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    Portland Observer, October 6, 1982 Page 9
Community Calendar
B a a u m o n t-W lls h ira N e ig h b o rh o o d A s s o c ., M o n d a y, O ct. 11th,
A ll citizens concerned about the
inner Northeast community are in­
vited to attend breakfast meetings
held every Friday morning.
The purpose o f the meetings is to
promote business leadership, know­
ledge o f business, a positive com­
m unity image, and positive black
male role models. Among the activi­
ties to be planned and sponsored are
a job fair and improvements in news
media communication.
Beaumont School, 4043 N .E . Fremont.
Speakers have included Alan
Mann o f the State Economic Devel­
opment Commission; County Com­
missioner G ordon Shadburne and
Dennis Buchanan; and candidates
for the District 18 House seat.
Governor Aliyeh will address the
group on October 8th. The meeting
will be held from 7 to 9 am at the
Travel Lodge, Pacific Fir Room.
A Greek dinner, benefit for Proposition 7, " N o Guns To El Salvador,"
will be held Friday, ( k t . 13th, at 6:30 pm at the Musicians Union H all, 323
NE 20th (20th and Sandy). Musical entertainment will be by Hector de la O,
who will sing traditional and modern Latin American songs, and songs of
protest from the "N ew Song M ovem ent" o f Latin America. Tickets are
$10, advanced tickets available, call 233-9388 or 284-3432.
C o m m u n ity recep tio n , by the M artin Luther King Elementary School
Parents, for new principal, Samuel Cameron, 7-8:30 pm, Thursday, Oct.
7th, King School Cafetorium. The reception is to introduce M r. Cameron to
the community as well as to explain the type of community King School par­
ents are seeking.
Fund ra ia e r/b e n e fit for M e tt D iahm en Community Center, Saturday,
Oct. 16th, from noon-3 pm, at the Matt Dishman Center, 77 N .E . Knott.
"Jam m in and jazzin '82" will feature such artists as the Ron Steen Trio,
I ig h ls Out, The Charles Hall Band with surprise guest appearances. Tickets
are $3 and will be sold at the door. Call 224-0401 for more informarion. A l­
so: Kukrudu with Obo Addy will be a featured guest.
Firat Portland C o m m u n ity Congreaa, Saturday, October 9, 1819 NW
Everett, 8:30 atn-5 pm. Neighborhood organizing, crime, discrimination,
housing, and disarmament are among two dozen mini-forums happening at
the First Portland Community Congress. Michael Rotkin, socialist mayor
of Santa Cruz, California, is the featured speaker. Cost is from $3 to $10 on
a sliding scale: "pay what you can affo rd .” For more information call the
Alliance for Social Change, 222-4479.
A ffirm a tiv e A ctio n A w ir e n n s W eak w orkshops: Keynote speaker,
Ester Huey, o f Washington M utual Savings. Topics include: Historical
background: laws and regulations; Sexual harassment and discrimination;
Handicapped Services; PSU & A ffirm ative Action; Current Environment.
Oct 1114, I I :30 am-2 pm, 338 Smith Center at Portland State University.
Free, open to the public. Call 229-4417 for more info.
Irv in g to n C o m m u n ity A s s o c ia tio n , Thursday, O ct. 7th, 7:43 pm,
2710 NE 14th.
Street Beat
by Lenita D u ke and R ichard B row n
U S D A Child Care Food Program : Meals will be made available to en­
ro lle d children at no separate charge without regard to race, color, or na­
tio n al orig in . Sponsored by the G race C ollins M e m o ria l C o m m u n ity
Center, call 281-6930 for more information.
Fall c o n feren ce fo r ed u c ato rs and parants o f ta la n te d and g ifted
students, Friday, Oct. 8th, 1982, 8:30 am-4 pm. Sponsored by the Oregon
Association for the Talented and Gifted, the conference will be held at the
Portland Airport Holiday Inn. Registration begins at 7:30 am.
O re g o n S ta te P e n ite n tia ry " M a t t V a n g e e s t M arathon," Friday,
Oct. 15th, 8 am. Sponsored by the inmates at OSP to raise funds to help 4-
year-old Oregonian M att Vangeest fight Gaucher Disease, a rare genetic
blood disorder. Eight inmates have been in training at OSP for the past sev­
eral months to participate and to show their concern for raising medical ex­
penses state-wide for M att. The 26 mile marathon will be run entirely inside
the walls of the prison and has attracted several dignitaries and celebrities to
participate, including Alberto Salazar, Marathon record holder, Jim H ill,
the nation’s third top miler, and Tom Byers, miler from the University o f
Oregon. A ll contributions and donations are to be sent to M a tt Vangeest
Trust Fund, Western Security Bank, Candalaria Branch, P. O. Box 2246,
Salem, OR 97308. For more information contact Bud Chappelle, OSP, 2605
State Street, Salem, OR 97310, (phone: 378-6450).
O x fa m A m e ric a '« Fast fo r a W o rld H arvest. Skip a meal November
18, the Thursday before Thanksgiving. Organize a fundraising event. Send
your contribution to Oxfam America, 115 Broadway, Boston, M A 02116.
Write or call (617) 482-1211 for a free Fast Kit with suggested activities.
H u m b o ld t N e ig h b o rh o o d A s s o c ia tio n meeting, 7:30 pm, M onday,
Oct. 11th, at the M ulti-Service Center, 5022 N. Vancouver Ave. Jim Van
Dyke, president o f Cascade PCC, will discuss proposal for a small business
incubator program at PCC.
O verlo o k N eigh b o rh o o d A sso ciatio n , Monday, Oct. 11th, Overlook
Community Center, 3839 N. Melrose Dr.
Food Preservation w o rksh o p , PC C , Saturday, Oct. 9th, 10 am-1 pm.
instructor Norma Larsen will train participants in the basics o f nutritional
self-sufficiency and emergency food preparedness; how to store food, emer­
gency cooking, yogurt making and sprouting arc covered in the workshop.
For more information call PCC Cascade at 238-2541.
S e n io r C itiz e n H e a lth C lin ics, beginning Thursday, Oct. 7, through
Jan. 1983, at the University Park Community Center - Senior Zone, 9009
North Foss Street (#4 Fessenden Tri-M et Bus). Most clinics begin at 10 am.
Presentations from arthritis to weight control. Contact V. Pantenburg, 283-
3090, or M ike Addis, 289-2414.
A nnual Fall p lant sale and display, sponsored by the Portland African
Violet Society, Eastport Plaza Shopping Center (East end o f the mall), 4050
SE 82nd (near Holgate), Friday, Oct. 8th, 10 am-9 pm, and Saturday, Oct.
9th, 10am-6 pm. 659-3615 or 760-8997 for more information.
Letonla Foster
Mel Smith
ESCO worker
" I ’ll vole for it. I ’m a home­
owner and every time you turn
around there is an increase.
They might say that it will be a
crisis but there is going to be a
crisis one way or another. I ’m
tired o f taxes, taxes and more
Jerry Hapgood
Food Counselor
“ I know people who will lose
their jobs i f it passes. I d o n ’ t
want taxes to go up but the gov­
ernm ent has to draw from
another source to raise funds.
They cannot always rely on
taxes. I ’ m going to vote no on
" I ’m not a U .S . citizen and
I ’ m not aware o f Ballot M e a ­
sure 3 but I would want to lower
property taxes. I don’t think it
would create a crisis. It seems
'.hat we have too many (axes in
the U .S ."
Many brand« and modata
20-50% off
Singer, Viking, New Home.
Bernina, Pfaff. Eine. White.
also - 14 off Repair with this ad.
Rose City Sewing Machine Center
59th and NE Sandy Blvd. 249-2994
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come clandestine.
Indeed, that’s the way South A f­
rica likes it. By creating the impres­
sion that it has b u ilt an atom ic
bomb and is prepared to use it, Pre­
toria achieves the desired effect o f
deterring its neighbors from support
for the African National Congress,
the leading political resistance group
in South A fric a . A threat to drop
atomic bombs on the capitals o f the
fro n t line states would have to be
taken seriously.
A t the same time, by keeping its
nuclear weapons under wraps.
South A fric a protects its already
tarnished political image from fu r­
ther ravages, and preserves external
economic ties— p articu larly those
with the United States and Western
Europe— that help sustain the sys­
tem o f white minority rule.
713 S.W. 12th Street
Call 224-BEEP for a free demonstration.
Moreover, that is the way the pre­
sent, openly-known club members
also like it. D oubt and confusion
about South A frica 's nuclear wea­
pons status permit the United States
and other nuclear weapons powers
to keep their com fortable illusion
that proliferation is under control.
So long as the clandestine prolifer-
ators remain discreet, the failure of
anti-proliferation policies need not
be acknowledged.
In fact, as nuclear supplies we
have contributed to the spread o f
the Bomb. We have also contributed
by setting an example as the world’s
foremost producer o f nuclear wea­
pons— its foremost practitioner o f
the d iplom acy o f nuclear d ete r­
Kathy Fives
Kim Te
’/ z OFF
prices on
Fraa Public Law Sem inars will be held in a 4 part mini-series, at the U r­
ban League Field O ffice , 5329 N .E . Union Suite 218 from 10 am to 12
noon. October 12: Consumer credit, bankruptcy, and small claims. October
19: Landlord/tcnant, foreclosures, housing discrimination. October 26: Es­
tate planning, probate and wills. November 2: Rights to the disabled and el­
derly plus inform ation on government benefits. For further inform ation
contact M aria B. Alvarez, coordinator, 249-5808.
The thought o f passage o f the 1 ‘/z
per cent property tax lim itation (Bal­
lot Measure 3) is sending shock waves
th roug ho ut our C ity governm ent.
The S tre e t B eat team hit the streets
to gather c itiz e n ’ s response w ith ,
“ W h a t’ s your reaction to B allot
Measure 3, and do you think it w ill
produce a crisis in city services?”
" M y mother is just buying a
house and it’s hard on her with
all the bills that are associated
with owning one. The services
that they say will be cut aren’t
doing that much for us, any­
way. But on the other hand they
m ight hurt some people. I ’ m
going to vote no.”
Rose City's annual
" I feel quite bad about it. I ’m
not a property owner so I ’m not
concerned about the tax sav­
ings. The services that w ill be
affected will really hurt if they
are cut or abolished. I wanted to
have some dental w ork done
and now I have to w ait."
Louise Spears
It will be bad for us all if Bal­
lot Measure 3 is passed. It will
affect schools and lib raries.
Times are hard and homeown­
ers will have to ride like the rest
of us. I ’m voting no on 3 ."
Americans may well worry about
the growing problem o f world-wide
nuclear weapons proliferation. But
we are not lik e ly to be able to do
much about it until we have faced
up to the problem o f our own nu­
clear weapons excesses.
" W h o are you to point the finger
at us?" I was asked many times in
South Africa. It was a question for
which I had no adequate answer.
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