Morning Oregonian. (Portland, Or.) 1861-1937, October 07, 1919, Page 19, Image 19

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Pasturage Has Improved
Most Sections.
third and Fourth Crops of Alfalfa
Being; Cut In Oregon; Fall Shear
ins Starts In California.
Pastures In Orrioa have brn revived ay
the rains and ravaeea la Utah, Ne
vada. Arizona and California have been
benefited. la Idaho rinse feed -and pae-
turare are so short that Hvest-H-s; is being
sacrificed, as th cost of feed Is prac
ti-:i nrohlbltlva. Sheep shearlns ha
b.zun In California, but only In a few
!ir.r Tha third and fourth crop of
a'falfa are belnr cut In Oreron. Excellent
yields of icrain hay are belns secured In
the dry land lection of Arizona, and the
third crop of aifalfa la producing hay
locally In Utah. The ' weather bureau-!
renort of hay. range and stock conditions
ia the Pacific coaat district says:
Oregon Livestock Is doinc fairly well
and pastures have revived. The third crop
of a:f:fa Is being cut in soma localities
and the fourth In others. .
wuhinnnn Practically no rain fell
and weather has been coo I. rd and pastures are
short and soma livestock Is being mar
keted on account of tha high price of
California Stock la dolnc well- Sheep
aheanne has begun.
Utah Moderate to good rains, fairly
a-eneral, have Improved pastures and
ranges. Tha third crop of alfalfa la mostly
harvested. The fourth crop la making
hay locally and there Is eonalderablo feed
Nevada General rains hare greatly
benefited pastures and ranges.
aninm Moderate to heavy rains fell
In truim sections with beneficial effect.
Grass Is not sufficiently mature to be In
lured by moisture.
rrtces Are Generally Steady at Merchants
The coarse grain market was generally
Steady jesterday. Old corn was 30 cent
higher at the Merchants Exchange, and
new corn ranged from 30 centa lower to
Si centa higher on b.d. Oata averaged SO
cents lower. North--stern barley bids were
one hanged but offers for eastern bulk bar
ley were raised 1 1 V
Weather conditions In the middle west
aa wired from Chicago: "Illinois, clear,
cool. Chicago, fair, with moderate tem
peratures; Missouri, part cloudy to clear,
cool. 60 to 61; Topeka. clear. 60: llutchl
soa. clear, cool: Iowa, clear, cool; Omaha,
part cloudy: Kentucky, Tennessee, part
cloudy, cool, rain yesterday at Hopklns
Tlile and Nashwtlle; Ohio valley, clear,
cool; Minneapolis, clear, cool; Duiuth.
clear, cool: Winnipeg, cloudy, cool. 4S.
Forecast Fair and cooler all over (rain
Termtnal receipts In ear were reported
by the Merchants Exchange as follows:
Wheat Barley Flour Oats Hay
Portland, alu.
Tear ago S2
Seas'n to date
Year ago..... 3ol
Tacoma. caU. Cti
Year ago 11
Seas'n to date lTl'J
Y ear ago. . . .. 17v3
Seattle. Sat...
Year ago 1-Tl
Keaa'n to date 1T4T
a ear ago 2"7
S.Vc: filberts. SOc; almonds, S40c; pea
nuts, inb'joc.
SALT Half ground. 100a. 117 per ton
SOe. ils.ii per ton; -dairy, S.0tj28 per
RICE Blue Rose. 1440 per pound.
BKANS Pink. Hc: Urns, linje per
pound: bayous. 7c; Mexican red. 7c
CUf'FEE Hoasted, In drums. JUfciOc.
Dnlry and Country Prod ore.
BL'TTEK Cubes, extras. 61c lb., prime
firsts, atv-: prints, parrhment wrappers.
dox lots, 60c: cartona sac: bait boxes.
more: less than half boxes, lc more; but'
terfut. No. 1, CofeOoc per pound.
CIIEEMB Tillamook, f. o. b. Tillamook.
triplets. Sue: Vouna Americas, tic; long
home, 31c: Coos and Curry, f. o. b. Myrtle
Point, triplets. I'Wc; Young Americas. 30o.
KUUB Oregon ranch, candled, set? sic
ael--t, ,0c; eastern, aoe.tsc.
POCL.TRT Hens, 24 0 30c: broilers, 2SQ
2Sc: ducks, EOtjSic; geese. Sue; turkeys.
VKAL Fancy. 2 tjf 28 H e per pound.
PORK Fancy, 2Cc per pound.
I.oeal Jobblnsr auotatlona:
HAM.S All sixes. Choice. Sff37c
standard. tt&Ssc; skinned. iSftMc; pic
nic. 24c: cottage roll. 28c.
LARD Tierce basis, 34c: compound.
c per Dound.
DKV SALT Short, clear backs. 28
33c: plates. 20 '4 29c: exports. 28rl2c
UACON Fancy, 43tJlc; atanuara, tig
42c; choice, 87c.
Hope. Hides, Wool, Etc
HOPS lillfl croD. 73c orr pound.
HIDK.S Green. 2Sc; salted. 32c: calf
skins. .:; kips, 55c; dry hides. 42c; dry
calfskins. Sue.
Wool Territory staple. 4S35Sc.
cording to shrinkage; clothing or French
combing. 4.'frl4c; half-blood combing and
clothing. 450 00c: three-eighths clothing
snd combing. 45(r65c: quarter-blood cloth'
ing and combing, 40v37c; common and
braid. 3$fr50c
MOHAIR 1918 clip. 45c per pound.
TALLOW No. 1. 10c per pound.
CASCAKA BARK New, 11c per pound.
LINSEED OIL Raw. barrels, 12.26. raw.
cases. 2.3e; boiled, barrels, 2.26; boiled.
cases. $2. 3S.
TURPENTINE Tanks. 11.91; cases,
COAL OIL Iron barrels. 13 HO 16c; tank
wagon. 13Hc: cases. 249S1C.
(iAtOLINE Iron barrels, 23 He: tank
aagon. 23 '.c; cases. 34c; engine distillate.
Iron barrels, 16c; tank wagon, lttc; cases.
Cabs Butter Market Higher.
The cube butter market was firm for
the better grades, but the lower qualities
dragged. bales of extras were reported
up to 61 cents. Prints were unchanged.
A car of eastern eggs was received and
another la due today. Prices on eastern
ranged from 50 to 68 cents according to
quail. y. Oregona were firm at last week's
Supplies Moderate and Demand Coed la
Paat W eek.
Oregon apple shipments Saturday were
al cars. Market conditlone at Chicago
sad New York for the past week are
summarized aa follows:
dupplles moderate; demand and move
ment good: market steady. New York
K. V. greenings A 2S. 507 opening
prices: closing I7.SO; Wealthy A 2H. 170
T &. closed 89; Mcintosh steady at tv.
arioua statea Jonathans, medium sizes,
(7j8. Chicago N. V. greenings A 2V
around $7. .'Ml; Mcintosh J-.tJS.50. Michigan
WealUiys 87BS. mostly 87 50. Illlnola-Mis-aouri
Jonathans mostly $; Grimes mostly
8s a S..VX.
Conditions at shipping points are wired
as follows:
Spokane, Wash. Taklma Jonathans, ex
tra fancy, 82.25 6 2.50. fancy 12.1002 IS:
Pellcloua, extra fancy. 83.00, fancy 83.25;
Wlnesaps. extra fancy, 82.75; fancy 82.30 If
2.6. choice 82.40.
Martinsburg. W. Va Moderate wire in
quiry. Demand moderate, market steady.
Carloads, f. o. b.. usual terms. Y'ork Im
perials A S t2."f.50: Staymana mostly
87: Ben Pa vis 85 8 85.25. Quotations all
an barrel stock.
Rochester. N. T. Haullnga moderate.
Moderate wire inquiry. Demand good
market firm. Carloads, f. o. b., ususl
term a Ilarrels Greenings. Baldwins, 860
S.50. few fancy Greenings. S6.73.
trand Junction. Colo. Demand moder
ate, market steady. Carloads, f. o. b..
usual terma Jonathans, extra fancy,
82.25. fancy 82. choice 81.73 per box. Del
ta district, wagonloads cash to growers.
Canos 81.7rtr2; Jonathana $-25682.50
bulk per 100 I be.
Grains, Floor. Fred. Etc
Merchants Exchange, noon session:
0t. Nov. Dec.
Oats Bid Bid Bid
Kn. 3 white feed... .152.50 154.00 853.00
Standard feed 62 SO MOO S3. SO
No 3 blue 63.00 63.80 64.00
Kn 3 yellow 60 CO
Maatero oats sna corn in ouia:
l-pound dipped 50.00 51 50
8-pound clipped..... 52.00 52.30
o 3 yellow 58.00 57.28 83.00
No. 2 8200 63.00 62.J0
WHEAT Government basis. 820 per
bushel. .
FLOUR New crop patents, 811. 15; bak
ers' hard wheat. 8 1 1. 1 .1 1 1 75: whole
w neat. 810.30; graham. 81U.25; atraighta.
8 I 5o.
lilLLFEED Mill run. f. o. b. mill, car
lota, ton lota or mixed cars. 8-U440; ton
lots or over, delivered, 3t.3ov2 extra:
rolled barley. 8'V: rolled oata 860: ground
barley. 86: scratch feed. 8S.
-U.N Whole. 879: cracked. 872.
HAT Buying prices. L b. Portland;
Alfalfa. 8J.'U-0; cheat. IT W lt: clover,
821a22: oats and vetch. 8211822: valley
timothy. I-'O b-'.IS.
5 JO 53.00
5? on
Frsits and Vegetables.
FRUITS Oranges, 86.23t7; lemona
86(8 80 box: bananaa. 8tt8!ee per pound;
apples, 81-2303.30 per box; cantaloupes,
81253 per crate; grapes, 8202.50 pet
box. ?& He per pound; casabaa, 2 Vi e per
VKJETABI.E5 Cabbage. 21 02HC pe'
r-ound. I.ttuce. 82.50t 2.75 per crate; beets,
32 34)Tf2.75 per sack: cucumbers. "5111
a box: tomatoes. Sic ft SI per box: beans.
8ej9c: green corn, 30r40c dozen: egg
plant. mtj9c pound: turnips. 873 per
aek: rarrfta. 824r2 23 per sack.
POTATOES Oregon. 82 0 2.2J sack,
gweet. IfeSe per pound.
ON IONS Oregon. J"t3He per pound.
Rank (lestringa.
Bank clearings of the northwestern
Cities yesterday were as follows
Port la n d ............ 8 -'2. 1 20
1 a oma ............. 722.114
tpokane 8.I2S.710
82.511. 0
3.351 IM5
Staple Groceries.
T-al jobbing quotations:
KI'UAR ta'k basis: Fruit or berry.
85; beet, 89 33; golden C. 19.13; pow
dered, la barrels, 310.25; cubes. In barrels,
810 40.
NUTS Walnuta, 26 936c; Brazil sola,
Prices Current en Vegetables, Fresh Fruits,
Etc. at zlay City.
SAN FRANCISCO, OcL 6. Butter, solid
cubes, 6c
Eggs Fresh extras, 75c; extra pullets.
61 Sc.
Cheese Firsts unquoted. Toung Amer
icas unquoted.
Vegetables Egg plant, 5OC081 lug box:
bell peppers. 5o075c per box; summer
squaeh, 50085c large lug box; cream, 75c 0
II box: tomatoes, 7je9uc. large lug; pota
toes, rivers, white, 12 0 2.30 cental; sweet.
3 0 4c lb.: onions, yellow and white, 12.25
cental: Australian brown, 12.50 0 2.75 cen-
; cucumbers, 600 73o lug: green corn,
02.25 sack; garlic, 20 25c lb.; beans.
string, 4titic lb.; wax. 305c; Umax, svic;
celery. 8303.50 crate.
Fruit orangea, $406.60 box: lemons. 15
06; grapefruit, 150 6: bananas. 808Hc
lb.: pineapples. 12.50 0 4.50: Bartlett pears,
nominal; apples. 3-tier. King, 12; Belie
fleur. 1.231.73 box: quinces, 8101. 24 lug
box; peaches. lt1.2U small box: melons,
crate, caaabas. 800 KOc; honey dew. 75cO
II: watermelon, lliUe lb.; cantaloupes.
standards nominal; figs, black, 75c6!l sin
gle layer box; white. Oc0ll single layer;
raspberries. 113 Hi w 15 chest; strawberries.
I14M13: b lack berries. IIUO 12: nucKieoer-
rlea. 14 017c lb.: nluma. 110 1.50: grapes. J
Malaga. 11.2501.50 crate: seedless,
large lug box; Tokay, 11.2501.75 crate;
pomegranates, 1202.25 box; persimmons.
81.3001.73 box; cranberries. 84.2504.50
Reeelnta Flour. Z4.SOO quarters: nariey.
2300 centals; beans, 3600 sacks; potatoes.
uDt sacks: onions, goo sacks; nay, in
tons; hides, 541; wine. 26.0OO gallons.
(harp Advance) In Coffee Futures.
NEW YORK. Oct, 6. There was a very
aharp advance In the market lor cottee
futures today, owing to nigner xraiu
cables and tha more favorable vlewa of
conditions abroad, aa reflected In the end
ing of the British railroad atrike. The
market opened at an advance of 20 to 35
potnta and sold 33 to 60 points net higher
during the middle of the day with Decem
ber touching 513.U5, or the highest price
reached since the break to 813.70 for that
position during the middle of last month.
There were moderate reactions later under
realizing, but the market closed at a net
advance of 30 to 33 points. October 15.S5c;
December and January 15.7oc; March,
yiv. July and September 15.63c
spot coffee quiet but generally firmer
Rio 7s loc; Samoa s -o0-qc
Naval Stores.
fay ANN AH. Ga.. Oct, 6. Turpentln
steady. 31.44: sales 100 barrels; recelpti
392 barrels: shipments 31S barrels; stock
14 M barrels.
Rosin firm: sales 027 barrels: receipts
1020 barrels; shipments 620 barrels; atock
41,tt4 barrels.
Ounta: B 113.10: D 115.13: E 15.25
815 30: G 81 3. 50: H 115.60; I 817.35: K
8IH.50: M 119.23: N 820; WO 820.50; WW
Eastern Dairy Produce.
ICEW YORK. Oct, 6 Butter easier
creamery higher than extras 650654
creamery, extras, 92 score, 64Vic; firsts
54 ir 61 Vic,
Kggs unsettled; fresh gathered extras
6R0 7uc: extra firsts 660 BSo; firsts
t 'ii 65c
Cheese steady: receipts 7236. State.
whole milk, flats, current make specials
SOHeSlfcc; do., average run, 30e304c
CHICAGO, Oct. 6. Butter, steady.
Creamery 49 0 62KC
Egga. steady. Receipts 4667 eaaea; firsts
34H056Hc: ordinary firsts 46 0 47; at
mark, cases Included 47955c storage
packed firata 580 5ac
Poultry, alive higher. Springs 23ac
fowls la0 24bc
Metal Market.
NEW TORK. Oct. 6. Copper quiet.
Electrolytic, spot 23023Uc: last quarter,
2:'Sc; small lots, second-hand spot 20 14 O
Motors' and High Priced Oils Fea-
. ture Day's Trading Firm
Market for Bonds.
KBff TORK". Oct. 6. Developments over
the week end and those which followed
contributed measurably to the expansive
trading and many substantial gains regis
tered In the course of today's active atock
Reassurlnr advices rerardlnr President
Wilson's condition, settlement of the Brit
ish railroad strike and reports from the
principal centers were viewed with favor
by professional Interests and others com
mitted to the long sccount.
The one discordant note was sounded bv
the money market, call loans advancing
from the opening rate of 6 per cent to 12
per cent In the last hour and falling back
again before belated requirements had been
Motors and oils of the high-priced va
rieties featured the session. General Motors
ascending to a new record on its advance
of 25 points to 2SSH.
equipments were led by worthlnrton
Pump at 13 points gain to the new record
of 107 1.
Crucible Steel assumed some of its re
cent prominence for a further recovery of
13 points, half of which was later for
feited and other ateele yielded part of
their extreme gains of 2 to 3 4 points.
leatners. textiles. tobacco and food
sharea offered better resistance to pressure.
Sales smounted to 1. 300.000 shares.
onds were firm on further demand for
peculatlve rails, the liberty division hold
ng steady and internationals reacting
lightly. Total sales, par value. 313. 250,000
Old United Statea registered 2s gained 14
on call, otbera unchanged.
Sales. High. Low. bid.
Am Beet Sug. 3.5U0 Uti K .H
Am Can B.uuO 654s 65l
Am c sc Fdy 13.4uo l:iu liiith 1344
Am HAL pld 4.MHJ l.lULa 129 1J0
Am Loco 41.0'K) 117 113 115
Am Sm at p.ef l,ioo 74 "4 74 74
Vm Sugar Kef i.ifwf 14:l 141 'i 142
Am Sum Tob. 5.700 110 lus4 110
Am Tel 4 Tel. 2.21)0 1)9 s"4 l)S
Am Z., L S. 100 23 23 23
Anaconda Cop 3. loo 684 67 67
Atchison S.6O0 U.tSj U'Ja 92
AG&W1SS 2,3IN 178 175H 326
Baldwin Loco. 50.500 141 Ills' 139
Bait Ohio.. 1.900 42-4 404 42
Beth Steel B. 2S.5O0 10P, lo.V. 1054
B A S Cop.. 1.2UO 2.S4 23 23
Calif Pet .... 2.4DO 52 52 52
Can Pao 2.200 1531a 152 152
Cent Leather 12.400 ltA lu5 105
Ches A Ohio.. 2.200 00 60 611
C. M A St P.. 14. Mno 46 43 45
CAN W.... 1.KOO U3 01 112
C. R I A P. . 93.700 211 2ST4 211
Chlno Copper. lino 424 42 42
Colo F A I... 3.6DO 47 H 4 47
Com Products 7.4O0 fcs i 87 87
Crucible Steel. 10.HO0 245 233 240
Cuba Cane Sug 22.6O0 45 4 1 44
DIs Sec Corp.. 3.5O0 87 66 86
V S Fd Prod. 3.5H0 87 86 86
Erie 1,400 17 16 17
Gen Electric. 2K 165 105 1B3
Gen Motors... 33.SO0 2S 274 2!3
G N pfd 3.500 87 86 87 "
O X Ore Ctfs 2.4O0 46 45 46
Illinois Cent.. .'loo 04 1)4 94
Insp Copper.. 1,700 61 61 61
Int M M pfd 11!)
Int Nickel.... 6.300 2S 27 27
Int Paper.... 3. loo 6:1 62 62
K C S 3IH) 2o 1 2"0
Ken Copper.. 1.400 35 34 35
L A N " loHb
Mex Pet 46.S0O 2:in 230 2:12
Miami Cop ... Too . 26 26
Mid vale t-teel. S.OOO 52 52 r2
.Missouri Pac. 12.100 ;P, S 30
N T Central.. 3.000 75 76 74
N T. N H A H S0,4iM) 35 34 34
N A W 4O0 104 104 104
Northern Pac. 2.DOO 83 87 87
Pacific Mail.. .'too 3S 33 3314
Pac T A T... 300 3.1 Vi 3:4 :l
Pan-Am Pet . lS.soo 121 119 120
Pennsylvania 2.80O 43 4:! 4:1
Pitts A W Va. IOO 34 34 4
Pitts Coal ... 3.50O 64 6:1 64
Ray Cons Cop l.Sno 2:1 23 2:1
Reading 1.70O 8514 8.1 8:1
Rep 1 A S S.100 117 05 i)6
Shat Ariz Cop 300 14 14 14
Sin Oil A Ref 4S.5O0 61 60 61
So Pacific ... 53.700 1S 106 1011
Southern Ry.. 10.400 2i 26 20
Stud Corp .. 23.000 I20S4 113 113
Texas Co .... 19.7O0 2S6 274 234 .
Tob Prod .... 7.00O 106 I04 104
Union Pac ... 2,oon ii-o 15 ij
United R 8... 22.200 113 111 113
U S I Alcohol 3.100 142 1119 1.11)
U S Steel 113,2(10 10S 106 107
U 8 Steel pfd. .too 114 114 114
Utah Copper. 2. TOO 8.1 S2 . 83
West Electric 2.100 55 45 45
Willys-Over .. 7.300 3.1 3:114 33
Net Lead 3.SO0 86 84 Pa
Ohio Clt Ga-l. 3.SOO '53 r.3 53
Royal D N 1'. 43.400 104 102 103
8 Lib 8a...l00.06'A T A T cv 6s. 101
do 1st 4s ... .95.20 Atch gen 4s 79
do 2d 4s ....94.2l)iL A R O ref 5s. 58
do 1st 4s.. .95.421V T C deb 6s.. 95
2 northern 830; No. 2
aouthern 82S.
Iron steady. No.
northern 829: No,
Antimony S-uOc.
Lead quiet. Spot 05c bid: Oct
bid. 6.20c aaked. Spelter strong; El
Louis delivery, spot 7.05c bid.
t lit.
rVattle Grain Market.
SEATTLE. Wssh.. Oct. 6- city delivery
Feed. mill. 145 per ton: scratch feed. 830
feed wheat, S2; all grain chops. 74; oats.
164; sprouting oats, Ii3; roiled oats, too
corn. 874: cracked com. 876; rolled bar
ley. 172: clipped barley. 81 1.
Hay Eastern Washington timothy,
mixed. 8s6ef37: double compressed. 140;
alfalfa. 131 0 32; straw, 111016; Puget
sound, 131.
Dried Fruit at New York.
NEW YORK. Oct. . Evaporated -ap
ples, dull; state 20 trine.
Prunes eaay; Calif ornlas 10029c: Ore
sons I'T 0 53c.
Peaches neglected, standard 23 v; abates
24c; fancy 20c
Hop at New York.
NEW TORK, Oct. . Hope firm; stats
medium to choice. 1919. 75082c: 1918.
Ko.Toc; Pacific coast. 1919. 709T3c; 1918,
eu0 65c
$60,000 Saved for Farmers.
PASCO, "Wash- Oct, 8. (Special.)
As the result of experiments made by
T. S. Brown, county a-rent. the dam
awe resulting from smut has been re
duced from about 20 per cent to 8 per
cent by special treatment of tha seed
by a solution with which Mr. Brown
has been experimenting. On an aver
age of 190,000 acres usually sown In
this county this will mean a sarins;
of about 33.000 bushels of wheat, or
mora than $60,000 in money. '
Investors read
Tk Wall Street JcidmI
Short Term
School Bonds
to yield QV4
2Y2 to 4V2 years
Due Miy i, 19J2. at 99.45
" " 1923, " 99.25
" " 192-,. " 99.05
Calgary School District
Population 65,000
Assessed Talue $76,443,118
Bonded debt 2,417,749
Offsets' au-ietly subject to prior sals.
Call sr phone for details.
Exempt From All Dominion Government Taxation.
$114,800.00 '
City of Edmonton Gold Bonds
Denominations: $100, $500, $1000
Datedi September 1, 1919.
Daei September 1, 1030.
The City of Edmonton is the capital of the Province of Alberta, which has an area of
about 265. DUO square miles and a population (estimated) of 61)0,000. It exceeds in area any
state in the United States excepting Texas, being five times greater than New York State
and as large as the combined areas of Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota. It is one
of the most productive of all the Provinces of Canada, .
Edmonton is situated about midway between Winnipeg and the Pacific coast. It Is on
the main line of the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern Railways, which extend
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and is the center of a complete system of competing rail
way lines radiating in every direction throughout the Province.
There are now located in Edmonton approximately 100 wholesale houses, in addition to
a number of important "diversified industries, including- three meat-packing establishments,
flour mills, creameries, shoe factories, elevators, brick works, car repairing shops, as
well as the general shops of the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway.
Edmonton is surrounded by an excellent agricultural country, the soil being a rich black
! vegetable loam, practically unexcelled for grain growing. In addition cattle and sheep
raising and dairying are very extensively carried on. The grain crop last year had an
estimated value of 8118,000,000 and other agricultural products apart from grain of
810,610.000. .
Rich deposits of coal, which are being steadily developed, underlie a large section of
the country surrounding Edmonton, so that the city is not only in a position to get very
cheap power and fiiel, but also derives a substantial benefit from this industry. Be a
coupon clipper.
Prices 97.1 7 to yield 6.S5fa
1 The Premier Municipal Bond House
Capital One Million Dollars
Morris Building, 309-11 Stark Street, Between Fifth and Sixth
Telephone Broadway 2151 Established Over a Quarter Century
do 2d 44s ...04.40IM P 4s
do 3d 4 Via. . .85.00V P 3s
do 4th 44S...84.34 Pac T & T 5s.
Victory Sa . ..I'tU'-'Pa con iia ...
U S ret as reg.'lOOfc
no coupon .."luu
U S cv s ...!
do coupon . . . 8l)
U S 4s reg "10614
do coupon ..'loft1-;
So Ry 5s
u P 4s
U S Steel 5s . .
. 80
. 68
. 89
. D2
. Si)
. '87)4
Anglo-Fr 5s .07 5-16
Mining Stocks at Boston.
BOSTON, Oct. 6. Closing quotations:
Ariz Corn
Calu A Ariz.,
Talu ft Hecla. .
Cop Range . . .
East Butte . . .
Isle Royalle . .
LAke Cop
40 IMohawk . .
. 14HiVorth Butte .
. 73fci01d Dom
.405 Osceola
. l.lH Qulncy
50'iSup & Boston.
. 164 Shannon
44 1 Utah Con ...
. 34 jWlnona
. 54 Wolverine ...
Money, Exchange, Etc
NEtV TORK, Oct. 6. Mercantile paper,
56-5H per cent.
Time loans, firm; 60 days, SO days and
six months. 6 per cent bid.
Call money, steady. High, 12 per cent;
low, 7 per cent; ruling rate", 7 per cent;
closing bid, 7 per cent; offered at 8 per
cent; last loan S per cent; bank accept
ances, 4 i per cent.
Bar silver. 1.20i.
alexican dollars, 92 Sc.
IXJNDON. Oct. . Bar silver, 64d per
ounce. Money, 3a per cent. Discount
rates, short bills, 3 7-16i3t4 per cent;
three months bills. 3 0-166'35, per cent.
Effect of Settlement of British Rail
way Strike Is Offset Export
Demand for Oats Slackens.
CHICAGO. Oct. 6. Predictions of a more
liberal movement In com than haa been the
rule of late counterbalanced in the corn
market today tha buliiah effect of the set
tlement of the British railway strike.
Prices closed weak at the same aa Satur
day's finish to Wc lower, with December
$1.234 ( 1.24 and May fl. 22 iff 1.22 hi,. Oats
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On Monday. October 6, llfll, the closing market prices were as given
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tha world, and the highest. We advertise these prices daily In order that
you may always know the New York market and the exact value of your
Liberty and Victory Bonds. .
1st 2d 1st 2d 3d 4th Victory Victory
34s 4s 4s 4 Us 4Mb 4Hs 4s Ss 4is
Market 100.06 93.22 04.16 U5.50 U4.40 05.00 94.28 90.86 90.80
Interest 1.09 1.24 1.68 1.32 1.63 .26 2.03 1.43 1.81
Total 101.15 96.46 95.74 06.82 96.08 96.16 06.31 101.29 101.67
When buying we deduct 37c on a o0 bond and $2.50 on a -11000 bond.
We sell at the New York market, plus the accrued interest.
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Open Until 8 1. M. on Saturdays.
The Premie Municipal Bond House. Capital One Million Dollars.
Morris Building. 309-311 Stark Street. Between Fifth and Sixth
Telephone. Broadway a 151. Established Over 35 Years.
Care Free Investments
BONDS sold by this Hous have brought safety of principal
and surety of interest to all our clients since 1882.
During- these. 37 years no investor has had to wait even a
single day for payment of principal or interest when due.
We offer for sale only such bonds as we have ourselves first
thoroughly investigated and purchased outright with our own
For full particulars relative to these care-free investments,
write or call for our booklet Safety and 6 together with
our list of current offerings..
Ask for Circular No. PO102
S. W. Straus & Co.
Established 1882
Orego. State Representative
5an Francisco Ckteaaro New York nerrolt Mlaaeanolle
Boston Indiaaapolla St. Lals Was kin at on
to. Aairele. Philadelphia.
Thirty-Seven Tears Without Loss to Any Investor.
SS.ROWS.OS; corn, nominal; barley, feed, I Mlnneapolia Grain Market.
t-isaes. MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 6. Barley, 1.039
Hay Wheat or wheat and oats. J15KJ I 1.33.
IS: tame oats. .) IS; barley, 12ti lH: I 'lax $4 1 SIM IS.
alfalfa, 17(e22; barley straw, 8US8O0 -
bale. ! Read The Oreajonian claasinerl ads.
Nov. 27.30
closed unchanged to He down. In pro
visions there were net gains varying from
32c to $1.43.
It was nut until after mid-day that the
bulla lost their advantage In the corn
market. Previous to that time they
showed great tenacity and put chief stress
on the beneficial results to be looked for
from the strike settlement In Great Britain.
Higher quotations on hogs counted, too.
as a strengthening factor and so likewise
did the heavy rains of Saturday and Sun
day. Absence' of seaboard demand weakened
oats. It was said the vessels which have
recently been available for 'taking oats to
continental Europe would now carry wheat
to England.
Packers were active buyers of provisions
and kept the market strong.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Open. High. Low. Clos.e
Dec fl.27,M l.2d $1.2:1 $1.2:14
May 1.2.! 1.24 1.22 1.22
Oct. .... 1.434 144 1.414 1.414
.73 4
33.. 13
21. SS
.70 4
Jan 23.90 23.90 23.80
Cash prices were:
Corn No. 2 mixed, $1.4301.47; No. 2
yellow, $1.481.30 4.
Oata No. 2 white, 72473c; No. 3
white. 60 72c.
Rye No. 2. $1.42 1.434.
Barley $1.27 1. 32.
Timothy .30 11.23.
Clover Nominal.
Pork Nominal.
Lard $28.33.
Ribs $18.73 19.50.
Grain at San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 6 Flour, 8-8s,
Grain Wheat,
$2.20; oats, red feed.
TY TtTk 0 ar-Maf- Mzf .
l.iYtraiuia icau
The Wall Street Jounial
& u 1 -jfy
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October list have been carefully gathered from
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the property values, earnings and sound financial
records back of each of these securities is added
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The National City Company
, Correspondent Offices in Over 50 Cities.
Portland Yeon Building. Telephone Main 6072
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mm mi ai eucai
miisBeaiiaaai sVuex zTaaaa.
taUaa (41
Public Utility
5 to 7
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Local Securities
. Preferred Stocks
Lewis BIdg., Portland, Or.
Dependable O ecurities
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Power & Light Company's new
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accrued interest to yield full 7.
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1. Dividends free from individual normal Federal .
Income Tax. Redeemable on any dividend date
at 115r and accrued dividend. -
Clark. Kendall & Co., Inc.
Government, Municipal and Corporation Bonds
Fifth and Stark Sts. Portland, Oregon
It is just as much the duty, and the function of the
modern investment banking institution to render cour
teous and conscientious service after selling an issue of
bonds as it is to place every reasonable safeguard around
the preliminary investigation and proceedings.
After satisfying himself that an issue of bonds is safe
and desirable, the investor has the right to inquire:
Will the company handling the bonds ex
tend me service from the day the money is
invested until final payments of interest and
principal have been made ?
Will it keep in touch with the affairs of
the obligors?
Is the company faithful to its promises and
representations, or is it extravagant and,
boastful in its claims and guaranties ?
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Lumbermens Trust Company
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Sinclair Consolidated
Comprehensive Description of
the Sinclair Merger
Its position in the World's Market and its relation to
the transition now occurring: in the Petroleum Trade,
Circular L-8 with much new information, balance
sheet, geologist's report, double page map of oil prop
erties, pipe lines, refineries, etc., sent upon request.
Lyman D. Smith' Company.
Members New York Stock Exchange
We advise the purchase and
are making a Specialty of
U. S. Government Bonds
and are prepared, at any time,
to buy or sell large or small lots
Ve hdv prtpared A circular on
investment tecuntiet which we shall
be gltfd to send you en rqut
Ki d d e a. Pe ah o dy & C o.
Mitchell, Hntchins & Co., Inc.
TIm KooKery, CUcg9
Wilson-Heilbronner Co.
Announce their acquisition of tha
and tha offices at
201-202-203 Hallway Exehans; Bmlldlnc .
TTaey have direct wire conneetlnna with every exchange la tha eoaaitry,
and will bur eel I any Railroad. Industrial, Steel, Copper, Crala or
Cotton Stocks or Bond traded in.
Wilson-Heilbronner Go.
Butte, Mont.
roRTLAjrn. oreco.
I'honeai Mala 2S3-334
Correspondent!! K. F. TrTTJTTO A CO, New York.
HA DEN, STONE at CO, Boa Ion.
Anglo-French Bonds
To Net 7.50
Government and Municipal Bonds Bought and Sold
5 1 pevereaux Rgmpany
87 Sixth Street Broadway 1042
Ground Floor Wells-Fargo Building
New York Quotations r rt
Interest Included O
K,r.t 81:::::::12 BONDS
vX 4vA:::. Local Securities
tK5 4vA.:::: 207-8 Northwestern Bank
Fourth 4him M.37
Ylctory 101.67 Building