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    Page 6 Portland Observer, October 13, 1982
October song?
by A t McCUberry
Then try the Union Avenue . . .
M aris, M antle— go deep into base­
ball lore and history.
It is unbelievable, after what Reg­
gie has done fo r the Yankees and
baseball, that in the twilight o f his
career he must be treated like yester­
day’s bad news. 1 can’ t say it is ra­
cial prejudice because the Yankees
are as cold blooded as H itle r .
They’ve discarded all their stars; so
Reggie is no exception to their rule
o f doing business. I only w onder
why the fans always back the owner
and never understand a p la ye r,
trials and tribulations in the world
o f sport. H ello Angels— good-bye
The great black athlete can only
use his popularity while he is play­
ing. The day he retires, he becomes
just ‘ ‘ M r . C itiz e n .” The endorse­
ments stop. They can't use him as a
manager or coach. The front office
Angels had an all-star team before
Reggie but with his winning attitude
he brought the missing ingredient
needed for that team to become a
winner. And wow! Did they come to
see this team. The Angels set a rec­
ord in attendance for the American
League. T ell me it wasn’t the pre­
sence o f Reggie that made the d if ­
Reggie Jackson is known as M r.
O ctober to the w o rld . H is heroics
and feats with the O akland As and
New Y o rk Yankees are legendary.
The question in sport has always
been, who performs under pressure?
W ho can make the shot with 3 sec­
onds to play? W h o can make that
hit w ith the game on the line? The
putt in sudden death? These types
are players— the guys that can do
the im possible when i t ’ s needed.
Yes, Superman in the flesh. Reggie
Jackson is all o f that and more.
His presence on any team means
winning seasons and large houses;
when he left the Yankees they lost
600,000 tickets.
The C alifornia Angels in another
region gained 600,000 tickets. The
In New Y o rk he was supreme—
the most w ritte n -a b o u t ath lete in
that vast city. Whatever he did good
or bad made news. G en tlem an
George, the owner o f the Yankees,
wants to be on the sport page every
day h im self. The com petition fo r
publicity was too much. Goodbye
“ Reggie.”
The New Y o rk Yankees are
A m e ric a ’ s g la m o u r team . T h e ir
players— Ruth, Gerhig, Dim aggio,
positions as player, personnel direc­
tor, etc., are nil.
The day has arrived for the a th ­
lete to get all he’s got coming now,
because there is not later one. Reg­
gie u n d e rs ta n d s that m ore than
most people. I know that he under­
stands the media and uses it to his
The Angels lost to Milwaukee this
week. Reggie forgot it was October.
Has he run out o f gas? M r. Excite­
ment is tired— or is he just getting
old? O n ly time and tom orrow w ill
tell the story. In the meanwhile the
series w ill be not as interesting
w ith o u t the dram a o f Reggie, the
modern day Casy. I t ’s October and
the W o rld Seires T .V . watchers all
over A m erica w ill fin d something
else to do because o f the absense o f
Reggie. How about that?!!
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Luis M . D elis o f C uba dem on­
strated that he is still the w o rld ’ s
leader in the discus by bettering the
U .S .’s A rt Burns by 10 feet in the re­
cent Stuttgart meet as he whipped
the disc 225-0'.
The throw was short fo r D elis,
who has four o f the year’s five best
throws. His personal best is 231-7.
In August he set a new Central A m ­
erican and Caribbean Games record
o f 230-4.
Delis, whose rise to international
fam e has been ra p id , won the
bronze medal at the 1980 O lym pic
Games and was second in the 1981
World Cups.
A t 24, Delis is studying to be an
athletics in s tru c to r. H e is also a
strong shotputter, winning the gold
m edal at the C e n tra l A m erican
games with a throw o f 61.95 feet.
Delis w ill attem p t to break the
discus W o rld Record o f 233.48 at
the Panamerican Games to be held
in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1983.
C uba won the J u n io r Baseball
world championship in Venezuela.
Taiwan came in second.
The 10th mens volleyball w orld
championship is taking place in A r
gentina. The 24 teams that began
the tourney have now been shaken
down to 12, w ith the U .S . among
the losers. The tw o groups o f six
currently in competition are: Group
I: the U .S .S .R ., B ra z il, P o la n d ,
C zechoslovakia, B ulgaria and
C uba; G ro u p I I : C h in a , C an a d a,
Japan, A rg e n tin a , South K o rea,
German Democratic Republic (East
The U .S .S .R ., current champion
and a five-time winner, and China,
are favorites.
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Oct. 15th at 8 a.m ., to raise funds to
help 4 -y e a r-o ld O regonian M a tt
Vangeest fight Gaucher Disease, a
rare genetic blood disorder. Eight
inm ates have been in train in g at
OSP for the past several months to
participate and to show their con­
cern fo r raising medical expenses
state w ide fo r M a tt. The 26-m iie
marathon will be run entirely inside
the walls o f the prison and has a t­
tracted several dignitaries and cele­
brities to p a rtic ip a te , including
A lb erto Salazar, M arath o n record
holder, Jim H ill, the nation’s third
top m ile r, and T o m Bvers. m iler
from the University o f Oregon. A ll
contributions and donations are to
be sent to M a tt Vangeest Trust
Fund, Western Security Bank, Can-
dalaria Branch, P .O . Box 2246, Sa­
lem, OR 97308. For more inform a­
tion, contact Bud Chappelle, O SP,
2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310,
(phone; 378-6450).
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on both new
and used cars.
Satn R rp rr y n tn ttv t
The inmates at Oregon State Pen­
itentiary are sponsoring the " M a tt
Vangeest M a ra th o n ,” on F rid ay,
death penalty
W ilt C ham berlain poaaa w ith m am bara of his 60-m am b ar track
team , "Wilt's A th le tic C lu b .” C ham berlain said ha idolized Jaaaa
Owens and track has always bean his favorite aport.
3007 N.E. Union Ave.
With the amateurs
Nicholai Zaharov o f the U .S.S.R.
has broken the world record in the
60 kilo snatch set by Daniel Nunoz
o f Cuba on August 16th. Zaharov
lifted 136.3 kilograms, V5 kilogram
more than N unoz. N u no z, who is
the 1980 O lym pic gold medal w in­
ner, had broken the world record of
B ulgarian Boleslav M a n o lo v , this
year’s world champion.
The A C L U Foundation o f Oregon
will sponsor a Symposium or. Capi­
tal Punishm ent on O cto b er 15th
and 16th at Portland State U niver­
sity. The event, which will be free to
the public, is being co-sponsored by
the Portland State University P h il­
osophy D ep a rtm en t and un d er­
w ritten by the Oregon C om m ittee
for the Hum anities. Both pro- and
a n ti-C ap ital Punishment speakers
will be features, to inform the public
o f the issues on this controversial
to p ic. T h e speakers* talks w ill be
taped by KBOO F M and offered na­
tionally to public radio stations over
the N P R satellite system.
The event will begin Friday even­
ing, October 15th, with a free show­
ing o f the 1958 film , " I W an t To
Live” at the First Unitarian Church,
1011 SW 12th.
T he symposium its e lf w ill take
place on the Portland State Campus
from 9 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday,
O ctober 16th. Speakers opposing
the death penalty will be D r. Hugo
Bedau, a T u fts U n ive rs ity p h il­
osophy professor, and H en ry
Schw arzschild, d ire cto r o f the
N a tio n a l A C L U C a p ita l Punish­
ment P ro je c t. Speakers favo rin g
capital punishment will be D r. Ernst
Van Dan Haag, a Fordham Univer­
sity Law Professor, and State Rep­
resentative Norman Smith, sponsor
o f capital punishment legislation in
the 1980 Oregon session and o f the
initiative which attempted to put the
question on this November’s ballot.
Ramsey C la rk , form er U .S . A t­
torney General, will be the luncheon
speaker. C lark will discuss interna­
tional perspectives on capital pun­
ishm ent. Th ere w ill be a $5.75
charge fo r the lunch and tickets
must be purchased in advance from
the American Civil Liberties Union,
534 SW T h ird , R oom 6 01 , P o rt­
land, OR 97204.
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