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    Page 2 Portland Observer, April 25, 1984
Senate candidates speak on the issues
(Continued fro m page I . column 6)
out dyers around luues like I've
done in ihc past."
regularly with people in the district.
Tow n hall meetings are a good idea.
Some of (he best bills I helped pass
came to me from private citizens.
The role o f a senator is to help
citizens realize their aspirations."
W h a t la yo u r aland on S ta te
D lv e a tm e n t in S o u th A fric a and
h o w w o u ld you w o rk to g a t it
th ro u g h th a legislature?
M c C o y : " I sponsored the first
bill and helped with the last. The bill
has never passed because people on
slate reiirement do not want it. They
fear they are going to lose money.
It's a mailer o f education M ore and
more, people are becoming aware of
what the problem is and they should
come to Salem and talk in a rational
way about how they can do it. No
controversial legislation passes the
first time around.”
M cE lro y : I'm not familiar with
that subject.”
P rlaatlay “ I ’ve always support­
ed divestment. There are currently
too many people in (he legislature
with campaign contributions that
prohibit them from voting on this.
It has to come from the people. Five
hundred people will have to come to
Salem and look mean and angry,
scream and shout.”
S tevenaon: " I'v e followed that
issue and know the arguments both
pro and con. M y instincts tell me we
should divest.”
What la your poaltlon on U.S.
involvement in Central America.
South Africa, and what is your
position on nuclaar disarmament
and affirmative action?
M c C o y : "Foreign policy is left to
the Congress. None of us in the
State Legislature, other than to pass
resolutions, has any effect. I'm not
going to do anything about Central
America in anyway. Divestment in
South Africa will directly affect
funds in Oregon. I'm not going to
do anything about disarmament or
re-armament in the State Legislature.
And I've also supported affirm ative
M cE lro y : "T h e U.S. has no
business with any military in­
volvement in Central America. We
have to take care o f our people here.
I'm not informed enough on South
Africa and support a nuclear freeze
and affirm ative action.”
Williams seeks District 18 seat
"T h e
Roberts— Barbara
Frank Roberts. They feel they
should determine what is fair for
this community. I say to Herb
Cawthorne, John Garlington and
Ron Herndon that we look at why
other people are trying to or­
chestrate what happens in our
community. They ran Ed Leek's
campaign and are quietly suppor­
ting other interests (hat are negative
to this community under the banner
of liberalism.”
E d ito r ' j note:
East week the Portland Observer
covered three o f the fo u r candidates
fo r stale representative fro m District
lh H a ro ld Williams declined to be
interviewed a t that lime, but granted
us the interview this week.
If alactad, what ara among tha
atapa you will Inatltuta to pro-
mota aconomlc davalopmant for
raaidanta In Dlatrlct 18?
" I would work to restructure the
lax system. You can give relief
across the board. I will work with
ihe banking community to make
sure there are low-interest loans
available to small businesses.”
Who ara you going to aupport
and vota for Praaldant of tha
Unltad Stataa?
"There is none other than Jesse
broken with tha ranka of Black
leaders In tha community.
Please explain.
Tha low-lncoma and elderly
ara faced with Inadequate health
care raaourcaa. How will you
addraaa thia laaua and provide
medical coverage for thoaa
" I would look at what is already
available to see if it can be expand­
ed. We should have a voucher
system in the state for any person
who desires and needs health care."
What type of communication
link will you eetabllah to keep In
tuna with tha volcaa of Dlatrlct
" I will go into the community on
a quarterly basis to let people know
what is going on. I'll constantly be
Why ahould raaidanta in Dla-
trict 18 vota for you?
" I ’ m sincere and committed to
the overall goals in the district. I ’ve
learned the system as an apprentice.
This community helped me get
through school and I own this
community to give something back
as quality. I'm prepared. I've paid
my dues.”
Tha aubaactlon of tha acon­
omlc quaatlon daala with Joba.
What would you do to craata
amploymant opportunltlaa for
raaidanta In Dlatrlct 18?
" W e have to embrace the banking
community and the Chamber of
Commerce to see what (hey are
doing to attract business into our
community. Also, we can see where
we could get low-interest loans and
which business is best suited for our
zoning I would give that info r­
M B E 's
Why partlclpata in tha Dlatrlct
18 laadarahlp forum If you wara
not going to ablda by Ita
dacialon? (Margaret Carter. 87:
Harold Wllliama, 78: and Luther
Strong. 261
" I t was my understanding that it
would be an opportunity for people
to hear other persons who might run
for office. I had some misgivings, If
the community wanted to back one
candidate I had run before and
came short by 60 votes. I'm the only
one who had something to lose. All
too often, people want you to feel
the way they want you to feel and
echo what they want to hear I say
199 people don't dictate to this
district. M y feeling is you have a
right to endorse any person that you
choose W hat has been said, that
Harold Williams agreed to drop out,
is an outright lie. I respect the
process. I did not say I agree with
In affect.
“ I don’t consider it breaking
from the ranks. W e were never in a
situation where it was stated that the
forum would be the voice o f the
community. It was a group of
people who have stations of status
in the community. The issue is not
with personalities, but to give the
community a choice. The primary is
to decide who is the best qualified.
No small group decided that. Those
in the forum are not my spokesper­
sons. They have concerns and
opinions and I have concerns and
opinions. I respect (heir's and I
hope they respect m ine."
Tha cantarplaca of your cam­
paign platform la your axpar-
lanca In tha ayatam. Vat. aourcaa
cloaa to your job In Salam, aa a
labor nagotlator. aaid your job
waa In troubla. Prior to you filing
a dlacrlmlnatlon ault, thay wara
going to charga you with In-
compatanca. What la raally
going on?
" I filed a suit against (he Slate of
Oregon because I was denied
promotion to a salary range of
$29,00. I am receiving a salary range
of $26,000. Every labor negotiator
in the state is 29 except me and I
have the most seniority. I asked why
and found out by accident that
everybody else was promoted to a
29. The supervisor said it was a gut
feeling. We determine the success of
a person if they successfully com­
plete their contract. I completed all
mine. The state determines how
high a Black male and female can
go. They felt I'd gone as high as I
should go. Black people are not to
make beyond that. When I con­
fronted the supervisor, he said they
would grind me into the ground for
challenging them. Therefore, I filed
a su it."
Running for State Repreaen-
tativa dropa your aalary by
" I have to give up my job to run
for office. W ith my fam ily, I have
prepared for the sacrifice. We need
someone in the system who under­
stands the bureaucracy. We need a
voice to open the door wider Over
the last 2$ years, this community
has given a lot to me. I'm in a
position to give back what has been
given to me. I'm one of the few
people in government who has been
at the executive level who under­
stands how it functions. That is one
o f the reasons why a lot o f people
outside this community are opposed
to my candidacy. They try from the
outside to build up a picture to put
you in confrontation with your
o w n ."
Who ara these forces from tha
Thoaa who attended the
forum who were not committed
to any one candidate felt your
ana war to the queetlon, 'What
have you done for the com­
munity over your job reapon-
albilltlea?' wea alltlat and aide
atopped the queation. Your an­
swer wee. T o be a good
huabend end a good father.
" I t wasn't intended to be elitist. I
feel all too often the image of (he
Black man in the family is very
negative. I was trying to make the
point that I was trying to be a
positive force as it relates to the
family. I have many community ac­
tivities. T o state that you are a good
father and husband is a positive.
You have to start at hom e."
In 1870, you voted to exclude
women from the City Club.
"T h a t has come to haunt me. At
that time, it was not a situation of
voting against women. The question
came up which said, should the City
Club have the right to be a man's
club. By me being Black and saying
that, I was (hrusted out as being an­
ti-women. That was a mistake. That
was 14 years ago and I don't think
that is something that should be
held over my head ”
/? i
Prieetley: " I vomit everytime I
’i ò r À -'V V /
think of our involvement in Central
America. I'm against U.S. policies
in South Africa. Ballot Measure 7
(nuclear freeze) was organized out
o f my office. I voted for all the bills
regarding affirm ative action and in­
troduced bills in this regard."
cete oration or ovr. m N Q
N A rr
Stavanaon: " I 'm opposed to
America. We should be very careful
in interfering with the internal a f­
fairs o f sovereign nations. M y
general feelings regarding South
Africa is that ...we should do all we
can to encourage policy changes in
that country. I don't know how
anyone can be other than in favor of
nuclear disarmament M y record on
affirm ative action when I was labor
commissioner speaks for clear sup­
port of it."
our .
our surwyal
^ n m a / v '<yuutuNiT'( c c u rg n
r r / v r *N c rr s r
a p h u a ^ o n m g r • c r n O CAgg m
gon-ven. t-oncH •
- M AŸ
hvacam ation
■ n n re n rA iN M e n r
NOON To y fNN-
( Í
MRS. C’s
*4 *10
M«ny w ig» p»ic»d «I
Candidates fair
questions to the politicians who
want to represent you! Candidates
for State Treasurer, Secretary of
State, House and Senate Districts 18
and 19, city commissioners, mayor
and various judges will be present.
The fair will be Saturday, April
28th, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m at
the King Neighborhood Facility,
4815 N .E , 7th Avenue, in the
Neighborhoods is sponsoring the
Betty Cibine Proprietor
Hair Products
Citizens Congress
set for N /N E area
Special problems effecting N orth/
Northeast Portland will be part
o f the discussion at the Citizens
Congress at Cleveland High School,
Saturday, April 28th.
Rev. John Garlington will be the
keynote speaker on, "Citizens Do
Make a Difference." Other N o rth /
Northeast citizens active on the
program for the Congress include
Bob Nelson, chair pro-tem; Fern
Alexander, vice chair pro-tem; Joice
Taylor, chair. Human Services
Interested citizens are urged to
become delegates and to take part in
this forum for involvement in the
issues. Forms are available at the
N .E . Coalition O ffice, 4815 N .E .
7th or from a number of individuals It
will be an open meeting and people
can register at the start o f the
meeting, April 28th.
• everything you need."
T.C .B .
Care Free Curl
N ew Era
S Curl
W orld of Curl
U Do It
Special Feeling
And many m ore item s to choose from .
7 0 7 I. E. Frem ont 2 8 1 -6 5 2 5
tun. A Mon. 0 F IN Tuoa. tbrv tat. 11:30 AM to 8:00 FM
C toa ad
Richard J. Brown
1 0 N .E . Ainsworth
Portland. OR 97211
By appi: (503/ 289-0707
Political obaervera and aome
voters view your presence In the
race as a spoiler. If you or Carter
do not get In. many will blame
you for that.
Business Camp.
"O ne of the things people should
look at is I don’t view my candidacy
as a spoiler. I ran last time and was
short by 60 votes. I'm running this
lime because I came so close last
time. I did not accuse Carter of
being a spoiler and not being sup­
portive o f me, had having a hoax
meeting to pick a person when they
had someone that has been tested
I'm not in the race for ego or finan­
cial gain. I'm in it for the positive
development of this com m unity."
I can’t hslp but hear In your
answers that you faal It was
your natural right to run because
you ran before.
" I t is my right to run as a citizen.
I feel the primary will determine
who is q ualified ."
Help stop abuse
One out of seven children will be
molested, or neglected by the time
they are twenty-one. It happens
every day in our community. Until
recently, child abuse had to remain
a secret. In 1981, the Child Abuse
Hotline was established and now
receives over 400 calls a month.
Trained volunteers operate (he
Hotline twenty-four hours a day.
listen and
they answer
questions. The Hotline needs volun­
teers. I f you are interested, call 234-
Right now. O regon high school students
provide ex p en se paid scholarships (meals,
(.ind teachers) have an outstanding opportunity
lodging, m aterials) tor each individual.
to learn about the business world Front a lew ol
H elp these young m inds develop basic tools
the most successful entrepreneurs in the state.
lor their ow n business futures. Send them to
It’s called O reg o n
cam p. Business cam p. July
Mol l o u r i «m irihaiiH H i »«»
Business W eek. A 10-d.iy
29 - A ugust 4.
I’ 1 > H..k I2M»> s. L m ( >
Business cam p tor 100 stu
Ore g o n B u s in e s s W eek
dents and KMI teachers At
A |o in t v en tu r e o l A ssoc
i.ited O r e g o n In d u stries F o u n ­
W estern O reg o n State
d a tio n . ( fr e g o li D ep a rtm e n t o l
College in M onm outh.
F d u c.it,o n , ( freg o li C o u n cil o n
How can vou help get
Economic Education and
the buses m oving?
W estern O r e g o n S ta te C o lle g e
T hrough your ta x -d e d u cti­
in c o o p e r a tio n w ith C h a m b ers
ble co n trib u tio n s. They'll
— ———— J "I C on ,I,ic ret
C' a .
B h P
’•f • '
. ♦ *
« — * .