illion, but no funds
to date have actually been dispersed,
even though Mr. Jackson was first in
line for the funds.
"W e hope these funds w ill be dis­
persed before Mr. Jackson’s patent
expires” , remarks Ms. Pierce. “ But
our real preference is that conscious
African Americans step forward to
become owners o f this history-mak­
ing Black invention that w ill be a
major source o f pride for us a ll!”
For more information 1-800-898-
Employment In Oregon: March 1996
Oregon unemployment rate IS
5 .1 %, up 0.2 from February (season­
ally adjusted). W hile the National
unemployment rate 5.6% - up 0.1
from February
Oregon’ s seasonally adjusted un­
employment rate rose two-tenths ofa
percentage point to 5.1 percent in
March, according to figures released
today by the Oregon Employment
Department. March was the first
month since October 1994 in which
the rate was more than 5.0 percent.
“ Despite the rise in the unemploy­
ment rate between February and
March, Oregon’ s rate is still low by
h isto ric standards,” said D avid
Cooke, an economist with the Em­
ployment Department. “ March marks
the 30th consecutive month in which
Oregon’ s unemployment rate has
been below the national figure.”
A total o f9 8 ,800 Oregonians were
unemployed in M arch, up from
86,400 a year ago. In March 1995,
Oregon's unemployment rate fell to
4.6 percent, its lowest level since the
late 1960s. The primary reason for
the continued low levels o f unem­
ployment is the rapidly increasing
number o f jobs in the state’s econo­
my. In March. 5,200 nonfarm pay­
roll jobs were added on a seasonally
adjusted basis. This is 500 more jobs
than the average monthly gain over
the past twelve month. The number
o f jobs has been growing in the state
at close to a 4.0 percent annual pace
for more than two years now.
Seasonally adjusted employment
gains in March were led by service
and nondurable good manufactur­
ing, which each accounted for 1,300
more jobs than in February. In ser­
vices, all sectors except engineering
and management services showed
raw jo b gains for the month. Busi­
ness services, which includes help
supply, employee leasing, building
maintenance, and security, and many
other categories o f services, grew by
1,900 jobs over the month and 7,300
jobs in the past twelve months.
Nondurable goods manufacturing
added more than 1,000 workers in
March, afterajobdeclineofasim ilar
magnitude in February. Food and
kindred products manufacturers ex­
perienced unusual jo b cutbacks in
February due partially to freezing
weather, followed by flooding-relat­
ed problems. The March numbers
reflect a rebound from the February
lows. Over the last twelve months,
nondurable goods manufacturing has
not added a significant number ofjobs.
6717 NE Sandy Blvd.
need to be counseled that alcohol and
drugs lower inhibitions and impair
judgment, even i f they or their date
don’t feel orseem drunk. “ Drugs and
alcohol increase the risk o f becom­
ing violent, abusive, and acting dan­
gerously, such as driving too fast.”
“ W ith so many young people car­
rying firearms, young people run a
real risk o f injury or death i f they
respond aggressively to bullying, or
themselves use insults, yell at others,
or shove and cut in line," warns Dr.
Feldman. “ Knowing how to stay
calm when provoked, and practicing
good manners can help your child
avoid a fight that could cost his or her
D r. Feldman says when par­
ents ro le play each o f these ac­
tions w ith th eir teenagers it makes
the young people more ready to
act d e c is iv e ly to p ro tect them ­
selves when p o te n tia lly v io le n t
s itu a tio n arises.
Rose FesNval Boaf Building Clinic Scheduled
Telecommunications Bill Opens Doors
Mr. Joseph Jackson, black inven­
tor, is well-positioned to capitalize
on the recent signingofthe Telecom­
munications B ill. Section 551 o f the
B ill not only gives the Television
industry one year to voluntarily de­
velop a ratings system for TV pro­
grams, but it also “ requires T V man­
ufacturers to equip all 13 inch or
greater T V sets with circuitry to block
rated shows.”
The Community Financial Invest­
ment Groups Corporation has been
working to assist Mr. Jackson go into
production since A p ril 1995. Annie
Pierce, President explains, “ Joe Jack-
son has had his “ foot in the television
industry’s door” for quite a while.
tention and actions have your kids
practice using direct language, a firm
voice and physically backing away
to signal they want a behavior, such
as being groped, to stop,” says Dr.
Feldman. “ Make sure your child
knows to speak up as soon as they are
made uncomfortable, rather than
waiting till a situation gets out o f
“ Many parents ask their kids to
call them for a ride home, no ques­
tions asked, i f they think it’s safer
then remaining with a date or at a
party,” says Dr. Feldman “ I f a
parent cannot always do that, make
sure your teen knows a taxi compa­
ny’s number and has enough cash to
pay for a phone call and a cab home
i f a date becomes unsafe or abusive.
It’s also wise to pin money inside
your teen’s clothes in case an angry
date grabs a purse or wallet.”
To avoid anyone w ho’s drunk or
drug-affected Dr. Feldman says teens
Shattuck Road, P ortland.
Children and youth groups with
members 8-years-old and up w ill be
instructed on constructing m ilk car­
ton boats in three categories: catama­
ran sailboats, showboats and human-
powered boats.
Following the clinic, Alpenrose
Dairy w ill provide free ice cream
for all participants.
The Alpenrose M ilk Carton Boat
Races, with more than $2,200 in
cash, prizes and trophies, w ill be
held Sunday, June 2, I p.m. at the
Westmore-land Park Casting Pool,
S.E. M c-Loughlin at Bybee.
H’ ¿Af**
_ «
p .0. Box 69<
Portland. Oreeoi
Oregon 97201
o r c a ll: 1-503-282-8040
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