Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, September 13, 1922, Page 13, Image 13

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Arrangements Made for
, Coming Year's Needs.
This Port Now on Sarnie Basis as
Others oi Coast on Business
From Hongkong.
Gunnies from India for next sea
son's requirements in the west are
to move on American- ships from
Calcutta to Hongkong and there be
forwarded via American lines to
the Pacific coast, the business being
divided among the established serv
ices to the principal ports. Port
land's portion will be moved on ves
sels of the Columbia-Pacific Ship
ping company and it is estimated
the amount to be received through
this harbor will reach close to 20,000
The transportation of the gunny-
business has been arranged by con
tract. The Pacific Mail fleet and
that of Struthers Sc. Barry will han
dle gunnies to Los Angeles and San
Franoisco and the Admiral line the
shipments destined for Puget sound
ports. The basis of the contract is
a rate of J6.50 a ton from Calcutta.
The shipment of gunnies to Port
land has not always been handled
direct and at the opening of the
present season, whilt there was
rate of $6.60 to other Pacific coa:t
ports, that to Portland was 1, as a
consequence af which bags were
consigned via Tacoma and reshipped
by railroad to Portland at less than
the through freight to Portland.
The Injustice of that differential
was taken up by the Columbia-Pa
cific Shipping company with its
Hongkong representative, with the
result that the same charge was
made applicable to Portland's gunny
However, the elimination of the
differential-was brought about after
much of the bag movement had,been
contracted, though there have been
some direct shipments here. Under
the new arrangement for an all
American line routing at the going
freight rate an appreciable gain Is
looked for In the column of Imports.
The routing of gunnies from Cal
cutta will be on small "feeder"
steamors, which are utilized in as
sembling cargo at Hongkong, Manila
and such ports for the convenience
of the trans-Pacific fleet.
Tenpaisan Mara Leaves With Big
Wheat Cargo for Europe.
With the departure of the Jap
anese steamer Tenpaisan Mara last
night, and the Norwegian steamer
Torrey under orders to leave early
this morning, eight of the grain
fleet will remain In the river either
loading cargo or awaiting orders to
proceed to a loading berth. The
Tenpaisan Mara is headed for the
United Kingdom with a full wheat
cargo, while the Torrey is bound for
the far east and her Portland cargo
Is made up of 45,816 barrels of flour
for Shanghai and 5000 barrels for
Hongkong. The ship came here
from New Orleans, where she took
aboard considerable general freight
for the orient.
Three, vessels were at terminal
No. 4 yesterday for bulk wheat and
the Tokufuku Maru probably will
' finish there today and her berth
will be taken by the Baltimore
Maru. The Victoria Mara and Orient
City began lining yesterday for
West Jappa Arrives With 1000
Bags for local Discharge.
t One unusual direct shipment to
be discharged here-yesterday from a
deepwaterman was 1000 bags of
Brazil nuts, which were brought by
the steamer West Jappa, of the
Swayne & Hcyt South American ser
vice. She reported in tht harbor at
10 o'clock in the morning and left
' down at 6 o'clock. Incidentally, it
had been intended to land the nuts
at San Francisco, but they were or
dered here and while the consign
ment was shown on the coasting
manifest, it was in bond and not
enumerated on the foreign manifest,
so the customs house officials took
the master to task.
There were 860 bags of sunflower
seed, originating at Buenos Aires,
2000 bags of coffee from Santos,
Brazil, and miscellaneous freight.
Outward the vessel worked a small
coneignment of flour for the return
voyage and went on to Puget Sound.
Bf ore Wheat and Lumber Carriers
Increase Harbor Activities.
More wheat and lumber carriers
here for. cargoes created a spurt in
the circles of longshoremen yes
terday and it was said close to 750
men were engaged, while additional
gangs could have been utilized. As
the average run of work of late has
not demanded such a number' of
longshoremen, part of those who
follow the trade are believed to have
temporarily found other vocations.
It is the opinion on the water
front that the next few weeks will
be busy, especially should an ad
justment of railroad strike diffi
culties be brought '.. about, so there
would be a more free movement of
grain from the interior, which is
understood to be influenced at pres
ent because of limited rolling stock.
The increase in intercoasta'l freight
in both directions, restoration of
oriental services and normal coast
wise business add to the volume of
longshore work.
Munson Line Enters Coast Trade.
Announcement that the Munson
line has entered the intercoastal
service and that the first steamer,
the Munaires, which has visited
here, will get away from New York
for the Pacific coast October -7, is
interesting Portlanders. So far as
has been ascertained the matter of
a Portland representative has not
beeTTsettled. One opinion in shipping
circles is that the Munson Interests
decided to bid for a share of the
trade as a result of the Atlantic,
Gulf & Pacific having suspended
service. , .
Full Cargo of Snlphur Coming.
Storage of between 6000 and 7000
tons of sulphur from the Gulf region
at terminal No. 4- is being nego
tiated. The material, which is to
be used in connection with the
manufacture of paper, moves this
way in smaller quantities at times,
but in view of lower freights from
the Atlantic side it is proposed to
move a full caj-go. With storage
added the saving in transportation
is sufficient to Justify the arrange
ment. Swimmer ",in . Nude Fined.
Dan McSherry, 19 years old, mess
boy aboard the steamer T. J. Potter,
paid a fine of $14 in the municipal
court yesterday on pleading guilty
to swimming in the Willamette
river minus bathing garb. He was
arrested Monday by the harbor pa
trol force, on the beach below where
the Potter is lying. The waterfront
minions have conducted an active
campaign against bathers disre
garding an ordinance in which the
character o swimming apparel is
prescribed.. '
Pilots Ge Branches.'
The Oregon state board of pilot
commissioners ' yesterday granted
branches ' to Captains George F.
Gildez ad S. S. Dalby of the Co
lumbia River Pilots' association.
The cicerones were among the best
known steamboat skippers in the
district and became affiliated with
the pilotage service a few months
ago. The commission reissued the
river branch of Captain Isaac
Turppa. Until granted state
branches pilots are restricted in
their operations to handling Ameri
can vessels under enrollment.
. Marine Notes.
E. M. Cherry, British vice-consul at
Astoria, and Captain Frank M. Sweet,
harbormaster, were In the city yesterday
on business.
E. F. R. De Xanoy, coast manager of
the Joint European service of the Holland-America
and Royal Mall lines, spent
yesterday in the city In conference with
officials of the Oregon Pacific company.
representing the service.
The steamer Edna Christenson cleared
yesterday for San Pedro with a lumber
cargo measuring 2,100,000 feet, loaded
at St. Helena .
The steamer West Keats of the Colum
bia Pacific Shipping company's oriental
fleet Is looked for in ths rlver-this after
noon, ending a voyage of 14 days from
Tokahama that will set a new mark for
freighters In that trade. She has con
siderable Inward freight and a full cargo
awaits her outward. The Montague, of
the same banner, went from the Southern
Pacific siding to the Alblna dock of
Kerr, Glfford & Co. yesterday and is due
to sail Friday.
The Mlnnesotan of the American-Ha
waiian fleet moved yesterday from Ter
minal No. 1 to the upstream dook of the
St. Johns company to load New Tork
lumber consignments. The Mexican of
the European service returned to the
North Bank dock yesterday to complete
her load with wheat.
The Norwegian steamer Xulse Nielsen.
which entered yesterday from oriental
ports with limited consignments of
freight, having landed other cargo at
Astoria, shifted from Albers to Alblna
dock in preparation for loading a wheat
cargo for the United Kingdom.
The Japanese steamer Konkosan Maru
left the harbor for Columbia City early
yesterday to complete her cargo for
Accommodations aboard the Admiral
line steamer Senator were largely sold
out last night and by 10 o'clock this
morning, her sailing time, belated trav
elers will probably be disappointed In
obtaining passage. The ship departs
from Terminal No. 3 for California cities
as far as San Diego. The .Rose City of
the San Franoisco & Portland flag, sails
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock from
Alnsworth dock and will carry another
The motorshlp .Boobyalla, which ar
rived yesterday morning, went to the
Albers dock to land California cargo.
afterwards moving to the. Irving dock
and later to Terminal No. 4.
The Japanese steamer Yoshlda Maru
No. 1, of the Yamashfta company's Portland-oriental
line, moved from the West
Oregon Lumber company's plant to the
North Bank dock yesterday.
The steamer Multnomah of the McCor-
mick line came in from San Francisco
last night and is due to sail Saturday.
She la expected to have an average list
of passengers for the southbound trip.
The Wapama of the same line sails
Friday. .
The commission of public docks meets
in regular session tomorrow morning
and at 2 o'clock in the afternoon the
Port of Portland commission will con
vene. The steamer Robert Luckenbach.
bound here on her initial voyage in the
Luckenbach service and laden with con
siderable east coast freight, reached San
Francisco yesterday.
Pacific Coast Shipping Notes.
ASTORIA, Or., Sept. 12. (Special.)
The British- steamer Canadian Observer
arrived at 0:15 o clock this morning from
Ocean Falls, B. C, and after discharging
o.iu ions ui wow puip at ma port ter
minals for reshlpment to Camas, Wash.,
sailed this afternoon for San Pedro with
a cargo of paper. The steam schooner
Multnomah arrived at 11:16 o'clock today
from San Francisco and after loading
shingles at the' port terminals left for
St. Helens to load lumber. - -
At a meeting of the Astoria . Port
commission this morning, Manager Bart-
lott reported that for the installation
of the proposed additional unloading
equipment at the port elevators, he had
ordered machinery costing about $22,000.
It should arrive within a few days so
that the new equipment will be ready for
Port Calendar.
To Arrive a Portland.
Vessel From Date.
Regulus ....West coast.. Sept. 14
Steel Navigator New York... Sept. 16
Eastern Prince. ... ..Orient sTt is
Celilo San Fran... Sept. 18
a. aj. aoui ,.wtiw xorK. . .tsept. J6
jUerlden So. America. Sept. 18
Artigas ..Portia' d, Me.SepL 18
Kobt. Luckenbach. ..New York... Sept 18
Admiral Farragut. ..San Diego. . .Sept. 1
A dm. uoodrich. . j . an Fran. ...Sept. ltt
Kristianiafjord . Europe, Sept. 19
Baja California. Cen. Amer.. .Sept. 19
Klnderdyk ..Europe Sept. 20
Nevada .......... ..Bordeaux ...jepu21
WlUhilo ..New York. ..Sept. 21
Kentuckian, JS'ew York... Sept. 22
1'elaa .........New York. . .Sept. 22
Wm. Campion Gulf j.. Sept. 23
Arakan .............. Batavia ....Sept. 2a
Buliaren - . .Aust. ...... .Sept. 27
, To Leport from Portland.
Vessel" For Date
Minnesota! . .. . . ...New York. . .Sept. 13
Senator .'..... San Diego ..Sept. 14
Kote City. ...... ....San Fraa....Sept. 14
Monta&ue .. Orient .-. .. ..Sept. IS
Wanama ......... ..San Fran Sent, is
Multnomah .........San Fran.. .Sept. 16
A. I.. Kent New York. . .Sept. 17
Steel Navigator. ..... New York. ..Sept. IT
ttegulu ........."West coast. .Sept. 18
Meriden .... ..So. America. Sept. ly
Celilo .....San Fran. ..Sept. J0
iam. Farragut San Diego. . .Sept. 20
Robt: Luekenbach. ..New York. ..Sept. 20
aum. Goodrich. ... ..a.F. and way. sept, 2i
h-entucalaa New York... Sept. 24
wixiauu . ...... .rttjw xora. .aepti 2
' Vessels In Fort,
' Vessel " ' Berth.
Anten Globe miU. ,
Booyballa Terminal No. 4.
.Baltimore JUaru. .. ..Terminal No. 4.
Cmiucothe ....Terminal No. 1.
i: rogner Astoria.
Koiitosan Maru. .... Columbia City.
Iw. V Kiuse Victoria Doipoina.
Levi Xi. Burgess.... Terminal No. 1.
Louise Nielsen ... ..Alblna dock.
Minnesotaa St. Johns mill.
Montague .... Alblna dock.
Mexican ........... North Bunk dock.
Multnomah -Couch street.
Oregon Pine ........Peninsula mill.
uron Fir ......... Peninsula milL
fawwt ....... ......St. Johns Moorings,
Orient City Peninsula mill.
biaihls ............ Oregon- YVasn. dock.
Hose City ..........Alnsworth dock.
Senator ....Terminal No. 2.
XuKuiuku Maru.. ...Terminal No. 4.
Xoiuku Maru. ..... ..Peninsula mill.
Torrey ...P. F. M. Co.
Utsuri Maru Columbia City.
Victoria Maru ...... Peninsula mill.
Wapama .......... .St. Helena
Wei-an City lnman-Poulsen's.
Voshida Maru No. 1. .North Bank dock.
Trans-Pacific Mail.
Closing time for the trans-Pacific
mails at the Portland main postoffice is
as folle ws (one hour earlier at Station G,
282 Oak street) : .
For Hawaii. 1 - A. M., September 18,
per steamer Ventura, from San Francisco.
For Hawaii, 7:45 P. M., September 19
per steamer Shlnyo Maru. from San
For Japan, China and Philippines, 11:30
p M , September 20, per steamer Em
ores of Australia from Seattle.
Hawaii and Australia, 7:45 P. M., Sep
tember 18, per steamer Ventura, from
San Francisco.
For China, Japan and Philippines,
1180 P. M-, September 15, per steamer
President Grant from Seattle, . -
use by the time the new wheat crop
begins to move for export.
After taking on freight at Portland
the steamer Steel Worker sailed at 9
o'clock last night for New York via way
The steamer West Jappa from South
America via San Francisco arrived at
12:30 o'clock this morning bringing
freight for Portland and Seattle.
After discharging fuel oil in Portland
the tank steamer W. S. Porter sailed at
3 o'clock this morning for California.
The Oneonta, which has been in
Portland to be overhauled, arrived today
to leplaee the tug the service
at the mouth of the river.
The Japanese steamer Yuri Maru and
the American steamer West Keats will
be due tomorrow en route to Portland.
EVERETT, Wash., Sept. 12. The
steamship Meriden of the General Steam
ship company, arrived last night and
took on a freight cargo and left for Port
The steam schooner Forest King, of
the Forest line, arrived today and Is
loading lumber for San Pedro.
. The freighter Steel Maker of the Isth
mian line arrived today and is taking on
a huge cargo of lumber for New York
and Boston. ' FRANCISCO, Sept 12. The
latest addition to the Pacifie Mail
Steamship company's trans-Paclfio fieet,
the President Taft, left for the orient to
day with 270 passengers and a capacity
cargo. Certain Thomas Blau command
ed the new allocation.
The liner President Pierce, also alloca
ted to the Pacific Mall, which was forced
back to New York Sunday on account of
engine trouble, resumed her voyage to
San Francisco today, the' company was
advised, v ,
She will join the oriental fleet of the
company , on . her arrival.
Captain Ryland Drannan of the steam
er President Lincoln wirelessed today
that he would make port tomorrow, 10
hours earlier than was expected, cap
tain Drannan made a fast getaway -from
Honolulu and stayed within the board's
speed limit tor 635's of 17 knots an hour.
SAN PEDRO, CaL, Sept. IS. Six lum
ber schooners with approximately 8,800,-
000 feet of lumber arrived here today.
They were the C A. Smith from Coos
bay with 1,600,000 feet of lumber; the
Ernest H. Meyer, 1.200,000 feet irom
Grays Harbor; the Idaho, Grays Har
bor, 1,000,000 leet; the rtosaue jxianoney,
000.000 feet, from Puget Sound; Saginaw,
. Tacoma, 000,000 feet, and the barge
Nelson. 800.000 feet.
Two of the largest freight carriers
sailing here left today for New York
with thousands of tons of miscellaneous
cargo. . They were the Norton Lilly and
the company freighter Birmingham
City and the Lena Luckenbach of the
Luckenbach line. Both vessels put in
here, recently from San 'Francisco to
finish loading freight for New York
delivery. .
Loaded with 0000 tons of general cargo
the freighter Missourian of the United
American, line sailed from this port
today tor Europe. The Missourian s
cargo, picked up from Seattle, Portland,
San Francisco and Los Angeles, is said to
be the largest single shipment ever to
leave here for Europe.
'SEATTLE, WasbJ. Sept. 12. It Is predicted-
here that inside of a year there
will be a large increase In the number
of motor-driven vessels operating coast
wise, intercoastal and foreign. The suc
cess.of the motorshlp Kennecott in econ
omy of operation has created .-sentiment
In favor of this type of power for deep
sea- merchant vessels. The Kennecott,
built by the Todd -plant at Tacoma for
the Alaska Steamship company and op
erating under an agreement between that
company and the Williams line, -is on
her sixth voyage to the Atlantic coast
and her seventh voyage since completion.
Everywhere the economy of the Kenne
cott- In fuel consumption has attracted
attention of shipping men and the same
Is reported of the new motorshlps Cali
fornia and Missourian of the American
Hawaiian Steamship company's fleet.
Resumption of heavy cargo movements
to the orient Is noticeable here and all
vessels operating trans-Pacific are re-
ported booked full for several montha
The Walker-Ross company, represent
ing the Tatsuuma Kisen Kalsha In the
northwest,- has requested an additional
vessel for October loading. The Septem
ber ship has been booked full for months
and the October ship, the Ayaha Maru,
is now reported full, with much freight
offered to go before the November boat,
the Hakushikl Maru. is set to leave.
BELLINGHAM. Wash.. Sept. 12. The
Catherine D of the Paclfio American
Fisheries company Is In from her last
trip from Alaska canneries, bringing 108
oannery workers and a full cargo of
canned salmon.
The steamer Manulani Is due tomor
row for lumber for the Hawaiian islands.
The Jacob Luckenbach will arrive to
morrow morning from the east coast
for a cargo of canned salmon.
Ths Sierra will be in Thursday from
an Pedro for lumber. '
GRAYS HARBOR. Wash.. Sept. 12.
(Special.) Steamer Carlos arrived from
San Francisco at 7 A. M., to load at the
Donovan mill.
The steamer Svea from San Francisco
arrived at 8 P. M., yesferday to take
lumber at the Bay City mill.
The steamer Providencia. completing
cargo at the A. J. West mill, is expected
to clear late this afternoon for Califor
nia and Mexican ports.
The steamers Oregon and Tamalpais
are due to arrive late tonight from San
Francisco and San Pedro, respectively.
The steamer Nehalem is' scheduled to
elear port late this afternoon for San
Francisco. - -
The steamer Redondo moved last night
from the Western mill, Aberdeen, to the
Northwestern mill, Hoquiam.
TACOMA, WashSept. 12. The Ta
coma Grain company has sent out some
fine orders this month and business
booked tor the remainder of September
shews a steady lineup of ships to take
flour for ths orient, South America and
The Hamburg Maru of the Osaka
Shosea Kalsha line took an unusually
large amount of flour from this mill this
week and the vessel will be followed by
the Manila Maru Friday and the Rainier
In the California trade Saturday.
The Norwegian motorshlp Pedro Chris
topherson Is due September 20 to. load
for Europe, while the Santa Crux is ex
pected the following day.. The President
Jefferson is due at the same time at the
mill dock. The oriental trade will be
represented on' September 25 when the
Africa Manx of the Osaka Shoeen Kalsha
line berths here to load whfle the Depere
will load on this date for South. America.
The Pomona of the Admiral line will be
In September 27 to load for the orient.
Under a new tatlff adopted by the
Admiral line Tacoma firms will have
the benefit of a better - rate to and
from California ports by ' the Admiral
line vessels, word received here today
announced to shippers.
This rate went into effect September
10 and under its provisions there is only
a difference of 24 cents between the
Admiral line rates and steam schooner
rates. In connection with the business
the Admiral line will give Tacoma three
sailings each week on passenger steam
ships scheduled out of San Francisco.
COOS BAY. Or., Sept. 12. (Special )
The port of Coos Bay commissioners
last night transacted business ' which
means an expenditure of many thousands
of dollars before the programme Is com
plete. The port, on recommendation of
Commissioner Banks, decided to pur
chase the Puget sound tug Oregon and
will have it delivered here by Septem
ber 20. The price of the tug was not
named, but payments will be made at
the rate of $800 monthly. The dredge
constructed by the port with a lS-lnch
suction was a failure and this Is being
remedied by the purchase of new com
pound condensing engines and replace
ment of the old pump by a new one of
60 inches diameter.
Towing and pilot charges on Coos
Bay will be lower In the future through
an arrangement made yesterday for
piloting and towing combined. Ed Lund
will be the port's official pilot and will
co-operate with the tug .service. Charges
for towing service will be for round trip
rates, that is, for bringing in a vessel,
mooring her and towing her to sea
again. Transfers from dock to dock wi'ch
In the harbor will be charged extra. The
rates Set are as follows: Vessels of 8000
tons net and under, $250: over 8000 up
to 4000 tons net, J 300; craft of more than
4000 tons net, $400.
The steamer. Cotton Plant arrived this
morning from Bay Point at 7 o'clock
and started loading a lumber cargo at
the electric dock. m
The steamer Johanna Smith sailed this
afternoon with 1,500,000 feet of lumber
to be delivered at Bay Point. .
Movements of Vessels. -
PORTLAND, Sept. 12. Arrived at 9:45
A. M., motorshlp Boobyalla, from San
Francisco. Arrived at 8:55 A. M.. West
Jappa, from Buenos Aires and way ports.
Sailed at 4 P. M., Ryder Hanlfy, from
St. Helens, for San Francisco. Sailed at
11:55 P. M., West Jappa, for Buenos
Aires, via Puget sound. a
ASTORIA, Sept. 12. Arrived at 10:80
last night and left up at 1 A. M., West
Jappa, from Buenos Aires and way ports.
Sailed at midnight, W. S. Porter, for San
Francisco. Arrived at 9:15 A. M., British
steamer Canadian Observer, from Ocean
Falls, B, C., for Sen Pedro. Arrived at
10:50 A. M., Multnomah, from San Fran
cisco. S4.N FRANCISCO, Sept. 12. Arrived
at 8 A. M., Admiral Goodrich, from Port
land via Coos Bay and Eureka. Arrived
at 1 P. M., Robt. Luckenbach, from New
York and way ports, for Portland and
Puget sound. Arrived at 1 P. M., Albert
Jeffres, from Philadelphia and way ports,
for Puget sound and Portland.
SAN DIEGO, Sept. 12. Sailed Ad
miral Farragut. for Portland and way
SAN DIEGO, Cal., Sept. 12. Arrived:
Admiral Farragut, from San Francisco
and San Pedro; ammunition steamer
Pyro, .from Hampton Roads: destroyer
squadron No. 12, including the McDer
mut, Yarbarough, La Vallette, Wood,
Kidder, Selfridge. Marcus, Mervlne, Hull,
Mullany, Robert Smith, McDonough, Far
enhelt, Sumner, Corry and Melvin from
Port Angeles and San Francisco; Swedish
motorshlp Bunoa Aires from Malmo, via
sp&nftnift c&ha!
Departed: Swedish motorshlp Buenos
Aires, for San Pedro; Admiral Farragut,
for Portland and way porta.
' TACOMA. Wash., Sept. 12. Arrived:
Axumasan Maru, from Seattle, Griffco,
from Stewart, B. C.J tug Ambassador,
from Chicago.
Departed : F. S. Loop, for San Fran
cisco, via Vancouver, B. C. ; Phyllis,' for
San Pedro; Regulus, for San Francisco;
tug Ambassador, for Seattle.
SAN PEDRO, Cal., Sept. 12. Arrived:
Rosalie Mahoney, from Puget sound;
Saginaw, from Tacoma; Henderson, from
San Francisco: Idaho, from Grays Har
bor; Wabash, from Seattle, Portland and
San Francisco; Ernest H. Meyer, from
Grays Harbor; W. S. Rheem, from San
Francisco; C. A. Smith, from Coos Bay;
Admiral Farragut, from San Diego.
Departed: Daisy Freeman, tor Colum
bia river; Birmingham City, for New
York; Missourian, for Europe; Lena
Xuckenbach, for New York; Fort Bragg,
for Fort Bragg; Yale, for San Francisco;
Steel Navigator, for San Francisco, port
land and Seattle; J. B. stetson, for Grays
Harbor; Royal Arrow, for erlent; Port
Angeles, for Port Angeles; John C. Klrk
patrlck, for Seattle; Virginia Olson, for
Bellingham; Wabash, for Portland, Me.;
Annette Rolph, for San Francisco and
Portland: Vaquero, for San Diego; Gu
erre (MeTc.), for Sallna-Crnz.
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. 12. Arrived
Texan, from Boston, at 7:30 P. M. ; Presi
dent Jefferson, from Manila, at 6 P. M.:
Wakena, from British Columbia, at 4:30
P. M. ; Richmond, from San Pedro, at
3:15 P. M. ; Qulnault, from San Pedro,
at 4:30 P. M.; Santa Maria, from New
York, at 10 A M. ; Yosemite, from San
Francisco, at 9:50 A. M.; Apex, from
Anacortes, at 10:15 A M.; Regulus,
from Tacoma, at 4:45 A. M.
Departed Spokane, for southeastern
Alaska, 8 P. M.; Regulus, for Val
paraiso; H. F. Alexander, for San Pedro,
4 P. M.; Julia Luckenbach, for Boston,
3 :45 P. M. ; iAfrlka, for Rotterdam, 6
P. M.; Apex, for Alaska; Yosemite, for
Everett. 2:45 P. M.
KETCHIKAN. Sept. 12. Departed
Admiral Watson, northbound, 1:30 p. M.
VICTORIA. Sept. 12. Departed
President Jefferson, for Seattle, 1:10
A. M.
VANCOUVER. B. C. Sept. 12. Departed
Kalsho Maru, for Grays Harbor, 10:30
A. M.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12. Arrived:
Hamer, from Shanghai, 1:45 A M. ;
Columbia, from New York. 6:15 A M. ;
Nanking, from Hongkong, etc., 6:10
A. M. ; Maui, from Honolulu, 8:45 A. M. ;
A Talon, from Grays Harbor. 7:20 A M. ;
Admiral Goodrich, from Coos Bay, 8
A M. ; Loba Maru (Japanese) from
Shanghai, 8:20 A M.; Dorothy Alex
ander, -from Victoria, 10:10 A M. ;
Willamette, from Portland, 11:20-A. M. ;
Albert Jef frees from Philadelphia, 41:55
A M. ; Steel Scientist from Seattle, 1:25
P. M. ; Robert Luckenbach, from New
York, 12:40 P. M.
Sailed: Berenear (British) for Lelth
or Hull, 2:10 P. M.; York City, (British)
for Shanghai, 11:50 A. M. ; President Taft
for Hongkong, 1:40 P. M.
HAVRE, Sept. 9. Arrived: . Michigan,
from San Francisco.
MANILA Sept. 11. Arrived: Bohem
ian Club from San Francisco; President
Cleveland, from San Francisco.
TIENTSIN. Sept. 11. Arrived: Han
nawa, from Portland, Or.
HONGKONG, Sept. 11. Arrived:
President McKinley, from Tacoma.
NEW YORK. Sent. 12. Arrived: Ma
jestic, from .Southampton; President
Monroe, from London.
VENICE, Sept. 8. Arrived; Belvidere,
from New York.
TRIESTE, Sept. 8. Arrived : - Presi
dents Willson, from New York.
PLYMOUTH. Sept. 11. Arrived: Ryn-
dam, from New York.
GENOA, Sept. ll.-rArrived : Arabic,
from New York.
SOUTHAMPTON. Sept. 12. Arrived:
Mauretania, from New York.
NEW YORK. Sept. 12. Arrived:
Bournemouth, from Cardiff: Plnar del
Rio, from Antilla. - - ,
BOMBAY, Sept. 11. Arrived: Solen,
from Port Arthur.
NEW YORK, Sept 12. Arrived:
Delco, from Portland, Or.
YOKOHAMA, Sept. 8. Arrived: Haka
ta Maru, from Tacoma and Seattle.
MOJI, Sept 1L
Maru, from Portland,
-Arrived: Kaikyu
NEW YORK, Sept. 12. Sailed: Aqul
tanla, for Southampton; Samlatd, for
Danzig, via Philadelphia.
Cretic, for. Boston.
GENOA, Sept. 7 Sailed : Colombo,
for New York. ,
MARSEILLES, Sept. 7. Sailed: Roma,
for New York. -
CEBU, Sept. 8. Sailed: Archer, for
San. Francisco.
HANKOW, Sept. 9. Sailed: Algonquin,
for San Francisco,
SINGAPORE, Sept. 9. Sailed: - Bear
port, for San Francisco. Sept. 10: Broad
Arrow, for San Francisco. - 9 y;
SHANGHAI, Sept. 10. Sailed: Presi
dent Madison, for Seattle. ' , . ,
HONGKONG, Sept. 11. Sailed: Taye
Maru, for San Francisco. ,
CRISTOBAL, Sept. 11,-Sailed.- Vene
zuela for San Francisco.
NEW YORK. Sept. 12. Sailed: Fred
erik VTIL, for Copenhagen; -Niagara,
tor Vigo and Bordeaux; Assyria, . for
Liverpool and Glasgow ; Madonna, for
Naples; City of Batavia, for Calcutta;
Camaguey, for Santiago; Sarpfos, for
Nassau; Munplace, for Vera Cruz; Crof
ton Hall, for Buenos Aires.
' KOBE, Sept. 10, Sailed; Kumsang,
for San Francisco; Persia Maru, for San
Francisco; Wheatland Montana, for
YOKOHAMA Sept. 9. Sailed: Ixion,
for Seattle. .
Report From Month of Columbia River.
NORTH HEAD, Sept. 12. Condition of
sea at 5 P. ,M., smooth; wind, northwest,
10 milea
Tides at Astoria Wednesday. "
High. Low.
5:24 A. M.....S.8 ft-10.87 A M.... 2.9 ft.
5:03 P. M T.8 ft.)
Get your coal at Saiersen'a. Adv
-. Mi1
White, shmlng poreelafal
Easily kept clean and ra
diant. Apply Catol Liquid
Gloss with damp cloth
then polish dry. In con
venient aisecaaa at roar
dealer.. '
Veteran Operators Confident That
Some of Imprisoned Crew
Will Survive Ordeal.
JACKSON, Cal., Sept. 12. (By the
Associated - Press.) "Forty-eight
hours more and the miners will be
released," - was. the cry in Jaokson
tonight when word came' that the
last barrier to the Argonaut mine
will be broken through late Thurs
day night or early Friday morning.
Although no eignals have been
heard from the 47 men since the
first 45 minutes of their imprison
ment August 27, veteran miners be
lieve that a few of the stronger
and more experienced, men are still
alive, saying that the number will
be easily counted on the fingers of
one hand. Others firmly believe
that all have been killed by the
deadly poison fame? that have filled
the burning i-iine, for the last two
Officials who have bee-0 drag
ging along tired, weary and with
broken spirits, sleeping but three
or four hours each night for the
last two weeks, were keenly active
today and alert for the final
struggle. Once mors women be
gan flocking to the adjoining Ken
nedy mine from which the rescue
crews are working, and it is thought
the number of spectators will grow
steadily until word comes from
either ths 2600 or 3900"-foot levels
of the Kenneddy that a connection
withthe Argonaut is a reality.
-The fire in the Argonaut has Just
about" burned itself out, according
to F. R. Lowell, safety engineer of
the California accident commission.
He said this was proved by the
fact that" today's test of poison gas
below the 2400-foot level of the
Muldoon shaft, the perpendicular
approach' to. the Argonaut, which
has been blocked, as well as the
main Inclined shaft itself, by the
fire, showed less than 4 per cent
of carbon d'oxide, with just a trace
of the deadly carbon monoxide gas
and 15 percent of oxygen.
Ship Reports by Radio.
By the Radio Corporation -of America.
(The Radio Corporation of America, in
co-operation with the United States public
health service and the Seamen s Church
institute, will receive requests for medical
or surglqal advice through its KPH San
Francisco station without cost.
. All positions reported at 8 P. M. yes
terday unless otherwise indicated. -
HEATHER, at Richardson bay. "
H. F. ALEXANDER, Seattle for San
Francisco, 78 miles from Seattle.
MAT SON I A , San Francisco for Hono
lulu, 1923 miles from San Francisco,
September 11. -
WEST KEATS, Yokohama for Port
land, 544 miles- west of Columbia river,
September 11.
YANKEE ARROW, San Francisco for
Shanghai, 2269 miles from San Francisco,
September 11.
CHINA ARROW, Manila for San Fran
cisco, 1271 miles from San Francisco,
September 11. 1
ALBERTOLITE, Talara for Vancou
ver, 129 miles south of Saa Francisco,
noon, September 11.
IPSWICH, Baltimore for San Pedro,
948 miles south of San Pedro, noon, Sep
tember 11.-
ARTIGAS, Philadelphia for San Pedro.
933 miles south of San Pedro, noon,- Sep
tember 11.
SWIFTSTAR, Philadelphia for San
Pedro, 1048 miles south of San Pedro,
noon, September 11.
HYADES. San Pedro for Honolulu,
1806 miles from San Pedro, Septemiber 11.
MAKENA, Belllngham for Honolulu,
2005 miles from Beilingham.
San Francisco, 202 miles from San Fran
cisco. September 11.
J. A. MOFFETT, San Pedro for As
toria, 554 miles from Astoria.
COLONEL E. L. DRAKE. Wlllbridge
for El Segundo, 115 miles from El Se
gundo. BABINDA, San Francisco for San
Pedro, 32 miles from San Francisco.
. MELVILLE DOLLAR, Port Alice for
San Pedro, 125 miles north of San Fran
cisco, noon.
San Francisco, latitude 34:33 north, longi
tude 120:48 west, noon.
ENTERPRISE, Hilo for San Francisco,
732 miles west of San Francisco.
SEA LION, towing log raft, Astoria for
San Diego, 37 miles northwest-of Point
for Seattle, 31 miles from San Francisco.
MANULANI, San Francisco for Bell
Ingham, 431 miles north of San Fran
cisco. . V
JOHANNA SMITH, Coos Bay for San
Francisco, 86 miles south of Coos Bay.
COVE RUN, Kaanapall for San Fran
cisco, 400 miles from San Francisco.
ED. KINGSLEY, Vancouver for San
Francisco, 90 miles north of an Fran
cisco. NORTHLAND, Roche Harbor for San
Francisco, 132 miles north of San .Fran
cisco. CITY OF SYDNEY, Bristol Bay for
San Francisco. 56 miles northwest of
Point Reyes.
W. S. MILLER. Richmond for San
Pedro. 98 miles from Richmond.
H. T. HARPER, Richmond for Point
Wells, 576 miles from Point Wella
HORACE X. BAXTER, Everett for
San Pedro, 15 miles south of Cape Men
docino. SISKIYOU, San Pedro for Columbia
river, 120 miles south of Ban Francisco.
CHINA ARROW, Manila for San
Francisco, 1033 miles from San Francisco.
ROYAL ARROW, San Pedro for Yoko
hama, 80 miles from San Pedro.
MANUKAI, Honolulu for San Fran
cisco, 1224 miles from San Francisco.
SANTA CRUZ, Calla'o for -San Fran
cisco, 20 miles south of San Francisco.
For Shops and Roundhouse
Machinists .............
Blacksmiths .. . . ......
Sheet-Metal Workers ...
Stationary Engineers ...
Stationary Firemen .. . . .
Boilermakers ...
Passenger-Car Men .......
Freight-Car Men ........
Helpers, all classes
for Hilo, 370 miles west of Point Firmln.
MAKAWELI. Tacoma for Honolulu.
820 miles south of Cape Flattery.
WEST OROWA, Portland for Yoko
hama, 2084 miles from Columbia river,
September 11.
DILWORTH. San Francisco for Shang
hai. 2907 miles from San B'ranclaco, Sep
tember 11.
EASTERN SAILOR, Yokohama for
Portland, 8120 miles from Columbia
river, September 11.
APUS, Hongkong for Ssn Pedro. 8207
hilles from San Pedro, September 11.
SHABONEB, San Pedro for Nagasaki,
8394 miles from San Pedro, September
KETCHIKAN, Cordova for Vaidez. 85
miles from Cordova, September 11.
LATOUCHE-. Cordova for Burnett In
let, off Point Colpoys. September 11.
ALAMEDA Cordova for Port AlUiorp,
off St. Ellas, September 11.
STARR, Seldovia for Kanatak. 80
miles from Kanatak, September 11.
REDONDO, discharging at Kanatak,
September 11. -
ADMIRAL EVANS, Snug Harbor for
Kodlak, 20 miles from Snug Harbor,
September 11.
TATOOSH, Redwood Waterfall for Se
attle, 456 miles from Seattle, Septem
ber Jl.
NORTHWESTERN. Seattle for Ketchi
kan, 43 miles from Seattle, Septem
ber 11.
VICTORIA. Akutan for Nome, 395
miles from Akutan, September 9.
ADMIRAL WATSON, due Ketchikan
September 11.
A. F. LUCAS, Port Angeles for San
Pedro, 969 miles from San Pedro.
MERIDEN, Port Angeles for Roche
Harbor, arrived Roche Harbor 9 P. M.
SIERRA, San Pedro for Belllngham.
730 miles north of San 'Pedro.
HART W OOD, San Francisco for Grays
Harbor, 445 miles north of San Fran
cisco. WAHKEENA, San Pedro for Everett,
210 miles from Everett.
EVERETT, Everett for San Pedro, 800
miles from Everett.
RAINIER. San Francisco for Belllng
ham, 262 miles from Belllngham.
W. S. PORTER. Llnnton for San Pedro,
20 miles from Linnton, September 11.
By Federal Telegraph Company.
WEST PROSPECT, San Pedro for
Yokohama, 3305 mlies from San Pedro,
September 11.
DILWORTH, San Francisco for Shang
hai, 2797 miles west of Saa Francisco,
September 11.
FRANK G. DRUM, San Pedro for
Honolulu, 2088 miles west of Ban Pedro,
September 11.
for Yokohama, 1396 miles west of Hono
lulu, September 11.
JEPTHA, San Francisco for Valpa
raiso, 955 miles south of San Francisco,
September 11. 7
WEST OROWA, Portland for .Yoko
hama, 2084 miles west of Columbia river,
September 31.
SHABONEE, San Pedro for Nagasaki,
3594 miles west of San Pedro, Sep
tember 11.
COALINGA, Honolulu for San Pedro,
973 miles from San Pedro, September 11,"
WILLAMETTE. Ban Francisco for San
Pedro, 50 miles south of San Francisco.
San Francisco, 284 miles west of San
Francisco. .
CELILO. San Pedro for San Francisco.
180 miles south of San Francisco.
HUMBOLDT, San Pedro for San Fran
cisco, 95 miles south of San Francisco.
LA BREA, San Francisco for San Pe
dro, 25 miles south of San Francisco.
FRANK H. BUCK, Port San Luis for
Avon, 10 miles from Port San Luis.
OLAKEMONT, San Pedro for Ray
mond, 287 miles north of San Francisco.
SAN DIEGO. Tacoma for San Pedro,
89 miles south of Cape Blanco.
NEWPORT, Cristobal for San Fran
cisco, 192 miles south of San Franclsc6.
PRESIDENT TAFT, San Francisco for
Toko'Ama, 101 miles west of San Fran-
HARVARD, " San Francisco for San
Pedro, 70 miles south of San Francisco.
YORBA LINDA. Tokuyama for San
Pedro, 120 miles from San Pedro.
HARTWOOD, San Francisco for Grays
Harbor, 444 miles north of San Fran
cisco. PARAISO, San Pedro for Grays Har
bor, 664 miles north of San Pedro.
LA PURISIMA, Martinez for Portland,
178 miles from Portland.
Marriage Licenses.
legal, 981 Alberta street,, and Vicla
Kiement, legal, 1209 East Fifteenth
street North.
Keuhn, " 27, 4033 Forty-second avenu'j
Southeast, and Minnie Moechli, 20, Hilts
dale, Or.
JUBB-KELLER Clarence Jubb, 32,
Estacada, Or., and Mabel Keller, 25,
EK-PERRY Ellis W. Ek, legal. East
Forty-sixth and Killingsworth. avenue.
and Mildred perry, legal, oj ,ast .ign-ty-eighth
Goldman, legal, 2it4 Lincoln street, and
Goldle Goldstein, legal, First and Sher
man streets. . v
Buxton, legal, Molalla, and Vera V.
Schiffer, legal, 440 East" Fifty-second
BECKER-FAGAN Eugene H. Becker,
34, 203 Weidler street, and Pearl U.
Fagan, 24, 2o Weidler street.
Lawrence, 40, Klamath Falls, Or., and
Alice Woodward. 33, 512 East Eighty
eighth street North.
Alexander, 23, Spokane, Wash., and
Blanche Shaw, 20, Portland.
BELZ-TROTTEH L. Belz. 24, Camas,
Wash., and L. A. Trotter, 21, 703 Ev
erett street.
McLANE-BARKSi Joseph H. McLane,
legal, Bloomlngton, Hi., 'and June K.
Barks legal, 469 Taylor street.
a F.merson. 21. 508 Rodney avenue, and
Violet Culbertson, 17, Portland.
an!, legal. Port Discovery, Wash., and
Reba lone enon, legal, roniami.
MILES-SAL YARD Colton B. Miles. le
gal, Camas, JV ash., and Loren-e 2i. Sal
yard, legal, 3923 Sixty-seventh" street
LIND-H ARRIS Thomas A. Llnd, le
gal, 803 North Edlsori street, and Flossie
E. Harris, legal, 1021 North Kellogg
ling, 23, 45 West Baldwin avenue, and
Elizabeth Marquart, 18, 240 Milwaukee
street. .
WHTTB-VlLLEB James E. WhltV. 27.
10 01
70 cents
70 cents
70 cents
70 cens
70-70 12 c
70 cents
63 cents
47 cents
Mechanics and helpers are allowed time and
one-half for time worked in excess of eight
hours per day. Strike conditions prevail.
sJSWrJiSiSi'f r,:K '.i-'. n't', n-'-lui tt ,i 4-JV '' .,' --'.''fn' T 7 .1
u : iM
Quaint Quebec is Calling
In all the American continent there is no place like
1 -- a--n
the ity of Quebec
cent of old France and the eighteenth century.
That old French style of architedure, carefully
preserved during the centuries and faithfully copied
in the newer structures, lends a picturesque charm
to the setting.
Those steep cobbled streets, that confusion of high
gabled roofs, those churches, convents and count
less other features will stand out in your memory
of a "vacation you will never forget".
Let your trip
old Quebec.
55 Third St.
W. K
Boston New York
Portland, Me.
. . .Hrpt. 2
..Oft. 1
..Oct. 28
Kept. 27
0)'t. IS
Oct. 28
I ARTHiAS . ...
BKl S1I ....
Nov. 4
101 Third St.
liccn ss Keats Oct. 1st
USSB S3 Montague... Sept-15tb. I Sbll S3 Eastern Sailor. Oct. lE-tn
For rates, space, etc.. apply to
Broadway S30 609-623 Board of Trade Bids. Portland, Orr..
Portland, and A. Pearl Miller. SI, 1043
Queslnberry, 24. Serene Court -iliart-mentB.
and Leltha Ruby, , Oresnam,
Vancouver Marriage Licenses.
S.mdwlck, leital, of Portland, and Mrs.
Elle Halvorson. legal, of Seattle.
OBRIK.N'-CAMKKON Joseph Rlrhard
O'Brien, :!, of 1'ortland, and Eilzabetn
Cameron, 23, of Portland.
23, of Wren, Or., and Annie L. Smlt'i,
18, of Halsi-y, Or.
WAN.N-WANN Jim Wann, 42. of
Camas. Wash., and Mrs. Annie E. wann,
53, of Newberg, Or.
Festival Head on Job,
VANCOUVER. Wash., Sept. 12.
(Special.) M. S. Cohen, for SO years
a resident of Vancouver, and until
per hour
per hour
per hour
per hour
per hour
per hour
per hour
per hour
no' place so quaint, so reminis-
back east include a visit to quaint
Call or write for information.
Canadian Pacific Railway
PORTLAND Broadway 0090
DEACON. General AfienL
try i-f
2.1 i . 1 1 I'ii I"
Phils. B'ltim're. Ch'rlesfn
Hrpt. 13
(. A
O. t. 20
Nov. a
Sept. 2ii l t'OI.U 11 1BBOB Nov. IS
Oct. 11 I VI A HASH !. 4
I "Accepts freight for Charlenion.
I'arlfle Coast Agents. Hroadwsjr &4SL.
North' China Line
Operating; United fftatos (lovernment Ships
TH A ' II I M F. T II KT V fc fcj a
(Tlrntsln) IIAIIIK.N
USdB SS West Kader.. . . Nov. lt
recently In business here, arrlveJ
today from Albany, Or to sssiima
ths responsibility manager of the
annual I'rune Harvest Festival,
which will be held October 13. 10
and 21. Mr. Cohen put on most of
the shows the Klkrf lodge has
stafcr-d frr th psnt IS vrnr.
Special Round Trip
Excursion Fares
$ no an
tickft orrtcr:
101 TIIIHU ST.. t'OK. -TRR.
I'tioua Itruauwar Din
N. Y. Plymouth-Havre Paris
PARIS Oct. 4 Nov. 1 . ft
Oct. It T. Kcc. S
..Oct. IS Nor. ts Jan. I
New York-Havre-Paris
I. a Bmirdonnals.
I. fa., cue
( liicuao
iM Touralne
I.M,. '.orraiae, . . .
I.a Savole
.Hcpt.zS Nor. t lcc.
.l-.cpt.SU Oct, SB
. .Oct. S Not. S
..Oct. II llib t Jam. I
. .Ht. It
,.o.-t. xi Nov. ic. se
. .Oct. 26 lcc, ZI
N. Y.-Vigo (Spain ) Bordeaux
Ma-cant Oct. 1 Nor. SI Dee. tg
For full details commit the French Lin.
Asent In Tour city or write to
109 tuerrr bt,, brattle. Waxh.
Astoria and Way Points
Tit. GKORf.lAV
DnllT, Kxrept Frlrtar, Ni.HO A. M.
Mlthl boat Dallj, kxrept Sun
day, 7.:u I. M.
Fare to Aaturln, ttJ-tOi $3 nouad
tVeek-Hnri Hound Trip
The Dalles-Hood River
Daily. Eee Saturday. Til5 A.M.
Fare to Tne Dallra. il-iSl lload
Hlvtt, $1.
BdwT. 034-i. Alder-gt. Dock.
Via Tahiti and Raratoaca. Mail and
paMsenaev aervle. I rum fetaa I riuicat.
ewery in i. t m,
1'amfle Tour, (to nth Beaa, New Zealand,
Aiutralla, .'i0.V Hr.t la...
I-VION. h. tt. CO. OF NfctV 7KAMMI.
830 California rt., Ban rranclc, or
Umm atcauuiuiv m- mj.vw -,-.
from -thinlrlpal Pock . I
m ? IVednrmUy. H-.t. IX. 10 A. M. I
j Eve- WrtJtirndar ttlcrraftrr 1
I I. OS A.VGfcl.KM SAN DlfcbO I
I I I Sua Die mo ...
' 1
'iT ill ' I
vr-iT's i - -,